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2nd QUARTER, 2005
A publication of the:
Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission
on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRJC)
1700 North Brown Road, Suite 101
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-8143
Phone: (678) 825-1251 Fax: (678) 825-1252
Email: Website: then Chaplain Ministries
Contact person: Chaplain (COL) David P. Peterson, Ret., Executive Director of PRJC

From the Executive Director - David Peterson
Recently, I was encouraged and blessed to hear two military retirees share their positive thoughts about
chaplains, because it was when they were serving on active duty in the military that they became
Christians and were discipled through the ministry of chaplains. Another story of encouragement,
among many, was when I read the recent report of one of our chaplains assigned to an Advanced
Individual Training (AIT) Brigade. During this reporting period he had the privilege of baptizing
sixteen soldiers who had previously become Christians. Also, it was a blessing to hear about the
ministry of several of our civilian hospital chaplains who had the privilege of being used as God’s
instruments to lead patients to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
The Apostle Paul, in I Cor. 9 discussed the importance of becoming “all things to all people, that by
all means” he might save some. The chaplaincy affords us the opportunity to follow this pattern.
Chaplains, more often than not, are privileged to minister in environments that require becoming “all
things to all people.” whether they be military, hospital, or prison chaplains. We, along with the
chaplains we partner with and support, share“in its blessings.”
There is a cost, even a sacrifice, that is required, to become all things to all men so that by all possible
means some might be saved. Chaplains, family members, and other military personnel are paying a
significant price. Several of our chaplains and military members from the denominations represented
by the PRJC are serving their second tour in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. In fact, some have completed
their second tour and are on the rotation list to go back for the third time. Others are on extended sea
duty. Still others are serving at various locations throughout the world. Hospital and prison chaplains
are working long and irregular hours, so that “by all possible means” some might be saved.
Our partners in this ministry, in addition to being a blessing to our chaplains and to those of us who
oversee the ministry, are also sharing in the blessing. Thank you for your prayerful support.
Veterans Guardian Corps and our “Veteran of the Quarter”
Our “Veteran of the 2nd Quarter for 2005” is Rear Admiral Stanley Joseph Anderson. Rear Admiral
Anderson and his wife are members of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA. A full write-up
of Admiral Anderson’s outstanding career is included as an insert in this issue of the Guardian. It may
also be found on the Chaplain Ministries page of the MNA web site at

We are continuing to enlist veteran members into the Veteran Guardian Corps (VGC). If you are a veteran
and would like to join, please contact us at or by phone at 678-825-1251.
We will send you additional information and a registration card. You may also sign up online at by clicking on the Chaplain Ministries Resources section.

Dr. Bryan Chapell and Dr. Roy Taylor to address Chaplain Training at GA
On Monday, 13 June (0900 hrs) through Tuesday, 14 (1200 hrs) June 2005 the PRJC will conduct
professional development training for all chaplains ecclesiastically endorsed by the PRJC. The
training will be conducted in Room “H” at the Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN.
Speakers and seminar leaders for the training conference are Dr. Bryan Chapell, President of Covenant
Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO and Dr. Roy Taylor, Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in
America. The theme of the training is Conducting and Leading Effective and God-Centered Worship
Services (Liturgy and Preaching). Since the training is specifically designed and conducted for
chaplains’ professional development, official orders are authorized. Spouses are also invited to attend
any or all of the training.

Since this professional development training will be conducted in conjunction with the General
Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), all PCA Chaplains are encouraged to also
attend the GA meetings beginning on the evening of 14 June (1900 hrs) through. 17 June (1200 hrs).
In addition to this training specifically designed for chaplains, there are a significant number of
opportunities to attend lectures and seminars for all GA attendees during the remainder of the week.
Many of the scheduled seminars will significantly enhance and contribute to your professional
development. To learn more about the other seminar opportunities that week, go to
You may also register for the GA on-line if you wish to vote on matters before the assembly.

Chaplain attendance at GA will greatly enhance recruiting efforts among eligible PCA pastors. Your
presence will enable you to provide information to those who may be exploring the opportunity to
serve as a chaplain.        If additional information is requested, please contact us at, or call 678-825-1251.

Assignments, Reassignments, and Transfers:

CH (LTC) Michael Hardeman, USA: From Germany/Iraq to Ft. Jackson, SC
CH (LCDR) Kenneth D. Counts, CHC, USN, From San Diego, CA to Yuma, AZ
CH (COL) James R. Griffith, USA: From Hawaii to Landstuhl, Germany
CH (CPT) Lonnie Locke, USA: From Ft. Jackson, SC to Ft. Drum, NY (with ongoing orders to Iraq)
CH (MAJ) "Chip" Huey, USA: From Germany/Iraq to Ft. Jackson, SC
CH ((CPT) Samuel Kim, USA: From Iraq to Ft. Hood, TX
CH (CPT) Mark Winton, USA: From Ft. Campbell, KY to Hunter Army Airfield, GA
CH (CPT) Monty B. Kirk, USAF: From Kadena, Japan to Pope AFB, NC
CH (CAPT) Bryan Weaver, USN: Change of assignment, (Division Chaplain) Camp LeJeune
CH (MAJ) James R. Carter, USA: From West Point, NY to Ft. Bliss, TX
CH (MAJ) Scott Huber, USA: From Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA

CH (MAJ) Thomas Eddy, USA: From Ft. McPherson, GA to Ft. Gillem, GA
CH (CPT) Ed Yurus, USA: From Ft. Campbell, KY to Guantanamo, Cuba
CHC (LT) Todd Orren, CHC, USN: From Okinawa to USS Abraham Lincoln
CHC (LCDR) Dwight Horn, CHC, USN: From Iraq to Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA
CHC (LT) Stephen Fisher: From Sasebo, Japan to Okinawa
CH (MAJ) Philip Futoran, USAR: Mobilized to Ft. Sam Houston, TX
CH (MAJ) Jonathan Gibbs, USA: From Germany/Iraq to Ft. Jackson, SC
CH (MAJ) Kelly J. Moore, USA: Ft. Ft. Meade, MD to Ft. Bragg, NC
CH (LTC) Jonathan B. Leach, USA: Mobilized to Ft. Sam Houston, TX
CH (CPT) James Zozzaro, USANG: From Egypt to pastorate in Wildwood, NJ
CH (CPT) Joseph Bo Welch, USA: From Afghanistan to Schofield Barracks, HI
CHC (LCDR) Timothy Power, USN: Virginia Beach, SC to Camp Lejeune, NC
CH (CAPT) Brendon O’Dowd, USA: From Iraq to Charleston AFB, Charleston, SC
CH (CPT) Kim Moon, USA: From Ft. Jackson, SC to Columbia, SC
CHC (CPT) Seth George, USN: From Iraq to Schweinfurt, Germany
CH (CAPT) Thomas Faichney, USA: From HI to Schofield Barracks
CH (1LT) Wylly Collins, USANG: Initial assignment to Montgomery, AL
CH (LTC) Alfred Warren Bridgeman, USAF: From Iraq to Shreveport, LA
CH (CPT) David Bottoms, USA: From Iraq to Schweinfurt, Germany
CH (CPT) Richard Rojas, USA: From Honduras to Ft. Rutger, AL
CH (CPT) Michael Cannon. Mobilized to Ft. Jackson, SC

Accessioned to Active Duty

CH (1LT) Leonard Siems, USA: Ft. Carson, CO, with ongoing orders to Iraq
CH (1LT) Christopher Bang, USA: Ft. Carson, CO, with ongoing orders to Iraq
CH (CPT) Paul Berghaus, USA: Ft. Hood, TX
CH (1LT) Shin Soh, USAF, Grand Forks AFB, ND

Deployed Chaplains
The following PRJC chaplains are presently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other dangerous places.
We list them so that you may be inspired to pray for their ministry, their safety, and their families.

CH (CPT) Jeffrey Dillard, USA, Iraq
CH (CPT) Daniel Kang, USA, Iraq
CH (LTC) Thomas MacGregor, USA, Iraq
CH (CPT-P) Daniel Oh, USA, Kuwait
CH (LTC) Stanley Bamberg, USAR, Iraq
CH (lLT) Alexander Ream, USANG, Iraq
CH (MAJ) Peter Sniffin, USA, Germany/Iraq
CH (CPT) John P. Kenyon, USAF, Turkey
CH (CPT) Timothy E. Fary, USAR, Iraq
CH (LTC) Jon K. Mass, USAR, Iraq
CH (MAJ) F. Douglas Hudson, Italy
CH (CPT) Chul Kim, USA, Iraq
CH (LT) Robert Burns, USN, USS Normandy

The chaplains listed below will retire this summer. In each man’s case, we thank them, along with
their families, for the privilege we have enjoyed in endorsing and working with them. God has used
them to minister to many sailors and family members. We pray God’s rich blessing on them as they
conclude the military ministry and begin a new phase of life and ministry.

CHC (CDR) Christopher P Bennett, USN
CHC (CAPT) Ron Swafford, USN
CHC (LCDR) Michael Craig, USN

Guardian publication now also available on the Chaplain Website
This and all future issues of the Guardian will be available as a PDF file on the Chaplain Website.
You will need Acrobat Reader software to view and print it, but the software is free from their website.
Please let those who do not currently receive a printed copy know of this great resource for praying for
our Chaplains. Go to, then click on Chaplain Ministries, then on The Guardian.
All PCA GA attendees are encouraged to attend the Chaplain Information Breakfast
On Wednesday morning, 0630 through 0800 hrs Chaplain Ministries, Mission to North America
(MNA) will host a breakfast for all General Assembly Commissioners. Chaplains are encouraged to
attend this event also, since your presence at this event will again increase a sense of
“connectionalism” between the chaplaincy and the church at-large.
Much Appreciated Ministry Partnership with Ligonier Ministries
Ligonier Ministries is continuing their support for our chaplains’ evangelistic, discipleship and worship
ministries by providing much needed literature and materials. Because of the budget constraints on
chaplains, this donation is very helpful. The demand for good literature is particularly important at this
time due to the number of troops responding to the Gospel and the ever-increasing number of service and
family members seeking spiritual fulfillment.
Opportunity Alert!! The Army wants pastors to become chaplains and augment the reserve units
activating throughout the U.S. Someone who is already seminary-trained may directly enter active
duty or the reserve part-time program. There is another program for those who are just starting out in
seminary. To enter either program, one must be under 40 years of age. The US Army Reserve is also
offering tuition assistance for seminary students who become chaplain candidates. This provides up to
100% of the course costs (up to $4500 per year). Seminary students attend training during the summer
at various military posts or installations in the U.S. They also can attend school at the Chaplain Officer
Basic Course located in Columbia, SC. Each chaplain candidate will earn commissioned officer's pay
and allowances each time they are involved in candidate training events. Please check out this web site
on the chaplain program: Contact Army PCA chaplain,
CH Scott Huber at 404-469-5203 or at for more information about the
Army chaplaincy.

Returning Reserve and National Guard Veterans Often Need Ministry from the Local Church
Veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq who are United States Army Reserve Component soldiers are
returning home, and to minimal pastoral care services. Unlike the ARNG (Armories) and AC (Bases),
the Army Reserve Centers are not central to its soldiers. Reserve Component chaplains are scattered.
Please contact the Command Chaplain of the Reserve Component nearest you and offer your
professional/pastoral services for returning soldiers and their families. If you are aware of families of
deployed Reserve or Guard soldiers in your community, contact those families and see how you may
minister and provide support for them while their spouses are serving our country.
Director and Associate Directors’ Future Travel:
Dave Peterson                                           Stan Beach
April 3-7:                                              April
       Atlanta, GA (MNA Staff Meeting and                       MCA in Washington, DC
       Interview applicants)                                    Visits to GA, NC, and CA

April 20-24:                                            May
       St. Louis, MO (Missions Conference)                      New York, Virginia

April 27-1 May:                                         June 12 – 17th
       Louisiana and Mississippi                              PCA General Assembly and
       (Missions Conferences)                                 Chaplain Training
                                                        Beryl Hubbard
May 21-23:
      Chicago, IL
                                                        April – May
      (Ordination of future chaplains)
                                                                  Visits to PRJC chaplains in AL,
                                                                  MS, TX, CO, KS, MO, and TN
June 12-17:
      Chattanooga, TN.                                  June 12 – 17th
      (PCA General Assembly and Chaplain                                 PCA General Assembly and
       Training)                                                         Chaplain Training

June 27-28                                              Gary Hitzfeld
      Butler, PA. (RPCNA Synod)
                                                        June 12 – 17th
                                                                         PCA General Assembly and
                                                                         Chaplain Training

Dues Policy Clarification for Reserve and Guard Chaplains
Reserve/National Guard Chaplain dues are only $15 a month for paid positions, and $5 per month for
non-paid positions. If called to active duty, however, their dues go to the same rate as for other active
duty chaplains: O-3’s and below: $25 per month, 0-4 and above: $35 per month.

MNA announces a new staff member to help with Chaplains dues and donor gifts
MNA would like to introduce you to Michael Hutcheson, their newest member of the Donor
Processing Team. Michael will handle the processing of all incoming dues, donations and pledges to
Chaplain Ministries. If you have any questions about receipts, whether donations have been given,
pledges received and/or need copies of reports, please contact her directly at
or (678) 825-1223. If you would like to have your dues withdrawn “painlessly” from your checking
account each month through our Electronic Funds Transfer system, contact Michael.

Prayer and Praise Request from former PRJC Administrative Assistant
Sharon Kraemer, former Administrative Assistant of the Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission
on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRJC), (during the period of time that William Leonard was the
Executive Director) requests her friends be aware that she has now been cancer-free for ten years.

Many, many chaplains, chaplain families, and friends prayed for Sharon during the period of time that
she was undergoing treatment for cancer. We share in her joy and thankfulness to God for the healing
she has experienced.

E-mails sent to military email addresses often get blocked or returned
There are “real time” problems with the ".mil" military email addresses, depending upon the firewalls
that the different military installations have set up for themselves. Many times the official “.mil” email
accounts work, but at other times they bounce back. That is why it is so important to have back-up
commercial e-mail accounts for our military chaplains. But many of these addresses are not used as
regularly, and sometimes reach their limits of incoming e-mails. So please be sure to let us know your
correct e-mail address(es), especially your commercial address – and don’t forget to clean up your
Inbox every once in a while!

Chaplains offered training on how to implement a “Great Dads” Seminar Many military
chaplains are discovering the biblically based “Great Dads” seminar and using it as an effective tool to
equip dads to be more effective Christian fathers and to reach out to unchurched men with the Gospel.
There will be a brief presentation of this effective ministry on Tuesday morning of the upcoming
Chaplain Training, June 13 – 14th, in Chattanooga, TN. For those Chaplains that would like to learn
how to implement this training with their constituency, Gary Yagel with the “Great Dads” seminar,
will conduct a free 3-4 hour seminar Tuesday afternoon, in the same room as the Chaplain Training
(Room H) starting at 1300 hrs. If you are interested in attending, you may just grab a sandwich and
come back to Room H for the afternoon training.                 If possible, though, please e-mail to let us know you are planning to attend the afternoon training.

Reserve Chaplain Candidate Program
Full-time seminary students may become Chaplain Candidates, and then apply for Army Tuition
Assistance (TA). During the summer, Chaplain Candidates attend the Army Chaplain Officer Basic
Course at the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School, Fort Jackson, SC. No monthly drill with a
Reserve unit is required. Here are the qualifications:
• Be over 21 and under 40 years of age at time of appointment
• Have a bachelor's degree (120 hours) from an accredited college or university
• Be a full-time resident or distance learning student at a seminary accredited by the American
    Council on Education
• Be a U.S. citizen or possess a green card
• Be able to receive a favorable security clearance
• Be physically qualified
• Be endorsed by a recognized ecclesiastical endorsing agency

After completion of the Common Core and Phase I portion of the Chaplain Officer Basic Course,
students may be authorized additional training of up to 45 days each year in on-the-job training (OJT)
with an active duty Chaplain, or other training such as Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).
Training programs are offered in the summer so as not to conflict with the academic school year. All
the while, you will be earning commissioned officer pay and allowances, approximately $4,500.

Chaplain Candidate Tuition Assistance Program (TA)
The US Army Reserve (USAR) is offering TA as an incentive to its selective Reserve soldiers, which
includes the Chaplain Candidate. The USAR provides TA up to 100% of the course cost, or up to
$250 per credit hour, whichever is less. Tuition Assistance is limited to $4,500 per fiscal year.
Receipt of TA incurs an obligation of four years in an Army Reserve Troop Program Unit (TPU). TA
will be recouped if a Chaplain Candidate chooses not to seek appointment as a Reserve Chaplain.
Please check out the Chaplain Candidate program at our web site: The other branches offer similar opportunities.
You may want to visit their websites also, or contact us at
Chaplain Recommendations
Chaplain (LTC) Phillip Futoran
“’The Purpose Driven Life’ is a study that is very adaptable to our theological distinctives and has a reputation that
doesn’t need much selling.”

Chaplain (CPT) Collin Grossruck
“Reformed University Fellowship Hymnbook and CDs are available on-line, containing revitalized tunes for wonderful
traditional hymns.”

Chaplain (LTC) Mike Higgins
“Read Henry Blackaby’s ’Experiencing God’. Find someone to vent your fears and frustrations with.”

