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									Region 6 RDCs, NDCs urged to join domestic violence fight
Georgetown, GINA, March 5, 2009

Head of the Domestic Violence Policy Unit, within the Ministry of Human Services and
Social Security Geetangeli Geer has urged members of the Regional Democratic Council
(RDC) in Region 6 to join the fight against domestic violence, and to help victims and
perpetrators to seek help.
        During an awareness session, Geer explained that the National Policy on
Domestic Violence helps to provide directions to women’s affairs committees at the
regional and local government level.
        The meeting which was convened in the Regional Office boardroom attracted 33
persons including from the various RDCs and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils
(NDCs) in the Region.
        Geer explained various provisions in the Domestic Violence Act of 1996 and
emphasized that the law plays a crucial part when it comes to reporting and prosecuting
domestic violence cases.
        Superintendent of Police, ‘B’ Division, Simon Mc Bean emphasized that the
police are supportive of those who file domestic violence complaints and urged members
of the public who are dissatisfied with the police’s response to reported cases to make
such reports to him. Geer also suggested that they make reports to the new Commander
of the ‘B’ Division George Vyphius.
        Mc Bean outlined the procedure for filing a domestic violence report and said that
reports would also be taken over the telephone. He said victims must be encouraged to
file reports and that, “we need to get into villages and communities to target victims and
perpetrators of domestic violence.”
        Mc Bean noted that currently there are six police stations undergoing
rehabilitation which will make provision for an interview room. This would afford
domestic violence victims more privacy when making reports. The stations are
Springlands, No. 51, Albion, Central, Reliance and Whim.
        Senior Probation Officer in Region Six, Forbes Munroe said that there is a high
correlation between domestic violence and alcohol consumption and noted that when
children grow up in homes with domestic violence they themselves are likely to become
        He said that the police must be in the frontline of the battle and said that about 50
% of all cases he deals with are about domestic violence.
        Munroe pointed to the provision in the Domestic Violence Act which empowers a
police officer to enter the premises if he/she suspects that domestic violence is being
        Chairman for a local NDC, Gaindalall Hitnarine asked for the various counselling
locations and urged that signs be erected to identify these as counselling sites.
        In her presentation to the group Geer urged the members not to ignore cases of
domestic violence in their communities and not to denounce or ridicule victims.
        Members of the communities asked that the session be held in observance of
International Women’s Day which will is scheduled for March 8.

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