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Accelerate Advanced Analytics
Turn your information into better decisions with enhanced analytics capabilities,
powerful new options, and a broad array of advanced features in Sybase IQ.


The Essential Foundation for Advanced Analytics
A new strategy called “competing on analytics”1 is focused on leveraging data,
technology, and expert use of statistics and mathematical modeling to improve a
wide variety of business functions and decisions. Companies are looking to
analytics to help them differentiate their offerings and gain a competitive edge in
such diverse areas as pricing, customer service, and supply chain flows. Advanced
analytics, which involves complex statistical and quantitative methods in the form
of data mining, forecasting, optimization, and simulation, is becoming increasingly
widespread in support of these efforts. A recent survey from TDWI (The Data
Warehousing Institute) Research predicts that close to 85% of organizations will be
practicing advanced analytics in some form by 2012.2

Advanced analytics involves deep analysis to uncover relationships and trends,
predictive modeling to extrapolate what may happen in the future, and
optimization algorithms to maximize revenue and other variables in various
scenarios. Industry experts agree that such techniques require specialized analytic
tools and that the underlying data and query requirements make a dedicated
analytics server an essential foundation to achieving these kinds of objectives.
Sybase IQ is the market-leading column-based analytics server optimized to handle
even the most challenging advanced analytics methods with ease.

>> READ the Solution Overview: Sybase IQ Accelerates Advanced Analytics

Section 1: How and Why to Use Advanced Analytics
 Also the title of the book – Competing on Analytics, Davenport, Thomas H. & Harris, Jeanne G., HBS
Press, 2007.
    See TDWI Checklist Report – Data Requirements for Advanced Analytics, September 2009.
Both technological and cultural issues are involved in the move to advanced
analytics. These three articles take a look at advanced analytics technology
solutions and the end-user mind-set necessary for employing sophisticated tools to
use data more effectively to create and/or maintain a competitive edge.

Deep Analytics: What is it, and How do I do it?
By Jane Griffin
The need to remain competitive compels companies to invest more in advanced
analytics technology solutions to help them gain deeper insight into business and
market information. To gain a competitive edge, companies are using sophisticated
tools and advanced technology solutions to more effectively monitor and manage
performance, deliver better information to decision-makers, and improve insight
and outcomes.

How Do I Make Deep Analytics Fit My Business?
Jane Griffin
There are technical and cultural changes that must take place at a company
considering a deep analytics implementation. Put the right culture in place and
you'll know what technology you need. Once the technology is in place, the
information culture will change over time to take utmost advantage of the

Academics and Analytics
By Steve Miller
Today’s analytics business leaders need to have a cultural mentality of using data
more effectively, running experiments, and responding to the environment in
addition to the advances in the underlying technology.

Section 2: A Smarter Approach to Advanced Analytics
The value of advanced analytics is substantial and can be measured in terms of
competitive advantage, significant cost savings, and greater revenues. Yet the very
large data sets often required (sometimes hundreds of terabytes of raw data) and
the query-intense and predictive-scoring workloads involved place additional
pressures on information technology infrastructures. When using traditional
databases or data warehouses, these workloads can significantly slow down system
performance and result in higher costs for additional hardware resources. Many
organizations in a myriad of industries have found a solution to this problem by
running their analytic workloads on Sybase IQ.

>> READ the Sybase-sponsored White Paper by industry thought leader Neil
Raden about how to Get Analytics Right From the Start. Learn more about the
types of advanced analytics, deployment models, and industry use cases.

Sybase IQ is a highly optimized engine for running analytic workloads separate
from OLTP or enterprise data warehouse systems. This is a smarter approach that
makes advanced analytics practical. Unlike traditional databases that were
designed to support business transactions, Sybase IQ was architected for advanced
analytics. Transactional databases require complex, space-consuming indexing and
summary tables to perform query-intensive workloads well (which actually
explode data sizes and slow down performance). In contrast, Sybase IQ's column-
based core architecture and innovative features provide flexibility and scalability in
multiple dimensions, enabling unsurpassed query performance for the most
complex analytics tasks.

