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               elcome to our last Newsletter before the school year ends.         determined to help all our young people become the best learners they
               It is also my final contribution as I leave the school this term   can, to have high aspirations and to become positive contributors to
               to begin the next phase of my own personal learning                society. The creation of the new unit to help autistic children in the area
journey. I am hoping retirement from the day job will afford many new             is an important further development of our work.
and different learning opportunities in the future.                               I must pay tribute to the large number of colleagues I have worked with
In my twenty one years at the school there have been numerous                     over the years. It is easy to blame schools and teachers for many of
developments. I remember major modifications and new building which               society’s failings but the quality of the teaching and the care our pupils
has improved the learning environments for Science, Mathematics,                  receive at Caldew should be celebrated. Caldew staff, I salute you!
Languages and Design and Technology. The library has been re-modelled             It is not always easy to establish effective lines of communication with
three times in my time here and of course the world of ICT provision
                                                                                  parents but I am delighted that we now have a high quality half-termly
has really grown in recent years. As the school moves towards its fiftieth
                                                                                  newsletter being produced, as well as Caldew Forum meetings increasingly
birthday it is timely to remember all the pupils and staff who have
                                                                                  looking at, and learning about, the work of our various departments. Please
contributed to Caldew always being a ‘very effective school’ which has
developed an enviable reputation for the care and guidance of pupils. Over        keep connecting to the school website which continues to have useful
the years pupils have come from a growing number of primary schools and           information added as time passes.
once here, a strong allegiance to Caldew begins. A large number of former         I will undoubtedly miss the routines and challenges of school life and
pupils now have their own children attending the school. An exciting              especially all those human relationships but I bow out feeling privileged to
development currently taking place is our growth as an extended school            have to have had the pleasure of working in Caldew School.
whereby a growing number of learning opportunities will be provided for           Kind regards
learners of all ages putting Caldew at the heart of a wide learning
                                                                                                                                           Geoff Toogood
                                                                                                                                               Head Teacher
community. We have always been a fully inclusive school

     EXAM RESULTS                                                                       AUTUMN TERM
Year 11 exam results will be issued on Thursday August 21.                         SCHOOL RETURNS ON TUESDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2008
Year 12 and Year 13 results will be issued on Thursday August 14.
Pupils can collect results in person at the School Office from 10.00am             We wish you a happy summer break
on the appropriate date.                                                           and look forward to welcoming you
Year 12 and 13 students can receive advice and help about university
applications and options for next year.
                                                                                   all back.

If you cannot collect your results in person, a stamped addressed
envelope can be left at reception and your results will be posted to you.

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            This leaflet is printed
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              HELLO CALDEW!
      ollowing the retirement of Elsie Allinson (Business Manager) and Wendy Somerville
      (Learning Resources Manager) we have appointed two new members of staff.
      David Foulkes has been appointed as Business Manager and Helen Robinson as
Learning Resource Manager .
David was, until recently Business Manager at Solway School in Silloth. Previous to that
he spent 16 years in the Civil Service with the State Veterinary Service, dealing with
diseases such as Foot and Mouth, Avian Influenza, Swine Fever and BSE. David said: “I am
looking forward to the challenge of working in a larger school and once I have gained
an understanding of all the different processes, I hope I can make a difference in the way
the school support systems operate. I know already that I have a hard act to follow.
However, I am determined that myself, and the excellent administrative team will
continue to provide the same superb level of service that the staff and students have
become accustomed to”.
Helen is a qualified teacher and has previously taught Year 5 and 6 classes at St. Patrick’s
Primary School in Workington, before moving on to Keswick School to do the varied job of Cover Supervisor, Admin Assistant and temporary Key
Stage 3 Biology teacher. She is looking forward to working with the pupils and staff at Caldew and has lots of ideas for the library/resource centre
including many competitions and activities.