Chaplain (CAPT) Cornelius Johnson
“ is a good website to hear good reformed preaching.”

Chaplain (CPT) Michael Milton,
“We just had Dr. Paul Tripp in at First Presbyterian, Chattanooga. His book ‘Age of Opportunity’ is the best I have seen
on parenting adolescents. Also, in a series on prayer, I have been greatly blessed by O. Hallesby’s ‘Prayer.’ This is a real
classic that will help in spiritual formation of soldiers and parishioners.”

Chaplain (LTC) Patrick Morgan
“’More Light on the Path’ by Baker and Health is a good resource to keep up your Greek and Hebrew and useful for a
devotional as well. In addition, I recommend ’Covenant and Eschatology’ by Michael Horton.”

Chaplain (CPT) Philio Shannon
“Thank you for your love and support of our military personnel. From Maine to Florida to Alaska to Hawaii, the
encouragement our troops receive from you inspires them to keep serving the cause of freedom. A simple ’thank you’ goes
a long way for the enlisted or officer. If you are standing in line behind one wearing the uniform, or the spouse who
maintains household while loved one is deployed, speak those two words of encouragement, ’Thank You’”. You can’t
imagine the difference it makes to the morale of our soldiers. Whether you agree or not with the politics of the day, love
our troops. Appreciate them. Recognize them. Again, we cannot do what we do without your love, prayers, and support.”

Chaplain (CAPT) Tony Wade
“I have drawn encouragement as a chaplain by reading the writings and biographies of chaplains of the past. For
instance, ‘I’m Surrounded by Methodists: Diary of John H.W. Stuckenberg, Chaplain of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer
Infantry.’ Stuckenberg was a Lutheran chaplain serving in the Civil War

Chaplain (CPT) Bruce Sidebotham
“ is my website for info and resources to help service personnel with their cross-cultural testimony”.

Chaplain (CPT) David Stevenson
“Campus Crusade for Christ is willing to send you, not only their ‘Chaplain Box’, but also as many ‘Rapid Deployment
Kits’ as you need. Go to”.

Chaplain (LTC) Christopher Wisdom
“I am just finishing ‘Faith of My Fathers’ by Senator John McCain. It details his experience as a Vietnam POW, and his
father and grandfather’s service at senior levels in the US Navy during WWII and the Vietnam War. Well worth the

Chaplain (CPT) Jeffrey Dillard
“Create a Chaplain coin with no unit crest (so you can use it in other duty stations). Have a design that is attractive and
appropriate your unit and relate it to a specific scripture that you have engraved on the coin. Write a book of devotions
based on your unit's experiences during deployments. Take a digital picture of a key event each day, tie it to a relevant
Scripture, and use it for a history/devotional. Your soldiers will love to have the record, see their faces, and (best of all)
hear the Gospel. Develop a wallet-sized, laminated ’help card’. On one side, have all conceivable helping agencies and
their phone numbers listed. On the backside, have a list of subjects and scripture references. Keep it to the New
Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in case your soldiers only have a pocket testament. Found a ’Run Club 40:31’, based on
Isaiah 40:31 in which you and other Christian men meet to for physical training (you could call it ’Fit to Fight 9:24’ from
1 Corinthians). Use the time to call Christian cadences, discuss devotionals that you've read, pray for each other, use
physical training for spiritual lessons, etc.”

Chaplain (CPT) Joseph Bo Welch
“Ligonier Ministries (RC Sproul) is offering Chaplains some great video resources. These have been very useful in my
ministry and the response of my soldiers has been very positive.“

Chaplain Ministries Needing Assistance
Chaplain (CPT) Jinhee Chang, Army, EMAIL:
“I saw a Lutheran Chaplain effectively using a small, short, brief, pocket-book type hymnal for a field service. I could
really use a small supply of these for services in the field.”

Chaplain (MAJ) Mark Fairbrother, Army,            EMAIL:
“I've become involved in helping to lead a ’Presbyterian and Reformed Fellowship’ that has sprung up through the desire
of several of the inmates. A great expressed desire among the members of this group is to begin singing out of the Trinity
Hymnal so their musical worship can be more biblical and filled with healthy spiritual content. In behalf of this growing
group of inmates, I would like to ask for someone, any one, possibly a group within a congregation or one of our PRJC
congregations to consider purchasing 20-30 of the New Trinity Hymnals, along with a couple of the CD accompaniment
disks so they can learn the hymns more effectively. Also, a simple CD player to play the accompaniment disk would be
great.” Please consider this need inside this high security military prison, the main military prison in the United States.
The inmates do not have the adequate personal financial resources to make this purchase; their earned moneys go toward
their own necessary expenses and restitution to victims that they may have been ordered to pay by their court martial
authorities. If anyone would be interested in providing for this ministry inside the military prison walls, please contact
Chaplain Mark Fairbrother at 913-684-3270 (W) or 913-682-3272 (H) or Thank
you for considering this need. This will continue to build up and encourage this group of dedicated and brave inmates.”

Chaplain (CPT) Steven Logan (currently deployed in Iraq), Army National Guard, EMAIL:
“Prayer, encouragement, and Bible study materials.”

Chaplain (MAJ) Bob Owen, EMAIL:
“A resource for buying Spurgeon’s ‘Morning and Evening’ devotionals for limited free distribution”

Chaplain (Civilian Nursing Home) Richard Shaw, EMAIL:
“I could use literature such as Bibles or devotional materials. Also, good counseling materials or literature dealing with
grief, depression, and aging would be useful. Any video sources would be welcomed, too.”

       The following is a list of congregations that have committed to sponsoring chaplains in prayer:
           Please let us know if this information has changed or iff you have not received a quarterly report from your chaplain.
Apple Valley OPC, Appleton, WI – CH Bill Acker                             Eastminster PCA, Virginia Beach, VA – CH Robert Hobson
All Saints Reformed, Richmond, VA – CH Joe Paul                            Eastwood PCA, Montgomery, AL – CH Henry Beaulieu, CH Robert Owen
Bay Springs PCA, Bay Springs, MS – CH Martin Payne, CH Philip McClimon     Edwards PCA, Edwards, MS – CH Brendon O’Dowd
Bay Street PCA, Hattiesburg, MS – CH Paul Honomichl                        Emmaus OPC, Fort Collins, CO – CH Chris Wisdom
Bethel Korean PC, Evans, GA – CH Yun Kim                                   Evangel PCA, Helena, AL – CH Ken Counts
Bethel OPC, Wheaton, IL – CH David Bottoms                                 Evangelical PCA, Levittown, PA – CH Stephen Parker
Bible PCA, Concord, NC – CH Jeff Dillard, CH Michael Hardeman, CH          Evangelical PCA, Mt. Laurel, NJ – CH Gary Englestad, CH Bob Marsh
Cornelius Johnson                                                          Faith PCA, Ackley, IA – CH Ray Barrett
Bethany Orthodox Pres., Oxford, PA – CH David Stevenson                    Faith PCA, Anniston, AL – Ch Jacob Clement
Bethel Reformed PCA, Sparta, IL – CH Tom McCort                            Faith PCA, Birmingham, AL – CH Pete Brzezinski
Black Hills Community Church, Rapid City, SD – CH Doug Lee                 Faith PCA, Cincinnati, OH – CH Donald Aven, CH Phillip Futoran
Briarwood PCA, Birmingham, AL – CH Robert Allman, CH Pete Brzezinski       Faith PCA, Cumberland, MD – CH Chris Bennett
Bryce Avenue PCA, Los Alamos, NM – CH Bill Manning                         Faith PCA, Goodlettsville, TN – CH Ron Morrell, CH Rich Young
Calvary PCA, Willow Grove, PA – CH Pete Sniffin                            Faith PCA, Vancouver, BC – CH Paul Walker
Carlisle RPC, Carlisle, PA – CH Richard Rojas                              Faith Reformed PCA, Frederick, MD – CH Gary Sexton;-CH Tim Fary
Center Grove PCA, Edwardsville, IL – CH Tom McCort, CH Jan Werson          Fellowship of Grace PCA, Peoria, AZ – CH Will Tilley
Chattanooga Valley PCA, Flintstone, GA – CH Fred McFarland                 First PCA, Augusta, GA – CH Michael Hardeman
Chestnut Mtn. PCA, Chestnut Mtn, GA – CH Collin Grossruck                  First PCA, Belzoni, MS – CH Keith Goode
Christ Church PCA, Jacksonville, FL – CH Jason Riggs, CH Jan Werson        First PCA, Biloxi, MS – CH Shannon Philio
Christ Community PCA, Fairmont, WV - CH) Randall Bowen                     First PCA, Chattanooga, TN – CH Mike Milton
Christ Community PCA, Simpsonville, SC – CH Michael Uhall                  First PCA, Demopolis, AL – CH Chris Faria
Christ Community PCA, Williamsport, PA – CH Johan Baik                     First PCA, Enterprise, AL – CH Earl Vanderhoff
Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, NC – CH Stephen Fisher                   First PCA, Florala, AL – CH Wylly Collins
Christ PCA, Lynn Haven, FL – CH Chris Faria                                First PCA, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA – CH Daniel Waterman
Christ PCA, Nashville, TN – CH Shannon Philio                              First PCA, Gulfport, MS – CH Michael Craig
Christ PCA, Owensboro, KY – CH Bob Marsh, CH Tom McCort                    First PCA, Hattiesburg, MS – Adm. Asst. Gary Hitzfeld
Christ Presbyterian Mission, Victoria, TX - CH Bob Marsh                   First PCA, Jackson, MS – CH Doug McCullough
Christ The King, El Paso, TX – CH Doug Hoover                              First PCA, Margate, FL – CH Ed Yurus
Church Creek PCA, Charleston, SC – CH Chris Bennett                        First PCA, Picayune, MS – CH Randy Williams
Church of the Good Shepherd, Durham, NC – CH Ron Morrell                   First PCA, Russellville, AL – CH Bruce Hougeson, CH Robert Allman
City Church of San Francisco, CA – CH Ron Swafford                         First PCA, Stanley, NC – Adm. Asst. Gary Hitzfeld
Clanton PCA, Clanton, AL – CH Lamar Davis                                  First PCA, W. Frankfort, IL – CH Seth George
Clarksville PCA, Clarksville, TN – CH Mark Fairbrother                     First PCA, Water Valley, MS. – CH Chip Huey
College Hill PCA, Oxford, MS – CH Alan Cochet                              First Reformed PCA, Pittsburgh, PA – CH David Tubley
Columbia Presbyterian Mission, Columbia, SC – CH Moon Kim,                 Foothills PCA, Sturgis, SD – CH Doug Lee, CH David Schutter
CH Yun Kim                                                                 Forestgate PCA, Colorado Springs, CO – CH Brendon O’Dowd
Community PCA, Louisville, KY – CH Ken Brown, CH David Epperson, CH        Fort Worth PCA, Fort Worth, TX – CH Richard Rojas
Douglas Hoover                                                             Gospel Fellowship PCA, Valencia, PA – CH John Kenyon
Coral Ridge PCA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – CH Ed Yurus                          Grace Church, Scranton, PA – CH Robert Mortenson
Cornerstone PCA, Ft. Collins, CO – CH Carter Mills                         Grace Presbyterian, Madison, FL – CH Robert Gardner
Cornerstone PCA, Patuxent River, MD – CH Joe Paul                          Geneva OPC, Marietta, GA – CH Tom Faichney
Covenant Community PCA, Paso Robles, CA - CH Mark Fairbrother              Golden Isles PCA, St. Simons, GA – CH Tom Faichney
Covenant OPC, Mansfield, OH – CH Bryan Weaver                              Good Shepherd PCA, Minnetonka, MN – CH John Routzahn
Covenant PCA, Abileen, TX – CH Joel Hampton                                Grace Christian Fellowship, Hancock, MD – CH Edward James
Covenant PCA, Birmingham, AL – CH Robert Allman, CH Pete Brzezinski,       Grace OPC, San Antonio, TX - CH Chris Wisdom
Covenant PCA, Chattanooga, TN – CH Daniel Waterman                         Grace OPC, Vienna, VA CH Chris Wisdom
Covenant PCA, Cleveland, MS – CH Michael Frazier                           Grace PCA, Colorado Springs, CO – CH Seth George
Covenant PCA, Columbia, SC – CH Ken Bush                                   Grace PCA, Conway, SC – CH Robert Callison
Covenant OPC, Easton, PA – CH Graham Harbman                               Grace PCA, Jackson, TN – CH Richard Rosser
Covenant PCA, Fayetteville, GA – CH Thomas Eddy                            Grace PCA, Pleasanton, CA – CH Mark Fairbrother, CH Todd Orren
Covenant PCA, Hammond, IN – CH Mark Fairbrother                            Grandcote PCA, Coulterville, IL – CH Tom McCort
Covenant PCA, Harleyville, PA – CH Paul Wrigley                            Green Lake PCA, Seattle, WA – CH Collin Grossruck
Covenant PCA, Harrisonburg, VA – CH Jeffrey Hicks                          Grenada PCA, Grenada, MS – CH Randy Williams
Covenant PCA, Little Rock, AR – CH Delbert Farris                          Harvest Community PCA, Omaha, NE – CH Tom MacGregor
Covenant PCA, Mechanicsburg, PA – CH Ken Brown                             Harvest PCA, Jacksonville, NC – CH David Tubley
Covenant PCA, Montgomery, AL – CH David Tubley                             Harvest OPC, Vista CA – CH John Carter
Covenant PCA, Sebring, FL – CH Todd Orren                                  Harvester PCA, Springfield, VA – CH Ken Counts
Covenant PCA, Sun City West, AZ – CH Tom Troxell                           Hazleton RPC, Hazleton, PA – CH Jonathan Leach
Covenant PCA, Thornton, CO – CH Lonnie Locke                               Heritage PCA, Eureka, MO – CH Michael Curtis
Covenant PCA, Warner Robins, GA – CH Robert Jarrett                        Heritage PCA, Warrenton, VA – CH Seth George
Covenant Presbyterian Mission, Grand Island, NE – CH David Upchurch        Hillcrest PCA, Volant, PA – CH Steve Horning, CH John Kenyon
Covenant RPC Mission, Robertsdale, AL – CH David Gilleran                  Hixson PCA, Chattanooga, TN – CH Daniel Waterman
Cross Creek PCA, Fayetteville, NC – CH James Griffith                      Hope PCA, Marietta, GA – CH Tom Faichney, CH Chip Huey
Crossroads Community, Upper Darby, PA – CH Doug Rosander                   Hope PCA, Winston Salem, NC – CH Pete Sniffin
Crossroads PCA, Savannah, GA – CH Ed Yurus                                 Howell Branch Fellowship, Winter Park, FL – CH George Ridgeway
Dayspring PCA, Spring Hill, FL – CH James Chizek, CH Thomas Eddy,          Immanuel PCA, Mesa, AZ – CH Bruce Hougeson
Desert Springs PCA, Tucson, AZ – CH Tom Troxell                            Island PCA, Savannah, GA – CH Marty Fields
East Cobb PCA, Marietta, GA – CH Tom Faichney                              Kendall PCA, Miami, FL – CH Phillip Binnie
Eastern Shore PCA, Fairhope, AL – CH Mac Griffith                          Kennett Square PCA, Kennett Square, PA – CH Mike Curtis
Eastbridge PCA, Mt. Pleasant, SC – CH Jeff Dillard                         Kirk of the Isles, Savannah, GA – CH Mike Milton

