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									                                                                                                   Journalism I
                                                                                        Ms. Chenelle – Rm. 223

                                       Let’s Write a News Story!
   Use the facts and quotes below to write a news story about the following incident. Remember
  to include all essential parts of a news story: lede, nut graph, transitions and quotes – and don’t
      forget to come up with a headline! Also remember to attribute all information to a source.

                  FACTS                                                   QUOTES
According to police:
     pedestrian struck by SUV in Corona,         ―It is likely they were trying to steer around the accident
        Queens                                    or around the victim lying in the road,‖ a police
                                                  spokesperson said.
      then struck by cargo van, which
       dragged victim around town for 17          ―Police officers are retracing the van’s route, searching for
       miles to Coney Island, Brooklyn            pieces of the victim’s remains,‖ Police Commissioner
                                                  Raymond W. Kelly said.
      pedestrian – male, not yet identified
                                                  ―He apparently felt something,‖ Mr. Kelly said. ―The car
      victim killed                              was not driving in a normal fashion.‖

      victim first hit near 51st Ave and 108th   David Steinberg, 24, lives at corner of Brighton 10th
       St in Corona at 6am                        Terrace and Coney Island Avenue:
                                                       awakened by sirens around 7:15 a.m
      discovered an hour later at Neptune             looked out his window and saw a red Chevrolet
       Ave and Brighton 10th Terrace in                   minivan, parked on Coney Island Avenue, facing
       Coney Island                                       north
                                                       body sticking out from front end the car.
      driver who 1st hit pedestrian stopped,          when police pulled back white sheet covering the
       called 911                                         body, saw a middle-aged man with olive skin and
                                                          dark hair, shirtless and lifeless, lying face up
      officers couldn’t find body                     ―His color looked off — he looked pale and cold‖
                                                       saw driver, wearing a winter cap and jacket and
      2nd vehicle was a red cargo van                    looking tired and shocked, being questioned by
                                                          police officers
Driver of van:                                         had often seen the van parked on his block
     told police he saw vehicles swerving             ―It was pretty freaky‖
        ahead of him, thought it was a                 ―It’s really unfortunate‖
        pothole, kept driving but stopped
        later to check van, because               Lannon Unick, 21, came out of her house at 8:15am:
        something seemed wrong with it                ―It scared the hell out of me‖
                                                      recognized minivan, belongs to a man who had
      saw nothing wrong, continued driving              worked for the Cancun Express car service, across
       – along Grand Central Parkway, south              the street on Coney Island Ave
       on the Van Wyck Expressway, west               had ridden in the man’s vehicle 3-4 times when
       on Belt Parkway                                   running late for job at a bank in Bay Ridge.
                                                      car service closed a couple of weeks ago; metal
      exiting Brooklyn, others flagged him              gate pulled down in front of the business, duct
       down, told him he was dragging                    tape covered the phone number and other info on
       something                                         awning
                                                      ―He was a decent guy,‖ said of the driver, has a
Witnesses in Coney Island:                               son who lives in Queens
     saw the body under van

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