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									  Axom Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission
             : ASSAM :

Project Approval Board Meeting for AWP&B 2010-11

                Date : 22nd February, 2010

         Every School Beautiful
                 Every Child In School
                        Every Child Learning
                         PAB Commitment, 2009-10

S        PAB Commitment                                     Action taken

1 The State will take action on  As per the third party evaluation report on EGS , 1521 EGS
    the comments made by the           have been already upgraded and remaining will be upgraded
    PAB on the progress and            by 31st December, 2010.
    action      taken    on    the    Out of School reduced to 59446 in 2009-10.
    commitments             Result    Upgradation of LPs to UPS is under consideration
    Framework of 2008-09
    given in Para 5.1 & 5.2           All Civil works are evaluated by Third party
    above      which     remained     Gap in Drinking Water & Toilet is reduced
    unfulfilled and be reported       Govt. decided to follow NCF-2005 and new text book from
    as per the timelines agreed.       2011
    The       other     comments      Recognition of KGBv is under process
    referred to and directions of     Study on Teacher competencies completed and report
    PAB in para 6 will also be         shared. Teacher & Students attendance monitoring will be
    fulfilled by the State.            streamlined
                                      On rationalization, a committee headed by the concerned
                                       Deputy Commissioner at district level is formed.
                                      No short fall of state share
                                      Achievement of students as per DISE has increased
                                                      ….Contd...   PAB Commitment, 2009-10
S         PAB Commitment                                     Action taken

2 As      upper    primary   cycle   The matter is taken up sincerely by Govt. of Assam. In the
    terminates at class VII, the     meeting held with the Hon’ble Education Minister, Assam,
    State government to take         Addl. Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Assam (Education),
    policy decision to synchronies   and Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
    elementary cycle as per NPE      (Education), the matter of rearrangement of the cycle of LP
    (1992), which means       five   & UP, it is decided that from the academic Session of 2011,
    years of primary (I-V) and       the cycle will be re-arranged. The formal notification is
    three years of upper primary     awaited.
3 Constitution of and holding of The state Govt. has already notified the District Level
    regular meetings of District     Monitoring Committee for SSA & MDM scheme & and the
    Level Monitoring Committee,      meetings of the committee at district level are held
    for SSA & MDM as specified in    regularly.
    the    SSA   Framework    for
    implementation in Para No.
4   The   backlog   of  teacher      Cabinet Approval has already been made to absorb 3987
    vacancies should be filled in    nos of OBB Teachers against the existing vacancies and
    by Sept 2009.                    related govt. instruction is in the process. After calculating
                                     the existing vacancies in the back drop of these 3987
                                     teachers to be absorbed shortly, state govt. will initiate the
                                     matter for filling up the remaining vacancies.
                                                    ….Contd...    PAB Commitment, 2009-10

SN           PAB Commitment                                      Action taken

5    The State will share progress in       The performance indicators for teachers is shared
     performance     indicators   for       with GOI through Quality Progress Report and
     teachers and trainers every            Annual Report.

6    Improving teacher accountability       Training has been provided on ADEPTS and
     through performance indicators (eg     empowered teachers on their accountability.
     ADEPTS)     and   VEC     /   SDM
     supervision by devolving of specific
     powers to them.
S    PAB Commitment                                         Action taken
7   The State will make         As per the State Govt notification the attendance of teachers must be
    efforts  to   improve       discussed at the SMC’s meeting and actions as per the resolution of
    towards this teacher        the SMC including pay cut as and when required are to be
    accountability              implemented by the DDO concerned under intimation to the Deputy
    systems             and     Commissioner & District Elementary Education Officer.
    mechanisms, the State
    would increase role of
    community and check
    teacher and student
    attendance regular.
8   Institutionalization of      The VEC / TGEC / WEC are empowered to keep watch on regular
    centrality of the PRI’s       attendance of teachers.
    in school supervision
                                 In Assam, the State Govt. has already notified , that the President
    through          relevant
                                  for Gaon Panchayat Education Committee (GPEC) & Village/Ward
    changes in Acts and
    Government Orders so          Education Committee (VEC/WEC) will be PRI / Municipality
    as to clearly define          representative of respective level.
    role    of    PRI’s    in    The members of PRI are empowered to monitor the functioning of
    elementary                    the schools and to report for necessary action to the appropriate
    education/SSA          at     authorities.
                                                    ….Contd... PAB Commitment, 2009-10

