match fixing by sunlight18


									 1.Hansie Cronje: One of the best all-rounders of cricket world had ever produced - Hansie Cronje.
He was named one of the most talented and skilful batsmen of his time. He was 14th in the list of 100
greatest cricketers in South Africa ahead of Sir Allan Donald. Even maestro batsmen Sachin
Tendulker named him most difficult bowler he had ever faced. But as nothing lasts forever, his
golden era too end .On 11th June 2000 Hansie admitted that he had asked Herschel Gibbs, Nicky boje
to under perform in a match against India when he was questioned by Delhi police. Soon after his
acts, Cricket South Africa dropped him from the team. In 2002 Cronje was dead in crash of his
private plane. His death is still a mystery and many of his fans still believe that if Hansie had been
present in the South Africa he would have done wonders for the country. This was the first time
when a superstar turns into a super villain.

2.Mohammad Azaharuddin: Wonder boy of India, fear for Australian fast bowlers, man of the
moment and a run away hit Mohammad Azharuddin had got life in a better way. He got love of India
and become captain in 1990’s and had kissed success easily as compared to other players. But during
2000’s period Hansie Cronje mentioned him during an investigation of match fixing scandal that it
was Azharuddin, which forced Cronje to meet bookie Sanjay for fixing matches. On being questioned
Azharuddin admits having link with bookie and later he admits fixing 3 ODI matches. He was banned
for lifetime. But in 2006 his ban was lifted and he was also recognised by BCCI for his contributions in
Indian cricket. But many cricketers at that time abolish and ignored him for his match fixing charges.
Such a great superstar again falls in the trap of fixing.

3. Salman Butt: Now a Days Villain was one of the modern heroes of Lahore and a hope for many
people. Salman Butt was debuted in 2004; the left hand opener had a stiff competition at the
opening slot given by none other than Saeed Anwar and Shahid Afridi. But the talented opener
established his place in the Pakistan line-up despite some ups and downs. The stylish opener than
become the captain because of his consistent efforts in 2004 to 2010 era. The twist in the tale comes
in August 2010 when News of the World revealed that Salman butt and his 2 other teammates were
involved in a spot fixing in a match against England in lords Pakistan tour to England in 2010. He was
dropped. A special committee of ICC looked into the matter. He is banned from playing cricket for
10 years due to corruption charges and also served him 2 and a half-year of prison. Pakistan lost the
series, pride and most importantly a wonderful opener, which could have achieved height for his
teams in the coming days if not have got sting by fixing; the young star had a tendency to be
consistent at any level. He was used to open for Pakistan in all formats of the game. Pakistan is still
searching such a great opener for their side.

4. Mohammad Aamir: Sir I can tear away any bat by my speed…these were the words of young 15
year old Aamir who was selected in under 19 and later was drafted in international side in 2009 at
the young age of 17.Mohammad Aamir the sensation of world T20 help his team winning T20
tournament in England in 2009, he played every match and had displayed a great spell of swing and
banana swing. Youngster had a promising career but he too was involved in spot fixing with captain
Butt. The youngster was asked to bowl a No Ball deliberately and he did it too. ICC have sentenced
him 5-year ban and 6 months prison for his acts. In this case Pakistan have lost a great emerging
bowler who could have become the next sultan of swing just like his mentor Wasim Akram.

5. Mohammad Asif: Player of the big matches Asif had a talent of swinging the ball at any pitch. Asif
made headlines by picking up wickets of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and VVS Laxman in every
match during India’s tour to Pakistan in 2006. He was one of the sensations in Pakistan’s Domestic
cricket. The flamboyant fast bowler has a tendency to always remain in headlines due to
controversies some time due to spat with team mates, drugs, informal well being and etc. The
biggest in his life was in 2010 when he was caught in spot fixing in a match against England by
bowling two no balls on the will of bookie Mazahar Majeed. Asif admits it too during questioning by
special panel of ICC. He would be serving 8 years of ban and 1 year of prison. Another talent of world
cricket is depreciated because of fixing. He was compared with none other than Australia’s greatest
bowler Glen McGrath. But now there would be no more Asif play around in Pakistan’s team.

Thus, as we can see how much it is difficult to know the real culprit behind all these fixing charges.
There are some other cases too in which big guns of world cricket easily gets trapped into fixing of
an over or even whole match but due to lack of evidences Forthright cannot display their names to
you. The rest is what they say, “until you get caught you are not a culprit.”

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