Minutes - February 25_ 2007 by keralaguest


									                             Association of Residence Hall Students
                         Council Meeting for Monday, February 25th, 2008
Call to Order Becky Lantz, President
Roll Call     Dustin Worthington, Secretary

Open Student Forum
      o Kathleen McDermott- Trivia Bowl program, Wed. March 5 starts at 7pm, tables in HUB 10-1pm,
         Spring Break topics, music, movies, destinations, etc. Jeopardy style, teams of up to 3 students
         allowed, t-shirts, computer brush, pens, for door prizes. Wants prizes from ARHS for top prizes.
         “Pop-up” prizes (provided by Res Life and others), PSU t-shirts, gift cards, crafts, etc. Would like
         ARHS to provide special screenings for movies with pop corn, and movie snacks and DVDs (these
         provided from other sources). Reaching out to people all over campus. Showing would be of a
         movie we already would be showing and do a private screening for 6 or so people.
      o Stephanie- Police Services- lots of graffiti and some harassing events. Facebook and myspace
         becoming more and more popular with harassment, pretty quiet this weekend, for THON police
         wouldn’t let anyone in if they had alcohol on their breath, they did a great job at doing this. Tryin to
         get the word about for safety during spring break. Rebecca is putting on awareness program before
         spring break similar to “Deal or No Deal” 8 pm in 117 Brill on Monday, March 1st.


Liaison Reports- NRHH – Adam Burget (ajb5024@psu.edu)
       o     Congratulations to our THON dancers (who probably aren’t here) You guys were awesome.
       o     Thanks to everyone who came out and supported
       o     We will be having a general business meeting soon, I just haven’t decided when!

Advisor Report – Diane Andrews (dla6@psu.edu)-
      o Congrats to Lauren and Colleen! You guys did great and made us proud.
      o Also, to Callie and Kelley for organizing the cheering section.

Area Reports
    East (EHRA)-Jon Sauer, President (jrs5185@psu.edu) $
         o Making progress on our Spring Event
         o Passed elections code
    Eastview-Nittany (ENRA) Jose Espinal, President (enra@psu.edu) $
         o Nothing new this week!!
    North (NHAS) –Lauren Heidingsfelder, President (nhas@psu.edu) $
         o I told Lauren I would put in an agenda for her with mine
         o I don’t remember what happened at the meeting, but I don’t think it was too important
         o A resident from Beaver who does a recycling program there came to talk to NHAS about running
             a similar program in North
         o Hmm, I got nothing else. If Lauren shows up or wakes up before the meeting, I’ll ask her!
    Pollock (PHRA) –Mohamed Al-Qassimi, President (phra@psu.edu) $

ARHS Meeting Agenda                                                 Monday, February 25th, 2008

          o Bingo event was delayed due to the request of the RA. However, if the event is delayed any
             further by the RA, it will be canceled.
    South (SHRA)- Jared Lipton, President (shra@psu.edu) $1,1240.98
          o Congrats Lauren and Colleen! You both did amazing!
          o Props to those who stayed at THON a lot of the time
          o Canceled the second NYC Bus
          o $30 to ResLife's SB Trivia program
          o GSF is tentatively the Sunday of B&W weekend
          o 3/5 - DiversiDance in Redifer (not sure of the time, will let you know)
    West (WHRA)- Kayla McPherson, President (whra@psu.edu) $
          o West will not be electing an EVP to finish out this term (too close to elections)
          o Ummm....not much else...THON ruled the week :-)
   External Committee Reports-Parker Trostle (parker@psu.edu)
    ARHS ACTIVITIES (AA) – Lauren Heidingsfelder (nhas@psu.edu) and Jacob Dixon
           o OCSU has been getting locations for Fill-the-Bus, check Parker’s report
    DIVERSITY – Johnnie Geathers (jmg5359@psu.edu)
           o I have thought about the diversity week project and balloons are better because it is cheaper and
              will not cause a mass cleanup. At the end of the ceremony, we can just let the balloons go up in
              the sky. Can’t let balloons go up in the sky.
           o Was the event approved to get started on??
           o I had paid for ARHS ad for Mr. Black Penn State and I was wondering if I can get paid back
              when I receive the receipt at rehearsals tonight. I was not supposed to get the money out the
              bank (Mother), but it was hard times. The deadline was Friday. I want to get paid back before
              my mother sees my account and flip before or after the pageant. Hahaha
           o Mr. Black Penn State 2008 is Saturday at the Schwab Auditorium. It starts at 7pm, but I advise
              you to get there early because it will be pack!!!!! I am ready to win 3rd, 2nd, or be the winner
              for this year!!!!!!!!!
    MOVIN' ON – Eddie Fugelsang (Movinon@psu.edu)
           o Congrats to Lauren and Colleen who are probably sleeping right now! They were amazing
    NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS – Sung Hwan Kim (suk178@psu.edu)
    PUBLIC RELATIONS – Anna Freund (aef5098@psu.edu)
           o Congratulations to Lauren and Colleen!
           o Thank you again for my opportunity to work for the betterment of Penn State!
           o Placement of ARHS Cinemas posters
           o Number of LateNight posters given to RAs (we need MORE) Diane will find out how many we
              are getting each week.
    SAFETY – Jon Sauer (jrs5185@psu.edu)
           o Planning an event for sometime mid to late April pending other ARHS programs
           o Looking at NACURH safety programs.
           o Event before Casino Night and after Diversity event
Internal Committee Reports- Kelley Costello (arhs@psu.edu)
    ARHS CINEMAS – Kristen Jurinko (knj109@psu.edu)
          o This week's movie is I am Legend.

