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									              Seaside Jewish Community News
                                  February 2009
                                                                      Sh’vat - Adar 5769

                              February Shabbat Dinner                    Tu B'Shevat Seder
In This Issue:                - Susan Klavans
President’s Message     2/5   Our Community Shabbat dinner is
Talk Fest Thursday        3   Friday, February 6. Call NOW for
Guest Speakers            4                                                          We thankfully acknowledge
                              information and reservations. Don’t                         You Adonai, our God,
New Board Members         4   be left out. We only have enough                     Sovereign of the universe, for
Chesed                    5   room for 40 people.                                  creating the fruit of the trees.
Community Services        6     Immediately call Myra Sachs at
Worship                   6   302-644-0212 or Florence Levy at
House Update              6   302-226-3221.                             The Tu B'Shevat Seder and Lunch
Religious School          7     All of our famous SJC Shabbat           will be Sunday, February 8, at 11:00
Interfaith Program        8   Dinners begin at 6:15pm at the SJC        a.m. at the SJC building. Cost is
Social Questionnaire      9   building.                                 $10/adult and $5/child for members
Social Dates              9                                             ($15/adult and $8/child for non-
Passover Seder           10   Religious School Shabbat                  members). As we did last year, we
Donations                11   We will celebrate Religious School        will collect money for trees to be
Birthdays                11   Shabbat on Saturday, February 21,         given to the Jewish National Fund.
                              at 10:00 a.m. The Religious School         On Tu B'Shevat we celebrate a
Schedule of Torah             students will lead the service, with      New Year for the trees, rejoicing in
                              each student or class leading a           the fruit of the tree and the fruit of
Readings and Services
                              prayer, blessing, or song.                the vine, celebrating the world’s
Friday, Feb 6 @7:30pm                                                   splendid and abundant gifts, which
                               Religious School Shabbat
Leader: Cindi Silverblatt                                               give our senses delight and our
                              celebrates our students, their
Parashat Beshalach                                                      bodies’ life. For Jews outside of
                              achievements, and what they have
(Exodus 13:17 – 17:16)                                                  Israel, Tu B'Shevat is a celebration
                              learned in Religious School. The
February 13 – 14              students get to lead the                  of the renewal of vision and
Parashat Yitro                congregation in prayer with the           awareness, a celebration of
(Exodus 18:1 – 20:23)         prayers, blessings, and songs that        connections and connectedness--to
                              they have learned in Religious            our own inner-selves, to the social
Saturday, Feb 21 @10:00am
                              School. The congregants get to            world of human beings, and to the
Leader: Allison Colker and
                              honor the students and show their         natural world and its Source.
Religious School
Torah Reader: Roni Posner     pride. It is a very special occasion,     Interfaith Call to Prayer
Parashat Mishpatim            and we hope everyone will attend.
                                                                        & Action
(Exodus 21:1 – 24:18)         Purim Celebration                         - Beth Cohen
Shabbat Shekalim              Our Purim celebration will be on          On February 22, the newly formed
Religious School              Sunday, March 8, at 11:00 a.m. We         Progressive Interfaith Alliance of
February 27th – 28th          will have a Purim play put on by          Southeastern Sussex County, of
Parashat Terumah              our religious school, a very short        which Seaside is a member, is
(Exodus 25:1 – 27:19)         Megillah reading, games, and a            hosting a call to prayer and action in
                              meat lunch.                               our effort to eradicate extreme
Friday, March 6 @7:30pm        Please come and support our              hunger and poverty. See the flyer on
Leader: Beth Cohen            school. You don’t need to have a          page 8 for more information.
Parashat Tetzaveh             child in the Religious School to          Please plan to come and participate.
(Exodus 27:20 – 30:10)        attend.
Page 2                                                                                         February 2009