       am sure that by now many of you will know that Geoff                   box, his creative flair was
       Toogood is retiring at the end of this term after                      influential in helping us to
       twenty one years’ service at Caldew School. Geoff is                   decide that business and
    currently our Headteacher and it is fitting that after a                  enterprise was the right
    distinguished career he will bow out with the accolade of                 specialism for Caldew and
    being our most senior leader.                                             he was instrumental in
    Geoff began his career thirty three years ago at Dene House School        securing the £50,000
    in Durham, then moved to Workington Grammar School where he               sponsorship which was
    was responsible for careers education and acted as a ‘Year Master.’ In    necessary for the
    1984 when education was reorganised in that area he moved to              successful bid. The
    Cockermouth Grammar school where he became Head of Personal               enterprise centre is, in a
    and Social Education. In 1987 he came to Caldew initially as Head of      very tangible way, his
    Middle School and subsequently Head of Upper School, looking after        legacy to the school.
    the needs of young people in what we now know as Key Stage 4. As          Latterly Geoff’s ideas
    his career path shows he has always had an absolute commitment to         have found expression in          Picture courtesy of Cumbrian Newspapers
    the positive futures of our pupils and I am sure that it springs from     a national initiative known as SEAL – Social and Emotional Aspects of
    his pastoral interest in young people at this important phase when        Learning. SEAL says, and research supports, Geoff’s guiding
    they begin to shape their adult working lives.                            educational principle that our emotional intelligence is more
    In 2000 he became one of our team of Assistant Heads, taking              important to the success of our future lives than our academic
    responsibility for the welfare and behaviour of all our pupil             qualifications. So, it is no coincidence that Geoff continues to be in
    community. Again in this role his natural optimism came to the fore       demand to speak on SEAL at conferences across the nation.
    and he would never give up on anyone. As he always says, “Let’s look      But most of these things will not be how pupils remember Geoff.
    for the positive outcomes.” Many students, and indeed some parents,       They will think of him having his beard shaved off surrounded by huge
    have tested this philosophy to the limit, but it is a reflection of the   cheering crowds for Comic Relief; getting stuck in to a lunchtime
    respect and affection with which he is regarded that when some of         charity rugby match; his voice booming out to gain their attention at
    our most challenging pupils return to school, it is always Geoff they     the end of a particularly raucous Leavers’ Assembly. And now it is his
    want to see, and they always find someone who is genuinely                turn to go and, as he would say, develop some new interests in his
    interested in what they are up to. Often, against their better            portfolio. We all wish him a very long and very well earned
    judgment, they are charmed by him into coming back to share their         retirement. Huge in stature; immense in presence, Geoff will leave a
    experience with a group of pupils and to inspire them in turn about       very big hole in our community which it will be impossible to fill.
    what is possible in life. Geoff never misses a good opportunity.          We will miss him.
    I wonder how many successful enterprises have their initial germ in                                                            Andy
    these sessions arranged by Geoff. Always ready to think outside the       Abernethy
SCHOOL                                                                        DRAMA

                                                                                         ur Drama students have recently taken their LAMDA exams.
  HEALTH                                                                                 There were four Year 7 groups who took Grade 1 devised
                                                                                         performance and all received a Merit. Two Year 8 groups who
                                                onnie    Stockdale      is    took Grade 2 devised a performance and both got a “Pass”.There were
                                                Caldew’s School Health        two Year 9 groups who took Grade 3 devised performance, one got
                                                Advisor. Every Tuesday        “Merit”, and the other “Distinction”. Rhys Davies took Grade 4 solo
                                        Ronnie is available for young         acting and will get his result in a couple of weeks. The examiner – Mrs
                                        people to drop in and discuss any     Kemble from LAMDA commented on how funny and friendly the pupils
                                        issues in confidence about their      had been.
                                        health and well being. They can
                                                                              Year 10 GCSE Drama pupils performed a play about what it is like to
                                        also make an appointment
                                                                              go to secondary school to Year 6 pupils at St Michael’s school. They
                                        through Sandra at Reception.
                                                                              then worked with the pupils and helped them devise an advert that tells
                                        Ronnie works closely with
                                                                              people how great it is at secondary school, taking the positive message
                                        teachers and support staff within
                                                                              from the play they watched.
the school to meet the needs of all students.
Parents, can also contact Ronnie if they have any concerns about the          Students from the University of Cumbria came in to school to perform
health of their child.                                                        the play ‘Be My Baby’ to the Year 10 Drama class. The group also led a
                                                                              workshop with our students afterwards.
 Contact Ronnie Stockdale, School Health, The Bowman
      Room, Caldew School. Tel: (01228) 711634.