Knowlton PCA, Columbia, NJ – CH Ken Bush                                Sandhills PCA, Southern Pines, NC – CH Pete Sniffin
Korean-American PC, Sumter, SC – CH Moon Kim                            Seminole PCA, Tampa, FL – CH Robert Byrne
Korean Bethel PCA, Fayetteville, NC – CH Daniel Oh                      Sharon OPC, Hialeah, FL – CH Chris Wisdom
Korean Eastminster PCA, Hyattsville, MD – CH Youn Kim                   Spencer Mills Church, Gowen, MI – CH David Stevenson
Lennox Ebenezer PCA, Lennox, SD – CH Joel Hampton                       Smyrna PCA, Newberry, SC – CH Michael Uhall
Liberty Bay PCA, Poulsbo, WA – CH Philip McClimon                       Smyrna PCA, Smyrna, GA – CH James Carter
Los Angeles New Times KPCA, Los Angeles, CA – CH Chul Kim               St. Andrews PCA, Columbus, GA – CH Michael Stewart
Lake Oconee PCA, Eatonton, GA – CH Scott Huber                          St. Paul’s PCA, Orlando, FL – CH Robert Burns
Lakeland PCA, Brandon, MS – CH Henry Beaulieu                           Tampa Bay PCA, Tampa Bay, FL – CH Robert Burns
Lakeview PCA, Vernon Hills, IL – CH George Ridgeway                     Tates Creek PCA, Lexington, KY – CH Doug Hoover
Living Hope PCA, Randalston, MD – CH Michael Uhall                      Third PCA, Birmingham, AL – CH Pete Brzezinski
Marco PCA, Marco Island, FL – CH Ed Yurus                               Town North PCA, Richardson, TX – CH Scott Cauble
Meadowview Reformed PCA, Lexington, NC – CH Eric Dye, CH Pete Sniffin   Trinity OPC, Bothell, WA – CH Earl Vanderhoff
Midway PCA, Powder Springs, GA – CH Tom MacGregor                       Trinity PCA, Asheville, NC – CH George Ridgeway
Monroeville PCA, Monroeville, AL – CH James Carter                      Trinity PCA, Fairfax, VT – CH Chris Bennett
Mount Rose PCA, Reno, NV – CH Mark Levine                               Trinity PCA, Jackson, MS – CH Lenny Siems
Mullins PCA, Mullins, SC – CH James Carter, CH Craig Pipkin             Trinity PCA, Lakeland, FL – CH Michael Hardeman
New City Fellowship, Chattanooga, TN – CH Michael Higgins, CH Randy     Trinity PCA, Montgomery, AL – Beryl Hubbard
Nabors                                                                  Trinity PCA, Omaha, NE – CH Tom MacGregor
New Covenant PCA, Abingdon, MD – CH John Sackett                        Trinity PCA, Orangeburg, SC – CH John Ropp
New Covenant PCA, Dallas, TX – CH Montgomery Kirk                       Trinity PCA, Rye, NY – CH Michael Uhall
New Covenant PCA, Virginia Beach, VA – CH Joe Paul, CH Doug             Trinity Reformed PCA, Wilmington, NC – CH Tom Faichney
Rosander, CH Paul Wrigley                                               Twin Oaks PCA, Twin Oaks, MO – CH Bud Moginot, CH Leon Pannkuk
New Evangelical PCA, Petal, MS – CH Ken Ribelin                         Union PCA, Salters, SC – CH Mike Milton,      - CH Gary Sexton
New Hope PCA, Eustis, FL – CH Stephen Fisher                            Village Seven PCA, Colorado Springs, CO - CH James Griffith, CH Brendon
New Life PCA, Escondido, CA – CH Daniel Deaton                          O’Dowd
New Life PCA, Ft. Washington, PA – CH Dwight Horn                       Wellington PCA, Wellington, FL – CH Bo Welch
New Life PCA, Harrison City, PA – CH John Kenyon                        West Boca PCA, Boca Raton, FL – CH Ed Yurus
New Life PCA, Virginia Beach, VA – CH Jeff Dillard                      West End Community Mission, Nashville, TN – CH Carter Crenshaw
New York Presbyterian Church – CH Joseph Ko                             West End Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, VA – CH Robert Byrnes
New York Jung Bu Church – CH Joseph Ko                                  Westminster OPC, Holidaysburg, PA – CH Bryan Weaver
Northeast PCA, Columbia, SC – CH Gary Sexton                            Westminster OPC, Westminster, CA – CH Chet Lanious
Northwoods PCA, Cheyenne, WY – CH Thomas Eddy                           Westminster PCA, Brandon, FL – CH Montgomery Kirk
Oak Mountain PCA, Birmingham, AL – CH Trell Mercer                      Westminster PCA, Cleveland, OH – CH Stevan Horning
Oakbrook Community Church,                                              Westminster PCA, Clinton, SC – CH Phillip McClimon
Summerville, SC – CH -Wesley Horne                                      Westminster PCA, Elgin, IL – CH Ray Barrett
Okatie PCA, Bluffton, SC – CH Pete Sniffin                              Westminster PCA, Everett, WA – CH Fred Zoeller
Old Orchard Church, Webster Groves, MO - CH Ray Barrett                 Westminster PCA, Godfrey, IL – CH Bill Manning
Orangewood PCA, Orlando, FL – CH Stephen Fisher                         Westminster PCA, Muncie, IN – CH John Griessel
Pamlico PCA, Oriental, NC – CH James Singleton                          Westminster PCA, Paxton, IL – CH John Griessel
Parkside Bible Church, Watertown, NY – CH Jeff Dillard                  Westminster PCA, Rock Hill, SC – CH Jeff Dillard, CH Daniel Kang, CH Mark
Parkwood PCA, Farmington, MN – CH Patrick Morgan, CH John Routzahn      Levine
Pearl PCA, Pearl, MS – CH Ray Barrett                                   Westminster PCA, Sumter, SC – CH John Ropp
Pear Orchard PCA, Ridgeland, MS – CH Robert Owen                        Westminster PCA, Valdosta, GA – CH William Gleason
Penn Valley Community Church, Penn Valley, CA – CH Mark Fairbrother,    Westminster PCA, Vicksburg, MS – CH Michael Rightmyer
CH Randy Williams, CH John Kenyon                                       Westminster PCA, Vincennes, IN – CH John Sackett
Philadelphus PCA, Waynesboro, MS – CH Bobby Gardner                     Westminster Reformed, Suffolk, VA – CH Robert Callison
Pickens PCA, Pickens, MS – CH Shannon Philio                            Westwood PCA, Dothan, AL – CH Lonnie Locke, CH Bo Welch
Pilgrim OPC, Raleigh, NC – CH Doug Withington                           Woodland PCA, Hattiesburg, MS – CH Chip Huey
Pineville OPC, Pineville, LA – CH Michael Frazier, CH Chris Wisdom      Zion Castle Church, WA – CH Se Park
Pinewoods PCA, Cantonment, FL – CH Todd Orren
Plains PCA, Zachary, LA – CH Chris Bennett
Pollock Memorial PCA, Pollock, SD – CH Daniel Kang
Ponte Vera PCA, Ponte Vera, FL – CH Ron Swafford
Providence OPC, Temecula, CA – CH John Carter
Providence PCA, Murphy, NC – CH Robert Nay
Providence PCA, Savannah, GA – CH Randall Bowen, CH Robert Nay
Providence RPC, Barboursville, WV – CH John Griessel
Providence RPC, St. Louis, MO – CH Eric Dye, CH Joel Hampton
Pulaski PCA, Pulaski, VA – CH Robert Callison
Quakertown PCA, Quakertown, PA – CH Ken Bush
Red Bank PCA, Chattanooga, TN – CH Michael Curtis
Redeemer OPC, Dayton, OH – CH Bryan Weaver
Redeemer OPC, Toms River, NJ – CH Christopher Wisdom
Redeemer PCA, Austin, TX – CH Strother Gross
Reformed PC of Slate Lick, Kittanning, PA – CH John Kenyon
Reformed PCA, Bowie, MD – CH Glenn Gresham
Reformed PCA, Duanesburg, NY – CH Bill Manning
Rock PCA, McDonough, GA – CH Scott Huber, - CH Se Park
Rock Tavern PCA, Rock Tavern, NY – CH Collin Grossruck
Rocky Mountain PCA, Colorado Springs, CO – CH Earl Vanderhoff
Rose Hill PCA, Columbia, SC – Ch Seth George
Roswell OPC, Roswell, NM – CH John Carter
Safe Harbor PCA, Chester, MD – CH Dwight Horn

                                                              removal of steroid therapy five days ago). PRAYER
                   APRIL 2005                                 REQUESTS: We praise God for His care through your
                                                              faithfulness.     Please continue to pray for Sam’s
1 Friday CH (CPT) JINHEE CHANG, Army, Fort                    continued healing, and that we may glorify Him through
Drum, NY (PCA - Korean Central Presbytery) Our                this trial. Praise be to God for all that he has done and
whole 1st BCT (Brigade Combat Team) just returned             continues to do. Don't stop praying, and don't forget to
from Fort Polk, LA for JRTC (1 March to 31 March).            praise him! E-Mail:
This was the mission rehearsal focused exercise for the
August deployment to Iraq. PRAYER REQUESTS:                   3 Sunday CH (LT) ROBERT BYRNE, Civilian VA
Pray not only that my family can be ready for the             Chaplain, Tampa, FL (PCA – Central Florida
upcoming long-term deployment to Iraq later this year,        Presbytery) The VA Hospital ministry is going very
but also that I can be ready for the mission, both            well. In fact, I have successfully started a second
physically and spiritually. Pray also that our soldiers and   worship service on Sunday afternoon for our palliative
their family members can find peace in God as they            care and hospice patients, as they cannot easily be moved
anticipate the coming deployments.                            to our main building’s chapel. I am seeing an increase in
E-Mail:                              staff attendance as well. One of my favorite ministries is
CH (CPT) MICHAEL MILTON, Army Reserves,                       to the hospital’s Alcohol Dependency and Addictions
Birmingham, AL (PCA - TN Valley Presbytery)                   Treatment program. I am the Program Chaplain for the
Having served as Brigade Chaplain for the 87th Division,      ADATP meetings and lead a “spirituality group” weekly
USAR, for the last two years, I have been asked to            followed by individual consultations.          The group
become an assistant at division level in the 81st Division.   averages anywhere from 18 to 26 individuals with
My role of recruiting reserve chaplains will be a unique      alcohol, drug, or dual diagnosis issues. PRAYER
one. The assignment works better with my civilian             REQUESTS: Please pray that I continue to have the
ministry as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of     freedom to minister and boldness to speak. Thanks again
Chattanooga. One of my great opportunities will be to         for your support.
visit seminaries throughout the southeast on my drill         E-Mail:
dates and during Annual Training. We are in great need
of reserve chaplains, due to mobilizations, so this is a
good thing for the USAR and a great fit for us.
                                                              4 Monday CH (LTC) PATRICK MORGAN, Ft.
PRAYER REQUESTS: I would pray for my strength                 Snelling, MN (PCA – Siouxlands Presbytery)
in being a mate my wife, Mae, and a dad to our son, John      Presently working with the 88th RRC command chaplain
Michael. I would also ask unction from on high in             coordinating the command's Single Soldier Reintegration
proclaiming Christ week by week at First Church,              for soldiers returning from deployments. PRAYER
Chattanooga, leading a staff there, and being a reserve       REQUESTS: Pray that churches that have PRJC
chaplain.                                                     chaplains as pastors are strengthened as these men are
                                                              deployed or getting ready to deploy. Pray also for our
                                                              ministry to returning single soldiers as they transition to
                                                              civilian life again.
2 Saturday CH (CPT) WILLIAM (BILL)                            E-Mail:
MANNING, Army, Schofield Barracks, HI (PCA –
Louisiana Presbytery) (Note: The Manning’s son,               CHC (LT) ROBERT N. BURNS, Navy, Virginia
Samuel, has recently gone through some VERY                   Beach, VA (PCA – Central Florida Presbytery) I was
significant health issues) As you hopefully know,             notified with short notice that I was going to ship out the
Samuel has improved dramatically in the last three            end of March on the USS Normandy, CG-60. At the
                                                              time of your reading this, I will be serving as Chaplain
weeks, even being able to ride a bike for six blocks. We
                                                              aboard that ship. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray
are outpatients at the Ronald McDonald House (650-470-
                                                              that I will effect the transition well and my ministry will
6053). He had not incurred any of the intense pain and        grow during the six-month deployment starting Easter.
high fevers now for about four weeks. Unfortunately,          Please pray for my family as I am at sea, that they will be
the fever with minor pain and renewed swelling around         well taken care of in spite of the short notice of my
the sinuses has recurred in the last few days and he is       deployment. E-Mail:
again hospitalized. He will undergo explorative surgery
tomorrow. They want to find out if this is an infection       5 Tuesday CH (LTC) BUD MOGINOT, Civil Air
(common due to chemo induced low white blood cell             Patrol, Ballwin, MO (PCA – Missouri Presbytery)
count) or the tumor regrowing (probably due to the            Our Spirit of St. Louis Squadron did some hands on

activity on President's Day. Senior Members and Cadets      serving as the Fort Shafter Deputy Community Chaplain.
went to Flight Safety in St. Louis, MO and "flew" DC 9s     Our congregation has grown from 45 to 110 over the last
and EMD 145s on their flight simulators. Our next           four months as we have been focusing on the Kingdom
“Hands on” is set for the 9th of March at Scott Air Force   of God. Pray for our congregation as we look for a youth
Base, IL. After briefing, we shall board a KC 135 for a     worker to start in August. PRAYER REQUESTS: In
six-hour orientation flight. Then it is back to "hangar     May or June I will be reporting to the 1-27 Infantry
talk" and training annuals. PRAYER REQUESTS:                Battalion up at Schofield Barracks. Pray for these
Please pray that the Cadet Moral Leadership Seminars        soldiers as they have just returned home from a year of
will continue to bear fruit. Pray also for Missouri Wing.   duty in Iraq. Pray that the dust settles gently for them as
We need ten more Chaplains/Moral Leadership Officers        they cope with stress and family adjustments. Pray for
to cover all our squadrons.                                 their peace.
E-Mail:                         E-Mail:

6 Wednesday Ch (1LT) RAY BARRETT, Air                       8 Friday CH (CAPT) JOHN SACKETT, Air Force,
Force, Whiteman AFB (PCA – Evangel Presbytery) I            Misawa Air Base (PCA – Chesapeake Presbytery)
have just completed two years of active duty chaplain       I’ve begun the process of developing a better program
ministry here at Whiteman AFB, Missouri. The ministry       for premarital preparation for the Navy sailors attached
to the airmen assigned here continues to be very            to Misawa Air Base. I am expecting to be granted
rewarding as I witness God change the lives of many by      appropriate clearance to begin ministry of visitation in
the power of His Word. Recently, quite a few of our B-2     some of my secured areas. Pray that this clearance is
pilots and aircraft maintainers deployed and relocated to   expedited. PRAYER REQUESTS: Rejoice with us in
Anderson AFB, Guam. I am expecting to join them for a       prayer for my wife Susan for health and strength in her
temporary duty assignment beginning in just a couple of     pregnancy (she is due June 8th). Please pray for my
months. This should be a wonderful opportunity to           preaching ministry, as I lead our contemporary service
minister to our own Stealth bomber pilots and               through a study of Exodus. Pray for wisdom and
specialized maintainers in a deployed setting. A major      creativity as I wrestle with how to bring the Gospel to the
focus will be helping all of our airmen deal with the       hurting and broken troops and dependents I counsel.
months of family separation that inevitably accompany       E-Mail:
being deployed to a forward location. I plan to lead
weekly Bible studies for both the pilots and the            9 Saturday CH (CPT) ROBERT ALLMAN,
maintenance troops while deployed to Guam. PRAYER           Army, Fort Sam Houston, TX (PCA – Evangel
REQUESTS: Please pray that I might be restored to           Presbytery) Ministry at Brooke Army Medical Center
full strength as I have been gradually recovering from a    continues to be challenging and rewarding as I daily visit
particular health issue that has kept me from being able    our wounded soldiers and their loved ones. However, I
to deploy at this time. Pray that God would bless the       am encouraged by God's presence in healing of both
ministry to our deployed personnel in Guam when am          body and spirit. Many of our retired veterans and their
able to join them over there.                               spouses who have experienced this healing return to
E-Mail:                         serve as ministry volunteers, and I have the privilege of
                                                            teaching them a class on basic pastoral care skills -
7 Thursday CHC (LCDR) KENNETH COUNTS,                       reminding them of God's calling and His acts in history.
Navy, San Diego, CA (PCA – Louisiana Presbytery)            Please pray that the Lord would be glorified in this
We detach in June after three wonderful years at MCRD.      training and that ministry will multiply. PRAYER
Our next appointed place of duty will be the Marine Air     REQUESTS: Lori and I rejoice in the Lord's healing of
Group 13 in Yuma, AZ. Our son Nathan will deploy to         our daughter's heart. The surgeons even rejoiced with us
Iraq in March. We give thanks for these years at MCRD.      in prayer as several of them were believers and
The recruits have built us up in faith and hope.            acknowledged that they may have the skill to stitch tissue
PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for the Lord to raise up              together, but only God can mend a broken heart. Thank
more Bible-believing reformed and evangelical chaplains     you all again for your faithful prayers for our family and
to minister to recruits and service members.                little girl. Please also pray for our safe travel to our new
 E-Mail:                            assignment this summer and a smooth transition to my
                                                            new position as Chaplain Clinician at Madigan Army
CH (1LT) THOMAS FAICHNEY, ARMY, Fort                        Medical Center in Fort Lewis, Washington.
Schafter, HI (PCA – North Georgia Presbytery) It has        E-Mail:
been a pleasure to pastor the AMR protestant
contemporary worship service here in Honolulu while

10 Sunday CH (LTC) MICHAEL HARDEMAN,                           Behind Element).            I transferred from IIMEF
Army, Columbia, SC (PCA – Missouri Presbytery)                 Headquarters Group to the IIMEF billet in February.
The past three years of my time in the Army as a               However, the detailer recently informed me that I will
chaplain brought me more education and spiritual growth        report to 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC in
than I can share in this brief report. I departed for a two-   June 2005.        In July, I'll deploy to Iraq as the
year unaccompanied tour to Germany in Jan 02 after             2DMARDIV Chaplain for nine months. PRAYER
much prayerful thought and discussion with my wife,            REQUESTS: Pray for my health and stamina as I
Suzanne. However, God intended greater things and it           assume the duties as the 2DMARDIV chaplain in JUL
soon turned into a three year unaccompanied tour, with         05. Pray for my safety as I deploy again for the second
one full year deployed to Iraq! But what opportunity for       time to OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF). Pray
Christ and the Gospel! As a Task Force Brigade                 for my wife, Shelly, and my three sons: Grant, Kurt, and
chaplain, also wearing the base cluster chaplain’s hat, I      Trent, as we undergo another major deployment. This
was able to witness daily and heard about the work of          will be my third deployment since 2001 and my second
God in transforming soldiers’ lives! What a joy to serve       nine-month deployment in two and a half years. Pray
our Lord and Savior as he calls us to bring the Gospel to      that I may have a major, positive impact on Marines’ and
soldiers making a stand against the evil in this world,        sailors’ lives as the division chaplain. Pray for Shelly as
often with their lives! PRAYER REQUESTS: Please                she continues to homeschool our sons and maintains the
pray with me that God will continue to guide me in His         home during my absence. Pray that our Lord Jesus
purpose as I consider retirement.                              Christ would be glorified through our lives.
E-Mail:                           E-Mail:

