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									      Postgraduate Degrees
MSc, MA, MBA degrees in Banking and Finance
        MBA degree in Management
      PhD, MPhil degrees by research

        Business School
   University of Wales, Bangor

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University of Wales, Bangor has an enviable
                                                                       we have tried to provide you with the most important information
Postgraduate students of the Business School can                       about our postgraduate courses, and about postgraduate student life
choose between several types of higher degree                          at the Business School within the University of Wales, Bangor.
programme. There are taught MSc and MA degrees                         However, it is simply impossible to tell you about everything that
in the fields of banking, finance and business; there
are taught MBA degrees in Banking and Finance and                      Bangor has to offer in a short prospectus!
in Management; and there are research-led
programmes leading to either an MPhil or a PhD. The                    All enquiries are welcome. Please contact:
Business School takes great pride in providing high
                                                                       Mrs Bethan Hamilton-Hine
quality education and research training to all of its
postgraduate students.                                                 Postgraduate Admissions Secretary
                                                                       The Business School
The Business School’s teaching and research have not
only been highly rated by external agencies, but also                  University of Wales, Bangor
by our students and the businesses that employ our                     Gwynedd LL57 2DG
former-students. We have a proven track record in
producing highly skilled and highly employable
postgraduates, with the broad range of abilities that
employers require from new recruits.                                   Tel: +44 (0)1248 382644 (direct) / 383231 (general)
                                                                       Fax: +44(0)1248 383228
If you already know Bangor and North Wales then                        Email:
you’ll also know that we are situated in one of the
most beautiful locations in the United Kingdom,
                                                                       If you would like to find out more, please visit our dedicated
providing our students with a wealth of quality                        postgraduate website:
experiences outside, as well as inside, the classroom.                 To download an application form, please visit:
We are proud of what we can offer you, and we                
would like to help you make the right choice for
your future.
                         The Business School

                                                                     Why I chose Bangor
The Business School at the University of Wales, Bangor
                                                                     Yu Fan, China
offers a full range of learning opportunities at all levels of
                                                                     MA Banking and Finance, 2003-04
higher education, including a suite of full-time
                                                                                               Before coming to Bangor, I had six
undergraduate programmes; graduate MBA and
specialist postgraduate taught programmes; opportunities
for research and research degree study within a thriving
                                                                                            “  years’ work experience in the Chinese
                                                                                           banking sector, after completing my first
                                                                                           degree. In China’s financial markets, the
community of active researchers and research students;
                                                                                           arrival of foreign international banks has
management development and executive programmes;
                                                                                           created huge challenges, in respect of their
short courses and consultancy services for corporate
                                                                                           advanced financial instruments, high
clients and professional managers; and a suite of online
                                                                     quality assets and outstanding performance. My main motive for
distance-learning MSc degree programmes.
                                                                     studying in the UK was to obtain a qualification that would
                                                                     enable me to work in the international banking sector.
High priority is given to research as well as teaching
excellence. We believe good research and scholarship
                                                                     In order to make a proper decision in choosing a suitable
are essential in informing and improving our teaching.
                                                                     university and course, I did comprehensive research, gathering
Our courses have been developed by acknowledged
                                                                     lots of information. I chose University of Wales, Bangor, because
researchers, who are pushing back the frontiers of their
                                                                     of its high ranking in the areas of banking and business research
discipline. The Business School was awarded a 5-rating in
                                                                     among the UK’s universities, and its banking-oriented programme
the most recent UK RAE (Research Assessment Exercise)
                                                                     classification and course structure.
for the quality of its research. A 5-rating is the second-
highest rating on a seven-point scale, signifying “quality
                                                                     I believe Bangor is one of the most beautiful places in the UK,
that equates to attainable levels of international
                                                                     and definitely a quiet and productive place in which to study. In
excellence in more than half of the research activity
                                                                     common with every student in the Business School, I enjoyed
submitted, and attainable levels of national excellence in
                                                                     remarkable lectures contributed by famous professors and
the remainder”.
                                                                     lecturers. Moreover, I should mention IEF (Institute for European
                                                                     Finance), which provides extensive resources for anyone
Business School staff have undertaken policy work and
                                                                     researching in the areas of banking, finance and business.
consultancy linked to their research for organisations as
diverse as the European Commission, World Bank, IMF,
                                                                     Although the one-year MA course was very short, it was a
UK Treasury, Bank for International Settlements,
                                                                     memorable and meaningful experience. Through research-oriented
European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Spanish
                                                                     study, I acquired knowledge of modern banking theories, and
Savings Bank Association, as well as many other national
                                                                     applied various advanced research methodologies. I am convinced
and international organisations. Contract research has
                                                                     that the abilities I acquired through my study will be of
also been undertaken for an extensive range of
                                                                     substantial benefit to my future career development.
commercial firms including investment banks, commercial
banks and other non-financial firms.                             3
                        The Business School

Recent academic research by Business School staff has been
published in many leading international journals, including
Economics Letters, European Economic Review, European
Journal of Political Economy, International Journal of Industrial
Organization, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of
Business Finance and Accounting, Journal of Forecasting,
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of the
Operational Research Society and Public Choice.

In addition to its excellent IT facilities and teaching                 Research facilities in the Business School
accommodation, the Business School is currently developing a
new and exciting national and international teaching and
conference facility. The Management Development Centre, due             Teaching and research within the Business School are
to open in 2007, will provide high quality state-of-the-art             enhanced by our own excellent computing facilities. The
teaching and conference facilities.                                     Business School has its own dedicated computer teaching
                                                                        laboratories with links to commercial databases and the
The Business School’s excellent record on postgraduate                  internet. All students have access to other computer laboratories
teaching is reflected in the innovative nature of our degree            throughout the University. The new Management Development
programmes, and the performance of our students at the                  Centre will provide a further IT facility which will be used by
Masters and PhD levels. The Business School established the             our postgraduate community.
first MA in Banking and Finance offered by any UK university in
1973, and more recently was the first to offer an MBA in                The Business School’s specialist library/research database
Banking and Finance. Our postgraduate students are top                  facility, the Institute of European Finance (IEF), is also
calibre. Several of them have seen their work published in              particularly important for postgraduate students. The IEF has its
international journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance           own library staff and research staff, who provide information
and Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.                               relating to sources and access to banking and finance
                                                                        information. Online databases such as Thomson Analytics,
As a student on one of our Masters degree programmes, you               Datastream and the CD-Rom BankScope are based in the IEF.
can look forward to courses that are challenging and relevant.          You will use these resources for course project work as well as
Rigour in teaching and research is complemented with practical          your dissertation. This dedicated research and library facility
insights based on contemporary developments in the                      contributes to a postgraduate studying environment conducive
commercial world. Overall, given our excellent research and             to high-level education and training. It will also provide you
teaching credentials, we are confident that the Business School         with frequent contact with academics, research staff, PhD
provides an ideal and unique academic environment for                   students and other postgraduates who also use the facility.
anyone wishing to develop their skills and expertise at the
postgraduate level.