ARHS Meeting Agenda                                                   Monday, February 25th, 2008

        o Movie Quote: "No yelling on the bus!"
        o Congrats Colleen and Lauren! Dolla dolla bills y'all, for the for the kids y'all!
    CHANNEL 72 – Matt Borgia (mlb463@psu.edu)
        o The repeat of die another day was successfully switched for Goldenfinger.
        o Problems loading March's movies....uh oh?
    FUNDRAISING – Kate Rowe(cer5047@psu.edu)
        o 5K Night Out—going to cost us ~$170 for police services + shirts, tentative date: Friday, May 2
        o Bus trip to Balitmore, is that your final decision? Date would be April 12th, so someone would
            have to go from ARHS
        o Program can’t be right before finals week in residence halls, but since it is not in the halls as long
            as we can get approvals it should be okay.
    INTERNAL POLICY (IPC) – Alex Weller (aweller@psu.edu) and Kayla
        o Election packet distribution has commenced:
                     Monday, February 25 ~ 1:30 – 4:30
                     Tuesday, February 26 ~ 11:00 – 12:00, 1:10 – 2:10
                     Wednesday, February 27 ~ 1:30 – 4:30
                     Thursday, February 28 ~ 11:00 – 12:00, 1:10 – 2:10
                     Friday, February 29 ~ 1:30 – 4:30
                     Monday, March 3 ~ 1:30 – 4:30
                     Tuesday, March 4 – 11:00 ~ 12:00, 1:10 – 2:10
                     Wednesday, March 5 ~ 1:30 – 4:30
                     Thursday, March 6 ~ 11:00 – 12:00, 1:10 – 2:10
                     Friday, March 7 ~ 1:30 – 4:30
        o Alex was approached by someone from UPUA to be on an appeals committee. Any objections?
    SOCIAL- Callie Rimpfel (cer5000@psu.edu), Colleen McCracken (cmm5116@psu.edu) and
     Kayla McPherson(whra@psu.edu)
        o Great job Lauren and colleen
        o I’m beat... may be here or not
        o Who is in for some bowling soon?
    WEB DESIGN – Steve Karolewics (svk5045@psu.edu)
     o Congrats to our THON dancers!
     o Nothing new on the site.
Ad-Hoc Committee Reports
    Elections-
        o Packet distribution started today! YAY! So if you are interested please come to the hours
            listed. Presidents, if you haven't sent out the hours I sent you to your listserves please do so!
        o Here are some flyers for you, please put them up around your commons, on your doors,
            anywhere that you are allowed to and that people will see them.
        o This week distribution is in the office, next week it will take place in 331 HUB from 1-6pm.
            Make sure that you get packets back preferably before the 7th because I am not sure what UPUA
            and UPAC's hours are, but a lot of people will be gone for Spring Break already.
        o Take a look at the budget and please pass it!
        o Funding request
    Housing – Adam Burget (ajb5024@psu.edu)
        o Think about taking my position!

