FALL 2010

                                                 Pipeline           A Wor ld Fuel Ser vices Publication

                             THE NEW AVITAT PREMIER CARD
  World Fuel Services and ExxonMobil                                                                 known for making customer service
Aviation have partnered together to                                                                  a priority.”
launch the Avitat Premier Card                                                                          Customers who carry the Avitat Premier
program. This new affinity card will                                                                 Card will receive special recognition as
be available in October 2010 and can                                                                 Avitat VIP clients. In conjunction with
be used to obtain discounted fuel and                                                                a sales order issued by World Fuel, this
aviation-related services at participating                                                           recognition will give customers access
ExxonMobil Aviation-branded Avitat                                                                   to special pricing, offers, and services
Fixed Base Operator (FBO) locations                                                                  at participating locations when they
throughout the United States and the                                                                 identify themselves as members. Flight
                                                                      marketing tool for
Bahamas.                                                                                             departments that join the Avitat Premier
                                                 this diverse group of FBOs to reach out
  “This type of VIP card program is              to clients and to offer service and savings         Card program will also be given access to
really the first of its kind in the industry,”   throughout the network. World Fuel is in            contract fuel at more than 1,600 locations
said Summer Austin, Director of FBO              a unique position to support ExxonMobil             globally through the World Fuel Services
Development for World Fuel Services.             and the Avitat FBOs in this endeavor, and           FBO network.
“The Avitat Premier Card is an excellent         we are excited to partner with people                                          (continued on inside flap)

                                  EXCELAIRE’S DAVID RIMMER
   On June 17, 2010, World Fuel and                 David’s presentation is a fascinating             the Museum facility. More information
various clients were honored to have David       first-hand account of the event as well as           about the Museum may be found at
Rimmer, ExcelAire’s Executive Vice               the ensuing investigation by both Brazilian          www.1940airterminal.org.
President, relate his incredible story.          authorities and the NTSB. Should the
On September 29, 2006, David was a               opportunity arise for
passenger on board ExcelAire’s delivery          you to hear David’s
flight of a new Embraer Legacy aircraft          presentation, definitely
from the factory in Brazil to the United         take advantage of it.
States. While flying between Brasilia and           The presentation
Manaus the left winglet of the Legacy            took place at the 1940
impacted the left wing of a Gol Airline          Air Terminal Museum
Boeing 737 at 37,000 feet above the              at Houston’s Hobby
jungle of Brazil. The Embraer Legacy             Airport. In addition
lost part of its left winglet and tail but       to David’s talk,
managed to hobble to the nearest airport,        participants enjoyed
which was a Brazilian military base.             looking at artifacts and
Unfortunately the Boeing 737 sustained           historical pictures as
                                                                             Greg Maldonado, Baseops Sales Executive; Michael Ward, World Fuel Services
                                                                             Director of Sales; Michael Szczechowski, World Fuel Services Senior Vice
significant damage and crashed in                well as viewing the         President Business Aviation; David Rimmer, Executive Vice President ExcelAire;
the jungle.                                      beautiful architecture of   and Michael Ouellette, Baseops Director of Operations
(AVITAT continued from page 1)                             WORLD FUEL SERVICES ACQUIRES
  “As one of the largest suppliers of                      WESTERN PETROLEUM COMPANY
jet fuel in the world, ExxonMobil
always strives for excellence in             World Fuel Services has purchased                Michael J. Kasbar, President and Chief
everything it does and the Avitat FBO      Western Petroleum Company. The                     Operating Officer of World Fuel Services
network is no exception,” said             agreement includes the assets comprising           Corporation. "The acquisition of Western
Patricia Tolbert, Manager of Global        Western's wholesale motor fuel                     is another significant step in the continued
General Aviation Programs and              distribution business,                                             evolution of our land-based
Cards for ExxonMobil. “To be part of       branded aviation fuel                                              fuel business, and their
this premier network, FBOs must also       distribution business                                              branded aviation fuel
strive for the highest standards in        and wholesale lubricants                                           distribution business will
aircraft service as well as pilot and      distribution business.                                             further expand the breadth
passenger care. The new Avitat                                                                                of our general aviation
                                              With 2009 volumes
Premier Card is just one example of                                                                           business."