   Taught Postgraduate Degrees
                                                                       MBA in Banking and Finance

                                                                       This taught MBA degree is designed for candidates with
                                                                       degrees or relevant business backgrounds, who wish to
                                                                       develop their expertise and further their professional careers.
                                                                       The MBA Banking and Finance will develop knowledgeable
                                                                       and capable executives, who will move quickly into key
                                                                       positions in the financial sector. The degree focuses on the
                                                                       financial and strategic management of banks and other
                                                                       financial institutions. Your will gain practical insight and skills
                                                                       in a range of financial and strategic management topics in
                                                                       financial services. We invite practitioners to share their views
                                                                       and experiences. Case studies and contemporary issues figure
                                                                       prominently in the programme.

                                                                       Details of the structure of the MBA degree in Banking and
MSc/MA Banking and Finance                                             Finance can be found on page 7 of this Prospectus. Module
                                                                       details can be found on pages 8 –12.
MSc/MA Finance
MSc/MA Business and Finance
MSc International Banking and                                          MBA in Management
    Development Finance
                                                                       The Business School offers a taught MBA degree in
                                                                       Management, which emphasises professional and vocational
These taught MSc and MA degrees have been designed with                development and an understanding of higher-level managerial
two objectives in mind. First, these programmes emphasise the          skills and concepts, and their application in practical situations.
practical application of methods and techniques to a variety of
situations in banking, finance, business and management.               Details of the structure and content of the MBA degree in
Second, these programmes provide you with a body of                    Management can be found on page13 of this Prospectus.
technical knowledge that will enable you to proceed to a
higher research degree, if you decide to do so.

The availability of parallel MSc and MA degrees in several of          Distance-learning Masters degrees
our programme titles allows you to choose between registering          with UWB-Global
for a more technical MSc degree (including a compulsory
element in Financial Econometrics), and a less technical MA
degree (for which Financial Econometrics is optional). The MSc         UWB-Global is a specialised unit that has been set up by the
degrees are more suitable for applicants with some previous            University of Wales, Bangor to offer international distance-
background in mathematics, statistics or econometrics, while the       learning postgraduate degrees. Academics from the Business
MA degrees are more suitable for applicants who prefer to              School and other world-class specialists contribute to the
adopt a predominantly non-quantitative approach to their               teaching of these degrees. The following programmes are
studies. However, all of these degrees include a compulsory            currently available:
module in Research Methods, which includes coverage of both
quantitative and non-quantitative research techniques. Provided        MSc           Accounting and Finance
you are registered for the correct modules for your chosen
degree, it is normally possible to transfer between any of our
                                                                       MSc           Banking and International Finance
MSc and MA degrees during the first few weeks following your           MSc           International Finance and Development
initial registration.
Details of the structure of the MSc and MA degrees can be              Further information is available from:
found on pages 6–7 of this Prospectus. Module details can be
found on pages 8–12.                                         

                Taught Postgraduate Degrees
The full-time MSc, MA and MBA degrees are scheduled for                 MSc Banking and Finance
a duration of 12 months. Each degree programme consists
of two parts.
                                                                        Comp ulso ry mo d ules                    Cr ed its   Se mester
Part 1 is a wholly taught component, contributing 120                   Research Methods                          30          1+2
credits. Details of the compulsory and optional modules                 Bank Financial Management                 15          1
comprising Part 1 are shown on pages 8-12. Part 1 is taught             International Financial Markets           15          1
during the two semesters which make up the academic year.               Financial Econometrics                    15          2
Teaching during semester 1 normally runs from late-                     Financial Modelling                       15          1
September to December, with examinations in January.
                                                                        Op tio na l mo d ules (cho o se 2)
Teaching during semester 2 normally runs from late-January              International Financial Management        15          2
to early-May, with examinations in May and June.                        Financial Analysis                        15          2
                                                                        Bank Strategy and Performance             15          2
Part 2 is a supervised dissertation of around 10,000 words,             Financial Engineering                     15          2
contributing 60 credits. The dissertation provides you with the
opportunity to critically review, and possibly (but not
necessarily) produce an original contribution to, the literature
in any part of the taught syllabus. Part 2 is completed during
the summer months, from June to September. You are
expected to submit your dissertation by the end of September
in the calendar year following your initial registration for your
MSc, MA or MBA degree programme.

Continuous assessment is an integral part of all of our
taught modules. The weightings attaching to coursework
and other forms of continuous assessment vary from module
to module, from a minimum of 25% to a maximum of 50%.

                                                                        MSc Finance
                   Why I chose Bangor
                    Abdul Rehman, Pakistan                              Comp ulso ry mo d ules                    Cr ed its   Se mester
                    MBA Banking and Finance,                            Research Methods                          30          1+2
                                                                        International Financial Markets           15          1
                    2004/05                                             Financial Accounting                      15          1
                          My first degree is in Economics, from         Financial Econometrics                    15          2
                    “    the University of Balochistan,
Pakistan. I also have a Masters degree from University of
                                                                        Financial Modelling
                                                                        Financial Engineering
Balochistan. I am a banker, and before coming to Bangor my
post was Manager of International Trade Finance. I enrolled             Op tio na l mo d ule (cho o se 1)
                                                                        International Financial Management        15          2
for the MBA Banking and Finance degree at Bangor through
                                                                        Financial Analysis                        15          2
the UK government’s Chevening Scholarship Scheme.
Choosing Bangor for the pursuit of education in the United
Kingdom was one of most important decisions I have taken in             MSc Business and Finance
my life. Important factors were the suitability of the course for
my future career; the high research rating of the Business
School; the quality of the teaching staff; and the relatively low       Comp ulso ry mo d ules                  Cr ed its     Se mester
                                                                        Research Methods                        30            1+2
cost of living in North Wales.
                                                                        International Financial Markets         15            1
                                                                        Financial Econometrics                  15            2
As I expected, I found the MBA in Banking and Finance to be             Strategic Management                    15            1+2
practical, and based on current issues in banking. Like any             Human Resource Management               10            1
other student from a developing country, I expected the                 Management and Organisational Behaviour 10            1
                                                                        Marketing Strategy                      10            1
lecturers at Bangor to be of the highest calibre, due to their
excellent publications records. This level of quality was
                                                                        Op tio na l mo d ules (cho o se 1)
reflected in every aspect of the course at Bangor. The resources        International Financial Management        15          2
available to students, including Blackboard, library resources,         Financial Analysis                        15          2
online Journals and databases far exceeded my expectations.
The course and the qualification will certainly be of value for
my future career in banking and finance.                            6
in Banking and Finance
  MA Banking and Finance                                                MSc International Banking and
                                                                        Development Finance
  Co mp ulso ry mo dule s                   Cr ed its   Sem ester
  Research Methods                          30          1+2             Co mp ulso ry mo du le s                      Cr ed its   Se mester
  Bank Financial Management                 15          1               Research Methods                              30          1+2
  International Financial Markets           15          1               Bank Financial Management                     15          1
  Financial Accounting                      15          1               International Financial Markets               15          1
                                                                        Financial Econometrics                        15          2
  Optio na l mo d ules ( cho o se 3)                                    Banking and Development                       15          2
  International Financial Management        15          2               International Banking                         15          1
  Financial Analysis                        15          2
  Bank Strategy and Performance             15          2               Optio na l mo d ules (cho o se 1)
  Financial Econometrics                    15          2               International Financial Management            15          2
  Corporate Risk Management                 15          1               Bank Strategy and Performance                 15          2
                                                                        Investment and Private Banking                15          2