ARHS Meeting Agenda                                                  Monday, February 25th, 2008

         o Should be free on Monday afternoons
    THON- Colleen McCracken (cmm5116@psu.edu)
   Executive Officer Reports
    PRESIDENT – Becky Lantz (becky@psu.edu)
           o GREAT JOB to Colleen and Lauren this weekend! THON was a blast, nice job to all those
              who were involved. :-)
           o Service and Leadership Awards nominations are due by Wednesday, February 27. See
              http://www.sa.psu.edu/engage/awards/default.shtml for more details. The ceremony will be
              held on Saturday, April 5. (This was previously known as the Above and Beyond Awards
           o If you are not on the key list or list serv, let me know.
           o Internal elections are in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!
           o If you are interested in becoming president next year, come talk to me! Honestly, do not be
              scared. It's a position with lots of responsibility but can also be quite fun. So, if you are even
              considering running, don't hesitate to email me to set up a time to chat. Especially if there is a
              chance to get coffee :-) Take my job!
    ADMINISTRATIVE VICE-PRESIDENT – Parker Trostle (parker@psu.edu)
           o First and foremost, congrats to Lauren and Colleen. I know there are plenty of people - and I'm
              one of them - who could never be a THON dancer, so be proud! All those who helped support
              Lauren, Colleen, or THON in general should give themselves a pat on the back for a job well
              done, too.
           o Fill-the-Bus: OCSU got a confirmation for Wed-Fri locations for our giant, blue automobile.
              On Wednesday, it will be parked near the Gingerbread Man, on Thursday it will be parked at
              the corner of Atherton and Beaver, and on Friday it will be parked on Frat Row. Not shabby.
           o If you heard that rumor going around that AVP is the coolest exec position, well, it's true.
              Take my position!
    EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT – Kelley Costello (arhs@psu.edu)
           o AMAZING JOB at THON Lauren and Colleen, you were awesome!!!!! Thanks to everyone
              who came to support them! $6.6 FTK!!!!
           o See the Elections Section
           o Next week is Internal Elections!!!! Take a look at the sheet in front of you, and I'll explain the
              process so that you are all ready for the most exciting meeting of the year!
           o Take my job, its AWESOME!!!
           o Birthdays and Half-birthdays for the week:
                 2-25: Colleen's 21st!
                 2-28: Eddie's 22nd!
           o Holidays for the week:
                 2-26: Spay Day
                 2-27: Inconvenience Yourself Day
                 2-28: National Chili Day, National Tooth Fairy Day, Floral Design Day
                 2-29: Bechelor's Day
                 3-1: Do Something Positive Day, National Pig Day
           o Explanation of internal elections
           o Dress nicely for meeting next week
    SECRETARY – Dustin Worthington (dustin@psu.edu)

ARHS Meeting Agenda                                                Monday, February 25th, 2008

          o Sorry to break it to Becky, Parker, Kelley and Dave, but my job really is the best position. In
             fact, I can’t even call it a job. I would call it the best time of your life! (Okay, that’s an
             exaggeration, but you should still come talk to me about being Secretary.)
          o Funding request
    TREASURER – Dave Young (david@psu.edu)
    Account Summary:
            General Funds:         Acct. 30-00 - $3,795.81
            Special Activities:    Acct. 30-01 - $8708.86
            Cinemas:               Acct. 30-02 - $ 2901.07
            Fundraising:           Acct. 30-03 - $18,342.22
            Activities:            Acct. 30-05 - $2,901.69
            Diversity:             Acct. 30-06 - $1,710.00
            UPAC – Transport Acct. 10-02 - $
            UPAC – Cinemas         Acct. 10-02 - $ 6,024.90
     Received money from res hall recycling program, will invite person to talk about program. Want to use
     money to put together environmental program

Forum Break Executives Forum (OUT) Representatives Forum (IN)
         Trivia Bowl prize- thumbs up, would we be paying projectionists? We have volunteers to show
         Bus trip to Baltimore- thumbs up
         Elections Budget- thumbs up
         Office supplies funding request- thumbs up minus the paper

Old Business

New Business “If you feel like giving ARHS a lifetime of devotion, I second that (e)motion!!”
 Move by _Jay__ (Second: _Jared_ ) to allocate $ _36_ to _Elections budget_ decided/postponed by ARHS
   Council by a vote of (14-0-2) [pass/fail]
 Move by _Andrew_________ (Second: _Jon_______ ) to allocate $ _190.56_____ to _ARHS needs ink
   event___________________ decided/postponed by ARHS Council by a vote of (16-0-0) [pass/fail]
 Move by _Adam_________ (Second: _Kristen_______ ) to allocate $ ______ to _go to
   Baltimore___________________ decided/postponed by ARHS Council by a vote of (14-0-3) [pass/fail]
 Move by _Andrew_________ (Second: _Jon_______ ) to allocate $ ______ to _show movie as Grand Prize
   in Trivia Bowl_______ decided/postponed by ARHS Council by a vote of (16-0-0) [pass/fail]
Informal Discussion
        Movie quote: Dustin! Billy Madison
        Parker working on class project to have debit cards for student orgs instead, if you have any
           comments let Parker know
        Support Johnnie in Mr. Black Penn State pageant
        Elmo to Dustin


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