                                                                              This involved group building activities and reflecting on what life is like
                                                                              in the 1960’s – which is when the play is set. We are hoping that the
                                                                              students will come and work with GCSE pupils again in the autumn
                                                                              A number of pupils were involved in the Quondam Youth Theatre
                                                                              project that culminated in a performance at the Stanwix Theatre,
                                                                              Carlisle last week. They devised their own play called ‘Three Car Pile-

                                                                              up’. Pupils involved were Andrea Dean, Rhys Davies, Bethany Coffey,
                                                                              Shea Grant, Chris Emmett, Jenny Banks, Daniel Spencer, Victoria
                                                                              Morritt, Benoni Holt, Amy Dickinson, Zoe Mitchinson, and Steph
            aldew School was delighted to award The Coulthard Cup             Park.
            last week to Year 11 leaver Joe Park. The Coulthard Cup is
            awarded to the student who has shown dedication,
  practical help and achievement within the Agricultural Unit at the
  Joe, from Wetheral is about to embark on a two year National
  Diploma in Agriculture at The Newton Rigg College, Penrith.
  Tony Coulthard, Senior Lab Technician who has responsibility for the
  Agricultural Unit said:
  “It has been a pleasure to teach Joe, he has not only shown a superb
  attitude but has come into school in the holidays, supervised other
  students and has an amazing expertise in sheep for his age.”
  Caldew School Agricultural Unit keeps sheep, lambs, pigs, chickens, a
  greenhouse and polytunnel and throughout the year sells produce
  that the students grow.

                                                                             cal dew news                     summer 08

                  ENTERPRISE DAYS
             ur Feeder Primary schools have been involved in a number of
             events and activities throughout the last term including
             sporting events and enterprise challenges. We are featuring two
    of the activities and are looking forward to welcoming the new Year 7’s
    in September.

    140 school children from our feeder Primary schools were invited along to take part in
    our Business and Enterprise Space Race Challenge in May.
    Each team of 10 represented a different country and competed to become the first
    country to fund the production of the tallest space station.The teams bought materials
    to make products to sell in markets around the world in return for money to finance
    their own space station.The winner was the team that produced the tallest space station
    and made the most money.
    The schools involved on the day were: St Michael’s, Raughton Head, Cummersdale,
    Thursby, Welton, Burgh-by-Sands, Wreay, Great Orton and Rosley. All the pupils learnt
    how to be enterprising by undertaking tasks and activities set in a work context and
    were mentored by their teachers and representative from the business world.

    Well done to all those who took part!

                                                    SCIENCE DAYS
                                                       130 children from our feeder primary schools attended our annual Science Days in June.
                                                       The days started with the theft of a chicken from our farm. The pupils from Cummersdale,
                                                       Rosley, St Michael’s, Thursby, Cumwhinton, Wreay and Raughton Head primary schools
                                                       learnt forensic skills such as soil analysis, fingerprinting and chromatography to track down
                                                       the culprit. The children also worked in teams to problem solve, be creative and work on
                                                       their own initiative.

         igh Head Sculpture Valley near Carlisle are once again supporting Caldew School’s celebration of
         Achievement Art Awards. Work from this year’s GCSE AS and A2 is on display at High Head until 16 July.

The awards are in recognition of the effort and achievement of students throughout the year.
Zoe Pearson (GCSE) received the Key Stage 4 Gold Award this year. Josh Stephens (GCSE) received the Key Stage 4 Highly commended prize,
Philip Potts was the Key Stage 3 winner. Other students in the exhibition will receive special commendation prizes. There are also prizes for
year groups 7,8 and 9 winners, nine runners up prizes for each year group and special commendation prizes for Key stages 4 and 5.
The prize money has been sponsored by Lakeland Spas.
In September, a group of students work will be on public display at award winning Tullie House Museum
and Art Gallery. The GCSE and AS/A2 work will be shown alongside other secondary
schools from Cumbria from 13 September in an exhibition called “First Perspective”.
The art department are looking for volunteers to help with pavement art in September. The
event raises money for Muscular Dystrophy.