                                           of more than 500 million
the ways in which we help our FBO
                                           gallons of gasoline                                                   "We are excited to be
network take service to the next level.”
                                           and diesel fuel and                                                joining forces with World
   ExxonMobil supports its network         approximately 100                                                  Fuel and look forward to
of FBOs by providing them with             million gallons of                                                 capitalizing on the many
additional ways of rewarding their         branded aviation fuel,                                             growth opportunities in
customers and helping them continue        Western is one of                                                  the marketplace. Our
to offer the highest level of service      the nation's largest                                               market knowledge
possible. When developing programs         independently-owned petroleum                      combined with World Fuel's size and scale
like the new Avitat Premier Card, it       marketing companies. The company                   will allow us to further expand our value
believes that listening to the needs       is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.               proposition to a broader base of customers
of the FBO network representatives                                                            and suppliers," said Richard S. Neville,
                                            "We are very pleased to welcome the
is key.
                                           Western team to World Fuel," stated                President of Western.
  “The new Avitat Premier Card
program is the direct result of
ongoing efforts by the Avitat Council
to meet the needs of the ever-growing
Avitat network and to help
                                               THE WORLD FUEL SERVICES GREAT GIVEAWAY!
operators expand their businesses,”
said Alain Champonnois of
Skyservice FBO Avitat Toronto and
chairman of the Avitat Council. “By
partnering with World Fuel Services,
we are opening the door for the
Avitat network to increase its
exposure in the industry while
providing its customers with the
benefits and services that VIP clients
should expect to receive.”
  Customers interested in carrying
the Avitat Premier Card can
apply      directly    online     at
www.avitatpremiercard.com or by
calling World Fuel Services at
+1 800.333.3563 or +1.281.556.2400.            Wouldn’t it be nice to win the new Apple iPod? Be the first to identify the aircraft in the
                                               scrambled picture above and you’ll receive an iPod. Be the 2nd or 3rd and we’ll send you a
Customers can also send an e-mail to
                                               prize as well. Email your answers to thepipeline@wfscorp.com.Winners will be announced
avitatpremiercard@wfscorp.com or
                                               in the next quarterly issue and a new prize will be up for grabs. Good luck!
look for more information at
participating Avitat FBOs.
   VAT INCREASES AROUND                                                         FBO SPOTLIGHT
         THE WORLD
On July 1, 2010, the Value-Added Tax
(VAT) and Goods and ServicesTax (GST)
                                            World Fuel Services is pleased to feature three FBOs in this issue. Two are in
rates increased worldwide. Below are
                                          Florida, and the third is located in the Northwest.
some of the increases:
  Finland increased VAT from 22%             AURORA JET CENTER                           www.aurorajetcenter.com or call us
    to 23%                                                                               at 503-678-1336.
  Spain increased VAT from 16% to 18%
                                                                                            AVITAT BOCA RATON
  Portugal VAT from 20% to 21%
  Romania VAT from 19% to 24%                                                               Located at the Boca Raton Airport,
                                                                                         which is conveniently positioned between
  Greece VAT from 21% to 23%
                                                                                         West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale,
  Panama VAT from 5% to 7%
                                                                                         Avitat Boca Raton has earned a highly
Additionally, Canada has increased, and                                                  admired reputation in its five years of
in some case added, a Harmonized                                                         operation. We pride ourselves on
Sales Tax (HST). Some areas impacted                                                     exceptional customer service, experienced
include:                                                                                 line service and an elegant facility. With its
                                                                                         Greco-Mediterranean décor, Avitat Boca
  Canada Ontario implements HST              The Aurora Jet Center is an independent
                                                                                         Raton is not an ordinary FBO. Just inside
    at 13%                                fixed-base operator located at the Aurora
                                                                                         the entrance, which is a two-story porte-
  Canada British Columbia introduces      State Airport in Oregon. We are the
                                                                                         cochere that transitions travelers between
    HST at 12%                            Northwest’s premier member of the
                                                                                         the FBO lobby and the street side entrance,
  Canada Nova Scotia increases HST        ExxonMobil Avitat network offering the
                                                                                         sits a reproduction of the ancient Greek
    at 15%                                highest level of customer service for our
                                                                                         statue the Winged Victory of Samothrace.
