A Celebration of Friends

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					                           A Celebration of Friends
Spring Auction
& Dinner                                          Saturday, April 17, 2010
                                                     7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
                                                      Martin’s Crosswinds
Proceeds to benefit the                              Greenbelt, Maryland
financial aid program of
Friends Community School
The Spring Auction upholds our community in a multitude of ways, not just financially.

By working together to make the Auction happen, we build deeper friendships. We

engage our surrounding community of organizations and businesses when we ask them

for donations, and find places where we can invest in our local economy, or discover our

local arts and nature.

The Auction is a celebration and a yearly tradition that builds memories and bonds us

together even as the funds it raises help keep us together, and draw more members into

our community.

Approximately 40% of the students at FCS receive some amount of financial aid.

Endowing the Blackburn scholarship fund through your auction purchases — your

useful, beautiful, fun purchases! — means that your child is able to continue to grow

with friends and classmates. you are sustaining diversity and relationships. Your bid on

Head for a Day may ensure that your child’s best friend is there to play with her or him

at recess next September. When you buy your child’s class project, when you drive up the

bidding on a vacation week, when you win the silent auction for that service provided

by a parent or staff member, you aren’t just spending money and receiving goods.

You are literally investing in Friends, Community, School.

Bid on something for your child, yourself, a friend. Bid on something for all of us.
                           A Celebration of Friends
2010                                                  Masters of Ceremonies
Spring Auction                                             Brett Fishburne
& Dinner                                                    John Wolfrum

Proceeds to benefit the                                    Derek Hopkins
financial aid program of                                          Jazz Trio
Friends Community School                                      John Previti
                                                           Dave Chappell
                                                            Big Joe Maher
                                                         Rules &
                                                         Bring this catalog with you to the auction.

                                                         Obtain a bid number (if you will be bidding) at the Registration Table.

                                                         Please read any specifications and limitations carefully, as all sales are final. All sales are “as is.” A
                                                         complete item description is in the catalog and on the bid sheet. This includes the Minimum Bid,
                                                         which is the starting point for each auction.

                                                         How to Bid: Entering your bid number on a particular $$ amount listed on the pre-printed bid sheet
                                                         makes a bid. You may skip the incremental bidding and go right to the “guaranteed price bid,” if you
                                                         know you want an item and are willing to pay the top price. Any incorrect bid or late bid will be voided
                                                         by the table monitor.
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Silent Auction categories will close in timed intervals during the evening. Announcements will be
                                                         made alerting you that tables will be closing. After silent auction winning bids are entered into the
                                                         computer, there will be a list provided of those winning bids and this will be totaled after each closed
                                                         silent auction.

                                                         A Special Silent Auction Teacher/Staff Table dedicated to auction donations made by our very own
                                                         FCS staff will be open through the entire silent auction bidding period. Teacher donation items will
                                                         also be part of the live auction portion of our evening.

                                                         In the Live Auction, the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser. In the
                                                         event of any dispute, the auctioneer shall determine the successful bidder. The auctioneer reserves the
                                                         right to reject any bid that, in his opinion, is not commensurate with the value of the lot being offered.

                                                         Cashiers will be open for checkout immediately following the live auction.

                                                         Items must be paid for and removed from the auction site by the close of the event. We happily accept
                                                         CASH, CHECKS AND CREDIT CARDS (American Express, Visa and Mastercard) for payment
                                                         (identification may be requested at the time of payment). You will be provided with a receipt, which
                                                         includes a good faith estimate of the value of the item offered for auction. This receipt will be used to
                                                         collect your items or gift certificates after payment has been made. It is your responsibility to contact
                                                         the donor as soon as possible to arrange for services to be provided.

                                                         Values have been estimated as closely as possible to fair market in good faith and are not warranted by
                                                         Friends Community School for tax purposes or for general value. Charitable contributions may only
                                                         be deductible to the extent they exceed the value of goods or services received. Check with the IRS for
                                                         more information. By purchase of an item the buyer waives any claim for liability against FCS or the
                                                         owner of the property or service.
                   As a community, we are committed to the belief that family income
                        should not be a barrier to quality education for any child.

The auction is a culmination of hours of teamwork by a dedicated group of parents, FCS faculty and staff. We
thank all of you who have worked so hard to make tonight a success. Parents have helped out in a multitude
of ways since October. Local and regional businesses participated with donations and ads. The school faculty
and staff have been ready and willing to help. Larry offered indispensable guidance, Hilary and Quillin kept us
straight and Erin organized the second “Auction Pajama Movie Night.” Our children created fabulous works
of art for classroom donation items (thank you auction classroom parents!!) Student volunteers made donation
follow-up calls to FCS families.
Thank you to Derek Hopkins, tonight’s auctioneer; John Previti and his jazz ensemble with Dave Chappell and
Big Joe Maher; and our evening’s hosts Brett Fishburne and John Wolfrum. We also want to thank Martin’s
Crosswinds for providing the auction location and making this event possible.
A special thank you to the Catalog Team (Tamar Eskin, Pat Noone, Samantha Magrath, Ania Picard, Christine
Dunathan, Leanne Poteet, Mike Hayes and Dave Woodward).
Many thanks to those who donated items, contributed to and created class ads, bought tickets, as well as to those
who will purchase items tonight.

                                                                                                                    Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
It has been our pleasure to be the Auction Planning Committee. We are lucky to have a tremendous community
working together to ensure the financial assistance that supports of our FCS kids.
                                        — Janet Dixon, Jody Heckman-Bose, Carol King Woodward, Ania Picard

Altoria Ross                Jim Groves                   Samantha Magrath             Pizza for auction pajama
Amber Mongelli              Joan Meier                   Sandy Stein                  movie night provided by the
Angela McClain              Joan Whelan                  Sara Scott                   Woodward Family
Ann Baker                   John Previti                 Sieglinde Peterson
Barrett Kirwan              John Wolfrum                 Sieglinde Peterson           Postage costs for auction
Becki Gitter                Julia Washburn               Stefano Delens               mailers provided by the
Beth Cranmer                Kaori Nakamura               Sudip Bose                   Harden Family
Beth Foster                 Kath Grathwol                Susan Malone
Beth Grupp                  Katy Roche                   Tamar Eskin                  Special thanks to students,
Bill Kules                  Leanne Poteet                Tara Federici Mang           Kathleen Bender and Grace
Brenda Jones Harden         Lisa Hohenemser              Theodora Scarato             Woodward, for filling the
Brett Fishburne             Lisa Losito                  Tom Saylers                  role of 7/8 Grade Classroom
Bruce Dixon                 Margy Warner                 Willis DeHart                Parents.
Cheryl Martin               Melanie Baldwin
Christine Dunathan          Mike Hayes                   Student Auction Callers
Claire Roach                MJ (Mary Jane) Breinholt     Chloe Martin-Poteet
Cristel Brown de Colstoun   Monique Bourque              Grace Woodward
David Frederickson          Myriam Prinston              Kathleen Bender
David Woodward              Nancy Neville                Maia Walters
Diana Combs                 Noel Mondardes               Milan Monardes
Elizabeth Delens            Olivia McDaniel              Zoe DeHart
Greta Rosenzweig            Pam O’Brien
Hal Malone                  Pam Winston                  Businesses that helped to
Heidi Bachman               Pat Mulvey                   make classroom projects
Jeff Mang                   Pat Noone                    possible
Jen Smith                   Richard Roach                Campus Quilt Company
Jenn Mooney                 Rozanne Wijesinghe           Color Me Mine
Jennifer Shannon            Ruth Miller                  Jack Smalligan                                                                      3
                                                       FCS Blackburn Financial Aid Fund

                                                       2     Auction Rules & Procedures

                                                       3     Acknowledgements

                                                       5     A World of Friends.................................................................. Items # 100 - 118 ................ Closes at 7:45

                                                       7     New Growth . .................................................................................... Items # 200 - 213 ............... Closes at 7:45

                                                       9     Simple Gifts . ..................................................................................... Items # 300 - 315 . .............. Closes at 7:45
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                       11    Growing By Leaps & Bounds . .................................... Items # 400 - 413 ............... Closes at 7:45

                                                       13    A Friend in Need ........................................................................ Items # 500 - 518 . .............. Closes at 8:15

                                                       15    A Friend Indeed ............................................................................ Items # 600 - 615 . .............. Closes at 8:15

                                                       17    The Growing Edge ..................................................................... Items # 700 - 713 . ............... Closes at 8:15

                                                       19    Grow for It ....................................................................................... Items # 800 - 814 . .............. Closes at 8:15

                                                       21    The Gift of Uplift . .................................................................. Items # 900 - 913 . .............. Closes at 8:45

                                                       23    One to Grow On . ....................................................................... Items # 1000 - 1014 ........... Closes at 8:45

                                                       25    With A Little Help from my Friends ................... Items # 1100 - 1114 . ............ Closes at 8:45

                                                       27    Way to Grow! ............................................................................... Items # 1200 - 1215 ........... Closes at 8:45

                                                       29    The Society of Friends ............................................................. Items # 1300 - 1305 . .......... Closes 9:00 PM

                                                       29    Room to Grow: Live Auction . ....................................... Items # 1400 - 1429 ........... 9:15 PM

A World
                                                                                                       closes at 7:45

of Friends                                                        “
                                                                            Each friend represents a world in us, a
                                                                           world possibly not born until they arrive,

                                                                              and it is only by this meeting that
                                                                                     a new world is born.
                                                                                        — Anais Nin

100    Warm Up to This I                                 106    Make Brushing More Fun
Girl’s dance warm-ups size 8/10. Stay comfortable        Brushing your hair will be more fun with less hair and
in this stylish warm-up generously donated by the        more style! Use this $25 gift certificate from Greenbelt
B.O.T.T.S Dance Studio.                                  Barber and Stylist for a man’s or lady’s haircut. Get
Value: $ 20                                              your updated look by Feb. 25, 2011. And brushing
B.O.T.T.S Dance Studio                                   your teeth is more fun - and more effective - with
                                                         the Sonicare Essence Toothbrush. Unless, of course,
101    Warm Up to This II                                you’re already brushing at 31,000 brushstrokes per
Girl’s dance warm-ups size 8/10. Stay comfortable in     minute. Guaranteed whiter teeth and healthier gums
this stylish warm-up.                                    in one month!
Value: $ 20                                              Value: $ 95
                                                         Greenbelt Barber and Stylist, Phillips Oral Healthcare

                                                                                                                    Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
B.O.T.T.S Dance Studio

102    Warm Up to This III                               107    Friends and Friends of the Earth Part I
Girl’s dance warm-ups size 8/10. Stay comfortable in     A one-year membership with the National Resources
this stylish warm-up.                                    Defense Council, including a subscription to their
Value: $ 20                                              magazine, ONEEARTH. NRDC’s mission is to
B.O.T.T.S Dance Studio                                   safeguard the earth, its people, its planet and animals,
                                                         and the natural systems on which all life depends.
103    Warm Up to This IV                                Expires Apr. 1, 2011.
Girl’s dance warm-ups size 12/14. Stay comfortable       Value: $ 50
in this stylish warm-up.                                 Scott Hoekman and Sally Rudney
Value: $ 20
B.O.T.T.S Dance Studio                                   108    Beautiful Blueberries
                                                         It was hard to think about summer during the winter
104    Warm Up to This V                                 we just endured--but it’s coming when the livin’ is
Girl’s dance warm-ups size 16. Stay comfortable in       easy and the berries are ripe. Bid now and reserve your
this stylish warm-up.                                    right to pick ten pounds of blueberries at Butler’s
Value: $ 20                                              Orchard. Pick by Jul. 30, 2010.
B.O.T.T.S Dance Studio                                   Value: $ 30
                                                         Butler’s Orchard
105    Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens
Visit this jewel just off Rock Creek Park in the heart   109    Strut to the Strathmore
of DC. Up to four people can tour the 13 acres of        Instead of trekking to the Kennedy Center, take in
gardens and the mansion, which houses art from 18th      a concert at Bethesda’s Strathmore. Two tickets to
century France and Imperial Russia. Includes audio       any performance presented by Strathmore (only
or printed tour. Reservations required two weeks in      performances presented by Strathmore, excluding
advance of your desired date. Cannot be used for         Patti LuPone, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and any
public programs or festivals. The museum is closed       upcoming “gala” performances; not valid for Baltimore
Mondays and all of January. Visit by Apr. 17, 2011.      Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic,
Value: $ 48                                              Washington Performing Arts Society, or third party
                                                         performances). Expires Apr. 17, 2011.
Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens
                                                         Value: $ 150
                                                         110    Mexican and a Movie                                   114    Wings by Wing Wong
                                                         Quierais comida Mexicana autentica? Vengais a Mi             Enjoy these two watercolor prints by artist Wing
                                                         Rancho Restaurant en Silver Spring, a donde puedais          Wong; both are 8 X 10 unframed. One is an eastern
                                                         sentarse al fresco. El original y el mejor! Good through     goldfinch on a cherry blossom branch; the other, a
                                                         Dec. 2010. Make a night of it in Silver Spring’s AFI         blue iris branch.
                                                         Silver Theatre’s big comfy seats in renovated art deco       Value: $ 14
                                                         style surrounds. Two $10 passes for general admission        Audubon Naturalist Society
                                                         to a non-restricted show - no expiration date. Check
                                                         the website,, and you’re good to go!      115    Baby Sweater for the Pink-lover in Your 
                                                         Value: $ 50                                                         House
                                                         AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center,                      An antique handmade flag sweater in size 4T for the
                                                         Mi Rancho Restaurant                                         pink-lover in your house. Keep her warm in style.
                                                                                                                      Value: $ 57
                                                         111    Grow Friendships, Give A Party!                       Dawn Price Baby
                                                         Your FCS friends will beg for an invitation to come
                                                         to your house for Cinco de Mayo once they find out           116    A Tisket, a Tasket, a Fine Toiletry Basket
                                                         you’re the winning bidder on this party package!             If cleanliness is next to godliness, you will have a
                                                         Not only a real sombrero, but also a complete kit for        divine time indulging in shower gel, body splash,
                                                         making tacos, tortillas and tostados. Throw in some          body lotion, and more, all beautifully presented in an
                                                         primo chips, salsa, cervezas, along with a $25 gift          antique lace-lined basket. Take the plunge.
                                                         card to Trader Joe’s to round out your fiesta menu           Value: $ 20
                                                         and you’re set for the countdown of dieciocho dias           Judy Weizel
                                                         until Cinco de Mayo.
                                                         Value: $ 60                                                  117    The Next Generation of Bakers
                                                         Tom Salyers and Katy Roche                                   Amelia and Isabella, daughters and apprentices of
                                                                                                                      master bread baker Joe Vignola, are offering their own
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         112    “No Estate is More Pleasantly Situated...”            speciality: a double batch of oatmeal chocolate chip
                                                         So said George Washington about Mount Vernon. See            cookies. Please give one week’s notice. Cookies can
                                                         if you agree with these four complimentary daytime           be delivered to school or picked up at the Vignola/
                                                         ticket vouchers to Mount Vernon. Then you can                Woods home. Place your order by Jun. 1, 2011.
                                                         ferry across from Alexandria to the National Harbor,         Value: $ 20
                                                         MD by taking the water taxi! These two Alexandria-           Joe Vignola and Terry Woods
                                                         National Harbor Water Taxi round trip passes will
                                                         deliver you and a companion from one waterfront to           118    A Blast From the Past
                                                         the other in style. Tickets and passes expire Dec. 31,       If you’re a local history buff, you’ll love this book
                                                         2010.                                                        about the old properties in Riversdale, a National
                                                         Value: $ 92                                                  Historic Landmark located close to FCS. It is a
                                                         Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Estate & Gardens,          restored manor home built in the first years of the
                                                         Potomac Riverboat Company                                    19th century. Along with the book is a map of the
                                                                                                                      area from 1850. My how we’ve changed!
                                                         113    Treat Yourself and Then Treat Yourself                Value: $ 20
                                                         Ever have one of those days when you need pampering          Riversdale House Museum
                                                         plus a lot of sugar? Get a half-hour holistic facial at
                                                         Silver Spring’s Blue Heron Wellness, then dig into
                                                         hot hand-dipped doughnuts at the Fractured Prune,
                                                         the Donut Shoppe, with a $20 gift certificate. After
                                                         a relaxing facial and fresh black forest or Reese’s Cup
                                                         doughnuts, you’re sure to feel better. Call for the facial
                                                         appointment by Oct. 31, 2010.
                                                         Value: $ 70
                                                         Blue Heron Wellness, The Fractured Prune,
                                                         The Donut Shoppe

