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 Capital is Montgomery
            Alabama landforms
 In the north and north-
eastern part of the state
the land is hilly and
 The central, west
and southwestern part area
is covered by grassland
 There are several important mountain ranges such as
    the Appalachian Mountains that extend
    the northern part of the state.
 The southern part of the state is considered a coastal
    plain that fronts the Gulf of Mexico.
          Alabama Climate
 Alabama climate is warm
  and humid. This results
  from the mid latitude
  location and proximity to
  the Gulf of Mexico.
 The location also produces
  dangerous weather as well
  that brings about tornadoes
  and hurricanes across the
Major Industries/Natural Resources
           in Alabama

  Agriculture (corn, cotton, soybeans,
   peanuts, livestock, and poultry)
  Mining (iron ore, limestone, and coal)
  Hydroelectric power
  Steel
      Major Cities in Alabama
   Birmingham
   Mobile
   Montgomery
   Huntsville
   Tuscaloosa
    National Parks in Alabama
 There are no                Horseshoe Bend National
                                    Military Park
  national parks in
 However there are
  some national
  historic sites like:       Tuskegee Airmen National Historic
   Horseshoe Bend                        Site
    National Military Park
   Tuskegee Airmen
    National Historic Site
     Major rivers or warterways in
   Alabama River
   Tennessee River
   Chattahoochee River
   Tombigbee River
          State nickname(s)
 Alabama has two state nicknames:
   “Heart of Dixie”
     Why?
        Montgomery was the first capital of the Confederate
         States during the Civil War.
 “Yellowhammer State”
      Why?
        Also goes back to the Civil War. A group of Alabama
         soldiers wore uniforms trimmed in yellow cloth. It also
         is the nickname for the Alabama State bird (Northern
         Flicker Woodpecker)
         Interesting Facts:
 Alabama introduced Mardi Gras to the
  western world.
 Alabama workers built the first rocket
  that put humans on the moon.
 Baseball player Henry Louis (Hank)
  Aaron was born in Mobile in 1934.
 Capital is Jackson
        Mississippi Landforms
 Mississippi sits between
  two lowland plains the
  Mississippi Plain in the
  west (or Delta) and the
  Gulf Coastal Plain in the
 Central Mississippi is hilly.
 The states highest point is
  Woodall Mountain which
  stands 806ft.
        Mississippi Climate
 Mississippi has short
  winters and long hot
  humid summers.
 Just like Alabama,
  Mississippi’s location
  often produces
  dangerous weather.
Major Industries/Natural Resources
 There are five major industries in
     Services (ex) casinos
     Manufacturing (ex) meat packing
     Agriculture
     Mining
     Fishing
 Natural Resources:
     Timber
     Natural gas
     Oil
     water
     Major Cities in Mississippi
   Jackson
   Gulfport
   Meridian
   Hattiesburg
   Tupelo
   Vicksburg
  National Parks in Mississippi
 There are no national parks in
   However there are some national historic
     Natchez Trace Parkway
     Tupelo National Battlefield
     Vicksburg National Military Park
   Major Rivers or waterways
 Mississippi River
 Tombigbee River
 Pearl River
          State Nickname
 Mississippi is often
Referred to as the
Magnolia State. The
State flower is the
Magnolia blossom.
         Interesting Facts
 Mississippi has more state tree farms
  than any other state
 The Teddy Bear’s name originated
  after former president Teddy
  Roosevelt refused to shoot an
  exhausted and dangerous bear.

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