                                          customers. Our private, secure location
Over the next few months, we expect to                                                   The portico’s stone floor outlines an
                                          at Aurora State Airport is located just 22
see further major VAT and GST                                                            elegant map of North and South America.
                                          miles south of downtown Portland and is
increases. These include:                                                                   Boca Raton’s newest FBO has been
                                          the best alternative to PDX.
  New Zealand GST will increase from                                                     a huge success since its opening in
                                            We provide full service Jet A and
    12% to 15% on October 1, 2010                                                        November 2004, consistently ranking
                                          100LL fueling as well as 24-hour 100LL
                                                                                         in the Top 20 in AIN’s FBO Survey.
  Pakistan switches from GST to VAT on    self serve. Our other services include
                                                                                         Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
    October 1, 2010                       potable water, oxygen, and lavatory
                                                                                         including holidays, we offer ExxonMobil
  Canada Quebec increases the Retail      service. We will provide aircraft use of a
                                                                                         Jet A and 100LL, a spacious passenger
    Sales Tax (RST) January 1, 2011       GPU free of charge and also have deicing
                                                                                         lounge, executive conference room, pilot
    from 7.5% to 8.5 %,                   capability. We have ample daily hangar
                                                                                         lounge with shower and sleep room, and
                                          space available to meet your needs.
  Switzerland raises VAT to 8% on                                                        flight planning room with WSI. There is
                                             At Aurora Jet Center, we’re big
    January 1, 2011                                                                      wireless internet throughout the facility.
                                          believers in training and education. Our
  UK to raise VAT from 17.5% to 20%       line staff has been trained to provide the
    on January 4, 2011                    very best in service, safety, and aviation
                                          expertise. We train our staff to the highest
                                          standards in the industry, with programs
                                          extending from the ramp to the greeting
                                          desk. Our experienced team of employees
                                          takes pride in ensuring customer
   PLEASE STOP BY AND SEE                 satisfaction. There is no such thing
  US AT NBAA IN ATLANTA, GA               as a minor detail, just ask us!
      OCTOBER 19-21 AT                      To learn more about the Aurora Jet
         BOOTH 5636                       Center Avitat, visit our website at
   Aurora Jet Center • Avitat Boca Raton • Jet Aviation Palm Beach

  Our Customer Service representatives         facility. Flight personnel
are always willing to assist with dinner       have access to a
plans, golfing, boating arrangements and       convenient crew lounge
sporting events. Another feature of Avitat     with computer terminals
Boca Raton is the 69,000 square feet of        for flight and weather
hangar space. All of the hangars were          planning as well as a
constructed with cutting edge technology       well-equipped refresh-
and are air-conditioned.                       ment area including
   Avitat Boca Raton also offers Aircraft      complimentary slushies,
                                                                                              For clients’ convenience we can quick
Detailing, Charter/Management, and             cappuccinos, ice cream and freshly baked
                                                                                              turn you and your passengers directly on
Aircraft Maintenance. “The more you can        cookies daily. The facility also includes
                                                                                              the customs ramp with full line service
offer the customer, the better value you are   pilots’ sleep lounge and showers.
                                                                                              assistance, fuel and catering.
to them,” said Rhonda Hughes, General             Jet Aviation is pleased to support its
                                                                                                 We also offer on-site courtesy crew and
Manager of Avitat Boca Raton. Hughes           clients with an array of services, including
                                                                                              VIP transportation services, complimentary
has worked at Avitat Boca Raton since          domestic and international handling
                                                                                              car washing for passengers and crew, and
it opened, starting as Customer Relations      services, complete line services, aircraft
                                                                                              a professional concierge staff always ready
Manager, moving into the General               exterior and interior cleaning, refueling,
                                                                                              to assist you.
Manager position a year later. Hughes          and nightly hangar space. AOG
attributes Avitat Boca Raton’s success to      maintenance services are provided                 For more information about Jet
the employees’ continued commitment to         on-site by our sister company General          Aviation Palm Beach, visit our website
customers. “Each customer is treated as if     Dynamics (GDAS).                               www.jetaviation.com/index.php/
they were a guest in someone’s home, and                                                      jet/wpb/main or contact us by phone
                                                 U.S. Customs and Border Protection
the employees put that philosophy to work                                                     at 561-233-7200.