  MA Finance

  Co mp ulso ry mo dule s                   Cr ed its   Sem ester
  Research Methods                          30          1+2
  International Financial Markets           15          1
  Financial Accounting                      15          1
  International Financial Management        15          2

  Optio na l mo d ules ( cho o se 3)
  Financial Analysis                        15          2               MBA Banking and Finance
  Financial Econometrics                    15          2
  Corporate Risk Management                 15          1
  Financial Modelling                       15          1
                                                                        Co mp ulso ry mo du le s                Cr ed its         Se mester
                                                                        Research Methods                        10                1
                                                                        Bank Financial Management               10                1
  MA Business and Finance                                               International Financial Markets         10                1
                                                                        Corporate Risk Management               10                1
                                                                        Management and Organisational Behaviour 10                1
  Co mp ulso ry mo dule s                 Cr ed its     Sem ester       Corporate Strategy                      10                1
  Research Methods                        30            1+2
  International Financial Markets         15            1
                                                                        Optio na l mo d ules (cho o se 6)
  Strategic Management                    15            1+2
                                                                        Marketing Strategy                            10          1
  Human Resource Management               10            1
                                                                        International Financial Management            10          2
  Management and Organisational Behaviour 10            1
                                                                        Financial Analysis                            10          2
  Marketing Strategy                      10            1
                                                                        Banking and Development                       10          2
                                                                        Financial Institutions Strategic Management   10          2
  Optio na l mo d ules ( cho o se 2)                                    International Banking                         10          2
  International Financial Management        15          2               Investment and Private Banking                10          2
  Financial Analysis                        15          2               Quantitative and Qualitative
  Quantitative and Qualitative                                             Methods for Management Research            10          2
    Methods for Management Research         15          2

                                                              Taught Modules in

Bank Financial Management

This module provides a grounding in the nature, strategic
context and managerial functions of financial management in
banks, and other financial services firms. Three key themes
are: identification and management of the trade-off between
risk and return; improvement of a bank’s value using market
models; and external market-based tests of bank
performance. Specific topics include:
• External and internal drivers that shape bank financial
• Financial and performance analysis
• Asset and liability management
• Lending and securitisation
• Risk and capital adequacy
• Capital allocation and VAR (Value-At-Risk) modelling
• Current issues in bank financial management

Bank Strategy and Performance

Financial Institutions Strategic
Management                                                            Banking and Development

This module examines the main theoretical and practical               This module critically evaluates the theory underlying the
issues concerning banking business. You will develop a critical       policy of financial liberalisation, and examines its
awareness of the theory of the banking firm, the motives for          implementation, primarily in developing countries. Specific
international banking, and regulatory and structural issues           topics include:
impacting on bank behaviour. Specific topics include:                 • Financial development, economic growth and the role of
• Financial intermediation, the financial system and bank               stock markets
   behaviour                                                          • Theory and application of the policy of financial
• Domestic and international banking                                    liberalisation
• Unique characteristics of financial intermediaries                  • Interest rate spreads and financial liberalisation
• Bank regulation and supervision                                     • Financial liberalisation and bank efficiency
• Retail and wholesale banking, and off-balance sheet                 • The role and performance of foreign banks
   banking business                                                   • Privatising the banking system
• Bank industrial structure: market structure, competition,           • International capital flows: causes, consequences and
   efficiency                                                           policy responses
• Technology, innovation and growth                                   • Monetary policy during episodes of financial distress
• Electronic payments and internet banking

Banking and Finance

 Corporate Risk Management                                              Financial Accounting

 This module provides an analysis of pure risk and its                  This module examines the main issues and principles of
 management. You will develop a critical awareness of the               financial reporting, in an international context. The key
 issues that arise in identifying, controlling and financing loss       differences in accounting practice between countries are
 exposures. The module demonstrates the application of risk             analysed. You will develop a critical awareness of the
 management concepts and techniques to practical problems.              implications of the different regulatory approaches for key
 Specific topics include:                                               accounting issues. Specific topics include:
 • Perspectives on risk management                                      • Regulatory regimes in financial reporting
 • Risk identification                                                  • The nature and causes of international accounting
 • Corporate loss exposure: property, personnel, liability,                divergence
    financial risk                                                      • Classification and harmonisation
 • Probabilistic measurement of risk                                    • The IASB, its origin and programme
 • Risk control, financing and transfer; separation and                 • Comparative accounting: UK, US, Germany, France and
    combination of exposures                                               China
 • Risk financing: insurance and other alternatives; uninsurable        • Revenue recognition and creative accounting
    risks                                                               • Groups and goodwill
 • Legal aspects of insurance and dealing with insurers                 • Foreign currency translation

 Corporate Strategy
                                                                        Financial Analysis

 Strategic Management
                                                                        This module analyses the techniques that are used to
                                                                        evaluate a company’s financial position and performance.
 This module analyses strategic decision-making within                  You will examine the principles underlying inter-firm
 business. You will develop a critical understanding of the             comparison (comparing the performance of one firm with
 strategic processes of business management, the                        another) and trend analysis (comparing the performance
 interconnections with the functional domains of marketing,             of the same firm over different periods). Specific topics
 human resource management and corporate finance, and                   include:
 the management of knowledge systems. Specific topics                   • Balance sheet and income statement analysis
 include:                                                               • Financial ratio analysis and inter-firm comparison
 • Concepts of strategic management applicable to business              • Trend analysis and financial forecasting
 • Prescriptive and emergent strategies                                 • Analysis of profitability and growth
 • Strategy implementation through capacity building and                • Using financial statements in valuation
    resource allocation                                                 • Cash accounting, accrual accounting and discounted
 • Managing, monitoring and reviewing strategic change                     cash flow valuation
 • Organisational designs for strategic advantage                       • Pricing book values and earnings
 • Human resources strategy, marketing and corporate                    • Distress prediction
    financial strategy
 • Organisational learning and knowledge management

                                                              Taught Modules in

Financial Econometrics                                             Financial Modelling

This module provides advanced coverage of econometric              This module develops a combined theoretical and
methods and practices that are used to model financial and         practical approach to mathematical modelling for
business data. You will develop the independent capability         specialists in finance. Numerical methods and other
to design, estimate and evaluate appropriate econometric           analytic approaches to financial modelling are
models using econometric software. Specific topics include:        emphasised. Specific topics include:
• Review of the linear regression model: estimation and            • Numerical methods and other approaches to financial
   hypothesis testing                                                modelling
• Dynamic regression models: distributed lag and                   • Multinomial trees for equity and interest rate
   autoregressive models                                             modelling
• Non-stationarity and testing for unit roots                      • Parameter determination and convergence analysis in
• Modelling long-run relationships: cointegration                    option pricing
• Causality testing                                                • Valuation of financial instruments by direct integration,
• Modelling volatility: univariate ARCH and GARCH                    simulation and random number methods
   models                                                          • Monte Carlo simulation
• Regression analysis using panel data                             • Value at risk, duration and convexity analysis
• Stochastic frontier models: efficiency analysis of               • Term structure modelling
   banking markets                                                 • Binomial trees and stochastic integration for option

Financial Engineering                                              Human Resource Management