SN            PAB Commitment                                   Action taken

9    States will move towards unified or        As per Govt. notification, DISE is recognized
     single system of educational statistics    as the single source of educational statistics
     at the elementary level i.e, for DISE &    so far the Elementary Education is
     SES. DISE data 2009-10 will be             concerned.
     submitted latest by 30th of January       The Exercise of DISE 2009-10 is completed
     2010 after independent check for data      and ready for submission to NUEPA.
10   Ending parallel post of District Co-      In SSA, Assam, there is no parallel post of
     ordinator for SSA implementation at       District Co-ordinator for SSA implementation at
     district level in States where such       district level.
     arrangements are still in place.
Progress in the Year 2009-10
  Status of Child Population,                                  In-school        and
  Out of School Children
                                 % of Out of School Children


                                                                   % of Out of
          20.00%                                                   School Children



                      2002-   2007-   2008-    2009-
                       03      08      09       10
                                 Ye ar

                         2002- 03             2007- 08         2008-09        2009-10

                         (Age-5-14)           (Age-6-14)       (Age-6-14)    (Age-6-14)

Children Population      54,94,262            54,37,756        55,95,095      57,77,987

In-School Children       41,54,077            50,98,656        53,95,908      57,18,541

Out of School            13,40,185            3,39,100         1,99,187        59,446
% of Out of               24.38%               6.24%             3.6%          1.03%
School Children
Area wise Out of School Children (OOSC)
of 6-14 Year Age Group, 2009-10

               Area w ise Share of Out of School Children in 2009-10

            Others Area                  Muslim              Muslim Minority
                                         Minority            Tea Tribe
                                                             Others Area
                          Tea Tribe

Area                 Child Population        Number of Out of            % of OOSC
                                              School Children

Muslim Minority           20,60,831                 25,590                 1.24%
Tea Tribe                 4,92,953                  10,652                 2.16%

Others Area               32,24,203                 23,204                 0.72%

All Area                  57,77,987                 59,446                 1.03%
Financial Status of last Four years

                                  Amount Released                           %age of Exp.
                    Approved                                                   against
    Fin. Year                                            Expenditure
                      Outlay                                                  Approved
                                   GOI         State

2006-07              84,450.39 51,768.45 19,530.60              44,046.89       52%

2007-08              62,138.49 28,949.99      3,180.44          52,456.73       84%

2008-09              61,954.11 42,740.92      5,000.00          55,426.39       89%
2009-10 *
                     60,473.69 424,80.00 66,37.00               51,908.65       86%
* Tentative Expenditure upto March, 2010 under AWP&B 2009-10.
Major Head-wise Expected Financial Achievement up to 31st March, 2010

                                                                       Tentative        % of
 Sl                                    Approved       Fin. Upto
        Activity                                                      Achievement up    achiv up
 .No.                                  Budget          Dec'09
                                                                      to Mar,10         to Mar,10
  1     Teachers Grant                      929.67       721.66               851.04         92%
        Block Resource Centre
  2                                        1,968.94      280.24              1,013.32        51%
  3     Cluster Resource Centres           3,165.87      476.64              1,369.44        43%

  4     Teachers Training                  3,581.46    1,388.42              2,818.47        79%

  5     Interventions for OOSC            10,995.70    4,385.94              9,600.16        87%

  6     Remedial Teaching                  1,088.84      554.47              1,039.08        95%

  7     Free Text Book                     5,500.36    3,618.79              5,500.36       100%

  8     Interventions for CWSN (IED)       1,026.91      560.54              1,015.55        99%

  9     Civil Works                       20,099.06    8,564.57             17,437.31        87%

  10    Furniture for Govt. UPS                   -               -                 -
Major Head-wise Expected Financial Achievement up to 31st March, 2010

 S.No                                 Approved       Fin. Upto
        Activity                                                     Achievement up       % of achiv
 .                                    Budget          Dec'09
                                                                     to Mar,10
  11    Teaching Learning Equipment         304.20               -                    -          0%
  12    Maintenance Grant                 2,184.55    2,159.45              2,184.55          100%
  13    School Grant                      2,424.04    2,328.46              2,424.04          100%
  14    Research & Evaluation               426.35      166.07                392.53           92%
  15    Management & Quality              2,465.00      952.95              2,369.21           96%
  16    Innovative Activity               2,300.00      717.99              2,219.83           97%
  17    Community Training                  109.88       51.45                109.88          100%

  18    STATE COMPONENT                     787.05      296.20                601.85           76%

  19    SIEMAT                               11.64         0.71                 1.00             9%

  20    NPEGEL                               40.57       28.47                 40.45          100%

  21    KGBV                              1,063.60      423.58                920.60           87%

        Total                            60,473.68   27,676.60             51,908.65           86%
   Key Achievements during 2009-10

 The out of school children has come down from 3.6% in the
  year 2009 to 1.03% in 2010.

