February 2011 LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE by jianghongl


February 2011

Welcome to this latest edition of Liverpool            along this important gateway is now complete and
Development Update, the first to be produced           we are working to ensure disruption for residents
since I became Chief Executive of Liverpool Vision     and commuters is kept to a minimum as the
last year.                                             highway is re-aligned.
This issue is published at a time of significant       However, the residential element of the scheme
change. The slowdown in the UK economy,                will be determined by market demand and we
reductions in public sector funding – which            are working with Bellway to bring forward the first
have dramatically affected all Liverpool Vision’s      phases as soon as the market allows.
partners – Liverpool City Council, Northwest
Regional Development Agency and the Homes and          It is sometimes easy to forget just how positive
Communities Agency – together with sluggishness        and dramatic the City’s regeneration has been.
in the development sector, means the City is           I was reminded recently of just how far the city
facing a testing year. As many of you will now be      has transformed itself when on a recent visit to
aware, Liverpool Vision will become a directorate      Liverpool, Lord Heseltine – someone who played
of Liverpool City Council in 2011. The need for        an instrumental role in city’s early renaissance and
cost efficiencies are self evident, but the move       for whom I had worked in the 1980s – expressed
will not affect the company’s long standing and        his delight at seeing the extent of the city’s
hard fought reputation of working effectively with     regeneration at close quarters.
business and investors to regenerate the City.         It was clear to Lord Heseltine that the City is in
However, despite the slowdown in development           much better shape now to withstand the slowdown
activity and the very challenging funding              and accelerate economic activity when conditions
environment we have witnessed, there continues to      and confidence improve.
be progress with major projects in the city. The new   The City’s success at the World Expo in Shanghai
Museum of Liverpool and Countryside Neptune’s          is already attracting interest in development
Mann Island scheme will add a new and positive         opportunities, particularly Peel’s Liverpool Waters
dimension to the transformation of the City’s          scheme and the opening of the Liverpool Business
waterfront. We look forward to their completion        Embassy in London will further reinforce the City’s
later this year.                                       efforts to attract new investment.
The new headquarters of The Women’s                    I hope you enjoy this latest issue of Liverpool
Organisation in the Baltic area has recently           Development Update and I would like to thank
completed and we will feature the scheme in the        everyone who contributed.
next issue later this year.
Outside of the city centre, the Edge Lane scheme is    Max Steinberg
now becoming a reality. The removal of properties      Chief Executive, Liverpool Vision

It is sometimes easy to forget just
how positive and dramatic the city’s
regeneration has been.
How is the funding
likely to affect
development in
the city?

The funding environment is the same here as it will          We have a ‘perfect storm’ scenario – massive             It is already obvious that limited funding is affecting
be for other major provincial cities; it will restrict the   cuts in public sector funding at a time when the         projects across all sectors in the City with speculative
speculative investment into schemes, especially for          development industry is on its knees. The complete       development almost unheard of.
those landlords with restricted cash flow and tight          absence of ‘gap funding’ from any source and the
funding covenants.                                           significant reduction in Affordable Housing Grant is,    Student and hotel schemes appear to be getting the
                                                             and will significantly undermine the prospects of new    lion’s share of what limited funding is available, however
It is the demand for space and ability of owners to          development taking place in the City.                    we doubt whether funding for these sectors will continue
retain occupiers that will create the right environment                                                               as evidence of oversupply may begin to curtail activity.
for banks to lend, something that should have always         The whole industry, public and private, now needs to
been the criteria for lending.                               be more innovative. Indeed there are positive signs.     In our sector (residential) there is almost no chance of
                                                             The JESSICA Fund will undoubtedly provide a new          any speculative development likely to happen in the
In 2010 we invested £2.5m on improving our product           source of finance to the industry, initially on ERDF     city centre over the next few years despite the current
and experience, while adding more flexible serviced          compliant projects; the introduction of Tax Increment    strength of the rental market and likely strong increase
offices. In 2011 we will be spending a further £4m           Financing will ensure a more strategic approach          in rents over the next 12-24 months.
to continue improving our operational excellence,            to financing infrastructure, and the collaboration
the quality of experience for our customers and                                                                       We would like to believe that we will see some funded
                                                             emerging under the banner of the Local Enterprise        “build to rent” schemes come to fruition although
generating the varied product and size of suites that        Partnerships all offer hope.
are in demand.                                                                                                        expecting a bank to fund such a long term sensible
                                                             However, the key in the coming years will be the         return project is likely to fall on deaf ears.
DAVID GUEST                                                  ability of the whole public sector – local and central
Regional Director, Bruntwood                                                                                          ALAN BEVAN
                                                             government to utilise property assets creatively and     Managing Director, City Residential
                                                             collectively to enable the private sector to deliver
                                                             appropriate development and regeneration.

                                                             GERRY HUGHES
                                                             Senior Director, GVA
                                                                                       LIVERPOOL SCIENCE PARK

                                                                 The whole industry, public
                                                                 and private sectors, now
                                                                 needs to be more innovative.
                                                                 The JESSICA Fund will
                                                                 undoubtedly provide a
The new financial realities will be challenging but the key
to maintaining momentum lies in forging genuine public           new and welcome source
                                                                 of finance to stimulate
/private partnerships.

Where there is collaboration, regeneration will continue.
Project Jennifer, our £150m scheme at Great Homer
Street, is a case in point. Not reliant on public funding it
is progressing on its own merits. Attracting Sainsbury’s
is key to the project’s viability, as is the role of the local
                                                                 development in all sectors
authority. The council is taking an imaginative approach,
using its own land holdings, rather than public funding,
to help support viability. Using our respective skills, St.
                                                                 across the city region.
Modwen and the City Council have been able to keep
the scheme alive throughout the credit crunch.

A pragmatic approach to matters such as Section
106 contributions and affordable housing is also key,
but the critical factor is transparency, with both parties
understanding the scheme appraisal and working
together on measures to maintain viability throughout
the pre-development process. This type of partnership
is the model which will maintain regeneration in the
future. It’s a concept we have found Liverpool City
Council very willing to embrace.

Regional Director, St. Modwen

                                                                                                                        LIVERPOOL ONE

To boldly
                        The opening in May 2008 of Grosvenor’s                 investment in the public realm could help, but
                        Liverpool One retail scheme certainly smartened        Bold Street is doing fine.”
                        up Liverpool’s retail offer.
                                                                               Any hesitations about Bold Street’s future will

                        The 2.4m sq ft scheme quickly boosted Liverpool        be resolved by Merepark/Ballymore’s Central
                        to fifth in Experian’s retail rankings – but it also   Village development, which will link Bold Street
                        shifted the centre of gravity of the shopping          more closely to Church Street.
                        district. For Bold Street, Ranelagh Street, and
                                                                               Elsewhere Bedford’s team have their eye on
It’s a problem          Renshaw Street this poses dangers as customers
                        head to the further end of Church Street. A study      several up-coming prospects. Making more use
                                                                               of Moorfields station, and improving car parking
every householder       commissioned by the City Council, due to report
                        soon, is expected to argue that the answer is to       especially around Mount Pleasant, could help
                                                                               improve the vitality of the city centre. But there
will understand:        accentuate the positive.
                                                                               are also bigger projects in the pipeline.

makeover one room,
                        Simon Bedford, head of the economic
                        development team at Drivers Jonas Deloitte, and        He says: “Williamson Square is one of several
                                                                               opportunities we’ve spotted in the city centre.
and suddenly all the    one of the authors of the report, says there are
                        some straight-forward steps the City can take to       The square is a nice useful space and the
                                                                               Playhouse Theatre makes it a potential focus,
others look like they   improve the appeal of the Bold Street area.
                                                                               but it isn’t well used and the shops around it

need attention, too.
                        Says Bedford: “Liverpool starts from                   are disappointing. It could be stronger if the
                        real strength as a retail destination. It is           links with the cultural area around St George‘s
                        unrecognisable compared to three years ago.            Hall were stronger. New floorspace and
                        What we need, though, is a strategy for locations      redevelopment have to be important long-term
                        like Bold Street and Williamson Square that            aims.
                        were not included in the Liverpool One scheme
                        but have been influenced by it.                        “In the shorter term I think we have to improve
                                                                               the management of Williamson Square, and
                        Bedford says there are some steps that can be          improve its links with other parts of the City.”
                        taken immediately – and others that may take
                        some years to accomplish. He explains: “Bold           Renshaw Street may also be a longer-term
                        Street is busy, it’s well-occupied, it’s changed       prospect, says Bedford. He predicts that ‘major
                        of course in the last few years and now has a          intervention’ will be necessary, with a hope that
                        more student feel, but it’s undoubtedly very           this could be achieved by 2015-2016.
                        popular and on a strong pedestrian route. Some
                                                                                                                 LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 05