Board of Directors              President’s Message                       This company was owned by a
                                -Cindi Silverblatt                       Jewish man and his brother and they
Cindi Silverblatt               As I begin my term as President of       looked for other Jews to employ.
302-227-1107                    Seaside Jewish Community, I want         One condition of employment was
410-358-1840                    to let you know why Seaside Jewish       that you had to join the synagogue in   Community is so important to me.         town and you had to participate in
Vice President                    Through conversations with so          the Jewish Community. There was
Jason Bradley                   many at SJC, I learned that many of      no hiding of your Judaism allowed.
302-644-1376                    you grew up in close Jewish              This was the first time I was ever in               Communities in Baltimore,                a synagogue or even thought of
                                Philadelphia, New York City,             myself as being Jewish. That was
                                Wilmington, Washington, DC,              something that I thought only my
Robin Fantl
                                among others. So, to all of you,         father was. I never thought that I was
                                being Jewish, Jewish Tradition,          Jewish, too.
                                celebrating Jewish Holidays,              We went to Friday night services,
Treasurer                       memories of Bubbie and Zadie, or         and ate Shabbat dinners at the
Jennifer Rubenstein             eating ethnic Jewish foods came          synagogue. I went to Sunday school!
302- 841-0143                   naturally.                               We went to Jewish holiday services          I really have no strong Jewish         and had holiday meals at the
Advisor to the                  memories until after Stanley and I       synagogue. I think the entire Jewish
Executive Committee             married in 1973. Up until then my        Community was maybe 40 or so
Miriam Zadek                    “Jewishness” was sparse. My father       people. Because the community was
302-227-4370                    was a Holocaust survivor and my          so small, they did everything
410-337-6780                    mother was not Jewish. Religion was      together at the synagogue. It was              not important in our home. But           exciting and very different. We still
At Large Board Members          trying to “fit in” was a day-to-day      had no Jewishness in our home; in
Beth Cohen                      struggle. My blond haired, green-        fact, we had no religion at all in our
302-644-4652                    eyed mother would be the one to rent     home.           our apartments in and around              Three years later, the company
Eric Doroshow                   Chicago. When the landlord finally       wanted my dad to be more centrally
302-934-9400                    got a look at my dad and saw that he     located to the customers so we          looked Jewish, we were told to leave.    moved to Baltimore, Maryland. All
Harvey Fruman                   These were my first “memories” of        of a sudden, the conversations at
302-226-2209                    being Jewish.                            home were sprinkled with religion!               My mother’s family, who lived in a     My father wanted to make sure that
Bonnie Quesenberry              small farming community thought          we moved into a Jewish
302-227-5558                    my dad was a great guy, even if he       neighborhood and that there was a                was Jewish. In fact, there was           synagogue close by for us to join.
Past Presidents                 another Jewish family who lived in        Well, we made the move and we
Miriam Zadek                    the town. They had a watch business      moved into an all-Jewish neighbor-
Cheryl Fruchtman                and one of my aunts worked for           hood. My parents joined a Jewish
302-227-1056                    them taking care of their children.      Country Club, and we “interviewed”         My non-Jewish grandmother used to        synagogues to make sure we joined
Jeff Hawtof                     say, “They are such NICE people.”        one that would be accepting of all of
302-329-9097                    That was my next memory of being         us in our family.            Jewish.                                   Two years later, my parents
Lynne Chichi                      Then, when I was 10 years old, my      divorced, and my dad moved far             dad got a great new job as a traveling   away. I still went to Sunday school,
                                salesman, and we moved to a town in      and we went to synagogue on the
                                Wisconsin called Oshkosh.                                  continued on page 5
Page 3                                                                                        February 2009

Committees                      TALKFEST THURSDAYS PLUS                  international trips, cruises, and
Adult Ed                        All Thursday meetings are at             learning experiences for people doing
Claire Brown                    7:30pm at SJC. All our invited.          a different kind of reinventing
302-645-2462                    First Thursday: Jewish History           themselves! Be sure to come to hear                                                 this exciting presentation.
                                The Jewish History class, facilitated
Communications                  by Burt Brenman, will next meet on       PLUS: Saturday Torah Study
Jennifer Rubenstein/Chair       February 5, and begin following          SJC is now the home of a weekly
302-841-0143                    Judaism in the Diaspora. Be sure to      Torah Study gathering, led by Claire        come to SJC at 7:30 pm for the           Brown every Saturday at 9am. We
Fran Sneider/NewsletterEditor   excitement!                              read and discuss the weekly Torah
302-644-4652 / 301-509-0074     Second Thursday: Basic Judaism 2         portion (Parsha), joining in a Jewish            This study group, led by Beth Cohen,     practice that goes back to the
Robbin Myerberg/Designer        will meet on February 12, to review      destruction of the second temple. We
302-841-7973                    the holidays of Tu B’Shevat and          use SJC’s Etz Hayim reader, in      Purim, and to discuss the Jewish         English and Hebrew with modern
                                Thinker, Moshe ben Maimon                commentaries. Bring your curiosity
Community Service &
Chesed                          (Maimonides), and his Thirteen           and your questions; no experience
Sylvia Diehl / Co-Chair         Principles of Faith. You need not        necessary!
302-227-2157                    have come in 2008 to enjoy this class               in 2009!
                                                                              2009      MOVIE NIGHT
Cheryl Fruchtman / Co-Chair     Third Thursday: Conversations                SUBSCRIPTION         SERIES
302-227-1056 / 302-542-8094     about Judaism         Eleven SJC members braved the cold          All movies will be shown at
Beth Cohen / Chesed             for the first meeting of this group in       Midway Movie Theater, in
302-644-4652                    January, to vigorously and sensitively      the Upstairs Viewing Room.           discuss the Israel war and its effects       Evenings start at 7:00pm.
House                           on our lives here. Join this exciting      Your ticket includes: dinner,
Harvey Fruman                   round-table conversation, for its          drinks, desserts, movie, fresh
302-644-4034                    second meeting on February 19. We
                                                                             popcorn and a great time             will choose and discuss a new topic
                                                                                    with friends!
Membership                      relating to being Jewish in Sussex
                                county. No study or prep is needed;              Join the 4-Movie
Joel Simon                                                                    Subscription Series and
302-644-4034                    we will be talking from our          experience and our hearts.                           Save $$$$!
Social                          Fourth Thursday: Guest Speakers             Four movies for $63 Member
Cindi Silverblatt               Shelley Grabel and Linda Forte will                $75-Nonmember
302-227-1107 / 410-358-1840     tell us about Delaware Technical             Individual movie prices are   Community College and its
                                Professional and Adult Education           $17 Member/$20 Nonmember
                                programs on February 26. Through            Feb. 21 - “The Band’s Visit”
Beth Cohen
                                its classes in various vocational and      April 18 - “Don’t Mess With
                                avocational specialties, DelTech                    The Zohan”
                                supports people in the process of          August 15 - “Stolen Summer”
Youth Ed                        reinventing themselves or going after
Nancy Gideon                                                                 Dec. 19 - “The Arranged”
                                “encore careers.” Their Adult
302-329-9097                    Programs also support people               Call Cindi at 302-227-1107             enjoying themselves. They offer   
                                pleasure and theme-based day trips,
Page 4                                                                                         February 2009