                                                                                                         closes at 7:45

Growth                                                              “
                                                                                     I can trust my friends.
                                                                                These people force me to examine,

                                                                                     encourage me to grow.
                                                                                            — Cher

200  Wants and Needs                                        205  Expressly Oriental
If you do not need it, Franklin’s has it: wonderfully       A set of two framed prints-oriental motif-lily pads and
fun and whimsical cards, toys, and novel gift items.        flowering branches waiting to decorate your walls.
When you have finished shopping, grab a bite to eat         Value: $ 80
at their restaurant. This $25 gift certificate has no       N. Bell
expiration date. We are tacking on this oil change too,
because we have a feeling you’ve been putting it off!       206  Your Job Just Got Easier
Go in to R & S Automotive in Takoma Park and get            One of the most difficult parenting tasks is getting
it done! Your engine will thank you.                        the kids ready for school on time. Followed by getting
Value: $ 50                                                 them to do their homework after school. Followed
Franklin’s General Store, R & S Automotive                  by getting them ready for bed. Well, help is on the
                                                            way, in the form of this time management system for

                                                                                                                      Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
201    Friends and Friends of the Earth Part II             children aged 5-12. Including a timing base, color
Try one of Scott and Sally’s favorite magazines! A year     coded routine disks and storage, stickers, a reward
of Friends Journal will open your eyes to contemporary      chart and a white board with two pens, it will help get
Quaker thought and life. Expires Apr. 1, 2011.              your kids into a routine and build their independence
Value: $ 40                                                 and self-esteem. Plus, think what youcan accomplish
Scott Hoekman and Sally Rudney                              with the time saved from nagging them! Winning
                                                            bidder should contact Moschel Kakokura at Timely
202  Drop Off the Kids and Get In Shape                     Matters, Inc. by May 17, 2010, and select girl, boy or
Curves in Greenbelt is only minutes away from FCS.          assorted version of the kit.
Drop off the kids at school and let the staff show          Value: $ 50
you how to use their equipment, especially made to          Timely Matters, Inc.
work with a woman’s body. Good for a one-month
membership, only at the Greenbelt location. Call to         207    Go Ahead and Be A Glutton
set up the initial appointment.                             Use this $50 gift certificate to GLUT Food Co-op
Value: $ 45                                                 to stock up on cheap organic vegetarian foodstuffs.
Curves of Greenbelt                                         There is no expiration date. We will help you get it
                                                            all home the green way, too, with four My Organic
203  We’ve Got Your Back                                    Market reusable bags.
Feeling stiff and sore? Get back in action with this        Value: $ 54
initial visit, consultation, neurological and orthopedic    GLUT Food Co-op, My Organic Market
examination and treatment (if not contra-indicated).
X-rays are not included. If x-rays are necessary, patient   208  Westchester Park Style
will be referred out for them. Expires Apr. 17, 2011.       Did you know you could pop from FCS to
Value: $ 165                                                Westchester Park and get a great salon haircut? Use
Zinn Chiropractic                                           these gift certificates for two haircuts at Dominick
                                                            Guzzi’s salon right on Westchester Park Drive. That’s
204  Do You Want to Dance?                                  right, pick up your child and both of you can head
Use this $50 certificate towards Ballet Academy             over and get haircuts before your big evening! What a
tuition: 2010 summer classes, summer workshop, or           timesaver. Beautify yourself by Jun. 21, 2011.
fall 2010 tuition. Expires Dec. 31, 2010.                   Value: $ 80
Value: $ 50                                                 Dominick Guzzi
Ballet Academy
                                                         209  Get Motivated...                                   212    Tired of Technolgy?
                                                         by Interior Motives and reupholster this spring with    Sign your family up for a one-year membership with
                                                         6-9 yards of upholstery fabric. (This material was      the Claude Moore Colonial Farm. Benefits include
                                                         originally retailed at $90 a yard.)                     a season pass, newsletter, use of the reference library,
                                                         Value: $ 50                                             discount on workshops and sale items at the Gatehouse
                                                         Interior Motives                                        Shop. Experience the world of an 18th century farm
                                                                                                                 family just prior to the American Revolution. Expires
                                                         210    We’ve Got You Covered II                         May 17, 2011.
                                                         For an easy new look to your home, use these three      Value: $ 35
                                                         decorative pillow covers from Interior Motives, a       Claude Moore Colonial Farm
                                                         residential and commercial interior design business
                                                         located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria.            213    Take Flight!
                                                         Value: $ 45                                             Explore the College Park Aviation Museum,with these
                                                         Interior Motives                                        two admission passes. Learn about the College Park
                                                                                                                 Airport, the world’s oldest continuously operating
                                                         211    You Can’t Bring That Pizza Home in a Dirty       airport, and view historic aircraft. Go by Apr. 17,
                                                                Car!                                             2011. Now that you’re inspired about flight, take
                                                         Two $10 gift certificates to Three Brothers Pizza/      these two beautiful kites out - a Monet Butterfly kite,
                                                         Greenbelt will take care of dinner. Since you don’t     colorful and supersized, and a Cross Diamond kite,
                                                         have to cook, you’ll have time to run the car through   with a 3D look.
                                                         the car wash! Use these two gift certificates from      Value: $ 86
                                                         Berwyn Heights Shell for two ultimate car washes.       College Park Aviation Museum, Patrick and Judith
                                                         Whenever the winning bidder comes in, Shell will set    Mulvey
                                                         time for car wash gift receipts to be used. Receipts
                                                         don’t expire until activated and then must be used
                                                         within two weeks.
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Value: $ 44
                                                         Berwyn Heights Shell, Three Brothers Pizza

                                                                                                          closes at 7:45

Gifts                                                               “                  A friend is a gift

                                                                                       you give yourself.
                                                                                    — Robert Louis Stevenson

300  Morning on the Terrace                                 305  Shop, But Don’t Drop!
Even if you don’t have time to sit out in the morning,      You won’t have to search for the organic food items
you can enjoy this framed poster, a lovely pastel still     at My Organic Market, so you can just shop on
life in summer hues.                                        autopilot. To make it even easier, here is a $25 gift
Value: $ 30                                                 card that doesn’t expire until Mar. 5, 2014. Make
Joan Meier and Jerry Silverman                              sure you remember to bring your four reusable My
                                                            Organic Market shopping bags with you to carry
301    That’s Anne With An E, Please                        home all your loot!
Introduce your child to the wonderful world of Anne         Value: $ 29
of Green Gables with this three-book set, DVD, and          Charles and Elizabeth Dorcey, My Organic Market
                                                            306  Kids Surprise!

                                                                                                                       Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
Value: $ 50
Darrell and Rebecca Winner                                  Did you promise your kids something from the
                                                            auction? Consider this basket of kids’ treats and toys
302  You’re Never Too Old for The Sippy Cups                and surprise them when you get home!
Psychedelic music! Puppets! Juggling! Here is a show        Value: $ 40
kids and parents alike will enjoy - award winning Bay       Leslie Webb
Area band The Sippy Cups performing at National
Geographic. Parents and educators, the band wraps           307    See Your Friends and Family In the Future
their message of conflict resolution, creativity,           If you haven’t been keeping pace with technology,
and environmentalism in a whole lot of fun. Four            here’s a chance to get caught up - at least in the video
tickets to either the noon or 3:00 pm May 1, 2010           and photo realm. Sean and Pamela O’Brien will
performance.                                                transfer onto DVD up to 4 hours of footage from
Value: $ 64                                                 VHS, DVD, Hi-8, or mini-DV tape. Use before Apr.
National Geographic Society                                 1, 2011. And if the pictures on your wall don’t move...
                                                            you’ll need this Philips digital photo frame with a 1.0
303  Americana Music Night                                  GB xD picture card and four interchangeable color
At the Annual Pops Concert at the Clarice Smith             frames to match any decor.
Center on May 1, 2010, hear faculty artists join the        Value: $ 540
UM Wind Ensemble to pay tribute to the Gershwins            Robert and Monique Bourque, Sean and Pam O’Brien
and then listen to the Community Band perform
Copeland and Berlin.                                        308  Get A Key in Largo
Value: $ 50                                                 In-laws coming to town? Preserve family harmony by
Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts                putting them up in a hotel for the night! They’ll be
                                                            well taken care of and close at hand at the Radisson
304  Bid to Be Beadazzled                                   Hotel Largo. One night stay with breakfast for two,
The beads and notions for this lovely bracelet were         to be used by Dec. 31, 2010. Soften the blow by
carefully chosen to harmonize and add a touch of            taking them to dinner first, at Jasper’s in Largo (or
spirit to your wrist. Constructed with stretch string, it   Crofton or Greenbelt). This $25 gift certificate has no
is easy and fun to wear. See examples of Holly’s work       expiration date.
at              Value: $ 170
Value: $ 30                                                 Jasper’s Restaurant, Radisson Hotel Largo
                                                         309  Let Them Eat Bread                                   312    Pass the Art Glass
                                                         Love Panera bread? Bid on this “Bread for a Year”         This beautiful and unique handmade cheese plate
                                                         certificate. Good for one free loaf of freshly baked      comes from Wholly Terra, a glass studio in Baltimore’s
                                                         bread each month of the year for one year. Has a          Hampden neighborhood. The artist uses recycled
                                                         maximum retail value of $54. Eat your fill by Jun. 30,    materials wherever possible and takes inspiration
                                                         2011. Slice your lovely loaves and sandwich makings       from nature - see more of his ethos and work at www.
                                                         on this handcrafted (10”x15”) cutting board.    
                                                         Value: $ 91                                               Value: $ 40
                                                         Alex Heitkemper, Panera Bread                             Wholly Terra / Steve Baker

                                                         310    All Grown Up in Greenbelt                          313    The Brilliance of a Stained Glass Window 
                                                         Enjoy a lunch or dinner for two at Chevy’s with this             on a Sunny Day
                                                         gift certificate. Conveniently located on Greenbelt       That is what critics have said of Paul Klee’s “Temple
                                                         Road, Chevy’s serves up fresh Mexican food - they         Garden,” an abstract in deep oranges, greys, and
                                                         make everything from scratch, tortillas to tamales to     greens. Own your own framed poster copy.
                                                         salsa to guacamole. You and your dining companion         Value: $ 30
                                                         will get an appetizer, two entrees, two non-alcoholic     Joan Meier and Jerry Silverman
                                                         drinks and a dessert. Alcohol, tax, and tip are not
                                                         included, no expiration date. P & G Theatre is            314    Lost in Love’s Labors?
                                                         another local favorite - you will also get four adult     An evening out at one of these trendy dining spots
                                                         tickets to take in a movie there, so ditch the kids and   - DC Coast, TenPenh, Ceiba, Acadiana, or Passion
                                                         have a night on the town!                                 Fish - is just the thing to keep love growing. So many
                                                         Value: $ 62                                               to choose from, something to fit any mood. Leave the
                                                         Chevy’s, P&G Theater (Old Greenbelt)                      labor for a night and find renewal in a shared meal.
                                                                                                                   Use by Apr. 17, 2011.
                                                         311    Spring on the Wing: Birds and Butterflies          Value: $ 40
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         The Audubon Naturalist Society manages over               Passion Food Hospitality
                                                         100 acres in three area sanctuaries and is active in
                                                         environmental education as well as advocacy. Help         315    You’re in Luck With These Black Cats
                                                         protect our environment and get to know it better with    These make great Halloween party favors or kid’s
                                                         a one year family membership in the ANS, entitling        jewelry! We have 36 pairs of costume jewelry black
                                                         your family to priority registration and discounts for    cat earrings to offer at the bargain buy it now price of
                                                         ANS summer camps, classes, field trips and eco-travel,    $1 a pair. Buy one pair or a dozen, depending on the
                                                         a year’s subscription to the lovely Audubon Naturalist    dollar amount of your bid
                                                         News magazine, and a 10% discount at ANS shops            Value: $ 1
                                                         (including online store). Good until Apr. 3, 2011. Do     Change, Inc.
                                                         some more nature loving with these four tickets to the
                                                         “Wings of Fancy” live butterfly exhibit at Brookside
                                                         Gardens, where you will be surrounded by hundreds
                                                         of live butterflies. Exhibit runs until Sept. 19, 2010.
                                                         Value: $ 74
                                                         Audubon Naturalist Society, Brookside Gardens

Growing by
                                                                                                          closes at 7:45