                                                                                                              IN BRIEF
                                                                                                              The long-awaited
                                                                                                              redevelopment of Edge
                                                                                                              Lane retail park has
                                                                                                              taken a step forward.
                                                                                                              The £200m development
                                                                                                              by Derwent Holdings,
                                                                                                              has been approved by
                                                                                                              The project will see the
                                                                                            CENTRAL VILLAGE
                                                                                                              park and nearby sites
                                                                                                              redeveloped to provide
                                                                                                              600,000 sq ft of new
                                                                                                              retail floorspace. There
                                                                                                              will also be 290,000 sq
                                                                                                              ft of other commercial
                                                                                                              The scheme also
                                                                                                              includes a new public
                                                                                                              park with games area,
                                                                                                              and new light industrial
                                                                                                              units to accommodate
                                                                                         WILLIAMSON SQUARE
                                                                                                              businesses relocated
                                                                                                              to make way for the
                                                                                                              new retail park.
In the meantime it is clear to most observers       Odeon for a six screen 25,000 sq ft outlet,
that re-balancing the city centre depends on two    their second in the city. It joins a list of pre-lets     Demolition work has
projects: Central Village and the redevelopment
of St Johns’ Centre.
                                                    including hotel operators Millenium & Copthorne
                                                    and Accor. Construction work started last
                                                                                                              already begun but
                                                    summer on Central Village’s first phase, including        construction of the new
Land Securities say they still cannot give a
date for the start of construction work on a
                                                    the redevelopment of the former Lewis’s
                                                    department store into 80,000 sq ft of offices,
                                                                                                              shops will be delayed
redevelopment of St John’s designed to improve      180,000 sq ft of retail and a hotel.                      until government
the old malls and add extra floorspace. The
scheme is intended to increase the overall size     Merepark director Ian Jones says: “We’re                  ministers have
from 360,500 sq ft to 480,000 sq ft.                confident that our masterplan is going to fit the         pronounced on the plan.
                                                    Mount Pleasant area back into the rest of the city
The 42 year old centre was due to begin its         centre.
transformation in 2009, but start dates have been                                                             Hopes are high that
postponed.                                          “It’s all about lettings now, and we’re way in
                                                    advance of where we expected to be.”
                                                                                                              the government will not
Land Securities portfolio manager James
                                                    The redevelopment of the Central Station site has
                                                                                                              insist on a public inquiry
Larmuth says: “We continuously look at
developing and broadening the offer at St John’s    been a city regeneration aim for the best part of         after concerns raised by
maximising its potential in the segment of the      twenty years. Confidence that the long-awaited            neighbouring Knowsley
market it operates.                                 project will now be completed is high, not least
                                                    thanks to the forward-sale of the Lewis’s building.       council were withdrawn
“For example, we have been successful in
securing a deal with Aldi. Development in this      The deal, agreed last Spring, saw Merepark and            in January. A decision by
current economic climate is challenging and         its partners secure £37.1m from a syndicate,              ministers was expected
needs to be commercially and financially viable.    through London-based Regent Capital. The deal
We work closely with the Council keeping an eye     included a 10-year debt facility from Co-operative
                                                                                                              as Development Update
on future opportunities.”                           Bank. Some feared that Liverpool One would call           went to press.
                                                    a halt to retail development in Liverpool – or at
Land Securities suggest they have an open mind
and hint that next summer could be time to re-
                                                    the very least, would chill future prospects.             Construction work
consider. A short walk away at Liverpool Central    With the Central Village plan now underway, and           will take four years to
Station redevelopment plans are well advanced.      prospects for Bold Street looking bright, those
                                                    fears now seem overstated, and perhaps just               complete.
The £200m Central Village scheme is gathering       plain wrong.
pace. Merepark has signed cinema operator

                                                                                            THE VAULT, LIVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PARK

Big and
                        But that day has come. A year of deals and             company Liverpool Vision. Liverpool was one
                        growing demand has given Liverpool’s industrial        of three areas short-listed for the distribution
                        property market a little of the glamour that           centre, competing against Doncaster and East
                        comes with success.                                    London. The Vault easily beat its rivals because

                                                                               it was freehold, close to the docks and had a
                        Property agents were making their final                pool of local skilled staff.
                        calculations as Development Update went to
                        press, but the trend is clear.                         The B&M deal was not alone and there were

Some thought they’d     Early figures show that industrial take-up in
                        the North West increased by 52 per cent in the
                                                                               plenty more deals, big and small, to boost the
                                                                               sub-regional totals. Conspicuous among them

never live to see the   second quarter, according to a report by DTZ.
                                                                               was the deal at the 478,000 sq ft Galaxy building
                                                                               in Knowsley, which also changed hands with

day that crinkly tin    According to research by CBRE, take-up of
                        100,000 sq ft-plus industrial buildings in the
                                                                               Matalan taking occupation after a £33 a sq ft
                                                                               freehold sale.
sheds became sexy.      North West soared by an eye-popping 183
                        per cent to 2.7m sq ft in the first half of 2010,
                                                                               Developers are keenly aware of the growing
                                                                               market for industrial and warehouse property
                        compared with the same period in 2009.                 in Liverpool. Yet whilst the mega-deals have
                        Although the growth rate slowed in the second          grabbed the headlines, it’s the churn of smaller
                        half of the year, experts are confident it will turn   requirements – many of just a few thousand
                        out to have been a bumper year – and deals             square feet – that are providing much of the
                        in Liverpool provided a high proportion of the         action. Stephen Barnes is development director
                        take-up.                                               at Merseyside property company Langtree. He
                                                                               says the micro-market is occupying his attention
                        The decision by discount retailer B&M                  in 2011.
                        Bargains to base their distribution operation
                        in Liverpool provided the background to a              “We’ve found the market for industrial space
                        year of deal-making. B&M chose The Vault,              under 5,000 sq ft is very resilient, and that is where
                        a mighty 619,000 sq ft warehouse at Liverpool          most of the deals are being done. That sector has
                        International Business Park. Built in 2007 by          always maintained fairly good occupancy – you
                        Gladman, it was sold to B&M Bargains in one            get some coming and going, of course, but it is
                        of last year’s biggest deals. The Vault’s freehold     reliable in Liverpool,” Barnes explains.
                        was purchased for £16m with the help of £1.7m          Catering to this demand has been the making
                        of grant aid from economic development                 of Wellington Employment Park South, the
                                                                                                                   LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 07

                                                                                                               IN BRIEF
                                                                                                               The 46-acre G.Park
                                                                                                               Liverpool, next to the
                                                                                                               Stonebridge Business
                                                                                                               Park and close to the M57
                                                                                                               motorway, is a joint venture
                                                                                                               between Gazeley and
                                                                                                               MetLife Real Investment.
                                                                                                               A new phased
                                                                                                               development of up to
                                                                            WELLINGTON EMPLOYMENT PARK SOUTH
                                                                                                               870,000 sq ft is planned to
                                                                                                               take place.
                                                                                                               It comes as the supply of
                                                                                                               industrial floorspace shrinks.
                                                                                                               Data from BNP Paribas
                                                                                                               Real Estate reveals that the
                                                                                                               availability of new space in
                                                                                                               buildings over 100,000 sq ft
                                                                                                               fell to 4.5m sq ft in the third
                                                                                                               quarter of 2010, down
                                                                                                               from 8.6m sq ft
                                                                                                               18 months earlier.

                                                                                               VENTURE POINT
                                                                                                               At the same time, demand
                                                                                                               is growing. King Sturge’s
                                                                                                               industrial agency teams
first comprehensive industrial development in        “Our competitive rental terms are also proving            were involved with 5.4m
the North Liverpool docks area for more than a       attractive to business with introductory rents
decade. The scheme provides a total of 107,820       available from only £1 per sq ft.”
                                                                                                               sq ft of occupational deals
sq ft divided into 19 mostly small units, ranging
                                                     Rents are, indeed, a talking point for landlords.
                                                                                                               in the North West last year,
from 1,436 to 33,500 sq ft. They have appealed
to start-up businesses right through to mature       The days when £6 a sq ft or more seemed                   nearly twice the average
and expanding companies.                             attainable for the best new developments are,
                                                     for the most part, over. Today quoting rents have
                                                                                                               of 3m sq ft in the boom
Says Barnes: “Wellington at North Shore has          returned to the £4-£4.50 a sq ft level of ten years       years. The concensus is
been extremely successful – it’s now 85 per cent     ago. There are exceptions - both higher and               that 2011 will be as good,
let, and heading towards fully let.                  lower - but the market has settled as the B&M
                                                     deal proves. B&M paid £26 a sq ft freehold for a          if not better, as so-called
“Of course occupiers know that it’s a tough
market for landlords, and of course they want
                                                     building once touted at £60 a sq ft.                      large space users take
rent-free periods and soft payment plans. But        Thanks to moderate rents many businesses are              advantage of their market
it’s still a busy year and a very encouraging        choosing to move to new upgraded premises.
development for Liverpool’s industrial property                                                                position to negotiate
scene.”                                              Do these deals indicate a real change in the
                                                     market? Many think it does. Encouragingly,
                                                                                                               favorable terms. However,
A similar development at Speke’s Venture             Barnes believes that lettings evidence shows              as the supply diminishes
Point has also proved popular. The 62,000 sq ft
development includes 12 units between 3,000
                                                     that Liverpool industrial developments are
                                                     now performing as well as – or better than –
                                                                                                               the negotiating balance
and 7,000 sq ft.                                     comparable schemes in Manchester.                         tips towards landlords.
Langtree is not alone in snatching deals. Priority   “Liverpool has a strong market, but the
Sites has enjoyed similar success at their Dakota    perception has always been that Manchester’s              The figures – which relate
Business Park, Banks Road, Speke, off the A561.      is stronger. I’d say that is now out of date. If          to the entire North West –
Once again, demand for smaller units – typically     you look at our lettings figures from Speke and
under 2,000 sq ft – is powering the market.          Wellington and compare them with our lettings             are said to be reflected in
Phil Haslam, senior development manager for
                                                     in Manchester, you discover that Liverpool is at          Liverpool, where the supply
                                                     least as good. The worst you could say is that
Priority Sites, says: “The demand for units is       there is no perceptible difference. That may
                                                                                                               of ready-to-occupy units is
testimony to the quality of the product that we
have on offer at Dakota Business Park.”
                                                     surprise some people.”                                    diminishing fast.

