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									              Haller’s Army Troops Returning to the United States
                           Arrival of the Antigone, April 18, 1920

                                        by Robert W. Postula

        This is the first in a series of articles that identify returning Haller’s Army troops who had any
history of association with the State of Michigan. At least seven ships that made at least nine trips will be
detailed in this series. The series provides valuable information for researchers by identifying the
following information.
 Who the returning soldiers were.
 Valuable emigration and/or naturalization information leads for many of the soldiers.
 Important information regarding their places of birth. (Most were born in Poland, and were classified
as Ret. Res., (Returning Residents) however some were born in the United States and were US Citizens.
     The first of the ships returning Haller’s Army troops was the Antigone 1, which left the port of
Danzig (now known as Gdansk) on March 30, 1920, proceeded to Antwerp where it arrived on April 3rd,
and then proceeded to New York to disembark the troops when it arrived April 18, 1920.

The Ship
     The Antigone was built originally in 1900 under the name Neckar for the North German Lloyd line.
The Neckar had a passenger capacity of 181 passengers in 1st class, 116 in 2nd class, and 2,500 in 3rd class.
After 1905 the capacity was changed to 369 2nd class, 217 3rd class, and 2,865 4th class. In her last
crossing from Bremen to Baltimore in July 1914, she took refuge in the United States where she was
seized by US authorities renamed Antigone and used by the US government until 1921.

The Passengers 2
     Passenger list information for the returning General Haller troops has been recorded on LDS film
#1571338. There were xxxx returning troops listed on xx page sets of returning soldiers. Extracting each
soldier from the pages would be a project of great magnitude. Therefore this extraction is limited to those
troops who either originally resided in, had relatives in, or were returning to the State of Michigan. This
extraction has xxx soldiers listed. Some exceptions have been made to the previous guideline used
(Michigan related troops) but are included in the Michigan extraction of xxx soldiers. Three nurses Maria
Skura, Janina Szwed, and Jadwiga Garewska (Zarewska) joined the trip when the ship stopped at
Antwerp on April 3, 1920. The payment of their passage was noted as being done by the Polish White
Cross. Intrestingly the New York Times article mentioning the nurse’s boarding only mentions two -
named Mahja Skura and Janina, Szwede.3 The latter New York Times article reference just cited, also
mentions “The Polish Government brought the soldiers to Danzig and arranged the final preparations
for their departure. Just prior to the sailing of the Antigone, Admiral Drowske, on behalf of the Polish
Government presented 500 marks to each soldier and also to two (sic) Polish-American nurses who saw
service in France and Poland”.
     According to the passenger list payment of passage was apparently split between the Polish and
United States Governments. The text for column 16 reads, By whom was passage paid? (Whether alien
paid his own passage, whether paid by any other person, or by any corporation, society, municipality, or
government). An analysis of the passenger list pages (column 16) identifies that xx page sets with a total
of xxx soldiers had their passage paid by the Polish Government, while xx page sets with a total of xxx
soldiers had their passage paid by the United States. Eleven (xx) pages were either incorrectly noted or
absent of any notation. These xx pages list xx soldiers whose payment of passage is not clear.

The Data
      The format of data provided in this article for each extracted passenger is as follows. The surname
appears first in bolded type, followed by the given name, then the page number and line sequence where
the soldier is found, followed by his age in the format ‘years/months’, followed by marital status
(S=single, M=married) then occupation, then last permanent location, then the nearest person known and
relationship with their address, followed by the length of time at the last reported location, and finally the
place of birth. In some instances a bonus appears providing information related to a previous emigration.
Antczak, Vincent, 298-13, 31, S, Weaver, Detroit,        Borokowski, Bol., 316-03, 19/1, S, Stockeeper,
Mich., Friend, Citinski, John, 915 Seneca St., 9 yrs.    Detroit, Mich., Father, Borokowski, Jos., 618
to 1918 Detroit, Mich., b. Jalkowo, Poland.              Belmont, Detroit, 1900-1918 Detroit, Mich.. b.
                                                         Detroit, Mich., USA.
Babicki, John, 244-14, 30/3, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Senk, Jacob, 133 Attes St., Detroit, Mich., 5     Borokowski, Joseph, 302-03, 30, M, Carriage
yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Wolicia, Poland. 2815-8-        Builder, Detroit, Mich., Cousin, Borokowski, Mike,
21063 Phila. 8/18/37 (505) See SS Argentina 2/16/13      136 Andrew St., Detroit, Mich., 17 yrs. to 1918, b.
3/4/4538.                                                Gostynin, Poland. VL 357/768.

Bafron, John, 298-09, 31/2, S, Laborer, Marquette,       Bottcher, Ben, 194-21, 50, Carp’t.(?), Detroit, Mich.,
Mich., Friend, Witkowsky, Jos. Marquette, Mich., 8       Brother, Bottcher, Steve, 732 Russell St., Detroit,
yrs. to 1918, b. Dofrodiejewska, Poland.                 Mich., 8 or 18 yrs. Detroit to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
                                                         Ulegratowo, Poland.
Bak, Joseph, 314-09, 28/3, M, Molder, Detroit,
Mich., Brother, Bak, Stanley, 631 Mitchell, Detroit,     Buczynski, John, 186-11, 25/2, S, Toolmaker,
6 yrs. to 1918 Detroit b. Brzeskow, Poland. AC 5-        Detroit, Mich,, Maleszek, John, 132 Jackson St.,
22-27 Warsaw 4F62(17-44) 8-130458-12/22/26 No            Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
C.A.                                                     Gorajec, Poland.

Bannach, Michael, 292-17 24/2, S, Laborer, Detroit,      Budeck, Antoni, 214-13, 31/5, S, Die Setter, Detroit,
Mich., BIL, Warny, Anthony, 45 Shiny (?) St., 5 yrs.     Mich., Friend, Antoni Roma, 190 Livernois Ave.,
to 1918, Detroit, Mich. b. Budaczow, Poland.             Detroit, Mich., Detroit, Mich., 12 yrs. To 1918, b.
                                                         Radjnak, Poland.
Baranowski, Joseph, 248-01, 37/6, M, Cabinet
Maker, Detroit, Mich., Cousin, Halapski, Tony, 937       Budny, Stanislaw, 224-01, 42/7, M, Carpenter,
Delmere Ave., Detroit, Mich., 10 yrs., Detroit, Mich.,   Friend, Melszewski, Roman, 11 Warsaw St., Detroit,
b. Gut Lubelska, Kazimierz, Poland.                      Mich., 10 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Sowranka,
Bawox, Tomasz, 302-13, 33, S, Molder, Detroit,
Mich., Sister, Rosy Bawox, 198 Clipper St., Detroit,     Buldenczyk, Felix, 292-09, 32/4, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich.,   Mich., Brother, Gizdek, Joe, 44 Harvard St., Detroit,
b. Ruda, Poland.                                         Mich., 6 yrs. to 1919 Detroit. b. Waclowice, Poland.

