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Activities                              40         sun city roseville

Activities Update                        4         2009 - 2010 Board of Directors
Ambassador Committee                    14         PRESIDENT:        George Porter         771-7012             gbporter@surewest.net
Around Here - Shooting Stars            24         VICE PRES:        De Emory              772-6767             demory@surewest.net
Board of Directors                       3         SECRETARY:        John Quigley          773-3141             jquigley@surewest.net
                                                   TREASURER:        Jeanne Clark          771-0656             prftprl@comcast.net
Bulletin Board/Classifieds              14         DIRECTOR:         Julie Laird           771-4390             jklaird@surewest.net
Canine Companions                       15         DIRECTOR:         Sid Doherty           773-0879             siddoherty@surewest.net
Citizens Patrol/NW                       9         DIRECTOR:         Marilyn Crownover     774-6752             tootsl@comcast.net

Club Updates                            25
Cover Story - Exoplanets                20
Did You Know - Hubble                   22
                                                   Association Contact Numbers
                                                   sun city roseville website: www.scres.org
Executive Director                       4         administration oFFicE
Fitness Center News                      8         General Information                               774-3880
                                                   Earl Wiklund, Executive Director                  774-3862            wiklunde@scrca.org
Featured Resident - Norbert Stein        5
Food & Beverage                          6         activitiEs                                        774-3877            robeckd@scrca.org
                                                   Dodie Robeck, Activities Director
Golf Pro                                 6
                                                   accountinG                                        774-3865            desjardink@scrca.org
Group Updates                           33         Kathy Desjardins, Director of Finance
In Memoriam                             16
                                                   catErinG                                          774-3870            giallanzaj@scrca.org
Library News                            16         Jenny Giallanza, Sales Director
Photo Gallery                           18         citiZEns patroL / nEiGhBorhood Watch
Properties                         10 & 39         Dick Geistert, Director of Citizens Patrol / Neighborhood Watch
                                                   Neighborhood Watch                               774-3817      neighborhoodwatch@scrca.org
Sunshine Services & Resources           13         Citizens Patrol                                  774-3853      citizenspatrol@scrca.org
NEW - The Bucket List                   11
                                                   community standards                          774-3869           boothl@scrca.org
Turf Talk                                7         Lorri Booth, Director of Community Standards, Resident Relations
Website                                 17         FaciLity opErations                               774-3868            waltonk@scrca.org
Your Own Backyard - Great Granola!      19         Kent Walton, Director of Facility Operations

                                                   FitnEss                                           774-3830            lehmane@scrca.org
                                                   Elaine Lehman, Fitness Director
Courier Deadlines are always the 8th of the
month prior to the date of publication. No ads/
                                                   GoLF opErations                            774-3891                   gougerm@scrca.org
articles will be accepted after the deadline.
                                                   Mark Gouger, Head Golf Professional
                                                            TEE TIMES:       Timber Creek     774-3851
                                                                             Sierra Pines     774-7234
Cover Credit: NASA, ESA, K. Kuntz (JHU), F.
Bresolin (University of Hawaii), J. Trauger (Jet
                                                   Jim Ferrin,                                782-4450                   ferrinj@scrca.org
Propulsion Lab), J. Mould (NOAO), Y.-H. Chu        Golf Course Superintendent & Landscape Supervisor
(University of Illinois, Urbana), and STScI
                                                   human rEsourcEs                                   774-3812            mccrorya@scrca.org
Editor: Dodie Robeck                               Alesia McCrory, HR Director
FEaturE WritErs: Shirley Sampson, Tom
McClelland, Terry Armstrong & Charlyn Ross         Jason Smith, Food & Beverage Director             774-3874            smithj@scrca.org
Graphics coordinator:                              Kevin Huff, Executive Chef                        774-3837            huffk@scrca.org
                                                   Reservations                                      774-3838
Terry Armstrong

2 Village Courier • August 2010                                                                   sun city roseville community association, inc.
do We Just own a house?
Do we just own a house here at Sun City Roseville?           And, let’s not forget the Activities Department who