                                                                                                        LIME STREET GATEWAY

               For many in Liverpool, it’s time to learn the new    each one individually. There is no preconceived
               language of regeneration. Inspired by new            concept of what makes for a successful bid,
               thinking in Whitehall, Brussels and Liverpool        with the exception that they will all lead to private
               itself, this is a language in which it pays to be    sector jobs and their impact will be in areas

               fluent.                                              adversely affected by public sector spending
                                                                    cuts,” he says.
               Behind the new acronyms lie potentially
               important new organisations with the capacity to     Decisions on the first round of bids will be

               dip their hands into valuable new pots of money.     announced in March, but Lord Heseltine insists
                                                                    there is no special agenda for Liverpool. “No,
               As the RDAs (Regional Development Agencies)          that would be quite wrong, it’s an England-wide
               and URCs (Urban Regeneration Companies) of

                                                                    fund – and of course, for now, we don’t know
               the last decade prepare to bow out, a new wave       what the bids will be or where they will come
               of regeneration agencies are stepping forward.       from,” he says.
               The most talked-about changes are to the             However, in January the Government
Have you met   structure of regeneration. The new Local
               Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) will be one of
                                                                    announced that it had asked outgoing Tesco
                                                                    chief executive Sir Terry Leahy to work with Lord
JESSICA or     the main gatekeepers for the government’s new
               Regional Growth Fund (RGF).
                                                                    Heseltine to draw up a regional economic plan
                                                                    for Liverpool. Sir Terry is already a member of
JEREMIE?       The fund – still in its early days – will be
               chaired by former Minister for Merseyside Lord
                                                                    the board of the newly-created Liverpool City
                                                                    Region Local Enterprise Partnership.
               Heseltine. Around £1.4bn will be available to        Lord Heseltine’s advice to Liverpool bidders is
               support regional economies between 2011              to put effort into preparation. “Everyone ought to
               and 2014. Bidding for the first round of awards      realise that this is a competitive process.
               closed on 21 January and until ministers
               announce their decisions, it will be hard to judge   They also need to realise that the advisory
               how the new fund will work.                          committee is full of people with considerable
                                                                    experience. It is always unwise to overstate
               Speaking exclusively to Development Update,          your case.”
               Lord Heseltine insists job creation will be
               the main priority. “It’s up to local people to       A second round of RGF bidding will close in April.
               determine the nature of bids to the growth fund,     In the meantime attention is turning to another
               and the advisory panel I’m chairing will look at     new initiative – JESSICA (see side panel).
                                                                                                                       LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 09

                                                                                                                   IN BRIEF
                                                                                                                   JESSICA stands for Joint
                                                                                                                   European Support for
                                                                                                                   Sustainable Investment in
                                                                                                                   City Areas. European Union
                                                                                                                   initiative will involve regional
                                                                                                                   funds making loans to fund
                                                                                                                   the development of new
                                                                                                                   office and industrial space.
                                                                                                                   A consortium led by Igloo
                                                                                                                   Regeneration has been
                                                                                                                   selected to help establish
                                                                                                                   a £30m Merseyside
                                                                                                                   element of a North West
                                                                                                                   regeneration fund. Local
                                                                                                                   authority match funding
                                                                                                                   to the Merseyside Urban
                                                                                                                   Development Fund has
                                                                                                                   helped to secure the
                                                                                                                   European cash.
                                                                                                                   Igloo will manage the
                                                                                                                   Merseyside operation with
                                                                                                                   the Evergreen Consortium
                                                                                                                   announced as preferred
                                                                                                                   bidders for the ‘rest of the
                                                                                                                   Northwest’ element of the
                                                                                LORD HESELTINE AND MAX STEINBERG   £100m Northwest Urban
                                                                                                                   Investment Fund.
This European initiative could replace funding           Hopes for the new regeneration structures are             Like JESSICA, JEREMIE is
from the soon-to-be-defunct Northwest Regional           high. Everyone agrees that locally-focused                a new name for a slightly
Development Agency. David Sayer is director              regeneration is best – which ought to put the
at surveyors GVA and an advisor to Igloo,                new LEPs in a strong position. Everyone also
                                                                                                                   older idea called the North
which is administering the JESSICA project in            agrees you need a guiding national hand,                  West Venture Capital and
Merseyside. He says developers will find the             which is where the Regional Growth Fund could             Loan Fund.
JESSICA approach familiar.                               become important.
“This won’t be very different from talking to a          Meantime, few doubt that the carefully targeting          JEREMIE – the Joint
bank – only we’ll hope to turn things round as           loans offered by JESSICA will provide a real and          European Resources
quickly as possible and that our investment              lasting stimulus to local economies.                      for Micro to Medium
criteria are a little different,” he explains.
                                                         What nobody yet knows is what new                         Enterprises Initiative –
“The important thing to remember is that this            regeneration vocabulary Liverpool will be using –         provides support for
fund is about providing loans that probably              and which the city will have forgotten – by 2015.
couldn’t be obtained elsewhere. The aim is to
                                                                                                                   enterprises in the same
unlock sustainable development of employment             JEREMIE in the North West                                 way that JESSICA supports
sites and derelict land. But really what I want          – how the money gets spent                                property and infrastructure.
people to know is that they can pick up the
telephone and talk through their ideas. We’re            Fund
                                                                           of Fund
                                                                                                                   The £185m project flies
prepared to look at anything,” he says.
                                                         YFM Private       Development         £45m
                                                                                                                   under the flag of the North
The initiative has met with an enthusiastic response     Equity            Capital                                 West Fund and comprises
in Liverpool. The new fund is intended to represent
real change, not just a new vocabulary. Says David       FW Capital Ltd    Business Loan       £35m                six separate funds with six
Sayer: “In a sense nothing has changed – it’s still      Enterprise        Venture Capital     £30m                separate managers.
all about regeneration – but in another way I think      Ventures Ltd
we’re involved in something that is more about           Spark Impact      Biomedical          £25m                The aim is to facilitate
making connections between the public and
private sectors.                                         CT Investment     Energy &            £20m
                                                                                                                   funding of around £400m
                                                         Partners LLP      Environmental                           targeted at creating or
“The idea of partnership has always been part of
regeneration, but there is a feeling that people have
                                                         AXM Venture       Digital &           £15m                safeguarding 14,000 jobs
to work harder and more innovatively, and that the
                                                         Capital Ltd       Creative                                between 2010 and 2014.
will is there in both the public and private sectors.”   Total                                 £170m

                                                                                                              ELEVATOR STUDIOS

                       Seymour Stein is a legend in the music world.      The city centre’s Baltic Triangle is home
                       He is the man who signed Madonna and was           to a growing band of successful creative
                       also behind The Ramones, Blondie, Talking          enterprises. Best known for the 90,000 sq ft
                       Heads and Liverpool’s home-grown Echo and          Elevator Building at Parliament Street, the area

                       the Bunnymen.                                      stretches from Wapping to Parliament Street,
                                                                          Park Road and St James Street.
                       Stein was keynote speaker at last year’s Sound
                       City music convention in Liverpool. This year      Baltic Creative, a community interest company

Chances are that       his place is being taken by Simon Raymonde,
                       once lead guitarist of the Cocteau Twins
                                                                          set up to revitalise 18 buildings in the area, is
                                                                          among the Triangle’s largest landlords.

the names Seymour      and now the impressario behind the Bella
                       Union record label. Just as Stein did in 2010,     Centre manager Mark Lawler says interest
                                                                          generated by events like Sound City has given
Stein and Simon        Raymonde is expected to use Sound City to
                       sign new bands – bands raised, managed,            them the confidence to press ahead with

Raymonde mean          marketed and monetised in Liverpool.               refurbishment plans. Their latest projects are
                                                                          sure to include music studios, he says.

nothing to you – but   Last year Stein signed Liverpool band Picture
                       Book, managed by local partnership Calling All.    Says Lawler: “We’re splitting up these older,
                                                                          larger units to provide smaller more useable
they mean a lot to     This year, who knows?
                                                                          spaces for new businesses. We’ve already

Liverpool’s growing
                       David Pichilingi, managing director of the         completed three buildings providing 8,000 sq
                       Sound City event, says music is at the heart of    ft, and our plans for the coming year is to tackle

digital and creative   Liverpool’s growing digital and creative sector.
                       “Everything links to music, whether it’s
                                                                          the remaining fifteen. That will provide about
                                                                          35,000 sq ft.”

sector.                publishers, managers, online and offline media,
                       designers, advertising, web creators. Music in
                                                                          As Development Update went to press
                                                                          negotiations were taking place that could lead
                       Liverpool is really the key to the cultural and    to a new music studio for young people – but
                       digital economy,” explains Pichilingi.             Lawler is certain other musical interests will be
                                                                          signing up soon.
                       The latest big deals prove the point. One
                       see’s Lime Street-based Sentric Music sign         A short walk from the Baltic Creative buildings
                       an inventive digital music syndication contract    brings you to Basecamp3, a new creative
                       with a New York-based firm, another teamed up      community based in the Elevator Building,
                       with a Los Angeles business.                       Parliament Street.
                                                                                                                     LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 11

                                                                                                                  IN BRIEF
                                                                                                                  Whilst the Baltic Triangle
                                                                                                                  and the Ropewalk areas
                                                                                                                  have become the shop-
                                                                                                                  windows for Liverpool’s
                                                                                                                  creative and digital
                                                                                                                  sectors, there is steady
                                                                                                                  investment elsewhere.
                                                                                                                  Liverpool Innovation Park
                                                                                                                  (LIP) operator Space
                                                                                      LIVERPOOL INNOVATION PARK
                                                                                                                  Northwest is investing
                                                                                                                  £2.5 million, matched
                                                                                                                  with £1.42 million from
                                                                                                                  the European Regional
                                                                                                                  Development Fund
                                                                                                                  (ERDF), to create a new
                                                                                                                  networking hub and
                                                                                                                  business gateway to its
                                                                                                                  Edge Lane site.
                                                                                                                  The Innovation Park –
                                                                                                                  which includes Wavertree
                                                                                                                  Technology Park – is a
                                                                                                                  joint venture between
                                                                                              SOUND CITY EVENT    the Northwest Regional
                                                                                                                  Development Agency
                                                                                                                  (NWDA) and Ashtenne
Says co-founder Roy Jones: “I don’t like to            expanded significantly and a number of games
think of us as an incubator, more as a creative        companies having returned to site.“                        Industrial Fund and
hub. The difference is that we don’t offer the
                                                       Kevin McManus, director at Merseyside Acme,
                                                                                                                  facilitated by Liverpool
kind of generic business support that puts off
many creative people.”                                 the organisation which initiated the Sound City            Vision.
                                                       convention in 2008, says the creative and digital
Today the 3,000 sq ft facility has 12 tenants
involved in most of Liverpool’s creative sectors,
                                                       industries are continuing to make a positive noise.        Scheduled for completion
with music providing an increasing emphasis.           Says McManus: “Music is the power behind the               early this year, the park’s
                                                       digital economy. It’s a focus for convergence for
“Music matters here, just like elsewhere in the        a great many creative industries from branding,            new networking hub will
city,” says Jones.                                     marketing, media, design, web design, games,               see 17,500 sq ft of new
                                                       performing rights, intellectual property law and
Musical folk have long been busy in Liverpool’s        much more.”                                                out-of-town offices; ideal
Ropewalks. The area, which includes
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology             As if to prove the point that Liverpool’s creative
                                                                                                                  for knowledge-intensive
(FACT), the Tea Factory and Vanilla Factory,           and digital sector is marching to a musical beat,          businesses requiring easy
has a strong appeal which a new stakeholders’
group is promoting. A new 3-5 year strategy will
                                                       this year’s Sound City is to be expanded.
                                                                                                                  access to Liverpool city
build on ten years of change in the bohemian           The event, held from 19 to 21 May, will also
                                                       become a showcase for innovative hi-tech
There’s also plenty of creative activity out-of-
town. The Liverpool Innovation Park is being           Sound City Labs will include a programme
tipped as the home for a 70,000 sq ft data             focusing on the digital sector. It will build on the
centre, needed to underpin the growth of               success of last May’s festival, which saw five
Liverpool’s knowledge economy.                         digital firms pitch to a panel of industry experts.