Leaps &                                                             “
                                                                                  Friendship is the only cement that

                                                                                  will ever hold the world together.
                                                                                         — Woodrow Wilson

400  Not Enough Drama?                                     404  Don’t Go Bananas If You’ve Fallen on Hard 
Bid on these two space available passes to “American            Times
Buffalo” by David Mamet, currently scheduled May           With these gift certificates in hand, you can get a fresh
5-Jun. 13, 2011 at the Studio Theatre. Passes may          look for spring and have a meal out. Enjoy a professional
be used on Wed., Thurs., Sun. evenings or Sat./Sun.        partial highlight service (a $90 value) at Bananas Hair
matinees or any extension date. Call Lee Blaser at 202-    Salon in College Park by Jul. 17, 2010. With your hair
232-7267 at least two days in advance to schedule          taken care of, take care of that gnawing feeling in your
passes. “American Buffalo is one of the best American      stomach with these four $5 gift certificates for Hard
plays!” raves the New York Times.                          Times Cafe in College Park, MD. Try the famous chili
Value: $ 100                                               mac! Eat hearty by Apr. 17, 2011.
The Studio Theatre                                         Value: $ 110
                                                           Bananas Hair Design, Hard Times Cafe

                                                                                                                       Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
401    Ready for New Growth this Spring?
Dr. Pepper Phillips will put pep in your step with this    405  Missing Our Winter Snows?
one hour coaching session to assess your strengths         Then bid on this two beginner ski or snowboard
and strategize about your life. Get a new perspective      package from Liberty Mountain Resort. Includes a
and learn to put your talents to work to create more       restricted lift ticket to the beginner ski area, complete
satisfaction and meaning in your work and life. The        rentals, and 90-minute class lesson. Lift ticket cannot
session can be in person or by phone. For adults only,     be upgraded. For ages 8 and over. Not valid Saturdays
to be used by Jun. 11, 2010 - why would you want           and holidays. Ski away by Mar. 1, 2011.
to wait?!                                                  Value: $ 164
Value: $ 30                                                Liberty Mountain Resort
Pepper Phillips
                                                           406  Lunch and Dinner at Eastern Market
402  Signed Print by Michael Berman I                      Start off your visit to Eastern Market with lunch for
Signed print by Michael Berman, a nationally               four at the friendly Tortilla Cafe, where you will enjoy
recognized and collected artist who has been actively      fresh and delicious Mexican and Salvadoran fare. The
painting in Washington DC. Recently, he has been           $35 gift certificate expires Dec. 31, 2010. Have fun
exploring cultural connections to historic architectural   at the market, then take care of dinner by picking up
treasures. The print offered is part of his city scape     a 6-8 pound Atlantic salmon from Eastern Market’s
collection.                                                Southern Maryland Seafood Company. Pick up your
Value: $ 125                                               fish by Mar. 15, 2011.
N. Bell                                                    Value: $ 91
                                                           Southern Maryland Seafood Company, Tortilla Cafe
403  Signed Print by Michael Berman II
Signed print by Michael Berman, a nationally               407    Family Movie Time
recognized and collected artist who has been actively      Need some new titles in your family DVD collection?
painting in Washington DC. Recently, he has been           Bid on this basket of new and like-new movies:
exploring cultural connections to historic architectural   The Jungle Book, Enchanted, Toy Story, The Little
treasures. The print offered is part of his city scape     Mermaid, and Holes.
collection.                                                Value: $ 75
Value: $ 125                                               Roger and Olivia McDaniel
N. Bell

                                                         408  Celebrate Community and Cooperation                    411    Around the World in Takoma Park
                                                              While You Grocery Shop                                 Enjoy shopping at the Culture Shop with this $25 gift
                                                         Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket & Pharmacy is owned             certificate which expires Feb. 27, 2011. Peruse their
                                                         not by a corporation but by more than 6000 local            “worldly goods for worldly people” and fair trade gift
                                                         members. Want to support a local community-owned            items from around the globe. Then head for Italy -
                                                         business? Use this $25 gift card to put your money          Roscoe’s Neapolitan Pizzeria - for a meal. You will
                                                         where your mouth is and good food in that mouth!            have a $25 gift certificate - no expiration date - for
                                                         No expiration date. Don’t forget to BYOB - Bring            their simple yet sophisticated fare. You didn’t think
                                                         Your Own Bags. We’ll supply four My Organic                 you could do all that traveling without servicing your
                                                         Market reusable bags to help you out with that.             car, did you? Stop by R & S Automotive and get your
                                                         Value: $ 29                                                 oil changed!
                                                         Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket & Pharmacy,                     Value: $ 75
                                                         My Organic Market                                           R & S Automotive, Roscoe’s Neapolitan Pizzeria,
                                                                                                                     The Culture Shop
                                                         409  Oh To Be in Silver Spring in the Spring
                                                         Have a precious metals themed evening in downtown           412    Nurture Your Budding Scientists
                                                         Silver Spring with a movie at the AFI Silver Theater        These five science kits will provide hours of
                                                         and dinner at Copper Canyon Grill. Take in something        entertainment - and learning! - for the whole family.
                                                         other than the latest Hollywood Blockbuster with            Explore DNA and air pressure, build a brush robot,
                                                         these two passes for any regular film screening at          go pre-digital with a pinhole camera/solargraphy kit,
                                                         the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver        and make your own quicksand pit! More fun than
                                                         Spring. Then, dine at the nearby Copper Canyon Grill        you can shake a slide rule at!
                                                         with this $50 gift certificate. There is no expiration      Value: $ 50
                                                         date for either the movie or the dinner.                    David Meng and Patricia Noone
                                                         Value: $ 70
                                                         AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center,                     413    For Fans of the Capitol
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Copper Canyon Grill                                         First, loosen up by listening to these three CDs of
                                                                                                                     musical political satire from the Capitol Steps, the
                                                         410    Comfort in the Comfort of Your Own Home              only group in Washington that attempts to be funnier
                                                         When was the last time you did something for                than the Congress. Then tour of DC by bidding
                                                         yourself? Remember, you have to put your oxygen             on these two VIP boarding passes for the Potomac
                                                         mask on first, before helping those seated next to you.     Riverboat Company. Embark at your choice of Old
                                                         Well, we have your oxygen mask here in the form of          Town Alexandria or Georgetown and see some familiar
                                                         a relaxing one hour Swedish massage in your own             places from a different point of view - the Lincoln and
                                                         home. Tocarspa will send a massage therapist to you         Jefferson Memorials, the Kennedy Center, and the
                                                         - because let’s face it, who wants to relax and then        Washington Monument. Visit the other side of the
                                                         stress out again in traffic? Do this for yourself by Mar.   river and come back later after shopping or dining.
                                                         19, 2011. Preserve your calm with this bath basket          Use by Feb. 16, 2010.
                                                         that helps you create your own spa at home - music,         Value: $ 97
                                                         candles, oils, scrubbers and more.                          Capitol Steps, Potomac Riverboat Company
                                                         Value: $ 110
                                                         Tocarspa, Leslie Webb

A Friend
                                                                                                        closes at 8:15

in Need                                                           “
                                                                              I do not wish to treat friendships
                                                                                daintily, but with the roughest

                                                                                 courage. When they are real,
                                                                              they are not glass threads or frost-
                                                                                    work, but the solidest
                                                                                        thing we know.
                                                                                  — Ralph Waldo Emerson

500  Forerunner For You                                   504  Batter Up!
The Garmin Forerunner 50 Sport Watch with Foot            Betty Smallwood (aka “Baseball Betty”) has donated
Pod allows you to see how fast you have been jogging      two tickets to the May 5 Washington Nationals versus
and how far you have run. It will also transmit a wide    Atlanta Braves game (7:05 p.m.). The seats are in the
array of workout data to a computer. Foot pad can be      baseline reserved section (112LL, Row SS, Seats 20
used to track information on a treadmill or outside.      and 21). Weather no object as the seats as under cover
Perfect for spring resolutions to get in shape before     and on the aisle.
summer!                                                   Value: $ 88
Value: $ 75                                               Betty Smallwood
Leonard Bailey and Pamela Winston
                                                          505  Nothing Rough About This Diamond
501    Spring Into Action...                              Nats or O’s? Go out to Nationals Park and take sides

                                                                                                                     Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
...with these men’s size 10 white/black/red Converse      in the local rivalry, Nationals vs. Orioles on May 22,
Weapon EVO basketball shoes.                              2010. Four club level (3rd Base Club) tickets, aisle
Value: $ 80                                               seats. Baseball in the spring in DC - after that winter,
Derek Aldridge and Diane Gross                            you’ve earned it!
                                                          Value: $ 240
502  Soccerpalooza!                                       Robert and Monique Bourque
Take the family to a different kind of ballgame - a
University of Maryland soccer game - with these           506  Root Root Root for the Home Teams
four tickets to a men’s or women’s home game in           Washington sports - you love them all. The Skins, the
the 2010 season. Then, keep the soccer inspiration        Wizards, the Nationals. This is the package for you!
going with this autographed photo of DC United            You get an autographed photo of new Skins coach
Midfielder Clyde Simms for the growing soccer-lover       Mike Shanahan, a men’s size medium Wizards jersey,
in your life. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.   and two tickets to a Nationals game! The tickets are
See what practicing can do! Finally, on your way to       for the Nationals vs. Philadelphia game on Jul. 31,
practice, throw your cleats and shinguards into this      2010 at Nationals Park.
Nike Soccer Gear backpack. You also get a GM desk         Value: $ 110
clock so you know it’s time to practice, and three        Marc Hall and Melanie Fishkind, The Washington
Buick golf caps to keep the sun out of your eyes and      Redskins, David and Carol King Woodward
your eyes on the ball.
Value: $ 132                                              507    For the Boxing Enthusiast
D. C. United, General Motors Corporation,                 A framed image of the number one pound for pound
University of Maryland                                    boxer and former WBC welterweight champion of the
                                                          world, Floyd Mayweather Jr, doing pad work with his
503  Never On Time?                                       trainer (Uncle Roger) in front of a jam-packed crowd
Turn over a new leaf in style with this beautiful men’s   during the Mayweather vs. Mosley Press Conference
Invicta chronograph watch. Includes a Swiss quartz        on Mar. 3, 2010. Image was taken by FCS parent
movement and scratch-resistant mineral crystal. It’s      Jaime Diaz.
even water resistant to 200 meters!                       Value: $ 80
Value: $ 199                                              Jaime and Shavon Diaz
Leonard Bailey and Pamela Winston

                                                         508  B is for Baseball                                      514    Floating Pearls
                                                         From the Big Bambino to the Bowie Baysox, this is           A 16” round white freshwater pearl necklace strung
                                                         a package for a pair of baseball lovers. First, there are   with nylon and pearls of varying sizes, giving an
                                                         two admission tickets to visit the Babe Ruth Museum         illusion of ‘floating’.
                                                         and Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards. Learn            Value: $ 40
                                                         about not only the Babe, but also about minor league        Tamar Eskin and Edward Cheng
                                                         and amateur baseball in MD, the Colts, the Ravens,
                                                         and more. Expires Jun. 30, 2011. Then, enjoy Bowie          515    My String of Pearls
                                                         Baysox baseball with two general admission tickets for      A truly unique 18” water pearl necklace consisting
                                                         a Sunday through Thursday home game during May              of pink 3/4” long pearls alternating with pink seed
                                                         or June of the 2010 season. Expires Jun. 30, 2010.          pearls joined by a silver colored clasp.
                                                         Value: $ 46                                                 Value: $ 40
                                                         Babe Ruth Museum, Baysox Baseball Club                      Tamar Eskin and Edward Cheng
                                                         509  Don’t Get Blind Sided While You’re Bidding             516    Stylish and Comfy Shawl
                                                              on This!                                               Wrap yourself or your honey in this hand-knit ladies’
                                                         Were you inspired by the movie “The Blind Side”,            shawl. Or, perhaps the two of you will fit? Made of
                                                         based on the true story of Michael Oher, #74 for the        mohair and merino wool for softness and warmth in
                                                         Baltimore Ravens? Then you will treasure this Ravens        “fall herbs” colors. Feel the love!
                                                         t-shirt and football autographed by Michael himself!        Value: $ 50
                                                         Value: $ 60                                                 Eileen Hanlon
                                                         Baltimore Ravens
                                                                                                                     517    Beautiful Box to Hold Your Treasures
                                                         510    Handmade Pendant-I                                   A black wooden box to hold your treasures, whatever
                                                         Unique handmade fused glass pendant. Comes with a           they may be. Handmade glass artwork with a
                                                         choker. Approximately 1”x1 1/4” in size.                    dragonfly adorns the top. Made by a friend of FCS
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Value: $ 30                                                 and local artisan in colorful shimmering glass. A
                                                         Rozanne Wjesinghe and Serguei Dessiatoun                    special item for a special someone.
                                                                                                                     Value: $ 45
                                                         511    Handmade Pendant-II                                  Laughing Glass Studio
                                                         Unique handmade fused glass pendant. Comes with a
                                                         choker. Approximately 1”x1 1/4” in size.                    518    It’s the Little Things
                                                         Value: $ 30                                        this handmade blue and brown coin and
                                                         Rozanne Wjesinghe and Serguei Dessiatoun                    cosmetic bag, that make your life beautiful right
                                                                                                                     down to the details. Speaking of little details, use this
                                                         512    Handmade Pendant-III                                 $40 gift certificate from Silver Spring jewelry on New
                                                         Unique handmade fused glass pendant. Comes with a           Hampshire Avenue to get a little something special.
                                                         choker. Approximately 1”x1 1/4” in size.                    Or, have a piece of of your own jewelry or a watch
                                                         Value: $ 30                                                 repaired. Use by Apr. 17, 2011.
                                                         Rozanne Wjesinghe and Serguei Dessiatoun                    Value: $ 65
                                                                                                                     Lisa Hohenemser and Mindy Feldbaum,
                                                         513    Like Bits of Spring Sky...                           Silver Spring Jewelry
                                                the best way to describe this lovely handmade
                                                         Nepalese turquoise and stamped silver necklace and
                                                         earrings set.
                                                         Value: $ 80
                                                         Judy Heckman-Bose

A Friend
                                                                                                         closes at 8:15

Indeed                                                            “
                                                                                The most precious gift we can
                                                                              offer others is our presence. When

                                                                             mindfulness embraces those we love,
                                                                                 they will bloom like flowers.
                                                                                     — Thich Nhat Hanh

