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How to Become Rich Fast by increasing sales using the key aspects of persuasion. By structuring sales letters and advertising material to appeal to the way our minds work will increase sales and gain more customer conversions. Initiate trust and increase desires to purchase by keepinging these key factors in kind when writing.

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									                       6 key principles of persuasion by Robert Cialdini

One of the world’s most revered experts on persuasion is Dr. Robert Cialdini. His book Influence:
The Art of Persuasion has sold over 2 million copies and is listed as one of the top 75 ‘smartest
business books’ by Fortune Magazine. If you are delving into the world of Affiliate Marketing and
learning how to become rich fast then knowing the 6 principles of persuasion in marketing is
definitely worth your while.

Number One: Reciprocity

The need to reciprocate when given something is quite a deep human impulse. Think about when
someone gives you a present, or shares food with you. You will later feel the desire to give
something back, even if it is begrudgingly. This works in marketing as well. Giving your customer
a free sample or a free e-book will not only give them a taste of what you have to offer but will also
imbed in their subconscious the desire to give back. Often in the form of a purchase.

Number Two: Commitment and Consistency

If a commitment or goal is made, either written or verbally, a person will feel a much stronger
desire to follow through. This is because to not do so would not be fitting to their self image.
Even if the initial incentive or motivation is taken away or no longer relevant, people will continue
to go through with their decision. The reason for this seemingly irrational behavior is the desire to
avert cognitive dissonance. Basically, if a decision is made and then opposing ideologies are
introduced this causes a mental discomfort. People are biased to the decisions they make as
being correct, they will therefore desire to be consistent and go ahead with their initial decision to
remain true to their own minds.

Number Three: Social Proof

Humans will always copy the behaviors they observe in others. It comes from the desire to fit in,
or on the flip side, not stand out. Standing out makes us feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.
Especially for reasons that others will perceive as weaker or being inferior. People will also be
more inclined to try something that appears to give others pleasure. In marketing this can be used
by showing others using the product we are selling. Infomercials with happy people using the
product is a direct result of this human impulse.

Number Four: Authority

People will obey orders or suggestions from people in authority, even if the suggestion was
previously objectionable. We can see this in the progress of fashion. People look back on their
wardrobe and think ‘Why was I wearing that!’ more than likely because someone of authority had
told them it looked good, or maybe because of the previously mentioned persuasive technique.

Number Five: Liking

Being liked as an individual gives you great persuasive power. When you are writing or
communicating at all keep in mind that in order to sell something, you must sell yourself first. This
basically means, get people to like you and they will buy your stuff.

Number Six: Scarcity

A product perceived to be running out or available for a short time will increase in its demand.
Simply because people don’t like the idea of missing out on something. Phrases like ‘limited offer’
or ‘for a short time only’ increase the customers interest as they feel they have less time to decide.
So in order to avoid missing out they are more likely to take action.

If you are learning how to become rich fast through affiliate marketing, then consider these key
points when constructing your sales pitch or blog posts. Combining these will certainly increase
your sales, as people’s lizard brain switches on and they become susceptible to even minor

By Andrew Duvall

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