The park is already popular with gaming                Says Sound City’s Pichilingi: “Other music
businesses – and its appeal is growing. Dr             conferences can have a bit of a Luddite focus,
Mark Tock, LIP’s innovation manager, says:             becoming agents’ or record label conferences,
“Interest from creative, digital, allied healthcare,   but interactive and digital are the growth areas
telecoms and ICT-intensive businesses has              in this sector.”
remained constant in the last quarter of 2010          They are growth areas for Liverpool, too.
with a number of existing companies having
News in brief

1. Cutting Edge                                                               The design team appointed by Space Northwest includes architects
                                                                              Archial, building services engineers HFM, civil engineers WYG, with
A £200m mixed-use development and a new £4m innovation hub are                Todd & Ledson as quantity surveyors.
being created at Edge Lane. Both developments come ahead of a £30m
improvement to Edge Lane designed to improve links between the city           The two projects are among several aimed at re-establishing Edge Lane
centre, sites in the south of the city and the motorway network.              as one of Liverpool’s major gateways.

Enabling works on the improvement and re-alignment began last Summer.         Commercial developments include Langtree Group’s 54,000 sq ft plans
Major works will begin in February with completion planned for February       for Edge Lane West, next to the Manor House public house. The project
2012. The £200m development of Edge Lane Retail Park by Derwent               will include managed workspace and freehold properties for growing
Holdings has been approved by planners.                                       businesses.

The project will see the park and nearby sites redeveloped to provide         2. Bid for success
600,000 sq ft of new retail floorspace. There will also be 290,000 sq ft of
other commercial floorspace.                                                  A project that could deliver improvements worth £3m to Liverpool’s
                                                                              Commercial District will be put to a vote this Spring.
Separately, a networking hub and business gateway is being created at
Edge Lane’s Liverpool Innovation Park. The £4m project, on the site of the    The commercial heart of the city – bounded by Leeds Street to the north,
former Marconi complex, is the work of Space Northwest with support from      Tithebarn Street and Chapel Street to the south, Pall Mall (to the east and
the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).                                The Strand to the west – will become a ‘Business Improvement District’ if
                                                                              the plan is approved. More than 800 landlords and tenants will be balloted
The hub will be complete later this month. Associated refurbishment           on the proposal which aims to raise more than £600,000 a year for at least
works will create more than 16,000 sq ft of Grade A office space, ideal       five years. The aim is to improve the marketing, maintenance and physical
for knowledge-intensive businesses. Space Northwest is a joint venture        appearance of the City’s Square Mile thanks to a levy equivalent to one per
between the Northwest Regional Development Agency and Ashtenne                cent of business rates.
Industrial Fund and facilitated by economic development agency,
Liverpool Vision.                                                             The application for Business Improvement District status has been
                                                                              launched by the Liverpool Commercial District Partnership.
                                                                                                                         LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 13


                                                                             1                                                                          3
Chief Executive Paul Rice said: “We intend to engage widely with                 “We’ve already got planning permission to perform a similar conversion in
businesses throughout the area, spelling out how they can benefit from           our 40,000 sq ft IC3 building. We are putting the funding package together
BID status and outlining a clear, transparent plan for change and essential      now and we’ll know if we can go ahead by the Spring.”
improvements across the entire area.” If successful it will be Liverpool’s
second Business Improvement District (BID) following the creation of City        The new laboratories come soon after the completion of a Graduate
Central five years ago. Improvements are already taking place throughout         Enterprise Centre intended to help young entrepreneurs launch businesses
the Commercial District. Dale Street, and Davies Street through to Stanley       in the city. The centre includes 24 workspaces for new graduates and is
Street, are already seeing new kerbs and upgraded footpaths.                     expected to attract attention as the academic year comes to a close.

The next series of improvements will be on Dale Street, between Stanley          The centre complements the park’s Soft Landing Centre intended to attract
Street and North John Street. Works to upgrade Castle Street are underway        companies from outside of the region and overseas.
and are due for completion by August 2011.                                       Says Musson: “I suspect that as Liverpool’s science and knowledge
                                                                                 offer gets better known we’ll see a massive change in the way the City’s
3. Testing testing test tube                                                     economy works. This is about creating high value jobs using the world-
Work on a new life sciences laboratory is due to start late this year. The       class assets we have here.”
new laboratories, at Liverpool Science Park, were funded by a £660,000           Liverpool Science Park is at Brownlow Hill, close to Liverpool’s two
loan backed by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores             universities.
University. According to science park bosses, if the lab space proves
successful it could kick-start further laboratory space already being            Life sciences are already a major contributor to the City’s economy,
planned.                                                                         employing over 4,000 people and generating turnover estimated to be
                                                                                 around £250m a year. Liverpool Science Park is a joint venture between
Five new laboratories are being created in the 5,000 sq ft ground floor of the   Liverpool Council, Liverpool John Moores University and the University of
park’s IC2 building. The project reflects the science park’s close partnership   Liverpool.
with the University of Liverpool’s MerseyBIO incubator, which is currently at
capacity. Science Park chief executive Chris Musson says: “This new lab space
is aimed at the biological and life sciences. We have the funding, we have the
team in place, and they will open in the early Summer.”
        A565                                       A59


                             APPROACH 580 GATEWAY


Pier                                A5058

 CITY CENTRE                                                       M57




            River Mersey

                                 INTERNATIONAL                           A5300

   N                                           Liverpool
                                             John Lennon
                                                                                                                             LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 15

Investment areas
Liverpool Vision is working with public and private partners
in a number of key areas across the city to help accelerate
economic growth and build on the regeneration of the past
decade. More information on major projects in these areas can
be found in the development schedules on page 20.

Northshore                                                             Eastern Gateway
Northshore is located north of Liverpool city centre. The area         Eastern Gateway is a mixed residential and commercial area,
includes both operational and historic dockland areas and the          which is focused on the Edge Lane corridor, the main eastern
local economy is strong in the maritime and port-related sectors.      gateway into Liverpool city centre from the end of the M62.
Peel Holdings is bringing forward plans for its Liverpool Waters
project, which is the UK’s largest urban regeneration project and      It has a strong retail and high-tech base, with many firms in the
will see the redevelopment of 6 billion sq ft of the city’s northern   creative and IT sectors based at the well-established Wavertree
docks.                                                                 Technology Park. This is part of the new Liverpool Innovation
                                                                       Park, being delivered by Space Northwest. High-profile local
                                                                       employers include Barclaycard, Sony Entertainment and
Approach A580 Gateway                                                  Gardner Systems.
Approach A580 Gateway is located to the north east of Liverpool
city centre. Its position close to the M57 provides excellent links    International Gateway
to the national motorway network.
                                                                       International Gateway is focused on Speke Boulevard and Speke
The A580 East Lancashire Road is also a key arterial link              Road, which form the main southern gateway into Liverpool from
between Liverpool and Manchester. Approach A580 Gateway                the M57 and M56. Major employers in the area include Jaguar/
has particular strengths in the manufacturing, logistics, service      Land Rover, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Liverpool John Lennon Airport and
and food sectors with major local employers including Vertex,          the Littlewoods’ Shop Direct Group.
Jacobs and TJ Morris.
                                                                       Significant progress has been made on the regeneration of the
                                                                       area, with wide-ranging infrastructure improvements and major
Liverpool City Centre                                                  new developments such as Estuary Business Park and The
Liverpool city centre is the economic hub of the city region. It has   Matchworks.
undergone a dramatic transformation over the past decade, with
£4 billion invested in a far reaching regeneration programme.
The city centre, waterfront, commercial district and retail core
have witnessed the most significant change. This area is home
to the city’s growing financial and professional services sector,
Europe’s largest retail-led regeneration project and a unique
concentration of cultural and leisure assets.


                                                                                    71                                                                                                           42

                                                                                           2                                                   6

                                                                                                                                  7            4
                                                                                                                        10                          5

                                                                         86                                                                                                 22

                                                                                                         12                                                                                                     1

                                                                                                              14                                                       24
                                                                                           63                                                                                47
                                                                            65                                                                                                          81

                                                                                                                                                                  84                   44

                                                                                                    67                                                            87


                                                                                                                             64                                                                 39



This map is reproduced from Ordnance Survey material with the      The City of Liverpool
permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the Controller of Her   100018351
Majesty’s Stationery Office © Crown Copyright. Unauthorised        2010                                                                                           68
reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to
prosecution or civil proceedings.
                                                         60             54



                                                                              59       46


15                                  33

                20                                                                58
17                                                  26



           49             51





                                                                                             LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 21
Development Schedule
This schedule provides detailed information on schemes
in the city’s key investment areas, the majority of which
are on site – have a live planning application submitted in
the last 6 months – have received planning consent in the
last 6 months – are expected to start on site in the next 3
months – have been completed since the last issue.
MAP REF   ADDRESS                    DESCRIPTION                                   DEVELOPER          STATUS                 COST        COMPLETION

1         St Paul’s Square,          109,000 sq.ft of office space with            English Cities     On site.               £40m        May 2011
          Phase 3                    ground floor retail.                          Fund

2         Hotel Indigo, Rumford      New build 151 bedroom hotel over 8            Vermont            On site.               £14m        Spring 2011
          Place/Chapel Street        storeys.                                      Developments

3         1 William Jessop Way,      Application to replace extant planning        The Peel Group     Planning application   £80m        Not known
          Princes Dock               permission 07F/0028 to erect mixed                               10F/2787 submitted
                                     development of 133 apartments with                               December 2010.
                                     hotel, offices and mixed commercial
                                     development, including car parking,
                                     ancillary uses and associated
                                     infrastructure in order to extend the
                                     time period for implementation.