600  I Spy With My Little Eye...                         603  The Space Inside
If anyone in your household is intrigued by espionage,   The National Center for Earth & Space Science
how fortunate that you are living near the only spy      Education has donated this spectacular 3D illuminated
museum in the country! Sneak into the International      crystal sculpture of Apollo on the Moon. The image
Spy Museum in DC with these four general admission       has been laser sculpted three dimensionally inside
tickets. Cannot use on these dates: Apr. 17-30, May      solid crystal. The Center may be familiar to some of
22-24, Nov. 26-28, expires Dec. 25, 2010. Snoop          you who have participated in Family Science Night
around with your own bionic eye, a hand-held device      at the Air & Space Museum, a program it oversees.
that magnifies objects 200 times normal size on any      If you would like to support the Center’s programs,
TV screen.                                               visit their online store where you can purchase similar
Value: $ 102                                             sculptures of the worlds of our solar system and space
Leonard Bailey and Pamela Winston, International Spy     exploration:

                                                                                                                      Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
Museum                                                   Value: $ 125
                                                         Jeff Goldstein, Natl Center for Earth & Space Science
601    On the Cool Water                                 Education
Soon it will be broiling and this two hour sailing
excursion on the Potomac will be the perfect antidote.   604  Raise Your Tankard
Join the sailing duo of FCS parents Jennie and Jeff      Use this $25 gift certificate to Hank’s Tavern and
Clark for a lovely afternoon. Learn sailing terms such   Eats in Hyattsville and enjoy chef-driven cuisine with
as “hard-a-lee” and “duck” that you can repeat like      creative twists on classic bar food and comfort cuisine
a mantra as the boat pitches and throws you about        with bold flavors.
like sausages in a pan...No way, no worries! This is     Value: $ 25
an experienced captain and crew. Maximum three           Hank’s Tavern and Eats
passengers. Good through Sep. 30, 2010.
Value: $ 150                                             605  Lebanese Taverna--Yum!
Jeff and Jennie Clark, Toby Clark                        If you have never tried the Lebanese Taverna Cafe in
                                                         Silver Spring, now is your chance with this $25 gift
602  Swim Into Summer I                                  certificate. Sample the homos, grape leaves, kibbeh,
Discover the beautiful, quiet, green surroundings of     and more! Enjoy this nearby, kid-friendly restaurant
the College Park Woods Swim Club with these 10           by Apr. 30, 2011.
guest passes. You can use them for a big splash such     Value: $ 25
as a children’s party or a number of visits for your     Lebanese Taverna
family. Nothing says summer like a splash in the pool.
Expires Sep. 5, 2010.                                    606  Dinner and a Movie, Takoma Park Style
Value: $ 70                                              Enjoy a diverse menu catering to vegetarians and
Yiannis Aloimonos and Cornelia Fermuller                 non-vegetarians alike with this $20 gift certificate
                                                         to Mark’s Kitchen. You’ll probably want to visit this
                                                         lively Takoma Park favorite soon, but no need to rush
                                                         - there is no expiration date. After eating, stroll across
                                                         the street to Video Americain and pick out something
                                                         quirky or obscure to watch cozily at home. The four
                                                         rental gift card expires Dec. 31, 2011.
                                                         Value: $ 38
                                                         Mark’s Kitchen, Video American
                                                         607  Picture Perfect                                        612    Bananas and Buffalos in College Park
                                                         One children’s photo session with Photography               Use this certificate for a professional partial highlight
                                                         by Danie, includes up to two hours of on-location           service at Bananas Hair Salon in College Park. Expires
                                                         photography (within 20 miles of Bethesda); for up           Jul. 17, 2010. Then celebrate your new look with
                                                         to four people; an online gallery of at least 30 images     dinner, also in College Park at Buffalo Wild Wings
                                                         for proofing; a link to download images from online         Grill and Bar. You will have a $25 gift certificate to
                                                         gallery (files not of print quality); two high-resolution   use - that’s a lot of wings. Eat up by Mar. 10, 2011.
                                                         (printable) JPEG files from the session; and option to      Value: $ 115
                                                         purchase more. Expires Mar. 31, 2011.                       Bananas Hair Design, Buffalo
                                                         Value: $ 225                                                Wild Wings Grill and Bar
                                                         Photography by Danie
                                                                                                                     613    Errands are a Walk in the Park
                                                         608  Vegetarian Curry Culinary School                       ...a walk in Takoma Park, with these three gift
                                                         Do you feel jealous of your friends when they rave over     certificates. Stop by R & S Automotive for an oil
                                                         a meal of chicken tikki masala or tandoori chicken?         change, nip into Salon Jam for a haircut with this $40
                                                         Turn the tables on them. FCS dad Andy Ahluwalia is          certificate, and end up at the TPSS Co-op to get your
                                                         offering one Indian vegetarian cooking. Learn the art.      shopping done. The $25 Co-op gift certificate also
                                                         Then sit down together to a dinner for four and enjoy       comes with a gift basket of items from the store. Make
                                                         the food you have created. Use by Dec. 31, 2010.            sure you make it to the Co-op by Apr. 17, 2011.
                                                         Value: $ 100                                                Value: $ 140
                                                         Mandeep Ahluwalia                                           R & S Automotive, Salon Jam, Takoma Food Co-Op

                                                         609  Brew and Steep                                         614    Perfect For Date Night
                                                         Enjoy a basket full of assorted coffees and teas. Find      Use this $50 gift certificate to Franklin’s General
                                                         your favorite beverage for any time of day.                 Store in Hyattsville for dinner out (or for the brewery
                                                         Value: $ 40                                                 or general store). While you and your honey enjoy an
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Leslie Webb                                                 evening out, Cheryl Martin and Roger Claassen will
                                                                                                                     provide childcare for up to four kids on a mutually
                                                         610    Yoga--Not Toga--Party                                agreeable date. Plan your evening out by Apr. 17,
                                                         Becki Gitter will provide the mats; you provide the         2011. (No expiration on the gift card.)
                                                         space and birthday guests (ages 4-adult). Up to ten         Value: $ 110
                                                         people will benefit from her yoga instruction at a          Roger Claassen and Cheryl Martin, Jeff and Tara Mang
                                                         mutually agreeable time and place by Apr. 1, 2011.
                                                         Carry on the theme with this $44 gift certificate           615    Swim Into Summer II
                                                         to Capitol Hill Yoga. It can be used for anything,          Discover the beautiful, quiet, green surroundings of
                                                         but will cover the four class Yoga Basic Workshop.          the College Park Woods Swim Club with these 10
                                                         You also get a Capitol Hill Yoga t-shirt (winner can        guest passes. You can use them for a big splash such
                                                         exchange). Expires Jun. 1, 2011.                            as a children’s party or a number of visits for your
                                                         Value: $ 144                                                family. Nothing says summer like a splash in the pool.
                                                         Capitol Hill Yoga, Jim Groves and Rebecca Gitter            Expires Sep. 5, 2010.
                                                                                                                     Value: $ 70
                                                         611    Fair Play                                            Yiannis Aloimonos and Cornelia Fermuller
                                                         This family night basket is jammed with games:
                                                         ZooB, Villa Paletti, Snowstorm!, Sleeping Queens,
                                                         Labyrinth, and more! Not only enjoy family time, but
                                                         bask in the knowledge these were purchased at Fair
                                                         Day’s Play, a toy store committed to locating products
                                                         produced in equitable work places.
                                                         Value: $ 124
                                                         Steven and Diane Combs

                                                                                                              closes at 8:15

Growing                                                              “
                                                                                   Yes’m, old friends is always best,

                                                                               ‘less you can catch a new one that’s fit
                                                                                      to make an old one out of.
                                                                                         — Sarah Orne Jewett

700    We’ve Got You Covered I                              704    A Gift Cleopatra Would Envy
Three decorative pillow covers from Interior Motives.       Pamper yourself with body lotions, bath salts, and
Interior Motives is a residential and commercial            more in a basket full of goodies for the bath.
interior design business located in the heart of Old        Value: $ 20
Town Alexandria.                                            Judy Weizel
Value: $ 45
Interior Motives                                            705    Give Your Inner Musician Full Reign!
                                                            You know you have always wanted to belt one out,
701    You Go Yoga                                          or play that tune you’ve been working out in your
Use this $50 gift certificate to Willow Street Yoga         head, for posterity. Now’s your chance with 4 hours
Center (either in Takoma Park or Silver Spring)             of studio time at Asparagus Media’s professional
towards a yoga or Pilates class or workshop of your         recording studio in Takoma Park, and the help of

                                                                                                                            Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
choice. Accessorize your practice with this yoga starter    sound engineer and FCS parent Steve Steckler. Bring
kit including a mat, strap, block, meditation candle,       friends and have a blast! Certificate good until Jan.
and beginner video. You’ll be a yogi before you know        1, 2011.
it! Gift certificate must be used by Jul. 22, 2010.         Value: $ 230
Value: $ 125                                                Asparagus Media
William Kules & Julia Washburn, Willow Street Yoga
                                                            706  You Rapscallion!
702    Lots of Classic Fun for Little Ones                  How did you know I wanted to go to this friendly
Keep those littlest hands busy with this fantastic          spot in the neighborhood? Wild Onion has great
activity kit designed by a Montessori teacher. It           American basics and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
includes hands-on activities with cards giving              And it’s close by, too. Thanks darlin’.
directions and suggestions. Little ones will love           Value: $ 25
working and playing with tongs, chopsticks, scoops,         Wild Onion
spoons, sponges, a hand-sweeper, a baster, picture
dominoes and mini wooden blocks. Then, get them             707    Dreaming Up Dinner
out of the house to The Puppet Company Playhouse            Tired of that neverending question, what is for dinner?
in Glen Echo Park with four tickets to a marionette         Tired of the same old stand bys? Try something at the
puppet show - or split the tickets and catch two shows!     meal prep kitchen Dream Dinners in Silver Spring. You
Visit, for descriptions of their        and 7 to 15 of your nearest and dearest will get together
timeless classic fairy tale offerings and their schedule.   to sample appetizers and various menu offerings while
Expires Apr. 17, 2011.                                      watching a how-to on meal prep and assembly. Plus, you
Value: $ 65                                                 and one friend will walk away with a 3-serving dinner.
Puppet C. Playhouse/Glen Echo Park, Alicia Sar              Value: $ 50
                                                            Dream Dinners
703    Climb To New Heights
An evening of indoor rock climbing for your child (6-       708    Pizza Perfection
13) and a friend. No parental supervision or previous       Joe Vignola’s delicious homemade pizza crust, Amelia
experience required! All equipment and experienced          and Bella’s instructions on rolling it out, and your favorite
supervision provided by Earth Treks climbing gyms           toppings; what could be better? Only the pleasure of pizza/
(three locations). Register in advance for the Friday       salad dinner for up to 8 people with the Vignola/Woods
night of your choosing. Sessions last from 6:30-9 p.m.      clan on a mutually agreeable day before Jun. 1, 2011.
Value: $ 50                                                 Value: $ 50
Joan Whelan                                                 Joe Vignola and Terry Woods                                                        17
                                                         709  And to Think That I Saw it in the FCS                711    The Joy In A Delicious Cookie
                                                              Auction                                              As Diane Gross says, “There is joy to be found inside a
                                                         Who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss? Everyone loves him, even      delicious cookie. Find yours.” Use this gift certificate
                                                         a moose. If you have something that is not good, you      toward any combination of cookies and biscotti at the
                                                         can throw it in the Seuss trash can. Yes you could. We    Sweet Rose Bakery.
                                                         have here some writing utensils, that would be Dr.        Value: $ 50
                                                         Seuss pens and pencils. Also Dr. Seuss bags, one two      Sweet Rose Bakery
                                                         three. One for her, and him, and me! I bet if you don’t
                                                         bid and bid, you will really wish you did.                712    Art From the Heart
                                                         Value: $ 30                                               This lively 2010 work by local artist Joanna Axtmann,
                                                         Jim Groves and Rebecca Gitter                             “Heart Within”, colorfully reminds us what is
                                                                                                                   essential. The 4-1/4” x 4-3/4”unframed collagraph
                                                         710    Sail Away for a Day...On the Bay                   print is hand-colored with prisma color pencils.
                                                         You and your friends (up to six people total) are         Value: $ 25
                                                         invited to join FCS parents Mike Hayes and Jeanne         Axtmann Studio
                                                         Cloughley for a day of sailing on the Chesapeake. Sit
                                                         back enjoy the scenery, or lend a hand. Either way, a     713    Art With Hearts
                                                         great sailing experience. Mutually acceptable date to     Is three an important number in your family? Are there
                                                         be arranged, before Oct. 31, 2010.                        three of you, or three children? Celebrate it with this
                                                         Value: $ 300                                              2010 work by local artist Joanna Axtmann, entitled
                                                         Michael Hayes and Jeanne Cloughley                        “3 Hearts”. A precious 4”x4-1/4”, this unframed
                                                                                                                   collagraph print is hand-colored with prisma color
                                                                                                                   Value: $ 25
                                                                                                                   Axtmann Studio
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                                                                           closes at 8:15

For It                                                            “
                                                                             There is a wonderful mythical law of
                                                                             nature that the three things we crave

                                                                              most in life — happiness, freedom,
                                                                                     and peace of mind —
                                                                                are always attained by giving
                                                                                     them to someone else.
                                                                                  — Peyton Conway March

800  Dinner for a Dozen - Delicious and                  804  Stacks of Snacks and Slice and Dice
     Delivered                                           If things are getting a little stale in your kitchen, you’ll
By a sad accident of birth, not all of us have Italian   want to bid on this lovely basket full of treats both
great-grandmothers. Luckily, the Rosensteins are         sweet and savory. This bountiful basket is a creation
willing to share a treasured family dish with those of   of Wasatch Baskets & Gifts, a company dedicated
us less fortunate. On a mutually agreed upon date,       to promoting cancer research and early screenings.
they will deliver Harry Malone’s Great-Grandmother       But wait, there’s more! You will also get a beautiful
Teresa Maria Catherine Donato’s completely               handcrafted 10”x15” cutting board for all your slicing
homemade, sauce and all, turkey meatball and turkey      and dicing needs, so you can replace that stained,
sausage lasagna. Enough to feed twelve! Take them up     scarred one you’ve been using.
on it before Apr. 17, 2011.                              Value: $ 112
Value: $ 40                                              Jonathan DeFosse, Alex Heitkemper,

                                                                                                                        Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
Carole and Claire Rosenstein                             Wasatch Baskets and Gifts

