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                                                                                 2011 GLOBAL
                                                                                 MBA RANKINGS
                                                                                        The benefits attached to an MBA qualification
                                                                                         are significant. Career progression, networking
                                                                                        opportunities and salary increases are just some of the
                                                                                       reasons why application volumes have been increasing. »

                                                                                            aving made
                                                                                           factors     need
                                                                                                                        decision    to pursue
                                                                                                                        be considered,
                                                                                                                      a shortlist   of schools
                                                                                                                                                    an MBA,
                                                                                                                                                     is perhaps
                                                                                                                                                                      the most
                                                                                                                                                                                              a school
                                                                                                                                                                                                             is not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        easy. Many
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the plethora
                                                                                  of schools       offering       an MBA        option.   Therefore,       in order     to simplify        the decision-making              process,
                                                                                  CEO       Magazine           has      assessed    the   performance            of MBA          providers       based       upon       certain     key
                                                                                  performance          indicators:

                                                                                 Key Performance Indicators                                                          Those schools, which have been identified
                                                                                                                                                                     for inclusion into the tables below, are
                                                                                   > FACULTY                                                                         considered by the CEO Review Panel
                                                                                   >   TUITION            FEES                                                       (CRP)to be of tier-one status. Typically,
           ONLINE MBA School                       Rankings                        > INTERNATIONAL REACH                                                             these schools demonstrate a high level of
                   (Tier One)                                                      > INNOVATION                                                                      innovation and thought leadership; class
     Babson College
     Boston University
                                                                                   > DELIVERY METHODS                                                                sizes tend to be moderate, senior faculty

     Cyprus Institute of Marketing                                                 > CAREER PROGRESSION                                                              are used and the make up of students
     Colorado     State University                                                     (WHERE           POSSIBLE)                                                    is diverse.
     Duke University
     George Washington           University
     Georgia WebMBA
                                                                                                                                                                 EGP-University        of Porto Business School
     Gonzaga University                                                            EASTERN EUROPE                                                                ENPC School of International                Management
     Grand Canyon University
                                                                                   Aalto University        of Economics                                          Erasmus University:            RSM
     Hofstra University
                                                                                   Bucharest      School of Management                                           ESADE
     IE Business School
                                                                                   CEU Business School                                                           Grenoble       GSB
     Indiana University
                                                                                   International      Institute      of Business                                 HEC Paris
     Jones International         University
                                                                                   Riga Business        School                                                   Henley Business School
     Keiser University
                                                                                   Sarajevo     Graduate        School of Business                               IMD
     Manchester       Business School
                                                                                   University      American       College Skopje                                 INSEAD
     Pennsylvania       State University
                                                                                   University      of Lodz                                                       International      University       of Monaco
     Rochester Institute        ofTechnology
                                                                                   University      of Oulu                                                       Lancaster      University
     Strayer University
                                                                                   USBSP Business School Praha                                                   Leeds University
     Thunderbird       School of Global Management
                                                                                   Warsaw       University      ofTechnology        Business                     London       Business School
     University     of Liverpool                                                   School                                                                        Lorange Institute         of Business Zurich
     University     of Phoenix
     University     of San Francisco                                               NORTH AFRICA                                                                  Noningham         University       Business School
     University     of Wisconsin       Whitewater
                                                                                   Cape Breton University                                                        Oxford University:          Said
     Warwick University
                                                                                   German       University      in Cairo                                         Pforzheirn      University
     Worcester      Polytechnic      Institute
                                                                                   Regional     IT Institute:     Maastricht                                     SBS Swiss Business School
     Swiss Business School
                                                                                                                                                                 Strathclyde      University     Business School
                                                                                                                                                                 University      College Dublin: Smurfit
                                                                                                                                                                 University      of Bath
                                                                                    MBA School                Rankings   BY REGION                               University     of Edinburgh
         Rankings:   'The Rising Stars'
                                                                                                              (Tier One)                                         University     of Cambridge:         Judge
                   (Tier One)
                                                                                                                                                                 University     of Rochester-Bern
                                                                                                                                                                 University     of Sheffield
      SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA                                                    WESTERN              EUROPE
                                                                                                                                                                 University     of Warwick
      ESAN University                                                              Ashridge                                                                      University     of Zurich
      FIA Business School                                                          Aston Business School                                                        Vlerick Leuven Business              School
      Florida Atlantic     University                                              Audencia      Nantes School of Management                                    Westminster        Business      School
      IAE Business School                                                          University      of Bangor
      lESE                                                                         City University:       Cass
                                                                                                                                                                 NORTHERN                EUROPE
      Universidad      de La Sabana                                                Cranfield     University
      Universidad      de los Andes                                                University      of Durham                                                    Aalto University        of Economics
     UniversidadTorcuato            DiTelia                                        EADA                                                                         AVT
     University      of the West Indies Cave Hill                                  EDHEC                                                                        BI Norwegian        School of Management