11 Monday CH (MAJ) MICHAEL CANNON Air                          13     Wednesday             CHC       (LT)    PHILLIP
National Guard, Ft. Jackson, SC (PCA - Savannah                MCCLIMON Navy, Fort Worth, TX (PCA – Calvary
River Presbytery) My family moved from Pooler, GA,             Presbytery) Chapel life is much like a local church. We
(where we were involved in a Church Plant) to Boiling          are putting together some programs that we may be able
Springs, SC, in order to provide some stability during         to offer the community. One of these is a ”death and
this second mobilization. My 5th Brigade has been              grieving” seminar here at the chapel. A lady who went
engaged with preparing the 48th Brigade Combat Team            through some tragic circumstances and wrote a book on
for deployment to Iraq. I am continuing to work with the       her experiences is willing to share her insights at the
brigade chaplains and train them in the areas of ethics,       seminar to assist others with this difficult subject. We
command influence (i.e., prophetic voice of the                have a beautiful lake here on base, so we will continue
chaplaincy), and mitigating the effects of battlefield         our tradition of having an Easter sunrise service there.
trauma. I sense the chaplaincy is experiencing a               We are attempting to partner with a local community
convergence of three streams of influence. One is the
                                                               service organization and are looking to assist them with
traditional practice of the chaplaincy developed over the
                                                               volunteer work while giving our folks a chance to get out
last twenty years. The second is the unique and
unexpected influence brought by the saturation of Guard        and wave the flag in the community, so to speak. Many
and Reserve chaplains during mobilizations. And the            in our chapel community already take part in many
third is the changed perspective of the chaplains who          volunteer projects like local shelters and we continue to
have seen the tragedy and trauma of war. I anticipate          support that. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray that chapel
significant shifts in the paradigms for ministry existing      will continue to grow, and that fruitful outreach will
prior to January 2003. Those changes should mark the           continue.
beginning of a fresh and higher impact ministry for the        E-Mail:
corps. PRAYER REQUESTS: 5th Brigade (TS) may
be tasked to assist in the training and development of the     14 Thursday CH (CAPT) JOEL HAMPTON, Air
emerging Iraqi Army. At the time of this prayer request,       Force, Ramstein Air Base, Germany (PCA – Missouri
that mission is still uncertain, but should it come to pass,   Presbytery) I continue to lead the liturgical protestant
much prayer for cultural understanding, cross-cultural         worship service and a men's Bible study. I also serve as
communication, safety, patience, and especially for 5th        chaplain to the aerial port squadron, which hauls all of
Brigade family stability will be needed.                       the cargo and flies all of the passengers in and out of
E-Mail:                           Ramstein Air Base. I'll be especially busy with this unit
                                                               which I've been recently been assigned to, as it is larger
                                                               than most with an unusually large number of younger
12 Tuesday CHC (CDR) BRYAN WEAVER,                             troops. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for faithfulness
Navy, Camp LeJeune, NC (OPC – Ohio Presbytery)                 and wisdom for me as I minister to stressed and
Presently, I'm the acting IIMEF Chaplain RBE (Remain

exhausted troops. Pray especially for the troops under      18 Monday CH (MAJ) KEITH N. GOODE,
my care who witness suffering and death on a regular        Army, West Point, NY (PCA - South Texas
basis as they oversee the transport of troops from Iraq     Presbytery I serve in a variety of ministry settings here
and Afghanistan and to the USA.                             at the United States Military Academy. First, I am the
E-Mail:                        chaplain for the 2nd Regiment of the Cadet Corps. Here I
                                                            work with the hope and dreams, as well as the pains and
15 Friday CH (LTC) WILLIAM PIHL, Army                       failures, of 1,000 cadets and the hundreds of personnel
Reserves, Rochester, NY (RPCNA – St. Lawrence               that support them. In this area, I find the greatest
Presbytery) We are preparing to conduct Prevention and      opportunity to witness to the grace of God in Christ
Relationship Enhancement Program Training (PREP)            through one-on-one counseling. Another assignment is
retreats for soldiers and their spouses returning from      the Army football program, serving as the team chaplain.
Iraq. PRAYER REQUESTS: For the safety of 98th               This avenue of ministry allows me the time to build the
Div (IT) soldiers in Iraq. For God's blessing on the        long-term friendships that lead to discipleship. Since I
reunion activities we are planning when the soldiers        go where they go (home and road games, all the team
return.                                                     meetings and practices, etc.), I am able to build
E-Mail:                            relationships with the players and coaches that have truly
                                                            been a blessing. Finally, I serve as the Associate Pastor
                                                            of the Cadet Chapel where I have the privilege of
16 Saturday CH (LTC) STANLEY BAMBERG,                       assisting in the worship of the Savior with a congregation
Army National Guard, Faunsdale, AL (PCA –                   that regularly involves 600-800 cadets, soldiers, and
                                                            family members. Other Chapel ministry responsibilities
Warrior Presbytery) I will be deploying to Iraq in late
                                                            include a Sunday night Bible study for more than 100
spring. My older son Brian will also be deploying with      cadets and a Wednesday morning Bible study for more
the A 1/167 Infantry, AL ARNG. My younger son               than seventy freshmen cadets. The field is definitely
William arrived in Iraq last week with his unit, HHD        “white unto harvest!” PRAYER REQUESTS: Please
200th EN AL ARNG from Linden, AL. I am attached             pray for the young men and women who profess Christ
from 1169th EN GP in Huntsville, AL, to the 48th BDE,       and yet are confused about the moral issues of our day.
GA ARNG, for this rotation, and I am preparing for NTC      It is heartbreaking to counsel one of these young people
rotation later in the spring. I am also training the UMT    and see how the shallow theology of their youth has led
                                                            them to make sinful choices regarding sexual purity and
team for 48th BDE. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray                    godly living. Pray also that I might be used by the Lord
especially for my wife, Julie as she remains at home        to bring the Good News of Christ to cadets who do not
while so many from our family are deployed. Give            already know Him in a saving way.
thanks to God for the tremendous opportunity for            E-Mail:
ministry we have. Pray for our chaplains and assistants
as they arrive from many states. We are grateful to God     19 Tuesday CH (COL) JAMES GRIFFITH,
for these fine UMTs. We also need one additional            Army, Wahiawa, HI (PCA – Rocky Mountain
chaplain for one of our battalions. I am also grateful to   Presbytery) I will be relocating to Landstuhl Regional
God for the support that the team at MNA/PRJC               Medical Center this summer. I leave Schofield Barracks
                                                            on 8 June and take leave to see my wife Nancy's family
provides to chaplains and military personnel.               and then my own. I report to LRMC on 1 July to replace
E-Mail:                         a reservist who leaves in May. Eric Holstrom has done a
                                                            wonderful job, and I will have very big shoes to fill. We
                                                            are hoping and praying that we get DACH 50%
17 Sunday CH (CPT) JOSEPH BO WELCH,                         Matching Grant Funds to renovate the old teen center
Army, Schofield Barracks, HI (PCA – Nashville               into a soldiers’ coffeehouse. There are so many units
Presbytery) My unit deployed from Afghanistan to            moving to Schofield that space is at a real premium.
Schofield Barracks, HI, in March after a one-year tour in   This will be probably our last chance to keep our foot in
support of Operation Enduring Freedom-V. We will take       the door in a troop area for such a project. PRAYER
some much-needed R&R and then get back to business          REQUESTS: Pray that our move to Germany goes
as usual. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for the reunion             well. Pray that my son Doug adjusts well to Whitworth
of families after a yearlong separation, and my continued   College a small Christian college in Spokane, WA. Pray
ministry to bring the Gospel to young soldiers.             that daughter Julie adjusts to her new environment,
E-Mail:                          school, and friends in Germany. Pray that we get our
                                                            grant funding for our soldiers’ coffeehouse facility.

20 Wednesday CH (CPT-P) LONNIE LOCKE,                          officers and soldiers. We visited an orphanage on 26
Army, Fort Drum, NY (PCA – Southeast Presbytery)               Feb., and we had a very successful Spiritual Fitness
I am getting settled for a short time in my aviation unit. I   Retreat on 15-17 Mar 05. PRAYER REQUESTS:
feel at home here because my past enlisted time was as         Please pray for my wife Joyce as she takes care of our
an aviation mechanic. I have a great new commander             three little children.
who is very supportive. The unit has just come back            E-Mail:
from thirteen months in Iraq, so there are many reunions
and war-related stresses to be addressed. PRAYER               23 Saturday CH (LTC) PHILLIP FUTORAN,
REQUESTS: Pray for my wife Donna and that our
                                                               Army Reserves, Fort Sam Houston, TX              (PCA –
unborn twins will develop and grow into wonderful,
                                                               Ohio Valley Presbytery) I will be adding coverage of a
healthy children. I will be moving up to take the 1st
                                                               battalion of 500 to my duties for three months, when one
Brigade combat team. They are due to deploy in the fall
                                                               of my chaplains leaves for next assignment. PRAYER
just after our twins arrive. Pray for my quick integration
                                                               REQUESTS: Strength for my family to persevere in our
into the brigade and for Donna's sanity as she tries to go
                                                               separation, my ability to balance priorities of increased
it alone once again, this time with three kids.
                                                               workload, and for God's will to be clean about a possible
                                                               extension to receive CPE training.
21 Thursday CH (MAJ) HARRY C. HUEY, JR,
Army, Velseck, Germany (PCA – Grace Presbytery)                CH ALLAN BALDWIN, Civilian Retirement Home
We have returned from our rotation to Iraq. We lost 36         Chaplain, Bedford, MA (PCA – Southern New
soldiers and over 300 men were wounded. Nonetheless,           England Presbytery) I enjoy continuing opportunities to
God's grace and mercy were clearly seen in how He              minister to the whole spectrum of residents, from the
sustained the Christians in our units, how He protected        very alert to those with Alzheimer’s. My ministry
our soldiers from even worse levels of death, and              includes informal conversations, visiting in the hospital,
wounding than we experienced, how He saved lost                leading Bible studies, hymn sings, and conducting
soldiers and how He blessed our efforts with significant       worship services. Also I conduct monthly memorial
success.     Our ministry focus will now be upon               services. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray that the
reintegration. We want to enable soldiers who've been          Christians within our facility will be encouraged to grow
gone for so long under the stress of combat to                 in grace, and that many unbelievers will bow before
successfully reintegrate with their families and friends       Christ. E-Mail:
back into normal life. All of our chaplains will be
heavily involved with marriage enrichment retreats and         24 Sunday CH (CAPT) JOHN ROUTZAHN,
single soldier events. In these activities soldiers and        Army, Clarksville, TN (PCA – Northern California)
their families will be exposed to Christian teaching and       Battalion chaplains continue to rotate into OIF and OEF
counseling. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please offer                      to provide chaplain support. I was sent to Korea in
thanks to God on our behalf for His magnificent                March to visit a forward deployed company. A new
goodness to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team while in Iraq.         weekly Bible study has begun in my office and is
Please pray for smooth reintegrations with families for        regularly attended. PRAYER REQUESTS: In March
our soldiers, especially our Christian soldiers.               two chaplains will be assessed for assignment to the
E-Mail:                               regiment. These assessments are very late and I covet
                                                               your prayers that the chaplains who are boarded will be
22 Friday CH STEVE HEE HEOUNG SHIN,                            selected. Also, I would request prayer for godly chaplain
Army, Fort Drum, NY (Korean American                           assistants to be selected for two of the three battalions.
Presbyterian Church - KAPC) By God's grace I was               E-Mail:
able to complete my tour with the 2ND Engineer
Battalion, 2ID. My current work at the Military Police         CH (CPT) MARK LEVINE, Army, Fort Stewart, GA
Battalion is going great. I am also serving as one of the      (PCA – Great Lakes Presbytery) The entire 3d Infantry
general protestant pastors at Camp Walker, Daegu, South        Division is now deployed to Iraq, and I am one of three
Korea. I am doing a lot of traveling since the battalion is    chaplains in the division serving rear detachment soldiers
spread all over Area IV in Korea. Our Commander to             and spouses of deployed soldiers. My counseling load
the NCO chain is very supportive of the spiritual              has dramatically increased, but I'm enjoying the
wellness of the battalion. The HHD Prayer Luncheon on          opportunities. The Lord has entrusted me with the
16 Feb turned out great, with around forty attending.          congregation of one of the chapels on post and we're
The message on "Setting up Others for Success -                working through 1 Peter. PRAYER REQUESTS:
Philippians 2:1-11" was received very well by the              Please join me in prayer that the Lord will grant a great

revival to break out throughout the 3d Infantry Division.      he suggested we look at restructuring it. We have done
Pray that souls are saved in the chapel I serve, and that      that and have come up with a whole new format, which
the dear believers are built up through the preaching of       includes some creative ways of doing outreach to our
the Gospel in 1 Peter. Pray that my children would learn       physicians and clinical units. We are currently working
to delight in the Lord and draw near to Him through the        on our action plan to implement these. This process has
trials of their teenage years.                                 created some fresh energy and vision. PRAYER
 E-Mail:                             REQUESTS: My prayer is that this good beginning
                                                               will be converted into real changes that provide a
25 Monday CH MIKE STEWART, Civilian                            practical, helpful resource for our staff and improve our
Hospital Chaplain, Columbus, GA (PCA – Central                 patient care.
Georgia) This has been a very busy time of the year at         E-Mail:
the hospital here. We are the trauma center for this part
of Alabama and Georgia and I am called upon whenever
a trauma occurs. This can range from terrible auto             27 Wednesday CH (COL) DOUGLAS LEE,
crashes to industrial accidents. I was recently called to      Army, Alexandria, VA              (PCA – Siouxlands
the emergency department to be with a physician when           Presbytery) Praise God for continuing opportunities to
he informed a man that his wife had been killed in an          work with a senior chaplain team vitally interested in the
auto accident. I had to telephone her two sons in Texas        spiritual life of the soldier, Unit Ministry Team and
to let them know that their mother had been killed. I am       family. Initiatives in the Chief of Chaplains office
thankful for God's grace to be able to point families to       continue to focus on "Raising Spirituality to the Next
the Lord at times like this. As chaplains, our times with      Level”. Future ministry while I work in that office will
folks are sometimes very limited due to the short stays. I     be entirely focused on ensuring this has practical
pray that the Lord will use me to sow seeds of the Gospel      application to the Corps. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray
of Christ to these families and to other patients in my        for a family member desperately needing God's grace.
interactions with them. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray                  Pray for more PRJC chaplains in the Army! With over
for wisdom and guidance for me as I travel through the         500 Army chaplain shortages, soldiers and families are
hospital each day, that the Lord would guide me to those       cut short of the religious support they need in a time of
who need me to visit with them. Pray also for me as the        war. E-Mail:
counseling load with hospital employees seems to grow
heavier as employees get to know me and trust me.              CH (LTC) MIKE HIGGINS, Army Reserves, Ft.
E-Mail:                               McPherson, GA (PCA – North Georgia Presbytery) I
                                                               am providing “Building Strong and Ready Families
26 Tuesday CH (1LT) ELECK REAM, Army                           Briefings” to the Forces Command Senior Leaders
National Guard, Lewiston, ID (PCA – Pacific                    Spouses and FRGs throughout the continental US.
Presbytery) I am currently deployed in Iraq. Ambushes          Prayer Request: For the soldiers and civilians here at
of convoys have really increased, as well as mortar            FORSCOM who provide the necessary support to the
shelling of the forward operations battalions. A Bathist       warfighters in the field.
Guard member was captured by one of our soldiers.              E-Mail:
Two children of a soldier are considering the claims of
Christ Jesus; their names are Justin and Courtney.
PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for the salvation of the                 28 Thursday CH (CPT) RANDALL BOWEN,
lost and growth in grace for existing Christians. We ask       Army, Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, DC (PCA
God for no loss of life, limb, or faculty on the part of the   – South Coast Presbytery) I thank the Lord for the
116th Cavalry, as well as other soldiers. Lift up a            returning OIF and OEF soldiers. We are still receiving
sergeant's new ministry in Tampa area - horseback riding       wounded soldiers and Marines from overseas. My future
and evangelism for underprivileged and abused kids.            plans are to be part of the start-up for the Cross Roads
Pray for my closeness to Christ, and for greater wisdom        coffee house. I am planning to lead the Bible study
and discernment.                                               portion. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for all
E-Mail:                             the wounded we are ministering to here. I have heard
                                                               many heroic stories from the battlefront, so pray for all
CH KENT SELDAL, Civilian Hospital Chaplain,                    those who are still in the midst of battle. Also, pray for
Ashland, WI (PCA – Northern Illinois Presbytery)               the coffee house fellowship, that discipleship would take
This is an exciting time for our Memorial Medical Center       place.
hospital medical ethics committee. I have chaired this         E-Mail:
committee for almost ten years now and it had grown
somewhat stale. I spoke with my supervisor about it and