Bencki, John, 310-07, 34/3, S, Shoe maker, Detroit,      Caja, John, 226-23, 37, M, Soldier, Detroit, Mich.,
Mich., Bencki, Raphail, Wloclawek, Poland. 12 yrs.       Friend, Kubka, Joe, 25 Sherman St., Detroit, Mich.,
to 1918 Detroit. b. Dobra, Poland.                       4 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Kielce, Poland.

Bernys, Jan, 312-10, 32/10, S. M, Laborer, friend,       Chadasz, Anthony, 254-11, 32/3, S, Machinist,
John Strowieski, 112 Sterneaduricki (?) St., Detroit,    Cousin, Liszenski, Andrew, 635 Trumbley Ave.,
Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Mich., b. Gerasonieze, Poland.    Detroit, Mich., 6-1/2 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Wola
631/286 6/24/30, Prior entry Kroonland 5/6/13.           Rurzynecka, Poland. VL 367/630 8-84638.

Bietrzak, Walter 262-13, 20/7, Auto Driver, Detroit,     Chmielewicz, Stefan, 310-14, 32, S, Butcher,,
Mich., Mother, Pietrzak, Anthony, 527 Alexandria         Detroit, Mich., Sister, Talarek, Teodora, 456 Grandy
St. Detroit, Mich., 7 yrs. to 1919.    b. Warsaw,        St. Detroit, 10 yrs. to 1918, b. Rdutow, Poland.
                                                         Chmielewski, Stanley, 258-05, 29, S, Carpenter,,
Bill, Peter, 310-21, 310/06, S, Laborer, Ironwood,       Ionia, Mich., Cousin, Krycinski, Jan, 666 Center St.,
Mich., Brother, Bill, Martin, 609 Rice St., Ironwood,    Ionia, Mich., 5 yrs.b. Majdan, Poland.
Mich., 12 yrs. to 1918, b. Zarzecze, Poland, 14-21717
12/2/24.                                                 Chmielewski, Walter, 316-20, 24, S, Butcher,,
                                                         Detroit, Mich., Brother, Franz.1225 25th St., Detroit,
Blaszczak, Antoni, 248-03, 40, S, Timer, Brother,        Mich. US 1915-1918, b. Detroit, Mich. USA.
Blaszczak, Walter, 456 Mulitull (?), Detroit, Mich.,
17 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Windrowo, Poland.            Chrzanowski, Stan, 302-07, 28, S, Blacksmith,
                                                         Brother, Janokowski, Charley, 92 Geodsend (?) St.,
Bogonus, Jan, 302-17, 40/5, S, Cook, Chicago, Ill.,      5 yrs. to 1918, b. Drobien, Poland. 8-39284 3/16/36
Cousin, Zielinski, Joseph, 59 Danfort St., Detroit,      VL 357/768.
Mich., 8 yrs. to 1918, b. Stanimisz, Poland.
                                                         Cieslak, Jan 246-12, 28, S, Laborer, Detroit, Mich.
                                                         Brother, Cieslak, W., 28 Euclid, Detroit, Mich. 5 yrs.
to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Zdorowska, Poland. 8-          Dudzinski, Boleslaw, 264-10, 35, S, Machinist,
89351.                                                     Detroit, Mich., Friend, Bratornoski, Boleslaus, 3482
                                                           Farnsworth Ave., Detroit, Mich., 11 yrs. to 1917. b.
Ciul, John, 318-15, 25/2, S, Carpenter, Brother,           Maganow, Poland.
Ladislaus, 1047 Belmont, Detroit, Mich.. b. Sezow,
Poland. VL 239/690.                                        Dzolwiec, Stanley, 228-18, 30/0, S, Laborer, Detroit,
                                                           Mich., Ferry St., b. Camlyki, Poland.
Cudaj (?), Stanley, 212-14, 20, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Cusify, Josef, Wash. Cnty. 9 yrs. Madnoor,          Ferenc, Stanley, 284-16, 22/9, S, Machinist, Detroit,
Penn.. b. Praga, Poland. 8-205465-505-1/8/41 see           Mich., Brother, Robak, Frank, 852 Cambell Ave.,
SS Russia 5/15/14 vol. 4699 7-29.                          Detroit, Mich., 7 yrs. to 1918, US Army. B.
                                                           Ochotnicy (?), Poland. Recruiter Camp Dix.
Czeslicki, Franciszek, 238-20, 40/6, S, Farmer
Detroit, Mich., Rizybilski, Frank, City of Detroit, 30     Filipek, Anthony, 198-23, 24/3, S, Laborer, Detroit,
to 1918, Detroit, Mich., Lipa, Poland.                     Mich., Brother, Filipek, Joseph, 326 Adward St.,
                                                           Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918 Detroit, Detroit, Mich.,
Czew, Marian, 262-08, 28/3, Laborer, Battle Creek,         Detroit, Mich, b. Przebosz, Poland.
Mich., Brother Czew, John, Battle Creek, Mich., 7
yrs. to 1918. b. Kawecz, Poland.                           Frydrych, Charles, 312-19, 29/10, S, Laborer,
                                                           Jackson, Mich., Cousin, Wisniewski, Felix, 107
Dabowski, Joseph, 204-04, 28/4, S, Laborer, Detroit,       Thompson St., 6 yrs. to 1917, b. Janowka, Poland.
Mich., Brother, Dabowski, Charles, 62 Martin Ave.,         VL 361/622, VL 466/425.         Prev. Arrival at
Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs., Detroit, Mich., Ostroleki,         Baltimore.
                                                           Gal, Andrew, 292-20, 38, S, Laborer, Detroit, Mich.,
Dabrowski, Jan, 318-11, 32, S, Miner, Detroit,             Brother, Gal, Peter, 126 Masses St., 18 yrs. to 1918,
Mich., Friend, 432 Lowett St. b. Polc, Poland.             Detroit, b. Cmolarz, Poland.

Dangula, Joseph, 230-29, 26, S, Planer hand, Detroit,      Garycasz, John, 224-17, 32/3, Detroit, Mich., Sister,
Mich., Friend, Bolozewicz, Bernard, 349 Lyman              Garncasz, Maggie, 1118 Junction Ave., Detroit,
Place, Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs., Detroit, Mich., Torncie,    Mich., 16 yrs to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Wolka,
Poland.                                                    Poland.