                                                                                                                               By George Porter, President
                                                                                                                                                  Board of Directors
And a yard - front and rear? No.                             offers us all sorts of interesting trips and events.
                                                             Thanks to an impressive group of volunteers, they
We are all also the benefactors of an enormous array         also do their part in augmenting our safety with the
of activities, facilities, amenities, and services.          Neighborhood Watch & Citizen Patrol program.
For those of us needing some assistance, we have the         All this comes at a price – currently $137 per month.
wonderful work of the Sunshine Services & Resources
Committee and the Sun City Roseville Foundation.             As we determined recently in our survey of other
                                                             northern CA associations with roughly comparable
For those wishing to participate in Sports, we               amenities and facilities, we have a pretty sweet deal.
not only have 27 golf holes, indoor and outdoor              Both an Executive Summary and the full report are
swimming pools, tennis courts, but we also have              on our website (another service!).
just about every other sport I can think of other than
those requiring snow!                                        What we sometimes overlook is that all our “extras”
                                                             boost the value of our homes. Our $250,000 homes
We have 60 Clubs and Resident Groups that engage             sell for $350,000 and our $400,000 homes sell for half
in every special interest imaginable and most include        a million!
tutoring for those wanting to learn.
                                                                 Past Boards, today’s Board, and undoubtedly
Our facilities include the Fitness Center, Restaurant &          future Boards will not reduce the number of
Bar, Lodge Meeting and Special-Purpose Rooms, and                Clubs, Activities, Services or Amenities. Just the
a recently-expanded Sierra Pines.
                                                                                              ...continued on page 11

  Required & Standing Committee Chairpersons                                                          Board Liaison
     Ambassador Committee:                         Jean Sandford                 782- 9237                 De Emory
     Architectural Review Committee:               Doris Phillips                771-9840                  Jeanne Clark
     Chartered Clubs Committee                     Jorene Page                   771-3775                  John Quigley
     Compliance Committee:                         Sue Zulauf                    773-7404                  Julie Laird
     Elections Committee                           Jim Dachauer                  773-2435                  Julie Laird
     Finance Committee:                            Cora Rose                     773-2146                  Jeanne Clark
     Golf Committee :                              Roger Tovey                   771-4560                  Marilyn Crownover
     Governmental Affairs Committee                Dick Conzelmann               771-5671                  John Quigley
     Properties Committee:                         Mel Hamel                     783-8433                  Sid Doherty
     Sports Advisory Committee:                    R.T. Taylor                   773-2419                  Sid Doherty
     Website Committee                             Jack Ellison                  771-5590                  Marilyn Crownover

  sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                         2010 August • Village Courier                                 3
                                                                                                   National AAU Senior Championships                     state. You have probably noticed that we have
                                                                                                   A Non Athlete Prospective                             also been marketing the games through our clubs
                                                                                                                                                         and groups who helped shape the event earlier
                                                                                                   There were probably five minutes in the Spring        in the year. For example, the Cycling Group has
                                                                                                   of 1965 that I could really say I was an athlete.     been very instrumental in working with the City
                                                                                                   The rural high school I attended decided to field     of Roseville in preparing competition through the
                                                                                                   a golf team; I made the team because there            streets of our community. The competition will be
                                                                                                   were only five us who signed up. And I lettered       thrilling and exciting.
    Executive Director
                     Earl Wiklund / wiklunde@scrca.org / 774-3862

                                                                                                   in the sport because I stuck it out for the season;
                                                                                                   going practically winless in all my matches for       Much to the chagrin of my parents, I spent more
                                                                                                   the season. If you were to watch my game today        time in 1965 at the local smoke shop practicing
                                                                                                   you would see my game hasn’t improved. But            my skills at 8 – ball, 9 – ball and snooker. I have
                                                                                                   there are many among us who had successful            to say I wasn’t too bad; and certainly much better
                                                                                                   amateur athletic experiences and who have             than golf. I played tennis early on but it was
                                                                                                   continued to play their sport throughout their        usually associated with the desire to catch the
                                                                                                   lives. The National AAU Senior Championships          eye of a girl who had caught my fancy. Neither
                                                                                                   give these seniors the opportunity to continue        the game nor the fancy ever worked out. I played
                                                                                                   to compete at a higher level and if successful, be    in several coed bowling leagues in college but
                                                                                                   recognized as a national champion. The sporting       was easily distracted. None of these traits bodes
                                                                                                   competition includes golf, cycling, tennis, table     well for me in the upcoming competition. Luckily,
                                                                                                   tennis, billiards, pickle ball, bocce ball, bowling   there are many attractions for us non-participants
                                                                                                   and softball. What ambitions do you have to be        with questionable talents. The five day event,
                                                                                                   crowned a champion?                                   starting October 13th through the 17th, starts
                                                                                                                                                         with an opening dinner and ends with an awards
                                                                                                   The steering committee of the games has started       ceremony buffet on October 17th; both open to
                                                                                                   marketing to other communities in the five western    the residents at a reasonable rate. In addition to
                                                                                                   states: California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and       volunteering to manage the event, we expect
                                                                                                   Washington. We have targeted more than 25 senior      many residents to cheer on the participants and
                                                                                                   communities in these states. We are also using the    participate in the special events.
                                                                                                   internet to reach other prospective participants
                                                                                                   by having local Chambers of Commerce email            I would like to say that my little league career
                                                                                                   to their databases. We are also advertising the       in the late 1950’s might qualify me to consider
                                                                                                   games in our regular advertising; including radio     sneaking into the softball competition but I have
                                                                                                   and TV. The golf event is being marketed through      seen our resident softball league play so I know
                                                                                                   the PGA and other golf courses locally and out of     that is not going to happen. Rather, I suspect I
                                                                                                                                                                                           ...continued on page 9

