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					The Forthright

The Forthright would be a       Thus there is a vacuum
knowledge and opinion           for well informed
based website where people      opinions which we can fill
hungry for different opinions   together.
and information can find
solace.For example We all       This can be done by
know petrol prices shot up      making information easy
post elections but do we        to grasp and
know that it was not that       interesting.Imagine a
government increased prices,
it just reduced subsidy for a   series of funny cartoons
better fiscal health.           to explain people what is
                                wrong with our economy.
It would have excellent
write-ups on every subject
you have interest in-
TV and all categories you
can think of as viable.
Aim is to create this
website crisp, intelligent
and interesting.
It would be a
commercial venture and
as soon as profits pour
in writers would get
paid.This would happen
earliest by three
Later writers would be
paid per write-up which
would be increased over
the due course.
 Writers and The Forthright
You are the backbone of the entire idea and I am
may be the spinal cord :P
Jokes apart
I would want to know what each of you loves
following- Cinema,
Ask your heart what is it you can’t miss a single
development of?
The category you choose would
be your area of expertise and
you would write what you
think is very important and
must be known by those who
have the same interest area.
It would be nice if you submit
3 articles every month but
submitting more or less is
welcome too.
         How we would work
As a first step, you would come up with a story idea.
Step two:We would discuss the idea together.We bole
toh you me and other writers if they are interested and
if you are interested too.
Step three: If we feel it would be a worth-it thing
(especially you :D) then you would proceed to write it.
Step four:I and you would edit it together.Not that I
am some great editor but to bring harmony it is
necessary and you may even learn how to be crazily
intelligent and superbly crisp ;) So bear with me :D
Most important step is that you
would keep on reading
according to the area of interest
you have.Point is if you are not
an opinion leader you wont get
any followers.
So this was a piece of my
 mind and I would wait
for a piece of your mind
  until the date I have
    mentioned in the
that lets see if our pieces
  make any interesting
      delightful and
  informative dish :D
       Take Care!

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