                                                                                                         of GCS E,                                     AS and A2 Art
                                                                                              A Showcase
                                                                                                                       ibitions Gallery
                                                                                                           Special Exhuseum & Art Gallery
                                                                                                            Tullie House
                                                                                                                                    r 2008
                                                                                                                       r – 2 Novembe
                                                                                                            13 Septembe

                                                                                                                                                                                28 618718   www.tulliehous
                                                                                                                                                         isle   CA3 8TP Tel: 012
                                                                                                                                      Castle Street, Carl
                                                                                                                 eum & Art Gallery,
                                                                                                 Tullie House Mus

                ell done to all those who helped with the
                organisation of the Charity Day last Friday. A
                total of £613 was raised. Year 10 CoPE students
 organised a Strawberry Tea event to raise money for
 Breast Cancer Care. Dalston baker David Moore kindly supplied a
 giant strawberry pastry cake and McVities, Carlisle, supplied digestive
 biscuits for the group to make strawberry biscuits. The group also made
 strawberry meringues and made strawberry themed gift cards. Strawberry
 Tea events raise vital funds to help people affected by breast cancer. The
 charity provides emotional support from specialist nurses and trained
 volunteers, along with information about breast cancer treatments. The
 students who organised the event were: Jessica Hunt, Christopher Fisher, Jack Luccock, Sophie Bird, David Irving, Cameron Gordon, Andrew
 Hughes and Dan Fleming. Students and staff were asked to wear something red or pink on the day and money raised went to Molly’s wish.

                                                                       cal dew news                             summer 08

         he new building for Autistic children is well
         underway and the project will be completed in
         November 2008. Hopefully, we can start using the
building in January 2009.
The building will be a dual purpose base for ASD pupils and the Learning
Support Team. Briefly it comprises of four classrooms; two ASD and two
learning support, a central social area, storerooms, office, a quiet,
withdrawal room, a meeting room, a toilet/shower/changing room, a
kitchen/lifeskills area and an outdoor enclosed space. We hope to install
sensory equipment that will provide light, sound, smells, movement in an
interactive environment.Vehicle access will be via a new ramped approach
at the far end of the Sports hall, to the entrance door.
The building will be decorated with soft colours, gentle lines, sympathetic
lighting and furnishings, which will promote a quiet ambience throughout.
The two ASD rooms will be specially furnished and equipped to provide             by the Teaching Assistant
a distraction-free environment in which pupils can work and achieve. One          team and the SENCO. As
is a craft / art room. All classrooms will have ICT and interactive facilities.   pupil numbers grow in
When it is complete there will be sixteen places available to ASD pupils          the facility, specialist staff
from the Carlisle area whose needs will be best met in the facility, rather       will also be trained or
than their local comprehensive school. Numbers will be small to start             recruited.
with and around four or five in each year group when full. Pupils will be         At the same time the
directed to the facility by the local authority, after considering all the        facility will become a hub
available options. We envisage that most ASD pupils will attend most of           of expertise amongst staff, and we will be able to support many colleagues
their mainstream lessons most of the time.                                        and families from Caldew and other schools.
There will be a ASD teacher -in-charge who will be appointed in the
Autumn Term. He or she will work alongside the literacy team, supported