4         18-20 Stanley Street       Conversion of building to form 11             Antoni             Permission granted     Not known   Not known
                                     apartments and two restaurants.               Properties         October 2010.
5         Kansas Building, 50-54     To convert premises into a hotel.             Quintain Estates   Permission granted     Not known   Not known
          Stanley Street                                                                              September 2010.

                                     Alternative application to extend             Starboard          Alternative planning   Not known   Not known
                                     premises at roof top level and convert        Hotels Ltd         application 10F/2735
                                     building into 240 bedspace (49 room)                             submitted December
                                     budget accommodation with bar and                                2010.
                                     restaurant facilities.
6         6 Sir Thomas Street,       To develop land and buildings to form         Iliad Ltd          On site.               £22m        Not known
          14 Sir Thomas Street,      an 86 bed boutique hotel, including
          Municipal Annexe (on       the conversion of 14 Sir Thomas Street
          the corner of Sir Thomas   and the Municipal Annexe and the
          Street and Dale Street)    demolition of 6 Sir Thomas Street to
                                     form hotel.
7         State House, 22 Dale       To change use from A1 (retail) and B1         Z Hotels           Planning application   Not known   Not known
          Street                     (business) to use C1 (hotel use) and          Liverpool Ltd      10F/2577 submitted
                                     retail use.                                                      November 2010.
8         Land bounded by Hatton     To erect 11-storey mixed-use building         Whinmoor           Permission             £10m        Not known
          Garden and Great           comprising 34 x 1 bed apartments;             Estates Ltd        granted July 2008.
          Crosshall Street           90 x 2 bed apartments with 771 sq m                              Application to renew
                                     Class A1/A2/A3/B1 floorspace with                                permission received
                                     associated car parking, access and                               November 2010.
9         23 Temple Street           To erect mixed development of 6 storeys       Tower Parking      Permission granted     Not known   Not known
                                     comprising bar at ground floor and            Ltd                August 2010.
                                     basement hairdressers’ salon at first floor
                                     and flats on second third and fourth floor.
                                                                                                                          LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 19

MAP REF   ADDRESS                    DESCRIPTION                                 DEVELOPER         STATUS                  COST        COMPLETION

10        5, 7 and 9 Castle          To refurbish and make the following         Bruntwood Ltd     Permission granted      Not known   Not known
          Street ,13 Castle Street   alterations to existing office and retail                     September 2010.
          (Queens Insurance          accommodation at nos. 5,7,9,13 and 15
          Building) and 15 Castle    Castle Street (including nos. 2-14, 1-3
          Street (including 2-14,    and 16-18 Queens Avenue). Change of
          1-3 and 16-18 Queens       use of office entrance at 5 Castle Street
          Avenue)                    to form new retail unit (Use Class A1)
                                     including shop frontage. Change of use
                                     of ground floor retail unit at 13 Castle
                                     Street to form new office entrance area
                                     with alterations to form new staircase
                                     /lift /toilet areas and new frontage.
                                     Creation of new ground floor entrance
                                     at 1-3 Queens Avenue. Creation of a
                                     new bridge link at 1st, 2nd and 3rd
                                     floor levels between 2 Queens Avenue
                                     and 1-3 Queens Avenue. Internal
                                     refurbishment works, refurbished
                                     windows and entrances.
11        Tinlings Building,         To change use of former office              Merepark          Planning application    Not known   Not known
          53-55 Victoria Street      premises to provide commercial (retail/                       10F/1231 submitted
                                     leisure) accommodation at basement/                           October 2010.
                                     part ground floor levels and a 108
                                     bedroom hotel at part ground floor/
                                     upper levels and carry out associated
                                     external works.
12        Moor House,                Refurbishment with minor extensions of      OVL (Bankfield)   On site.                £10m        Spring 2011
          James Street               Moor House, James Street, Liverpool.        LLP
                                     Change of use from vacant office space
                                     to 155 bedroom hotel.
13        Pioneer Buildings,         To develop site to provide 122 bedroom      Benmore Group     Permission granted      £10m        Summer 2011
          57-69 Dale Street          hotel, with ancillary restaurant and                          October 2010.
                                     bar, 288 space multi-storey car park
                                     and 215 sq m retail unit, following the
                                     demolition of 57-67 Dale Street with
                                     retention of building facade at 65-67
                                     Dale Street.
14        Strand Street/             To erect new 10-storey, 141 bedroom         FT Patten         On site.                Not known   Summer 2011
          Red Cross Street           hotel with separate ground floor unit for   (Holdings) Ltd
                                     use classes A1, A2, A3 A5 and B1.           /Travelodge
                                                                                 Hotels Ltd

15        Lewis’s, 40 Ranelagh       To reconfigure existing floorspace          Central           On site.                £180m       2012
          Street                     and external alterations to the Lewis’      Regeneration
                                     building including creation of additional   Limited
                                     floorspace at plaza and upper plaza level   Partnership/
                                     and the removal of floorspace to create a   Merepark)
                                     new pedestrian walkway. The building will
                                     incorporate a mixture of uses including:
                                     A1 retail, A2 financial and professional
                                     services, A3 restaurant and cafe, A4
                                     drinking establishments, A5 hot food
                                     takeaway, B1 office, C1 hotel, D2 cinema,
                                     casino and live music venue, and sui
                                     generis (including nightclub).
16        Central Station,           To carry out improvements and               As above          Permission granted      £11.5m      Not known
          Fairclough Street          alterations to Central Station, including a                   February 2010.
                                     3-storey extension at the rear to provide
                                     additional retail floorspace and new
                                     linkages into the approved Central Village
17        “Boardwalk”, site          To erect mixed development            As above                Permission granted      £50m        Not known
          bounded by Back Bold       comprising 214 x 1 and 2 bedroom                              February 2010.
          Street, Newington and      apartments, cinema, commercial space
          Cropper Street and         and 100 car parking spaces (including
          Lawton Street              12 disabled spaces).
18        “Multi-storey car park     To erect an 11-storey building              As above          On site.                £7m         Summer 2011
          with retail below”, Land   comprising ground floor commercial/
          Bounded by Heathfield      retailing unit (Use Classes A1, A2,
          Street, Back Bold Street   A3, A4, A5 and B1) and multi-storey
          and nos. 48-60 Renshaw     car park above with new public realm
          Street                     (landscaping and associated works).
19        New depot for              Replacement depot for Network Rail.         As above          On site.                £1.5m       April 2011
          Network Rail
MAP REF   ADDRESS                   DESCRIPTION                                    DEVELOPER        STATUS                  COST        COMPLETION

20        46-48 Mount Pleasant      To change basement use from retail (A1)        Faith Pharmacy   Permission granted      £0.6m       Not known
                                    and restaurant (A3) to retail (A1) financial   Ltd              December 2010.
                                    and professional (A2) restaurant (A3)
                                    and take away (A5). Change use of 1st
                                    and 2nd floors from office (B1) to student
                                    accommodation (30 rooms in 6 clusters)
                                    6 student rooms (2 clusters) on fourth
                                    floor works include external alterations
                                    and all associated works.
21        14/26 Benson Street, L1   To erect 5-storey building comprising          Liverpool RX     Permission granted      Not known   Not known
                                    10 x 2 bedroom flats, 20 x 1 bedroom           Co Ltd           September 2010
                                    flats and 3 ground floor commercial/                            subject to signing
                                    retail units (Use Classes A1/A2 and/                            of legal agreement.
                                    or B1) with car parking and ancillary                           Development on
                                    accommodation.                                                  hold pending an
                                                                                                    improvement in the
22        21-25 Williamson Square   To erect 4/5-storey building to be             Marks &          Permission granted      Not known   Not known
                                    used for retail purposes following the         Spencer          December 2010
                                    demolition of 21/25 Williamson Square.                          subject to signing of
                                                                                                    legal agreement.
23        14-14 Oldham Street       To erect mixed development of 2                Tara House Ltd   Planning application    Not known   Spring 2012
                                    hotels, 113 post graduate/student                               approved April 2010
                                    studio apartments, 247 space car park                           subject to signing of
                                    and retail unit.                                                a legal agreement.
                                                                                                    Developer has
                                                                                                    indicated early 2011
                                                                                                    start on site.
24        Neptune Theatre,          Internal refurbishment and decoration          Liverpool City   On site.                £0.75m      April 2011
          Hanover House, 85         of Neptune Theatre, including removal          Council
          Hanover Street            of bar and ticket office, incorporation of
                                    accessible W.C., creating a new door
                                    opening to provide improved access
                                    for wheelchair users.

25        52-56 Upper Parliament    To erect 5-storey block of student             Mr Aidan         Permission granted      Not known   Not known
          Street                    accommodation comprising 11 flats              Hollick          December 2010.
                                    (41 bedrooms) and 2 x 3-storey mews
                                    houses at rear (8 bedrooms).