Danko, Godfred 304-13, 25, S, Blacksmith, Detroit,         Gierba, Frank, 190-28, 35, M, Tool Grinder, Detroit,
Mich., Brother, Danko, Andrew, 1061 Chene St.,             Mich., Sister, Chojnowska, Marie, 134 Poland St.,
Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, b. Lublin, Poland. 11-     Detroit, Mich., 7 yrs. Detroit to 1917, b.
54188.                                                     Czenstochov, (Częstochowa?) Poland. SS President
                                                           Lincoln 8-1761-11/24/30-505.
Dobosz, Lawrence, 214-17, 21/9, S, Tool Maker,
Detroit, Mich., Parents, Dobosz, Stanislaus, 233 35th      Gigereltowski, Alex, 196-09, 28/3, S, Laborer,
St., Detroit, Mich., 18 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.   Wyandotte, Mich., Sister, Goiszewska, 298 4th St.,
Tarnauf, (Tarnów?) Poland.                                 Wyandotte, Mich., 5 yrs., Wyandotte, Mich., Gorki,
Domagalski, Wawrzyniec, 258-12, 32, S, Carpenter,
Detroit, Mich., Brother, Domagalski, John, 886             Glibowski, John, 196-02, 27/5, S, Mason, Detroit,
Camball Ave., Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs., b. Myslałrure,       Mich., Brother, Glibowski, Joe, 182 Hull Ave.,
Poland.                                                    Mayspitt, L. I., 6 yrs. to 1918, Mayspitt, L. I., b.
                                                           Bogoria Radowska, Poland.
Drydrych, Charles, 312-19, 29/10, S, Laborer,
Jackson, Mich., Cousin, Felix Wisnieswki, 107              Godek, Joe, 320-15, 26/3, S, Laborer, Detroit, Mich.,
Thompson St., Jackson, Mich., Mich., 6 yrs. To 1917,       Sister, Hermanski, Rudolph, 740 Ferry St., Detroit 5
b. Janowka, Poland.                                        yrs., b. Mielec, Poland.

Dudziak, Anton, 258-10, 28, S, Molder, Detroit,            Golas, Felix, 290-08, 27/1, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Reenlisted to US Army, 6 yrs. To ?????, US          Mich., Cousin, Stempak, Steve, 474 25th Street,
Army, b. Kruslina, Poland.                                 Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, b. Starej Wies, Poland.
                                                           48230 4/18/29, 8XM-744-(505) 2/18/38.
Druzyński, Frank, 230-11, 33/5, S, Musician,
Detroit, Mich., Gruszczewski, Anthony, 1072                Golisz, Piotr, 316-21, 24/4, S, Mechanic, Detroit,
Almond St., Detroit, Mich., 7 yrs, Detroit, Mich., b.      Mich., Brother, Tony, 2281 Dyel (?) St., b. Detroit,
Santinos, Poland.                                          Mich. USA.
Golkowski (?), Stanley, 210-9, 24/7, S., Farmer,         Jary, Jan, 196-29, 38/2, S, Miner, Bessemer, Mich.,
Detroit, Mich., Stanley Golkowski, 852 Cambell, St.,     Friend, Oszub, Jan, 129 Barber School, Bessemer, 9
Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, b. Kutno,       yrs., Bessemer, Mich., b. Bialka Slochecki, Poland.
                                                         Jarzembski, Jozef, 246-07, 30/2, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Gorchicza, Kazimuir, 198-19, 26/3, S, Laborer,           Mich., Uncle, Krasinski (?), G., 443 Warren, Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., Sister, Mazurek, Katherina, 24           Mich., 9 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Zaromin,
Mercher St., Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit,    Poland.
Mich., b. Bielgoraj, Poland.
                                                         Jasnopacki, John, 224-12, 31/8, M, Mechanic,
Grabowski, Anthony, 228-20, 19/8, S, Laborer,            Jackson, Mich., Brother, Sosnosecki, Mike, 111
Detroit, Mich., Father, 3 Charest Anobe St., Detroit,    Wicpeas St., Jackson, Mich., 13 yrs. to 1918,
Mich., b. Detroit, Mich. USA.                            Jackson, Mich., b. Jasla, Poland.

Granek, Dominik, 248-21, 31, S, Laborer, Detroit,        Jazdzyk, Peter, 310-17, 25/5, S, Chauffer,, Detroit,
Mich.,, Orgdusky, Pete, 70 Ansot St., Detroit, Mich.,    Mich., Brother, Jazdzyk, Casimir, 86 Farr Ave,
5 yrs., Detroit, Mich. b. Jaszczeminski, Poland.         Detroit, 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Socharczew, Poland.