       he Modern Languages team would like to                                     Grade 4 or better! Particular congratulations must go to the 7 pupils
       congratulate all pupils in Years 8 & 9 who have taken                      who achieved Grade 6 in all three Preliminary tests.These are worthwhile
       any OCR Asset Languages tests this year. That’s over                       qualifications as each Preliminary test is “worth” the same as a GCSE
200 of you!                                                                       Foundation paper.
We held our very first Languages Awards evening last October to present           We also entered 16 brave souls for the Intermediate Listening and
the CBLC (Business Language) certificates to Year 11 and last year’s Asset        Reading tests. These tests acquire the same points as a GCSE Higher
Languages certificates in French and German to Year 10.We followed that           paper.These cover Grades 7-9. A stunning 94% of these talented linguists
up in May with the presentation of certificates to our Year 8 achievers.The       achieved at least Grade 7 in the Listening test. We must especially
Year 9 German groups have just taken their Breakthrough tests and we              mention Kate Dickinson who gained two Grade 9s (Yes, they do exist!),
expect their results and certificates in September.                               as well as Rebecca Graham and Tim Perry, all three of whom achieved 35
So we are now celebrating our Year 9 French achievers who have done us            “points” out of a possible 36 on all the tests they took. Well done!
proud! First of all we must say “Well done” to the pupils in Mr Allason’s         There will be another celebratory French Language Awards evening for
group who took some of the Breakthrough tests. 141 pupils took the                all the Year 9s, when certificates and other special language “prizes” will
Preliminary Listening and Reading tests. 67% of you achieved at least             be presented on Monday 14 July (a very appropriate date!) at 7pm in the
Grade 4 Listening and an amazing 83% achieved at least Grade 4 Reading,           Main Hall.
50% of you gaining Grade 6, the highest possible grade on this test.              Bonnes vacances à tous!
 124 pupils took the Writing test and 88.7% (that’s 110 pupils) achieved

                                                           FESTIVAL OF NATIONS
                                                                   AT CALDEW SCHOOL

            group of 30 GCSE music and Gifted and
            Talented students took part in a Festival of
            Nations workshop in school on 4 July as
   part of Carlisle City Council’s Festival of Nations
   events. African drummers, Kakatsitsi, from Ghana
   visited the school, bringing with them an array of
   drums. The students were taught colourful and
   diverse dance routines, drumming and African singing
   in the 2 hour long workshop.
   The sound of the drums reverberated around the
   school throughout the afternoon and the band
   commented on how co-ordinated and quickly the
   students picked up the rhythm of the drum beat.

         he 2007/08 session has been an incredibly busy one for the         Year 7s were busy during our annual Reading Week from 30 June to 4
         pupils in the English Department. Successes have included          July. The main focus of this is the Readathon where pupils read as many
         another group of our budding poets having work published in        books as possible to raise money for the Roald Dahl Foundation and
the Young Writers’ Anthology; Year 9s completing                                                 Sargent Cancer Care. Our previous best is over
the annual SAT mock and final exams; 30 GCSE                                                     £800 and we do hope that this year’s Year 7 pupils
pupils attending a very successful conference on                                                 will do their very best to smash that incredible
English Papers I and II in the opulent surroundings of                                           record.
Dalston Hall; and many Year 11 Literature students                                               But, of course, it has been our Year 11, 12 and 13
attending a workshop and moving performance of                                                   pupils who have been feeling the summer heat with
John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men at the Tithe Barn                                               an array of English examinations at GCSE, AS and A2
in Carlisle!                                                                                     levels in both English and Literature. However, we
Year 8 pupils have even had a taste of exam pressure                                             know that we’ll see many of our Year 11 and 12
this year by agreeing to take part in a pilot scheme run by NFER to trial   pupils back in the Autumn Term and that our Year 13 pupils will not be
new Key Stage 3 tests in writing. For many pupils, this is the first time   strangers by keeping us up-to-date with their progress beyond school.
they have been involved in formal examinations since coming to Caldew       We wish each and every one of our examination pupils the very best of
School and we feel sure they tried their very best to impress the           luck and hope that many 6th Formers will celebrate their successes at
examiner who administered the tests.                                        this year’s Stratford trip in July.

                                                                            cal dew news                          summer 08
8                                                                       U R BAN

        ALUMNI                                                          DE S I G N E V EN T
            aniel Threlkeld, a Caldew former pupil has recently                                                         200 8
            completed his Marine Engineering training in the Royal
            Navy. At his passing out parade on 6 June 2008, Daniel
was presented two Captains’ awards. We have been informed that
this is the first time in naval history that one trainee has won both
The awards are for the trainee who has achieved their personal
best in all aspects of engineering during the course and the sporting
colours for participation in the gun run team.
The picture shows Daniel receiving his sporting colours.