Guest Speakers                        Archaeology of the Andes, Art
                                      & Architecture of the Americas,        SJC Welcomes New Board
- Claire Brown                                                               Members & Committee Chairs
                                      Ancient States & Empires,
The schedule for our 4 Thursday                                              - Cindi Silverblatt
                                      Material Culture Analysis,
Guest Speakers Program has                                                   Mazel Tov to the newest Board
                                      Iconography of Empires, and
changed. Please make a note of                                               Members and Committee chairs.
                                      Cultural Heritage & Preservation.
the new schedule for 2009.                                                     Jason Bradley is our new Vice-
                                      A well-known professor in the
February’s speakers are shown in                                             President. He is also the Board
                                      Department of Anthropology, she
the Talkfest Thursday article. We                                            Liaison to the Youth Education
                                      specializes       in    Andean
meet at the SJC Building, starting                                           Committee and is a teacher in our
                                      Archaeology & Ethnohistory;
at 7:30 p.m.                                                                 Religious School.
                                      Andean        Symbolism        &
March 26 - Reverend Jeffrey           Iconography; Urbanism and the            Robin Fantl is our Secretary. She
Ross of St Peter's Episcopal          Rise Of Early States & Empires;        is also a new member of the
Church, Reverends Jonathan            Style & Imagery in Material            Membership Committee.
Baker and Pat Loughlin of             Culture (Geoglyphs as Rock Art;          Bonnie Quesenberry is a new
Epworth Methodist Church,             Potters' & Owners' Marks as            Board Member At Large. She is
Reverend Max Wolf of All Saints       Inscriptions in Contexts without       working on a special Task Force
/St George's Episcopal Churches,      Writing).                              Committee with Bob Zadek.
Reverend Michael Smith of             June 13 - Alfred Gross Memorial          Jennifer Rubenstein is not new
Unitarian Universalists of            speaker not confirmed yet.             to the SJC Board but she is our
Southern DE, and Beth Cohen of                                               new Treasurer.
Seaside Jewish Community will         June 25 - Irwin Gold, a chemical         Harvey Fruman, past Treasurer,
be on hand to speak about their       engineer and also a food               is now a Board Member At Large
newly formed interfaith alliance      technologist, will discuss some        and chair of the House
and the work they are doing in        few specific chemical additives to     Committee.
conjunction with the ONE              foods that may be a contributing         Joel Simon, a teacher in our
Organization.                         cause to Alzheimer's disease.          Religious School, is the new
 Reverend Jeffrey Ross will give      Reference materials will be            Chair of the Membership
an overview of the worldwide          handed out that may be useful          Committee.
ONE Organization, its eight           when shopping for food and               Cheryl Fruchtman, SJC past
Millennium Development goals,         looking at food labels. Many           president, is a new Co-Chair of
and the local interfaith group's      studies reveal that lifestyle, diet,   the Community Service/Social
plan to take on each of the eight     and genetics may also be               Action Committee, along with
goals over several years. In this     contributing       factors       to    Sylvia Diehl.
first year of existence, the          Alzheimer's disease.                     Seaside Jewish Community has
interfaith group has embraced the     July 23 - Sy Brecher will speak        become an integral part of life in
initial goal of eradicating extreme   on "An Energy Policy For The           Sussex County. We depend on
poverty and hunger. The other         21st Century." Sy, who we would        many volunteers to keep all of
Interfaith Alliance members will      like to be the presumptive             Seaside’s many functions running
talk about their congretations’       Secretary of Energy in the first       every week, every month, and all
specific programs to help the         Obama administration, will             yearlong.
hungry and the poor.                  propose policy objectives in the         Congratulations to our newest
                                      areas of energy, transportation,       board members and committee
April 23 - Cantor George Mason
                                      and related subjects. He will also     chairs and thank you for
will speak on Jewish Music.
                                      discuss why these objectives are       volunteering for such and
May 28 - Anita Cook, PhD, will
                                      so important, and strategies for       important job within our SJC
speak on "The Archeology
                                      achieving them.                        Community!
of Religion." Professor Cook of
Catholic University has spoken
and written extensively on
Page 5                                                                                               February 2009
