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         SESI Schools Give ‘Special Needs’ Students a High Tech Edge

BALTIMORE, MD. – February 16, 2011 – From Cecil to Charles Counties and places
between, hundreds of Maryland children with an array of learning and behavioral challenges are
being equipped with the latest in technology to give them the edge they need.

Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), one of the nation’s premier providers of specialized
education for children with learning, language and social challenges, has launched a statewide
initiative to help special-needs students at their High Road Schools and Academies overcome
barriers to learning.

At SESI schools in Baltimore and LaPlata, paper and pencils are put aside for iPads. In Laurel,
traditional chalk and blackboards are being replaced by “Smart Boards.” Personal computers
with the latest in educational software are used to supplement textbooks in Lanham.

“Our students face some of the most difficult learning challenges, so they deserve the best
technology available to augment and encourage learning,” said Michael Kaufman, CEO of
Specialized Education Services, Inc. of Yardley, Pa.

Teachers and administrators praise the new program and say the students have quickly become
accustomed to the new technologies.

“The greatest benefit has been to generate student interest and excitement,” said Danielle Peck,
director of the High Road Academy of Baltimore County. “Our students love new technology.
So, they think that using iPads in our classrooms is very cool. As a result, they are more
interested in learning and stay engaged longer.”

Corrine Anyanwu, director of the High Road Academy of Prince George’s County in Lanham
said, “The use of the electronic whiteboards has been a great addition to our program. These
devices allow our teachers more creativity and flexibility in preparing and implementing lessons
designed to meet the specia needs of our students.”

“The student response is overwhelmingly positive at our school,” said Ellen Gaske, director of
the High Road Academy in Laurel. “The use of these devices has definitely increased our
students’ energy, attention and motivation to learn.”
“We understand our students and we know their potential. They need and deserve of every
opportunity to succeed,” Kaufman added. “Our new technology programs are helping to provide
that opportunity.”

In addition to its schools in Baltimore, Lanham, Laurel and LaPlata, SESI operates schools in
Beltsville, Capitol Heights, Denton, Elkton, Perryville and Millersville.

SESI schools offer a variety of special education programs tailored to the needs of at-risk youth
and students with disabilities from ages 6-21. SESI operates 44 schools in 11 states and the
District of Columbia, including 12 schools throughout Maryland.


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