This module develops a combined theoretical and                    This module develops a critical awareness of the key
practical approach to derivatives pricing and financial            human resource management issues that arise within
engineering. You will develop an understanding of the              organisations. You will examine the theory and practice
mathematical and stochastic models that are required to            of human resource management in a variety of
understand and replicate the analytical techniques used            organisational settings, with an international emphasis.
in financial engineering. Specific topics include:                 Specific topics include:
• Option pricing: continuous and discrete time valuation           • The nature and scope of human resource management
   models                                                          • The changing nature of work and employment
• The probability of exercise                                      • The employment relationship and its implications for
• Delta hedging, volatility structure, and restrictions              the managerial role
   imposed by absence of arbitrage                                 • Roles and responsibilities of line managers and human
• Gamma convexity, gamma delta neutral trades, long                  resource specialists
   and short theta and vega                                        • Human resource planning, recruitment and selection,
• Extensions to futures, swaptions, foreign currencies               equality and diversity
   and exotic instruments                                          • Managing and rewarding performance, employee
• Hedging strategies, synthetic assets and the                       involvement and empowerment
   engineering of one asset from another                           • Human resource development, organisational
• Stochastic methods for describing the dynamics of                  performance and the management of change: national
   financial prices in a random environment                          and international aspects

Banking and Finance

 International Banking                                              International Financial Markets

 This module examines the origins of international banking,         This module provides an overview of financial instruments
 the activities of international banks, the markets in which        in a multi-currency world, taking account of the
 they participate, and the sources of risk. You will                relationship between risk and return, the diversification of
 investigate the determinants of the efficiency of                  risk and the pricing of assets. Specific topics include:
 international banks, and evaluate the implications for             • Review of the concepts of risk and return
 banks’ strategic decision-making. Specific topics include:         • Portfolio theory, diversification and portfolio
 • International banking: market development and                       management
    definitions                                                     • Systematic risk and the capital asset pricing model
 • Integration of market structures and bank efficiency             • The arbitrage pricing theory and international asset
 • Evaluation of country risk                                          pricing
 • The international debt crisis and policy responses               • Bond pricing and bond portfolio management
 • The Asian currency and financial crisis                          • Interest rate futures and currency futures
 • Market failure and international bank regulation                 • Currency swaps and interest rate swaps
 • International financial centres, Euromarkets and                 • Option pricing, stock options and currency options
    offshore banking
 • Case study: the internationalisation of the Brazilian
    banking system

 International Financial Management                                 Investment and Private Banking

 The financial management of multinational companies,               This module examines the major features of the investment
 and the influence of the macroeconomic, fiscal, currency           and private banking sectors. You will develop a critical
 and political environments on decision-making are                  awareness of the changing business characteristics of the
 examined. Specific topics include:                                 global investment banking industry, including various
 • The financial management of multinational companies              regulatory issues. Specific topics include:
   (MNCs)                                                           • Structure and competitive advantage in global
 • Determinants of exchange rates: purchasing power and               investment banking
   interest rate parity                                             • Asset structure in investment banking
 • Management of exchange rate exposure: forwards,                  • Revenue, costs and returns in investment banking
   money markets, options                                           • Investment banking as a complement to universal
 • Corporate financing decisions and the role of the                  banking
   global financial markets                                         • Private banking: definition, history and clients
 • Cost of capital and performance evaluation                       • Asset and risk management services in private banking
 • Capital investment appraisal                                     • Pricing, service quality and the role of technology
 • Taxation and its implications for MNC decision-making            • Offshore and onshore private banking
 • Working capital management and the positioning of
   funds in the MNC

Taught Modules in Banking and Finance

 Management and                                                   Quantitative and Qualitative
 Organisational Behaviour                                         Methods for Management Research

 This module provides an integrated analysis of                   This module analyses the philosophical basis for research in
 management as an academic discipline, drawing on the             the management sciences, and examines a number of key
 work of classical and contemporary writers in the field,         methodological issues and approaches. Research designs
 and as a practical strategic activity in a dynamic               for both quantitative and qualitative research
 environment of continual change. Specific topics include:        methodologies are developed, including interviews, case
 • Theories and models of management                              studies, focus groups, surveys and experiments. Specific
 • Individuals, groups and teams in the organisation              topics include:
 • Learning organisations, communication, motivation and          • Research methodologies and philosophy: positivism and
   teamwork                                                          interpretivism
 • Organisation structures: strategy, design and function         • Qualitative research methods and the search for
 • Organisation processes: survival, change, growth and              meaning
   development                                                    • Selecting a research strategy and design
 • Organisation culture
                                                                  • Data gathering, documentary records, triangulation and
 • Leadership and decision making; power, control and
                                                                     mixed methods
   conflict resolution
                                                                  • Content analysis, conversation analysis, discourse
                                                                     analysis, grounded theory
                                                                  • Quantitative research design and methodologies
                                                                  • Univariate and multivariate analysis, factor, cluster and
 Marketing Strategy                                                  discriminant analysis

 This module critically evaluates the contributions of
 various schools of thought in marketing, and examines the        Research Methods
 relevant analytical models and management practices,
 with emphasis on the strategic importance of marketing to
 all organisations. Specific topics include:                      This module equips you with knowledge of intermediate
 • Marketing and its domestic and international                   and advanced research methods, which you will encounter
    environment                                                   in other modules and in your dissertations. The module also
 • Understanding markets: market segmentation and                 provides a basis in research methodology for those who
    targeting customers                                           may eventually wish to pursue research degrees. Specific
 • Marketing strategy, planning, forecasting and                  topics include:
    performance evaluation                                        • Introduction to research methodology
 • Market research and understanding the behaviour of             • Techniques for describing and summarising data
    customers                                                     • Elements of data modelling
 • Design and implementation of effective marketing               • Principles of statistical inference
    strategies                                                    • Regression analysis
 • Product, place, price, promotion, people, process and
    physical evidence                                             • Time-series analysis
 • Social and ethical aspects of marketing                        • Survey methodology

                                                                  Students registered for the MBA in Banking and Finance
                                                                  follow a shortened version of the Research Methods

