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									   RACE SPONSOR SWAG BAG Info

The Event: June 5, 2011
                                                                              SWAG BAG PROMOTION:
 On June 5th the 14th annual Rock 'n' Roll Marathon & 1/2 Marathon will       Event participants will receive a swag bag as part of
 hit the streets of San Diego. The event will include a two-day Health &      their race registration fee. Swag bags are a great
 Fitness Expo on June 3-4 where 30,000 runners must pick up their race        way to directly target an audience of sports
 numbers, T-shirts, and goodie bags.                                          enthusiasts and health-minded individuals. Promote
                                                                              your business with a personalized premium item,
                                                                              product sample, discount coupon or a piece of
DEMOGRAPHICS:                               SWAG BAG OPTIONS:                 literature.
• Gender                                                                      SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS:
                                            A. 30,000 Participant Bags
    Male 46%                                                                  Boxes-Use Avery #5168 label template file
                                               3,200 Volunteer Bags
    Female 54%                                                                Please label all boxes as follows:
• 76% between ages 25 - 49                                                        Name of Event: San Diego Marathon & ½
                                            B. 30,000 Participant Bags Only        “SWAG BAGS”
• 63% annual income over $70,000
                                                                                   Event Code: SD11
• Participants from all 50 states and
                                            C. 3,200 Volunteer Bags Only          Shipment Authorization Code: Must obtain
over                                                                               from Geoff prior to shipping
  20 countries                                                                     Bag Option: A,B,C
                                                                                  Item Description: e.g. Sunscreen
                                                                                  Quantity per Box: e.g. 500
      Inserts must be shipped to arrive between                                   Box Number: e.g. 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc.
                May 8 – May 18, 2011                                              (All mixed boxes must have separator between
    Reserve your space in the swag bags by April 28, 2011. Email              PALLETS
         Geoff Barnett at gbarnett@competitorgoup.com                             All palletized material must be on 40” x 48”
                                                                                   wood pallets.
  Call Siena Nuzzi at 858.450.6510 today!                                         Stacked boxes of materials are not to extend
                                                                                   beyond the front, back or sides of the pallet.
                                                                                   Palletized materials must not exceed a height
 STEPS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE SWAG BAG PROGRAM:                                  of 60 inches.
                                                                                   Boxes must be shrink-wrapped onto pallets.
 Please follow these simple steps to get your inserts into the swag bags:
 1. Contact Geoff Barnett to sign-up for the swag bag program. Email          RECEIVING DOCK APPOINTMENT:
     gbarnett@competitorgroup.com. Please indicate swag bag option A,         If your shipment is on a pallet, you will need to
     B, or C above.                                                           arrange for a receiving dock appointment. Call
                                                                              Valassis at 760.357.8952 to schedule your
 2. Note Event Code: SD11
 3. Obtain Approval: All items must be approved by Competitor Group.
     Please provide Geoff Barnett with a description of your swag bag         PACKING SLIP:
     insert(s).                                                               All packing slips must be addressed to
                                                                              “Valassis” and include the following:
 4. Obtain Shipment Authorization Code: Geoff Barnett will provide you
     with a shipment authorization code for each item you wish to insert      • Shipment Authorization Code (multiple codes if
     into the swag bags and the shipping address where your inserts need      items for more than one event)
     to land.                                                                 • Event name(s) and code(s), item description(s),
                                                                              and quantity of item(s)
 Notes: It is imperative that you follow the box labeling instructions (see
                                                                              • Vendor’s name, address, phone number and
 right-hand column) as Competitor Group is using a company called             contact person
 “Valassis” to stuff the swag bags.                                           • Number of pallets and boxes

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