Grajewski, Walter, 288-05, 31/09, S, Laborer,            Jbloja, Andrew, 308-22, 30, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., Sister, Chojkowska, Anna, 941 Riust      Mich., Dlugoleck, Stanley, 395 35th Street, Detroit,
(?), Detroit, Mich., 12 yrs. to 1918, b. Luiu (?),       Mich., 7 yrs. to 1918, b. Bzury, Poland.
                                                         Jendryka, Peter, 198-05, 30/6, M, Laborer, Detroit,
Grochowski, Jan, 184-28, 39/5, S, Tinworker,             Mich., Sister, Jazperska, Kedoch, 19 Jefferson,
Detroit, Mich., Brother, 62 Columbia, Detroit, Mich.,    Littlefals, Mich., 7 yrs. to 1918 Littlefalls, Detroit,
11 yrs. to 1909, Detroit, Mich., b. Czewnerciecki,       Mich., b. Przychody, Poland. VL 490/50.
                                                         Jonasz, Jan, 240-06, 24/5, S, Molder, Detroit, Mich.,
Gromek, Jozef, 246-13, 29, S, Laborer, Detroit,          Brother, Jonacz, George, 228 Garpeld (?), Detroit,
Mich., Jawronski, 1974 Stable St., Detroit, Mich., 6     Mich., 5 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Gag, Poland.
yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Tarnowsky, Poland.
                                                         Kaczmarczyk, Albert, 312-14, 24/10, S, Blacksmith,
Gronski, John, 264-03, 19/3, S, Machinist, Detroit,      Medina, New York, Brother, Kaczmarczyk, Stanley,
Mich., Father, Gronski, John, 22 Dublin Ave.,            168 Golf St., Medina, New York, 6 yrs.to 1918, b.
Detroit, Mich., 16 yrs. to 1917, b. Lorain, Ohio,        Rybienow, Poland.
                                                         Kaczor, Andrew, 282-06, 31/5, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Hesczyk, Mathew, 230-18, 29/2, S, Machinist,             Mich., Friend, Ciak, Tony, 275 31st Street, Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., BIL, Stafi, Stanley, 37 Fleming St.,     Mich., 7 yrs. to 1918, Madis… (?), Penn. Andrew
Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Kopyczence,   Jaszek, 87 Pitch, Wonton, Penn. Rzelzycze, Poland.
                                                         Kapala, Peter, 230-24, 30, S, Farmer, Posen, Mich.,
Ismer, Walter, 256-04, 29/11, Farmer, Saginaw,           Father, Kapala, Lawrence, Posin, Mich., b. Posin,
Mich., Father, Ismer, Peter, 921 Farewell St.,           Mich., USA.
Saginaw, Mich., 4 yrs. to 1918, Saginaw, Mich., b.
Chorzenicz, Poland. 8-110069 12/38 no C.A.               Kloninski, Joe, 316-19, 25/2, S, Blacksmith Detroit,
                                                         Mich., Brother John, 236 St. Joseph St., Detroit,
Jackowicz, Marjan, 314-04, 32/6, M, Metalworker,         Mich., 1907-1918 Detroit, b. Detroit, Mich. USA.
Detroit, Mich., Friend, Gotoropa, Stanley, 666
Trombley Ave., Detroit, 7 yrs. to 1918, b. Warsaw,       Kolota, George, 240-10, 21/3, S, Chauffer,, Detroit,
Poland.                                                  Mich., Maszewski, Antony, 1837 Cecil St., Detroit,
                                                         Mich., 5-1/2 yrs, Detroit, Mich., Rzolosnik, Poland.
Jakubich, Joseph, 318-07, 32, S, miner, Wyandotte,
Mich., Father, 26 Cherry St., Wyandotte, Mich., b.       Kordyl, Joseph 196-04, 24/8, S, Chauffer,, Detroit,
Warsaw, Poland.                                          Mich., Sister, Kordyl, Mrs., Saxonville, Mass., 9
                                                         yrs., Saxonville, Mass., b. Golice, Poland.
Janowich, Frank, 198-15, 26/1, M, Laborer, Bay
City, Mich., Wife, Janowich, Mary, 825 South             Kostka, John, 296-15, 30, S, Blacksmith, Wakfield,
Sherman, Bay City, Mich., 23 yrs. to 1917, b. Bay        Mich., Friend, Kaniewski, Frank,Box 363, 6 yrs. to
City, Mich. USA.                                         1918, b. Ostrow, Poland.
Kostrupczyk, Henryk 200-20, 29, S, Machinist,            Krzykwa, Wladyslaw, 33-02, 29/4, Iron Worker,
Detroit, Mich., 1225 DuBois St., Detroit, Mich., 8       Grand Rapids, Mich., Krikwa, Klemens, Great Lakes
yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Logrzewo, Poland.       Steel, 6 yrs. Grand Rapids, Mich, Grand Rapids,
                                                         Mich., b. Mogydly, Poland. 8XM-684-505-2-19/38
Kowal, George, 250-12, 23/4, S, Blacksmith, Detroit,
Mich., Cousin, Micher, John, 1061 Sehain St.,            Kucnierz, Jozef, 312-06, 33/8, M, Roller, Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.       Mich., Friend, Zianc, John, Detroit, Mich. 5 yrs. to
Grzenska, Poland.                                        1918 Detroit, b. b. Ujsoty, Poland. 6BS68418/38 SS
Kowalewski, Franciszek, 200-30, 29, S, Laborer,
Detroit, Mich., Friend, Cieslak, S., 657 Trombly,        Kues (?), Frank, 230-17, 28, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., 7-1/2 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.   Mich., Friend, Zegnowic, John, 105 Junction St.,
Wierzbica, Poland. 8-122933-505- 9/3//36.                Detroit, Mich., 11 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Zeganic,
                                                         Poland. VL 481/217. 10/15/12 (114184-4384).
Kowalski, Alexander, 320-01, 34/3, S, Priest,
Schenectady, New York, friend Molek, 283 Sheridan        Lewandowski, Filiks, 314-20, 27, S, Butcher,,
Ave, Albany, New York, 14 yrs. to 1918,                  Detroit, Mich., friend Zalewski, Stanley, 1551
Shenectady, New York, b. Katy, Poland.                   Junction, Detroit, Mich., Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs. to
                                                         1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Alexandro, Poland.
Kowalski, Joseph, 190-25, 34, S, Locksmith, Detroit,
Mich., Cousin, Smarczewski, Emil, 1009 Frederick,        Los, Anthony, 196-03, 25/7, S, Labor, Wyandotte,
Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. Detroit to 1918, b. Lwów,         Mich., Friend, Bablak, Walter, 390 Maple St.,
Poland.                                                  Wyandotte, 4 yrs. Mich., Wyandotte, Mich., b.
                                                         Lawsk Myoyska, Poland.
Kozakowski, John, 316-12, 25, S, Baker, Grand
Rapids, Mich., Father, Geo. 246 Spring St., Grand        Lupa, Joseph, 290-16, 24/1, S, Machinist, Detroit,
Rapids, Mich., 3 yrs. to 1918 Grand Rapids, Mich.,       Mich., Brother, Lupa, John, 993 Proctor Ave,
Grand Rapids, Mich., b. Chicago, Ill., USA. VL           Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Horzelow, Poland.
375/334.                                                 VL 397/96 6/12/37.

Kozlowski, Micheal, 192-18, 35/3, Detroit, Mich.,        Machalowski, Chester, 256-01, 19, S, Detroit, Mich.,
Wife, Kozlowska, Anna 7-1/2 Ignace Court, Detroit,       Father, Machalowski, Edward, 401 Warren St.,
Mich. 11 yrs. Detroit to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.        Detroit, Mich., 17 yrs. to 1918, b. Detroit, Michigan,
Strzelce, Poland. .8-94712.                              USA. 8-274696.

Krasinski, Joe, 192-07, 30, S, Laborer, Detroit,         Machulak, Francis, 256-10, 32/9, S, Musician,
Mich., Father, Krasinski, John, 765 Riopelle, 5 yrs.     Detroit, Mich., Brother, Kania, Martin, 295 33rd. St.,
Detroit to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Brewilno, Poland.    Detroit, Mich., 4 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
8-75113.                                                 Janow, Poland.

