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									                          What Not to do When Planning for
                           House Painting in Pleasanton

Save some headaches by learning what not to do when planning for house painting in Pleasanton.
Any repair or remodeling job can be a challenge. Working with painting professionals, like the
knowledgeable staff at Custom Painting, Inc., can help you develop a plan for your next project.
The right plan can be what you need to avoid the headaches and end the project with what you

Secrets for what NOT to do when planning for House Painting in Pleasanton

- Never leave the details to verbal agreements. Too many things get misunderstood or forgotten
when passed from one person to the next. Write it all down and have both parties sign the written
statement. Everyone will be certain of what is wanted and any questions can be answered in written
form as well.

- Never wait until the last minute to work out the plan. Being rushed opens the way to mistakes.
Invest time into thinking about the work that needs to be done, and also to meeting with someone to
help with the plan. You will find that the investment pays back in less stress and better use of your
time and financial investment.

- Never take on the task of house painting without getting advice from experts or others that have
already gone down the path before you. Venture into the experience with a blind eye and you may
find that you wish you could view the end result in the same way. Working with a house painting
professional, or just talking to others that have been through the process, can provide you with
valuable tools and information to make your experience run smoother.

- Never guess about the amount of paint that you will need for the completed project. Measure the
space before you begin making your plans and then measure again before you put in your order for
the paint. Getting the right amount of paint from the start of the project will make it easier to ensure
that the paints all come from the same batch and match evenly. For larger areas, put all of the paint
from the one gallon buckets into a five gallon bucket and mix again.

Any type of remodeling or repair work can cause stress in your life. You can make the process
easier by putting together the right plan of action. Knowing what to do can get the plan moving in
the right direction. It can be just as important to know what NOT to do when planning for house
painting in Pleasanton.
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