Is He the Right Guy for Me - 6 Ways to Determine by SarahNichols


									Is He the Right Guy for Me? 6 Ways to Determine Before you even think of walking down that aisle and tell him “I do,” ask your self first “is he the right guy for me?” In love and life, there is really no absolute ways of telling that the other person is made for you. We always blame it on destiny and fate if we go through heartbreak after heartbreak. But what you don’t know is that there are ways which you can determine if he’s really the one by looking at what he’s made of. First: Start an argument with him. The right guy is reasonable during an argument. If he sticks to what he believes in without resorting to being mean and doesn’t attack you personally with your weaknesses as a person, you could say that he is right for you. Second: Drag him for a cross country drive. The right guy will have the ability to control himself and take a calm attitude when being thrown out of his comfort zone. A lot can happen during the drive and sometimes people will reach their limit but if he is able to control it with you, you already have an answer to your question “Is he the right guy for me?” Third: Call on him when you are sick. The right guy will overlook your biologically ugly self and will care for you as if nothing else matters anymore. He will still look at you lovingly and makes you feel that you are the most beautiful woman to him. Fourth: Observe him while he socializes. The right guy doesn’t take interest in other women anymore. He values your relationship and your feelings. He knows that you can get jealous so he avoids situations that can hurt you. Fifth: Observe how he treats other people. The right guy is polite to people in general no matter what status they are in. He will respect them the way they should be respected. Sixth: Observe him when he loses at something. The right guy is an absolute gentleman and will acknowledge his loss as well as the fact that somebody is still better than him. These are the six ways for you to answer your question – Is he the right guy for me? They are not full proof but they can be a great start.

Isn’t it great if you have what it takes to tell if a man is the right one for you? There is lots of great information that you can gather and will let you be sure if he is the right guy. You will be given power to let men reveal what they conceal. Catch Him and Keep Him!

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