Krawczyk, Andy 208-16, 29, S, Laborer, Detroit,          Maciejewski, Michal, 186-04, 28, S, Butcher,, Bay
Mich., No nearest kin reported. 7 yrs., Detroit,         City, Mich., Maciejewski, Joseph, 26 Lincoln St.,
Mich., b. Starowies, Poland.                             Bay City, Mich., 26 yrs. to 1918, Bay City, Mich., b.
                                                         Bay City, Mich. USA.
Krawczyk, Frank, 294-18, 36/9, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Friend, Teobold, Stanley, 184 Jacob St.,          Mager, Steve, 250-05, 23/5, S, Farmer, Stevens
Detroit, Mich., 10 yrs. to 1918, b. Krakow, Poland.      Point, Wisc, Mager, Martin R.F.D. #5, Box 160,
                                                         Stevens Point, Wisc. Detroit, Mich., Stevens Point,
Krol, Martin, 220-09, 43/06, S, Shoemaker, Detroit,      Wisc., Joining brother Martin Mager, 59 Barnum
Mich., Szewsky, Alex, 225 33rd St., Detroit, Mich.,      Ave., Detroit. B. Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.
16 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Janow, Poland.
                                                         Makowski, Stanislaw, 210-06, 26/6, S, Mechanic,
Krzecinski, Alexandria, 202-02, 35, M, Soldier,          Detroit, Mich., Makowski, Stanisław, 139 Henley
Detroit, Mich., Krzecinski, Sophia, Warsaw, Poland       Ave., 6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Babica
5 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Warsaw, Poland, Joining       Piasecky, Poland.
Leopold Kurzadowski, Detroit, Mich.
                                                         Maks, Stanley, 200-07, 26/4, M, Mechanic, Detroit,
Krzesniak, John, 256-12, 37/2, M, Molder,, Detroit,      Mich., Kordzemicz, Paul, 685 Claire St., Detroit,
Mich., Friend, Kasprzyk, John, 115 23rd St., Detroit,    Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Biala,
Mich., 7 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Ostrowiec,     Poland.
Malicki, Steven, 248-17, 26/4, S, Detroit, Mich.,
Brother, Malicki, William, 119 Otis St., Detroit,        Mucha, Ignatius, 284-11, 31, M, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., 6 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Sandomierz, Poland.    Mich., Friend, Gych, Frank, 1510 Junction Ave.,
8X-M1007 5/24/38.                                        Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Janow, Poland.
                                                         636701 7/12/30 (?).
Marc, John, 270-13, 25/6, Chauffer, Detroit, Mich.,
Brother, Marc, G., 225 Clipper, Detroit, Mich., 9 yrs.   Nastulski, John, 290-24, 27/2, S, Body finisher,
to 1918, b. Niedzwoda, Poland. 8-153856 4/12/39          Detroit, Mich., Cousin, Vnirzycki, Wawrzyniec, 860
505.                                                     Hemnda, Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918. b. Latkowo,
Marzec, Steven, 310-02, 33/6, S, Merchant, Detroit,
Mich., Cousin, Marzec, Francis. Terespol, Poland,        Nizio, Jozef, 234-11, 25, S, Machinist. Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., 15 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich.,         Mich., Cousin, Dudek, Mark, 1858 South Ave.,
joining John Kopowicz, 83 Sargent St., Detroit,          Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Zwenzczyn,
Mich., b. Terespol, Poland.                              Poland. 8-76216.

Mastowiak, Joseph, 202-10, 36, S, Soldier, Detroit,      Odachowski, Antoni, 242-09, 28/2, S, Lathe hand,
Mich., Brother, Mastowiak, Simon, 325 Milwaukee          Jackson, Mich., Brother, Odachowski, Marcel, 729
Ave., Chicago, Ill., Chicago, Ill. 5 yrs., Detroit,      Paige Ave., Jackson, Mich., 8 yrs., Jackson, Mich., b.
Mich., b. Lisowiec, Poland.                              Ronone, Poland.