                                               clearance is available 24 hours a day.
each and every day. When it comes to
service, we are always looking for ways
to improve and enhance the customer’s
experience.”                                   BASEOPS SUPPORTS SPECIAL OLYMPIC GAMES
  We are very proud to be a part of the
                                                  In 1985, Cessna Aircraft                                were transported from across
Avitat network and work very closely
                                               Company first transported                                  the country. A Citation jet
with our fellow Avitat FBOs around the
                                               delegates to the Special                                   landed or took off every two
                                               Olympics                                                               minutes for ten
   For more information, please visit our      International                                                          hours. The Games
website at www.avitatboca.com or call us       Winter Games in                                                        were held at the
at 561-955-9556.                               Salt Lake City,                                                        University of
                                               Utah in two Citations. Since then Cessna has    Nebraska Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.
         JET AVIATION                          continued to support the Special Olympics
          PALM BEACH                                                                              Baseops employees Michael Prather, Trey
                                               delegates. This year Baseops is very pleased    Clark and Richard Weiss, joined air traffic
  Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a        to also support this operation with flight      controllers in the tower for departure
week, 365 days a year, Jet Aviation Palm       planning and weather briefings. 2010            clearances and provided weather advisories
Beach accommodates every need of the           represented the second Special Olympics         and updated traffic patterns to ensure a
passengers and crews who enter its doors.      National Games to be held in the United         smooth trip for Special Olympic delegates
   Jet Aviation Palm Beach provides            States and was the sixth Citation Special       from Houston to Lincoln. The games were
clients with elegant, tropical-themed          Olympics Airlift coordinated by Cessna.         another huge success with everyone being a
lounges, private executive conference            Citations flew into Lincoln Municipal         winner. Baseops was grateful to be able to
rooms, and a business and training center.     (KLNK) on July 17th and returned on July        support the athletes and work closely
Wi-Fi access is available throughout the       24th. Over 800 athletes and their coaches       with Citation customers.
AVCARD AND FLIGHTSAFETY JOIN FORCES                                                                     ARE YOU COMING TO THE
   We are pleased to                                               provides to cardholders are:             SCHEDULERS &
announce that AVCARD                                               1) the ability to consolidate             DISPATCHERS
and FlightSafety (FSI) have                                       all their aviation transactions
finalized an agreement to                                         2) cut one check 3) access
add AVCARD as a                                                  their transactional data via
                                                                                                              JOIN US IN
payment option for                                              our data management tool,
FlightSafety training courses. As a                             airPortfolio. The ability to              SAVANNAH, GA (KSAV)
credit card exclusively focused on aviation,    add their training charges from FlightSafety              FEBRUARY 9-11, 2011.
AVCARD understands the needs of our             will be an added advantage for both of our
cardholders and the value they place on FSI’s   customers.
services. We also understand FSI’s need to         AVCARD has been a credit card payment
maintain the highest standard for customer      option exclusively focused on aviation              FUEL SHORTAGE LOCATIONS
care that has become synonymous with the        for over 25 years and the majority of               Pakistan – No Fuel. Humanitarian
FlightSafety brand. By working together we      FlightSafety’s current and potential clients                   flights only
can provide an enhanced customer                already carry the card. For those that do not,
experience that ensures the registration and                                                        ENGM/OSL – No fuel
                                                we make it easy to become a cardholder.
payment process is quick and easy.              Contact your FlightSafety or WFS Sales              Nigeria – Back to normal
  Some of the many advantages AVCARD            Executive for more information.

                      WIN AN APPLE IPAD
      Beginning September 1, 2010 and running until January 31,
   2011, each transaction charged for flight training on your
   AVCARD at a FlightSafety location will credit you with one
   entry into the contest. The more training charged to the
   AVCARD the better your chances to win. At the end of the
   contest we will randomly select one entry and that person
   will win an Apple iPad.
      AVCARD will automatically accumulate entries from the transactions
   submitted, so there is nothing you need to do except use your AVCARD for all your
   flight training charges.