                  MBA in Management

The MBA in Management emphasises professional and
                                                                     Why I chose Bangor
vocational development, understanding higher-level
                                                                                            Yolanda McCoy,
management skills and concepts, and their application in
practical situations. You will be taught and you will learn                                 Cayman Islands
through a balanced curriculum, including theory,                                            MBA Banking and
workshops, and case studies taken from the world stage.                                     Finance. 2003/2004
The structure of the degree is 12 taught modules (9                                               The decision to pursue a
compulsory and 3 options) accounting for 120 credits, and
a dissertation weighted at 60 credits involving research on
                                                                                                 life-long dream materialized
                                                                                            in late August, 2003 when I
an aspect of management.                                                                    was awarded a British
                                                                                            Chevening Scholarship to
We welcome applications from good graduates in relevant                                     attend the University of Wales,
disciplines. Alternatively, possession of a suitable                 Bangor MBA in Banking and Finance degree programme
professional qualification and practical experience may
                                                                     in September, 2003.
also be accepted. Work experience, while desirable, is not
essential. If English is not your native language, then
satisfactory evidence of written and spoken English must be          Ten years of work experience and a BSc degree in
provided, for example IELTS 6.0 or its equivalent under              International Business from the University of Tampa,
alternative testing procedures.                                      Florida, created a sound foundation for this intense but
                                                                     rewarding program. Despite the many challenges, it was
Details of the structure of the MBA in Management are                truly an experience of a lifetime. Not only was I privileged
shown below. Further information, including details of               to study with such wonderful and multifaceted individuals
module contents, is available from:                                  from all over the world, but the knowledge and exposure
                                                                     that I gained was invaluable.
                                                                     The MBA in Banking and Finance is designed for
                                                                     candidates with degrees or relevant business backgrounds
                                                                     who wish to develop their knowledge in the relevant field, in
MBA Management                                                       addition to enhancing their managerial skills. When
                                                                     reviewing the various MBA programs available in the UK,
Co mp ulsa ry Mod ules                  Cr ed its   Sem ester        I diligently reviewed the institution’s curriculum, their
Human Resource Management               10               1           research commitment, the learning environment and the
Management and Organisational Behaviour 10               1           professors’ experience and expertise in the business field.
Corporate Strategy                      10               1
e-Business and Value Chain              10               1
Marketing Strategy                      10               1           The MBA follows a very structured curriculum, and the
Finance for non-Financial Managers      10               1           professors are not merely lecturers, but also experts in the
International Business                  10               2           subject areas. Many of the professors have written articles
New Venture Creation                    10               2           in well-known journals, and are either authors or co-
Quantitative and Qualitative                                         authors of books, which are actively used in the classrooms.
Methods for Management Research         10               2
                                                                     It is also a very accommodating learning environment with
Optio na l mo d ules ( cho o se 3)                                   excellent facilities. I graduated from Bangor having earned
International Financial Management        10             2           a distinction. I currently work with the Cayman Islands
Financial Analysis                        10             2           Monetary Authority as a Chief Analyst in the Investment
Business Planning                         10             2           and Securities Division.
European Business                         10             2
Knowledge Management

After successfully completing the taught        demonstrated by the following illustrative   • The New Basel Accord: Implications
component of your MSc, MA or MBA                list of recent dissertation titles.            for the UK Residential Mortgage
degree, you will proceed to the                                                                Market
dissertation stage, which is worth 60           Rec ent dis sertat ion ti tles in clu de:    • Determinants of Japanese Commercial
credits. The dissertation is normally about     • Competition between the Hong Kong            Banks’ Profitability, 1995-2003
10,000 words in length. Support for the           and Shanghai IPO Markets                   • Financial Derivatives and the Exposure
dissertation stage will commence with a         • Determinants of Capital Structure:           of US Banks
workshop that will be held while the              Cross-Sectional and Panel Analysis for     • Culture, Economic Development and
taught component of your degree                   UK non-Financial Firms                       the Financial Sector: an essay
programme is in progress.                       • Inter-cultural Differences in Internet     • Economic Crises and the Financial
                                                  Marketing Communications                     Sector: Empirical Evidence from Turkey
At all stages, you will receive both formal
                                                • Reform of the Foreign Exchange Rate        • Bank Efficiency in the Nigerian
and informal support from lecturing staff,
                                                  Regime and Exchange Rate                     Commercial Banking Sector
as well as PhD students and other
                                                  Misalignment in China                      • Bank Off-Balance Sheet Business and
researchers, in helping to formulate
suitable subject areas for your dissertation.   • Capital Structure and Financial Crisis       Risk Exposure Taxes
Your supervisor will oversee the research         in Malaysia                                • Effects of Fixed Assets Revaluation on
design, methodology, results, draft             • The Impact of the Asian Financial            Stock Returns: Evidence from Greece
chapters and final dissertation submission.       Crisis on the Relationship Between
The wide range of topics examined in              Financial Development and Economic
recently submitted dissertations is               Growth

                                      Research Degrees
The Business School runs a highly                                                            methods; advice on thesis structure,
successful programme for students who                                                        content and presentation; critical
wish to study for the research degrees of                                                    appraisal of drafts of your thesis; and, in
MPhil or PhD. The PhD programme is                                                           the case of PhD students, advice on
recognised by the UK’s Economic and                                                          preparation for your viva voce
Social Research Council (ESRC). The                                                          examination.
programme includes a number of taught
courses considered appropriate to your                                                       The Business School offers a stimulating
area of study, which are taken during the                                                    research environment. More than 50
first year of the programme. For a PhD                                                       research students were registered for
degree, you are expected to present the                                                      MPhil or PhD degrees during the
results of your research in a thesis which                                                   2005-06 session. Supervision by
represents a significant original                                                            specialists and access to state-of-the-art
contribution to knowledge in the subject                                                     facilities gives you the opportunity to
area studied, and to undergo a viva voce                                                     produce research of the highest
examination. For an MPhil (Master of                                                         academic quality. You will be
Philosophy) degree, you are expected to                                                      encouraged to participate fully in all of
successfully complete an approved                                                            our academic activities, including regular
programme of supervised research, and                                                        informal research presentations by our
to present your results in a thesis.                                                         own research students. Research students
                                                                                             play a central and highly valued role in
All research students are allocated to a                                                     the School’s research culture.
supervisor with a research interest in your
chosen topic of study. Your supervisor                                                       Further information on research degrees
will provide advice and guidance on                                                          is available from our dedicated PhD
your choice of topic; advice on the                                                          research opportunities website:
literature in your field and how to access
it; advice on your choice of research                                              

Welcome International Students
The University is highly aware of the challenges facing
international students in moving away from home in order to
study. The dedicated International Student Welfare Adviser
offers support to students in the time leading up to arrival in
Bangor, and throughout their time as students.

New students arriving at Manchester International Airport on
the weekend prior to registration are normally met and taken
by a specially organised coach service right to the doorstep of
their new home in Bangor. For students arriving at Manchester
or Liverpool airports at other times, a taxi pick-up service can
be arranged (local charges apply). We also meet students at
Bangor train station and take them to their accommodation.                  English language courses

                                                                            International students are generally required to provide
                                                                            evidence of their English language proficiency. Students who
                                                                            have not yet achieved the level required by the University can
                                                                            undertake English Language and Study Skills courses at the
                                                                            University’s English Language Centre (ELCOS), prior to the
                                                                            beginning of your academic programme, in order to reach the
                                                                            required level.