 Altogether 203522 children have been mainstreamed from EGS
  and AIE centres till date during the current year2009-10.

 Enrolment of the age group of 6-14 years increased by 3.27%
  from the year 2008-09 to 2009-10.

 Gender gap in enrolment 0.95 and Girls’ share in Enrolment is

 Muslim Minority out of school children has come down to
  1.24% in 2009-10 from 4.7% in 2008-09.
  Key Achievements during 2009-10
 Upgradation of 1521 EGS centres to Formal Primary
 Set-up of Computer Laboratory to 140 BRC Offices.
 State Curriculum has been reformed in the light of NCF,
  2005 for     class –I to VIII. The NCERT textbook will be
  followed directly for core subjects (Maths, Science, English,
  Hindi) and for other subjects state will follow the state.
 Translation & Adaptation of textbook of NCERT from class I-
  VIII is on for Science & Maths
 Organized State level 2-day Quality Vision workshop as a
  follow-up of 4 Regional workshop on “Equitable Quality”
  organized by MHRD, Govt. Of India.
 School library programme organised in collaboration with
       Progress Civil Works :
                                                                            Achievement                              Spill
                                                     April ’09-             Jan ’10-                                 Over to
 Activity                                            Dec ’09                March ’10            TOTAL               2010-
                                                     actual                 projected                                2011
                              Phy         Fin         Phy         Fin         Phy    Fin          Phy      Fin          Fin
 New School Building
                                   1521    10647       0                0     1521    1140.8      1521     1140.8       9506.25

 Additional Class Room        3455        7970.3      3268    7755.3          187    215.05       3455    7970.3              0

 Separate Girls’ Toilet       1845        838.25      1845    838.25           0            0     1845    838.25              0

 Major Repair Primary         257          334.1      257     313.03           13       20.72     257       334.1             0

 Major Repair Upper Primary   229          297.7      229         289.7        9        8.35      229       297.7             0

 URC                           6             11.71     0                0      6         11.71     6         11.71            0
                              7313        20099       5599    9196.2          1736   1396.6       7313     10593        9506.25

Sanitation & Hygiene:
Facility                                    Convergence Programme                                      Achievement
Drinking water facility                                           ARWSP                                          895
Toilet facility                                                         TSC                                      1520
Learning achievement as per DISE

     DISE Year             Class IV               Class VII
                       Passed with >60%       Passed with >60%
    DISE 2003-04             23.8%                  14.7%
    DISE 2004-05             25.0%                  15.2%
    DISE 2005-06             29.1%                  18.8%
    DISE 2006-07             25.7%                  18.6%
    DISE 2007-08             27.1%                  20.5%
    DISE 2008-09             29.7%                  20.9%
    DISE 2009-10             30.1%                  22.1%

In comparison to 2003-04 with 2009-10 achievement, it is found
that the state has 6.30% improvement in class IV and 7.40% in
class VII.
   Findings of NCERT study on learning achievement
   (round I and II )

                Language                 Maths                 EVS             Social Science

            Round I   Round II   Round I    Round II   Round I   Round II   Round I   Round II

Class III   65.91     65.62      68.10      65.51

National    63.12     67.84      58.25      61.89

Class V     49.16     51.90      40.03      44.64      42.90     45.21

National    58.57     60.31      46.51      48.46      50.30     52.19

Class VII   61.75                45.32                 40.15                40.46     41.62

National    54.24                30.50                 34.04                37.78     39.87
Quality & Teachers’ Training:

    State’s-3 years Vision on Quality draft Plan prepared &

     Shared with all stake holders.

    State integrated curriculum as per NCF -05 got approved

    Textbook development process started with SCERT.

    8615 untrained Teachers are admitted in CPE programme

     (IGNOU). Core Group formed on Science & Mathematics

    Science and Maths project, model, competition organised.