Maxym, Franciszek, 312-17, 27/7, S, Laborer,             Olszewski, Felix, 220-07, 31/7, S, Molder,, Detroit,
Ironwood, Mich., BIL, Kutuk, John, 114 Popular St.,      Mich., Szymicz, Felix, 991 Millwaukee, Detroit,
Ironwood, Mich., 8 yrs. to 1918, b. Zokol, Poland.       Mich., 8 yrs to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
                                                         Suchrodewski, Poland.
Miazga, Jobac, 184-04, 34/4, M, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Sister, Sister, Minapolis, Ironwood, Mich., b.    Olszewski, Jozef, 188-08, 25/2, S, Brick Layer,
Wolka, Poland. 620-P-3507 St. Paul.                      Detroit, Mich., Brother, Olszewski, Croll, 2088
                                                         Florida St., 6 yrs. Detroit, Detroit, Mich., b. Lublin,
Michczak, 264-28, 36, Core Maker, Detroit, Mich.,        Poland.
Mother, Midozak, Mary, 917 Milwaukee Ave.,
Detroit, Mich., 11 yrs. to 1918, b. Strupin, Poland.     Ordakowski, Constanty, 184-18, 29/5, S, Laborer,
                                                         Detroit, Mich., Brother, Cleveland, Ohio, 5 yrs. to
Migora, Walter, 250-01, 30/8, S, Machinist, Lublin,      1915, Cleveland, Ohio, b. Dibonia, Poland. 8-505-
Poland, Migora, Paul Opola, Lublin, Poland, 9 yrs.       3/17/37, Prev. Arrival SS Ryndam 4/9/13.
to 1918, Detroit, Mich., Joining brother John
Migora, 18 Parkwood Place, Detroit. B. Opole,            Ostrowski, Vincent, 244-03, 24, S, Laborer, Bezmer,
Lublin, Poland.                                          Mich., Nagalka, Woychek, Barbor School, 128
                                                         Bezmer, Mich. 15 yrs., Bezmer, Mich., b. Olistnicia,
Milowski, Melchior, 246-17, 23, Chauffer,, Detroit,      Poland. Going to brother Nagafice, Woychech, 128
Mich., Friend, Misienicz, 108 Pulaski St., Detroit,      Barber School, and Bezmer.
Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, Carbondale, Penn., b. Milewo,
Poland. 8-47424.                                         Pacholski, Stanley, 186-25, 22/9, S, Top fitter,
                                                         Detroit, Mich., Pacholski, Mike 612 Belmont Ave.,
Miszkiewicz, Piotr, 292-09, 27/9, S. Laborer, Detroit,   Detroit, Mich., 14 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
Mich., Brother, Starsza, Wojciech, 734 Smith Ave.,       Woclawek, Poland.
Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Krakow, Poland. 7-
16847.                                                   Pachuta, Antoni, 218-09, 34, S, Carpenter,,
                                                         Marquette, Mich., Sister, Pachuta, Rosie, Buffalo,
Moskal, John, 254-05, 25/11, S, Helper, Detroit,         New York, Marquette, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918,
Mich., Friend, Moskal, Anthony, 209 Edwin St.,           Marquette, Mich., b. Krzamin, Poland. VL 460/118.
Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs., Elizabeth, New Jersey. b.
Stryżów, Poland, joining uncle, Joseph Moskal, 200       Palka, Andrew, 256-23, 34, S, Machinist, Detroit,
Geneva, Elizabeth, NJ.                                   Mich., Brother, Palka, Kazimierz, 1162 Military
                                                         Ave., Detroit, Mich., 7 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
Moskwa, Wladyslaw, 188-03, 19/2, S, Chauffer,,,          Janow, Poland. 8-18798 See SS Vaderland 3/14/12
Rzeszow, Poland, Father, Det., 63 Plefeir St., 16 yrs.   P8 L12 New York. Vol 4026.
Detroit, Detroit, Mich., Rzeszow, Poland.
                                                         Pasak, John, 212-27, 30/2, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mruk, Leon, 316-01, 29, S, Solderer, Detroit, Mich.,     Mich., Brother, Pasak, Stanley, 867 E. 220 St., New
Brother, Walter Mruk, 112 St. Agnes St., 5 yrs. to       York City , 5 yrs, Detroit, Mich., b. Lerek, Poland.
1918, Detroit, b. Solick, Poland.
Pastula, Walter, 254-13, 24, S, Chauffer, Yonkers,
New York, Brother, Pastula, John, 60 Orchard St.,         Pustola, Jan, 300-09, 30, S, Electrician, New York,
Yonkers, New York, 4 yrs., Yonkers, New York, b.          Uncle, Jan Rokicke, 293 E. 155 St., New York, N.Y.,
Kolbuszowa, Poland.                                       8 yrs. to 1918, New York. b. Warszawa, Poland.
                                                          626657 6/12/30 VL 2360/652 2270-275017 7/30/37
Paszek, Ignacy, 288-18, 25, S, Laborer, Grand             NY 505 Prior entry Fr. D. Grosse 3/17/10.
Rapids, Mich., Brother, Balewski, Jacob, 1141 Park
St., Grand Rapids, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b.              Pryzda (?), John, 258-02, 30, M, Laborer, River
Lashchido (?), Poland.                                    Rouge, Mich., Brother, Nilch, Frank, River Rouge,
                                                          Mich., 8 yrs. b. Brala, Poland.
Pawgan, John, 256-28, 35/4, M, Core Maker,
Detroit, Mich., Cousin, Okun, Jacob, 1318 Dubois          Pytlarski, Stanislaw, 310-09, 42/2, S, Butcher,,
St., Detroit, Mich., b. Tokarnia, Poland.                 Detroit, Mich., Sister, Mary Pytlarska, 6 Wauter St.,
                                                          Detroit, Mich., 13 yrs. to 1918, Detroit. b. Kossow,
Pawlak, Jan, 212-26, 26, S, Machinist, Detroit,           Poland.
Mich., Sister, Wisniewska, Marya, 905 Graffin,
Detroit, Michigan. b. Tuowrzoclaw, Poland. VL             Przybysk, Valentine, 270-16, 23/3, M, Detroit,
410/17.                                                   Mich., Parents A. Przybysk, 1009 Dubois St.,
                                                          Detroit, Mich., Detroit, Mich., 21 yrs. to 1918
Pawlak, John, 296-10, 28/13, S, Laborer,                  Detroit, Mich., b. Detroit, Mich. USA.
Friend/Cousin, Stephen Piejczyk, 409 Fillmont Ave.,
Detroit, Mich., 1914-1918 Detroit, Mich., Detroit,        Rak, Stanley, 286-08, 27/3, S, Painter, Detroit,
Mich., b. Kotno, Poland., VL 436/957 11-51828.            Mich., Father, Rak, Mike, 1241 St. Aubin Ave.,
                                                          Detroit, Mich., 1912-1918, b. Losisow, Poland. See
Piechota, Stanley, 262-14, 27/1, Laborer, Detroit,        SS Ryndam 5/12/12 8-107534 505 12/18/37.
Mich., Cousin, Banka, Jake, 303 E. Eilena St.,
Olean, New York, 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Kolbuszowa,           Rawski, Frank, 236-15, 28, S, Welder, Detroit,
Poland.                                                   Mich., Cousin, Ramierzynski, Leon, 1415 Florida
                                                          Ave., Detroit, Mich., 12 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b.
Piechut, Konstanty, 218-19, 25/07, S, Laborer,            Zaklikow, Poland.
Detroit, Mich., Friend, Ostrowski, Andy, 941
Russell St., 5 yrs. to 1918 , b. Ostrynka, Poland.        Reanal, Frank, 226-06, 38, M, Soldier, Detroit,
                                                          Mich., wife Reama, Anna, 99 31st St., Detroit,
Pietszak, Bronislaw, 256-16, 21, S, Machinist,            Mich., 9 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Krzyzewo, Poland.
Detroit, Mich., Father, Pietszak, Kostok, 527
Alexandrian St., Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918,          Rochna, Anthony, 262-15, 21/3, Laborer, Detroit,
Detroit, Mich., b. Warsaw, Poland.                        Mich., Father, Rochna, John, 1004 Farry Ave.,
                                                          Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs. to 1918. b. Młowa, Poland.
Plocharczyk, Stanley, 284-13, 26/9, S, Laborer,
Detroit, Mich., Brother, Plocharczyk, Stanley, 348        Rockicki, John, 260-09, 27/2, S, Baker,        Walter
35th Street, Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, b. Grundy,   Rzochnik, 183 Cuslich (?), St., Detroit,       Mich.,
Poland. VL 319/667.                                       Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Lublin,    Poland.
                                                          Prev. arr. SS Finland, 12/12/12, 13/74 4476   653427
Politowski, Stephen, 320-12, 9, M, Welder, Detroit,       505 7/17/39.
Mich., Friend, Gazdok, Jacob, 952 Holbrook Av.,
Detroit , 5 yrs to 1917, b. Pulow, Poland.                Rokicki, Stanislaw, 318-25, 36, S, M. Tailor, Detroit,
                                                          Mich., Rokicki, Boleslaw, 1337 W. Davison St.,
Popielarski, Adolph 308-28, 30/6, M, Miller, Grand        Detroit, Mich., b. Warsaw, Poland.
Rapids, Mich., Sister, Isowieski, Geneve, 1603 2
Ave., Beaver Falls,, 5 yrs. to 1917 Penn., b.             Rozmus, Wincenty, 321-02, 31/3, S, Priest, Yonkers,
Potokowski, Poland.                                       New York, Rev. W. Dworczak, 263 Nepperhan,
                                                          Yonkers, New York, Yonkers, New York, b.
Pospieszynski, Frank, 190-03, 30/8, S, Engineer,          Podlesie, Poland.
Detroit, Mich., Uncle, Pospieszynski, Charles 1362
Market St. Nanticoke, Penn., 4-1/2 yrs. to 1917,          Rukawski, Valentine, 236-07, 18, S Laborer, Grand
Pleszow, Posen, joining uncle Charles Polpieszynski,      Rapids, Mich., Brother, Wawrzyniec, 65 Job St.,
Nanticoke.                                                Grand Rapids, Mich., 6 yrs., Grand Rapids, Mich.,.
                                                          b. Antoniowka, Poland. VL 310/384. For prior
Pulawski, Keronim 184-02, 30/7, S, Laborer,               arrival see Vaterland 10/11/12 4384.
Detroit, Mich., Brother, Pulawski, Mike, 167
Mayberry St., Detroit, Detroit 5 yrs., Detroit, Mich.,
b. Jarnicach, Poland. 741418 6/27/38.
Rusiecki, Antoni, 260-16, 7, M, Coal Maker, Detroit,     Spiech, Mike, 298-10, 29/2 S, Blacksmith,
Mich., Rusiecki, Sofia, 14 West Chester Drive, N.J..     Marquette, Mich., no nearest, 7 yrs. to 1918, b.
72m to 1918. b. Kolij, Poland.                           Vludno, Poland.