                                                                            As the English language level normally required for entry is
                                                                            IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, additional tuition can be taken as

                                                                            IELTS 5.5         3 MONTH COURSE, JUNE – SEPTEMBER
                                                                            IELTS 5.0         6 MONTH COURSE, FEBRUARY – AUGUST
                                                                            IELTS 4.5         9 MONTH COURSE, SEPTEMBER – JUNE

                                                                            Students receive close attention in order to ensure excellent
                                                                            progression and successful completion of the course. At the
                                                                            end, students are not required to undertake a further external
During your first few weeks at Bangor, a range of briefings are             English test, as our highly experienced and qualified staff will
organised on matters such as study skills, registering with a               conduct a test and provide an official report for the University.
doctor, registering with the police, advice on work regulations,
and other relevant issues. A special Orientation Day provides               Students on academic programmes can receive English
an opportunity to meet other international students and external            language support throughout the year in courses specially
organisations, and take a trip around the surrounding area. This            organised for international students. These include academic
helps you to make friends, settle in and get to know your way               writing classes and English language modules. Students can
around.                                                                     also benefit from individual consultations with a language tutor.
                                                                            Students wishing to undertake further external English tests can
Throughout the year, the International Student Welfare Adviser              benefit from special evening classes which focus on preparation
offers assistance and advice on a range of matters such as                  for these examinations.
NHS health care in the UK, opening a bank account,
immigration status, applications to extend your visa, work                  Further details of English language courses are available from:
regulations and finding work, travelling outside the UK, police
registration, accommodation, bringing your family to the UK,                ELCOS
and nurseries and schools in Bangor. We also arrange coach                  University of Wales, Bangor
trips to places of interest. The British Council’s Regional Services
Officer is an important point of contact for information, advice            Gwynedd LL57 2DG, UK
and support for students attending Bangor through the British
                                                                            Tel: +44 (0)1248 382252
                                                                            Fax: +44 (0)1248 383784
                   Student Accommodation

                                                                        Why I chose Bangor
                                                                        Balzhan Zhussupova, Kazakhstan
                                                                        MBA Banking and Finance, 2001/02
                                                                                             I received my BSc in International
                                                                                          “  Economic Affairs from the Kazakh State
                                                                                         Academy of Management in Almaty,
The University of Wales, Bangor offers more than 2,000                                   Kazakhstan. Before coming to Bangor I had
single study bedrooms in a variety of formats, all of which                              worked as an internal auditor and a credit
include heating, electricity and other bills in the rent, unlike                         analyst with International Bank Alma-Ata
most private accommodation. The Halls are split across                                   in Kazakhstan. I decided to come to Bangor
four main sites. The main accommodation site currently
                                                                                         because I wanted to study for an MBA in
houses over 1,300 students, and has a food outlet offering
a wide choice of food at affordable prices.                             Banking and Finance and I liked the course provided by the
                                                                        Business School.
Catered acc ommo datio n gives you either breakfast and
dinner Monday to Friday or a cashless card loaded with                  I learnt a lot from my MBA course. Studying in the Business
an allowance. This card can be used in a number of food                 School significantly improved my knowledge of banking, in
outlets, but the allowance does not equate to a set number              which the school has excellent teaching and research records. I
of meals. The format offered depends on the site on which               particularly, enjoyed the modules in International Banking
you are accommodated.                                                   and Strategic Management for Financial Institutions.
                                                                        Moreover, Bangor’s diverse multicultural environment gave
Sel f-catered acc ommodatio n gives you access to a shared              me an opportunity to meet many interesting people. Upon
kitchen with basic facilities such as cookers, fridges and
                                                                        successful competition of my MBA dissertation, the Business
freezers. Cutlery, pots, pans and crockery are not
provided.                                                               School awarded me a PhD studentship which, I believe, will
                                                                        further improve my professional profile.
En -su ite acc ommo dation features bedrooms with a private
shower and toilet in a newer residence. Fees for en-suite               In the UK, the number of lecture hours is normally less
bedrooms are higher than those for bedrooms with shared                 compared to my home universities. That surprised me in the
facilities.                                                             beginning. Later, however, I appreciated the independence and
                                                                        flexibility of the UK system. The discussions with the professors
Sha red f acilit ies acc ommo dation features shared                    during the lectures were challenging, and the talks given by
bathrooms and toilets. There are always baths, and some                 the various invited speakers were interesting and relevant. The
showers are available. The bedrooms are in older                        Business School has a good collection of electronic journals
residences, and are usually larger than the modern en-suite
                                                                        and database facilities. I found them very useful while writing
bedrooms. Shared facilities accommodation is cheaper,
and some students say that it is easier to meet people in               my dissertation. Finally, the Business School has very friendly
the old-style residences.
                                                                        and supportive administrative personnel, who were always
                                                                        willing and able to help out.

                        Student Accommodation

Bangor has a lower cost of living than many parts of the UK,           Many postgraduates live in University accommodation, but we
and University accommodation fees reflect this. Fees are               are not able to guarantee University accommodation for all
calculated for the full academic session. As a guide, the              postgraduate students. Some postgraduates live in private sector
2005-06 fees equate to the following weekly rates:                     accommodation. Information about lodgings, flats, cottages and
                                                                       houses is available from the Student Housing Office:
Catered, shared facilities           £78.82 for 32 weeks
Self-catered, shared facilities      £48.65 for 37 weeks               Student Housing Office
Self-catered, en-suite               £71.19 for 37 weeks               Student Services
                                                                       3rd Floor, Student Union Building
Current information on University accommodation fees can be            Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DG, UK
obtained from:                                  Tel: +44 (0)1248 382032/382034
For international students, the self-catered option often works        Fax: +44 (0)1248 383588
well, as your rooms do not have to be vacated during the               Email:
Christmas and Easter vacations. The self-catered option also
works well if you wish to prepare meals similar to the ones you
enjoy in your home country. Food from all over the world can 
be bought in a number of shops in Bangor.
                                                                       When you are offered a place on a postgraduate course, or to
Some international students who choose to bring their families         read for a postgraduate degree by research, you will be sent
with them to Bangor take advantage of the Family                       information on accommodation and an application form by the
Accommodation offered by the University. This is mostly in the         Postgraduate Office (Academic Office). This information pack
form of two-bedroom flats at various locations in the city, all        will explain to you what your options are in applying for
within walking distance of academic departments.                       University or private sector accommodation.

           University of Wales, Bangor

Founded in 1884 as one of the constituent colleges of the University of
Wales, the University of Wales, Bangor now has 20 academic
departments and a student community of over 10,000 undergraduates
and postgraduates from all over the world.

The compact size of the city itself means that student facilities –          The University has over 1,000 PCs for student use. These are
including accommodation, the Sports Centre and the Students’                 located within the Business School, in the University library, and
Union – are within easy walking distance of the main University              in a number of dedicated computer rooms in various locations
buildings. High street shops, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, bars,        around the University campus. Laser printing is available from all
cinemas and theatre are also close by. The size and friendly nature          of our computer rooms. Nine of these rooms are open 24 hours
of Bangor means it is easy to get to know people, and our students           a day, seven days a week. You can use a wide range of
settle in quickly. Student surveys show that a high proportion of            specialist software and educational technology, including the
people choose Bangor because of the small and friendly nature of             Blackboard online learning environment with course notes,
the University and the town.                                                 discussion boards, announcement pages and much more. We
                                                                             also have a shop selling computers, software and consumables,
                                                                             often at heavily discounted prices.
Library and computer services
                                                                             The Students’ Union
The University Information Services department provides library,
archives, records management, computing, media and
                                                                             The Students’ Union exists to promote your interests and welfare
reprographics facilities and services. Experienced staff are
                                                                             and to provide a channel of communication between you and
available to help you get the best out of our resources during
                                                                             the University. Being part of your Union is free, and gives you
your study at Bangor. Our aim is to make sure you have easy
                                                                             access to a wide range of services and discounts. The Union
access to the material you need for your day-to-day work.
                                                                             runs a student travel office to help you find the best deals for
                                                                             vacations, a general store for your day-to-day shopping needs,
We have an extensive collection of books and journals. Many                  and a welfare advice centre where students’ problems are dealt
journals are available online in full-text format. We also have              with in confidence.
databases, videos and CDs (with listening and viewing facilities);
micro material; and a wonderful manuscript collection. From our              During the day, there’s a busy welcoming atmosphere to the
web-based catalogue, you can not only find out about the                     Union building. The bars, cafes and coffee bar are all good
library’s stock, but also access e-books, e-journals, past exam              places to eat, drink, or just sit and chat. But it’s at night the Union
papers, subject guides and other learning resources. You can                 comes alive, offering top-class entertainment most nights of the
make use of these electronic resources from any computer with                week. The Students’ Union also organises one of the biggest
an internet connection.                                                      nights of the year, the annual Summer Ball, when the
                                                                             entertainment and end-of-academic year celebrations continue
                                                                             well into the next day ...