     The winning entry will be announced on February 9, 2011 at the 19th Annual
                                                                                                    WAYS TO ORDER FUEL
   Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in Savanna, Ga. Good Luck!
                                                                                                    Did you know that World Fuel Services
                                                                                                    offers three different ways to order fuel?
                                 UPCOMING EVENTS                                                    All are available 24 hours a day/7 days
                                                                                                    a week. The choice is yours. You can
   SEPTEMBER                                    OCTOBER                                             order fuel:
       10 Central Ohio Golf Outing                    2 Fly-In Steak Fry, Galesburg, IL
                                                                                                          Online at www.worldfuel.com
          Pataskala, OH                            4-7 Safety Standdown, Wichita, KS                      (please note our new website address)
       15 ORBAA Meeting
                                                19-21 NBAA, Atlanta, GA                                   Email fuel24@wfscorp.com
          Columbus, OH
       20 SDRAA Safety Day                      NOVEMBER
                                                                                                          Call 1-800-345-3818 ext 3
          San Diego, CA                              11 PRSDA Meeting, TBA
       23 SONO                                       18 MX and Flight Ops Safety                          If you don’t have a username and
          San Jose, CA                                  Charlotte, NC                                     password for the website, simply
       29 GWBAA Golf Outing                     18-19 CBAA/NBAA                                           contact your sales representative
          Dulles, VA                                  Cross-Border Issues                                 and we’ll gladly set you up with
                                                      Montreal, Canada                                    everything you need for access.
Michael Szczechowski
Senior VP
                                                     WORLD FUEL SERVICES                                                          MID-WEST
Business Aviation
                                  SALES CONTACT INFORMATION                                                              Scott Morris - Denver
Warren Boin                                                                                                              Jenny Boysen - Chicago
Vice President                                                                                                           281-450-7157
International Supply                                                                                                     JBoysen@wfscorp.com
WBoin@wfscorp.com                                                                                                             LATIN AMERICA
Michael Ward                                                                                                             Leny Omilion - Miami
Director of Sales                                                                                                        305-428-8270
Business Aviation                                                                                                        LOmilion@wfscorp.com
MWard@wfscorp.com                                                                                                        Bruno Lepori - Hunt Valley
Patrick Platt                                                                                                            BLepori@wfscorp.com
Director of Sales
Business Aviation
410-771-3081                                                                                                                   GREAT LAKES
PPlatt@wfscorp.com                                                                                                       Amy Schmaltz - Columbus
Greg Maldonado - Houston                                                                                                 ASchmaltz@wfscorp.com
Flight Services Sales Executive
GMaldona@wfscorp.com                    SOUTH EAST
                                  Jamai Hensel - Miami                                                  SOUTH
                                  305-281-3881                                                 Eric Grace - Houston
      NORTH EAST                  JHensel@wfscorp.com
                                  Vanessa Farrington - Pensacola   Steve Paliughi - Fresno     EGrace@wfscorp.com         ABOUT US
Laura Santucci - Teterboro                                         559-252-7140
201-261-6561                      305-496-9574                                                 Scott Garrett - Houston    World Fuel Services is the
                                  VFarring@wfscorp.com             SPaliugh@wfscorp.com                                   world leader in fuel products
LSantucc@wfscorp.com                                                                           832-309-1310
                                                                   Laura Mason - Las Vegas                                and related services for the
Sandra Sabatini - Bethlehem                                        702-270-6919                                           aviation, maritime and ground
484-645-0694                                                       LMason@wfscorp.com                                     transportation markets. With
SSabatin@wfscorp.com              Astrid Naparstek - Hunt Valley                                        CANADA            43 offices in 23 countries,
                                  410-771-3055                     Michelle Lalor - San Jose                              World Fuel Services has more
Chris Kelly - Boston                                               281-221-5603                Lisa Peacock - Calgary     than 900 dedicated employees
203-219-6975                      ANaparst@wfscorp.com
                                                                   MLalor@wfscorp.com          403-988-2910               ready to serve you 24 hours a
CKelly@wfscorp.com                                                                             LPeacock@wfscorp.com       day, 7 days a week.

                     9800 NW 41st St. • Ste. 400 • Miami, FL 33178 • thepipeline@wfscorp.com • www.worldfuel.com

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