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					Allison Melling

For Mr. Spence

Honors English II 3rd Period

October 18, 2011

                                        The Effects of Technology

       One hundred years ago, the world was without advanced technology such as computers, cell

phones, and iPods. As people began to think about how efficiency could be improved, the wheels of

invention began to turn; Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, followed by other people who

did the same and patented inventions that we depend on every day. Freeman John Dyson stated,

“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts.” Technology

is so important to our lives today that we could not live without it. The effects of technology on

everyday life will be that it improves communication, makes information accessible, and saves the


       One result of technology on everyday life is that communication improves. Most people love to

chat and visit with their friends. With the invention of emails and cell phones, people have a faster way

of talking and communicating. Cell phones are greatly appreciated because instead of waiting a few

days for a letter, people only have to wait a few minutes for a text message or phone call. Emails and

texts are less formal than letters; they are friendlier and more personalized. With telephones, it is

possible to communicate with someone half-way across the world. It is no longer necessary to travel

all the way there to have a conversation. Talking with a “thousand-mile neighbor” is even easier with

programs like Skype and Facetime.

       Technology also makes information more accessible. With multiple-paged research papers and

tedious projects, teenagers have a growing need for convenient facts and data. The Internet can retrieve

information within seconds. Less time spent researching means more information, and it oftentimes
means a better paper or project. The Internet gives us a chance to multitask and verify sources. With

the press of a button, a fax machine can transport information from one coast to the other. Fax

machines provide a safer way of transferring confidential information because the fax is only sent to

the fax number entered. This method saves time and money.

       We are saving the environment with every step of technological development. The Earth cannot

bear the carbon emissions and waste that we put on the Earth, and we need technology to reduce the

amount that we do emit. Advancements in technology have allowed people to use less car exhaust. By

taking online classes, students can go to school without driving all of the way there. Also, there is no

need to go to the library and look up information. Now, applications are available online, and this

saves many trees. Less trees are used because applications are not printed out; they are completed on

the computer. This is a smarter and more efficient way of applying to jobs because there is no chance

of losing the application in the mail.

       Since the first invention was created, man has continually developed new technologies.

Without inventions such as electricity, computers, or automobiles, people would be lost in this modern

world. Society today is built on the foundations of advanced technology and a desire to move forward.

Imagine where the world would be if there was no technology to power our lives.

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