                                                                                                   It’s      not too late to sign up for the Aloha
                                                                                                             Festival on August 8. This one takes
                                                                                                   place at the Presidio in San Francisco and should
                                                                                                                                                         16th; and a Radio Disney Grandkids Day on
                                                                                                                                                         September 25th. All promise to be exciting, fun
                                                                                                                                                         and affordable.
                                                                                                   be a fun day, out of the heat of the Sacramento
                                                                                                   Valley. Enjoy the food and the music and maybe        September also sees the start of the Broadway
                                                                                                   learn how to do a Polynesian dance or two! The        Sacramento season with “Burn the Floor” on
                                                                                                   Tomato Festival in Fairfield on the 14th is an        September 29th. If these performances are as
                                                                                                   entertaining day and we do have space on the          popular as the Music Circus shows, you will want
  Dodie Robeck
                                                                    robeckd@scrca.org / 774-3877

                                                                                                   bus. Both of these trips will be cancelled if we      to sign up early before the tickets are all gone.
                                                                                                   don’t get more registrations. There is also space
                                                                                                                                                         Details for all August and September activities are
                                                                                                   on the August 12th Reno day trip, as well as “Birth
                                                                                                                                                         found at the back of the Courier. Please, check
                                                                                                   of Impressionism” on the 17th.
                                                                                                                                                         your personal calendars before you sign up to
                                                                                                   New adventures for September include the              avoid duplicate bookings. Read the information
                                                                                                   Greek Festival on Friday, September 3rd at the        carefully to make sure it is a trip in which you want
                                                                                                   Sacramento Convention Center; Columbia State          to participate.
                                                                                                   Park on the 11th; Day at the Races on September

4 Village Courier • August 2010                                                                                                                                    sun city roseville community association, inc.
featured resident • by Barbara Woolman

                                       Norbert SteIN
                                   The Mars Man (and so much more!)
  No,        he doesn’t sell candy bars! SCR resident Norbert Stein
             is a man of enormous talent and eclectic interests. His
  fertile mind has developed numerous devices, some of which
                                                                          are so common for people to have today. Norbert thinks that
                                                                          within the next five years all information will be on eBooks—
                                                                          newspapers, textbooks, manuals, magazines, etc.
  have been patented and have become part of everyday life. He’s
  interested in most everything, and his abundant ideas cover a           Another piece of equipment that Norbert has invented is a two-
  wide range of activities.                                               part tennis racket. The “Y” shaped handle doubles back on the
                                                                          net part of the racket so that it can be folded and carried in a
  Norbert got a masters’ degree from the University of Michigan           brief case. He didn’t get any venture capitalist intrigued enough
  and did post-graduate studies at UCLA. He was a most                    with this idea to process its manufacture.
  successful chief executive officer of the United Way in Texas,
  Utah, and California. He was Vice-                             Currently Norbert is working on an enticing project, the Kineto,
  President of Development at                                                              a product that will create electricity
  Santa Clara University where he                                                          from the movement of vehicles on
  raised millions of dollars for the
                                              “Copernicus, Galileo, and                    roads and freeways. Sound kooky?
  school. He also represented the            Kepler had their skeptics, just as            Well, it might just work. The idea is
  school in government relations           others said many would never fly,               to generate another source of clean,
  and gave presentations to many                                                           low-cost power. It is based on the
  governmental agencies on both
                                           let alone walk on the moon. Mars                principles of kinetic energy—the
  the state and federal levels.            is next! It’s just a matter of time.”           energy a body has due to its motion.

  Norbert has always had a great                                                                        Norbert has a working model of
  curiosity about science. He created, edited, and published                                            his Kineto, and it is really quite
  the Silicon Valley Magazine for ten years, and every issue was          astonishing. It is in a rectangular box about two feet long. It has
  profitable. Major buyers included such well known computer              a miniature highway with a rotating cylinder across one lane. As
  giants as IBM, Seagate, and AMD. Norbert also created and               an object (a car?) drives over the cylinder, its motion causes the
  published the money-making SuperComputing Magazine.                     cylinder to rotate, making an electrical current. The model has
                                                                          two little lampposts on the side of the road which lit up when
  One of Norbert’s more light-hearted past times has been the             Norbert drove a piece of cardboard over the cylinder.
  creation of his Mars website, www.mars-landing.com. He’s most
  enthralled with the planet Mars, and he asks website visitors           Norbert is working with a major university that has shown great
  to register their conjectures as to what day, month, and year a         interest in his Kineto, and he is in the process of patenting his
  human will step on that planet. The website allows participants         concept. Who knows—maybe we’ll find these prototypes
  to compare their predictions with all others who have entered           all over the streets of Roseville, creating energy for us and for
  their estimates.                                                        Roseville Electric.