801    Brunch at the Marriott                            805  Peruse the Newseum
Perfect for Mother’s Day or any other celebration - or   The Newseum is DC’s most interactive museum,
just to fancy up your morning. Enjoy brunch for two      with multiple theaters and fun activities and exhibits,
at the Greenbelt Marriott by Apr. 17, 2011.              including a film about Elvis, artifacts from the
Value: $ 28                                              FBI’s evidence vaults, and newspaper cases with
Marriott Greenbelt                                       history’s most famous headlines. Get four general
                                                         admission tickets and explore this thought provoking,
802  Masonic Music                                       fascinating, and dare we say it, educational museum.
George Mason University Center for the Arts has          Go before Dec. 31, 2010.
donated a certificate for two tickets. Attend one        Value: $ 80
of two family friendly performances: Keyboard            Newseum
Conversations, Sun. May 9, 2010, at 7 p.m. or
Cherryholmes, Sat. Apr. 24, 2010 at 8 p.m. Maximum       806  Don’t Drop the Ball!
exchange value for the two tickets is $92.00.            Juggling a lot of responsibilities and have a child’s
Value: $ 92                                              birthday to plan? Keep all those balls in the air with
George Mason U Center for the Arts                       this juggling party package! Galen Scott will give a
                                                         30 minute juggling lesson followed by a 30 minute
803  Gaming Galore                                       juggling show to challenge and astound young
Now your child can enjoy wild times with two very        partygoers. Please set up date at least four weeks in
different heros: Kung Fu Panda or Lego Indiana           advance, and before Mar. 17, 2011.
Jones--on a new XBox 360! When s/he has beaten           Value: $ 100
those games, use this $20 giftcard from Game Stop to     Galen and Sarah Scott
get another one.
Value: $ 319
Lestina Colby, Game Stop

                                                         807    In Case of Thirst                                 812    Art for Grounding and Growing
                                                         FCS parent and homebrewer extraordinaire Michael         This very special artwork was inspired by local artist
                                                         Levi is once again offering two cases of his rare and    Joanna Axtmann’s desire to soothe a friend’s grief. She
                                                         coveted Fox Crossing homebrew. The lucky winner          included “an anchor to ground, a sail for momentum
                                                         will enjoy an assortment of delectable beers from his    - what we want for everyone, especially our children.”
                                                         nanobrewery.                                             The unframed 7-1/4”x 7-1/4” piece, “Anchor/Sail
                                                         Value: $ 80                                              for H.C., blue” (2009), is intaglio, chine-collé, and
                                                         Michael Levi                                             prisma color pencil hand coloring.
                                                                                                                  Value: $ 250
                                                         808  Bugging Out                                         Axtmann Studio
                                                         Enjoy a family outing to a presentation by naturalist
                                                         and photographer Mark Moffett, aka Dr. Bugs. Even        813    Get Into the Swim of Things
                                                         those family members who aren’t so into creepies and     The planet is 3/4 water - enjoy some of it this summer!
                                                         crawlies may be won over by the end of the afternoon     You will gain new ease and proficiency with these five
                                                         as Dr. Bugs humorously shares his knowledge and          swim lessons at the Greenbelt Pool. The lessons, for a
                                                         love of the insect set. Author of over two dozen         child or an adult, are taught by master swimmer Ditte
                                                         National Geographic articles plus a children’s book,     McInnes. Learn by Oct. 31, 2010. With that under
                                                         Moffett will entertain and educate parents and           your belt, rest on your laurels and just hang out by the
                                                         children alike. Four tickets to the Saturday, May 15,    pool in your yard - this 103” x 69” x22” family pool.
                                                         2010 performance at 1:00 pm.                             Also included are two fun animal print beach towels
                                                         Value: $ 40                                              (green giraffe and pink zebra) and a beach ball!
                                                         National Geographic Society                              Value: $ 155
                                                                                                                  Shawn Bishop, Joe Vignola and Terry Woods
                                                         809  Sail the Seven Seas...
                                                         all while never leaving College Park. Our friends        814    Meal Choices Abound...
                                                         at Seven Seas Restaurant are offering three gift our local Silver Diner chain. Greenbelt’s Silver
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         certificates for their lunch buffet (daily 11:30 to 2    Diner is offering a package deal: six gift certificates for
                                                         p.m.). No expiration date!                               complimentary entrees and five desserts/milkshakes.
                                                         Value: $ 22                                              Take the whole gang! Expires Oct. 31, 2010.
                                                         Seven Seas                                               Value: $ 85
                                                                                                                  Silver Diner
                                                         810    Catch as Catch Can - in a Carryall
                                                         Bid on this $25 gift certificate for Catch Can in
                                                         Kensington, MD. The store offers a wide selection
                                                         of mostly natural fiber, domestically made women’s
                                                         wear and many other items. Stow your swag in this
                                                         shoulder bag from the Phillipines, suitable as a carry
                                                         all or purse.
                                                         Value: $ 45
                                                         Catch Can, Diana Rutherford

                                                         811    Dreaming of Dessert Delivery?
                                                         First, you’ll have to choose three of the following:
                                                         Strawberry Tart with Hazelnut Almond Crust.
                                                         Orange-Chocolate Mousse Cake with Dark Chocolate
                                                         Glaze. Pear Pine Nut Frangipane. Rhubarb Custard
                                                         Pie. Alsatian Apple Tart with Macaroon Topping.
                                                         German Chocolate Frosted Dark Chocolate Cake.
                                                         Blueberry Shortcake. Pumpkin Pie topped with
                                                         Pecan Praline. Or scones, or quick bread, or cupcakes
                                                         or a decorated child’s birthday cake. Making the
                                                         choice was the hard part - now the easy part! FCS
                                                         parent Ruth Miller will create these three specialty
                                                         desserts for you and deliver them on three, two, or
                                                         one mutually agreed upon date(s), prior to Nov. 1,
                                                         2011. What a treat!
                                                         Value: $ 65
                                                         Ruth Miller
The Gift
                                                                                                            closes at 8:45

of Uplift                                                             “
                                                                       If you were all alone in the universe with no one
                                                                       to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty

                                                                       of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would
                                                                       be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love,
                                                                       which gives your life meaning. This is harmony.
                                                                       We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of
                                                                                   challenge, the joy of growth.
                                                                              — Mitsugi Saotome, Aikido Master

900  Oh, Let’s Go to Olazzo!                                 903  The Kitchen is Your Home’s Heart, So Make 
New and notable in downtown Silver Spring, this                   it Healthy
Italian restaurant has a great menu and atmosphere.          Ready to make a healthy change in your family’s eating
Use this certificate for yourself, or give to someone as a   habits but not sure how to start? That’s where Kim
present or thank you. Certificate is good anytime, with      Rush Lynch of Cultivating Health comes in. She will
the exception of Olazzo specials nights - Monday or          provide either a Healthy Kitchen Makeover to purge
Tuesday. The website, has the menu, map,          your kitchen of unhealthy foods and unnecessary
and more. The certificate may not be used with specials,     gadgets or a Natural Foods Store Tour to get you
like 1/2 priced wine night. Use by Mar. 9, 2011.             feeling right at home and making good choices in a
Value: $ 40                                                  new shopping environment. Each service lasts one
Olazzo Restaurant                                            and a half hours - if you choose the store tour, invite
                                                             up to four friends!

                                                                                                                         Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
901    Get Into The Game                                     Value: $ 150
This extremely cool airbrush painting, The Game,             Cultivating Health
depicts a tackle in an old-fashioned football game. It
would look great on your kid’s wall!                         904  Sushi or Sashimi anyone?
Value: $ 500                                                 Seven Seas Restaurant has donated three gift certificates
Purpose By Design Airbrush                                   for their daily lunch buffet (11:30-2 p.m.). Chinese,
                                                             Japanese, and American tastes are all catered to here in
902  An Artful Afternoon (or Evening)                        convenient College Park. No expiration date!
Browse the eclectic collection of cards, kitchenware,        Value: $ 22
novelties, toys, baby clothes, jewelry, accessories,         Seven Seas
toiletries, art and yarn available in the Takoma Park
store Now and Then. Use this $25 gift certificate by         905  But There’s Nothing To Doooo!
Mar. 2, 2011. Then inspired by what you see, head            When you hear the familiar rainy day lament, haul
home and try this indigo dye kit. Finally, practice the      out this rainy day activity basket--stuffed with arts
ancient art of dying using one of the newest forms           and crafts supplies, projects, and games that give
of entertainment - a $15 iTunes gift card so you or a        bored kids something to doooo.
lucky recipient can crank up the music as you create a       Value: $ 100
beautiful piece of art.                                      William Kules and Julia Washburn
Value: $ 60
Lisa Hohenemser and Mindy Feldbaum, Now & Then               906  The Family That Plays Together, Stays 
                                                             Not only has Rick Rutherford selected some of the
                                                             best new family games, he will bring them to your
                                                             home and spend an evening teaching your family how
                                                             to play them, then leave them with you! Get your
                                                             family games night started right! Treat Rick and your
                                                             family to dinner with these three $10 gift certificates
                                                             from Three Brothers Italian Restaurant - that way
                                                             no one’s off working in the kitchen and everyone is
                                                             playing. The evening of fun is to take place before
                                                             May 31, 2011.
                                                             Value: $ 165
                                                             Rick Rutherford, Three Brothers Italian Restaurant                             21
                                                         907  Take Your Fundraiser to the Next Level               911    A Giant Help
                                                         Two-hour fundraising and/or strategic planning            Like to do your grocery shopping after morning drop
                                                         consultation with Beth Grupp Associates. After            off? Take this $25 gift card and drop by Giant on your
                                                         serving on Senator Kennedy’s staff for almost a decade    way home - convenient and efficient! No expiration
                                                         as his top fundraiser, Beth Grupp now specializes in      date. Here are two My Organic Market reusable bags
                                                         serving the non-profit community. Consultation            to get you started.
                                                         must take place in the Washington DC area and must        Value: $ 27
                                                         occur by Dec. 31, 2011.                                   Giant, My Organic Market
                                                         Value: $ 300
                                                         Beth Grupp Associates                                     912    A Class Act!
                                                                                                                   Live classical music to brighten your next party
                                                         908  Curry Culinary School for Meat Lovers                or special occasion! Musicians Jennifer and Kayla
                                                         Not only has FCS dad Andy Ahluwalia offered an            Shannon will provide up to an hour of festive chamber
                                                         Indian vegetarian cooking lesson (see F 608!), he is      music, combining any of these instruments as desired
                                                         also offering a second, for meat lovers only. He will     - violin with piano, cello, flute, or viola. Date, time,
                                                         come to your home and instruct in the art of Indian       and location must be mutually agreed upon. Expires
                                                         cooking. Then sit down together to a dinner for four      Apr. 4, 2011.
                                                         and enjoy the food you have created. Learn and dine       Value: $ 250
                                                         by Dec. 31, 2010.                                         Jennifer and Kevin Shannon
                                                         Value: $ 100
                                                         Mandeep Ahluwalia                                         913    Driver Ace Saves the Day (And A Little 
                                                                                                                          Something On The Side For You)
                                                         909  Ah...Flan!                                           Isn’t it awful when you get an email from your child’s
                                                         Light, delicious, timeless--the classic Mexian dessert!   teacher saying the field trip your child is looking
                                                         Need we really say anything more? FCS 6th grader Ben      forward to may have to be canceled if they don’t get
                                                         Dixon and his mom, Janet, will make enough to serve       more drivers? Don’t you feel helpless when there’s no
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         12 generously! To be delivered right to your door on a    way you can drive? Lisa Losito to the rescue! Your ace
                                                         mutually agreeable date before Nov. 17, 2010.             in the hole, she will drive up to five children on your
                                                         Value: $ 50                                               child’s class field trip. Work out a mutually agreeable
                                                         Bruce and Janet Dixon                                     trip (no overnights) by May 1, 2011. Subject to
                                                                                                                   teacher approval. Then as a thank you, you can have
                                                         910    Blanketed With Love                                Lisa’s oil changed (or your own) at R & S Automotive
                                                         Upgrade your couch with these two afghans - one for       in Takoma Park.
                                                         each of you to cozy under. Handknit with love, each       Value: $ 125
                                                         is about 6’x3’, one in pink tones and one in green        Lisa Losito, R & S Automotive
                                                         tones. All this handcrafted beauty and warmth comes
                                                         in a basket for keeping them close at hand.
                                                         Value: $ 160
                                                         Christel Brown De Colstoun

One to
                                                                                                         closes at 8:45

Grow On                                                            “
                                                                               The most beautiful discovery true

                                                                              friends make is that they can grow
                                                                              separately without growing apart.
                                                                                      — Elisabeth Foley

1000  Jazz Up Your Party                                  1003  Celebrate a Friendship With a Card
Add some sophistication to your next soiree with a        If you’ve bought a greeting card lately, you will know
jazz duo! FCS dad and string bass player Tom Baldwin      this is a bargain. These colorful oversized all occasion
will bring along a jazz musician friend to provide two    cards play music when you open them and have an
hours of live music at the event of your choice on a      optimistic summery feel. We have 50 to offer at the
mutually agreeable date. Please make sure that date is    buy it now price of only $1! Pick up a card for a
before Apr. 17, 2011.                                     graduate, birthday person, or old friend, or stock up
Value: $ 300                                              and always have the perfect card on hand. The number
Tom and Melanie Baldwin                                   of dollars of your bid is the number of cards you get
                                                          until total bid amount reaches $50, then they’re gone!
1001  Spaghetti Night Just Got a Lot More Special         Value: $ 1
Give your kitchen a lift with this bountiful Italian      Change, Inc.