                                                                        18 of our Year 10 pupils who study either Business Studies
                                                                        or Design Technology took part in a Urban Design event
                                                                        organised by Carlisle City Council on 27 June.
                                                                        The students worked in teams of 6 and competed against other local
                                                                        secondary schools to design sustainable urban housing. The teams
                                                                        designed a company name and logo and then carried out tasks in planning,
                                                                        drawing, modelling and presentation. Each team had to develop their
                                                                        skills looking at costs of materials, calculating area and showing their flair
                                                                        with a range of 2D and 3D design. One of our teams, whose company
                                                                        name was “No Place Like Home” won third place in the competition.The
                                                                        team was made up of students Liam Boertien, Natasha Condy, Jenny
                                                                        Withers, James Bell, Liam Falloon and Matthew Foster. Well done to all

                                                                        those who took part.

           aldew School staff and pupils were sorry to learn
           about the death of Sarah Bryant who died on active
           service in Afghanistan.
 Sarah was known to us as Sarah Feely. She arrived in
 September 1993 as happy, smiling 11 year old from
 Cumwhinton Primary School. She did especially well in her
 GCSE’s and joined the Sixth Form to study German. Sociology
 Environmental Science and General Studies. Sarah left Caldew
 School in July 2000. She was a quiet girl and was always humble
 about her achievements. She took tremendous pride in her
 appearance wearing immaculate uniform when a pupil in the
 main school. Sarah had a very positive attitude towards
 learning opportunities and was an outstanding role model for
 pupils in school today.
 We pass our condolences on to her family.
On Monday July 7 the sixth form Health and Social Care students held
a fund raising event during which they experienced a range of visual
impairments. The money raised will go towards buying a low vision aid
for residents of Barras House, (sheltered housing for older people), in
Dalston. Earlier in the year Barras House residents helped the students
with their work for the AS level ‘Communication’ unit and the students
came up with the idea of the sponsored event to help with the provision
of equipment which will enable residents to retain independence and
privacy in reading personal letters and documents such as bank
statements. Working with the charity Action for Blind People the
students will receive training in how to guide and assist someone with
a severe sight loss as well as gaining a greater understanding of the effects
of visual impairment.The students will wear ‘simulation spectacles’ which
create the effects of conditions which commonly affect older people
such as cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy etc and will
carry out a range of tasks such as visiting different areas of the school,
going shopping in the village and choosing and eating a meal in the school
dining hall. The students have taken the slogan ‘Who would you trust?’
for their event to highlight the fact that with the loss of sight most
people have to rely on others to read their personal mail and
documents such as bank statements, as well as the more obvious
assistance in activities such as crossing the road and preparing meals.
There are many pieces of equipment which are available to help people
retain their independence and privacy either by converting the text to
speech or by displaying it in an enlarged and colour enhanced form onto
a monitor. Such equipment is, however, expensive – thus the need for
sponsorship! If you would like to sponsor a student or make a donation
to this event please contact Mrs Lanham, Health and Social Care co-
ordinator, at the school.

           group of Year 10 girls enjoyed a taste of the
           army from 9 – 13 June on the ‘Army Look at life’
           course at Warcop.
 Pupils; Chelsea Waterson, Kirsty Dawson, Sophie Bird, Cara
 Glendinning and Amy-Jo Russell got kitted out in the camouflage
 clothing and paint, carried their own kit and rifle.
 Activities included, Physical Training test - how many situps in 2
 minutes, press - ups in 2 minutes and 1.5 miles, gained knowledge of
 fighting in built up areas, dcct firing range, secure location, section
 attacks, basic patrolling and concealment, football and volleyball.They
 also learnt a lot about teamwork. The the girls enjoyed a taste of
 army food and five star accommodation (barn!).
 The course was a complete success as every girl became more
 confident and thoroughly enjoyed the course. The girls impressed
 the soldiers with their attitude and commitment to the course, never
 complaining, even about the food. Some showed true interest and
 are considering a future career in the Army.