  Although always interested in space, Norbert’s fascination with
  Mars became a focal point for him about six years ago. “There’s
  continuously been cynicism about science”, Norbert muses.
  “Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler had their skeptics, just as others
  said many would never fly, let alone walk on the moon. Mars is
  next! It’s just a matter of time.”

  Norbert thinks we must go to Mars, even though many feel it’s
  an unnecessary improbability. “Why?” people ask. Norbert says
  “We wouldn’t want some foreign country to get there first, claim
  it, colonize it, and use it as a base for some sort of invasion.” The
  ancillary information acquired along the way from such a feat
  would be amazing, Norbert thinks, and well worth the effort.

  Norbert’s remarkable mind has developed all sorts of interesting
  devices. He conceived the electronic book and sold the rights
  to this mechanism to a German media conglomerate. It was
  the precursor of the iPad, the Nook, and other eBooks that                                    Norbert Stein and his Kineto

       sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                      2010 August • Village Courier   5
                                                                                                   T I M B E R S Gol f P ro
                                             hot august nights
                                             We still have plenty of room for our Hot August Nights
                                             event on Sunday August 22nd. Great Food, Great Cars,
                                             Live Entertainment and Dancing from 5:00 – 8:00 PM
                                             on the patio. Please bring a check in to Jason or Felicia
                                             and we will sign you up. $15.00 per person.


                                                                                                                                                                                      AssociAtion nEWs
                                                                                                                                Jason Smith, Food & Beverage Director
                                                                                                                                                                    Food & Beverage
                                                                                                                                 774-3874 • smithj@scrca.org
                                             patio seating
   beverages, tax & gratuity not included.
                                             Come enjoy a nice quiet lunch or dinner on our
                                             beautiful patio. Just ask the hostess or server and we
   BrEakFast BuFFEt $4.95
                                             will set you up. We have plenty of shade and if it’s too
        Monday - Saturday                    hot we can turn on our misters. Take advantage of
         7:00am-10:30am                      this wonderful facility.
    • no doggie bag • no substitutions
                                             Weekly specials
        2 for $22 or 1 for $11               Don’t forget about our great weekly specials. We still
        EvEry Monday night                   have the breakfast buffet for $4.95 from 7:00 AM –
                                             10:30 AM Monday thru Saturday. Also, our 2 for $22 or
          Reservations suggested
                                             1 for $11 Monday night special includes soup or salad,
                                             an entrée and dessert. Prime Rib night is Thursday
          Every Thursday                     night from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM and includes a soup or
        primE riB niGht                      salad, 10oz prime rib with potato and vegetables for
          10oz for $10.95                    only $10.95 per person. Our regular menu is available
                                             during all specials.

     Visit the Timber Creek Golf Shop
     As we come into the dog days of summer, be sure to visit the Timber Creek Golf Shop to
     check out some of our cooler Items.

     swing by Bette & court; Elements Long sleeve shirt
                                                                                                                                  774-3891 • gougerm@scrca.org
                                                                                                                                  Mark GougerHead Golf Professional
                                                                                                                                                                        Golf Pro
     IceFil: Skin cooling technology for maximum comfort in hot, humid weather. Can reduce
     fabric temperature as much as 5 degrees Fahrenheit/3 degrees Celsius. Also provides UPF
     50, quick dry fabric, and odor control.

     aussie style outback soaker hat
     This remarkable hat is designed to be soaked with water. As the water evaporates, it offers
     a cooling sensation on the hottest days. Whether golfing, fishing, or sitting in the stands,
     you will be the coolest!


     Revolutionary Cool-it Caddy™ "grab and go" clutch bag conveniently travels with you in
     high temperatures keeping your costly beauty or health care products protected from
     "heat meltdown".

     The Timber Creek Golf Shop is definitely the coolest place in Sun City Roseville!

