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               his year’s CLeveLand arts Prize

               fundraiser, “eyes on the Prize,”

               will be a unique event, present-
ing artistic vision through the eyes of arts
Prize winners, auctioning three one-of-a-                                       eyes on
kind prizes, and offering behind-the-scenes
tours of one of the country’s leading                                          the Prize
architectural firms – all with food by the
city’s top caterer.
                                                                                     a UniqUe
the event takes place sunday, february
15, 2009, at 3:00 p.m., at the Westlake
reed Leskosky (WrL) architecture firm
in the huntington Building, 925 euclid
avenue. WrL has designed more than 100
performing arts facilities in the us and two
of the nation’s three largest performing
arts centers – Playhouse square in Cleveland,
and the denver arts Center – as well as
Blossom Music Center. the firm has also
performed significant design work on
dozens of museum and interpretive
centers, libraries, and community centers,
including notable projects for the Cleveland
Museum of art and the Bethel Woods Center
for the arts and Museum near Woodstock,
new york.
                                                                                                                              WestLaKe reed LesKosKy offiCes

After a cocktail reception, a very special program will feature three fascinating   ultimately dismantled through the valiant efforts of both local and national law
talks by Arts Prize winners:                                                        enforcement.” Kathy and her husband, Dennis Barrie, are leading the creative
                                                                                    team for the Mob Museum.
Linda Butler (CAP 1999), author of the award-winning photography exhibit
and book Yangtze Remembered: The River Beneath the Lake, will give an               Paul Westlake (CAP 1995) and Dennis Barrie will speak on the Bethel Woods
illustrated lecture exploring the clash between beauty and realism in her           project, the museum of the 1960s and, especially, 1969’s Woodstock Festival,
incredible photos of China and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.                 built on the site of Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, New York. The museum
                                                                                    explores the societal changes leading up to the festival, which has been the
Kathy Barrie (CAP 1998) will speak on the Las Vegas Museum of Organized             subject of unending interest for nearly 40 years. Dennis Barrie, developer of
Crime and Law Enforcement, a/k/a “The Mob Museum,” which will open in               the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the International Spy Museum
2010 in the former federal courthouse and post office building in downtown          and the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, has joined WRL’s unique practice
Las Vegas, Nevada. The 40,000-square-foot museum, as described by the               model in the design and execution of innovative museums, interpretive centers
City of Las Vegas, will look at “the reality of organized crime across the          and visitor centers.
country, how the mob shaped the building of Las Vegas, and how it was
eyes... continued

During the social hour following          works there. You’ll learn the rich his-
these talks, guests can enjoy             tory, see the beautiful and famous
refreshments, provided by Westlake        designs and watch the amazing
Reed Leskosky and supplied by             process in Rose Iron Works forge.
Sammy’s, Cleveland’s top caterer for
more than 30 years. Guests will also      a dinner and tour (for 8 people)
have the opportunity to take a tour       of the newly renovated galleries
of Westlake Reed Leskosky’s fabric/       of the Cleveland Museum of art,
interiors room, model room, and           which have been praised by
design studio. Each area will be          publications around the world, led
explained by a project architect.         by CMA’s Director, Timothy Rub.

Attendees will also get to bid on three   a cocktail tour (for 12 people)
one-of-a-kind silent auction items:       of the breath-taking, private,
                                          country gardens of don vander-
a reception and a tour of rose            brook, a 2008 Arts Prize winner,
iron Works, the oldest and best-          plus dinner, prepared tableside by
respected decorative metalwork            Marigold Caterers, at Don’s Farm.
company in the United States, with
                                          You can purchase tickets – $100 each
Melvin Rose (CAP 2008), whose father      ($85 tax deductible) or $250 ($235 tax
opened the company in 1904 and            deductible) each for Patron tickets – at
                                          www.clevelandartsprize.org or by sending
who has worked there since 1930,
                                          a check to: Cleveland Arts Prize,
and Melvin’s son, Bob, who also           PO Box 21126, Cleveland, OH 44121.         WestLaKe reed LesKosKy offiCes

cleveland arts Prize Jurors
People who comprise the juries for the 2009 process are selected. We thank everyone who so readily agreed to be part of the process.

visuaL arts                                     MusiC & danCe                                 Sarah Willis (CAP 2000)
Andrew Borowiec (CAP 2006)                      Tom Welsh
Chair; Photographer & Professor,                Chair; Associate Director of Music            Les Roberts (CAP 1992)
Myers School of Art at the                      at the Cleveland Museum of Art                Author
University of Akron
                                                Keith Fitch                                   George Bilgere (CAP 2003)
Johnny Coleman (CAP 2003)                       Head of Composition Department                Poet
Installation Artist & Sculptor, &               at Cleveland Institute of Music
Associate Professor of Art Studio                                                             design
                                                Paul Cox
& African American Studies at
                                                Composer                                      Greg Peckham
Oberlin College
                                                                                              Chair, Executive Director
                                                Nusha Martyuk (CAP 1999)
Julie Langsam                                                                                 Cleveland Public Art
                                                Choreographer & Professor of
Painter & Associate Professor
                                                Dance & Associate Chair of Theatre            Chris Hixson
of Painting at
                                                and Dance at Oberlin College                  Designer, Incite Creative
Cleveland Institute of Art
                                                                                              Steve Bucchieri (CAP 1991)
Paola Morsiani                                  Lit er at ure
Curator of Contemporary Art
                                                Sari Feldman
Cleveland Museum of Art                                                                       Pam Cerio
                                                Chair; Director
                                                                                              Designer, Pam Cerio Design
                                                Cuyahoga County Library
arts Prize at
the clinic
Arts Prize winners have been giving one-hour
lunchtime presentations about their art at the
Cleveland Clinic to audiences of Clinic professionals,
patients, family members and staff. These presenta-
tions began in September as part of the Cleveland
Clinic’s Arts and Medicine Institute, some taking the
form of a slide show, a reading, a workshop, a
performance, or other medium.