continued from page 1
President’s Message                      After many years, we would sit on
                                         the beach and try to imagine how           SEASIDE JEWISH
High Holy Days. But the thrust of
my parents’ lives was getting their      wonderful it would be to actually        COMMUNITY CHESED
individual lives back together,          live here. In 1998, we saw an ad in      (CARING) COMMITTEE
and being Jewish just wasn’t             the paper about Seaside Jewish           The Hebrew word C h e s e d
of importance at the time.               Community. We called the number          means kindness. The Chesed
  It wasn’t until Stanley and I          and spoke to Lynn Chichi,                Committee is a subgroup of
married in that my real Jewish           Seaside’s first president, and we        the Community Services/
home began. It became very               went to a barbeque, and joined. Can      Social Action Committee. Its
important to me that everyone            you imagine that we joined a             volunteers are active in visiting
knew I was Jewish and that I had a       synagogue in a town that we              those who are ill and providing
Jewish home. I wanted a Jewish           vacationed in and didn’t even own        assistance and support to our
home for Stanley, me, our children,      a home in, yet? We started               community.
                                         planning our weekends here around
Stanley’s family, and most                                                        • Visits and calls are made to
                                         SJC events. We even sponsored a
importantly, for my father. He                                                        those in the hospital or who
                                         weekend at SJC when a Rabbi from
missed so much because of the                                                         are ill recovering at home.
                                         Washington DC was here for SJC.
Holocaust. You see, he came from                                                  • Rides to Shabbat services
                                           Stanley and I began seriously
a Jewish home, a Jewish neigh-                                                        and other programs can be
                                         talking about buying a home here
borhood, a tight Jewish community                                                     arranged for those unable to
                                         and maybe even, eventually,
with all the memories that you all                                                    transport themselves.
                                         moving here. We decided that
have. But all that was cut short in                                               • Shiva trays are provided to
                                         before we could do that, we had to
1941. When he came to the United                                                      families in need of meals of
                                         make sure that there was a viable
States he just wanted to fit in and                                                   consolation after the funeral
try to forget, but when he met his       synagogue and an active Jewish               of a loved one.
new boss in Oshkosh, he was              Community.
                                           The rest, my dear friends, happens     As we don’t always know when
taught how important it was not to                                                community members are in
forget who and what you are.             when you want something bad
                                         enough. You work hard to “Make It        the hospital or if they’ve had
  When my dad saw the Jewish life                                                 a death in their immediate
that we were living, he became a         Happen.” We became very active
                                         in Seaside Jewish Community ten          family, please contact us if
part of it. He rejoiced in celebrating                                            you become aware of such
Jewish holidays in our home.             years ago and have never stopped.
                                           Sometimes, when I sit in a             situations. Contact Beth Cohen
  He quvelled in going to see                                                     at or by
his granddaughter in Jewish              Shabbat service, I feel as if I am
                                         back in that little synagogue in         phone at 302-858-2374, Sylvia
programs. He was so proud of his                                                  Diehl at, or
grandchildren’s knowledge of             Oshkosh. That same magical
                                         feeling overtakes me and my mind         Cheryl Fruchtman at
Hebrew and Judaism and how,                                             
as a family, we embraced our             is whisked away to another time in
                                         another place and I finally have         The committee welcomes new
Jewishness.                                                                       volunteers. If you are interested
  In 1986, we began vacationing in                                                in participating in any way,
Rehoboth, and we quickly became            So, I thank all of you for allowing
                                         me this opportunity to work on           please contact us to let us know.
regulars. Often we would be here 4
to 6 times during the summer.            your behalf as President of SJC.