6 Village Courier • August 2010                                                                sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                     t    he hot weather is upon us and so begins the
                                                          challenges of maintaining an aesthetically
                                                     pleasing golf course that doesn’t get too wet
                                                                                                            As a reminder on August 23rd, 24th and 25th we will
                                                                                                            be aerifying greens on the Pines, Lakes and Oaks.
                                                                                                            9 holes will be done daily weather permitting.
                                                     from trying to keep the grass alive. So far we have    This will help us recover from the summer stress
                                                     improved each year and we intend to do so again        and with the warm soil temperatures help the
                                                     if our equipment functions properly.                   surfaces recover rapidly before the beautiful fall
                                                                                                            golf season
                                                     Water is a major issue for all of us. We adjust the
Turf Talk
                          & Director of Landscapes
            Jim Ferrin, Golf Course Superintendent

                                                     reclaimed water on the golf course and in the          After the greens are completed, we will be
                                                     common landscapes everyday to try to get the           aerifying tees and then proceed into over seeding
                                                     right amount down as to maintain green, but firm       fairways and thin areas with our improved cool
                                                     turf and healthy plants. With cool season grasses      season turf types.
                                                     and young landscape plants this is a big challenge.
                                                     One hot day without the right amount of water
                                                     could prove to be disastrous with the loss of turf
                                                                                                            I appreciate all those who are helping to improve
                                                     and landscape planting material. It also means
                                                                                                            the golf course from RAMP to the Goose Patrol;
                                                     saving money, better energy cost and healthier
                                                                                                            your efforts are to be commended. Thank You!
                                                     turf, trees and plants.

                                                     As homeowners you are using potable water,
                                                     a scarce commodity now days. Many of you do
                                                     check your controllers and sprinklers periodically
                                                     (or your landscape contractor does) to make sure
                                                     the system is operating correctly (no broken pipes
                                                     or sprinklers) and your plants and turf receive
                                                     the necessary water to thrive. If you’re not doing
T urf Talk

                                                     so, you probably should start checking so that
                                                     the potable water is being delivered as best as
                                                     possible to your landscape plants and turf. Many
                                                     of the controllers that I have seen around SCRCA
                                                     have the ability to be programmed with more
                                                     than one schedule which allows you to put just
                                                     the right amount of water down for the day based
                                                     on the age of the plants and turf. If you are having
                                                     problems doing just that contact Golf Course
                                                     Maintenance and we will be happy to assist
                                                     you free of charge conserve water and better
                                                     your landscape health.                                   r.A.M.P. SCHeDULe
                                                     Some of our plans to battle the challenges               (Resident Assisted Maintenance Program)
                                                     of the hot summer weather are to continue
                                                     to treat the re-claimed water with gypsum                        Monthly schedule for
                                                     so as to mitigate the salt build up in the soils
                                                     from using this type of water. We will also be                   R.A.M.P. Volunteers
                                                     poking solid tine holes in the turf surfaces
                                                     to assist in air and water getting down to
                                                     the roots of the turf grass. This year we will
                                                                                                                        August, 2010:
                                                     be using some wetting agents to assist us
                                                     in water retention as well as other types of             August 5             7:00 AM             Lakes*
                                                     products that may assist in getting the water
                                                     to move through the soil profiles more readily           August 12            7:00 AM              Oaks*
                                                     preventing standing water.
                                                                                                              August 19            7:00 AM              Pines*

                                                                                                                *Please note change of Golf Courses

       sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                                            2010 August • Village Courier    7
                                                                                                                                                                        CL ASSES
                                                                              W      hen you swing a club, your muscles undergo tremendous
                                                                                     stress. Yoga will build strength, endurance, and flexibility to
                                                                              aid you as you move through the swing. It will also help realign your
                                                                                                                                                                         BaLL cLass
                                                                              skeletal system to correct any problems like imbalances and weak              Saturday                          8:00 AM
                                                                              posture. Specific strength training exercises will also allow you to                      cardio saLsa
                                                                              play and feel your best. Sign up for the next session of strength
                                                                              and yoga for Golfers in the Fitness Center. The session runs from             Fridays                    12:00 -12:45 PM
                                                                              August 2 – September 13 (no class Sept 6) from 4:30-5:30 PM. Fee:                       chair ExErcisE
                        Elaine Lehman, Fitness Director • lehmane@scrca.org
      Monitor's Desk, 774-3831 / M-Sat 5:30am - 9pm & Sunday 6am - 9pm