                                                                                cal dew news   summer 08
                       & BEAUTY      COMPETITION
  The Year 10 Hair and Beauty students took part in a competition within the school and
  organised by Mrs Tate. The students worked in teams and had to decide a theme, make
  thought boards around their chosen theme and then create their own look using hair design,
  make up and dress. There was some fantastic creations and all the girls had worked hard on
  their look. In the afternoon judges were brought and interviewed the girls on their work.The
  judges awarded the following prizes: Most creative thoughts board, Jessica Hunt and Sarah
  Goddard (1970’s glamour); runners up Naiomi Queen and Sophie Bird (Disco). Most creative
                         hair: Kayleigh Phillipson hair done by Nicola Rickerby; runners up
                             Naiomi Queen hair done by Sophie Bird. Most creative make up:
                                Sarah Goddard done by Jess Hunt; runner up Cara Glendinning.
                                 Best Overall look: The Wedding theme co-ordinated by Cara
                                  with runners up the 70’s theme by Sarah Goddard. A special
                                  prize awarded by Mrs Tate for the most professional attitude on
                                 the day was given to Kayleigh Phillipson with the runner up
                                Sophie Bird.
                            Congratulations to all those who took park and thank you
                        to Carlisle College and Hair Flair for donating prizes.


               LAW – IT’S NOT JUST FOR LAWYERS!
           id you know that you could study A level law at Caldew sixth          You will develop important skills such as the use of language and argument,
           form? Why would you want to? Well, it is a fascinating subject,       logical and critical thinking and analysis, and problem solving
           which is important in our everyday lives. Law plays a vital role in   Subjects, which go well with Law, include English, History and Psychology
 society. The law helps define a society's values and also provides a means      in their use of language, Science, Maths, Business Studies and Design
 to solve problems and disputes without resort to violence. Knowledge of         Technology in the logical application of rules, critical analysis and problems
 the law can give you more control over your life and more confidence in         solving.
 your dealings with others.
                                                                                 Study of Law is useful for lots of jobs such as the police, probation service,
 It is unlikely that you will have studied law before. However, your own         prisons, human resources, forensic science and business, social work and
 experience, study of ‘citizenship' and the media's fascination with law-        working in the heath service and of course working within the legal system
 related stories mean that this subject is relevant, interesting and popular.    as a lawyer or legal executive or secretary or in the courts. Law is also a
 The course is designed to remove any feelings of uncertainty and                good subject for many university courses such as English, Law, History,
 confusion that may arise from taking a new subject. We look at how laws         Criminology, Sociology, Psychology as well as many others.
 are made and applied in the courts, real life cases, what judges, lawyers
 and magistrates and juries do and study criminal law and civil law such as      This year Caldew sixth form is entering a team in the mock trial
 suing for compensation after injury. We visit the courts and solicitors         competition where sixth formers enact a trial, playing the parts of lawyers,
 offices and have visits from magistrates .                                      judge, jury, usher, clerk witnesses, and press. We need lots of enthusiastic
                                                                                 people to take part – you don’t have to be studying Law, but of course it
 We often associate Law with ' The Bill ', ' Crimewatch,’ ‘Ally McBeal’ and      will help your studies and look good on your c.v.
 ‘Legally Blonde’. It is more than that. The law and lawyers have far greater
 impact on our lives than we realise. Road accidents often result in injury         If you are interested in taking part in the mock
 for which a person might want lawyers to help them gain compensation.            trial, please see me, Ms Parkinson in D17, or email
 As consumers we take for granted many issues relating to the quality of                 at
 goods and services yet these are regulated by the law.
 Can we use the courts to help us?
 Where do we go for advice?
 Is it free?
 Will any action be too costly?
 If any of these issues interest you then you might consider Law at 'A' level.
23 Year 7, and 2 Year 8 students spent
their May half-term in Interlaken,
Switzerland         accompanied           by     four
teachers. The trip was a huge success and
we enjoyed the best weather we have
experienced on this trip for many years.
The students spent a week exploring many local
attractions including the revolving restaurant at the
top of the Schiltorn mountain (a la James Bond,
from ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’), lots of cable
cars rides up mountains, a snowball fight by one
of the highest railway stations in Europe and
visited caves and waterfalls.
The pupils enjoyed the trip so much that they all
said they would like to return to the area in
later life, and many are very keen to join the
lower School trip to France next year.