10 I CEO
Copenhagen         Business School                           Cornell     University:      Johnson                           KoC;;University
Hanken School of Economics                                   University      of Denver: Daniels                             Lancaster      University
Stockholm       School of Economics                          Dartmouth        College:Tuck                                  London       Business      School
University      of Gothenburg                                Duke University:          Fuqua                                Lorange      Institute     of Business Zurich
                                                             Emory       University:      Goizueta                          Loyola University           Maryland:        Sellinger
SOUTHERN EUROPE                                              Fordham        University:     GSB                             LSE
                                                             Georgetown:         McDonough                                  Michigan      State University:            Broad
SDA Bocconi
                                                             Georgia      State University:          Robinson               NationalTaiwan            University       College of Manage-
University      American       College Skopje
                                                             Harvard      University                                        ment
University      of Bologna: Alma
                                                             HEC Montreal                                                   National      University      of Singapore
University      of Pisa
                                                             Indiana     University:       Kelley                           New York University:             Stern
                                                             Johns Hopkins          University:      Carey                  Northwestern        University:          Kellogg
EASTERN EUROPE                                                                                                              Ohio State University:             Fisher
                                                             Massachusetts          Institute Technology:          Sloan
Bucharest School of Management                               Northwestern        University:        Kellogg                 Pepperdine       University:        Graziadio
CEU Business School                                          Princeton      University                                      Princeton      University
International      Institute    of Business                  Purdue University:           Krannert                          Purdue University:           Krannert
Riga Business School                                         Rutgers      Business       School                             Rice University:         Jones
Sarajevo Graduate          School of Business                Stanford      University                                       Rollins College:         Crummer
University      American       College    Skopje             The University         of Texas at Austin:          McCombs    Rutgers      Business      School
University      of Lodz                                      Thunderbird        School of Global          Management        SBS Swiss Business              School
University      of Oulu                                      UCLA: Anderson                                                 Suffolk     University:      Sawyer
US Business School Praha                                     University      of Arizona:     Eller                          Stockholm       School of Economics
                                                             University      of British Columbia:           Sauder          Temple University:           Fox
NORTH AFRICA                                                 University      of California        Berkeley:      Haas       TiasNimbas
                                                             UC San Diego: Rady                                             Thunderbird        School of Global Management
Cape Breton University
                                                             University      of Chicago:       Booth                        UCLA: Anderson
German University            in Cairo
                                                             University      of Michigan:         Ross                      Universidad       Panamericana:             IPADE
Regional IT Institute:         Maastricht
                                                             University      of North Carolina:          Kenan-Flagler      University     College       Dublin:     Smurfit
                                                             University      of Notre Dame                                  University     of California        Berkeley:      Haas
SOUTHAFRICA                                                                                                                 University     of California        Irvine: Merage
                                                             University      of Pennsylvania:         Wharton
Eastern & Southern           African     Management          University      of Washing ton : Foster                        University     of Cambridge:            Judge
Institute                                                                                                                   University     of Chicago:         Booth
                                                             University      of Wisconsin-Madison
MANCOSA                                                                                                                     University     of Denver: Daniels
                                                             University     Texas at Austin:         McCombs
North-West       University                                                                                                 University     of Maryland:          Smith
                                                             Vanderbilt      University:     Owen
RAU University                                                                                                              University     of Miami
                                                             Washington        University      in St. Louis: Olin
Regent Business School                                                                                                      University     of Michigan:         Ross
                                                             Yale University
Stellenbosch       University                                                                                               University     of Minnesota:           Carlson
