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Shopping Online - Advantages & Disadvantages


Shopping Online - Advantages & Disadvantages

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Shopping Online

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Over the years shopping online
has grown from the state of insecure to a readily accepted way of buying and selling products
of all type ranging from jewelleries and clothing, games, laptops, iPods, books, cars, and many
In fact, ideas and knowledge other people acquire in a particular area of interest like marketing,
search engine optimization (SEO) are being copied in a Pdf format and sold out to people which
often termed as "E books" which has made buying of products online diversified.

In the middle/late 90's
where online shopping had its origin, people hardly buy products online because of so many
reasons which are
discussed below:

1: Fear of not given the particular type of product ordered for:
Though online shopping was at the grass root level in the 90's people felt shopping online is
rubbish and could never be appreciated as a form of shopping.

Few people tried shopping online encountered
problems like not given the particular product they ordered for and trying to request for their money
which proves abortive or practically impossible, so they keep informing others about the danger of
shopping online.

2: Delayed time of shipping: Sometimes, people don't get what they ordered for on time as
proposed by the company they ordered their products from. I once had a friend who ordered for a
game in the 90's but never got what he ordered for, for complete 7 months. He sent emails, made
phone calls but never got good reply making all his effort worthless. To be candid he got his
product finally in the year 2000 (feb) which was exactly 7 months after his initial purchase of the

This kind of fear has made many like my friend unwilling to shop online anymore.

3: The fear of scam: Many sites in the 90's do not really have strong foundation i.e they were set
by individuals or webmasters without having real office buildings that customers could lodge
and does not really have people working for them.

This has made many people fear that shopping online
could be a scam or rip off.

In the 21'st century which we are now, shopping most especially online has
come to stay and earn people's trust. With the introduction of faster ways of shipping/delivering
through courier services which operates 24 hours in a day and 7days in a week has made delivery
of products
faster and safer reaching its customer.

Nowadays, shopping online is widely accepted and easier for consumers
like you and i to shop for our desired product online. With strong names in online industry like
google, eBay,
amazon and many more..., the fear of shopping online is dead and buried.

Below are some advantages of
shopping online:

1: Cheaper products: The competition among advertisers of products increases everyday
so does price of their products fall in order to please their customers.

The fact is , you get productsat cheaper prices online than what you get at retail stores. A
particular product might be sold for half its
price online as compared to its original price in retail stores.

So a customer might buy a wrist watch
for $200 and on getting to the retail store of the particular online company the same product might
be sold
for $390 a piece.

This has made many people prefer shopping online to buying from retail stores or malls.

2: Incentives: People like shopping for different reasons, but advertisers get more customers
buying from them
by giving out incentives which makes the customer willing to buy more. Sometimes customers are
given discounts
on prices when they take actions like refer a friend to advertiser's site, some advertisers give you
an additional
similar product you buy from their site i.e buy one get one free!

3: Ease and comfort: The best part of
online shopping is that you don't move from one position to another anticipating the kind of product
you will
like to buy. All you need to do is sit down, relax and a click from your mouse does the magic.

Shopping online
is really shopping with ease.

During shopping there are so many ways in which you can make payment depending
on the advertiser, but the most acceptable methods adopted by most advertisers are; paying
through the means of
a credit/debit card, PayPal, Google checkout, bank wire transfer and many more.

If your country is not listed
among the countries the advertiser accepts payment from, never worry you can always pay
through bank wire
transfer, which often requests you mailing or chatting with an attendant in their customer care
centre who
is ready and willing to attend to you online depending on the site.

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Shopping Online

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