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					Enrichment and extension are a planned aspect of schemes of work. Challenge is a
dimension we cannot afford to forget. As a result, we contribute, in some way, to most
year groups as part of Enrichment Week, organise an annual Writer-in-Residence
scheme, train mock-trial teams, support Readathon and maintain contacts with
Oxbridge. Many English teachers regularly engage in school events and activities,
such as Junior and Senior Play Festivals, the annual Public Speaking Competition and

Mock Trials

During Enrichment Week, the English Department co-ordinates a one day workshop on
the format of court trials for the Year 8’s. The students are required to break up into
groups and assume one of a variety of roles: Prosecution lawyer, Defence lawyer,
magistrate, court clerk and witnesses. They then prepare their cases and run mock trials
in competition against each other. Points are awarded for preparation, well structured
argument and oration. The winning team is announced at the end of the day.

Interactive Performance of Romeo and Juliet

We have been most fortunate to welcome the Globe Players to our school who have
given short energetic dramatizations of some of Shakespeare’s plays; entertaining the
Year 11 students. Apart from dramatization, the actors interact with the audience,
focusing on the important issues in the play of Romeo and Juliet. The performance is
both visually effective and entertaining. The whole process is highly educational and the
audience is encouraged to participate.
Writers in Residence

The English Department is exceptionally proud of its Writers in Residence Programme
whereby each year a writer of great standing is invited to speak to and work with our
students. We are delighted that Carol Ann Duffy, one of our writers in residence form the
early 1990s, is now Poet Laureate. Tragically on the day she was nominated another
mentor and friend of Ms Duffy, poet U A Fanthorpe, died. Fanthorpe, also, was writer in
residence from the 1990s. The writing programme was first started by the incumbent
Head of English, Frances Gay, who had the vision to see that Poets in School was the
future. The following poets and writers have visited our students in the English
Department over the past 20 years:

    2010           Joelle Taylor

    2009           Rebecca Farmer

    2008           Alan Brownjohn

    2007           Jamie McKendrick

    2006           Preethi Nair

    2005           Jane Duran

                    Andrew Motion (Poet Laureate): Masterclass

    2004           John Stammers

    2003           Sarah Wardle

    2002           Francesca Beard

    2001           Owen Sheers

    2000           Josephine Hart

    1999           Elizabeth Jennings

    1998           Michael Donaghy

    1997           Kate Clanchy

    1996           Jane Duran

    1995           Benjamin Zephaniah

    1994           U A Fanthorpe

    1993           Alan Brownjohn
 1992   Roger McGough

 1991   Carol Ann Duffy

 1990   Ted Walters

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