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					                                                 SOCIAL WORKER

                                                      Erin Martinez
                                                 Career Discovery Group
          Social work is a career for those with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives. The main goal of a social worker is to help people function
          the best they can in their own environment and deal with any personal situation they are faced with. Job employment is expected to rise in the
          next few years and the need for social workers dealing with children, family and school is expected to rise quicker than any other career need
          through 2004.

      Education and Training Requirements                                                                                  Duties and
To practice social work in the United States you are usually required to have a master’s or                              Responsibilities
bachelor’s degree in social work from a Council on Social Work Education accredited
programs. Some states do allow people to receive a license with a bachelor’s degree in any                  The main focus of social workers is to help people
field. Having a bachelor’s degree in social work is usually the minimum that you can have to                function the best they can in their environment, deal with
be eligible for a job as a social worker. Majors such as psychology and sociology can be                    their relationships, and solve personal and family
enough to qualify for entry level jobs. An advanced degree has become the new standard                      problems. They provide social services and provide
even though a bachelor’s degree is sufficient. An advanced degree will better prepare you as                adequate support for any problems their clients have.
a researcher and educator in helping individuals, families and groups with their issues. A                  Social workers are to reflect the cultural and social norms
master’s degree in social work is becoming required for jobs in health settings, clinical work,             of society in which they live. Some social workers work as
and public and private agencies. A doctorate is required for positions in college and                       psychotherapists, counselors, and mental health
university teaching.                                                                                        practitioners. Since the profession of social work began in
                                                                                                            the 1800s there has been a debate of what exactly the
                                                                                                            nature of the profession is. There was an argument that
                                                                                                            social workers focus on social reform, political activism,
     Lifestyle, Living Conditions,                                                                          and systemic causes of poverty while others have said
         Location, and Hours                                                                                there should be direct practice. Give aid to individuals and
                                                                                                            families that need it. It was believed in the early years of
                Worked                                                                                      social work that services should be directed to individuals.
                                                                                                            Now the community as a whole is being focused on.
  Social workers are often associated with poor pay, inadequate
  training, excessive case loads, and bad government policies.
  These characteristics are not always valid, but they are true in
  some situations. It tends to be true in lower income cities and                                                      Statistics on
  areas. The work can be very satisfying, but it is also
  emotionally draining. There is also an understaffing of social                                                   Employment and Salary
  workers so large caseloads are common and can be stressful.                                                      Social work positions dealing with children, family,
  Social workers work in a array of settings such as faith-based                                                   and school are expected to grow faster than the
  organizations, community health organizations, non profit or                                                     average for all careers through 2014. In 2004 there
  public social service agencies, grassroots advocacy                                                              were 562,000 jobs available for social workers in the
  organizations and sometimes the military.                                                                        United States. Within those jobs 9 out of 10 jobs
  A full time social worker works an average of a 40 hour work                                                     were in health care, social assistance industries, and
  week and some work evenings and weekends to meet with                                                            State and local government agencies. The
  their clients. Social workers spend most of their time in an                                                     competition for work is highest in cities where the
  office or residential facility and sometimes visit clients and                                                   demand for services is greatest. Job prospects are best
  meet with service providers. There are part-time social                                                          for those social workers that have a background in
  workers that are volunteers in nonprofit agencies.                                                               gerontology, the scientific study of aging and its
                                                                                                                   effects and substance abuse. There is an increase in
                                                                                                                   substance abusers and they are being placed into
                       Conclusion                                                                                  treatment facilities. As more of them are being placed
                                                                             Jane Addams Co-founder of             in treatment programs there will be an increase for
 Social workers have an important role in their communities.
                                                                             Hull House. Hull House was one        the support of social workers.
 They provide many services that help people cope with
                                                                             of the first settlement houses that   In 2004 average earnings of social workers ranged
 problems they are facing. The support that social workers                   was founded where the practice of
 offer varies immensely. There is a lot of stress that is                                                          from $33,000 to $40,000 a year. A child, family and
                                                                             social work first began.
 associated with social work. Most of it is unavoidable. The job   
                                                                                                                   school social worker had made an average of
 requires a lot of paper work and dealing with people on the                                                       $34,820. A medical and public health social worker
 phone, but the satisfaction of helping people improve their                                                       earned an average of $40,080. A mental health and
 lives outweighs the imperfections. In my research I tended to                                                     substance abuse social worker received an average
 find that social workers themselves felt underappreciated and                                                     annual earning of $39,440 and the average of all
 under paid. They provide numerous services and support for                                                        social workers was $39,440. 1 out of 5 social workers
 their clients. Other jobs along the same lines of a social                                                        belong to a union. (Above information from
 worker are counselors, probation officers, correctional                                                 
 treatment specialists, psychologists, and social and human
 services assistants. All of these occupations help to solve a
 range of personal problems.
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     Handbook August 4, 2006

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