                                           Want to host an Oneg or Kiddish?
                           What a better way to honor someone or in the memory someone.
                      Check our website for upcoming events:
                                       or to download the Oneg / Kiddish form.
                      For more information or to check available dates, contact Robbin Myerberg
                                  at: 302-644-3950 or
Page 6                                                                                             February 2009

Worship Team to Form                    SJC Participates in Interfaith         House Committee Update
- Beth Cohen                            Prayer Service                         - Harvey Fruman
The members present at the recent       On Friday, January 16, members         Since January 1, work has begun
Worship Committee meeting are           Harvey Fruman and Jeffrey Hawtof       on handicap access into the
excited about the idea of creating a    represented SJC in the Delaware        sanctuary. A lift has been installed
worship team where SJC members          Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s          at the rear of the building, and
can study together, learn more          Inaugural Interfaith Service held on   construction is currently underway
about worship services and service      the Georgetown campus of the           to build the enclosure for the lift.
leadership, and learn the songs and     Delaware Technical Community           A ramp will be built to assure easy
melodies. Hopefully, some team          College. Jeff blew the Shofar, and     access onto the lift. The chair lift
members will become comfortable         Harvey read selections from the        down to the lower level has yet to
enough with the service to share        Old Testament including Psalm 47,      be installed.
leading pieces of the Shabbat,          Amos 5:8, and Samuel 2:1–10.             On another front, the Board of
Festival, and High Holy Day             Several other faith communities        Directors has approved the design
worship.                                were represented including             for a decorative case to display the
  If you have ever given thought to     Episcopal, United Methodist,           Talit that was wrapped around our
leading a piece of a service or         Baptist, Muslim, Carmelite Sisters,    rescued Torah. The order has been
giving a mini sermon/drash, or          and the Nanticoke Tribe. More          placed, and we expect the case to
facilitating a discussion, or reading   than 300 people attended the           be installed sometime in March.
a poem, or offering other creative      preinaugural service.                  The wood and stain of the case will
gifts to a worship service, or just     UUSSD 10th Anniversary Service         match our Ark.
learning more of the music and the                                               A Dustbuster has been placed in
                                        On Sunday, January 25, SJC’s lay
prayers, then this team is for you.                                            the kitchen, which should help with
                                        religious leader Beth Cohen
Some of you may be thinking you                                                cleanups after meals.
                                        participated in a worship service
can’t participate because you can’t
                                        honoring the 10th anniversary of the
read or understand Hebrew. Not to
worry – there are places within a       Unitarian Universalist Society of       Community Service Programs
                                        Southern Delaware. Beth blew the        -Cheryl Fruchtman & Sylvia Diehl
service where folks with little or no
Hebrew reading and/or com-              Shofar and brought greetings from          Please join us for Seaside's
prehension skills can take a            Seaside and from the Progressive               Mitzvah Weekend in
leadership role.                        Interfaith Alliance of Southeastern      conjunction with The Jewish
  The team will have an initial         Sussex County. Other members of               Federation of Delware
meeting towards the end of              the PIA participating in the service              Mitzvah Day.
February or beginning of March.         were The Reverend D. Michael            On May 2, we will be assisting
Please let Beth Cohen know of           Smith, minister of UUSSD, The            Habitat for Humanity. Details
your interest (302-644-4652 or          Reverend Pat Loughlin of Epworth         will follow in coming months.                  United Methodist Church and                On May 3, Seaside will be
so you can be included in the first     Father Max Wolf of All Saints            helping with the gardening at
team meeting.                           Episcopal Church and St. Georges             the Lighthouse Program
  Folks new to the idea of sharing      Chapel.                                            in Ellendale.
in service leadership as well as                                                On May 20, 5-7:30 pm, Seaside
those of you who are already                                                      is holding its Holland Glade
                                           Dues are due for the year 2009
participating in service leadership,            It is still a bargain at
                                                                                  Road Pickup in conjunction
Torah reading, and giving sermons              $180 per adult per year.         with Epworth United Methodist
are welcome.                                 Children under 18 are Free.        Church. The pickup will start at
                                         You can send your check to: Seaside    Epworth and also end there with
                                          Jewish Community P O Box 1472               a covered dish dinner.
                                             Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971               Please plan to participate.
                                                Attention: Treasurer
Page 7                                                                                                February 2009