29 Friday CHC (CDR) DOUGLAS ROSANDER,                         change from last year. I still have to do lots of travel, but
Navy (PCA – Philadelphia Presbytery) My duties                I am still enjoying it. My vocal difficulties have
include responsibility for the Advanced Training courses,     decreased thanks to a different allergist who has taken a
and my service as Deputy Director. My wife and I              more aggressive approach to my treatment of allergies
minister with students of NAPS (Naval Academy Prep            and asthma. My wife Sue’s gall bladder surgery was
School). We hold a Bible study each Friday evening            successful in October. She is doing much better now that
with up to 18 attending. Many are Christians and many         it is out. She continues to experience pain from her
are not -- wonderful opportunities to teach God’s Word        recently diagnosed polymyositis, a disease that attacks
and engage these future leaders of the Navy and Marine        her muscle fibers. Infusing therapy has been helpful to
Corps. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for the                   decrease pain and restore muscular activity. This will
students in our Bible study, and for my work and              mean monthly therapy for her. PRAYER REQUESTS:
ministry with the soldiers I serve.                           Give thanks that Sue’s gall bladder surgery was
E-Mail:                             successful, and for the success of her infusion therapy for
                                                              her polymyositis disease (it is in the Muscular Dystrophy
CH (CAPT) MARTIN DAWSON, CIVILIAN                             family). Pray for God’s blessing on my recruiting
POLICE CHAPLAIN, Stratford, NJ (OPC – New                     activity, for my continued good voice, and the easing of
Jersey Presbytery) I have been blessed with befriending       my allergy and asthma symptoms. Pray for safe travels
not only the police officers in my department, but in         and blessing upon our applicants in process and those
those of neighboring towns, since we often back up each       coming up to board reviews. Pray that other PCA
other's calls. This has provided opportunities for            ministers and chaplains will want to become Army
counseling, and bringing the message of Christ to men         chaplains (or chaplains for our other military services).
who are often unchurched. Please pray that the Lord will      E-Mail:
provide safety, and witness for His glory. PRAYER
REQUESTS: Please pray that God will provide many
opportunities to witness both to officers and to civilians.   2 Monday CH (CPT) MOON KIM, Army,
E-Mail:                                    Columbia, SC (PCA - Korean Southeastern) I have
                                                              been reassigned to 2/13 Inf Regt (Basic Combat Training
30 Saturday CH PHILLIP BINNIE, Civilian                       battalion) since 07 Jan 05. I baptized sixteen soldiers
Chaplain, VA Hospital, Miami Fl (PCA – Southern               during the last cycle. What a joy to see new families
Florida Presbytery) Our Chaplains see every new               adding to the Kingdom of God. My ministry here is
admission within 72 hours and provide a computerized          geared toward young Americans being transformed into
spiritual assessment. Long-term care patients are seen        soldiers. I have a great opportunity and privilege to
within two weeks of admission with a reassessment             share the Gospel with them. I'd like to show them Jesus
every ninety days. The nature of the ministry is different    working in me through the ministry of presence.
with each patient, depending on his or her background         PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for strength, both
and willingness to receive spiritual care. As every VA        spiritual and physical, for me to faithfully minister to the
Chaplain knows, each veteran has his or her own unique        soldiers. Also, please pray for my son Nathan's
need. A diagnosis of a serious illness may open doors         transition from high school to college.
previously closed. We try to be as accessible as possible.    E-Mail:
We are slowly increasing our number of Gulf War
veterans who carry with them physical and emotional
                                                              CHC (LT) SCOTT CAUBLE, Navy, Pascagoula, MS
injury. PRAYER REQUESTS: I would request prayer
                                                              (PCA – Ohio Valley Presbytery) Destroyer Squadron
for God's choice in the hiring of a Catholic chaplain in
                                                              ministry has been plentiful in 2005 and filled with
the next few weeks. Also, our full time protestant
                                                              activities. Since January 1st, I have spent time aboard
chaplain retired March 1 and we will soon be hiring a
                                                              each of our three Pascagoula-based ships and am making
                                                              preparations for an extended deployment during the
                                                              second half of this year. We are also in the process of
                                                              negotiating orders for a new assignment next year and
                         MAY                                  would appreciate prayer for the Lord's guidance in this
                                                              important process. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please
1 Sunday CH (MAJ) MICHAEL FRAZIER,                            pray for the ministry to our sailors and their families
Army, Grand Prairie, TX (PCA –Louisiana                       during deployment. Additionally, I covet your prayers
Presbytery) We had very successful first quarter              for my family as we anticipate being apart for several
accessions for my Chaplain recruiting team. We filled         months this summer and fall.
all available openings in all categories. This is a big       E-Mail:

3 Tuesday CH DEL FARRIS, Civilian Hospital                   thank God for all of you who have shared in this ministry
Chaplain, Little Rock, AR             (PCA - Covenant        through CARE packages, literature, e-mails, and prayers
Presbytery) My duties at the Arkansas Children's             throughout the year.
Hospital continue to grow. In addition to being the          E-Mail:
Director of Pastoral Care (overseeing two full time, one
part time, and six on-call chaplains), I am also the         5 Thursday CHC (LCDR) TODD ORREN, Navy,
director of the hospital's new palliative care program,      Deployed on USS Abraham Lincoln (PCA – Northern
which deals with coordinating care to patients and           California Presbytery) I am currently at the Staff and
families when a life-threatening illness or condition is     Leadership course in Newport, Rhode Island. I will be
diagnosed. Through my role on the bioethics committee,       moving to Washington State in April and will be the
I have recently become a co-chairman of a work group         Carrier Air Wing chaplain that embarks on the USS
overseeing the organ donation process. PRAYER                Abraham Lincoln. We are excited about the move and
REQUESTS: Please pray for God's leading for my               what the Lord has in store for us there. PRAYER
daughter as she makes plans to spend up to six months in     REQUESTS: Please pray for our family as we
Europe next school year. And pray that the Lord will         transition from Okinawa. Our children are being pulled
enable me to offer a God-centered and Biblical               from school there and will be going to new schools in
perspective to all of the areas of influence He has placed   Oak Harbor. Pray for my new ministry at the wing.
me in at the hospital.                                       Thank you for your prayers that mean so much.
E-Mail:                             E-Mail:

4 Wednesday CH (CPT) DAVID BOTTOMS,                          CHC (LT) STEPHEN FISHER, Navy (PCA – Central
Deployed in Iraq (OPC – Philadelphia Presbytery)             Florida Presbytery) Just before arriving here in
Years ago through the prophet Isaiah, God promised that      Okinawa, God richly provided the beginning of a great
“Every warrior’s boot used in battle and every garment       family in allowing me to become engaged to a wonderful
rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel   woman of God, Rebekah Cadman. Rebekah is the
for the fire”. Throughout the last year in Iraq, soldiers    daughter of PCA pastor Bailey Cadman, whom I met at
have often asked me, "Isn’t killing a sin?" Doesn’t the      his church last year while attending General Assembly.
Bible condemn it? I hear behind their words, "Is what        In about a month I will be deploying for a short trip to
I’ve done right? Will God forgive me?" They even             Mongolia. There will be plenty of opportunities to touch
ask,” How did I make it out alive while my buddy             the people of Mongolia, so I pray that the Lord uses them
didn’t?” Lately, I’ve been reflecting on these things        for ministry to his people. PRAYER REQUESTS:
myself with Isaiah’s words of comfort and hope amidst        Please pray for a smooth transition into the ministry and
his own nation’s gloom and desperation in the face of        work here in Okinawa. The transition thus far has been
war. Task Force 1-7 has journeyed through a dark place       challenging, and many distractions seem to have pulled
this year, yet we’ve been sustained in the desert by the     me away from ministry to the troops. Pray that I will not
Lord’s right hand. Triumphs for the unit abound,             be distracted from the ministry God has called me to here
ranging from the capture of numerous men wanted for          with my soldiers.
terrorist activities to our successfully aiding Iraqi        E-Mail: FisherSD@3FSSG.USMC.MIL
citizens’ own security forces make their election day in
Sunni Ash Sharqat happen with little incident for over       6 Friday CH (MAJ) JOHN GRIESSEL, Army,
22,000 voters. But such triumphs have come with a cost.      Fort Bragg, NC (PCA – New River Presbytery) The
We’ve lost eight of our own, six due to close combat and     ministry at SOSCOM is very rewarding. We have begun
over twenty wounded to various degrees. In those             a multi-level approach to soldiers. We teach, share
moments between raids or patrols or vehicle                  videos and DVDs, give books, offer services, and
maintenance, I remind soldiers that, in their calling,       support their faith through their own churches. We have
prolonged and intensive periods of close-range               received free literature, videos, and DVDs generously
interpersonal aggression from AIF, killing enemy             given by R. C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries as well as
combatants, seeing the death of buddies, and being           James Kennedy at Coral Ridge. We’ve also received
separated from loved ones, are all features of a world       several gifts of free Christian music to share. This has
held captive by sin’s misery. Through it all, we are         had a profound and immediate impact here. We are well
commanded to see the triumph awaiting us in union with       funded, so we give away many books, such as Each For
Christ when the “zeal of the LORD will accomplish” His       the Other, His Needs Her Needs, The Five Love
promise. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for a smooth                  Languages, The Other Side of Love, all of John
redeployment, reintegration, and reconstitution period for   Maxwell's materials and many more titles as well.
all our soldiers as we begin the return home soon. I         Soldiers in Special Operations are self-starters and very
                                                             interested in personal growth. They read more than any

other group of soldiers I have worked with. We spend           The opportunities for ministry in the Navy and Marine
nearly $2500 for books per quarter across the brigade.         Corps have never been more abundant or more
PRAYER REQUESTS: There is a strong spiritual                   challenging. Tremendous ministry is occurring every
presence here - both good and bad. Please pray that            day as chaplains are with troops in all parts of the globe
Christ would be evident to all.                                bringing to them the Word of God. Here in the Chief of
E-Mail:                              Chaplains office we are busily supporting ministry now
                                                               as well as seeking to ensure we are ready for ministry in
7 Saturday CH (MAJ) KELLY MOORE, Army,                         the future. We continue to develop and implement the
Fort Meade, MD (RCPNA – Alleghenies Presbytery) I              strategic vision for the Chaplain Corps and the Human
recently received word that I will be making a Permanent       Care Strategy for Religious Ministries in the Navy. This
Change of Station about three months sooner than               spring will prove to be busy and rewarding as we begin
expected. I will be leaving Ft. Meade, MD, in April and        to implement plans that have been developed and
reporting to Ft. Bragg, NC. It has been a fruitful and         approved over the last several months. PRAYER
growing experience to be the Family Life Chaplain for          REQUESTS: For our men and women and their
Fort Meade. I now look forward to getting closer to            families serving in places of danger. For the nations of
troops and using my new skills in a brigade. PRAYER            Iraq and Afghanistan as they seek to become fully self-
REQUESTS: The short notice PCS brings two areas of             governing. Pray for our national leadership as they
concern: I hope to finish strong with the Ft. Meade            respond to a changing global environment.
community and busy chapel where I pastor. I must make          E-Mail:
a lot of quick decisions and preparations for the future
regarding schooling and housing that will impact my            10 Tuesday CH (CPT) SETH GEORGE, Army,
family for the next few years. We need God's wisdom            Schweinfurt, Germany (PCA – Rocky Mountain
and guidance in all this.                                      Presbytery) We redeployed shortly after the Iraqi
E-Mail:                            elections, took block leave and are now in the process of
                                                               reconstituting the battalion. My immediate duties are
8 Sunday CHC (LCDR) MICHAEL RICHARD                            fairly basic. I will begin to serve the liturgical service
CRAIG, Navy, Staton Island, NY (PCA – Grace                    congregation and learn what unit ministry in the garrison
Presbytery) I continue to enjoy the opportunity to visit       context is all about.         PRAYER REQUESTS:
our units in Sandy Hook, NJ, Station NY, Bayonne, NJ,          Primarily, I hope to help soldiers get involved in some
Saugerties, NY, Burlington, VT, Kings Point, NY and            type of Christian fellowship here in Schweinfurt. Also,
Manhattan, NY. I very much enjoy the riding the boats          I'm looking forward to working with some of the other
and talking with our personnel. It is a great time to listen   chaplains here in garrison. We have a good crew that
and discuss issues of faith. I have spent time with one of     will remain here for another year.
our Boy Scouts helping him attain his religious badge. I       E-Mail:
used the children's shorter catechism as a part of
fulfilling this requirement. In addition, I participated in    CHC (LT) DAVID JAMES CULLEN III, Navy,
several official events such as Changes of Commands            Colorado Springs, CO (PCA – Rocky Mountain
and Retirements. I attended a retirement seminar in            Presbytery) I was promoted to LT in October, and
Earle, New Jersey, as I plan for my retirement on 27 May       recently selected for active duty. As the Navy and Air
2005. I also had the opportunity to attend RTS in              Force continue to send sailors and airmen to Ft. Carson
Orlando to complete another class as I work on my              for infantry training, I am hoping to get involved offering
DMin. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please continue to                      ministry assistance. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please
pray for our son Jonathan as he goes through the process       pray that things will go smoothly as I make the transition
of applying for a job as a math teacher at his high school     from reserve status to active duty at the end of summer
in Camden County, Georgia. Pray also, for our son              2005.
Stephen as he completes his final year at Valdosta State       E-Mail:
University, in Valdosta, Georgia. Carol and I also
request your prayers as we begin to consider our options       11 Wednesday CH WILLIAM SOFIELD,
after retirement. Also for our USCG personnel as they          Civilian Hospital Chaplain, Miami, FL (PCA –
work to protect our homeland in and around the New             Missouri Presbytery) On my daily rounds on our large
York City area.                                                cardiovascular floor, a nurse stopped me and asked me to
E-Mail:                                  see a specific patient. For two weeks, the patient would
                                                               not eat, drink, talk, or move and nobody seemed to be
                                                               able to understand what has been going on with her. I
9 Monday CHC (CPT) LYMAN SMITH, NAVY,                          went into the room with some apprehension. About 45
Washington, DC (OPC – Mid-Atlantic Presbytery)                 minutes later, I walked out and all the staff dropped what

they were doing to gather around to hear what I had to        civilians working at the hospital. My ward coverage
say. I told them that the patient would not stop talking to   keeps me busy along with other duties. PRAYER
me. She told me that she was sure that God had struck         REQUESTS: My son is going to be a senior in high
her down because of some terrible sin she had                 school this coming fall and I ask for your prayers that the
committed, but that she couldn't remember what it was.        Lord will show him and guide him as he makes decisions
In guilt, she had been combing through her memory for         regarding schools and future goals for himself.
two weeks straight, trying to repent of every sin she         E-Mail:
could think of. I read to her from Romans 8, and
recounted stories of Thomas, David, and others. Tears
came to her eyes as the Spirit began to convince her of
                                                              14 Saturday CH (CPT) STEVEN LOGAN, Army
                                                              National Guard, Deployed in Iraq (PCA – Calvary
God's love. I explained all this to the staff, and some of
                                                              Presbytery) I am currently mobilized with the 2nd BCT
them had tears, too. As I continued to visit this woman,
                                                              28th IN Div PAARNG for Operation Iraqi Freedom
her health steadily improved, and she was very
                                                              (OIF) 4. We are about seven weeks into our train up. I
cooperative with the staff. I feel so honored to be part of
                                                              am providing regular worship opportunities, both in
God's healing in people's lives every day. PRAYER
                                                              garrison and in the field. The other BCT Chaplains and I
REQUESTS: Pray that God continues to convince me
                                                              have been having good attendance at our services. Last
ever more of His grace and that I can share it effectively
                                                              Sunday we had over ninety soldiers attending our
with my patients, staff, and families.
                                                              garrison morning service, and I had 25 at last week's
                                                              field services. My counseling for now has been involved
                                                              with soldiers who have lost loved ones, including several
12 Thursday CHC (CAPT) WILLIAM B.                             Red Cross notifications. I think the reason that there are
ACKER, NAVY RESERVES, Green Bay, WI (OPC –                    so many deaths in our families is because the average
Midwest Presbytery) I serve in a Volunteer Training           soldier in the National Guard is a few years older than
Unit (VTU) at the Naval Reserve Center in Green Bay,          the average active duty soldier and many have elderly
WI. This means I drill each month without pay but I do        parents. I am having some counseling with soldiers who
receive retirement points. The VTU offers many                are struggling with getting used to a long deployment.
opportunities for ministry. One of the Sea Cadet              Many of our soldiers are on their second and third
members was killed in a car accident on New Year's Eve        deployment and for the most part have very high morale.
and I was able to speak to the unit this month about the      And I continue to be impressed by the professionalism of
incident. In 2004, I conducted four funerals for the Navy     these National Guard soldiers. I am in the process of
and Marine Corps. I have never been restricted in what I      getting supplies and materials together for our upcoming
say and speak to those in attendance of the good news of      deployment as well as getting as much training as I can
salvation, which we have through faith in the work of         in the midst of a busy worship and counseling schedule.
Christ. I also coordinate other Navy reserve chaplains in     PRAYER REQUESTS: The hours are long and the
Wisconsin so we provide ministry to Marine Corps              sleep is short so pray for my physical strength. Pray for
recruiters. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray that I will                 my family as I will be away for most of eighteen months.
have many opportunities to share the Gospel and               Pray for our unit that we receive all of the soldier "fills"
minister to the men and women who drill in Green Bay.         we need to complete our manning roster. Pray for my
There have been a number of full time support personnel       commander who is a dedicated believer. Pray for the
changes. Pray that I would be able to get to know the         safety of all our soldiers and their families as they
new folks and have opportunities to provide counseling        prepare for a difficult mission.
or witness.                                                   E-Mail:
                                                              15 Sunday CHC (LT) JOHN CARTER, Navy,
13 Friday CH (CPT-P) JOHN LIM, Army,                          Atsugi, Japan (OPC – Southern California
Washington, DC (Korean American Presbyterian                  Presbytery) I’m pleased to say that our reformed service
Church – New York Eastern Presbytery) I am                    has outgrown our small chapel. When I reported here in
currently serving as a Resources Manager for the              2003, there was only one protestant worship service,
Department of Ministry and Pastoral Care at Walter            which was in contemporary, praise-band style. I started
Reed Army Medical Center.           I find tremendous         a more traditional service with nothing more than empty
satisfaction in doing my part to resource chaplain            pews in the small chapel and the Lord has blessed.
ministries. I am looking forward to expand my role so         Eventually the word got out that there was a real
that I can better serve other chaplains to enhance their      alternative and the people began to come. Before long
ministries. Also, I am finding more opportunities to          we had standing room only and had to move the service
provide marriage counseling for couples including             into our main sanctuary. Our reformed service meets on