           University of Wales, Bangor
Sports facilities

If you are already interested in outdoor pursuits, you will be
spoilt for choice by the full range of opportunities available right
on your doorstep, from climbing and hillwalking to paragliding
and watersports. Even if you’re not that energetic, you can enjoy
the North Wales scenery at a more leisurely pace.

We are sure you will be thrilled with the excellent sports and
physical recreation facilities we have to offer. Maesglas, our
main sports and recreation centre, is situated next to the main
student residential site. It has two main sports halls, three well-
equipped rooms for cardiovascular exercise and weights
training, a gymnasium, a climbing wall with ascents varying in
difficulty, a bouldering wall, and four squash courts.

Outdoors, we have grass pitches for soccer and rugby, all in
sites of scenic beauty, a new synthetic pitch for hockey and
training, and a modern athletics track and field sports facility            Why I chose Bangor
(shared with the municipal council). Nearby there is yet another
sports hall and two gymnasiums which are used in the evenings                Aliki Plevraki, Greece
and weekends by the Athletics Union clubs for training and                  MA Banking and Finance, 2004/05
group activities.                                                                                 Before coming to Bangor, I

Health and welfare
                                                                                             “    studied Economics with Business
                                                                                             at the University of Central
                                                                                             Lancashire in Preston. Before
                                                                                             entering the job market, I decided to
We want you to enjoy your time at Bangor. We appreciate that                                 extend my knowledge into a different
at some time you might need support to help you overcome                    area. Bangor was one of the few Universities that
personal difficulties which might arise. Within the Business                could offer me the postgraduate degree course that
School, a Personal Tutor will be allocated to you in order to               interested me. Additionally, the location played a key
address any difficulties that might arise in relation to the course.        role. Studying in a larger city was stressful and
The Business School follows an ‘open door’ policy whereby
                                                                            distracting. In order to succeed in my Masters degree,
students are able to seek advice on academic as well as
pastoral matters from any of the School’s staff, whenever                   I needed a quieter location in a region of natural
required.                                                                   beauty, so as to retain all the experience and
                                                                            knowledge offered by the University.
Elsewhere, the Student Services Centre and Students’ Union
offers a free and confidential professional counselling service on          Banking was always an area I had dreamed of
an appointment or “walk-in” basis. Representation, personal                 studying, and the MA in Banking and Finance
support and advice on a variety of problems is available through            provided everything I needed in order to succeed in
the Students’ Union Advice Centre and Representation Centre.                this area. The project work enabled me to develop a
                                                                            high level of awareness and understanding of the
Health care is available via daily surgeries where no                       subject material of the course. My lecturers have left
appointment is required (you will need to register with a local
                                                                            me with many positive impressions. They provided
doctor). We also have a nurse who can see you on a “drop-in”
basis and who makes visits to students in their accommodation               continuous support and encouragement throughout
when necessary. There is a confidential Nightline support service           this crucial year, and I was rapidly able to develop
run by students for students.                                               professional and friendly relationships with them.
                                                                            The University provides excellent library and IT
Our Chaplains provide support for all members of the University,            resources, which enable you to complete the
regardless of their religious beliefs. As well as many Christian            coursework and to further expand your knowledge in
churches, there is a mosque located in Bangor High Street,                  many different areas.
within easy walking distance of the University buildings and

                 Bangor and North Wales

Bangor is very much a University city. The entertainment and
nightlife is student-oriented and student-led, with the Students’
Union nightclub, Time, providing much of the focus. The cost of
living is lower than in most UK cities, so you can make the most
of your money in what is a very pleasant environment in which to
work and study. The opportunity to find part-time work is
important to some students, and the student employment bureau
within the Centre for Careers and Opportunities can help you
find suitable work. Also worth bearing in mind is the fact that,
compared to many other university cities, Bangor is a safe place
to be a student. The crime rate for North Wales is one of the
lowest in the UK.

While Bangor itself is compact and convenient, the surrounding
area offers plenty of wide open spaces. The mountains and
coastline of Snowdonia is an area of outstanding natural beauty,
offering you wonderful recreational opportunities whether you’re
interested in outdoor activities or just want to enjoy the scenery.
Bangor is exceptionally well-situated and well-equipped for
students interested in sport – especially those involving the great
outdoors. Rock climbing, sailing, diving, mountain biking,
canoeing and surfing are just some of the activities available, as
well as team sports such as rugby, hockey and football. Indoor
sports are also well catered for. However, don’t think you need to
be sporty to come here – many of our students just like the fact
that Bangor is in such a scenic location: safer, cleaner and far
friendlier than many larger places.

                        Bangor and North Wales
                                                                                    For those not interested in sports, there’s plenty to do in
                                                                                    and around Snowdonia. Historical towns such as
                                                                                    Beaumaris, Conwy and Caernarfon (which all have their
                                                                                    own castles) or picturesque places such as Beddgelert,
                                                                                    Llanberis and Betws y Coed are well worth a visit. As a
                                                                                    popular holiday destination, North Wales has much to
                                                                                    offer in terms of tourist attractions and sights such as the
                                                                                    Snowdon Mountain Railway and Thomas Telford’s
                                                                                    famous Suspension Bridge. For day trips, the Victorian
                                                                                    resort town of Llandudno and historical Chester are both
                                                                                    easy car or train journeys away. The fast ferry service
                                                                                    from Holyhead to Ireland means a day trip to Dublin is
                                                                                    also a popular option.

