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					American Medical Student

       Meeting One
        Fall 2009
    Thank you for attending AMSA first
       meeting of the semester. This
organization is available to assist with your
  future endeavors in medicine and other
 health-related programs. If there are any
 questions or concerns, please feel free to
        ask. ENJOY THE MEETING!
                AMSA Officers
   Micah Evans: President
   Wesly Menard: Vice-President
   Evon Guyton: Secretary
   Jodi-Ann Paragon- Singh: Treasurer
   Jenna Pair: Project Coordinator
   Aaron Kirby: Webmaster
   Dr. Caroline Clower: Advisor (Faculty Hall 32)
       Fundraising Future Ideas

   Healthy Skin Care~ November
   Silver Jangles~ February
   Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits
   2nd Annual Brown Paper Bag Sale~ Spring
   Biological Sciences Jeopardy
   Fundraising Scratch-Offs
                     Volunteer Duties

   CHAMPS Men’s Health Fair via AmeriCorps~ September 19th from 10am to
    3pm @GA World Congress Center

   Penile Cancer Awareness Day~ Sept. 30th on Main Street

   Toys for Tots: Receive Toys, Give Toys ~ end of October, beginning of

   St. Francis Soup Kitchen via AmeriCorps~ Nov. 21st

   Hillside Hospital Pumpkin Sale~ mid-October to October 31st; 12-6 on
    Sunday and 11-7pm Mon-Sat

   Clayton County River Clean-Up via AmeriCorps~ Oct. 17
    Medical School Visitors & Visits

   Medical College of Georgia~ October 15th
    from 11:30 -12:30pm, Room TBA
   Life University, Marietta, GA~ School of
    Chiropractics, November
   Mercer University School of Medicine~
   Morehouse School of Medicine~ Spring
 MCAT Prep Course

Presented by: Wesly Menard
   To be considered an active member for the
    semester (s): $5/semester or $10/fall & spring,
    must be paid to Treasurer for our local chapter
    and for the national organization; $35/year
    (recommended if applying to medical school)

   T-shirts are in the process of being ordered.
    Those that pay dues and participate in events
    will receive one!
        Tour of Club Website
                AMSA Fun Day
   Paintball
    ~$30/person, if we have 25 people or more
    ~HOT SHOTS Paintball in McDonough
   Bowling
    ~ Unlimiting bowling, every Sunday night at
    FunBowl in McDonough from 9pm to close
    ~Rent bowling shoes for $3.80, $10 for
    unlimited bowling
   Possible Dates: Weekend of Sept. 26th or Oct.3rd
       Masquerade Charity Ball
   Sponsored by Honors, Science, Medical, &
    other organizations on campus
   Date: November 14th
   Time: 7pm -12 am
   Where: Ballroom C in SAC (Student
    Activities Center)
    Tickets: $15/ person, sales beginning
    Sept. 17th

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