Ryglewicz, Steve, 312-15, 26/7, S, Laborer, Detroit,     Starywas, Michal, 196-22, 25/7, S, Machinist,
Mich., Uncle Ryglewicz, Steve, 1070 St. Aubin Ave.,      Detroit, Mich., Friend, Jezierski, Julian 398 35th St.,
Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Palinek, Poland.      Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. Detroit, Mich., b. Ponialocz,
                                                         Poland. 8-49610.
Rys, Stanley, 186-29, 36/5, S, Merchant, Detroit,
Mich.,, Zabkiewicz, Phillx, 76 Galager St., Detroit,     Staurski, John, 308-12, 38, M, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., 16 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Kiev,         Mich., Kuczynski, 137 Mich. Ave., Detroit, Mich. 7
Russia.                                                  yrs. to 1918. b. Waganiec, Poland. 8X-M-1012.

Rutkowski, John, 286-11, 32/1, S, Carpenter,,            Strzeszewski, William, 238-21, 21/6, S, Welder,
Detroit, Mich., Uncle, Phelix Kolasa, 61 Deviant St.,    Detroit, Mich.,,Strzeszewski, Peter, 736 Palmer
Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 1912 to 1918 Detroit, Mich.,    Ave., Detroit, Mich. 14 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich.,
b., Oopatow (?), Poland. VL 353/921.                     b. Lomza, Poland, See Neckar Nov. 6, 1910, VL
                                                         334/24 8-109762 505 97-3 4/30/35.
Sajdak, Józef, 212-25, 23, S, Laborer, Detroit, Mich.
cousin, Sajdak, Martin, 1011 Military Ave., Detroit,     Szymanski, John, 266-24, 29/6, S. Laborer, Sister,
Mich., 18 yrs. Detroit, Mich., b. Laskawo, Poland.       Marcelle Szymanska, 1699 Junction Ave., Detroit,
11-199357 8/16/38 505 no C.A..                           Mich., 8 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Alexandro,
                                                         Poland. 8094694-c/o 3/13/40.
Sawicki, Walter, 192-10, 29, S, Machinist, Detroit,
Mich., Brother, Sawicki, John, 2490 Grand                Szwed, Henry, 206-08, 22/1, S, Clerk, Detroit, Mich.,
Bollivard, Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. Detroit to 1918, b.    Father Szwed, Casmer, 309 Grow Ave., Detroit,
Bialestok, Poland.                                       Mich., 8 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Ciehanow City,
                                                         Poland. 8-52404.
Sawicki, Walenty, 248-26, 36/3, S, Laborer,
Ironwood, Mich., Sczmonowski, John, 113 Brown            Tarloche, Joseph, 318-27, 30/2, S, Mechanic,
St., Ironwood, Mich., 15 yrs., Ironwood, Mich., b.       Detroit, Mich., Rolba, Ann, 368 Pratt St., Detroit,
Escedice, Poland. 11X16054-505-2/2/37.                   Mich. to 1917, Detroit, Mich., b. New York, USA.