Sunday evenings now at 6 pm, and we have a dinner            ministry will continue to include pastoral care and
fellowship afterwards. Other things that I’m committed       counseling opportunities stemming from our follow up of
to include teaching a Sunday morning Bible class,            visitors to the Pentagon chapel service. There are a
suicide intervention training, catechism class for teens,    number of people in need of good counsel as they seek to
an in-home prayer meeting and fellowship, along with         apply what they are hearing to the challenges they are
the usual schedule of counseling and ceremonies. Things      facing in their lives. Pray especially for one couple with
are busy! But everything is going well.                      a young daughter. The couple is on the verge of divorce;
PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for continued                   the wife also has experienced acute personal illness
growth and spread of the Gospel!                             recently and the death of an elderly parent. Pray that
E-Mail:                             God will use all these events to bring them to a saving
                                                             faith in Christ. PRAYER REQUESTS: There has
16 Monday CHC (LCDR) DAVID TUBLEY,                           emerged recently, however, some challenge in the
Navy, Bremerton, WA (PCA – Central Florida                   Pentagon chapel service on Sunday evenings. One of
Presbytery) The time has flown by here in the Pacific        those attending is an Army Reserve MP Officer who also
Northwest with a schedule full of retreat and training       is ordained in the United Methodist Church. She is
events. As the Director of the Spiritual Fitness Center      seeking leadership and preaching influence in this
(SFC) Pacific Northwest, I oversee a Navy sponsored          service. I am politely, patiently and firmly resisting.
retreat ministry for Dept. of Defense employees. Two to      Thus far, the senior Pentagon Chaplain is backing me all
three weekends per month we take people out to               the way on this. Please pray that he will remain firm and
strengthen their marriages, spend time in personal           that her influence will be mitigated.
growth, or deepen their spiritual lives. It is a unique      E-Mail:
opportunity to bring God's love to people who might not
ever cross the threshold of a church or chapel. During       18 Wednesday CH (1LT) WYLLY COLLINS,
the week my fellow CREDO chaplain and I provide              Army National Guard, Montgomery, AL (PCA –
training opportunities to various groups. Often what we      Southeast Alabama Presbytery) God has recently
do is pre-evangelism, getting folks to begin considering     opened a new door of ministry for us. I am currently
spiritual questions and helping them reflect upon their      serving as the Full Time Support Chaplain for the
lives. Whether this is with brig personnel or the remedial   Alabama National Guard. I am blessed to get to minister
boot camp attendees in the correctional custody unit, we     to both Air and Army Guard personnel that work at our
plant the seed not often knowing what kind of growth         state military department. I do visitation and counseling
God gives. We may only have contact once or twice            ministry on our compound each day. I also assist our
before these folks move on to other parts of the Navy,       Adjutant General and State Command Chaplain. We
but our God is a sovereign God and he cares for them         really enjoyed our church ministry in south Alabama.
wherever they go. It is exciting to wake up each             However, I am thankful for the open door for the Gospel
morning wondering whom God will bring across my              that God has provided. I am also the pastor for a
path that day. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to   National Guard Forward Support Battalion one weekend
minister to people in such a significant way. PRAYER         a month. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for our
REQUESTS: Please pray for the crewmembers of the             family as we settle in a new city. Please also pray for
aircraft carrier John C. Stennis as they settle into their   opportunities to share the Gospel.
new homeport here in Bremerton and for our outreach to       E-Mail:
them through personal growth and marriage enrichment
retreats.                                                    19 Thursday CH (1LT) SHIN SOH, Air Force,
E-Mail:                                Tacoma, WA (Korean Presbyterian Church of
                                                             America – New Jersey Presbytery) I am expecting to
17 Tuesday CH (LTCOL) CHRISTOPHER H.                         hear from the Air Force assignment office in April or
WISDOM, Army, Arlington, VA (OPC – Southwest                 May about my Chaplain Officer Training date and the
Presbytery) Thanks once more for your faithful prayers!      first assignment. I will continue at my current ministry
There is both progress and challenge here in the             until I hear from the Air Force. I would like to prepare
Pentagon Chapel Sunday evening service why would it          my congregation as best as God allows me to before I
be otherwise? There were seven attending service last        leave. PRAYER REQUESTS: I need prayers about
night, all professing believers. I sensed a great deal of    my initial assignment. I would like to stay in the area
help from God in holding us to a faithful standard of        (McChord AFB), and I would like to hear back from the
biblical worship, not only in preaching, but in a freedom    assignment office soon. E-Mail:
to quote Scriptures relevant to mourning, grief, comfort
and blessing that were not in my notes. Upcoming

20 Friday CHC (CDR) PAUL R. WRIGLEY,                          with five couples that just got married recently. All of
Navy, Deployed on the USS Abraham Lincoln (PCA –              them are still 18 or 19 years old and just moved to the
Philadelphia Presbytery) We were extended on                  Norfolk area. Pray that through this marriage class, they
deployment and sent to Sumatra, Indonesia, to help with       may improve their marriages and, if unsaved, come to
the tsunami relief efforts. We were the first ship on the     know the Lord. Also, pray for our chapel, as we will
scene and quickly began flying aid to the damaged             start preparing for the 40 Days of Purpose program.
villages. The devastation was staggering with whole           Please pray for my family. Pray that my two children
villages gone in some areas. Our ministry team prepared       Becky and Jonathan will grow in faith and wisdom.
culture and religion briefs for the crew. We also             Also, pray for my wife, Rebecca who just started school
prepared briefs on disasters and traumatic stress for those   on top of being a mother, wife, and also doing outreach
going ashore to help with the relief work. Chaplains          ministry to Japanese moms she met in our kid’s school.
would also go ashore and when possible go on a relief         Please pray that I will be able to balance my time with
mission delivering food and water. January 3rd was a          my family and not fall into the trap of getting over
difficult day for many when we went through a debris          involved in ministry. Finally, pray that I may continue to
field and many bodies were visible. That led to               walk with the Lord in Spirit and in truth. E-Mail:
numerous encounters with sailors who wanted to talk 
about what they had seen. Our ministry team was also
busy when one of our helicopters made a controlled            22 Sunday CHC (LCDR) RANDY WILLIAMS,
crash just short of the landing area. We are thankful that    Navy, Patuxent River, MD             (PCA – Northern
there were no fatalities. We provided pastoral care to the    California Presbytery) This first year here has flown
crew and passengers of the helicopter. We are scheduled       past. Susan is enjoying a very fruitful women's ministry
to return from our surge deployment in March. We don’t        with a weekly Bible study, frequent teas, showers, and
know how long we will be in port before going back to         projects. Recently, I have managed to pull together a
sea. I am leading an evening Bible study on the Epistles      men's retreat. This has been a challenge since most of
of John and we are also showing the Ligonier Ministry         our men travel so much with their work, regular weekly
video series “From Dust to Glory”. After our return, I        Bible study is a challenge too. I took eight of our men
also hope to conduct a “Walk Thru the Bible” marriage         on a retreat. We enjoyed a cabin in the mountains,
seminar called “Understanding the Love of Your Life”. I       a Bible study on the sin of pride, great fellowship, and a
am scheduled to transfer to another command in                little physical conditioning too.            We will be
September but have been told that I may transfer early.       having regular outings this spring and summer too such
PRAYER REQUESTS: For wisdom in leading the                    as overnight camping, fishing, skeet shooting and the
Carrier Strike Group ministry team, for wisdom in             like, along with a spiritual theme and Scripture study.
counseling and effectiveness for sharing the Gospel, and      Thanks for your prayers. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray
for safety for the ship’s crew and the Air Wing during        that we will be able to spread the Gospel to the base
flight operations. Also please pray for Kay and the kids      housing areas for this next summer by taking VBS to the
while we are separated and for a smooth transition as we      backyards. Pray that the Lord would raise up some
prepare to move again.                                        college students who could help make that happen.
E-Mail:                         E-Mail:

21 Saturday CHC (LT) LOUIS LEE, Navy,                         23 Monday CH RON MORRELL, CIVILIAN
Norfolk, VA        (Korean American Presbyterian              HOSPITAL CHAPLAIN, Milwaukee, WI (PCA –
Church – KAPC) Ministry opportunity has been                  Eastern Carolina Presbytery) I continue my full-orbed
tremendous during the past few months in Naval                Chaplain ministry at the VA Medical Center here in
Amphibious Base Little Creek Chapel. I conducted              Milwaukee.      The Hospital Administration for the
seven funerals in which I preached the gospel and             Nursing Home here just recently wrote me a letter of
ministered to the grieving family members. Also, I was        recognition for the Long Term Care Memorial Service I
quite busy with marriage counseling and weddings. In          conducted for the residents who passed away within the
many of the counseling sessions, I asked about their          last year. It is nice to be appreciated. PRAYER
spiritual background, which led me to share the gospel        REQUESTS: For God's will in my application for two
and help them to plug into a Bible believing church. It       new Chief openings in the VA, praise for our newest
has been a tremendous joy to see young sailors, couples,      grandson, Patrick, for good health and a continued God-
and other military members coming to know the Lord.           blessed ministry at the VAMC here in Milwaukee, that I
There are ample opportunities to do significant life-         will pass the Board Certification examination.
changing ministries in this base.            PRAYER           E-Mail:
REQUESTS: I am praying to do a marriage seminar

24 Tuesday CH (CAPT) CORNELIUS                              26 Thursday CH (MAJ) BOB OWEN, Army,
JOHNSON, Air Force, McConnell AFB (OPC – New                Fort Leavenworth, KS (PCA – Southeast Alabama
Jersey Presbytery) I spend a significant amount of time     Presbytery) We are completing a second year of Gospel
counseling airmen with their problems. My goal is to        studies with seven families having benefited greatly from
show them that their problems come from living life         their fellowship and our time together every Lord's Day
apart from a relationship with God. A typical young         evening, opening the Word and breaking bread together.
person that comes into my office for counseling is under    One of the many privileges we enjoyed in this year's
the age of 25. Many have already gone through a             group was having Brad Lawing and his wife Bekah,
marriage and a divorce, and are in the process of           (Dave Peterson’s ex-PRJC assistant) along with their
remarrying or have already remarried, or are currently      son, Sam, join us each week! Having finished my first
living together with their new boyfriend or girlfriend.     year instructing at CGSC, I am transitioning to a period
Many of these young people suffer from depression and       of research, most likely via either advanced education, a
anxiety. Some have real thoughts of suicide, and a          temporary overseas tour, or both. The intent (both mine
significant amount of them have attempted to take their     and the college leadership's) is to augment substantive
lives. Many are on anti-depressant pills, and other types   information presented in our classrooms, with up-to-date
of anxiety medicine. They come from broken homes and        operational realities currently in US theaters of
many have been physically or sexually abused. Many of       operation. PRAYER REQUESTS: We continue to
these people have never attended a church service. They     homeschool our children, as well as augment with
know nothing about the Gospel of Jesus. That gives you      community college, etc. Pray for health concerns for
an idea about how serious the problems are with our         Janet, as well as for deployment-related separation
young people. I often feel inadequate in dealing with       issues. Pray for my needed training and educational
these problems. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray                preparations for future ministry.
that God would grant me wisdom and insight on how to        E-Mail:
connect and present the airmen with the good news of
the Gospel. Also pray for greater attendance of the         27 Friday CHC (CDR) CHRISTOPHER P.
services at chapel. Also pray that God would continue to    BENNETT, Navy, Parris Island, SC (PCA –
bless and sustain my family.                                Pittsburgh Presbytery) In answer to prayer, the new
E-Mail:                  Command Chaplain has reported in and I am in the
                                                            process of turning over those duties to him. This will
25 Wednesday CH (CPT) L.ZOZZARO, Army                       restore me to the normal situation in which I will only be
National Guard, Wildwood, NJ (OPC- New Jersey               responsible for my own job. The new chaplain is a solid
Presbytery) By God's grace we have returned from our        evangelical and very zealous for team building. He sees
nine-month deployment (six months overseas in Egypt).       me as a vital member of his team ministry. That is good
I will be on terminal leave until March 3 and then will     news indeed and makes our work much more enjoyable.
resume my full time ministry at Calvary Orthodox            The Lord continues to provide me with ministry
Presbyterian Church in Wildwood, NJ and my part time        opportunities through preaching, teaching Bible studies,
ministry in the New Jersey Army National Guard. The         counseling, and mentoring. My mentoring of junior
mission was a great success with much spiritual fruit       chaplains has been bearing some fruit as I have seen
evidenced in the lives of many soldiers. The unit           some significant growth in a couple of chaplains. This is
ministry team distinguished itself with both assistants,    pleasing and will pay dividends in their increased
SSgt VanDyke and SGT Worrel, being awarded the              effectiveness in ministry. PRAYER REQUESTS:
Army Commendation Medal and my being awarded the            Please pray for me that I may continue to be a faithful
Meritorious Service Medal. Thank you so much for your       ambassador of Christ in my remaining months on active
support. PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise God for our                duty. The Lord has blessed me with innumerable
safe return from our recent deployment. Pray that He        ministry opportunities in my 26 years as a Navy
was glorified in my service to Him through these past       chaplain. I am deeply grateful to the Lord for the
nine months overseas. Please pray for my congregation       privilege to minister to the men, women, and families of
and me as I leave full-time military service to resume my   the Navy, Marine Corps, and Merchant Marine. All
ministry at OPC. Pray that the Lord would give me           praise be to God for the fruit of that ministry. Please
opportunity and fruit from my following-up ministry         continue to pray for one of our chaplains here, who is
with soldiers who came to know the Lord while with me       very ill and waiting processing for a medical retirement.
in the Sinai. E-Mail:                    Please pray for the Lord to work out all the details of our
                                                            move to Virginia and our transition from active duty into
                                                            a civilian church position in May.

