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									The Hoho Motor-Harnessing The Power Of
     Magnets For Alternative Energy
Hojo Motor – Who Is Howard Johnson?
ere is a great need for alternative energy throughout the world. Scientists have been
working hard for years to discover untapped sources of energy. Howard Johnson is
one such scientist who dedicated his career to developing revolutionary technology
that uses the power of magnets.
Howard Johnson is an American scientist who stunned the scientific world with his
work and inventions. His studies at Vanderbilt University are what cultivated his
interests in magnetics and the ability to generate energy. One of his most recognized
inventions is the Howard Johnson Motor (Hojo Motor). It debuted in the 1980 edition
of Science and Mechanics magazine. He overcame many obstacles to receive
patents for his revolutionary work.
Howard Johnson’s professional history as a scientist is quite impressive. He has
worked in the fields of both chemistry and physics and has been involved with more
than 30 patents (!!). He contributed to the motor industry throughout his robust
career. Various contributions include a ceramic muffler designed for the military that
silences a portable motor generator at 50 feet. This technology has been used for
almost twenty years. He also developed inventions that make cars safer such as
materials that prevent brakes from locking and prevent skidding. The Howard
Johnson Motor is one of his most revolutionary inventions.

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What Is The Hojo Motor And How Does It Work?

            The Howard Johnson motor is a magnetic motor. The series of magnets
used in the motor are placed at strategic points around a rotor. The first pair of
magnets are called stator magnets.They are placed inside of a cylindrical casing.
The rotor consists of a rotating drum and a second pair of magnets called armature
magnets. A belt connected to a generator creates the electricity that powers the
Why Is The Howard Johnson Motor Controversial And Significant?
The controversy around the Hojo motor stems from the scientific community not
being able to completely understand how the science works. It has been written that
even Johnson himself could not figure out this mystery during his lifetime. Many
skeptics and critics have been slow to receive the technology because they believe it
goes against the law of Conservation of Energy. Irregardless of opinion or beliefs,
the science does work and is a valuable contribution to a world that is seeking
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What Is The Howard Johnson Philosophy?
Howard Johnson believed in simplicity. Early models of his hojomotor were created
using tape, aluminum foil, and the essential magnets needed to power the
prototypes. Johnson believed that it was more practical to start simple when creating
models. Another obvious belief of Johnson was that the recognized laws of physics
were not barriers or limitations. Johnson is remembered as a scientist who worked
around various limitations (sometimes to the astonishment of his peers and
How Can The Howard Johnson Motor Impact The Future?
The Howard Johnson Motor can be used in several ways. Two such ways are in
more environmentally friendly vehicles or to power homes. With this type of energy,
cars would no longer need gas or petroleum to operate. This technology is
revolutionary and unfortunately unknown to most members of the general public.
Alternative energy is greatly needed for the longevity of the planet. Howard Johnson
passed away in January 2008 but has left a legacy that can help lead the world into
a healthier and more sustainable way of living.

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