                                                                                                                      Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
gourmet gift basket filled with items hand-picked at
Williams-Sonoma. This gorgeous array includes an          1004  Adventures in Takoma Park
Essentials of Italian Cooking cookbook, a tote bag,       A little shopping, a little eating...$25 gift card in
a ceramic cheese platter and cheese knives, kitchen       hand, browse Amano, a woman’s boutique with
towels, salad dressing emulsifier bottle with recipes,    unique, affordable clothing and accessories and
a bottle of 25 year old balsamic vinegar, extra virgin    comfort footwear. Card expires Mar. 2, 2011. Then
olive oil, 2 jars of gourmet pasta sauce and 2 packages   take a short walk to Middle East Cuisine and dine
of pasta. Buon appetito!                                  on traditional Middle Eastern dishes like hummus,
Value: $ 275                                              stuffed grape leaves, and falafel. If you would like an
James de Jesus and Eric Johnson                           adult beverage to go with your food, walk to the back
                                                          and hang out at the Olive Lounge, where you will
1002  Get Away to Luray                                   find a large beer and wine selection, including six
Make a weekend of it in Sperryville, Va. Check            beers on tap. This $20 gift certificate is good for both,
out Luray Caverns, the largest and most popular           as long as you use it before Mar. 16, 2011.
caverns in Eastern America, with two complimentary        Value: $ 45
admissions. Located in nearby Shenandoah Valley,          Amano, Carrie Bland and Alexandria Lippincott
Luray Caverns has been renowned as one of the world’s
most spectacular natural wonders. Expires Nov. 30,        1005  Biker Baubles
2010. Instead of driving back, relax at Belle Meade       Been cooped up winter? Ready to hit the road on
B & B, where you will find peace and sustenance           your Harley? C & C Cycle Inc. has donated a mix
in their beautiful natural setting. Explore the back      of motorcycle accoutrements, including skull caps,
roads on your bike, have a massage, and be nourished      gloves, sunglasses, wax, a t-Shirt, and more! See all
by their healthy, tasty food from the organic farm.       the items on display. While you’re enjoying your
The restored Victorian farmhouse is on 138 acres in       motorcycle, don’t neglect your car! Go in to R & S
Sperryville, VA. Certificate is good for one night of a   Automotive in Takoma Park and get it done! Your
two night stay. Good through May 1, 2011; not good        engine will thank you.
for Saturday nights Apr. - Nov., or holidays.             Value: $ 190
Value: $ 244                                              C & C Cycle Inc., R & S Automotive
Belle Meade Bed & Breakfast, Luray Caverns

                                                         1006  Wonders of a Washington Sunset                      1011  Capture Them at Their Best
                                                         The sun begins to set behind heavy cloud cover as         Kids grow and change so quickly. Capture your family
                                                         seen from the roof of the Canadian Embassy in             at this moment in time with an on-location portrait
                                                         Washington. The Smithsonian can be seen at the left       session with Jim Johnson Photography (including
                                                         and the Washington Monument at the right. This 11         required in-studio design consultation). Includes one
                                                         X 17 framed color photo was taken by FCS parent           12”x12” custom finished portrait with wall frame.
                                                         and award-winning Reuters photographer Jim Bourg.         No substitutions. To validate certificate, mail to
                                                         Value: $ 100                                              studio within 10 of auction date and use by Nov. 30,
                                                         Jim Bourg and Kathleen Grathwol                           2010. Before the photo shoot, get your hair or your
                                                                                                                   child’s hair spruced up with this certificate for one
                                                         1007  Picture This                                        haircut. Dominick Guzzi’s salon is super conveniently
                                                         Snow covering tulips in Lafayette Park across from        located right by the school in the Westchester Park
                                                         the White House after a rare DC April snowstorm.          neighboorhood. Expires Jun. 21, 2011.
                                                         This 11X17 framed color photo was taken by FCS            Value: $ 840
                                                         parent and award-winning Reuters photographer Jim         Dominick Guzzi, Jim Johnson Photography / Picture
                                                         Bourg.                                                    Story Studio
                                                         Value: $ 100
                                                         Jim Bourg and Kathleen Grathwol                           1012  Straight Out of the Washington Post Food 
                                                         1008  The Return of Shakespeare and Tapas!                Ed Cheng, recently featured in the Washington Post
                                                         Jen and Tom Mooney have again generously                  Food section, will demonstrate Chinese cooking at
                                                         donated two tickets to see a play during the 2010-        the Cheng residence for up to eight guests (including
                                                         11 Shakespeare Theatre season. After the show, use        kids) with dinner to follow. Schedule on a mutually
                                                         the $50 gift certificate to enjoy tasty tapas at Jaleo    agreeable date in the spring or summer 2010. Menu
                                                         in DC, near the theatre. The menu and the calendar        can be discussed in advance and include kid-friendly
                                                         of performances will be available at the auction, or      foods and items mentioned in the January 20, 2010
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         check it out online if you can’t wait!                    newspaper article if you wish. Learn and feast!
                                                         Value: $ 150                                              Value: $ 200
                                                         Tom and Jennifer Mooney                                   Ed Cheng

                                                         1009  A Knight to Remember                                1013  Is Something Needling You?
                                                         Two can enjoy a wonderful “knight” of feasting,           Acupuncture has been practiced as alternative
                                                         fighting, and fun at the Medieval Times Dinner            medicine for hundreds of years. This gift certificate
                                                         and Tournament at Arundel Mills. Tickets are good         entitles you to an initial examination and treatment for
                                                         through Jul. 31, 2010 for complimentary admission,        one adult with Arnie Hecker, a licensed acupuncturist
                                                         authentic medieval dinner and show (Baltimore/DC          in Takoma Park, MD. Visit lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
                                                         castle only). Commemorative program and Medieval          Expires Oct. 10, 2010.
                                                         Times Mouse Pad included.                                 Value: $ 135
                                                         Value: $ 120                                              Arnie Hecker
                                                         Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
                                                                                                                   1014  10, 9, 8...Splashdown!
                                                         1010  Color Me Prune                                      Peter and Deborah Legowski will host an afternoon of
                                                         Be a VIP at Color Me Mine in downtown Silver              summer fun for ten people at Columbia Swim Center,
                                                         Spring with this VIP pass, which entitles the holder to   home of the Splashdown water slide. Splashdown is
                                                         free studio fees for one year, and discounts on pottery   two 40’ high, 360 twisty foot long slides, and if that
                                                         and glass, on one-on-one sessions, and more. Pass is      isn’t enough fun, there are two pools, a baby pool,
                                                         good through March 2011. After you have painted           a diving well with a springboard and a rope swing.
                                                         your pieces, walk up the block to the Fractured Prune,    Admission for ten on a weekend afternoon, Sept.
                                                         where you have a $15 gift certificate for hot hand-       through Memorial Day. Please use by Apr. 17, 2011
                                                         dipped doughnuts in original flavors like strawberry      and note that you must be 42” tall to ride Splashdown.
                                                         shortcake, trail mix, and chocolate covered cherry.       Value: $ 120
                                                         Value: $ 115                                              Legowski Family
                                                         Color Me Mine, The Fractured Prune,
                                                         The Donut Shoppe

With a
                                                                                                          closes at 8:45

Little Help                                                         “
From My
                                                                                You give but little when you give of

                                                                                your possessions. It is when you give
                                                                                   of yourself that you truly give.

                                                                                         — Kahlil Gibran

1100  Imagine This Evening Out                              1104  Can We Talk?
Dine out at the Mongolian Barbecue in Bethesda,             One hour professional counseling session to include
where you will choose raw ingredients to create your        initial assessment of needs, family history, and goals
own stir fry, then watch chefs quickly cook it on a         for counseling. Expires Dec. 31, 2010.
large flat grill. Use these three $10 Mongo Money           Value: $ 100
certificates by Dec. 31, 2010. Then take in a show at the   Evans Counseling and Consultation
Imagination Stage in Bethesda, the region’s premiere
theatre dedicated to children. Use these two tickets for    1105  Don’t Get Left Out!
a performance in the 2010 season to see Peter and the       Give that lefty you love this basket of supplies for

                                                                                                                       Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
Wolf or How I Became A Pirate and instill a love of the     southpaws. Includes left-handed spiral notebook,
theatre in your child. Use by Aug. 15, 2010.                ruler, notepad, a magnet, the book A Left-Handed
Value: $ 72                                                 History of the World, a sketchbook and art supplies.
bd’s Mongolian Barbeque, Imagination Stage                  Affirm that right brain creativity!
                                                            Value: $ 104
1101  Classic Wine and Cheese Duo                           Steve Babin and Pamela Nee
One wine basket and one beautiful handcrafted
cutting board (12”x24”). Perfect for a wine and             1106  Theatrical Experience
cheese party.                                               Experience theater first hand with this $50 off offer
Value: $ 120                                                to participate in Summerstock Summer Camp at the
Alex Heitkemper, Janet Evans                                Lumina Studio Theatre along with two gift certificates
                                                            each good for the purchase of two tickets to “The
1102  At the Cool Pool...                                   Comedy of Colunus? May 14-16 and 21-23
You can enjoy the company of fellow FCS families,           at Round House Theatre in Silver Spring. Performance
watch your kids revel in the sandbox, on the play           tickets expire May 23, 2010 and summer camp
equipment, and in the pool. Use these three one-            discount is for 2010 Summerstock (Jul. 5-Jul. 31).
day family/guest passes for the PG Pool, truly an           Value: $ 110
undiscovered gem in our area! Enjoy by Sep. 6, 2010.        Lumina Studio Theater
Value: $ 60
Prince Georges Community Pool                               1107  Tame the Chaos
                                                            Can’t get organized? A Touch of Balance...
1103  Cool Pool Part II                                     Organization for Your Life can help with this basket
Three more one day family/guest passes to the stellar       of organizing supplies, an onsite evaluation of a closet
PG pool are available to the lucky winner! Enjoy good       or bedroom in need of an overhaul, and the actual
company and wonderful recreation facilities for the         work to overhaul it.
whole family. Use by Sep. 6, 2010.                          Value: $ 500
Value: $ 60                                                 A Touch of Balance...Organization for Your Life
Prince Georges Community Pool

                                                         1108  In Need of Relaxation?                               by Gailes Violin Shop. Perfect for the accomplished
                                                         Bid on this gift certificate for enrollment in one         musician, an aspiring novice or anyone in between.
                                                         session of yoga classes at the Unity Woods Yoga            Value: $ 130
                                                         Center. Locations in Bethesda, Woodley Park, and           Gailes Violin Shop, Inc
                                                         Arlington. Take your class by Jul. 2011.
                                                         Value: $ 234                                               1113  Pat Has Never Looked So Lovely
                                                         Unity Woods Yoga Center                                    Pat, the FCS logo character, has been immortalized
                                                                                                                    in this beautiful, handmade twin-size quilt, sewn
                                                         1109  If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...            with love by Janet Lee Swift, Zoe and Bella DeHart’s
                                                         ...Then a professional portrait is certainly worth a bid   auntie.
                                                         on this package. Picture-Story Studio/Jim Johnson          Value: $ 300
                                                         Photography has generously donated a studio                Janet Lee Swift
                                                         portrait session (including required in-studio design
                                                         consultation) and a framed and matted portrait             1114  Feeling Blue?
                                                         panel display with 3x5” custom portrait prints. No         Blu-Ray that is. Bid on this Sony Blu-Ray Video
                                                         substitutions. To validate certificate, mail to studio     Player with full High Definition 1080p output. DVD
                                                         within ten days of auction date. Expires Nov. 30, 2010.    upscaling via HDMI makes standard DVSs look near
                                                         Value: $ 800                                               HD quality. Includes BD-Live Technology, ethernet
                                                         Jim Johnson Photography / Picture Story Studio             portal, and quick start mode. External memory is
                                                                                                                    required. High Definition TV needed to play Blu-
                                                         1110  Food and Child Care Fit For A King                   Ray movies.
                                                         Oyamels are the fir trees the monarch butterflies          Value: $ 125
                                                         winter in after their 3000 mile migration from the         Leonard Bailey and Pamela Winston
                                                         US and Canada to Mexico. Fortunately, you won’t
                                                         have to make such a taxing journey when you use this
                                                         $50 gift certificate to the acclaimed Oyamel Cocina
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Mexicana in DC. Feast on authentic upscale Mexican
                                                         food in Penn Quarter by Mar. 8, 2011. Be sure your
                                                         kids are well cared for during your dinner with up to
                                                         eight hours (one instance) child care from experienced
                                                         babysitter and mom, Olivia McDaniel in your home
                                                         or the hers. Winner must live in the local area (DC/
                                                         MD/VA). Use by Jul. 3, 2011.
                                                         Value: $ 130
                                                         Jeff and Tara Mang, Roger and Olivia McDaniel

                                                         1111  One Perfect Day...
                                                         filled with fun activities: bowling, go-kart, pizza,
                                                         movies, and ice cream for up to three kids. Best of
                                                         all, they will share the time with FCS 7th grader,
                                                         Manuel Rodriguez. The coup de grace--Jaime Diaz
                                                         (Manuel’s uncle) will take photos throughout the day
                                                         and present each kid with mementos to keep! Plan
                                                         this perfect day by Apr. 17, 2011.
                                                         Value: $ 220
                                                         Jaime and Shavon Diaz

                                                         1112  Stand to Attention, Musicians
                                                         Solid cherry wood music stand generously donated

Way to
                                                                                                              closes at 8:45

Grow!                                                                   “
                                                                                         No person is your friend who

                                                                                          demands your silence, or
                                                                                          denies your right to grow.
                                                                                               — Alice Walker

1200  Theatre and a Meal-Who Could Ask For                     1203  Kitchen Classics
      Anything More?                                           This basket is lovely and chock full of treats both sweet
Use these 2 tickets to any Wed. through Fri. evening           and savory. Give it away or enjoy it with your friends
or Sat. matinee performance of Jules Verne’s classic           and family. This tempting collection was created by
adventure story, showing May 5 thru May 30, 2010, in           Wasatch Baskets & Gifts, a company dedicated to
Bethesda. This daffy, delightful tour-de-force uses five       promoting cancer research and early screenings. Then
versatile actors and tons of ingenuity as it circumnavigates   serve up these mouth-watering treats on this beautiful
the globe. Expires Jun. 30,2010. Then use this $50 gift        handcrafted cutting board (12”x24”).
certificate from the Cheesecake Factory and choose from        Value: $ 135
the 200+ plus items on the menu! Visit any location at         Alex Heitkemper, Jonathan R. DeFosse, Wasatch Baskets
any time (no expiration date!).                                & Gifts
Value: $ 160