So far, six artists have participated. Sarah Willis (CAP
2000) gave a talk titled “On Becoming an Author.”
Andrew Borowiec (CAP 2006) spoke on “Photographs
of Cleveland and Other Landscapes.” Lewis Nielson
(CAP 2007) spoke on “The Social Art of Music in the
Information Age.” Loris Chobanian (CAP 1981)               sarah WiLLis
delivered a lecture called “The Influence of Life
Experiences on the Creative Process.” Chris Pekoc
(CAP 2007) showed a video and talked about “The
Beauty of Damage.” And Les Roberts (CAP 1992)
delivered a lecture titled “Getting Away with Murder.”

The talks/performances, which all occurred at noon
and were advertised internally by the Clinic, were
very well received, with audiences ranging from 25 to
85 people. Twelve talks are scheduled for 2009.

                                                                                    n o m i n at i o n s
sPeCiaL Prizes
                                                                                    We are always actively seeking nominations
                                             Flo Pollack
Fran Belkin                                                                         for 2009 Cleveland arts Prize candidates in
                                             Arts Patron
Artist, Arts Patron
                                                                                    all the disciplines – music and dance,
                                             Brendan Ring (CAP 2007)
Paula Coakley                                                                       literature, visual arts and design – as well
                                             Music Presenter and Owner, Nighttown
Arts Supporter, Special Activities
                                                                                    as for the special prizes. go to our website,
Cleveland Botanical Garden                   Bob Roth
                                             Arts Patron                            www.clevelandartsprize.org, for details and
Marcia Hall
                                                                                    information, categories and requirements
Gallery Director, Bonfoey Gallery            Sally Stewart
                                             Arts Advocate                          and nomination forms. you may know of a
Meg Harris
                                                                                    deserving young artist that we haven’t
Arts Patron, Gallery Owner                   John Zayac
Harris Stanton Gallery                       Arts Supporter, The Project Group      heard about or recent accomplishments of
                                                                                    an established artist that may have slipped
Sue Kaesgen                                  Mark Zust
Arts Patron and Educator                     Designer, Zust & Company               past us. don’t assume that the Cleveland
                                                                                    arts Prize has received a nomination for
Donna Kohl
Arts Patron                                                                         that person. Please do it! if you want to
                                                                                    check, call the Cleveland arts Prize at
Susie Frazier Mueller
Environmental Artist, Arts Consul-                                                  216.321.0012. But hurry – nominations
tant                                                                                will close on february 28, 2009.

Jill Paulsen
Program Officer, Cleveland Foundation
arts Prize
Winners in the                                                                                    endowment Fund
community                                                                                         The Cleveland Arts Prize endowment

shortly before the novem-                                                                         fund campaign continues. This fund
ber election, Linda Butler                                                                        will guarantee prize winners receive
(CaP 1999) and robin van                                                                          cash prizes. This fund will provide the
Lear (CaP 2001) created a                                                                         money in perpetuity. We’re happy to
larger-than-life puppet of
                                                                                                  announce that we have raised more
Barack obama and had it
                                                                                                  than half of our $300,000 goal and
out on the streets during
                                                                                                  will continue working until we have
rush hour on various days
encouraging people to get                                                                         reached it. Should you wish to donate,
out and vote. the 12-foot-                                                                        please contact CAP Executive Director
tall puppet with movable                                                                          Marcie Bergman at 216.321.0012 or
                             gARIE WALTzER

arms made appearances at                                                                          info@clevelandartsprize.org.
events all over town.

annual Fund
it’s not too late to contribute to Cleveland arts Prize’s annual fund. these are difficult times for many of us, but that also means that it’s
a critical year to remember to help! arts and artists are always essential to our lives – especially in difficult times – so give what you can
to the Cleveland arts Prize, which has encouraged and rewarded this community’s artists for nearly 50 years.

you can send donations at any time to: Cleveland arts Prize, P.o. Box 21126, Cleveland, oh 44121. and please visit our website at:

2009 CLeveLand arts Prize Board                                      CLeveLand arts Prize staff   arts Prize onLine
Barbara robinson, Co-Chair                   Kathryn Karipides       Marcie Bergman
                                                                                                  Be sure to visit our website at www.cleveland-
Paul Westlake, Co-Chair                      Lisa Kurzner            Executive Director
                                             robert P. Madison                                    artsprize.org. there you can find just about
                                                                     grace summanen
alenka Banco                                 Judith Mansour
                                                                     Administrative Assistant     anything you’d like to know about us – our
Kathleen Barrie                              nancy-Clay Marsteller
susan Channing                               Quincy McCoy            Camille n. Baron             history, our board and staff, past winners, award
Christopher diehl                            a. grace Lee Mims       Bookkeeper
                                                                                                  categories, how to make arts Prize nominations,
helen forbes fields                          Klaus roy
richard fleischman                           Massoud saidpour                                     how to contribute to the Cleveland arts Prize,
stacy K. goldberg                            Judith salomon
                                                                                                  and more.
Mary Louise hahn                             heather sherwin
William r. Joseph                            Marjorie B. shorrock
Lara Kalafatis                               Jerry Wareham
Kurt Karakul

Cleveland arts Prize                                                                                                                   non-Profit org.
Po Box 21126                                                                                                                           us Postage
Cleveland, oh 44121
                                                                                                                                       cleveland, ohio
                                                                                                                                       Permit no. 135

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