    Organized National Seminar on ‘Making Mathematics a Fun

     & Magic at Elementary Level’.
Quality & Teachers’ Training:

 Interaction of UP Teachers with NASA Astronaut Mike
 Block people are empowered to develop the training
  materials and conduct need-based Teachers’ Training
  at Block level.
 Source Book of NCERT on learning Assessment
  translated to Assamese Language and organized in
  two districts on pilot basis.
 Support to 7160 nos. single teacher schools with
 Activity based “Bidyajyoti “ upscaled to Upper Primary
  in convergence with UNICEF in 7 blocks.
 Reading promotion programme conducted in tea
  garden management schools.
    Component-wise Progress:

Alternative & Innovative Education:
   65 nos. of RBCC are functioning in state.
   203522 Children mainstreamed from AIE, NRBC, Madrassa, DUC
   Migration Card implemented for migrated Children.
   Tracking of the mainstreaming children in terms of their achievement
    and attendance is regularly being done by the District Quality
    Managers visiting the mainstreaming schools regularly .
   SSA, Assam has started a special drive named, “ Schoololoi Jao
    Aha” to enroll all out of school children identified so far through out
    the state.
 Component-wise Progress:

Deprived Urban Children (HTR):
   29651 OoSC have been covered in HTR centres.
   12481 nos. children mainstreamed.
   Academic support to Mainstreamed Children.
   Craft training, orientation on Art & Drawing are
    provided to the learners
   Exposure Visit for learners & SKs
   Organisation of Motivational Camp
   Health Camps organised covering 35446 learners.
   Life Skill Education Training Programme for all
    adolescent HTR learners.
  Component-wise Progress:

Education Guarantee Scheme:

 State Govt. has notified to upgrade 1521 EGS centres to LP
  Schools during current financial year.

 55556 Children are mainstreamed from EGS centres.

 Regular functioning of 3533 centres with 2,55,972 learners

 6 days District level Need-based training for Cluster Resource

 4 days district level Refresher training for SM & ASM.
 Component-wise Progress:

Community Mobilisation & Special Focus Group :

    Meena Clubs formed in Char, Tea Gardens and SC & ST
     dominated areas.
    Life Skill Development training imparted to 13,800 Meena
     members .
    Summer Camp held in 805 numbers of schools in
     disadvantaged areas .
    Orientation of President & Member Secretary of SMC for
     utilisation of annual school grant.
    Dance drama on SSA theme through Mobile Theatre Group.
    1st quarter meeting of PRI members and Education Promoters
     Group organised.
    36 employees of Assam Tea Employee Welfare Board engaged
     for monitoring and support of SSA activities in TG areas.
    Three grants released to all LP & UP Schools.
    Component-wise Progress:

Inclusive Education :

   176 RTs and 2528 volunteers working regularly for providing support
    to CWSN.
   Parents’ counseling cum training for parents’ association in
    convergence with National Trust on education of CWSN.
   Foundation Course on Disability under MPBOU, Bhopal with 115
    volunteers from 23 districts conducted at Ashadeep, Sishu Sarothi -
    Guwahati and Prerona , Jorhat through distance mode.
   21-day special remedial teaching at GP and Village level for CWSN
    during the summer vacation.

   Home-based education provided to CWSN.
   Need Based curriculum adaptation was done in support with SCERT
    and other NGOs.
 Component-wise Progress:

Early Childhood Care Education :

    The existing 668 Ka Sreni workers working to support Ka-Sreni
     in the single teacher schools.

    Total 495 nos. of New Ka-Sreni worker newly engaged.

    Convergence meeting with officials of Social Welfare Department
     and ICDS held.

    Convergence meeting with CDPO & Supervisors         of concerned
     ICDS Block held.

    Core Group members are attached to monitor ECE activities.

    2 day quarterly review meeting with 11000 Anganwadi workers

    Revised edition of Thematic Activity Book printed & distributed.
 Component-wise Progress:

KGBV, NPEGEL and Girls Education:

  All the existing 26 KGBVs are functioning smoothly with
   1450 Enrolment in 13 districts.

  The teachers of the KGBVs imparted training on Nava-
   Padakhep programme.

  The construction of permanent KGBV school building is in
   progress for 22 out of 24 target KGBVs.
  Remedial teaching for weak children started.