                                                                              $35. Class size is limited; please register with payment in the Fitness
                                                                              Center. Instructor: Arlene Nyikes.                                            Tues & Thurs                     11:00 AM
                                                                                                                                                                      chiLdrEns sWim
                                                                              Join Sun City Resident Gopal kapur for an engaging discussion
                                                                              about a program of eating that is designed to be heart healthy,               Daily                       1:00 - 3:00 PM
                                                                              diabetes-appropriate and low in calories. Taste and flavor don’t                      chair With FLair
                                                                              have to be missing from a healthy diet! Mr. Kapur has been featured
                                                                              by the publications such as the Sacramento Bee and he brings                  Mon, Wed & Fri                   10:00 AM
                                                                              his programs to the community at no cost due to support by the                            dancE & tonE
                                                                              Rotary Club of Roseville. He’ll also provide you with recipe ideas            Tues & Thurs                     10:00 AM
                                                                              that are have been analyzed by Sutter Roseville Medical Center’s
                                                                              Nutrition and Food Services Department. Join us for this free event              LoW impact aEroBics
                                                                              on Tuesday August 17 at 1 PM in the Aspen and Birch Rooms. Space              Mon, Wed, Sat                     9:00 AM
                                                                              is limited – please RSVP in the Fitness Center or 774.3831
                                                                                                                                                                    mat/stEp aEroBics
                                                                                                          Thank you to all the residents who                Tues, Thurs:, Fri                 9:00 AM
                                                                                                          participated in our annual top dog,
                                                                                                          kitty, and critter contest. Photos of                         opEn sWim
                                                                                                          your adorable pets were displayed for a                     (indoor pooL)
                                                                                                          month in the Fitness Center. “Winners”            Mon - Fri                    Call for Times
                                                                                                          were the pets that received the most
                                                                                                          monetary votes and they were announced            Sat & Sun                        All Hours
                                                                                                          at a BBQ. Congratulations to Julie Brand-                         piLatEs
                                                                              Actis and her Top Dogs. Rose-Marie and Lee Schaefer’s cats are
                                                                                                                                                            FRIDAY                           11:00 AM
                                                                              this year’s Top Cats. Your votes, donations, and ticket purchases for
                                                                              the BBQ resulted in $1,611.75 which                                                               taJi
                                                                              was entirely donated to the Placer                                            Monday                            2:00 PM
                                                                              SPCA to help homeless animals
                                                                              in your community. Many thanks                                                          tonE & strEtch
                                                                              to the Bocce Club, Don Segale,                                                Mon - Fri                         8:00 AM
f i Tness

                                                                              Mike Sofranac, and Gina Ponzo for
                                                                              organizing the annual event.                                                  Mon, Wed, Fri                     1:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                                       totaL Body
                                                                              Guest pass: Each household is entitled to one free guest pass each
                                                                              year. New passes are available on July 1 each year. Please remember
                                                                              that you must escort your guest down to the Fitness Center. Guests
                                                                              must be 18 to use the weight and aerobics rooms and they must                 Tuesday & Thursday                7:00 AM
                                                                              be at least 4 years old to use the pool. Children under 18 must be
                                                                              supervised at all times by an adult. Additional escorted guest visits            sports conditioninG
                                                                              are available for $2 per guest per day. If you cannot escort your guest       Tues & Thurs                 3:15 - 4:15 PM
                                                                              down to the Fitness Center, a resident must buy an unescorted pass
                                                                              for their guest for $5 per guest per day.                                         yoGa (Extra GEntLE)
                                                                                                                                                            Mon & Weds                       11:00 AM
                                                                              pool: If your child guests are using the pool, please remind them
                                                                              that if they use the lap lanes they, need to sign in on the lap board                             yoGa
                                                                              and they are limited to 45 minutes if others are waiting. They should
                                                                                                                                                            Mon & Weds                        3:00 PM
                                                                              be swimming or water walking if they are in the lap lanes. Play
                                                                              activities should occur in the larger shallow area of the indoor pool         Free Blood pressure screenings:
                                                                              or anywhere in the outdoor pool. Residents should remember that               first Monday of each month by
                                                                              guests have the same privileges and rights to the lap lanes, weight           Sun City Roseville Nurses at 9:30
                                                                              room equipment, etc.                                                          AM in the Fitness Center.

 8 Village Courier • August 2010                                                                                                                 sun city roseville community association, inc.
twenty six things your Burglar Won't tell you:              over the sink. And the windows on the second
                                                            floor, which often access the master bedroom-
1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week     and your jewelry. It's not a bad idea to put motion
cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or           detectors up there too.
delivering your new refrigerator.
                                                            8. It's raining, you're fumbling with your umbrella,
2. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom              and you forget to lock your door-understandable.
when I was working in your yard last week. While I          But understand this: I don't take a day off because

