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									                                   c   h    e    s   t   e   r       b    a    s   i   n

   Seaside Shanty Restaurant
                                            Lunch Menu
            At the Seaside Shanty, our talented local cooks prepare the best in Atlantic seafood and local cuisine.
                             If you are dining with time constraints, please let your server know.
                                              Your satisfaction is important to us.

Cast off with...
   Smoked Salmon               Dill cream cheese, salmon, capers & onions                             $8.00
   Solomon Gundy               A local favourite: marinated herring, sweet onions & sour cream        $6.95
   Drunken Mussels             Indian Point mussels steamed in onions & garlic butter, and
                               drowned in a white wine sauce. Served with garlic bread                For 1 - $6  For 2 - $10
   Parmesan Shrimp             Baked shrimp served in a lemon garlic butter and white wine            $8.95
   Chicken Quesadillas         Stuffed with cheese, tomatoes, peppers and red onion!                  $9.95
   Bruschetta                  A unique twist to an old favourite! A fresh blend of roma tomato,
                               cucumber, red onion and garlic                                         $7.95

Famous Chowders & Soups...
All chowders & soups served with a tea biscuit

   Soup of the Day             Ask your server for the daily special                                  Cup $4.50  Bowl $6.95
   Corn Chowder                A South Shore favourite: served with or without bacon bits             Cup $4.50  Bowl $6.95
   Fish Chowder                Chester Basin’s traditional haddock chowder                            Cup $6.25  Bowl $10.50
   Seafood Chowder             Our most popular!! A steaming bowl of creamy chowder
                               Filled with scallops, shrimp, mussels, clams & haddock                 Cup $8.75  Bowl $14.95
   Lobster Chowder             Atlantic lobster in our creamy homemade chowder                        Cup $8.00 Bowl $14.50
   Lobster & Seafood
   Chowder                     The ultimate seafood indulgence                                        Bowl $17.95
   Shanty Combo                A cup of our Seafood Chowder and a Lobster Roll                        $17.50

   Mixed Greens               Greens tossed with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette                      $6.25
   Caesar Salad               Crisp romaine, bacon and homemade croutons tossed with our
                              McKenzie Family dressing topped with parmesan                           $8.75
   Greek Salad                The classic with herb dressing                                          $9.50
   Maple Walnut Greens        Tossed with a honey shallot vinaigrette and topped with
                              Toasted maple walnuts and grape tomatoes                                $8.75
   Seafood Caesar             Our classic Caesar topped with mussels, shrimp and scallops             $15.95
                             Add to any salad - chicken $5  steak $5  shrimp $6  scallops $7

   Seaside Shanty Restaurant  5315 Hwy 3  Chester Basin, Nova
                                           Scotia  902.275.2246
                             c    h     e   s   t   e   r      b   a   s    i   n

                                 Lunch Menu
Shanty Sandwiches and Such...
Haddock Burger             All the fixings topped onto an italian bun with our
                           lime-ginger sauce                                             $8.95
Scallop Burger             Lettuce, tomato and lime ginger mayo                          $11.00
Lobster Roll               Lobster, mayo and lettuce stuffed into a grilled bun!         $11.00
Smoked Salmon Wrap         Packed full with smoked salmon, capers, red onions, greens
                           and dill cream cheese                                         $11.95
Chicken Clubhouse          A huge toasted sandwich with a grilled chicken breast,
                           bacon, lettuce & tomato...                                    $10.95
Grilled Sirloin Sandwich   Served open faced, topped with caramelized onions, cheese
                           and roasted tomato                                            $10.95

Lighter Fare...all served with
Pan Fried Haddock           A tender haddock fillet served with your choice of
                           cajun spices or lemon dill                                    $14.95
Atlantic Salmon Fillet     Char grilled served with a leek and lemon cream sauce         $15.95
Sautéed Scallops           Scallops lightly pan seared and peppered with garlic butter   $16.95
Shanty Fish Cakes          Old-fashioned cakes served with chow-chow & baked beans       $12.95
Seafood Crepes             Lunch size serving of our delicious stuffed crepes            $12.95
Pasta Bowls                Linguini tossed with your choice of a herb cream or
                           tomato basil sauce                                            $10.00
                                     Add - chicken $5  shrimp $6  scallops $7

Kids Menu...
Cheesy Grilled Cheese      Very cheesy grilled cheese on white or whole wheat                     $5.00
The Shanty Dog             A grilled hot dog on a bun!                                            $3.00
PB & Jam Sandi             Strawberry jam and peanut butter on white or whole wheat               $3.50
Kids Pizza                 A McKenzie kids favourite! Just sauce and cheese please!               $5.00

Coffee                     Fair Trade organic special blend coffee ground on site!                $2.25
Tea                        Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Mint or Green tea                             $2.00
Hot Chocolate              Scrumptious hot chocolate with whipped cream                           $2.75
San Pellegrino             750ml Great for sharing!                                               $5.00

                                      Milk                                 $2.00
                                      Soft Drinks                          $2.00
                                      Juices                               $2.00
                                      Ice Tea                              $2.50

Seaside Shanty Restaurant  5315 Hwy 3  Chester Basin, Nova
                                       Scotia  902.275.2246
                c   h      e      s   t   e   r   b   a   s     i     n
                        Perrier                               $2.95

Seaside Shanty Restaurant  5315 Hwy 3  Chester Basin, Nova
                          Scotia  902.275.2246

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