  Self defense training for girls students in schools, Girls
   RBCCs and KGBVs conducted.
    Component-wise Progress:

MIS & Computer Aided Learning in Elementary Schools :

    DISE 2009-10 survey is Completed .
    Distribution of School Report Card and Sharing at SMC meeting.
    Conducted 10-days refresher Teacher training for 1945 Teachers of
     Smart school.
    Annual contingency grant @Rs.10000/- per school released to SMCs
     of 1222 smart school/ K-yan/ KGBV/ RBCC by way of bank transfer
     from State Mission Office.
    Supervision & Monitoring of Smart School/ BRC/ KGBV/ RBCC and
     K-Yan schools.
    Organized Monthly Meeting of Technical Para Teacher and          Bi-
     monthly meeting of Head Teachers at District level
    Organized Computer Training for SSA personnel.
    Updation of Employee Database, SSA Website and National Portal
     for Quarterly Progress Report of MHRD.
      Component-wise Progress:

    Research & Evaluation:
    Four areas of studies to be conducted at State level have been finalized. The
     proposed studies are-
         Impact of CPE programme on capacity building of teachers in elementary
         Assessment of role played by IE RTs and Volunteers in providing support to
          Children with Special Needs (CWSN).
         Comparative analysis of academic achievement of learners of schools having
          Computer Aided Learning (CAL) facility and schools without CAL facility.
         Assessment of learning achievement level of EGS learners with respect to
          that of learners in nearby formal schools: a comparative study.
         “Intervention of theme based teaching learning process in Ka-sreni
          supported schools” and “Participation of Mothers’ Group (MG) in School
          Development Activities

         3rd Party evaluation on progress for all civil works activities
    Various action research conducted in the districts and based on the findings of the
     same, the districts are directed to take all requisite reformative measures.
  Component-wise Progress:

Audit :

 Statutory Audit: Report of Statutory Audit of SSA Accounts for the
  Financial Year 2008-09 of State Mission Office, 23 District Mission
  Offices including Blocks, KGBV,NPEGEL and 10% of SMCs submitted
  to MHRD.

 SMC Audit: Audit Completed for 1503 nos. of SMCs as per decision of the
  13th EC meeting held on 13th February,2009 against targeted 2865 SMCs
  receiving more than 1.00 lac grants from SSA during the period 2008-09.

 Concurrent      Audit:     24 nos. Chartered Accountants Firms (C&AG
  empanelled) have already been engaged for conducting of Concurrent Audit
  of Accounts of State Mission Office and 23 District Mission Offices/sub-district
  Offices quarterly for two Quarters (i.e. 3rd & 4th Quarter) during the financial
  year 2009-10.The audit of 3rd Quarter is already completed
 Component-wise Progress:

Audit :

 Institute of Public Auditors of India [IPAI] Audit: IPAI
  has reviewed the A/Cs of State Mission Office, District
  Mission Offices (Nalbari & Sivasagar) for the period 2006-
  2008(December,08), interim replies of which has already
  been sent to MHRD.

 SMC Members Training: Conducted 2-days Block level
  training on accounts related matter to the Presidents and
  Member Secretaries of 33004 SMCs in the 19 districts.
 Planning for coverage of Out-of-School Children 2010-11
 [6-14 years Age Group]

Proposed Coverage through various strategies :

EGS (in existing centre):                        6121

Upper Primary Bridge Course (NRBC)               9791

RBC Centres:                                     7216

Madrassa/ Moktab                                 9373

AIE Centres (SSK/CCP):                           20567

Urban Intervention :                             1987

Direct Enrolment:                                4391

Total:                                           59446
      EGS Interventions :
      EGS Centers Upgraded to PS                                         1521
      Learners in Upgraded EGS                                         117146
      Remaining EGS center running                                       3533
      Learners in existing EGS centers                                 255972
      EGS center Closed down before being                                   87
• Coverage of 64 habitations having more than 40% population of SC, ST & Muslim
  Minority during 2010-11
• TLE Grant is proposed for 3533 New Schools to be upgraded from EGS.
• 1200 New School Building is proposed against to be upgraded EGS to PS
• The New School Building of remaining 2333 New Schools will be constructed by
  Government decisions :
      3533 EGS centers to be up-graded into formal LPS in 2010-11 by Dec,2010.
      Salary for 7066 New Teachers @Rs.12000/- proposed for three months.
      Salary for 3042 New Teachers @Rs.12000/- proposed for three months