                                                                                    Why I chose Bangor
                                                                                    Charilaos Roussos, Greece
                                                                                    BA Banking and Finance, 1997-2000
                                                                                    MBA Banking and Finance, 2002/03
                                                                                                            I took my first degree at the University
                                                                                                        “   of Wales, Bangor. Having enjoyed the
                                                                                                        experience and met all the people I did, it
                                                                                                        was not hard to choose where I would
                                                                                                        resume my studies: it could not have been
                                                                                                        anywhere other than Bangor! The
                                                                                                        atmosphere at the University is absolutely
                                                                                                        fantastic. Due to its relatively small size,
                                                                                    you can get to know a lot of people quite fast both on a
How to find us The University buildings and University student                      personal and on a work/study level. For me, this was
accommodation are located within a few minutes’ walk from Bangor                    important throughout the years of my stay in Bangor.
city centre. If you are coming to Bangor by car, there are excellent                Another benefit is that nothing (library, sports pitches, pubs)
road links along the North Wales coast, linking to the M56, M6 and                  is too far away from anything else, making life in general
the rest of the UK motorway network. There are direct trains to
                                                                                    really convenient.
Bangor from London, Manchester, Crewe and Cardiff. The nearest
airports are Liverpool and Manchester International.
                                                                                    The course was well structured and the workload was
                                                                                    demanding but reasonable. I am currently employed by
                     Glasgow Edinburgh                                              Accenture Luxembourg in Global Tax Operations, and I can
                                                                                    see the relevance of many topics studied during the course in
                                           Newcastle                                my daily work in financial reporting. Overall, if I had the
                                                                                    opportunity to choose between this MBA program or any other
                                                                                    course in the UK, I would definitely choose Bangor again.
                                                                                    I think the staff at the Business School are an amazing group
                                                         Leeds                      of people that really enjoy their work, and do a fantastic job
                             Liverpool   Manchester                                 to keep not only postgraduates but all school members as
        Dublin    Holyhead                                                          satisfied as possible. The school has a key number of
                             A55               Sheffield
                                    M56                                             professors and lecturers who are famous for their work. It is
                 BANGOR       Wrexham
                                                    M6                              the school’s style to keep a close relationship with its students,
                                                     Birmingham                     and to try and help on a daily basis with various issues and
                             Aberystwyth                                                                                      “
                                                                                    problems that may arise – something that I found reassuring,
                             Lampeter               M5                              especially when I first came to Bangor
                              Cardiff                                 London
               Admission Requirements

Entry to any of our taught postgraduate courses usually                   Applicants for entry to an MPhil degree should hold a first or
requires a good first degree in a relevant subject, such as               upper second-class degree in economics, or a closely related
economics, finance, accounting, business or management.                   subject. Applicants for entry to a PhD degree must hold a
Alternatively, possession of a suitable professional qualification        Masters degree in a relevant subject, such as economics,
or relevant practical experience may be accepted. In general,             finance, accounting, business or management. It is possible to
however, all applicants are judged on their individual merits.            register initially for an MPhil degree, and subject to satisfactory
Age, work experience and other factors are also considered.               progress, to transfer the registration to a PhD degree at the end
                                                                          of the first year.
A good standard of English is an essential requirement for
admission to the MSc/MA/MBA degrees. Overseas students
whose first language is not English will be expected to                   Application procedure
demonstrate proficiency in English. The normal requirement is
an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score
of 6.0, or its equivalent under alternative testing procedures.
                                                                          To apply for these courses you should complete a University of
For students who do not qualify for immediate entry to the                Wales, Bangor Postgraduate application form and return it to:
MSc/MA/MBA degrees, a one-year Bridging Degree or a
one-year Conversion Programme provide alternative routes into
                                                                          Assistant Registrar
postgraduate study.                                                       Postgraduate Admissions
                                                                          University of Wales, Bangor
The Bridging Degree is designed for students with three-year
University Diplomas (from China and elsewhere) or
                                                                          Gwynedd LL57 2DG
qualifications that are deemed by the University of Wales to be           UK
equivalent to undergraduate Level 2 standard. Bridging
Degree students take 120 credits in the Business School at
undergraduate Level 3. On successful completion of the one-               You can download the Postgraduate application form from:
year Bridging Degree, you are awarded a BA (Honours)
Business and Finance degree, and you are eligible for           
admission into any of our MSc/MA/MBA degree
programmes.                                                               The taught postgraduate degree programmes start in mid-
                                                                          September. Applications can be submitted at any time during
The one-year Conversion Programme is designed for graduates               the preceding twelve months, but must be received before the
in arts or science disciplines, who have not previously studied           start of the programme.
economics, finance, accounting, business or management.
Conversion Degree students take 120 credits in the Business               Applications for the MPhil and PhD degrees can be submitted
School. On successful completion of the one-year Conversion               at any time throughout the calendar year. Applicants for the
Programme, you are eligible for admission into any of our                 MPhil and PhD degrees should enclose a short summary
MSc/MA/MBA degree programmes.                                             (about 1,500-2,000 words) outlining your intended research
                                                                          topic with your application.

      Tuition Fees and Scholarships
Tuition fees                                                             Scholarships will be awarded according to our assessment of
                                                                         the strengths of the applications received. While academic
                                                                         achievement is a key criterion, a broad view of each candidate’s
Full-time tuition fees for postgraduate study at University of           academic, work and life achievements will be considered.
Wales, Bangor in 2005-06 were as follows:
                                                                         There is no application form for scholarships. In order to be
MSc/MA Banking and Finance                                               considered for an award, you are required to submit a letter
MSc/MA Finance                                                           entitled ‘Scholarship Applications – Gold/Silver’ listing your
MSc/MA Business and Finance                                              main academic and personal achievements, together with a
MSc International Banking and                                            short statement (500 words maximum) of your reasons for
    Development Finance                                                  choosing to study at Bangor.

Home/EU                           £4,685 per annum                       If you have not already applied for a place on your chosen
In ternat ion al (o uts ide EU)   £9,200 per annum                       degree course, your letter can be submitted together with your
                                                                         University of Wales, Bangor Postgraduate application form (see
                                                                         page 22 for further details of the application procedure). If you
                                                                         have already submitted your application for a place on your
                                                                         course, or if you have already been offered a place, your letter
MBA Banking and Finance                                                  can be sent direct to the following address:
MBA Management
Home/EU                           £8,650 per annum                       Mrs Bethan Hamilton-Hine
In ternat ion al (o uts ide EU)   £11,000 per annum                      Postgraduate Admissions Secretary
                                                                         The Business School
MPhil and PhD                                                            University of Wales, Bangor
Home/EU                           £3,085 per annum                       Gwynedd LL57 2DG
In ternat ion al (o uts ide EU)   £7,600 per annum                       UK
Current information on tuition fees can be obtained from:
                                                                         Alternatively, your letter can be submitted electronically to the                                                   following address:
                                                                         Current information on Gold and Silver Scholarships can be
Gold and Silver Scholarships                                             obtained from:
The Business School operates two scholarship schemes, which
provide financial support for full-time students on any of our
taught postgraduate degree programmes:

Gold Sc ho larsh ip               £5,000 per annum
Silver S ch olarsh ip             £2,000 per annum

The number of Gold and Silver Scholarship awards varies from
year to year, but normally there is a small number of Gold
Scholarships and a larger number of Silver Scholarships. All
home/EU and international students are entitled to apply for
both types of Scholarship. We do not consider your country of
origin when determining the recipients of Scholarship awards.

To be eligible to apply for a Scholarship, you must be applying
for (or already have been offered) a place on one of our taught
postgraduate (MSc/MA/MBA) degree programmes. Those
wishing to be considered for the award of a scholarship should
submit an application no later than 1st July of the calendar year
in which your degree programme commences.
Prifysgol Cymru

University of Wales
All enquiries are welcome. Please contact:

Mrs Bethan Hamilton-Hine
Postgraduate Admissions Secretary
The Business School
University of Wales, Bangor
Gwynedd LL57 2DG

Tel: +44 (0)1248 382644 (direct) / 383231 (general)
Fax: +44(0)1248 383228

If you would like to find out more, please visit our dedicated postgraduate website:

To download an application form, please visit:

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