Tips To Use While Grilling A Chicken

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					Tips To Use While Grilling A Chicken
Grilling a chicken may not be as simple as it seems, but it is no rocket science either. All you need to do
is just follow a few simple tips and after a few grilling sessions, you can make some of the best grilled
chicken. If you are still learning, you may start with just one type of cut, such as chicken breasts, or just
the thighs. After a few sessions, you may start grilling pieces of an entire chicken.

However, you must take a lot of care if you are using frozen chicken. If the chicken is not defrosted
properly, you will have uncooked chicken where the meat near the bone will have the reddish juice
which can be very dangerous. Uncooked chicken or undercooked chicken can cause a lot of harm to a
person’s health, so be careful about that. Overcooked chicken will turn out to be dry and hard, and not
juicy, so that is not going to taste great either. So, follow this simple how to grill a chicken guide and get
your basics right.

After you preheat the grill, ensure that you push the glowing red charcoal to one side. If you use a gas
grill switch off the burner on one side after it is heated up. Chicken pieces should never be put on a grill
over direct heat. This will burn the surface of the chicken and the meat inside will remain uncooked or

Use a good quality poultry rub over the chicken pieces after washing and patting them dry. Put the rub
even beneath the skin and be liberal with it as some of it will fall off after you start grilling.

Don’t use the barbecue sauce until the chicken pieces are almost cooked. After 30 minutes of cooking
time, both sides will be almost done. At that point, you could put the barbecue sauce and grill at lower
temperatures, for another ten to fifteen minutes.

Flare-ups are a common occurrence while grilling a chicken, so be prepared. It is caused when the fat
melts and falls on the burning charcoal. Remove the chicken piece that is causing it. Shake off the fat
and bring it back to the grill.

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