 School mapping is proposed during 2010-11
 Mainstreaming of all Continued learners by December, 2010
  in age appropriate Class.
 Special Survey for Guwahati city to enroll the Child Labour
 Opening of 5 new residential Bridge Course Centre
 Coverage of 216 new Madrassa
 Coverage of 500 migrated children in brick Kiln area
 Coverage of 9791 children through Non Residential Bridge

 Quality Vision Plan be finalised
 Text Book development as per NCF-2005
 New Text Book will be introduced in the academic year 2011.
 Source Book on Learning Assessment will be focused on CCE
 Focus on achievement on Science & Mathematics at Ups
 Reading & writing enhancement at LP level.
 Performance tracking through ADPETS & other monitoring
 Feed Back mechanism on performance of Teachers, Trainers
  and BRC/CRC besides learners & share at appropriate level.

 20-days In-service Training for Teachers on following focus
   State New Curriculum & Text Book
   Performance Indicators
   Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation
 Induction training for 10108 New Teachers in upgraded EGS
 Training of 10000 Un-trained Teacher through DPE Course
 Training of Class-VIII Teachers on core subjects
 Training of Educational Administrators.
 Online monitoring of Teachers participation in training
 Academic Supervision & Monitoring by BACG/DACG
    Infrastructure Gap :
Activity                   Gap    Proposed during   Balance   Financial Proposal for
                                      2009-10                 2010-11 [in Lakhs]

New School Building       3533         1200          2333     8400.00

Additional Class Room     26480        4735         21745     10928.50

Common Toilet/Urinal        -            -             -

Girls Toilet              20487       10010         10477     4542.00

Drinking Water Facility   3932           -             -

Major Repairing [LP &     12164        500          11664     631.75

• The revised estimate for NSB @Rs.7.00 Lakhs is prepared on whole school
• As the state has large number of infrastructure gap, so maximum 50% ceiling may
  be considered for the state.
NSB whole school plan (Infrastructure)
 IE Interventions :

Total CWSN identified for coverage during 2010-11                   99003
CWSN in school, AIE                                                 78420
Support to CWSN through Home based education in 2010-11             20583

         Home support and counseling for each of the CWSN through
          IED volunteers.
         Barrier free Access in Barrier free environment in schools &
          SSA office building
         Construction of Resource Room at Block level.
         Strengthening of the existing Day Care Centers
         Medical assessment camp to cover all the identified CWSN .
         Eye Check-up Camp and distribution of Spectacles
         Distribution of aids and appliances to the needy CWSN.
         Training on Care and maintenance of Aids and Appliances
         Curriculum adaptation and modification of Text Book
Research & Evaluation :

 Following studies are proposed at state level :

     3rd Party evaluation of civil works for all construction works.
     Assessment of educational status in the Tea Garden Schools.
     Independent sample survey on Out of School children.
     Impact of teacher attendance on academic performance of
     Assessment of learning achievement level of children in LP
     Role of School Management in overall school functioning in
      government and private schools- a comparative analysis.
     Role of SMCs in meeting gap in instructional period in areas
      most vulnerable to natural and slow onset disasters.
     Assessment of the achievement level of children in reading and
Research & Evaluation :

 Following studies are proposed at state level :

      Retention of mainstreamed children in formal schools
      Student attendance and performance level
      Effectiveness of the monitoring mechanism
      Discriminatory practices in classroom transaction
      Drop out at Elementary level

 Action research, micro level research/evaluation at district and
  sub-district level are also proposed to be under taken.
 A two- day workshop cum training on Research Methodology is
  proposed to be conducted at state level
 A one day district level workshop for orienting the CRCCs and RTs
  on action research, with the help of DIET faculties is also
Community Mobilisation :

    Re-constitution of SMCs as per RTE

    Implementation of School development Plan

    Community leaders training. Total coverage will be of 269544.

    Attendance monitoring of Teachers and students by involving

     Community & PRI members.

    Maintenance and up-dating of VER.

