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How many people have lost jobs in the last few years? What has
been done to help this, to bring our economy back to its normal
level? Well, there may have been some actions taken, but honestly
there has not been enough. We still have too many people
unemployed, which means, too many people trying to make their
own profit somehow. Unfortunately, the gold network is one of the
largest areas where people make money by scamming others. The
cash for gold scam started as soon as the real refineries decided it
might help people to recycle their unwanted jewelry.
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How to identify and avoid a cash-for-gold scam? First thing to keep
in mind, if they are emailing you although you have had no contact
initially with them, beware. Not all companies that email everybody
are bad, but a majority of them are either viruses or just want to take
your money. These emails may even come from people you know,
but upon asking them, they don't really have anything to do with it.
This is because people who know their way around computer
systems will put viruses in the form of interesting flyers advertising
their services. When all they really want is have access to your bank
information, take your gold and sell it themselves, making a profit
from your jewelry.

The next place that will be high in cash-for-gold scam artists,
individual job or classified sites. These sites contain articles that will
appeal to everyone's individual needs or wants. There will be quite a
few legitimate offers in there for making money or for selling your
gold. There is a high amount of people who sound as if they are real
businesses when in fact, they just want you take you in for what you
have. As the motive for almost anything, they want your money or
your gold. While looking at such sites, watch for any of them to say
they want your gold first without any type of guarantee. Also, try
calling the companies first and see if they have a true call center or
place for you to get help in case there is a problem. Those should be
big red flags in the aspect of avoiding cash for gold scams.

If this is your first time in looking to sell your gold, then you
definitely need to keep everything I have said at the forefront of your
mind. Taking the time to protect yourself and your property will be
worth it in the end. If this does not happen to be your first time, and
you have been scammed before or know someone who was, now
you have the knowledge to avoid it.

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