Wits University                                                                                                             University     of Navarra:        lESE
UNISA University                                                                                                            University     of Oxford:        Sald
University      of CapeTown                                     EXECUTIVE MBA Progranune                                    University     of Pennsylvania:            Wharton
University      of Durban-Westville
                                                               Global MBA Rankings (Tier One)                               University     of Rochester:         Simon
University      of Nairobi                                                                                                  University     of Strathclyde
University      of Pretoria                                  Aalto University          School of Economics
                                                                                                                            University     of St. Gallen
University      of the Free State                            Arizona     State University:          Carey                   University     of Texas at Austin:           McCombs
                                                             Ashridge                                                       University     of Texas at Dallas
EASTERNASIA                                                  AVT                                                            University     of Toronto:       Rotman
                                                             Baylor University                                              University     of Washington:            Foster
Aoyama Gakuin University
                                                             Bradford      University                                       University     of Western        Ontario:     Ivey
Asian Institute     ofTechnology
China Europe International              Business   School    Brigham Young University:                Marriott              University     of Zurich
Chinese University         of Hong Kong                      China Europe International               Business     School   Villanova     School of Business
City University      of Hong Kong                            Chinese University           of Hong Kong                      Vlerick Leuven Gent Management                       School
Hitotsubashi      University                                 City University:       Cass                                    Warwick      Business       School
Hong Kong University            of Science &Technology       College of William          and Mary: Mason                    Washington       University:        Olin
Keio University                                              Columbia       University                                      York University:         Schulich
Korea Advanced         Institute   of Science and Technol-   Concordia       University:     Molson
ogy                                                          Copenhagen         Business       School
University      of Hong Kong                                 Cranfield     University
Waseda University
                                                                                                                                                       Global MBA rankings
                                                             Drexel University:          LeBow
                                                                                                                                                      (Tier One)
                                                             Duke University:          Fuqua
SOUTHASIA AND OCEANIA                                        Durham       University                                        Carnegie      Mellon: Tepper
Asian Institute     of Management                            EADA                                                           City University:     Cass
Chicago Graduate          School of Business                 Emory      University:      Goizueta                           Drexel: LeBow
INSEAD                                                       ENPC School of International                Management         Elon University:         Love
Macquarie Graduate             School of Management          Erasmus       University:      RSM                             Georgia      State: Robinson
University of Melbourne                                      ESCP Europe                                                    HEC Paris
Nanyang Technological            University                  Essec Business         School                                  Northwestern       University:          Kellogg
National University          of Singapore                    FIA                                                            Rice University:         Jones
The University       of New South Wales                      Fordham       University:      GSB                             University     of Richmond:          Robins
University of Auckland                                       Georgetown        University:        McDonough                 SMU: Cox
University of Canterbury                                     Georgia      State University:         Robinson                The University       of Chicago:         Booth
University of New England                                    Henley Business School                                         The University      of Nebraska:           Lincoln
University of Queensland                                     Hong Kong University             of Science &Technology        UCLA: Anderson
Victoria University        of Wellington                     IAE Business       School                                      University     of California       Berkeley: Haas
                                                             IE Business      School                                        University     of Edinburgh
NORTHAMERICA                                                 IMD                                                            University     of Michigan:        Ross
Carnegie Mellon:Tepper                                       Imperial     College                                           USC: Marshall
Columbia University                                          INSEAD                                                         Vie rick Leuven Gent Management                    School

                                                                                                                                                                                          CEO 111

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