The University of Sheffield UNION of Students MINUTES OF A MEETING by wuzhenguang


									                        The University of Sheffield UNION of Students

                             HELD ON 1 JUNE 2010

Present: Paul Tobin (President) (in the chair), Claire Monk (Activities Officer), Martin Bailey
(Finance Officer), Alex Erdlenbruch (International Students’ Officer), Jenni Hastings (Welfare
Officer), Amy Sutherland (Women’s Officer)

In Attendance: Stephen Hubbard (General Manager), Neil MacKenzie (Democracy and
Representation Manager) for items 1 – 7

1.   Apologies for Absence

     Apologies were received from Kate Rickard (Sports Officer) and Holly Taylor
     (Education Officer)

2.   Urgent Business

      It was agreed to consider the following items of urgent business:-

           1. Article in Zoo Magazine
           2. Attendance at NUS Awards

     It was also agreed to move Items 7 and 9 to immediately follow item 5 in order
     for Neil Mackenzie to be present

3.   Minutes of the Previous Meetings

     The minutes of the meeting held on 17 May, 2010 were agreed as a correct

4.   Matters Arising

     4.1      South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association (SYEDA)

     It was agreed SYEDA would be discussed later on the agenda

     4.2     Revision Bus

     Amy Sutherland reported that the Revision Bus service was going well with
     reasonable usage figures for its first week.

5.   Representation

     5.1      Aldwych Meeting

     Paul Tobin introduced his report of the recent meeting, which was noted. It was
     also noted that Josh Forstenzer would attend the Aldwych handover meeting
     despite it being the last day for the current Officers.

     5.2      NUS Postgraduate Conference

     Paul Tobin introduced his report which was noted. SEC congratulated Paul on
     being elected to the NUS Postgraduate Committee.
     5.3      PVC Buddy Meeting with Professor Tony Ryan

     Claire Monk introduced her report of the recent meeting which was noted.

     5.3     Convocation

     Paul Tobin introduced his report of the recent meeting which was noted

     5.5.    University Finance Committee

     Martin Bailey introduced his report which was noted. Martin highlighted that the
     current University budget assumes no further changes in funding, although it is
     recognised there most likely will be. Claire Monk raised whether the
     development of the Food Court space in University House had been a
     discussion point at all. Martin Bailey noted it hadn’t been directly discussed, but
     the Capital Plans that were produced indicated that it would be unlikely there
     would be significant investment in the near future. Claire Monk highlighted the
     problems caused for student groups as a result of the ACS decision to use this
     space for food services in the evening.

     5.6.    Careers Advisory Board

     Alex Erdlenbruch introduced his report which was noted. The decision to run
     two Careers Fairs was discussed and it was noted that this might not be ideal,
     but was the current proposal and would go ahead, so its success or otherwise
     should be monitored.

6.   Name Changes to areas of Union

     There was discussion around the proposals Martin Bailey had made. The
     proposals were agreed with the following exceptions which will be discussed
     further outside this meeting

     Market Street
     The Welfare Zone
     The SU Voice

     Name Changes agreed are:

     Current Area Name                          New Area Name

     Shop                                       SU Shop
     Studio Shop                                Love Sheffield
     The Source                                 Activities Zone
     The Source Desk                            Activities Info Point
     Reception                                  Welcome Desk
     Meeting Rooms – Peaks, SRLC                Gallery Rooms 1 - 4
     Dales, Pink Room
     “Quantum of Solace” Room                   The Gallery Eye
     New Terrace over front door                The Gallery Entrance
     Lobby Areas – New front lobby              Welcome Zone
     Inner Lobby by Santander                   Garden View Foyer

7.   Delegations to NUS Liberation and Sectional Conferences

     The draft proposal was agreed. It was highlighted that there was a need to
     discuss this with those groups affected and responsibility for this discussion was
     agreed as follows:

     Women’s Conference                         Amy Sutherland
     Black Students’ Conference                Alex Erdlenbruch
     International Students’ Conference        Alex Erdlenbruch
     Postgraduate Conference                   Paul Tobin
     Disabled Students’ Conference             Jenni Hastings
     Mature/Part-time Students’ Conference     Jenni Hastings

     Regarding LGBT, this has already been discussed with LGBT.
8.    Officers’ Objectives Fund and Officer Guest List

      The Committee agreed the following spending from the Officers’ Objectives

      £60 for advertising for Peace Week (Paul Tobin)
      £30 for Society Surgery sundry items (Claire Monk)
      £50 for Incentive for Mature Students Survey (Jenni Hastings)

9.    Student Support Sessions

      Jenni Hastings reported that SYEDA and No Panic Sheffield have agreed to
      carry out support sessions for students in the Union building next year. It was
      agreed there would be no room hire charges for these sessions.

10.   Meetings of Senior Management Team

      The minutes of the meeting of Senior Management Team held on 4 May 2010
      were noted.

11.   Article in Zoo Magazine

      Martin Bailey reported that he had received a complaint from a member of
      University Staff regarding a specific article by Danny Dyer. It was agreed this
      issue should be discussed by Union Council next year.

12.   Attendance at NUS Awards

      The committee noted its congratulations for those Sheffield students nominated
      for NUS Awards. These are:

      Rosie Taylor          Journalist of the Year
      Rachel Colley         Student Unionist of the Year

      Attendance at the NUS Awards was discussed and it was agreed there should
      be two Student Officers and a staff member attending in addition to those
      nominated and their guests.

13.   Communication to Members

      It was agreed that Paul Tobin would publicise the shortlisted Sheffield           PT
      Nominations for the NUS Awards.

      It was agreed that Paul Tobin would communicate to graduates the existence of
      Convocation and the opportunity to stand for its executive.                       PT

Stephen Hubbard                                                           8 June 2010
General Manager

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