                                                                                                                           Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
Round House Theatre, The Cheesecake Factory                    1204  A Bid For Peace Of Mind
                                                               No one likes to think about the uncertain future. Put
1201  Attention Movie Lovers!                                  nagging worries to rest by bidding on this couple’s
A night at the movies gift basket includes “Monster’s          estate planning package with Kirsten Gulling, an estate
Ball”, “Election”, “The 5 People You Meet in                   planning attorney. Includes wills, trust provisions for
Heaven”, “Sideways”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”,               minor children, health care directives, and power of
“Goonies”, and “The Neverending Story”. All you                attorney. Limited to MD and DC residents. Expires
need is a bucket of popcorn.                                   Apr. 4, 2011. Then if you’re worried about your car’s
Value: $ 85                                                    future, go to R & S Automotive in Takoma Park and
Lowell Wade                                                    get an oil change done!
                                                               Value: $ 1,025
1202  Indulge Your Inner Theatre Fan                           Kristen Gulling, R & S Automotive
Arena Stage donated 2 tickets to “R. Buckmeister Fuller:
The History (and Mystery) of the Universe.” Tickets            1205  Attention Green Thumbs
valid May 28-Jun. 11, 2010 (Sun.-Wed. evenings, not            This is your package: a big basket of fun, functional,
on opening night). Then take in a musical at Toby’s            green, glad-you-have-it surprises in home gardening
Dinner Theatre of Columbia with one ticket for a               supplies and tools.
complimentary dinner and ticket to a show. Upcoming            Value: $ 250
shows are Hairspray, Nunsense, Rent, and Cinderella.           Kathleen and Mark Dangle
Gratuity and beverage not included. Valid Tues.-Thurs.
nights before Oct. 21, 2010.                                   1206  As Mysterious As the Mona Lisa
Value: $ 150                                                   What is he looking at? Hang The Observer on your
Arena Stage, Toby’s Dinner Theatre                             wall and imagine! This fun painting on a yellow
                                                               ground has a Norman Rockwell air to it - if Rockwell
                                                               had known his way around an airbrush.
                                                               Value: $ 500
                                                               Purpose By Design Airbrush

                                                         1207  Knights and Lasers                                        1212  Annapolis Get Away!
                                                         Want to win parent of the year? Throw your child                Want to get away, but not too far away? Enjoy a one
                                                         this laser tag birthday party at Castle Laser Tag! The          night stay on a weekend at the Loews Annapolis
                                                         party for eight includes invitations, a party leader, two       Hotel - Maryland’s only four diamond award winning
                                                         hours at a private party table, a t-shirt for the birthday      hotel. Have a scrumptious breakfast for two in the
                                                         person, candles, paper products and soda, plus, of              hotel’s Breeze restaurant. Take advantage of this gift
                                                         course, two laser tag games! Not just any old laser tag,        certificate by Apr. 2011. Then use these two boarding
                                                         Bowie’s Castle Laser Tag is a multi-level environment           passes to an Annapolis Harbor Cruise and enjoy a
                                                         with fog, black lights and sound-effects. Have your             40 minute narrated sightseeing cruise on the Harbor
                                                         adventure by Apr. 17, 2011.                                     Queen in the harbor and by the banks of the Naval
                                                         Value: $ 160                                                    Academy. The passes expire Sep. 2010.
                                                         Castle Laser Tag                                                Value: $ 574
                                                                                                                         Loews Annapolis Hotel, Watermark Cruises
                                                         1208  Geraniums in Pastel
                                                         An 18”x24” framed pastel drawing of potted                      1213  Weekend at Wintergreen!
                                                         geraniums by Jack and Grace Woodward’s                          Stay at a privately owned condominium at
                                                         grandmother, Joyce King.                                        Wintergreen Resort with breathtaking views of
                                                         Value: $ 275                                                    the Blue Ridge Mountains. Amenities include eat-
                                                         Joyce King                                                      in kitchen, a spacious bedroom, two bathrooms, a
                                                                                                                         sleeper sofa, and a gas fireplace. Come on a Friday
                                                         1209  A Night Out on the Town                                   to Sunday on a mutually agreeable date. Expires Apr.
                                                         ...or, the Ville. Hyattsville, that is. Have dinner at Hank’s   17, 2011.
                                                         Tavern & Eats and enjoy fresh takes on classic bar              Value: $ 400
                                                         cuisine, then pop next door to Regal Cinemas and take           George Klimes and Heidi Sorensen
                                                         in a movie. Neither the $50 Hank’s gift certificate nor
                                                         the $25 Regal Cinema gift card has an expiration date.          1214  Almost Heaven...
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         Value: $ 75                                                     Melanie and Eric Mongelli are donating a weekend
                                                         Carol DeFrances and Chris Laskowski                             getaway (two nights/three days) at their rustic
                                                                                                                         mountain cabin in Lost River, WV. Up to eight
                                                         1210  Party Like It’s 1979!                                     can share this idyllic retreat--even pets are welcome!
                                                         Have a kid with an upcoming birthday? Throw a                   Enjoy sunrises, sunsets, myriad stars, spring redbuds
                                                         roller skating party! 20 passes to Wells Roller Rink -          or fall foliage. Plan your retreat between May 1-Oct.
                                                         admission and skate rental for a Friday Night Skate,            31, 2010.
                                                         8-11:00 pm. Feed your hungry skaters with $50 worth             Value: $ 600
                                                         of gift certificates to the conveniently close University       Eric and Melanie Mongelli
                                                         Town Center Three Brothers. The Roller Rink opens
                                                         on May 7, 2010; passes expire Aug. 1, 2010. The                 1215  New York, New York
                                                         Three Brothers gift certificates do not expire.                 Escape to New York for a day! Transportation
                                                         Value: $ 170                                                    provided. Four certificates for a one-day, round trip
                                                         The Wells/Linson Complex: Wells Roller Rink, Three              bus tour to New York City, NY, with Superior Tours
                                                         Brothers Italian Restaurant                                     (four seats).
                                                                                                                         Value: $ 240
                                                         1211  Fishing & Rowing: Celebrating the Weekend                 Superior Tours, Inc.
                                                         Spend two or three deeply relaxing nights and days at
                                                         this lakeside vacation home by Deep Creek Lake in
                                                         beautiful Western Maryland. Equipped with linens,
                                                         towels, cable tv, Playstation, coffeemaker, fireplace
                                                         and other necessities and luxuries, the home sleeps
                                                         eight and has two full bathrooms. Direct lake access
                                                         and boat dock for fishing, swimming, and boating,
                                                         and right across the lake from the Wisp Ski Resort.
                                                         Don’t just take our word for it - watch the video at
                                                         The stay will take place from Oct. 29 to Nov. 21,
                                                         2010, although there is a possibility the owner may
                                                         be able to offer another unbooked weekend before
                                                         Mar. 23, 2011.
                                                         Value: $ 600
                                                         Rosen and Roller Partnership
The Society
                                                                         Special Silent Auction 
                                                                           Staff/Teacher Table        closes at 9:00

of Friends                                                        “
                                                                              A true friend unbosoms freely,

                                                                               advises justly, assists readily,
                                                                               adventures boldly, takes all
                                                                           patiently, defends courageously, and
                                                                            continues a friend unchangeably.
                                                                                     — William Penn

1300  Music Lessons with Stacy                            1303  The Amazing All-In-One-Basket Gardening 
Four 30-minute private instrument lessons on an                 Wonder!
instrument of your choice: piano, percussion (includes    The Auction Committee has provided one huge
snare, accessories, and/or hand drumming), guitar,        basket of gardening supplies. See the full display at
voice, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin,      the auction. Thanks to Lisa Hohenemser and Mindy
xylophone/glockenspiel, autoharp, banjo. A practice       Feldbaum, Carrie Bland and Alexandria Lippincott,
instrument will be provided for use during lessons.       the Payne Surges family, the Kules Washburn family,
Value: $ 200                                              the Picards, Dianne Whitfield-Locke, and Behnke’s.
Stacy Fitzwater                                           Value: $ 250
                                                          Auction PLanning Committee
1301  Dance Anyone?
Learn to dance or brush up some old skills. Christine     1304  The Amazing, All-In-One-Basket Gourmet 

                                                                                                                  Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
and Khalid will teach two two-hour dance lessons.               Wonder!
Ballroom or Latin dances. At their place or yours, at a   This basket was put together by the Auction Planning
mutually convenient time, by Apr. 2011.                   Committee and is made up from many donations
Value: $ 150                                              (thanks to the Dickersons, the Picards, the O’Neills,
Khalid Afzal and Christine Dunathan                       Rajarshi Roy and Katherine Bassein, the Prinstons,
                                                          the Audubon Sanctuary Shop, and MOMs Market).
1302  Get An Edge on the Competition...                   Check out the display at the auction to see the
The college admissions process can be daunting,           dazzling array of items!
but Connie Belfiore, principal of EDGE College            Value: $ 250
Consulting, is offering two consultations to facilitate   Auction PLanning Committee
the admissions process for your high schooler. Early
preparation and finding a good match college are          1305  A Very Classy Collage
key--and Connie can help with both. Expires Jun. 30,      Everyone’s a winner! This magical framed black
2012.                                                     and white collage print of the children of Jenny G’s
Value: $ 480                                              1/2 class can belong to every bidder. The picture is
Connie Belfiore, EDGE College Consulting                  21” x 28-1/2” and ready to hang. Orders will be
                                                          filled after the auction. A very lovely memento of a
                                                          very special class!
                                                          Jenny G’s 1/2 Class

Room to
                                                                                                            Live Auction

Grow                                                                “
                                                                                  There are two ways of spreading

                                                                                light: to be the candle or the mirror
                                                                                            that reflects it.
                                                                                          — Edith Wharton

1400  The Bragging Rights Are All Yours...                 1404  A Very Sandy Playdate
For the right bid, you can display this set of nesting     Four to six lucky youngsters will enjoy a playdate with
side tables enhanced with painted river stones,            the Sandys (Stein and Gawlas) at Sandy Stein’s home
lovingly created by the budding writers, scientists, and   in Hyattsville. Activities will be tailored to the winning
artists in Melanie C’s class. Displayed under the glass    group. That’s right, a thrilling mass playdate not at your
on each table are a series of symbols and messages in      place! The playdate must be arranged for a weekend
gold leaf on Maryland riverbed stones.                     prior to the end of school (expires Jun. 9, 2010).
Beyond Price                                               Priceless
Melanie C’s 5/6 Class                                      Sandra Gawlas, Sandra Stein

1401  Take A Hike                                          1405  Head for a Day!
And we mean that in the nicest possible way. Plan to       No homework! Longer lunch hour! More recess!

                                                                                                                        Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
join James and Mr. Mark on a day hike on the Old Rag       Lower tuition! OK--perhaps not all of these are
Mountain Trail in Shenandoah National Park. James          possible, but your child has the chance to imagine
will drive five students to one of the most popular        and suggest possibilities as the FCS head for a day
area trails, and your hikers will enjoy rock scrambles,    with this perennial auction favorite. Take charge by
climbing through cracks, and unmatched views. Then         Jun. 9, 2010.
they can relax with the lunch James provides.              Priceless
Priceless                                                  Larry Clements
Mark Evans, James Key
                                                           1406  Fused in Friendship
1402  Magnificent Marrakesh                                Reflect on your child’s year at FCS with this mirror
From the moment you step into the tiled entryway           surrounded by fused glass artwork made by each child
with its beautiful fountain to the belly dancing show,     in Jenifer’s 3/4. The theme is “Patchwork of Colors,”
you’ll know this is no ordinary dining experience!         and each child has contributed an original glass tile
You’ll enjoy a full seven-course meal for 10 people,       to the design. Together the pieces form a stunning
seated on cushions to eat around a low table amid          patchwork of color, light, and energy. The glass
the lush surroundings. Step into another world, enjoy      materials and firing were donated by Jack Smalligan,
excellent food and service. Certificate good Sunday        a friend of the Martin-Claassen family; the piece
through Thursday.                                          was gorgeously custom-framed by FCS dad Willis
Value: $ 310                                               DeHart.
Marrakesh Restaurant                                       More Precious Than Rubies
                                                           Jennifer’s 3/4 Class
1403  Tables Tiled With the Testimonies
Jenny L’s 3/4 class has created two tiled tables (end-     1407  Three M’s and the Double B’s
table size). The tops are tiled with four inch square      The Marvelous Melanies and Mr. Mark are donating
tiles colorfully depicting all the Quaker SPICES-          a night out at a Bowie Baysox game for up to four
Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality,         guests on a mutually agreeable date before Aug. 20,
Stewardship. The children have painted 56 tiles for        2010. Not only will your child cherish the time with
these beautiful and meaningful tables!                     this FCS triple crown team, but dinner and souvenir
A Thing of Beauty                                          are also included!
Jenny L’s 3/4 Class                                        An Absolute Gem
                                                           Melanie Baldwin, Melanie Cobb, Mark Evans

                                                         1408  West Virginia Summer Getaway                         1413  Giving Trees
                                                         Summer vacation in wild and wonderful Canaan               Michelle’s 1/2 class has truly taken to heart this year’s
                                                         Valley of West Virginia. A two-bedroom/one-family          Giving and Growing auction theme by creating
                                                         room house and a separate two-bedroom/one-family           multiple jeweled trees mounted on rocks to represent
                                                         room guest cottage, two lakes, fishing, canoeing,          communities of friends. Trees are adorned with
                                                         hiking, mountain biking, state parks, wilderness areas     branches, trunks, and roots of gilded wire, leaves of
                                                         and more. Six nights in Jun., Jul, or Aug. Expires Sep.    small colored rocks. Don’t miss your chance to own
                                                         6, 2010.                                                   this masterpiece!
                                                         Value: $ 2,000                                             A Pearl of Great Price
                                                         Ken Langer and Jennifer Smith                              Michelle’s 1/2 Class

                                                         1409  Gaming Bench from Gerry’s 3/4                        1414  Nothing Could Be Finer than a Meal at 
                                                         Enjoy many hours of fun with a gaming bench from                 Plato’s Diner
                                                         Gerry’s 3/4 class. Game boards are artistically rendered   Lunch for four lucky students with FCS staff Quillin,
                                                         on the surface of a wooden bench and include creative      Hilary, and Erin at Plato’s Diner. Ride in style from
                                                         and eye-catching game pieces. Make new memories            FCS to Plato’s diner and back in a limo!! Expires Jun.
                                                         playing games on this bench made by old friends!           14, 2010.
                                                         An Absolute Gem                                            Priceless
                                                         Gerry’s 3/4 Class                                          Exquisite Limousine Services, Inc., Plato’s Diner
                                                                                                                    (Akaras Family)
                                                         1410  A Fun Trip to Glen Echo Park with Jenny G.!
                                                         Two students can join 1/2 teacher Jenny G. on a trip       1415  Up For Auction: Peace, Love, and Happiness
                                                         to Glen Echo park for the day. They will start the day conveyed by the little artists in Jenny G’s 1/2
                                                         with an early show at their Adventure Theater, then        class. This 24” x 36” collaborative mixed media
                                                         the students will be treated to lunch at the picnic area   collage/mural is a hip and touching artwork. Every
                                                         and after lunch, they can explore the playground and       time you look at it you’ll see memories and hopes for
Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving

                                                         take a ride on the famous carousel. Any Saturday or        the future in its free creativity.
                                                         Sunday in April, May, or early June before the end of      Priceless
                                                         the school year.                                           Jenny G’s 1/2 Class
                                                         A Day to Remember
                                                         Jenny Goodman                                              1416  Here’s One for the Gipper!
                                                                                                                    OK, it’s not from the famous Knute Rockne, but
                                                         1411  Upper Class Kid for a Day!                           FCS’s own Jordan and Sarah E. will donate two hours
                                                         One lucky child from K-6 can spend a day with the          on a spring Saturday afternoon to work with twelve
                                                         big kids, the 7/8th graders, Chris, James, and Jordan,     students on touch football skills and games. Warm up,
                                                         for a day. Classes will be adapted to the student’s age,   football drills, one sixty-minute game with referees,
                                                         fun and learning will be provided. Pick a mutually         sportsmanship, cardio workout, and all around good
                                                         agreed upon day before the 2010 school year ends.          time for all!
                                                         Once in a Lifetime Opportunity                             An Invaluable Experience
                                                         7/8 Advisories, James, Chris, Jordan                       Jordan Abramson, Sarah Evans

                                                         1412  Cooking & Crafting with Jenny & Jenifer              1417  No NIMBYs Here
                                                         Isn’t it nice to have your kids do something that          Rather than the “Not-In-My-Backyard” mentality,
                                                         generations of children have done, for a change from       Melanie B’s class has chosen to reflect the shared
                                                         the high-tech life? Now think how it would be even         community eco-system with their “In Our Backyard”
                                                         nicer if they were cooking and crafting in a group of      wall hanging. Creative hand prints of plants, animals,
                                                         four FCS students (3rd grade and up) with Jenifer          and other parts of the local ecology comprise this
                                                         Weiss and Jenny Lingelbach. The group will cook a          original, thoughtful jewel!
                                                         meal and do a cooking related craft on a Saturday          An Absolute Gem
                                                         or Sunday morning at a location to be determined.          Melanie B’s 5/6 class
                                                         Make memories on a mutually agreeable weekend
                                                         morning before Jun. 15, 2010.                              1418  You’re Never Done Growing!
                                                         Priceless                                                  Four lucky children will get to go back to Kindergarten
                                                         Jenny Lingelbach, Jenifer Weiss                            to be sharing friends, enjoy centers and choice, and go
                                                                                                                    out for lunch with Gwynne and Alexandra to Chevy’s
                                                                                                                    Mexican Restaurant. Pick one Tuesday - either May
                                                                                                                    4 or May 18.
                                                                                                                    A Day to Remember
                                                                                                                    Gwynne Brick and Alexandra Whyte
1419  The FCS Factory                                     1424  Sit Down with Larry
Sandy’s 1/2 class has created a collage with themes       And enjoy a seafood dinner for six! Decide on a
reflecting class units of peace, nature, and community.   mutually convenient date, then bring your band to
The collage consists of 16 individual paintings of        Larry and Jill’s University Park home to eat seafood.
similar color pallettes by each student in the class,     Relax and enjoy an exceptional meal in the company
attached together to form an Andy Warhol-ish              of our Head of School. Expires Apr. 17, 2011.
masterpiece.                                              A Night to Remember
A Thing of Beauty                                         Larry and Jill Clements
Sandy’s 1/2 Class
                                                          1425  Rainforest Colors and Shapes
1420  Give a Gift of Learning                             Enjoy this exquisite set of dessert plates and platter
Our new auction innovation is the Fund-A-Scholar          hand painted by Alexandra’s class in conjunction with
appeal. Maybe others beat you on every auction            their study of the rain forest this spring. Painted in
item you tried for, but this item is an opportunity       vivid colors, these abstract images were inspired by
for anyone to make the difference in the lives of our     the creatures living in the rain forest. Thanks to Color
students. When the auctioneer mentions the amount         Me Mine for donating the materials.
you would like to contribute, simply raise your bid       Value: $ 250
number high. Everybody wins! (Remember--it’s tax          Alexandra’s Kindergarten Class, Color Me Mine
More Precious Than Rubies                                 1426  Lunch with Gerry is so Very
Fund a Scholar Appeal--FCS                                FCS’s own Gerry Stewart will again have lunch with
                                                          four lucky people. Gerry will pick the restaurant
1421  Who Says FCSers Don’t Learn Spelling?               and you will choose the meal and enjoy a pleasant
Gwynne’s kindergarten class actually formed the letters   conversation on a beautiful spring day. Date to be
in the words “FRIENDSHIP IS” with their bodies -          arranged after the auction and based on the weather -
each letter is a separate photograph. The photos are      sometime before Jun. 10, 2010.

                                                                                                                      Friends Community School  2010 Auction  Growing and Giving
put together along with the children’s words to finish    A Day to Remember
the statement about what friendship means to them         Gerry Stewart
and beautifully framed. This is a precious keepsake
of those sweet kindergarten days and a reminder of        1427  Reflecting on Friendship
what’s important, for kindergarteners and all of us.      Sarah E.’s 5/6 class has crafted this exquisite 28” x 32”
Truly a celebration of friendship!                        mirror - your reflection will be framed by a mosaic
Priceless                                                 garden of glass tiles. You’ve never looked better!
Gwynne’s Kindergarten Class                               Priceless
                                                          Sarah E.’s 5/6 Class
1422  Celebration of Textiles with Donna and 
      Sarah                                               1428  Greek Island Paradise
Two to four students will spend a day downtown with       Take a trip to the Greek Isles! Enjoy the fresh air,
Donna and Sarah, FCS art teachers, at the Celebration     beautiful beaches, and revitalizing sunshine on the
of Textiles on June 5 (Sat.) 10am-2pm. You will           Greek island of Chalki. Stay in a Greek villa with
explore the galleries, watch a live sheep shearing and    beautiful views and plenty of indoor and outdoor
demonstrations of embroidery, weaving, lace-making,       living all within walking distance of two gorgeous
quilting and more. Expires Jun. 5, 2010.                  beaches and the harbor. Includes seven days/six nights
A Day to Remember                                         from Sept. 1, 2010-Sept. 1, 2011.
Donna Jonte, Sarah Ruggieri                               Value: $ 1,000
                                                          Tony and Michelle Akaras
1423  Co-Teacher for a Day!
Bid on this opportunity for your child to co-teach        1429  They Have Given the Shirts Off Their Backs
with Michelle Utara. The lucky winner will help her       The 7th and 8th graders parted with much-loved
teach 1st and 2nd grade word work, math, reading,         t-shirts to create this FCS memory quilt together. Shirts
and writing workshop. Then it’s off to a working          from FCS, summer camps and Catoctin harmonize
lunch with Michelle to plan for the end of the day,       with environmental and peace themed shirts to make
leading a section of the primary team. What a way to      up this twin sized quilt. The quilt construction was
spend a Friday in May!                                    generously donated by Campus Quilt Company -
Once in a Lifetime Opportunity                            check out if you have your own
Michelle Utara                                            drawerful of treasured t-shirts. Cuddle up under this
                                                          unique treasure and feel the love!
                                                          7/8 Advisories, James, Chris, Jordan,
                                                          Campus Quilt Company
Melanie Cobb Rocks

                           5th and 6th Grade Class

   “Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of
   teaching is to make learning contagious, to have an idea spark another.”
   … Marva Collins.

   Melanie, thank you for making learning; contagious, infectious, inspiring and so cool!

Many thanks from Jadyn, Patrick, Nathan, Maggie, Callie, Jenny, Keiler, Jacob, Ivan, Bryce,
Ryan, Kosta, Mathew, Maia, Asha, Megan, Chloe, Lauren, and their very grateful parents
Carolyn Lorente, PhD          Karen Moore, LAc, LCSW-C   Rob Soley, BA               Randi Walters, PhD, LCSW-C
Development Psychology        Acupuncture                Academic Tutor              Psychotherapy
Practitioner and Consultant   Psychotherapy              Senior Reiki Practitioner   Counseling
301.704.2613                  240.351.8957               240.988.9350                443.280.3289
Exquisite Limousine Services

                    7701 Old Branch Avenue
                    Clinton, Maryland 20774
                    Ed Grasty, Owner

             7701 Old Branch Avenue
             Clinton, Maryland 20774
                    Ed Grasty, Owner
Blackburn Financial Aid Fund

All of the proceeds from this year’s Auction will benefit Friends Community School and will
be devoted to its Financial Aid Programs/Blackburn Fund. This fund is named after Robin
Blackburn, a young man raised in the Meeting who was well-loved. He was a star athlete and
tri-athlete. His family was very active for many years in Adelphi Meeting. After his death as a
young man his family asked if the school scholarship fund might be named in his memory.

FCS was founded with a strong commitment to remaining affordable and accessible to the
community. Financial aid is a primary means of meeting that commitment.

In keeping with Quaker belief in equality and each individual’s unique worth, all families in
the School are eligible to apply for financial aid. The School Financial Aid Committee makes
every effort to meet all requests, but funds are not always available to meet every need.

The Financial Aid Committee is composed of Adelphi Friends Meeting members and
attendees who are not families in the School. Their Committee membership is confidential,
as is all information that they review. Their meetings, beginning and ending in worshipful
silence, are guided by Quaker belief and the importance of speaking to concerns of all
involved in the decision-making process.

Strong support for this year’s Auction is needed to keep FCS affordable and accessible. Please
come prepared to have a great time and support the FCS children financially.

Proceeds to benefit the financial aid program of the Friends Community School, a non-profit
elementary school in College Park, Maryland.
 Say thank you from Friends Community School to these businesses that have generously donated to tonight’s fundraising event

MARYLAND                           Greenbelt                           Takoma Park                        WASHINGTON, DC
                                   A touch of Balance..organization    Asparagus Media Recording Studio   Bunch Family Reunion Committee
                                     for your life                     Amano                              Capitol Hill yoga
loews Annapolis Hotel
                                   Belle Point Wellness                Axtmann Studio                     Cheesecake Factory
Watermark Cruises
                                   Gamestop - Beltway Plaza            Beth Grupp Associates              Change, Inc.
Baltimore                          Greenbelt Marriot Hotel             exquisite limousine Services       dawn Price Baby
Babe Ruth Museum                   Chevy’s                             Kirstin Gulling, esq.              d.C. united
The Baltimore Ravens               Cultivating Health                  Arnie Hecker, licensed             evans Counseling and Consultation
Superior tours, Inc.               Curves                               Acupuncturist                     Jim Johnson Photography / Picture
Whollyterra Glass Studio           Giant                               Middle east Cuisine                  Story Studio
Beltsville                         Greenbelt Barber and Stylist        Mark’s Kitchen                     Hillwood estate, Museum and
Ballet Academy                     Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket         now and Then                         Gardens
Behnke nurseries                   Jasper’s                            R&S Automotive                     International Spy Museum
                                   Martins Crosswinds                  Roscoe’s                           Marrakesh Restaurant
Berwyn Heights                     Melvin Ivy, PA Public Accountant,   Salon Jam                          national Geographic Society
Shell Service Station                notary Public                     The Culture Shop                   newseum
Bethesda                           P & G old Greenbelt Theatre         trillium Resources Group           Passion Food Hospitality
Bd’s Mongolian BBQ                 Silver diner                        tSSP Co-op                         Southern Maryland Seafood
Imagination Stage                  Three Brothers Restaurant           Video Americain                      Company, Inc.
The Round House Theatre                                                Willow Street yoga Center          The Studio Theatre
Strathmore                                                             Zinn Chiropractic                  Sweet Rose Bakery
                                   Medieval times
unity Woods yoga                                                                                          tortilla Cafe
                                                                       Upper Marlboro
Bowie                                                                  B.o.t.t.S Be open to the Spirit    Carroll Valley, PA
                                   Arrow Bikes
Bowie Baysox Baseball Club                                              dance Studio                      liberty Mountain Resort
Castle laser tag                   Hank’s tavern & eats                University Park                    Cupertino, CA
Capital Heights                    Three Brothers of univ town         edge College Consulting            timely Matters, Inc.
dianne Whitfield-locke, d.d.S       Center                             Westchester Park                   Salt Lake City, UT
                                   Wild onion                          dominick Guzzi Hair Salon          Wasatch Baskets & Gifts
Chevy Chase
Audubon naturalist Society         Kensington                          Wheaton                            Snoqualmie, WA
Audubon Sanctuary Shop             Catch Can                           Brookside Gardens                  Phillips oral Healthcare
Clinton                            Largo
Purpose By design Airbrush         Radisson Hotel largo                                                   Campus Quilt Company
                                                                                                          General Motors Corporation
College Park                       Mt Rainier                          Alexandria                         Panera Bread
Bananas                            Prince Georges Community Pool       Capitol Steps                      Jack Smalligan
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar     Glut Food Co-op                     Interior Motives                   Soul Purpose/natasha lawson
Clarice Smith Performing Arts      Riverdale Park                      Potomac Riverboat Company          tocar Spa
 Center at univ. of Maryland       Riversdale House Museum             Washington by Water Monuments      yankee Publishing Company
College Park Aviation Museum                                            Cruise
Gailes Violin Shop, Inc            Severn
Hard times Café                    C & C Cycle, Inc.                   Arlington
Herbert Wells/linson Complex                                           Artifice, Inc.
                                   Silver Spring
 Roller/Ice Rink                                                       eFX Media
                                   AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural
Mom’s organic Market                Center                             Ashburn
Plato’s diner                      Blue Heron Wellness                 The Washington Redskins
Seven Seas                         Color Me Mine                       Crystal City
university of Md Athletics         Copper Canyon Grill                 Arena Stage
Columbia                           dream dinners Cloverly Street
                                   Keren Kuo / long and Foster Real    Fairfax
                                    estate                             George Mason univ. Center for
toby’s dinner Theatre
                                   laughing Glass Studio                the Arts
Germantown                         lebanese taverna Cafe               McLean
Butler’s orchard                   lumina Studio Theatre               Claude Moore Colonial Farm
Glen Echo                          Mi Rancho
                                   olazzo                              Luray and Sperryville
Photography by danie
                                   Rosen and Roller Partnership        luray Caverns
The Puppet Company Playhouse
                                   Silver Spring Jewelry               Belle Meade Inn
                                   The Fractured Prune - donut Shop    Mt Vernon
                                   upper Crust Bakery                  Mt Vernon ladies Assoc. of the

                                            FRIendS CoMMunIty SCHool
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