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									Accreditation Number ETDP9963                                ALWAYS ONE JUMP AHEAD

        Become a Super Facilitator
                               Be one jump ahead!
    To be a really good facilitator you need training by an excellent facilitator.
                          We offer accredited training on:
          Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies
We offer training facilitated by specially selected facilitators. The training takes place
over a period of five days, and can be accessed in two ways:

    Regular scheduled public courses (for more details visit our website)
    In-house courses for organisations or sectors.
The learners will hand in their portfolios as they leave the workshop, making
sure that you get optimal return on investment.
Prices for in-house workshops can be negotiated and will vary depending on number
of participants.

Do facilitator training with us and get:
 results within two weeks of handing in your portfolio
 an understanding of how to facilitate any kind of group

Who should be trained as facilitators?

    Sales and marketing personnel
    HR and HRD practitioners
    Teachers, lecturers and trainers.
What entry qualification is needed?
You need to have some basic training, education or sales experience.
How long does it take?

Our regular generic courses and in-house courses run over five days. Portfolios and
assessment are completed on the last day of the workshop.
What you learn
Our workshop equips you to understand:

    how to plan and implement facilitation
    good facilitation principles and methods
    facilitation using various methods
    managing groups
    holding the attention of the group
    good presentation skills
    how to get over your fears regarding facilitation of groups.
               Our workshops are fun and have often been described
                         as “a life changing experience”.
 Assessment College has a longstanding reputation for offering quality education and
 training. We have been ISO 9001:2008 listed since 2001 and have maintained our
 status throughout. Our sophisticated learner record data base ensures that learners
 get their results four weeks after the portfolios are handed in. Certification follows
 shortly afterwards.

 Public workshop training usually takes place once every two months in Gauteng.

          Enrol now via our website or contact Rita on 011 678 0126 or
      alon@assess.co.za rita@assess.co.za to send you an enrolment form.

 We can also do a quote on in-house training for 8 or more learners. Please send your
 requirements to assessment@assess.co.za.

      If you have already done facilitator training or are an experienced facilitator,
             we can help you get certificated by doing an RPL assessment.
                    Contact rita@assess.co.za for more information.

                          Master ETD Facilitation
              An Assessment College Facilitator Skills Programme

 Our MASTER ETD FACILITATION skills programme equips you with all you need
 to be a top facilitator. It consists of three unit standards structured into three
 workshops, with a fourth portfolio building and assessment workshop. You gain 50
 credits towards the Occupational Directed ETD practitioner qualification by doing this
 skills programme. To get the best value, we recommend that the four workshops be
 spread over a period of three months.

 This skills programme consists of:

                              NQF                                                        NLRD
       Module Name            Level      Credits          Unit Standards involved         No
Foundations and                 5           24         Facilitate a programme of         10289
philosophy of facilitation               (3 days)      learning
Introduction to                  4          16         Facilitate an adult learning      7384
facilitation                             (3 days)      event
Advanced facilitation            5          10         Facilitate learning using a      117871
using a variety of                       (3 days)      variety of given methodologies
Portfolio review and                     (3 days)      Summative assessment through
assessment session                                     POE and observation

         Please contact us at assessment@assess.co.za for further details.

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