Section 3: Sybase IQ Advanced Analytic Platform Features
Sybase IQ is an indispensable platform for advanced analytics needs. The specific
features discussed in this section include column-based architecture, multiplex grid
architecture, in-database analytics, unstructured data and text analysis, and an
advanced partner ecosystem.
Column-Based Architecture

The orientation of data on disk contributes significantly to the performance of
analytic database applications. The traditional row layout may work well for
transactional systems, but an alternate approach is better suited to the demands of
analytical processing. Most analytical queries only need to access a subset of
record attributes, usually to satisfy join or aggregation conditions, which is why
storing data values (record attributes) as separately accessible columns is a more
optimal structure for analytics. And this is how Sybase IQ produces its incredible
results – through a unique architecture combining a column-based data structure
with patented indexing and a scalable grid.

>> READ the White Paper about the benefits of column-based architecture.
The simplicity of the Sybase IQ columnar approach provides many benefits for
advanced analytics including:

    Engineered for access performance – enables selective traversal of the
     required columns for increased data access speed.
    Rapid joins and aggregations – rapidly evaluate join conditions and
     incrementally compute aggregate function results.
    Data compression – significant decrease in storage needs/costs while
     maintaining high performance.
    Rapid data loading – load columns in parallel using multiple threads.

>> For a more in-depth review of the benefits of the Sybase IQ columnar approach,
READ the Sybase IQ architecture Technical White Paper

Multiplex Grid Architecture

A critical capability for deploying advanced analytics environments is to scale up
processing and user capacity as data sets, analytic complexity, and requests for
decision support increase. The Sybase IQ multiplex architecture is a highly
scalable, shared disk grid technology that allows concurrent data loads and queries
via independent data processing nodes connected to a shared data source. This
provides the ability to add nodes as demands on your analytics environment grow.
Your environment can scale to support tens of thousands of users and concurrent
mixed workloads without any reduction in data loading and query performance.

>> VIEW the Sybase IQ Scalable Analytics webinar to learn more about the
Sybase IQ multiplex grid architecture.

Sybase IQ multiplex, available as a separate option to the Sybase IQ server,
enables you to incrementally scale-out concurrent query jobs, load jobs, or both.
The option enables you to specify Sybase IQ servers as either reader or writer
nodes across multiple server machines connected to an array of shared storage area
network disks via high-speed interconnect.

Reader nodes can run read-only operations, and writer nodes can run read-only and
read-write operations to give you the scalability and flexibility you need to adapt
your analytics environment to rapidly changing requirements.

>> READ the Multiplex Grid Option DataSheet

In-Database Analytics

Today’s competitive environment requires analytics to be both quickly available
and accurate. Increasingly, companies who effectively use analytics are able to
outperform their peers and improve their business processes. Achieving such
benefits means processing large amounts of data both quickly and with great
precision and accuracy.

The traditional approach to analytics is to move data out of the database to a
separate analytics workbench for processing. This data movement can account for
up to 75% of the cycle time and impose severe constraints on delivery of the
results. In-database analytics solves this problem by performing all filtering and
analysis of data from within the database.

>> READ the Bloor Research White Paper:
Enabling In-Database Advanced Analytics with Sybase IQ

The Sybase IQ In-Database Analytics Option provides access to an extensive
library of built-in numerical and analytical functions, so that query results can be
immediately analyzed within the database and then sent directly to a visualization
tool. Additional libraries of pluggable analytical algorithms certified from third-
party software vendors can also be used in this process.

>> READ the In-Database Analytics Option DataSheet
>> VIEW the Webinar:
Faster Analytics: Don't Waste Time Moving Data

Unstructured Data & Text Analytics

Did you know that in a typical organization, as much as 80% of the data is non-
relational or unstructured? (e.g., email, media files, documents, presentations, etc.)
As a result, that data is invisible to many analytics systems.

The Sybase IQ Unstructured Data Analytics option provides the means to store,
retrieve, and analyze unstructured data objects as part of the same repository as
relational data. This includes valuable information such as images, maps, word
processing files, audio, video, and XML files. This information is often mission-
critical and, in most organizations, is growing at an explosive rate.

Making unstructured data objects accessible within the database environment is
just the beginning. Within the framework of Sybase IQ, this option enables
businesses to do full text search and analysis by searching both words and phrases,
and by scoring results based on relevance to the search criteria.