                                                                                                                    Director of Citizens Patrol / Neighborhood Watch
                                                                                                                    Dick Geistert
                                                                                                                                                                       Neighborhood Watch
                                                                                                                                                                       Citizens Patrol
was in there, I unlatched the back window to make           of bad weather.
my return a little easier.
                                                            9. I always knock first. If you answer, I'll ask for
3. Love those flowers. That tells me you have taste         directions somewhere or offer to clean your
... and taste means there are nice things inside.           gutters. (Don't take me up on it.)
Those yard toys your kids leave out always make
me wonder what type of gaming system they have.             10. Most burglars enter through unlocked doors or
4. Yes, I really do look for newspapers piled up on
the driveway. And I might leave a pizza flyer in your       11. If you can delay my entry for just three minutes,
front door to see how long it takes you to remove           most burglars will give up and leave.
                                                            12. Do you really think I won't look in your sock
5. Most crimes happen because someone gave a                drawer? I always check dresser drawers, the
criminal an opportunity to act.                             bedside table, and the medicine cabinet.
6. If decorative glass is part of your front entrance,      13. You're right: I won't have enough time to break
don't let your alarm company install the control            into that safe where you keep your valuables. But if
pad where I can see if it's set. That makes it too          it's not bolted down, I'll take it with me.
                                                            14. A loud TV or radio can be a better deterrent
7. A good security company alarms the window                than the best alarm system. If you're reluctant to
                                                                                          ...continued on page 16

ImPortANt PhoNe NUmberS

• Emergency                                      9-1-1                     Executive Director
                                                                           By Earl Wiklund • continued from page 4...
• Non-Emergency Police                           774-5000
                                                                           the other special events during the competition such
• SCR After Hours Emergency                      789-0808                  as day trips to local attractions and the big concert
                                                                           on the Lodge’s back patio on the evening of October
• Citizens Patrol North Vehicle                  223-1064                  15th. Won’t you join me for a week of fun, food and
  (8:00-10:30 PM)                                                          fellowship? Continue to look for upcoming notices
                                                                           on the events through the Activities Department. In
• Citizens Patrol South Vehicle                  223-1065                  the mean time, I’m going to go try pickle ball. Is the
                                                                           pickle ball really green? For more information on the
 (8:00-10:30 PM)
                                                                           games, call the Activities Department or go to www.
• Neighborhood Watch Office                      774-3817                  NationalAAUSeniorChampionships.com; or ask me the
                                                                           next time you see me at Timbers Restaurant. Just look
 (8:00-12:00 PM)                                                           for the guy who looks like he should have been a jock.

• Citizens Patrol Office                         774-3853

sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                        2010 August • Village Courier                                                   9
C om m I t t e e S

                     Ambassadors                                                          unoccupied rooms. During late night hours, the entire lodge will
                                                                                          be at a stand by temperature. If you are interested in the specific
                                                                                          temperature settings, they are in the Indoor Space Temperature
                       by Kathleen Quigley                                                Policy on SCRES.ORG. To find them go to Committees-Properties-
                     It certainly was a ‘grand’ reopening of Sierra Pines on Saturday,    Policies. The contractor began the final stages of the HVAC
                     July 3. Ambassador Committee members assisted Earl Wiklund           project on July 7, 2010. It should be in full operation by the end
                     and Dodie Robeck at the gala event by leading tours of the           of July. This new system should keep room temperatures more
                     new facility. Close to 700 residents attended and they were also     consistent, conserve energy and save money.
   Committee NeWS

                     treated to entertainment and refreshments on the patio.              The Utility bills for all of us are steadily rising. By July, Roseville
                                                                                          electricity costs had increased 18% in 2010. In 2009/2010 the
                                                                                          Associations utility costs were budgeted at $653,000. Electrical
                                                                                          costs are a large part of our utility bill, so it is important that
                                                                                          we work toward making these systems more efficient We have
                                                                                          already put in light sensors that turn off the lights when a room is
                                                                                          empty, and dimmed the lights on the parking lots and buildings
                                                                                          after 11PM. The energy subcommittee of Properties is working
                                                                                          on other ways to help manage our utility costs.


