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									The Battle of Bunker Hill
      June 17, 1775
         Breed’s Hill/Bunker Hill

• 1,000 Patriots fortified Breed’s Hill, digging trenches and
  using cotton and hay bales for protection.
• British Generals, having seen the patriots occupying the
  hill, ordered their ships to bombard them with cannon fire.
                  The Battle
• British troops charged    • Running low on gun
  up the hill.                powder/ammunition
• American General            the patriots retreated
  Prescott ordered,           towards Bunker Hill.
  “Don’t shoot until you    • Casualties
  see the whites of their   1346 British
  eyes.”                    441 American
Peter Salem, an African American, led the final charge at Bunker Hill
and mortally wounded a British Commanding Officer, Major Pitcairn.
     What was the outcome…
• The battle served to prove to the American
  people that the British Army was not
  invincible. It became a symbol of national
  pride and a rallying point of resistance
  against British rule.
• The under trained, undermanned, and under
  supplied Continental Army can stand up to
  the superior British Army/Navy.

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