Prometric center by keralaguest


									o I took Step 1 at the Staten Island Prometric center. They have a fitness club next
  door, and even with earplugs in you could hear the damned bass thumping. Staff was
  unprofessional, etc, etc.
o I really like 1 Penn plaza. They had a TV and it was like I was at home. It was really
  cold the morning I took the test, but then the heat kicked in later on. Maybe it was
  because it was a Saturday. Anyways, it didn’t bother me and my only other
  experience was Remsen, which I didn’t like much.
o I took both Step 1 and 2 at Garden City. For Step 1, there were a lot of people typing
  in the room, so it was a little noisy. For Step 2, it was fine. The staff was nice and
  the room was quiet.
o I did step 2 at Staten Island and didnt like it there either because of the noise and the
  staff. I took step 1 at Old Country Road and I liked it there. It was quiet, the staff was
  nice, there’s parking in the back and you can bring your lunch and heat it in the
  microwave if you want. I live not too far from there but if you’re coming from
  Brooklyn I would give myself an hour and ½ because the traffic on the belt and
  Southern State can be heavy.
o Remsen street in Brooklyn heights was fine
o Penn Plaza was wack- there must’ve been 5 people around me taking their series 7
  (i.e. incessant typing on keyboards). I was tempted to grab someones key board and
  show them a bowel series. I’m taking mine on Saturday in Fairlawn NJ, since I’m
  living in Jersey @ this time.
o I took the test in Garden City, LI. It was totally fine. The people super friendly and
  calm. It was definitely not intense. I heard bad things about the Rego Park site...very
o One Penn Plaza was fine. I had no complaints. I took Step 1 and 2 there in Suite
  1540. I can’t speak of the other suites at one penn plaza where they also do testing
  because they are on different floors.
o Go to Penn Plaza, it is quite, except for the sirens 17 stories down
o I took both steps at 175 Remsen. Satisfied both times. Quiet, professional
  environment, enough personal space while sitting at the computer, nice clean
o 1 Penn is pretty good took both 1 and 2 there had no problems, staff was nice, well
o I took step I in Long island (old country road) and step II on Remsen on Brooklyn.
  Hated the Brooklyn site. Small room, very stuffy, no real place to put your stuff
  away, had to ask for earplugs. Was very happy with the long island site. Very nice
  and qiet area, nice staff, the room was much bigger, have their own parking lot,
  provide all the earplugs.
o I had the same exact, unfortunate experience at Staten Island myself- you pay $450
  for a quiet room and they can’t even provide......from others’ accounts and from mine
   own experience, Remsen was pretty good. Right by the subway, quiet, and quick,
   professional service. What more could you ask for?
o Remsen st. in brooklyn heights was great. No problem with step 1 or 2.
o The Remsen site was very quiet and close to home.
o I did Step2 at Remsen street, and I had no complaints—the staff was young, but acted
  professional. I did step 1 at Penn plaza, and it was fine.
o I took it at Remsen in Brooklyn and I thought it was a good sight, quiet and
o The Brooklyn site was good, I took step 1 and 2 there, they got lockers, but they are
  not very big, and its quite and everyone is nice.
o Remsen-ok close to borough hall (all the subways)
o I took both Step 1 and Step 2 at 201 East 42nd street and have nothing but good
  comments about it. The site is easy to get to, the staff is nice, and the environment
  around the building is not that disruptive.
o I took Step I at Penn Plaza, it was OK, but I didn’t like the fact that they would not let
  me eat there, it was annoying. Step II I took at 42nd Street, it was OK, they have large
  waiting room, and allow you to have a snack, eat, drink, etc. there so I didn’t have to
  look for place to eat, just brought my own stuff.
o 175 Remsen was very quiet, the staff were very professional.
o The Queens boulevard site is an excellent site, it is practically on an isolated floor in
  an enclosen space so you don’t hear anything except what is going on in that room.
  The chairs are comfortable and each person has their own space to take the exam
o I took both step 1 and 2 at 210 E 42nd St. I had no problems whatsoever, except for
  rare traffic noise from outside. I highly recommend the place.
o 1 Penn has a nice view for when you take breaks. The staff is pleasant enough. The
  site in garden city was really nice.....
o I took both step 1 and 2 at the Prometric site on Remsen in bklyn and had no problem
  at all. it was quiet, had very very small lockers for a few items and an area to relax.
o I used the testing site on Remsen St for both Step 1 and 2. It was relatively quiet as
  long as you didn’t have someone typing next to you on the computer. It is really
  convient to get to. Take the 2/3/4/5 to Borough Hall and it is like ½ ro one block
  away from the subway.
o Hey, I was at Remsen for step 1 and 2. I thought it was a good site both times.
o I took both my Step 1 and 2 at Remsen. It was very quiet and the staff assigns you
  the end seat since you are taking a longer test than other people. There are two rooms
  that not connected to each other and each room has about 10 computers/test takers.
  The place is very quiet with earplugs.
o I took step 1 & 2 at remsen st and it was fine.
o I took step 1 and 2 at remsen street. very quiet, well-organized, staff was professional
  and friendly.
o i took the exam at the brooklyn heights center. No major issues but some problems I
  encountered...I didn’t get earplugs- it wasn’t too noisy, but it was distracting
  whenever anyone came in or out of the room This might not prove to be a problem
  with warmer weather - but it was freezing in the exam room the bathroom on the floor
  was broken- so you’d have to take the elevator up a number of floors to get to the
  bathroom- which took some time during breaks. There weren’t any huge problems-
  just some minor irritations.
o I took Step 2 at the Queens Blvd site. I like the site because it’s very small and very
  informal. There are only about 20 computers and it’s usually pretty quite except for
  occasional noise from people typing and, on this instance, there was some loud
  shouting from next door for one block—I think there was construction or something
  going on. The people that work there are pretty laid back. Although I did not have a
  problem with the computer for Step 1, for Step 2 I did have a slight problem that did
  not get resolved, but one of the staff members there did say he could try changing my
  monitor if the problem was really bad. My problem was that my computer screen
  blinked different colors through some portions of the exam. It was very distracting
  and upsetting, but it didn’t happen all the time, and I just dealth with it.
o I took my Step 2 at Rego Park last month and it was pretty quiet. I did not need to use
  earplugs. The staff was friendly for the most part and were very professional.
o I took I and II at the queens rego park site - no problems at all, lots of places to get
  coffee/food. I think it’s a pretty good site.
o I have had good experiences at Remsen. It was quite enough all times. You have to
  be prepared for any temp...I thought the room got a little stuffy at times but not to the
  point of effecting my test. bring food, there is non there and u waste a lot of time
  going out side.
o I took all my exams at penn plaza and I was pretty happy with them.
o (My comments – FV) I took Step 1 at Remsen. It is indeed a small place but your
  working area is large enough. They gave me headphones, the ones they use at an
  airport, which blocked most of the typing from others next to me which if you lost
  concentration you would hear them. The room hold about 15 computers and many
  other standardized tests are going on at the same time so don’t wonder why people
  are typing so much. The staff are professional enough. Your locker is the size of a
  cubbyhole so don’t bring much. Temperature was fine for late June. Don’t drive in
  because you’ll never find parking, have someone drop you off or take the train to
  borough Hall which is 1 block away from the center. There are many deli’s and other
  stores around which is good enough if you don’t bring food.

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