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17 Reasons Why Some Mobile Marketers Succeed More Than Others


17 Reasons Why Some Mobile Marketers Succeed More Than Others

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									17 Reasons Why Some Mobile Marketers
Succeed More Than Others

As a mobile marketer, you may have wondered why some people start together
in a journey but end up differently after a while. Perhaps you may think it got to
do with luck, financial endowment or inborn skills. It could be partly true but,
there are at least 17 reasons why these variances occur.

1. Successful mobile marketers have written goals and review them every
morning. Research shows that this simple act makes you 30 times more likely to

2. They start with the end in mind. They see their business as they would like it to
be when it's arrived. They have a strong vision and work daily with plans to make
it come to fruition.

3. They give customers what they want and not what they think they want. You
find out what they hate and keep off from it.

4. They use the 80:20 principles. That means directing 80% of the effort and
resources to the 20% of activities that generate 80% of the results. You don't try
to do everything and belief in doing a few things really good.

5. They rely on systems rather than human beings. You have auto responders,
alarms, reminders, organizers, and dairies that keep you and your mobile
marketing business on track.

6. They know that being the cheapest is a poor strategy. If you gains customers by
being the cheapest, you will lose them to another cheaper provide.

7. They hire smart. You look for attitude and skill from service providers and
employees before accepting their services.

8. They don't burn bridges when parting company with service providers,
associates, employees, bankers or even tax collectors. You leave the door open
for possible future business.

9. They have a unique differentiator that makes it difficult for others to imitate
you. You highlight this difference and the value you provide to your clients.

10. They are prepared to take a new direction when a new opportunity arises. You
have an exit plan for each phase and level of your mobile business.

11. They know the value of the first impression. And since you only get one
chance to do it, you strive to get it right the first time with your headlines, blogs,
phone calls and text messages.

12. Successful mobile marketers question everything. You are always looking for a
way of making improvements of as little as 1%.
13. They keep books and use financial figures as an indicator of the health of a
mobile business and not for the purposes of taxes only.

14. They are aware that time is the most important resources and have learnt to
say no to commitments that are not important or relevant.

15. They set performance standards for themselves and associates that affect the
business and they abhor mediocrity.

16. They maintain integrity and high ethical standards for themselves and
associates. They know that this can sometimes be expensive but, are always
willing to pay the price rather than compromise when no one is watching.

17. They never stop learning and are master communicator. They seek the
company of excellent people who can help grow faster.

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