Religious School                       Sim Shalom, Oseh Shalom). They          of their Torah portion. They are
                                       are also learning about bible stories   learning how to read 2 verses of
Happenings                             from the Prophets and Writings,         their Haftarah. They are writing a
-Alison Colker                         Jewish lifecycle, and Israel. They      speech about their Torah portion,
 The Alef Class, for our second-       have fun and play educational           their Haftarah, the connection
year students, taught by Debra         learning games.                         between their Torah portion and
Seibert and Gwen Aboutboul, is           The Hay Class, a combined class       Haftarah, what becoming a B'nai
learning how to read Hebrew. In        for our sixth- and seventh-year         Mitzvah means to them, their
their second year of learning          students, taught by Pam Kaplan, is      Mitzvah project, and their thank
Hebrew, they are learning family       learning the Torah service and          you's. They are working very hard.
letters and vowels. They are also      concluding prayers. In their third
                                                                               Religious School Breakfast Bar
learning about holidays, mitzvot,      year of our three-year prayer-based
and the synagogue. They do many        Hebrew curriculum, they are             The religious school breakfast bar
creative and fun projects.             learning the Torah service (Torah       was created to encourage students
  The Bet Class, for our third-year    blessings, Haftarah blessings, songs    and parents to arrive early for
students, taught by Jason Bradley      for taking out and putting away the     religious school by providing a low
and Alyssa Simon, is learning how      Torah) and concluding prayers           cost, fast and delicious alternative
to read Hebrew completely and          (Aleinu, Mourner's Kaddish). Next       to cooking / eating at home. We
fluently. In their third year of       year, half of this class will move on   keep the prices low to encourage
learning Hebrew, they are learning     to prepare for B'nai Mitzvah. The       families to join us and all the
final letters, exceptions/special      other half of this class will           proceeds are returned to Seaside.
rules, and writing script. They are    complete our seventh-year                 We encourage         parents    to
also learning about Israel and         curriculum, including the first year    volunteer to help set up and serve
Jerusalem. They have lots of fun       of our two-year Torah-based             each week but we are always
and special activities.                Hebrew curriculum, in which they        looking for anyone who would like
 The Gimel Class, for our fourth-      will learn how to read and interpret    to help. Also, the breakfast is open
year students, taught by Morgan        Torah through stories from              to anyone at Seaside who would
Kaplan, is learning blessings and      Genesis, and also comparative           like to come down and support the
introductory prayers. In their first   religion, Jewish values, and the        Religious School.
year of our three-year prayer-based    Holocaust.                                We serve breakfast from 8:00am –
Hebrew curriculum, they are              The Vav Class, for our (eighth-       8:45am on any Sunday there is
learning the basic blessings (food     year) B'nai Mitzvah students,           Religious School, the dates are
blessings, brachot shel mitzvah,       taught by Joel Simon and Allison        posted on Seaside's web calendar.
Shabbat blessings) and the             Colker, is preparing for their B'nai
introductory prayers (Bar'chu,         Mitzvah. In their second year of                  HELP WANTED
Yotzeir Or, Ma'ariv Aravim, Sh'ma,     our two-year Torah-based Hebrew            Substitute Teachers, Assistant
V'Ahavtah). They are also learning     curriculum, they are learning how            Teachers, In-School and
about holidays, bible stories from     to read and interpret Torah through                Private Tutors.
the Torah, and basic Judaism. They     stories from Exodus through
have lots of fun and play active                                                We are looking for individuals with
                                       Deuteronomy. They are also               excellent Hebrew skills who would
games.                                 learning about comparative               like to be hired by families for paid
 The Dalet Class, for our fifth-year   Judaism. Most importantly, they          private tutoring or who would like to
students, taught by Jeff Hawtof and    are preparing for their B'nai            volunteer in Religious School.
Ryan Colker, is learning the           Mitzvah. They are learning how to        Religious School Volunteers must
Amidah prayer. In their second                                                  be available Sundays 9 am –12 pm.
                                       read and chant blessings and             If you are interested in any of these
year of our three-year prayer-based    prayers (Yotzier Or/Ma'ariv              positions, contact Allison Colker at
Hebrew curriculum, they are            Aravim, V'Ahavtah, Avot                  301-515-3306 or
learning the individual blessings of   V'Imahot, G'vurot, Torah blessings,
the Amidah (Avot V'Imahot,             Haftarah blessings). They are
G'vurot, Kedushah, Shalom Rav,         learning how to chant 10 verses
Page 8                                                                           February 2009

         The Progressive Interfaith Alliance of Southeastern
                    Sussex County* is hosting a

             CALL TO PRAYER & ACTION

  ! To RAISE OUR AWARENESS about hunger, poverty, and disease
         world wide and locally
  ! To INCREASE OUR KNOWLEDGE about local programs and
         world wide activities
         ! Nets For Life (World wide fight against malaria)
         ! Green Sanctuary and Community Garden (Lewes)
         ! Cape Henlopen Food Basket (Rehoboth)
         ! CASA San Francisco (Milton)
         ! Mazon (World wide response to hunger)
         ! The ONE Campaign (World wide)

                  Sunday Feb 22, 2009 @ 4pm
                       Reception and Program Fair follows Call to Prayer

                        All Saints Episcopal Church
                    18 Olive Street, Rehoboth Beach DE

                                   All are welcome
           *All Saints/St George’s Episcopal Church " Epworth United Methodist Church
                     " Seaside Jewish Community " St Peter’s Episcopal Church
                              " Unitarian Universalists of Southern DE
Page 9                                                                                        February 2009