>> READ the Unstructured Data Analytics Option DataSheet
>> VIEW the Webinar:
The Critical Role of Text Analytics

Advanced Analytics Partner Ecosystem

Sybase IQ is part of a complete analytics stack, which includes SAP
BusinessObjects EIM Data Services and SAP BusinessObjects. Sybase IQ has a
growing partner ecosystem that enables customers to create comprehensive
advanced analytics solutions that are easy to acquire, integrate, and implement.
Key third-party offerings that integrate with Sybase IQ for advanced analytics
solutions include:

    Tableau Software – Tableau, a provider of fast analytics and data
     visualization software, has released Tableau 5.2, with integration to Sybase
    SAS – SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, has
     introduced the SAS/ACCESS interface to Sybase IQ, an out-of-the box
     integration solution.
    Kapow Technologies – Kapow Technologies' Web Data Server has
     completed certification with Sybase IQ, expanding the data available to
     users of the unstructured data analytics option.
    Fuzzy Logix – Fuzzy Logix provides a rich collection of in-database
     analytics functions for Sybase IQ via its DB Lytix certified analytics library.


2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant Press Release

Sybase extend leadership in advanced analytics Press Release.

Sybase Redefines MPP with Sybase IQ 15.3 Press Release.

White Papers

Text Analytics in the BI Ecosystem
Enabling In-Database Advanced Analytics with Sybase IQ

Case Studies

American Airlines creates a way to quickly and efficiently query its data
warehouse to detect fraudulent ticket processing, track ticket sales properly and
ensure proper revenue is flowing into the company, saving $5 million in the

>>READ the Case Study

Librerie Feltrinelli, Italy's leading retailer of books, music and home videos is
staying ahead in a very competitive business by using Sybase IQ to analyze
growing volumes of sales data.
>> READ the Case Study

Alfred Wegener Institute established a data warehouse that is a major knowledge
base for many geoscientific disciplines, which makes climate and environmental
research information available for academic study.
>> READ the Case Study
Cellcom, the leading Israeli cellular communication services provider, needed to
develop a control system for the company’s global system for mobile
communications network. Cellcom turned to Sybase IQ to create a low-cost, low-
maintenance system that could generate rapid extraction of changing queries
without having to build cubes or aggregate tables.
>> READ the Case Study
IXIS Bank, the investment banking subsidiary of France's third largest banking
group, has improved its risk analysis and trading performance reports by using
Sybase IQ to analyze 300 million daily transaction lines 10 to 20 times faster than
previously possible.
>> READ the Case Study
AOK Hessen is the largest statutory health insurance company in the German state
of Hesse and uses Sybase IQ to analyze patient records to develop new products
and policy proposals.
>> READ the Case Study
Taiwan Mobile provides world-class telecom services in network infrastructure,
product offering, technology development, and customer service. With Sybase IQ,
Taiwan Mobile is able to quickly counter the competition's offers and provide
more options to customers without endangering profitability – keeping costs at a
>> READ the Case Study
Fortis Bank Belgium, the largest financial institution in Belgium, needed to
develop a data warehouse able to manage and analyze an immense amount of data
for commercial advantages. With Sybase, Fortis district managers can monitor,
coach, and launch commercial activities on the basis of market surveys coming
from local branches as often as they wish.
>> READ the Case Study

HMV Japan Co. supplies a plethora of products, including DVDs, Blue-ray discs,
books, games, etc., to its customers via stores or online services. HMV deploys
Sybase IQ to enable the company to achieve greater system efficiency and higher
per-customer sales revenues.
>> READ the Case Study

LG Fire Insurance needed to establish a CRM-ready data warehouse that would
deliver differentiated services to its customers in a highly competitive
environment. Using Sybase technology, LG Fire saves on data storage and analysis
costs while reducing the strain on its overburdened transactional systems.
>> READ the Case Study

About Us
Sybase, an SAP company, is a leader in developing and expanding innovative
database technology with industry leading software to manage, analyze, and
mobilize information.
To gain a competitive edge in the market, Sybase IQ provides precise, actionable
answers to drive better decisions for winning enterprises. In addition to advanced
analytics capabilities, Sybase IQ also provides extended analytics reach through
query federation and extended analytics versatility through web-enabled analytics
and real-time loading.
The platform of choice for 34,00 enterprise customers and 91 of the Fortune 100
companies, only Sybase IQ offers more accurate answers, scalability, and speed for
your advanced analytics environments. With a variety of options to perform
cutting-edge analytics, there is no other platform on the market better suited to
enable your business to analyze, compete, and deliver above the competition.

Sybase, Inc.
Worldwide Headquarters
One Sybase Drive
Dublin, CA 94568-7902


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