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					                        2ème Conférence Internationale sur les Matériaux et les Structures en Composite
                              2nd International Conference on Composite Materials and Structures
                       November 28-30, 2011 ALGERIA - ORAN – ALGERIE 28-30 Novembre 2011

                                                 Article Title
                                     Author 1*, Author 2 ** and Author 3 *
                                              Address of Author 1 & Author 3
                                                     Address of author 2

Abstract: This template gives you guidelines to prepare papers for CIMSC 2009 Conference. Use this document as a
template if you are using Word. Please note that use of CIMSC 2009 templates is meant to assist authors in correctly
formatting manuscripts for submission. This template must be used for both initial and final submissions. An abstract in
English and French should be 100 to 200 words, and should clearly state the nature and significance of the paper.
Abstracts must not include mathematical expressions or bibliographic references.
Key words: Keywords should closely reflect the topic and should optimally characterize the paper. Use about four key
words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

                                                                    3. Main title
                                                                        Capitalize the first letter of nouns, pronouns,
     This document provides style guidelines which
                                                                    verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; do not capitalize
must be respected by authors in order to ensure the
                                                                    articles, coordinate conjunctions or prepositions unless
uniform appearance of articles published in CIMSC
                                                                    the title begins with such a word (Times New Roman
2009 Conference. This document should be used as a
                                                                    20 pts bold).
model, particularly for the first page, the headers, sub-
titles, headings, etc. Articles should be no longer than
06 pages.                                                           4. Author name(s) and affiliation(s)
                                                                       Author names and affiliations are to be centered
1. First title of paragraph                                         beneath the title. Multiple authors may be shown in a
                                                                    two- or three-column format (Times New Roman 14),
1.1. first sub-title                                                with their affiliations below their names (Times New
                                                                    Roman 11 pts). Include e-mail addresses if possible
    The main body of the text is in Times New Roman
                                                                    (Times New Roman 10 pts)
10pt, lower case, without breaks in the text, and with a
5mm indent at the beginning of each paragraph. All
text is justified. A space of 6pt should be left between            5. Paragraph titles and headings
each paragraph.                                                         All titles and heading should be aligned left, with
                                                                    no indent, numbered decimally. The spacing before
1.2. Second sub-title                                               and after headings depends on their location in the text
    If you are using the Word, use the margins of 2.0               (at the top of a page, followed by another heading,
cm in left, right, higher and lower of the page                     etc.).
                                                                       They are presented as follows:
                                                                        4. Level one (Times New Roman 12 pts bold)
2. Headers
    On the Header toolbar write the short title of the                  4.1. Level two (Times New Roman 10 pts bold).
conference: (CIMSC 2009), centered (see headers of                      4.1.1. Level three (Times New Roman 10 pts
this document for an example).                                          italic).


6. Footnotes
    These are numbered 1 to n in the body of the
article1. At the foot of the page the text of the footnote
is in Times New Roman, 8pts, centered.

7. Figures
    Figures, illustrations and tables should be
incorporated into the text. Figures and illustrations are
numbered 1 to n in the articles, as are tables. The
legends are in Times New Roman 10pt, justified, with
no indent, Figure x in bold followed by a bold full
stop, the text of the legend is in italic.

8. Equations
    Formulae referred to in the text are numbered from
(1) to (n) in brackets. The number is put on the first or
last line of the formula, flush right. The formula is
separated from the text by one blank line above and
below. If the formula runs over one line, half a blank
line should be left between each line.

y(i, j)  x (i, j)(1  )                                     (1)

9. Conclusion
   This document gives the instructions to respect in
order to ensure the uniform appearance of articles
published in the book of the international conference:
On Composite Materials and Structures CIMSC 2009.
This conference will be held from 08 to 10 November
2009 in Algeria.

   The authors wish to thank A, B, C. This work was
supported in part by a grant from XYZ.

    These should be in Times New Roman, 9pt on
11pt. The references are listed at the end of the article
in alphabetical order, separated from each other by 6pt
(Times New Roman 9 pts, 0 pts above, 6 pts). In the
main body of the article they are presented as
follows:[XXX 04] [XXX 05a] [XXX 05b] [YYY 06]
for several authors. They are justified with a negative
indent of 5mm.
– For books: title in italic, the rest in Times New Roman.
– For journal and proceedings, title of the journal/conference
    in italic, the rest in Times New Roman.
– For internal reports and thesis: all text is in Times New

    Footnote of the article


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