Social Committee                     Food, Clothing, and
Questionnaire                        Toiletries Needed
The Seaside Jewish Community         Please remember to bring a non-
                                                                               Social Committee
Social Committee wants your          perishable item of food, gently      February 6 - Shabbat Dinner
ideas!! We are already planning      used coats and clothing, or new      February 21 - Movie Night
socials for 2010!! We need your      toiletries each time you come to     "The Band’s Visit"
input, your ideas, and your          the SJC building, if you are able.   March 21 - Bingo and Brownies
suggestions.                         Leave items on the shelves in
                                     the downstairs storage closet at     April 18 - Movie Night
Please send us your thoughts                                              "Don't Mess With The Zohan"
                                     the bottom of the stairs nearest
and responses to the following                                            May 17 - Klezmre Sunday
questions.                           the restroom.
                                      Each week, members of the           June 5 - Shabbat Dinner
1. What movies would you like        Community Services/Social            July 18 - Havdalah on the Beach
to see for our Movie Night           Action Committee will pick up
Series? Please no movies with                                             August 15 - Movie Night
                                     your donated items and deliver
sub-titles.                                                               "Stolen Summer"
                                     them to the appropriate
2. Would you like to go on           organization. Food will be taken     September 4 - Shabbat Dinner
another Bus Trip? Where would        to our neighbors at Epworth for      October 17 - The Ugly Gift Pot
you like to go? What are you         their food pantry program.           Luck Dinner
interested in seeing?                Clothes and toiletries will be       November 6 - Shabbat Dinner
3. Would you like to do an           delivered to organizations in        December 19 - Movie Night
overnight trip? If so, where         need.                                "The Arranged"
would you like to go?                 Thank you, in advance, for
4. What price range do you think     your commitment to give.
is reasonable for a day bus trip?                                                Guest Speakers
5. What price range do you think     Blood Bank of Delmarva               March 26 – Beth Cohen, with
is reasonable for an overnight       Group Membership                     other progressive Interfaith
bus trip?                                                                 Alliance members, will give an
                                     If you are interested in joining
6. What other socials are you                                             overview of the PIA and the
                                     the Blood Bank of Delmarva
interested in?                                                            world-wide ONE Organization.
                                     as a group member of Seaside
7. Do you have any interest in                                            April 23 - Cantor George Mason
                                     Jewish Community, please give
taking a trip to Israel with other                                        will speak on Jewish Music.
                                     Cheryl Fruchtman a call at:
members of Seaside?
                                     302-542-8094 or email her at:        May 28 - Anita Cook, PhD, will
Please send us your response to             speak on "The Archeology of
this questionnaire as soon as you      You can find more information      Religion."
can. You can email Cindi             on the Internet by going to:         June 13 - Alfred Gross Memorial
Silverblatt at:                    speaker not confirmed yet., or
                                                                          June 25 - Irwin Gold will discuss
send your response via the mail
                                                                          some few specific chemical
to Cindi Silverblatt, PO Box          Bingo and Brownies!                 additives to foods that may be a
1026, Rehoboth Beach 19971.
                                        March 21 at 7 pm                  contributing cause to Alzheimer's
   Like last year, Bingo and Brownies will be held at the Social          July 23 - Sy Brecher will speak
   Hall at Angola by the Bay. Cost is $8 for members and $10              on "An Energy Policy For The
  for non-members and all the brownies you can eat. There will            21st Century."
    be a prize from local merchants for each game played, as
  well as many raffle prizes and many silent auction items. Call
   Bonne or Barry Morrison for your reservation and directions.
Page 10                                                                                       February 2009

                Seaside Jewish Community Annual Passover Seder
                Second Night ~ Thursday, April 9, 2009 ~ 5:45pm
          Seder ritual will be led by Beth Cohen. Seder arrangements are being handled by Myra Kramer
                             Questions: call Myra Kramer @ 302-227-1264
                                          Baywood Clubhouse
                                         32267 Clubhouse Way
                                            Long Neck, DE
                            Advance reservations are required by March 28!

                                              Dinner Menu
                            Adults                                   Children
               Members - $35 Non Members - $38          Members - $15 Non Members - $17

               Chicken Soup w/Matzo Ball                Chicken Soup w/Matzo Ball
               Choice of Entrée                         Choice of Entrée
                       Chicken w/pineapple mango               Hamburger (No bun)
                       Salmon w/citrus salsa                   Chicken Leg
               Summer Squash & Zucchini w/sun dried     French Fries
               tomatoes and olives
               Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes               Apple Sauce
               Dessert                                  Dessert

     Send the reservation form below along with your check so it’s received by March 28 to:
                                  Seaside Jewish Community
                                         PO Box 1472
                                   Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