Sidor, Szczepan, 200-01, 24/5, S, Mechanic, Detroit,     Tokarcz, Joseph, 264-11, 25, S, Porter, Detroit,
Mich.,BIL, Ozog, Peter, 848 Riopelle, Detroit, Mich.,    Mich., Brother, Tokarcz, Frank, 113 Edward St.,
6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b. Sokonow, Poland.      Detroit, Mich., 6-1/2 yrs. to 1918, b. Yent, Poland.
                                                         8X-M-862-909 4/8/38 Prior entry Lapland 4664-6-
Sisma, John, 232-04, 24/1, S, Machinist, Detroit,        81.
Mich., Brother, Sisma, Joseph, 1050 Sitoma Street,
Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Kagusala      Tzusenyski (?), Joseph, 198-03, 29/4, S, Laborer,
Village, Poland. 8-75346.                                Parents, Tzusenynski, Paul, 24 Ottis St., Detroit,
                                                         Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, b. Lublin Poland.
Skroski, Waclaw, 320-16, 26/4, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Mich., Brother, Skroinski, Wladyslaw, 1537               Tyrp, Joseph, 272-15, 25/10, S, Laborer, Detroit,
Military, Detroit, 11 yrs. to 1918, b. Kolno, Poland.    Mich., Sister, Kopmick, Bronislawa, 528 Brande St.,
                                                         Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918 Mich.. b. Trzasnys,
Skrzyniarz, Kazimierz, 252-12, 28, M, Machinist,         Poland.
Detroit, Mich., Sister, Niziol, Katie, 18 Klinger St.,
Hamtramck, Mich , 8 yrs. to 1918,b. Dulcza, Poland.      Ukaszeusz, Isador, 278-03, 27/1, S, Farmer, Bay
                                                         City, Mich., Cousin Zachinski, Joseph, 220 22nd St.,
Sluba, Theodore, 252-06, 38, S, Coal Miner, Bay          Detroit, Mich.. b. Brzewcz, Poland.
City, Mich., Friend, Bush, Joseph, 22 Wilnaughton
St., Duluth, Minn., 9 yrs. to 1918, Duluth, Minn., b.    Ukaszeusz, John, 278-02, 25/6, S, Farmer, Bay City,
Streeter, Ill. USA.                                      Mich., Cousin, Zachinski, Joseph, 220 22nd St.,
                                                         Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1917, b. Brzewcz, Poland.
Soczynski, Walter, 316-25, 22/9, S, Furniture
designer, Grand Rapids, Mich., Brother, John, 555        Urbanski, Joseph, 194-07, 36/6, S, Locksmith,
Pine, Grand Rapids, Mich., Grand Rapids, Mich., ? to     Detroit, Mich, Friend, Pachna, Anthony, 15 Lake,
1918, b. Grand Rapids, Mich., USA.                       Marquette, Mich., 8 yrs. in Ill. to 1917, Marquette,
                                                         Mich., b. Poklatwa, Poland. 11-229464-10/20/39-
                                                         505 no C/A
Viroda, Franciszek, 266-25, 25/9, S, Laborer,
Detroit, Mich., Sister, Rosie Sala, R.F. D. Detroit,       Wojnaroski, Felix, 224-16, 43/10, S. Farmer,
Mich., 6 yrs to 1918, Detroit, b. Wadowice, Poland.        Detroit, Mich., brother Roman Wojnarowski, 1311
                                                           Huersong, Chicago, Ill., Chicago, Ill, 16 yrs to 1918
Yolkowski, Stanley, 210-09, 24/7, S, Farmer,               Mich., b. Galecja, Poland.
Detroit, Mich., Yolkowski, Stanley, 852 or 952
Campbell, Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b.       Wos, Charles, 236-12, 39, S, Detroit, Mich., Cousin,
Kutno, Poland.                                             Czernota, Francis, 12 Flowerner St., Detroit, Mich.,
                                                           12 yrs Buffalo/Detroit, Detroit, Mich., b. Jaslaw,
Wasiak, Tadeusz, 200-03, 28/4, S, Mechanic,                Poland. 8X-935 5-12-38 page 19l/19 See Pres. Grant
Detroit, Mich., Friend, Lewandowski, 650 W. 24th           12/20/07.
St., Detroit, Ill., 8 mo. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
Warszawa, Poland.                                          Wropeskis, Frank, 320-25, 25/10, S, Miller, Detroit,
                                                           Mich., Friend, Wyrzejowski, Joseph, 16 Division
Wendoloswki, Felix, 294-13, 24/3, S, Machinist,            Place, Detroit, Mich., 5 yrs to 1918, b. Janosz,
Detroit, Mich., Cousin, John Solta, 159 Henley Ave.,       Poland.
Detroit, Mich., 7 yrs to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
Suwanki, Poland.                                           Zalewski, Kazimierz, 230-02, 25/1,S, Clerk, Detroit,
                                                           Mich., Zalewski, John, Ruszubudy, Poland. 3 yrs.
Wialek, Lukasz, 228-29, 25, S, Laborer, Detroit,           Detroit, Mich.. Going to Friend Michael Parkowski,
Mich., sister, Kate, 405 (?) Mich., b. Wieswatarzo,        402 Edwin, Detroit. b. Buszcibiskup, Poland,
Poland. VL 380/681 8-92193, See SS George
Washington 5/12/12, 3-37-4693.                             Zaperkiewicz, Wadyslaw, 216-11, 34/5, S, Laborer,
                                                           Jackson, Mich., Sister, Karaszkiewicz, Rosie, 128
Wielgomez, Joseph, 202-05 ,37, S, Soldier, Detroit,        Thompson St., Jackson, Mich., 10 yrs. to 1918, b.
Mich., No nearest kin reported. 6 yrs., Detroit,           Suwalki, Poland.
Mich.,. b. Radomie, Poland.
                                                           Zawadzki, Wladyslaw, 262-09, 29/10, S, Machinist,
Wiescinski, Anthony, 294-20 34/11, S, Machinist,           Detroit, Mich., Cousin, Zawadski, Leo, 890 23rd St.,
Detroit, Mich., Friend, Onichowski, Stanley, 2029          Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs. to 1918, b. Polacen, Poland.
Tarnil St., Detroit, Mich., 11 yrs. to 1918,, b.
Mojecholw, Poland. 8-20375 11/13/40 (505) No               Zbakwozki, Jan, 318-04, 28, S, Auto. Mechanic,
C.A.                                                       Detroit, Mich., Father Peter Zbakwozki, 1272
                                                           Palmer St., Detroit, Mich., 4 yrs. to 1918 Detroit,
Wiktor, Jacob, 294-30, 27/10, S, Grinder, Detroit,         Mich., b. Warsaw, Poland. 8-49891.
Mich., Friend, Jalpski, George, 7 yrs. to 1918, b.
Laskiwa, Poland. 8-10948 505 6-18-40 no C.A.               Zdunczyk, Teofil, 210-01, 26/2, S, Butcher,,
                                                           Wyandottr, Mich.,, Zdunczyk, Walter, 357 Elm St.,
Wilkowski, Michel, 206-09, 20, S, Mechanic,                Wyandotte, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Wyandotte, Mich.,
Detroit, Mich., Father, Wilkowski, John, 35 Dorthy         b. Lomza, Poland.
St., 8 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Zawalil Village, Poland.
                                                           Zguachynski, (?) Joseph, 198-03, 29/4, S, Laborer,
Wituch, Grzegorz, 200-29, 28, Laborer, Muskegon,           Detroit, Mich., Parents, Zguachynski, 24 Ottis St.,
Mich., Friend, Radecki, Paul, 180 Long Ave.,               Detroit, Mich., 6 yrs. to 1918, Detroit, Mich., b.
Muskegon, Mich., 5 yrs. to 1918, Muskegon, Mich.,          Lublin, Poland.
b. Wiskumina, Poland.
                                                           Zielinski, Walter, 266-23, 24/2, S, Laborer, Detroit,
WnukStefanski, Leonard, 314-02, 21/6, S,                   Mich., Brother, Zielinski, George, 149 Copper St.,
Merchant, Detroit, Mich., Friend, Szawlowski,              Detroit, Mich., 3 yrs, to 1918, b. Targonice, Poland.
Wladis., 1272 Macdough St. Detroit, b. Warsaw,             8-103994 505 2/18/35.
                                                           Zuckewicz, Walter, 236-08, 29, S, Baker Detroit,
Wodzikowski, Peter, 226-02, 31, S, Soldier, Bay            Mich., Friend, Bogucki, Tomasz, 651 Grande Ave.,
City, Mich., Father, Modzikowski, Peter, 1612              Detroit, Mich., 8 yrs., Detroit, Mich., b. Zielin,
Fremont Ave., Bay City, Mich., 31 yrs., Bay City,          Poland. VL 402/332.
Mich., b. Bay City, Mich. USA.

Wojcik, John, 250-28, 29/11, S, Clerk, Detroit,            1
                                                             The New York Times, .April 1, 1920, page 2,
Mich.,, Friend Ostanski, Lawrence, 672 Millwaukee,         column 4.
Detroit, Mich., Detroit, Mich., b. Vola, Poland.           2
                                                             Church of the Latter Day Saints, Family Histroy
Joining Mich Warta, 672 Millwaukee, Detroit,               Library.
Mich.. VL 420/293.
 The New York Times, April 1, 1920, page 2,
column 4.

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