    Community based monitoring and maintaining display board.
    Innovation (Early Childcare Education) :

 Support to Ka-Sreni:
   Widening the coverage of ECCE by increasing the supported
   Support to Ka-Sreni by Community Volunteers
 2-day non residential orientation programme on Ka-Sreni at
  block level. for teachers of two teacher position schools
   Convergence with ICDS of Social Welfare Deptt
   Development of material for ECCE related activities
   Support from District Core Group Members in Ka-Sreni
   Generating awareness on ECCE/Pre-Primary Schooling.
  Innovation(Computer Aided Learning [CAL]):

 Coverage to another 1091 schools under CAL
 One School in each block to be provided with LCD TV with a
 Extensive on-site training for teachers to be done under In-
  service Training
        Refresher Training to 2370 teachers
        Induction Training to 2472 Teachers
 Internet facility to all CAL school
 Networking of CAL schools.
 Setting up of Call centers at state mission office for performance
  and activities tracking of CAL schools.
 Development of multi media contents
 Capacity building of CRCs and BRCs and teachers.
 Documentation and sharing of good practices.
Innovation (Intervention for Girls , SC/ST & Minority :

• Motivation and awareness programme against child
• Self Defense training for the girls of the disadvantaged
  areas like – char areas, hill areas, ST, SC areas.
• Mass mobilisation campaign through street play, rally,
  puppet show etc.
• Meena campaign to promote education of girl child.
• Life skill development training and learning visit for children.
• Convergence activities with organisation/NGO/institution and
  change agent.
• Special enrolment and retention drive.
Innovation( Intervention for Girls , SC/ST & Minority) :

 Health Check-up Camp convergence with NRHM

 Childrens’ Workshop on Traditional and Folk Culture

 Exposure visit for children, teachers

 School/Cluster/Block wise Sports and cultural Activity

 Incentive for children

 District Level Kishori Mela

 Fund under Innovation head be allowed to treat as
  Untied Fund for the following Reasons:

    The Size of the districts are different.
    The number of Schools in different Districts is not equal,
     hence proportionate distribution is not there.
    There is very low scope of extension of CAL Programme in
     the same capacity of fund and activities are repeated only.
    There is very low scope of Special area intervention in
     Minority, Tea garden area etc. due to lack of flexibility under
     the heads of Innovation.
Intervention for TG Managed Schools/Areas:

   Teachers & School Development Grant

   20-days In-Service Training

   Provide free textbooks and other academic materials

   Mass Mobilisation Campaign

   Continuation of “Meena” Programme

   Training for Tea Garden Education Committee members

   Renovation of crèche in Tea garden areas through incentive
       and support materials.

   Convergence with Tea Garden Associations

• Continuation of 26 nos. of existing KGBV with 1450 children.

• Proposed Boundary Wall, Water & Electricity facility and
  additional space for 14 KGBVs (model-II)
• 20-days training for academic staffs

• Vocational Training

• 10-days Computer Training for academic staffs

• 5-days Accounts Training for Warden & Caretaker

• Exposure visit for children & staffs
• 3rd party Evaluation on functioning of KGBV

 Continuation of NPEGEL programme in 98 cluster (15
  Block of 8 Districts)
 Award for best school
 Special coaching for slow learners
 Health Camp for girl children
 Craft/Vocational Training
 Incentives for children
 Mobile library facility for Model Cluster School (MCS) to
  enhance Reading ability
 Community training
 Exposure visit for children & teachers
 Convergence with Assam Mahila Samata Society.
    Project Management & MIS:

    2 –days SMC member training on Accounts
    Training of Block Personnel on Tally 9
    School mapping through GIS
    Set-up of MIS at Block Offices for –
         DISE entry
         Computerization of Accounts at BRCs
         Computerization of VER and tracking of Out
          of School Children
         Maintenance of Database of Mainstreamed
         Monitoring of Academic progress
    Financial Proposal for 2010-11:

Major Head                 Fin. Out Lay   Major Head              Fin. Out Lay

New Teachers Salary           3790.50     Maintenance Grant          2514.62

Teachers Grant                 957.85     School Grant               2549.80

Block Resource Centre         2662.26     Research & Evaluation       435.75

Cluster Resource Centres      4340.65     Management & MIS           3802.91

Teachers Training             4188.24     Innovative Activity        2300.00

Interventions for OOSC        7540.00     Community Training         1243.99

Remedial Teaching             2136.34     State Component             849.93

Free Text Book                5971.99     SIEMAT                      110.64

Interventions for CWSN        2970.09     KGBV                        841.20

Civil Works                  27164.00     NPEGEL                        63.70

TLE Grant                     1010.80     TOTAL                     77445.27

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