                           SJC April 9, 2009 Seder Reservation Form

     Adults                                             Children
     # Members _________                                # Members __________
     # Non Members _________                            # Non Members __________
     # Chicken __________                               # Hamburger ___________
     # Salmon ___________                               #Chicken Leg __________

     Name ____________________________________________________

     Telephone Number _________________________________________

                             Amount of Check Included $_____________
Page 11                                                                                         February 2009

                              THANK YOU
            Seaside Jewish Community gratefully acknowledges
                                                                                      Happy Birthday
              the following donations as of January 30, 2009                          To our Members

 General Fund                                                                         February
 Greg Davis & Family, in memory               Patsy & Tony Perlman, in honor          2- Amelia Jackerson
   of Lucille Keil Belfer                      of Miriam Zadek’s 80th birthday        2- Louis Hyman
                                              Myra and Bob Schein,                    2- Aviva Wadro
 Eric Doroshow & Aida Waserstein,                                                     2- Mandell Shanken
   in honor of Seaside Jewish                     • In honor of Estelle               3- Taylor Barros
   Community                                         Ginsberg as she prays for        4- Emily Simon
                                                     her daughter’s improved          4- June Linowes
 Charles & Barbara Fox, in honor of                                                   4- Madeline Statter
   Seaside Jewish Community                          health.                          7- Gay Barman
 James Garland, in honor of Beth                  • With condolences to               7- Beth Warren
                                                     JoAnn and Judith Orlinsky        7- Allen Segal
   Cohen with thanks for driving                                                     10- Lydia August
   him to night-time class                           on the loss of their            10- Barbara Natkowitz
 Irwin & Fay Gold                                    sister/aunt                     10– Monica Fleischmann
                                              Edwin & Maxine Veil, in memory         10- Aida Waserstein
 Elaine Levy, in memory of her                                                       10- Miriam Zadek
   father-in-law, Morris Levy, and             of Frank Kozol                        11- Jackie Hein
   her husband, Howard Levy                                                          11- Eva Miller
                                                                                     12- Adam B. Lass
 Barbara Masters in honor of Beth             Capital Campaign                       13- Vivian Warren
   Cohen with thanks for conducting           Stephen Bold                           13- Jack Carpenter
   the burial service for her beloved                                                14- Sharon Goldsmith
                                              Jeff Hawtof & Nancy Gideon             15- Fran Sneider
   husband, Ron Masters                       Bruce & Myra Patner                    15- Steve Bold
 Barry & Bonne Morrison                       Bud Simon & Carol Pearson              15- Irwin Feldman
     • Happy Birthday to Harvey                                                      16- Patricia Simon
                                                                                     20- Barbara Harkaway
         Fruman                                                                      20- Matthew Rambo
     • Good luck to Chana &                                                          20- Ethan Simon
         Arthur Fox on Arthur’s up              Welcome New Members                  22- Steve Cohen
                                                                                     22- Jerry Goldsmith
         coming surgery                             Robert & Susan Benke             24- Shirley Fantl
     • Congratulations to Cindi                     Susan & Lonny Klein              25- Lee Mussoff
         Silverblatt and the entire                    Barbara Woods                 25- Robert Taylor
                                                                                     25- Harriet Miller
         new Board of Directors                                                      26- Al Sachs
     • Happy Birthday to Susan                                                       27- Lisa Schreter
         Klavans                                                                     27- David August
                                                                                     27- Barbara Green
     • A Peaceful Chanukah to the               Need Business Exposure?              27- Marguerite Donnelly
         Frumans                             Advertise in the SJC Newsletter for     27- Amelia Jackerson
     • In memory of our mothers,                                                     28- Patrick Gossett
                                              Seaside networking. Contact our
         Annette Morrison and                newsletter editor, Fran Sneider, at:    MARCH
         Francis Claire, on the                    fsneider@             1- Katherine Nicodemus
         occasion of their Yahrzeit                                                  1- Paul Natkowitz
                                                                                     2- Ronne Sokolove
                                                                                     2- Glen Barman
                                                                                     4- Leah Pack
                                                                                     6- Shelley Walman
                        DOROTHY SHOR MEMORIAL MAH JONGG                              6- Marcia Kraus
                           Every Tuesday, 1 p.m. at SJC building                     6- Zoe Brafman
                  Come join in the fun! Do not be shy because we will cry.           7- Marc Fruchtman
                                     Just come and try!                              8- Paula Fleisher
                      We teach Mah Jongg to anyone wishing to learn.                 8- Jennifer August
                             For more information please call or                     9- Alona Shaffert
              email Cheryl Fruchtman at:302-542-8094 cell, 302-227-1056 home,        9- Rachael Shapiro
                                                   12- Audrey Adkins
                                                                                    13- Kaylie Truitt
       Seaside Jewish Community
       P O Box 1472
       Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
      We’re on the Web!



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