26        Ic3, Liverpool Science    To erect 4-storey office and serviced          Liverpool        Permission granted      £7m         April 2013
          Park                      laboratory space to adjoin existing            Science Park     October 2010.
                                    innovation centre, reconfigure existing
                                    car parking and landscaping and
                                    associated external works.
27        Ic2, Liverpool Science    Creation of 5,000 sq ft laboratory space       Liverpool        On site.                £0.66m      April 2011
          Park                      within existing building.                      Science Park
28        Everyman Theatre,         To demolish existing theatre and no.11         Liverpool and    Permission granted      £28m        2013
          Hope Street               Hope Street and redevelop site with            Merseyside       August 2010. Start on
                                    new 3-storey theatre building and              Theatre Trust    site imminent.
                                    associated office and rehearsal space,
                                    create loading bay at rear accessed
                                    from Arrad Street and carry out
                                    alterations to footways at front and rear.
29        Hahnemann Building &      To extend, alter and convert buildings         Maghull          Permission granted      £100m       Not known
          58 Hope Street            to form a 50 bedroom boutique                  Developments     September 2010.
                                    hotel with ancillary restaurant, bar,
                                    conference and spa facilities.
30        Former College of Art,    To extend and convert building into 41         Maghull          Permission granted                  Not known
          68 Hope Street            apartments.                                    Developments     September 2010.
31        2 Blackburne Place        Application to replace extant planning         Maghull          Permission granted                  Not known
                                    permission 07F/3274 in order to extend         Developments     September 2010
                                    the time limit for implementation to
                                    demolish existing extension, erect
                                    new 4-storey extension and convert
                                    resultant building into 13 apartments.
                                                                                                                                     LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 21

MAP REF   ADDRESS                        DESCRIPTION                                       DEVELOPER          STATUS                  COST        COMPLETION

32        Josephine Butler House,        Application to replace extant planning            Maghull            Permission granted                  Not known
          Hope Street/Myrtle             permission 07F/3272 in order to extend            Developments       September 2010.
          Street                         the time limit for implementation to
                                         demolish existing buildings and erect a
                                         new 5/6-storey building with retail, food
                                         and drink uses (Use Classes A1, A2, A3
                                         & A4) at ground level offices (Use Class
                                         B1) on upper floor levels and a roof
                                         top restaurant with associated 3 floor
                                         basement car park and associated works.
33        Faculty of Business and        To erect new educational building with            Liverpool          On site.                £37.6m      August 2012
          Law and the Faculty of         associated hard & soft landscaping                John Moores
          Media Arts and Social          following demolition of existing building.        University
          Science, Liverpool             The new building will provide a new
          John Moores University,        Centre for the Faculty of Business and
          Clarence Street/               Law, the Liverpool Screen School, and
          Brownlow Hill                  the University’s new Professional Centre.

34        5, 7 & 9 Bridgewater           To develop site following demolition of           BPS                Planning permission     £6m         Not known
          Street                         existing building to provide an 11-storey                            granted June 2010.
                                         building, comprising basement car
                                         parking, ground floor commercial and 98
                                         apartments above.
35        Land at Hurst Street,          Full application for the redevelopment            Fountain           Planning application    £50m        Not known
          Sparling Street, Tabley        of land at Hurst Street/ Sparling Street/         Trustees &         10F/0824 submitted
          Street, Wapping                Tabley Street/Wapping to provide a                Hurst Street Ltd   April 2010.
                                         mixed use development comprising 180
                                         bedroom hotel, 100 apartments, 220 bed
                                         YHA building, and retail space (585 sq
                                         m), plus associated access and parking,
                                         landscaping and amenity space, together
                                         with outline application for 95 bedroom
                                         care home.
36        Land between Norfolk           To erect 11-storey building to provide            Greenway Global    Planning application    £6m         Not known
          Street and Brick Street        104 apartments, ground floor                      Ltd                10F/2553 submitted
                                         commercial units and car parking and                                 November 2010.
                                         carry out associated works.
37        Watkinson St Warehouses,       To refurbish existing warehouses, demolish        Borden             Planning application    £6m         Not known
          56 Norfolk Street, Baltic      existing industrial units & erect new part-5/     Properties Ltd     10F/0777 submitted
          Triangle, Liverpool 3 &        part 6-storey building, to comprise a total                          April 2010.
          associated buildings           of seventy nine self-contained apartments
                                         and eight commercial units.
38        “Tribeca”, Great George        Part full/part outline proposal to                Urban Splash       Planning permission     Not known   Not known
          Street Housing Project         develop land for a mixed-use scheme                                  granted March 2010.
                                         comprising residential accommodation
                                         and commercial units in a phased
                                         development. Full application for 306
                                         apartments/10 houses in heights ranging
                                         from 2/3 storeys to 7/16 storeys. Outline
                                         application for residential/commercial
                                         floorspace on 1.1 hectares in heights
                                         ranging from 5/9 storeys and 6/8 storeys.
39        Womens International           To erect 5 storey building comprising             The Women’s        On site.                £5m         January 2011
          Centre for Educational         offices and training facilities with associated   Organisation
          Development (WICED),           hard and soft landscaping.
          land between Watkinson
          Street and Norfolk Street,
          St James Street
40        Former Shell Petrol Station,   To erect 5-storey block comprising 2              Shell UK Oil       Outline application     £1m         Not known
          St James Street                ground floor retail units and 15 flats with       Products Ltd       10O/1710 submitted
                                         associated car parking and landscaping.                              October 2010.
MAP REF   ADDRESS                    DESCRIPTION                                    DEVELOPER          STATUS                   COST        COMPLETION

41        Land at Junction of        To erect 4.5 and 7-storey mixed-use            CR Jennings        Planning application     £4m         Not known
          Seymour Street/St          development comprising 46 no. dwelling         and EL Dorins of   10F/2355 submitted
          Vincent Street             units of student accommodation, with           Messr Edward       October 2010.
                                     ground floor commercial space for uses         Simmons LLP as
                                     within Class A1 (retail ) A2 (financial and    LPA Receivers
                                     professional services) A3 (restaurant and
                                     cafe) A4 (drinking establishments) A5 (hot
                                     food takeaways) and B1(Business use).
42        Central Library, William   Refurbishment of the city's main               Liverpool City     On site.                 £50m        November 2012
          Brown Street               library, including partial demolition and      Council

43        Former NCP Car Park,       To erect hotel, retain and refurbish 127       RBS Duke St        Planning permission      Not known   Not known
          127/137 Duke Street,       – 137 Duke Street, erect new build multi-      Developments       granted May 2010.
          46/54 Parr Street          storey car park with commercial space          & Liverpool
                                     at ground floor following demolition of        Developments
                                     existing garage/workshop at 46-54 Parr
44        52/60 Seel Street and      To use basement & ground floors as a           North West         Planning application     Not known   Not known
          30/32 Slater Street        restaurant with Class A3 (Restaurant &         Bistros Ltd        10F/2127 submitted
                                     Cafes) and convert the first and second                           November 2010.
                                     floors into student accommodation to
                                     provide 12 bedspaces and carry out
                                     associated physical works including 2
                                     single storey extensions to rear of existing
45        Arena House, 82-84         To change use of premises to provide           Middle England     On site.                 Not known   Not known
          Duke Street                accommodation for 54 students with             Developments
                                     associated facilities and carry out external   Ltd
                                     works including the installation of two new
46        57-59 Seel Street          To use basement, ground, first and             Okewood            Planning permission      £0.1m       Not known
                                     second floor levels as restaurant/bar          Heritage           granted February 2010.
                                     (Use Classes A3/A4), erect new first floor     Properties Ltd
                                     extension with balcony terrace to Fleet
                                     Street and carry out external alterations,
                                     including new entrance, escape stair and
                                     lobby to Seel Street.
47        Site of former multi-      To erect 5-storey building containing          Premier Inn        Permission granted       £10m        May 2012
          storey car park, Hanover   183 bed hotel, three retail units and four     Hotels Ltd and     August 2010. Start on
          Street                     restaurants.                                   Liverpool PSDA     site expected January
                                                                                    Limited            2011.
48        1-2 St Peters Square       To erect 1st floor extension to licensed       Mr Graham          Permission granted       Not known   Not known
                                     premises and carry out internal and            Clarke             November 2010.
                                     external alterations including covered
                                     terrace to St Peters Square.
49        28-30 Berry Street and     To use basement for office use, retain         Heathcourse        Permission granted       Not known   Not known
          87 Seel Street             bookmakers at ground floor, use first floor                       September 2010.
                                     for retail and office use and create 2 self-
                                     contained flats at second floor level with
                                     associated building alterations.
50        118/126 Duke Street        To develop site to form restaurant,            Frenson Ltd        On site.                 £12m        Not known
                                     offices and residential apartments
                                     involving conversion of 118/124 Duke
                                     Street and construction of new building
                                     on the site of 126 Duke Street and the
                                     rear of the site fronting Henry Street.
51        Liverpool Community        To erect 4/5-storey educational building       Liverpool          On site.                 £35m        February 2011
          College, Roscoe Street/    to provide learner centre and sports           Community
          Knight Street              facility, with ancillary uses, including a     College
52        Land at rear of 139-141    To erect additional floors to form             Mr G Clarke        On site.                 £0.75m      April 2011
          Duke Street                4-storey building comprising of office to
                                     ground floor and 2 flats on upper floors.
                                                                                                                                LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 23

MAP REF   ADDRESS                       DESCRIPTION                                    DEVELOPER         STATUS                  COST        COMPLETION