                                                            hour to an 85-year old WWII veteran tell me of his
28 Saturday CH (LT COL) ALFRED WARREN                       encounters with Patton and service in the infantry on the
BRIDGEMAN, Air Force, Barksdale AFB (PCA –                  battlefields of Europe. A civilian shot in a drive by
New Jersey Presbytery) I’ve returned from my                shooting just learned that the bullet which was still in her
deployment to HQ Central Command. One highlight             went through someone first who was HIV positive. Her
was the opportunity to brief coalition forces (including    whole world was being shaken. A doctor talks to me
many Muslim officers) on the Christian faith. Many of       about losing another patient. I will continue to be an
the members of the congregation I pastor at Barksdale       agent of God’s love, comfort, hope, and healing,
have became disillusioned during my deployment. May         spiritually speaking, to those I encounter in this great
they hear the voice of God and return to worship and        Army hospital. But I need His grace and strength, and I
serve Him. PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise God that I               need your prayers. Some days I drive home, curl up in
was able to return home safely from my deployment.          my bed, and pray and weep for the hurting. Some days I
Thank Him with me for Maureen’s successful surgery,         leave joyous such as when I received a good report that a
and that no cancer was found. Pray for the members of       soldier shot through the neck had spoken his first words
my church; that His gracious Spirit will encourage them.    in months, “Hello Chaplain”. My tour ends in June. My
E-Mail:                   life has been changed forever serving God and country in
                                                            the trenches of Brooke Army Medical Center. PRAYER
                                                            REQUESTS:          Working in a trauma hospital is
29 Sunday CHC (CAPT) GEORGE RIDGEWAY,                       exhausting, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.
Navy, Washington, DC (PCA – Western Carolina                Pray for strength and endurance as we chaplains face
Presbytery) Right now I am the Regional Chaplain for        pain and death in our patients day after day. Pray for
Naval District Washington, DC. I serve on an admiral's      opportunities to spread the light of Christ to those
staff working in downtown DC at the Washington Navy         walking in dark valleys. Thank you for your prayers for
Yard. There are about twenty Navy facilities divided        our military and their families as they seek to serve God
into five areas with Navy personnel in them that make up    and country, especially those who find themselves in the
our region and I oversee budget and people there. Some      hospital. Pray for those who have served country
of my more challenging items include Arlington National     already, from WW II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War,
Cemetery, the Pentagon, a wide variety of ceremonies,       and the Gulf War generations. Again, thank you for your
Camp David, and operational facilities like PAX River       prayers. They and I appreciate and need them!
Naval Air Station. I have been here since July 04.          E-Mail:
Ministering in our nation's capital is a challenge.
Memorial services at Arlington Cemetery continue at a
steady pace. I look forward to an opportunity to preach     31       Tuesday           CH       (LTC)      THOMAS
at Camp David.          The Navy Chaplain Corps is          MACGREGOR, Army, Deployed in Iraq (PCA –
reorganizing itself and needs wisdom.          PRAYER       North Georgia Presbytery) By God's grace and
REQUESTS: We were surprised to learn that its               providential placement, I am here in Iraq, serving as the
previous owner will reoccupy the home we have been in       Deputy Command Chaplain for the Multi-National Corps
for less than a year. We will have to move at our own       - Iraq. Our staff will have completely arrived in a few
expense. Pray we find a good place to live and that the     days when we will take the mission from the outstanding
stress of moving again so soon is minimal. Also, my         III Corps Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants who are
health continues to be an issue for prayer.                 leaving here to return to Fort Hood, TX. They have done
E-Mail:                            a superb job caring for the Coalition Forces as well as
                                                            our US Soldiers, Sailors, airmen, and Marines. For the
                                                            next year we have the high privilege of caring for
30 Monday CH (CAPT) SHANNON K. PHILIO,                      America's sons and daughters in a land not their own,
Air Force, Brooke Army Medical Center, SA, TX               doing a mission that the Iraqi people are unable to do at
(PCA – Grace Presbytery) Over the next three months I       this time. We are still rejoicing over the overwhelmingly
will continue to serve as the chaplain to the Surgical      successful elections held this past Sunday.          The
Intensive Care Unit and step down unit. One of my           weathermen predicted torrential showers both Sunday
patients, a Marine injured in Iraq, is bandaged from head   and Monday and the intelligence experts forecasted
to toe and fighting for his life. I consoled his father     significant violent attacks. But, praise God, He gave us
whom I spoke with in the doorway of his son’s room.         two beautiful, sunny days and stymied the plans of the
Another young 22-year-old soldier was hit with mortar       wicked insurgents. The prayers of many for this land
shell in his stomach. He has tubes throughout his           were mightily answered in and through this election
abdomen. We visited quite often, and when he moved to       period. During our time here we should see two more
another ward on the hospital, he asked, “Chaplain, you      elections take place; keep praying for the Lord's will to
will still come visit me, won’t you.” I listened for an

be done in them. PRAYER REQUESTS: Our second                 the Fifth Army chaplain in a previous assignment at Fort
son, Andrew, is deployed to this region along with me. I     Lewis, Washington, and with his sergeant major in a
do not anticipate seeing him while he serves here due to     previous assignment in Bosnia. Both are fine soldiers,
the nature of his unit's mission. Please pray for him, his   leaders, and Christians, who put together not only a great
fellow soldiers, and all of our deployed troops who are      spiritual program for their soldiers, but a great team to
daily in harm's way. Pray for the people of Iraq; they       implement it. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for
have the longing of every human heart for freedom from       continued personal healing after the devastation of my
tyranny and injury and the opportunity to live lives         divorce. Remember my children Gretchen (20), Jeremy
unmolested by evil, wicked forces. They occupy the           (18), and Kristin (15) as they deal with the lasting
birthplace of civilization and long to return to self-rule   emotional fallout. Thank God for the means of grace He
and a temperate society. Their streets and villages have     uses to bind up the brokenhearted and heal our wounds.
become the proving ground and battleground for Islamic       Ask Him to show me how better to console others
Extremist/Terrorists. They paid a high price under the       suffering this scourge in days and years to come.
tyranny of Sadaam Hussein and they continue to suffer        E-Mail:
under the boot of those who would rule them with fear
and iron fists. It is essential that we defeat the           3 Friday CH (CPT) COLLIN GROSSRUCK,
satanically, wicked forces here and not allow them to        Army, Baumholder, Germany (PCA – Pacific
regroup and migrate to other lands and even to our home      Northwest Presbytery) I am excited about the
shores. Indeed, pray for our Commander-in-Chief,             opportunity to impact unchurched soldiers during
President Bush. May he and his counselors receive            upcoming maneuvers. There is a renewed openness to
wisdom from the Lord to help us navigate these perilous      me as our unit is preparing to return to Iraq this year. As
seas. May the Gospel go forth as nations seek to do what     I face this hardship with them, I hope to make the most
is right for their people. Lastly, pray for me that when I   of every opportunity to communicate Christ through new
speak I may hold forth the Words of Life to those            classes I’ll provide on Islam and Christianity. I’m
entrusted under my care in this land so far from home.       partnering with another Chaplain to revitalize a chapel
E-Mail:                    ministry, and ask that you pray for us as we seek time
                                                             and support for pastoring God’s flock. I’m deeply
                                                             moved by the encouragement of believers both here and
                        JUNE                                 abroad and appreciate the many ways people are
                                                             supporting this ministry. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray
1 Wednesday CH (CPT) MARK WINTON,                            for my family as we enter a season of family separation
Army, Fort Campbell, KY (PCA – Nashville                     training to return to Iraq later this year. Pray for wisdom
Presbytery) Last February my unit was deployed to LA         as I seek clarity regarding my longer-term ministry
to participate in the Joint Readiness Training Exercise.     focus. I have an increasing interest in chapel versus unit-
This exercise is a tactical situation that prepares us for   focused outreach.
combat and support operations in Iraq. I led my soldiers     E-Mail:
in a devotional entitled “Spiritual Preparedness”. There
were plenty of opportunities to minister the Gospel
through worship services and individual conversations as     4 Saturday CH (CPT) SAMUEL KIM, Army, Fort
I visited and trained with soldiers. I have recently been    Hood, TX (Korean American Presbyterian Church –
relocated (PCS) to Hunter Army Airfield (near                Eastern Presbytery of New York) The last three
Savannah, GA). I have been accepted as the Chaplain          months have been a time of mixed emotions. The chapel
with 1st BN 75th Ranger Regiment at Savannah.                ministries have continued to grow, highlighted by a
PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for my family as                praise band concert on 23rd Jan 05. According to a
we begin to PCS. Please pray that we will finish strong      testimony from one of my first sergeants, "Before the
with our ministry here at Fort Campbell and that God         deployment, I went to church because I NEED to
would be preparing us and our new unit for the ministry      worship God. Now I go to church because I want to
He will bring us to there. Also pray for us to trust God     PLEASE God through my worship." But five days after
with all the details of moving.                              the concert, I lost one of my friends, CPT Bonilla, a
E-Mail:                            helicopter pilot, who was also a lead singer in our praise
                                                             band. It was the most difficult memorial ceremony I
2 Thursday CH (LTC) JONATHAN LEACH,                          have had to do over here, yet it was a great time to
Army Reserves, Willow Grove, PA (RPCNA –                     witness Jesus in the context of Orlando's relationship
Atlantic Presbytery) I was recently mobilized to serve       with Christ to over 400 attendees (including five
as Deputy to the Fifth US Army Chaplain at Fort Sam          generals). They all saw a video clip of CPT Bonilla
Houston, Texas. I have had the pleasure of working with      singing "Jesus, Lord Over All" at the praise band

concert, five days before his death. Even my supervising      7 Tuesday CH (MAJ) MARK FAIRBROTHER,
Muslim brigade chaplain spoke highly of the ceremony.         Army, Fort Leavenworth, KS (PCA – Northern
Praise God! As we are about to head back to the States,       California Presbytery) As the Army continues to
my primary ministry focus will on the reintegration of        experience and respond to the large and small ethical
the families. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for                challenges that are generated in the midst of the Global
Tabitha Bonilla who lost not only her husband but also        War on Terror and its high operations tempo, there are
her father who was killed in Iraq less than a year ago.       plenty of opportunities coming into the official ethics
Pray that the three-day marriage rebuilding retreat in        instruction and curriculum realms to keep me hopping!
Dallas (April 7-9) will have been used as God's               Just today I received direction from the senior leadership
instrument to reconcile many at-risk couples. Please          here at the Command and General Staff College to
pray for my wife, Susie and our kids, Bryce, Kaylee, and      become involved in rewriting some classroom
Morgan, and my parents who are currently serving as           instructional material that deals with treatment of enemy
missionaries in Mexico City.                                  combatants who are being detained by the Army. So, the
E-Mail:                              Abu Ghraib incidents now rightly enter immediately into
                                                              the teaching scenarios that we'll use in Army-wide
5 Sunday CHC (LCDR) TIMOTHY POWER,                            instruction. Part of my job is to capture and use these
Navy, Camp Lejeune, NC (OPC – Southern                        incidents as teaching tools in order to bring about
California Presbytery) News of a future duty change           constant improvement in the performance of the Army's
came to me as a Christmas present. Yes, I received            mission of nobly winning the nation's wars. This is a
orders to 2nd Force Service Support Group in Camp             challenging job! PRAYER REQUESTS: Please keep
Lejeune, NC. I’ll be moving in June. It will be a             my wife Marise's mother, Mrs. Audrey Walker, in prayer
welcome change to be with a Marine unit again. At this        as she struggles against stage four throat cancer. She is a
point in my Naval service I’m about 75 percent blue           Christian woman seeking to fight a good fight of faith,
(Navy) and only 25 percent green (Marine Corps). This         endurance, and action. Ask God for continued energy
move will help balance that out.               PRAYER         and effectiveness for Marise and I as we continue to
REQUESTS: We’re in need of prayer about the move              participate in part-time ministries here at Fort
for the family. We want to enjoy our remaining time           Leavenworth. Pray specifically for our adult Sunday
together here in Virginia. We can’t bear alone the            School class, the Spring Retreat coordination that Marise
heartbreaking experience of leaving church and chapel         does for the Protestant Women of the Chapel, and for a
families, neighbors, Janine’s brother, and a way of life in   Tuesday evening Bible study I conduct at the U. S.
a large, culturally vibrant, metro area.                      military prison on post.
E-Mail:                              E-Mail:

6 Monday CH (CPT) DANIEL KANG, Army,                          8 Wednesday CH (MAJ) JOSEPH KO, Army,
Deployed in Iraq (PCA – Central Carolina                      Fort Meade, MD (Korean American Presbyterian
Presbytery) I am currently deployed in Iraq. I will be        Church – Western New York Presbytery) As a deputy
leading another protestant service in our makeshift           installation chaplain, I oversee activities and programs in
chapel. Praise God for the successful Iraqi election. We      three chapels on post. I am also holding a Bible study
are at the center of Baghdad and thank God for keeping        during Tuesday lunches. It was a blessing and a moving
us safe. We just passed the seven-month mark; many            experience to be able to provide pre-deployment
soldiers are exhausted right now. We are in a transition      briefings to more than 200 reserve unit soldiers and
period. The old division (1 Calvary Div) is going home        family members before their separation for the task in
and new 3rd Infantry Division is coming to Iraq.              Iraq. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for me as I try to
PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for that this transition                adjust to this new role of managing the resources as I try
goes smoothly. Pray for our soldiers’ marriages, as there     to be the good and faithful steward for God's Kingdom.
are many couples going through some tough times. Pray         E-Mail:
for our redeployment plan that we might be back home
without extension. Pray for our weekly Bible study. It        9 Thursday CH (CAPT) TONY WADE, Air
has been growing in number, with many blessings in the        Force, Jacksonville, AR (PCA – Heritage Presbytery)
group. Pray that God may use this small group of people       I’ve been charged with the oversight of the protestant
to encourage others in this unit. We ask God to               singles ministry here. We've got plans to start a Sunday
strengthen us.                                                evening coffee house this spring. I am also leading
E-Mail:                               Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training workshops.
                                                              PRAYER REQUESTS: As I lead the Protestant
                                                              Liturgical service, and I serve the protestant singles

ministries. As I encourage the 1800+ Airmen in the          REQUESTS: Please pray for the expansion of Christ’s
Maintenance Group and the Logistical Support                Kingdom as I preach the Gospel at Soto Cano Air Base.
Squadron. Praise for the collegiality here among the        Pray for me, as I'm responsible for the religious
chaplains and chapel staff. Please pray for continued       programming for all the military personnel at Soto Cano
good health for my three-year-old son, whose kidneys        in Honduras. Please pray that the Bible studies will
were removed in September 2003, and who currently           strengthen the faith of my soldiers. Pray that I will be
undergoes nightly dialysis.                                 faithful to share Christ when He provides opportunity.
E-Mail:                      E-Mail:

10 Friday CH (CPT-P) DANIEL OH, Army,                       13 Monday CH HUGH FOSHEE, Civilian
Deployed in Kuwait (PCA – Korean Southeastern)              Chaplain, Cumberland County Prison, PA (PCA -
Despite turbulent situations of deployment, the Lord has    Susquehanna Valley Presbytery) About a year ago, a
proved his faithfulness upon my ministry by providing       new Deputy Warden for Treatment was appointed. He is
his guidance and wisdom in various camps in Kuwait.         Mike Carey and is a member a nearby PCA church. I
One particularly fruitful aspect of my ministry appeared    have been working with Mike to implement a new pre-
in an unexpected place, a transient confinement facility    release program for inmates. He has approved a new
in one of the camps here. I've been providing worship       program that we have recently begun along the lines of
services for the inmates there for the last seven months,   Prison Fellowship Reentry programs. However, at a
and the Lord used this opportunity to bring His people      jail/prison like this one, there are mostly pre-trial inmates
into His Kingdom. Numerous inmates confessed their          and we have a very short time to work with them. Also
faith in Christ and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior   because the program is spiritually based, it is a voluntary
under my ministry. I'm encouraged to see them come to       program. Our first session had seventeen men to start
the service faithfully and watch them grow spiritually.     and eight have completed and are being followed up in
For this, I'm grateful to the Lord and your persistent      the community. The next class began in March and will
prayer. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please keep praying                be finished in June. Local volunteers teach the program.
for those inmates (U.S. Forces) I minister to. It's bad     PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for revisions to
enough for soldiers to be here, but even worse when they    the pre-release curriculum and further training of
are confined for various crimes they have committed.        volunteers in the pre-release program after the
E-Mail:                   completion of the current session in June. Pray for
                                                            wisdom in directing the volunteers as we incorporate
11 Saturday CHC (CDR) ROBERT CALLISON,                      them into the revision process of all the other programs
Navy, Quantico, VA (PCA – South Coast Presbytery)           Lift up Joe Gonzales, a self-supporting volunteer who is
We are enjoying success here with a Bible reading           the key person in coordinating the follow-up on inmates.
program written by The Basic School Executive Officer.      The follow-up requires a full time person, so pray for his
I have distributed 200 copies to the students and have      business to expand and for reliable supervisors; so he can
requested 500 more copies be produced. The copies           devote more time to the follow-up.
include a great software Bible resource program. I also     E-Mail:
have a morning study with six officers (Capt thru LT
Col). We are starting an Evangelical Worship service on     14 Tuesday CHC (LCDR) JASON L. RIGGS,
Sunday evenings for the lieutenants here at the school.     Navy, Jacksonville, FL (PCA – Gulf Coast
PRAYER REQUESTS:                 Please pray that we        Presbytery) Four of our six ships have completed their
effectively reach the unchurched community here at the      deployment and have returned home, but the last two are
school through the Sunday evening service and that the      still deployed. I have hopped from one ship to another
students would use and become excited about the Bible       and am currently with the final two in the Mediterranean
study resources that we are providing to them. Pray that    Sea. I have been encouraged to see how God's people
we can find an effective and economical way to help the     have been faithful to Him. The lay leaders on each ship
students improve the quality of their marriages.            have worked diligently and are bearing fruit in their
E-Mail:                           labors. Yesterday after our worship in USS CARNEY
                                                            (DDG 64), I asked the lay leader if attendance was
12 Sunday CH (CPT) RICHARD ROJAS, Army,                     always as good as yesterday. He replied that it was as
Honduras (PCA – Philadelphia Presbytery) At the             good and even better. They were just a couple of people
time of this writing, I'm in Honduras now for three         shy of having to find a larger meeting space on the ship.
months, preaching weekly and leading a Bible Study on       PRAYER REQUESTS: Please join me in giving
the Ten Commandments. Soldiers are excited to hear          thanks to God for blessing the work of His servants in
biblical, reformed Christ-centered preaching. PRAYER        these ships. Pray for their safe return in late spring. Pray

