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Simple Ways Optimization iPhone Battery

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									Simple Ways Optimization iPhone Battery

Okay let’s move on more details. Before this optimization we
do this simple step. The goal is to determine whether the
conditions we are still good smartphone hardware or already
problematic. Because later on would be very funny if we had
tried a variety of optimizations turned out it was about time the
condition of the hardware in reforestation or in the locker.
Make sure the condition of the battery is fully charged before
doing this step.

Now onto the important part of optimization iPhone
# # The main one is the management notification, let alone in
the iPhone application that requires access to data usually has a
notification feature which if not addressed this feature wisely
will drain our batteries. Moreover, if we include a very friendly
or many friends. Applications like Twitter and Facebook will
bring a lot of notifications. So it’s wise to regulate what
applications are allowed to walk
and what does not. Please set in the Settings > Notofikasi and
adjust according to taste
# # Setting Location / GPS; iPhone is equipped with this feature.
This feature is a marker of the location we can use the
application to be addressed particularly in relation to Map /
Maps. And some applications can also be used with different
purposes. Therefore, in applications where aja is allowed to use
it and what is not. Please set in the Settings> Localization
# # Wise with Push Email; set email usage. Whether to enable
push or manual check. If you include a lot of incoming email.
Better to disable and please check it regularly
# # The display light settings; set to taste the eye. Because the
iPhone has a screen that is wide enough, if we are not wise
then the use of batteries can run out quickly. For this setting to
taste the eye. Not too bright nor too dark. If the author himself
would prefer an auto setting, in order to follow the mood light
# # Between 3G or EDGE; It’s also difficult choice. You can use
3G method with amazing speed with the risk of wasteful
batteries or with a slower EDGE connection but friendly
batteries. If the author is simple tips. If the location we were
getting a pretty good 3G signal better 3G Enable this feature.
However, if the signal is weak or no 3G sinal wrote Disable this
feature. Because if not stable then the iPhone will do the
switching data network which of course would make more
extravagant iPhone Battery
# # What is Airplane Mode;? this feature is to save battery.
Because of him how many things associated with the
connection will be avoided so that the longer battery
endurance. This feature is also tips if you’re jamming the game
and did not want the hassle of incoming call or SMS.
# # Disable or turn off unnecessary features; Default settings of
the iPhone Bluetooth turned on. Just turn off this feature to
keep batteries breathe better. Go menu in the Settings>
General> Bluetooth

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