53        Royal Liverpool               Outline planning application for               Royal Liverpool   Outline permission      £477m       2015
          University Hospital,          redevelopment of the Royal Liverpool           & Broadgreen      granted December
          Prescot Street                University to provide a hospital and           University        2008.
                                        related healthcare developments on             Hospitals NHS
                                        site of no more than 10.11 hectares            Trust
                                        comprising core hospital buildings,
                                        energy centre, future healthcare
                                        buildings, vehicular and pedestrian
                                        access including blue light access, car
                                        parking provision including multi-storey
                                        car parks, vehicular drop off/arrival
                                        areas, pedestrian routes and areas of
                                        soft and hard landscaping.
54        Land at Prescot Street        To erect 5/6-storey building to provide        Brabco 724 Ltd    Permission granted      Not known   Not known
                                        ground floor commercial accommodation                            September 2010.
                                        (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, D1 and/or D2) and
                                        49 units of student/key worker/residential
                                        accommodation to the upper floors.
55        “Eco Residences”, Land        To erect building comprising restaurant/bar    University of     On site.                £45m        April 2012
          at Grove Street/Myrtle        to ground floor and 5 flats on upper floors.   Liverpool
          Street/ Chatham Street
56        Hall Lane Strategic           To provide a link road between Low Hill and    Liverpool City    On site.                £20m        October 2011
          Gateway - land at Low         Edge Lane.                                     Council
          Hill, Grove Street, and
          West Derby Street to
          Edge Lane
57        124 London Road               To erect mixed-use development                 Westville         On site.                £4m         May 2011
                                        of basement car parking, 5-storey              Developments
                                        residential development over ground            Ltd
                                        floor retail/commercial space, and
                                        refurbish No. 128 including extension of
                                        the ground retail unit, and conversion
                                        of upper floors to provide residential
58        The University Of             To erect 3-storey central science              University of     Permission granted      £25m        September
          Liverpool Chatham             teaching laboratory.                           Liverpool         December 2009.                      2011
          Building, Chatham Street
59        “Institute of Infection and   To erect a 4-storey research/office/           University of     Permission granted      £90m        July 2011
          Global Health”, West          laboratory building with roof top              Liverpool         December 2009.
          Derby Street/Crown            plant equipment (linked to existing
          Street                        Bio Sciences building) and lay out
                                        associated paving and landscaping
                                        with construction of a service
60        27-29 Stafford Street         To erect building comprising restaurant/       KCC Ltd           Permission granted      Not known   Not known
                                        bar to ground floor and 5 flats on upper                         March 2010.
61        33 Devon Street               To erect part six, part 8-storey building      AMA (NW)          Permission granted      Not known   Not known
                                        to comprise commercial units at                Developments      March 2010.
                                        ground level ( Use class A1) and 48            Co Ltd
                                        student flats (166 bedrooms) following
                                        demolition of existing building.

62        Bispham House, Lace           To refurbish existing 15-storey residential    Fresh Start       Planning application    £5m         Autumn 2011
          Street                        block and erect two additional levels of       Living            10F/1891 submitted
                                        accommodation to provide 96 x 1 and 2                            August 2010
                                        bedroom apartments; create 43 surface                            (awaiting signing of
                                        level car parking spaces and carry out                           legal agreement).
                                        landscaping works.
MAP REF   ADDRESS                     DESCRIPTION                                   DEVELOPER          STATUS                 COST        COMPLETION

63        Mann Island                 Mixed development comprising two              Countryside        On site.               £120m       Phase 1
                                      predominantly residential buildings           Neptune LLP                                           Residential
                                      (376 dwellings) with two levels of                                                                  – Spring/
                                      basement car parking (483 spaces)                                                                   Summer 2011;
                                      and one predominantly commercial
                                      office building (13,079 sqm gross), all                                                             Phase 2
                                      with ancillary retail, cafes, bars and                                                              Residential –
                                      restaurants (7,236 sqm); an area of                                                                 Autumn 2011
                                      covered public space (1,247 sqm);                                                                   Phase 3 Offices
                                      public realm works and landscaping; a                                                               – Autumn 2011
                                      footbridge and a primary sub-station.
64        Artisan Residential         96 apartments around the eastern and          Artisan            On site.               Not known   Spring 2011
          Development, Kings          southern elevations of the multi-storey
          Dock                        car park.
65        Museum of Liverpool         New museum.                                   National           On site.               £70m        July 2011
          Life (‘X’ Building), Mann                                                 Museums
          Island                                                                    Liverpool

66        Dock Traffic Office,        To erect glazed walkway between               National           Permission granted     £6m         2012
          Salthouse Quay, Albert      3rd floor of dock traffic office and 3rd      Museum             April 2010.
          Dock                        floor of Merseyside Maritime Museum,          Liverpool
                                      and erect external ramp. (Scheme will
                                      include extension of Slavery Museum).
67        Premier Inn Hotel,          To carry out internal alterations to create   Whitbread          Completed.             £0.1m       Completed
          Britannia Pavilion, Gower   16 additional hotel bedrooms plus 2           Group Plc
          Street                      new linen stores.

68        Land Bounded by The         Application for new planning permission       Roddington         Planning application   Not known   Not known
          Dolby Hotel, Queens         (06F/1876) to replace extant planning         Investments        09F/2766 submitted
          Dock, Sefton Street and     permission, to erect 22-storey tower                             December 2009.
          112 Mariners Wharf          block comprising 118 residential units
                                      together with 3-storey block comprising
                                      5 Duplex residential units plus parking
                                      and garden decks fronting onto Queens
                                      Dock and 4-storey block comprising 11
                                      residential units with residents health
                                      club fronting on to Sefton Street.

69        Knowledge Quarter           Junction and other streetscape                Liverpool City     On site.               £5.8m       Spring 2011
          Public Realm Works          improvements.                                 Council

70        Castle Street               Refurbishment of footways and                 Liverpool City     On site.               £2.9m       Spring 2011
                                      carriageways and in Castle Street and         Council
                                      the environs of the Town Hall.
71        Dale Street, Old Hall       Refurbishment of pavements.                   Liverpool City     On site.               £3.5m       Spring 2011
          Street and Exchange                                                       Council

72        Heywood House Hotel,        Conversion of ground floor to restaurant      Then Hospitality   Completed.             £1.5m       March 2010
          5 Brunswick Street,         with 35 bedroom 4 star boutique hotel on
          Liverpool                   upper floors.

73        ”Chatham Lodge”,            To erect 4-storey development with A1         Liverpool Edge     Completed.             £3.9m       October 2010
          corner of Myrtle Street     and A3 at ground floor with 18 student
          and Chatham Street          apartments above.
                                                                                                                        LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 25

MAP REF   ADDRESS                      DESCRIPTION                                     DEVELOPER           STATUS        COST          COMPLETION

74        “Kings Dock Mill”, Land      To erect mixed-use development in a 12,         King Dock Mill      Completed.    £47m          October 2010
          Bounded by Hurst Street,     10, 8 and 6-storey building comprising          And Porter
          Cornhill, Shaws Alley and    240 residential apartments, 279 sqm of          Brothers Ltd
          Tabley Street                commercial floorspace for uses within
                                       Classes B1, A1, A2, A3, A4, & A5, 110
                                       bedroom Hilton hotel (Class C1), 150
                                       space car park, landscaping, public
                                       realm works and associated & servicing
                                       works, following demolition of existing
75        57 Jordan Street             To carry out alterations and refurbishment      Baltic Creative     Completed.    £0.6m         December
                                       works and sub-divide into 2 individual office                                                   2010
76        22 Jordan Street             To carry out alterations to refurbishment       Baltic Creative     Completed.    As above      December
                                       works and sub-divide into new office units/                                                     2010
77        4 Jordan Street              To carry out alterations and refurbishment      Baltic Creative     Completed.    As above      December
                                       works and use as office.                                                                        2010

78        Lime Street Gateway          Construction of a new gateway (public           Liverpool City      Completed.    £35m          Summer 2010
                                       space) in front of Lime St Station following    Council and
                                       the demolition of Concourse House               Homes and
                                       and adjoining retail units. The scheme          Communities
                                       combines improved access to the station         Agency
                                       concourse, lift access to subway, access to
                                       Merseyrail, feature lighting and public art.
79        35/41 Bridport Street        To erect mixed development of 5/6-storeys       Mr Cockram          Completed.    £3.5m         September
                                       comprising 31 residential apartments on                                                         2010
                                       upper floors, 3 commercial spaces on
                                       ground and first floors with parking for 10
                                       vehicles and cycle storage in basement.
80        Transport House, Islington   To refurbish and extend existing office         Unite the Union     Completed.    £2m           July 2010

81        Base2Stay Hotel, former      Conversion and redevelopment to 106             Base 2 Stay         Completed.    £14m          Summer 2010
          Seel House, 29-35 Seel       bedroom four star hotel.                        Developments
          Street                                                                       Ltd
82        Humyak House, 13-15          To change use of warehouse to licensed          Mr Robert Collins   Completed.    Not known     Spring 2010
          Duke Street                  premises to include basement club ground
                                       floor bistro/bar first and second floor
                                       restaurant and third floor ancillary rooms.

83        25 Henry Street              To refurbish and extend existing building       Poseidon            Completed.    Not known     Spring 2010
                                       to accommodate 12 self-contained                Investments
                                       apartments over 7 storeys with commercial
                                       unit on 2 floors.
84        50 Duke Street               To carry out refurbishment works in             Mr C Norman         Completed.    £0.4million   January 2010
                                       connection with the approved use of the
                                       building as offices.

85        Hilton House, 12A Moss       To erect 62 x 2 bedroom apartments with         Moss Street         Completed.    Not known     March 2010
          Street                       retail to ground floor and parking following    Developments
                                       demolition of existing buildings.               Ltd

86        Royal Liver Building, Pier   Major refurbishment including new               Royal Liver         Completed.    £20m          Autumn 2010
          Head                         entrance in west portico, office                Group
                                       refurbishment and creation of new
                                       mezzanine levels.