also for Bruce, who after a twelve-month tour in Bahrain
away from his family, reported to one of our ships and         17 Friday CH (COL) RICH YOUNG, Army, Fort
deployed almost immediately. The separation is putting         Monmouth, NJ (PCA – North California) A highlight
a strain on his marriage, but good can come from it if         of our ministry here at Fort Monmouth continues to be
God's people will pray.                                        our Bible studies. Our Tuesday family night is now
E-Mail:                                 regularly draws between 85-90 each week. This includes
                                                               young children, teens, and adults. We are currently
15 Wednesday CH (2LT) JEFFREY HICKS,                           offering six adult studies with five of those being small
Army National Guard, Chaplain Candidate, (PCA –                group studies. We are continually amazed at what God
Blue Ridge Presbytery) I was sworn in 21 October 2004          is doing in peoples’ lives through the study of His Word.
and received initial appointment by special orders 23          Typical of military life, however, a young wife who
November 2004 as a 2LT in the Virginia Army National           heads up the Kids of the Chapel program, will be leaving
Guard - element JF HQ- and am attached to the 2nd              for Germany this summer, so we’re already praying and
battalion headquartered in Lynchburg, VA. I plan to            looking for a replacement. I’m also thankful that God
attend Chaplain Ini. Military Training from 6 June 05 -        continues to bring people to Himself. About a month
30 June 05 and to continue with Phases 1, 2 and 3 if           ago, Elizabeth, a young mother I had met on a hospital
space permits. I am currently enrolled full-time in            call, came to see me about baptizing her new daughter,
seminary completing the M.Div degree. I enjoy serving          Stephanie. It became quite evident as we talked that
the 2nd battalion of the "Stonewall Brigade". Our 2nd          Elizabeth was trusting in herself for her salvation rather
Battalion was called 18-21 January 05 for inaugural            than Jesus Christ. I had the opportunity to share the
security, a credit to its excellent leadership and soldiers.   Good News with her that day. She pondered the things
While even in training and just getting started, I've been     I’d said and thought about the Scriptures I’d shared with
enthusiastically ministering and have begun chapel             her and within a couple of weeks Elizabeth became a
services during drill weekend. I am grateful for               Christian. She and her family now attend chapel
opportunities God is providing!                   PRAYER       regularly. I’ll be baptizing little Stephanie soon. We
REQUESTS: First, may God bless all deployed                    have one unit ministry team currently preparing for a six-
soldiers and their families some of whom are presently         month deployment in support of the Global War on
deployed from 2nd Battalion). Please pray as I interact        Terror. They left in mid-February and will return in
and minister in the 2nd battalion individually and for         August. PRAYER REQUESTS: Thank God for His
Sunday chapel service. Pray God will use me as                 continued blessing on the Fort Monmouth chapel
chaplain to be a spiritual asset to the battalion for GOD'S    community and pray that He would continue to give us
GLORY!                                                         all a hunger for Him and for His Word. Pray that God
E-Mail:                            will provide another leader for our Kids of the Chapel
                                                               ministry. Pray for Elizabeth’s spiritual growth as well as
16 Thursday CH (CPT) DAVID STEVENSON,                          her husband JT and daughter Stephanie. Pray for Sandy
Army, Ft. Knox, KY (OPC – Philadelphia                         and me as we seek God’s will for future ministry, and for
Presbytery) As a chaplain for a basic training unit, not       my son and new daughter-in-law as they begin their lives
only do I counsel dozens of initial entry soldiers, but        together in Texas.
because of the strain this long-hour, fast-paced               E-Mail:
environment puts on the family, I also counsel many drill
sergeants and their spouses. PRAYER REQUESTS:                  18 Saturday CH (CAPT) BRENDON O’DOWD,
Please pray for clarity and wisdom as I counsel these          Air Force, Charleston AFB, SC (PCA – Rocky
families who often come to me as their last hope before        Mountain Presbyterian) Upon my return from
beginning the divorce procedure. Please pray that I will,      deployment, I was reassigned to lead the traditional
with boldness and sensitivity, proclaim the good news of       service on Charleston AFB. I am overwhelmed by the
Jesus Christ to them and to the soldiers these drill           varied personalities and needs of this larger
sergeants train. Though my commander is not a man of           congregation; however, I am excited to begin a new
faith in Christ, he IS extremely supportive of chaplains.      series on the book of Exodus and see God work in the
However, I have an unsupportive XO. Pray that I will           lives of these beloved saints. In late July the Protestant
have opportunities to share the love of Christ in my role      community will return to Cherokee, NC, for a weeklong
as a staff officer. Also, I recently received a new            mission trip. Our previous team grew so much and
chaplain assistant who does not know the Lord. Please          demanded a return trip to this essential ministry to the
pray for my CA SPC Closen, that the Lord will do a             Cherokee Indian reservation. These next few months
great work in His heart and draw him to Himself.               will be even busier because two of our chaplains will be
E-Mail:                          deployed. PRAYER REQEUSTS: Military spouses

shoulder a great burden during deployment. Please pray       authority are bringing trials to his life. Pray for the spirit
for them while their spouses fight for freedom. Pray for     to strengthen him as he serves the Lord.
those who are returning from deployment, that their          E-Mail:
transition would be a reminder of all the lessons they
learned and need to put into practice. Pray for our family   21 Tuesday CH (LTC) Andrew Zeller, Army
that in our work, school, and recreation we would lift up    National Guard, Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO (PCA –
Christ as the only way to be made strong and maintain        Rocky Mountain Presbytery) I continue to serve part-
fellowship with God. Pray for my transition back to          time with the Colorado Army National Guard. The last
stateside ministry, that I would have a vision for what      three years have been difficult. While fulfilling my
God wants to do at the base chapel, and that a return        ministry as an Artillery Brigade Chaplain, and expecting
mission trip to Cherokee, NC would be a catalyst for         eminent deployment, I also served as the acting State
growth. E-Mail:              Chaplain for 27 months. In that role I did administration
                                                             to send our chaplains to Afghanistan, Iraq and Germany.
19 Sunday CH (CAPT) GLENN GRESHAM, Air                       In the coming months I am looking at being assigned as
Force, Sunnydale, CA (PCA – Central Florida)                 the Mobilization Chaplain to Northern Command
Recently a supervisor approached me and informed of          (NORTHCOM) in Colorado Springs. As one of few
some significant issues that were impacting one of his       chaplains who have not deployed in the last three years, I
troops. This man sat down in my office and poured out        am being told to plan to be deployed to Iraq this year
his heart regarding multiple family problems, health         with a unit outside of the Colorado Guard. I am
issues, and financial problems. He said, "Chaplain, I am     currently in Germany for two weeks in a training
at the bottom and I have tried everything and turned to      exercise. The opportunities to witness for the Lord are
everyone except the Lord”. He then said he wanted to         many and very fulfilling. On a daily basis I think that I
get his life straight and to do what he knew he needed to    need to retire from either my civilian or military
do. I asked him what was preventing him from making          ministry. The load is too heavy for me to feel that I am
that change right now. He did not answer right away, but     doing well at either job. However, I am rewarded
then all at once he said, "Chaplain, can we pray?” I         heavily both spiritually and militarily. I press on as a
answered in the affirmative and he bowed his head and        fragile jar of clay strengthened by Christ. PRAYER
poured his heart out to God. He confessed his sin, asked     REQUESTS: Pray that I will sense the Lord’s will for
God to cleanse him, and said he wanted to rededicate his     my call to either my civilian and/or military ministry.
life! In the weeks since then I have seen him several        Pray for wisdom and patience in my workload.
times and it appears that he is making the effort to         E-Mail:
change the lifestyle things that he needed to change.
PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray that God will direct this              22      Wednesday CH (MAJ) GRAHAM
man to a good church where he can be spiritually             HARBMAN, Army National Guard, Guantanamo
nurtured and experience true Christian fellowship. As        Bay, Cuba (PCA – Presbytery of Philadelphia) My
the only chaplain assigned at my station, please pray that   National Guard infantry unit is currently serving a ten-
I will have the wisdom and the creativity to minister in     month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, providing
this environment. We also covet continued prayers for        security at the detainee camp. I have the privilege of
my wife and family.                                          preaching every week at the Sunday evening service and
E-Mail:                         counseling many troops dealing with the trials of family
                                                             separation and work conflicts. During our weekly Pizza
20 Monday CH (CAPT) JOHN KENYON, Air                         Ministry night I had a wonderful conversation with three
Force, Bolling AFB, DC (PCA – Ascension                      soldiers about forgiveness. One soldier was complaining
Presbytery) I am finishing my internship at the Air          about how his superior non-commissioned officer (NCO)
Force Chief of Chaplains Office. It has been a great         consistently berates him – and he does it in front of an
opportunity for me to see and work with our senior           NCO senior to both of them! This is not exactly an
leadership. God has truly blessed us with godly men          environment conducive to good order and high morale.
who love the Lord. This time of learning has not been        He said he could NEVER forgive this NCO. I don’t
idle and God has seen fit for me to disciple a young man     relish these conversations, but this is reality for many
named Dave. It has been truly amazing to see God             people. So we talked about Jesus and his forgiveness.
moving in the life of this young man. PRAYER                 We talked about how we can’t say that we love God and
REQUESTS: We are moving on to our next                       at the same time hate our brother. We talked about how
assignment. Please prayer for the Lord to lead and bless     Jesus loved us when we were his enemies and how we
as we begin our new ministry duties. Pray for Dave as        need to love our enemies. PRAYER REQUESTS:
his love for the Lord and commitment to scriptural           Please pray that soldiers would truly know the power of

Jesus’ love and forgiveness and that they would practice      lacking a sense of purpose and urgency and deployment
love and forgiveness themselves in all their relationships.   often brings those needs to the forefront of their thinking.
E-Mail:                        PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray that the Lord will
                                                              provide insight and courage for clear and practical
23 Thursday CHC (CDR) MICHAEL UHALL,                          evangelism to soldiers in Iraq. Pray also for my family
Navy, Athens, GA (PCA – Calvary Presbytery) At the            for a better support network in the community. Ask that
Navy Supply Corps School and base, I continue to              God will guide me in writing my next book of devotions
provide counseling and Bible study for the staff and          for the soldiers' families.
students assigned here, counseling centered around            E-Mail:
adjustment to the military and life’s problems, as well as
relationship issues. For the Bible study, we are currently    26 Sunday CH (COL) Kenneth N. Brown, Army,
reading and working through the book of Acts. Future          Heidelberg, Germany (PCA – Ohio Valley Presbytery)
plans for the Bible study include use of RC Sproul’s          The V Corps continues to receive soldiers back from Iraq
“Surprised by Suffering” series.        Many thanks to        and Afghanistan and reintegrate them, while sending
Ligonier Ministries for providing free Scripture study        others into the fight. We remain very much engaged in
materials to our PCA chaplains for use in the military        this process as well as caring for families, the wounded
ministry. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for wisdom                    returning to Germany, and a myriad of pastoral issues
and insight as to how best to serve and interact with other   associated with the war effort. We recently returned from
individuals at this unique command. I need prayer for         Graffenhoer training center for our train-up in preparation
continued direction about future opportunities for            for deployment and we will continue to train and recertify
ministry, whether in the Navy or outside it. Pray for         for deployment to Iraq in the summer. The Corps at any
guidance and confidence in the Lord's sovereignty over        given time has about one-third deployed, one-third
all things in my life and ministry. Pray for my family.       redeploying, and one-third deploying. The challenges of
E-Mail:                                maintaining a vital pastoral ministry can be daunting
                                                              sometimes because virtually everyone is touched in a
24 Friday CH RICHARD SHAW, Civilian Nursing                   significant way by the war. Our chaplain and assistants
Home Chaplain, Lower Gwyned, PA (OPC –                        are fully engaged in more ways than I have space to
Presbytery of the Southwest) I will be conducting a           describe here. I am constantly amazed at the willingness
renewal of wedding vows service for our residents this        of our soldiers to sacrifice, the resilience of our Army
spring. I am looking forward to seeing how our free           families, the commitment of our chaplains who work
literature will be useful in reaching those who need          tirelessly to provide the best pastoral care across the entire
Christ and strengthening the Christians in our                Corps to all groups of people whether family units,
community. We have had a number of deaths since last          singles, couples, children. They serve in venues that
September that demand time in counseling grieving             provide enrichment activities for marriage and family,
spouses and families, and ministry through funerals and       hundreds of worship opportunities, post-combat stress
memorial services. We have at least fifteen residents         disorder intervention, and assorted counseling situations. I
who have lost spouses this past year during my time as        am extremely proud of our chaplains who are performing
chaplain. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for the                       magnificently at the unit level in combat, at the
blessing of the free literature and Bibles we are making      community/garrison level, and one-on-one with soldiers
available to our senior citizens. Pray for my schedule,       and family members. PRAYER REQUESTS: Keep all
which is most hectic. I need more time allocated to do        these great servants lifted up in your prayers; keep our
my studying and to prepare my messages. Pray for              nation and leadership in your prayers. The way ahead is
boldness and the liberty to preach the Gospel and speak       in the hands of our faithful God, we can be sure of that.
of Christ in public. Pray for my witness to other staff at    Pray for the soldiers and families of those serving in
our community. There are definite needs among them.           Operation Iraqi Freedom. Also, please continue to pray
E-Mail:                                      for my daughter Kara, undergoing treatment for cancer.
25 Saturday CH (CPT) JEFF DILLARD, Army,
Deployed in Iraq (PCA – New York Presbytery) I was            27 Monday CH (LTC) CHESTER LANIOUS,
recently deployed to Iraq in Jan 05 for at least one year     Army, Fort Jackson, SC (OPC – Central United
(likely sixteen months). I am looking forward to seeing       States) I have just returned from Walter Reed Hospital
how the Lord uses me to encourage and pastor Christian        where a second ablation was performed to control or
soldiers away from home and in harm’s way in Iraq. I          eliminate the cardiac arrhythmia that has become a
want God to use me in the salvation of soldiers who do        problem for me over the last eighteen months. My
not now know Christ in a saving way. Soldiers are often       prayer is now that although I might experience some

arrhythmia that it will not turn into the major events (40+    30 Thursday CH (MAJ) EARL VANDERHOFF,
hours) that I have experienced before. PRAYER                  Army, Deployed in Korea (OPC – Northwest
REQUESTS: Please pray that the healing takes place             Presbytery) My previous unit just deployed a task force
so that our service to God will not be limited by physical     to Iraq. When the original order was published my
weakness or side effects of medications.                       commander requested for me to go with them. The
E-Mail:                            mission changed and I stayed in Korea. Pray for the
                                                               many opportunities for ministry here. I lead the Hannam
28 Tuesday CH DAVID ALEXANDER, Civilian                        Village Chapel and I need God's grace to minister
Hospital Chaplain, Albermarle, NC (PCA – Central               powerfully the Word of God. Many other different
Carolina Presbytery) My ministry as a hospital                 situations arise each week as I minister to soldiers and
chaplain is wide and diverse. I am the first staff chaplain    their families. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for these
to be employed at Stanley Memorial Hospital in                 soldiers who are serving in Iraq and especially for their
Albemarle, North Carolina. On many occasions I have            families. Pray for the new chaplains that will arrive this
been asked to conduct funerals for family members of           summer. Pray for me as I go to Hawaii on medical TDY
the staff as well as their weddings. I have the                to have a heart murmur checked out.
opportunity to visit and pray with patients going to           E-Mail:
surgery and in-house patients. It has also been my joy to
lead some to faith in Jesus Christ. A great many of the
patients have no connection with a church. What a
blessed opportunity is afforded to a hospital chaplain! It
is a ministry that gives much joy, satisfaction, and a
sense of fulfillment. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for
my continued relationship with patients and staff. Pray
that I will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

29 Wednesday CH (MAJ) DAVID G.
EPPERSON, Army, Fort Bliss, TX (PCA – Ohio
Presbytery) I continue to wear two hats in my present
position. One is that of the co-pastor of Center Chapel
One. The congregation is a mixture of active duty
military and retired military (150 average attendance),
and my family and I continue to enjoy the ministry here
very much. The other hat I wear is that of Chaplain
Ethics Instructor. This is also a way to proclaim the
Gospel in creative ways. I teach at the Air Defense
Artillery School, the Command Sergeants Major
Academy, the First Sergeant Courses, and the Army
Hospital. I have good philosophical discussions with my
soldier students, but I always explain that I have a
Christian worldview and the reason for it. In some ways
I feel like Paul in Acts 17 as he begins with philosophy
and ends with theology because our class discussions
generate much additional discussion in my office.
PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for our service
members in the struggle to stabilize Iraq. I see and
minister to returning members whenever possible.
Please pray for me as I continue to recover from knee
surgery. I had substantial damage in my right knee from
all the marches, runs, and jumps from airplanes. The
doctor had to cut out a lot of cartilage, and I am unable to
run.      My medical situation could affect future

          Directory of Key Personnel                               Quarterly Reports
                                                    can now be submitted online from the MNA website at
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Executive Director        Fax: (605) 347-4149         At this link, click on Chaplain Ministries and then
E-Mail:                           PRJC Quarterly Update Form.

Beryl Hubbard:            Tel: (850) 939-3720      Reports from active duty military and full-time civilian
Associate Director        Fax: (850) 936-7165      chaplains should be submitted NO LATER THAN the
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                                                                         February 1
Stan Beach:               Tel: (352) 483-3833                              May 1
Associate Director        Fax: (352) 483-3933                             August 1
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Gary Hitzfeld:            Tel: (678) 825-1251      Part-time and reserve chaplains are only required to
Administrative Assistant Fax: (678) 825-1252       submit and annual report, but we would appreciate
and Associate Coordinator for Civilian Chaplains   hearing from you more often. Please let us know any
E-Mail:              time there are changes of mailing address, email
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