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									SAE Washington Section
Board Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2006

   1) May meeting minutes were approved
   2) Section Operation Report was submitted to SAE for the 2005-2006 timeframe. Copies of
      the Final Report are available from Debbie Parker. The preliminary report for 2006-2007
      is due in October, 2006
   3) Budget amount was unavailable, Doug Skorupski to obtain balance from Nat. Lou Brown
      now has signature authority for the account
   4) The announcement for the Highway System 50 Anniversary will be sent by Peter Martin
      via email to the section members. In addition, the event will be announced in the
      upcoming newsletter. It is still not entirely clear what the event will entail, but several
      members have discussed attending as representatives for the DC section.
   5) Mark provided a summary of the Aerospace standards discussion for the board. In
      general the discussion was well attended by local representative from various agencies
      that have been involved in standards development. The speakers promoted the role of
      an organization such as SAE as being a useful forum in which to create design
      standards. There was a particular focus on involving younger generation engineers and
      scientists in the standards development process in order to promote continuance of the
      process. The presentations provided by the speakers were followed by an involved Q&A
   6) Event Planning (Note that Doug provided input from the JD-Power survey indicating that
      local members were interested in broadening the events to include additional focus on
      aerospace and advanced technology topics. The board agreed to investigate future
      events that might fulfill to these requests)
          - Alternative Fuels Technology: There was discussion regarding an event to
               display alt-fuel technology vehicles. GM was volunteered by the board to provide
               sample vehicles such as new hybrid or fuel cell powered trucks. Doug intends to
               contact Postal Service to determine availability of advanced technology mail
          - Volvo Engine Lab: Debbie was tasked with determining available timing from the
               Western MD section in order to coordinate an event
          - FAA Space Commercialization: Debbie would investigate having a speaker
               provide an update on the space commercialization challenge
          - Garage Tour: Scott Schmidt agreed to investigate the capacity of the venue in
               case the even is combined with a possible upcoming rally.
          - NASA-Goddard Tour: At this point the Board has decided to table this event.
               This is due to the lack of response from contacts within Goddard that may have
               helped arrange the tour.
          - Boeing 787 Presentation: Mark Novak agreed to continue to try and arrange this
               event and to possibly coordinate with AIAA. Suggested Boeing facility in Roslyn
               as possible venue site.
          - Shuttle Investigation: Mark has agreed to continue looking into having a member
               of the shuttle investigation team provide a presentation to the DC section.
          - NTSB Presentation: Several board members suggested contacting the NTSB to
               arrange either presentations regarding crash investigation, or tours of the training
               facility in Ashburn VA.
          - Diesel Forum: Possible event to highlight new diesel emissions control
               technology and/or discuss new diesel fuel requirements and future of biodiesel.
          - Freightliner Advanced Truck Presentation: Doug will look into arranging a
               presentation of the Freightliner Advanced truck project. Truck features advanced
               safety technology.
          - Car Control Clinic: The board held some general discussions regarding the
               possibility of sponsoring a car-control clinic at Summit Point Raceway in Virginia.
               At this point, the board has agreed that there are too many unknowns regarding
               the event to commit any resources. Additional information will be needed from
               the event coordinator, Miriam Schottler.
7)    SAE Student Section Racing Results. Scott provided a brief update on the racing results
      for the UMD and GWU student teams. Additional information will be provided in the
      upcoming newsletter. This included the Mini-Baja and the Formula-SAE events.
8)    The June newsletter was discussed by the group, Dan Ryan will be contacted to get a
      status update. It was agreed that four newsletters are to be provided for the upcoming
9)    Web site updates were not discussed due to time
10)   Next Meeting: Scheduled for 11:30am, July 18, 2006 at the Alliance Offices

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