87        Baltic Triangle area         Refurbishment of pavements, lighting,           Liverpool City      Completed.    £1.8          December
                                       on-street parking                               Council                                         2010

                                                                                                   Northshore is located immediately
                                                                                                   north of Liverpool city centre. The
                                                                                                   area includes both operational
                                    A5036                                             A59

                                                                                                   and historic dockland areas and
                                                                                                   the local economy is predictably
                                              A565                A567
                                                                                                   strong in the maritime and port-
                                                                                                   related sectors. The area is home
                                                                                                   to a range of businesses but large
                                                                     A59                           scale development opportunities
                                                                                                   remain, particularly in two core
                                                                                                   sites – Central Docks and
                   el (T
                        oll)             93                                                        Stanley Docks.
            y Tu

MAP REF          ADDRESS                             DESCRIPTION                                 DEVELOPER          STATUS                  COST          COMPLETION

88               45 Derby Road                       To erect new packing warehouse              New Britain Oils   Planning application    Not known     Not known
                                                                                                 Ltd                10F/2649 submitted
                                                                                                                    November 2010.
89               72 St Johns Road                    To erect steel framed industrial building   Bootle             Planning application    Not known     Not known
                                                     (alternative to application no. 10F/0587    Containers Ltd     10F/2657 submitted
                                                     granted April 2010).                                           November 2010.
90               Site adjacent to Tate               To erect vegetable oil refinery including   New Britain Oils   Completed.              £18m          May 2010
                 & Lyle Tank Farm, 167               a 36-metre high refinery building,          Ltd
                 Regent Road                         9-metre high support building,
                                                     45-metre high chimney, and 15-metre
                                                     high tank storage farm and effluent
                                                     treatment plant, together with parking
                                                     and servicing areas, and associated
91               Liverpool Waters, Central           The comprehensive redevelopment of          Peel Holdings      Outline planning        £5.5billion   2038-2048
                 Docks, off Regent Road              up to 60 hectares of former dock land       Ltd                application submitted
                                                     comprising a maximum of 305,479 sq                             October 2010.
                                                     m offices, 752,675 sqm of residential
                                                     space for 9,152 homes, 69,735 sqm of
                                                     hotel/conference facilities, 24,696 sqm
                                                     of comparison retailing, 7,768 sqm of
                                                     convenience retailing, 8,588 sqm of
                                                     financial/professional services, 33,638
                                                     sqm of restaurants/cafes, 20,210 sqm
                                                     of drinking establishments, 9,764 sqm
                                                     of non-residential institutions, 33,299
                                                     sqm of assembly and leisure,17,600 sq
                                                     m for a cruise liner facility, 36,280 sqm
                                                     of servicing together with car and cycle
                                                     parking, structural landscaping, new
                                                     access, formation of public spaces and
                                                     associated infrastructure and public
                                                     realm works (Outline Application).
92               54-60 Waterloo Road                 To erect 6 storey building at 56-60         Ms Esther          Permission granted      Not known     Not known
                                                     Waterloo Road for business, general         McVey              February 2010.
                                                     industry and/or storage/distribution
                                                     uses within Classes B1, B2 and B8)
                                                     (Outline Application).
93               50-52 Waterloo Road                 To erect 5 storey building at 50-52         Ms Esther          Permission granted      Not known     Not known
                                                     Waterloo Road for business, general         McVey              February 2010
                                                     industry and/or storage/distribution
                                                     uses (within Use Classes B1, B2 and
                                                     B8) (Outline Application).
                                                                                                                                LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 27


                                                                                                J6        A506

                                                                         A506                                                           A5207


     A5038                                                                                                                                         A580

             A566                        B5187                                                                                           J4


Approach A580 Gateway is located to the north east of Liverpool city
centre. Thanks to its position close to a junction of the M57, the area has
excellent links to the national motorway network. The area has particular
strengths in the manufacturing, logistics, service and food sectors with
major local employers including Vertex, Jacobs, QVC and TJ Morris.
MAP REF      ADDRESS                    DESCRIPTION                                   DEVELOPER         STATUS                   COST           COMPLETION

94           Stonebridge Business       To erect a depot and operational control      Parsons           Park and ride element    Not            September
             Park: Merseytram Park      building, and lay out car parking and         Brinkerhoff Ltd   completed.               disclosed      2010
             and Ride Facility, East    landscaping for a Park and Ride facility,
             Lancashire Road/Back       in connection with deemed permission
             Gillmoss Lane.             for Merseytram (Line 1 – Liverpool City
                                        Centre to Kirkby).
95           Gillmoss Recycling Park,   To erect an 18-metre high building            Merseyside        On site.                 £20m           Spring 2011
             Stonebridge Lane           comprising a material recovery facility       Waste Disposal
                                        and offices.                                  Authority

                        B5188                                                                                                                          A57




                                     A5047                                              96

                                                                                             B5179           98        99

                                                      B5178                                                                                            A5058

Eastern Gateway is a mixed residential and commercial area, which
is focused on the Edge Lane corridor, the main eastern gateway into
Liverpool city centre from the end of the M62 motorway.
MAP REF       ADDRESS                        DESCRIPTION                                     DEVELOPER            STATUS                   COST        COMPLETION

96            Edge Lane Retail Park:         To develop land with a mixed-use                Derwent              Resolution made          £200m       2011-15
              Land to the South of           development comprising retail units,            Holdings Ltd         December 2010 to
              Edge Lane.                     leisure units, and restaurants; together                             grant permission
                                             with associated car parking, landscaping,                            subject to Secretary
                                             and external works.                                                  of State approval and
                                                                                                                  legal agreement.
97            Edge Lane Retail Park:         To alter and convert no.491-499 Edge            Derwent              Planning application
              459-461, and former MFI        Lane in connection with proposed use            Holdings Ltd         10F/1491 submitted
              premises at 491-499            for general industrial purposes and                                  July 2010.
              Edge Lane                      erect 16 single-storey units for general
                                             industrial purposes together with
                                             associated parking/servicing area and
                                             ancillary works.
98            Former Skellys site/           To erect buildings for mental health            Derwent              Outline permission
              Carpetworld, land              care service provision (within                  Holdings Ltd         granted August 2010.
              bounded by Edge Lane,          Use Classes C2 and D1) (Outline
              Edge Lane Drive, Mill          Application).
              Lane, Binns Road, Borax
99            Former Robinson Willey         A hybrid planning application – (1) full        Derwent              Permission granted
              Site, Mill Lane                application to lay out a public park with       Holdings             December 2010.
                                             associated access, landscaping, and
                                             parking; (2) outline application to erect
                                             39 dwellings.
100           Liverpool Innovation           To erect two phase pharmaceutical               Space North          On site.                 Not known   Not known
              Park (Former Marconi           production facility with 2-storey office        West / Norwepp
              Selenia Secure Systems         accommodation and ancillary storage             General Partner
              Ltd, 2 Wavertree               buildings and plant, associated car             Ltd
              Boulevard)                     parking, vehicle loading facilities
                                             landscaping, fencing and gates.
101           Liverpool Digital,             To form new building entrance, canopy,          Norwepp Ltd          On site.                 £4m         April 2011
              Liverpool Innovation           refurbishment of former Marconi offices         Partnership
              Park, Edge Lane                to create a networking hub/entrance
                                             area, café, 200 car parkings spaces,
                                             offices (17,500 sq ft) and landscaped
                                                                                                                                  LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE // 29




                                                 109         111
                                                                             113                   106
                 108                                         102


              Mersey                                                         Liverpool John
                                                                             Lennon Airport

MAP REF   ADDRESS                      DESCRIPTION                                   DEVELOPER             STATUS                  COST        COMPLETION

102       Land at junction of          To erect and layout Garden Centre retail      Dobbies Garden        Planning application    £8m         Autumn 2011
          Speke Boulevard/ Speke       development including restaurant/cafe;        Centres plc/          approved subject to
          Hall Avenue, L24             farm food hall; polytunnels, outdoor          Peel Holdings         legal agreement in
                                       display/demonstration areas, car parking      Investments           December 2010.
                                       and landscaping.                              (North) Ltd
103       Premier Inn, Speke Hall      To erect 3-storey, 101 bedroom hotel          Peel Airports         Completed.              £4.5m       December
          Avenue                       with associated restaurant and bar and        (Liverpool) Ltd                                           2010
                                       car parking for 112 cars
104       Estuary Business Park:       To erect 4-storey office development          Errigal               Permission granted      Not known   Not known
          Plot H1C, Leeward Drive      with car parking and landscaping.             Developments          May 2010.
105       The Office Quarter,          To erect 4 x 2-storey commercial units        Genesis               Planning application    £4.7        Not known
          (Phase 2a, 2b of plot H2B,   (Use Classes B1, B2, B8) and lay out          Business Park         10F/2640 submitted
          Estuary Commerce Park)       associated parking.                           Ltd                   November 2010.
106       Venture Point: Plots 6/8     To erect 4 commercial blocks                  Northern Trust        Permission granted      Not known   Not known
                                       comprising 24 B2 units, 3 B1 units            Ltd                   February 2009.
                                       and 2 B2/B8 units with associated car
                                       parking, sub-station and landscaping
107       The Match Works, Speke       Application to replace extant planning        Urban Splash          Permission granted      Not known   Not known
          Road                         permission 07F/1353 – To erect                                      November 2010.
                                       3-storey office and basement car park;
                                       additional ground level ventilation strips
                                       and stairwell canopy.
108       Land adjacent to             To construct Resource Recovery Park           Jack Allen            Council refusal         £32m        Not known
          Stalbridge Dock              (RRP) to deal with up to 150,000 tonnes       Holdings Ltd          decision overturned
                                       of domestic and commercial waste,                                   by Government
                                       to erect waste processing building, 1                               Inspector in October
                                       sprinkler tank, external plant, ancillary                           2010.
                                       buildings, parking, servicing and
109       Triangle site adjacent to    To erect 2 general industrial buildings       Valedown Ltd          Completed.              £1.5m       December
          163 Triumph Way              for sub-division into 11 units with                                                                     2010
                                       landscaping, footpaths and security
110       Former New Mersey            To redevelop site for car showroom, B1,       Volkswagen            Completed.              £1.5m       December
          Motor Co., Speke Hall        B2 and B8 uses.                               Group UK                                                  2010
          Road/ Edwards Lane
111       Goodlass Road Office         To erect 2 no. four storey office building    Dylan Harvey          Completed.              £10m        September
          Park                         and lay out approx. 300 space car park.       Commercial Ltd                                            2010

112       Liverpool John Lennon        Extension to eastern end of passenger         Liverpool             Completed.              £12m        Autumn 2010
          Airport                      terminal.                                     Airport PLC
113       Metalboxonians Club,         Multi-sports centre of 9 x 5-a-side and 2     Goals Soccer          Completed.              £2m         December
          Speke Boulevard              x 7-a-side artificial sports pitches, new     Centres PLC                                               2010
                                       sports pavilion, new and replacement
                                       parking, new access points, entrance
                                       canopy to club, paths, cycle parking
                                       and associated landscaping.
Liverpool Vision
10th Floor, The Capital
39 Old Hall Street
Liverpool L3 9PP

T. 0151 600 2900                Words: David Thame. Photography: McCoy Wynne, Alexander MacGregor,
E. info@liverpoolvision.co.uk   Neptune Developments, Derwent Holdings.
www.liverpoolvision.co.uk       Designed and produced by Alexander MacGregor Ltd.

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