                                                                    ack in February a group of Year 11 pupils took their
                                                                    business skills to new heights with a entrepreneurial
                                                                    way of raising money for the Eden Valley Hospice
                                                            Jigsaw appeal. On hearing that the children’s unit costs over
                                                            £500,000 per year to run the group of 21 pupils worked in
                                                            groups to sell roses to their friends and family.
                                                            Karl Hartley acted as General Manager and contacted local
                                                            businesses to get the best possible price for the roses to
                                                            maximise profit and also contacted the local press to arrange
                                                            publicity. A total of 270 roses were sold and over £320 was
                                                            raised for The Jigsaw appeal.
                                                            In June four students; Debbie Gibson, Kelly Armstrong, Amy
                                                            Johnston and Sarah Bulman were invited along to the Hospice
                                                            to look at the newly built children’s unit and to see for
                                                            themselves the fantastic impact that the unit has for both the
                                                            children and their families.The group took along the gifts that
                                                            they had purchased from the money raised . After various
                                                            discussions with the Hospice’s fundraiser Colin Powell they
                                                            purchased Playstation 3 equipment including infrared controls,
                                                            a steering wheel, games and karaoke equipment.

                                                        cal dew news               summer 08

     YEAR 12                                                    ADVICE & GUIDANCE
           ear 12 students have returned to school after their AS exams. In     to pass onto their subject teachers. Each student has a Personal Tutor
           September students will discuss with their subject teachers          who will write their reference so attendance at registration and
           which AS courses they are going to continue with to A2 Level.        participation in form activities will all help to make this reference as
  Most students will complete three full A Levels as well as General            thorough and detailed as possible.
  Studies. If students are to drop an AS subject they must discuss this with
  both their subject teacher and the Head of Post 16 Studies, Allan James.       Useful websites:
  Most students will be thinking of applying to university through the           UCAS
  UCAS system. So far four students from Caldew have indicated they              Looking for courses
  may apply for Oxbridge and one for Dentistry. Now is a good time to            Information on Student Loans
  research courses, attend open days and undertake relevant work                 University rating
  experience. At school Mr James has established a university prospectus         Comparing Universities
  library for students to use and this is in room D17 in the Sixth Form          Careers and Higher Education information
  block. All of this will help students to gather evidence for the writing of    Higher Education
  their personal statements. Of equal importance is the academic                 Higher Education Finance
  reference which forms part of the UCAS application. Students need to           Nursing Information
  start to organise the writing of this academic reference                       Graduate Careers
  and they therefore need to collect subject information                         Work Experience
  request forms from Mr James                                                    The Good University Guide
                                                                                 Bursaries information
                                                                                 Teacher Training Agency
                                                                                 UCAS Deadlines
                                                                                 15 June 2008          UCAS goes live – students can begin
                                                                                                       process of registration.
                                                                                 15 September 2008 First date a student can send a completed
                                                                                                   application via UCAS.
                                                                                 15 October 2008      Deadline for applications to Oxbridge,
                                                                                                      medicine and dentistry.
                                                                                 1 December 2008      Caldew’s deadline for UCAS

                      We hope this is useful and that we can give our students the best possible chance of

                                                                                                                                                           DESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINT GRAPHIC LTD • 01228 593900
                                         gaining the university courses of their choice.

 The whole Year 7 have been working on a PSHCE project on sustainability.They have been looking at easy ways to reduce waste and have
 come up with an easy plan of efficiencies that can be implemented in any home.
 Top Tips for saving money and the planet !
 • Ride a bike or walk to places close by.                                      REMEMBER THE 3 R’s !
 • Don’t waste food – a third of all food ends up thrown
                                                                                REDUCE – Don’t use as much
                                                                                REUSE – Use it again
 • Water is precious – Use a Water Hippo (We have free
   Hippo’s in school to give away) turn off taps and use a                      RECYCLE – paper, cardboard,
   water butt in the garden.                                                    glass tins, plastic and clothing
 • Recycle and Compost.
 • Grow your own vegetables.
 • Use energy efficient light bulbs and re-chargeable

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