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     Date:      10 December 2010
  Contact:      Amanda Askham
Direct dial:    01223 703565
    E Mail:     Amanda.askham@cambridgeshire.gov.uk             Children and Young People’s Services
                                                                       Executive Director, Adrian Loades

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               Dear Colleague

                Subject      School Term and Holiday Dates for 2012-2013
                Audience     Headteachers

               Please find attached details of Cambridgeshire term and holiday dates for 2012-
               2013. Two professional days, Monday 3rd September 2012 and Monday 7th January
               2013, have been selected from the 195 days. Schools are required to select three
               further professional days from the remaining 193 days - a pro forma will be sent to
               you at a later date, requesting details of dates selected.

               May I remind colleagues that parents can reasonably expect schools to maintain the
               hours published in their prospectus on each of the 190 statutory days (380 sessions).
               In setting term dates, the County Council continues to adhere to recommendations
               from the Local Government Association (LGA) and liaise with neighbouring
               authorities, headteachers, union representatives and the Diocese to secure the best
               alignment of dates across the region.

               Yours sincerely

               Amanda Askham
               Education Officer
               SCHOOL TERM DATES FOR 2012 / 2013


                                                               Term Length

Training Day                   Monday 3 September

Autumn Term Opens              Tuesday 4 September             40 days
Half Term                      29 October – 2 November
Autumn Term Closes             Friday 21 December              35 days


Training Day                   Monday 7 January

Spring Term Opens              Tuesday 8 January               25 days
Half Term                      11 - 15 February
Spring Term Closes             Thursday 28 March               29 days

Summer Term Opens              Monday 15 April                 29 days
May Day                        Monday 6 May
Half Term                      27-31 May
Summer Term Closes             Tuesday 23 July                 37 days

                               Total                           195 days

               Pupil contact will amount to 190 of the 195 days.

Two training days have been selected: 3 September 2012 and 7 January 2013.
 Three further training days need to be selected from the remaining 193 days.

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