                                                                                          The growth of our many street trees has caused some concern to
                                                                                          our residents. Trees benefit the community and your neighbors,
                                                                                          but they do lose leaves and grow where they aren't wanted.
                                                                                          Properties Committee receives many requests to cut down or
                                                                                          trim trees to keep the leaves and tree debris out of resident’s
                     Committee members will be working closely with Earl, Dodie,          yards. Tree trimming is an additional expense because of the
                     and the Board of Directors to promote and support the upcoming       size and complexity of our trees. We hire a contractor to trim or
                     AAU National Senior Championships to be held in Roseville            remove trees when it is needed, and because of the expense, we
                     October 13 – 17. Sun City Roseville is an associate sponsor and      try to combine several jobs before a contractor is called. There is
                     several SCR clubs are assisting the AAU in organizing events         a Street Tree Care policy (2/09). You can find it in the Properties
                     here in Sun City and in the Roseville and Rocklin area.              section of SCRES.ORG web page. Basically the policy states that
                                                                                          street trees overhanging, or uprooting sidewalks or roads will
                     The next New Resident Welcome Wine and Cheese will be
                                                                                          be trimmed or removed. The Association does not prune or
                     held Saturday, August 28 at Sierra Pines. The Ambassador
                                                                                          remove trees that overhang a resident’s yard. Our policy follows
                     Committee hosts a New Resident event three times throughout
                                                                                          the Roseville City Ordinance for street trees. If you have a tree
                     the year. Invitations are sent to all new owners and renters.
                                                                                          overhanging your yard, you may trim it back so it is not over
                     Along with greeting and welcoming new residents to our
                                                                                          your property line. When trimming trees, please consider their
                     wonderful community, the gathering provides new residents an
                                                                                          structure, health and community value.
                     opportunity to learn more about the many activities and events
                     that take place in SCR.                                              LandscapinG
                     The Ambassador Committee meets the third Wednesday of each           There are several landscaping projects currently underway. The
                     month. The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 18, at 2:00        entrance ponds are being rebuilt and the landscaping refreshed.
                     PM in the Aspen Room. Residents are welcome to attend. We            The pond liner, and the waterfall have deteriorated over the
                     encourage everyone to take a look at the external website which      years and the water flow between the two ponds needs to be
                     highlights our active lifestyle in SCR (www.suncityroseville.org).   separated. The landscape is being redesigned to be more water
                                                                                          efficient and to prevent run off into the pond.
                     properties Committee                                                 The Bocce Court landscaping is being renewed after 15 years.
                                                                                          The trees are now giving shade and the shrubs need to be
                       by Janet Zeitman
                                                                                          changed. The new plan will contain plants from the UC Davis
                     HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning systems                100 All stars. They have been chosen because they are drought
                                                                                          tolerant and low maintenance. These projects are another way
                     The Association has added a computerized HVAC control system         that we are managing the environment around us to maintain
                     that will manage the heat and AC in the Timbers Lodge. It            our property values and adjust to the rising costs of energy and
                     controls room temperature room by room. It is regulated to vary      water.
                     within 2 degrees up or down. That is done by a pre set computer
                     program. The AC/Heat will automatically be reduced in

                     10 Village Courier • August 2010                                                          sun city roseville community association, inc.
What's on Your Bucket List?

     Views                                         Top
                                    FrombyThe Bergman

    Y   ou can’t believe the Views from the Top!! On June 17th
        it was my good fortune to travel to the top of the South
    Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge!! Scratch one more thing off
    my bucket list! The views from there are incredible!

    It’s one of those things where you have to know someone who
    knows someone to get a tour and lucky for me my Marin County
    friend was that somebody.                                              The three of us arrived at the Administration Building at about
                                                                           3:00 PM for our 3:30 PM tour. After signing a very detailed Waiver
                                                                           of Liability, we were loaded into a small electric vehicle and
                                                                           driven on the sidewalk, amid honking horns and many people,
                                                                           to the base of the South Tower. There we went through a small
                                                                           door into an even smaller elevator which held three people (the
                                                                           size of a phone booth). Definitely not for the claustrophobic!
                                                                           We didn’t do all this alone....we were accompanied on our
                                                                           adventure by employees Phillip and Amorette.

                                                                           The elevator stops, after a seven-minute ride, close to the top of
                                                                           the Tower and then there is a 20-foot steel rung ladder to climb.
                                                                           After that it’s through a not-so-big-hatch and there you are,
                                                                           WOW! 500 feet above the sidewalk with unforgettable views of
                                                                           San Francisco, Marin and the Bay Area!!

                                                                           I thought it would be frightening but instead it was simply
                                                                           breathtaking! A very beautiful and memorable experience!

                                                                           Sorry I can’t share the pictures with you but the Golden Gate
                                                                           Highway and Transportation District prohibits publication of
                                                                           the photos.

                  Have you realized a dream? Email your story to courier@scrca.org and we'll consider it for publication.

       Board of Directors                               ByGeorge Porter, President • continued from page 3...

    reverse will occur. Already being planned is the design and            amenities; others don’t participate in any.
    construction of a professional Croquet Court and putting
    together an architect-designed BBQ and Picnic facility – both at       Either way, ALL homeowners enjoy home values that are quite
    Sierra Pines. Two additional amenities for all of us to use.           a bit higher than if we lifted our house up and put it down
                                                                           somewhere in Roseville OUTSIDE Sun City. So, remember to be
    These improvements along with the continual enhancement of             thankful for all the ‘extras’ – whether or not you use the facilities
    our landscapes and existing facilities are possible because we         or participate in the activities. These ‘extras’ are protecting and
    have a capable and diligent staff working here who are very            enhancing your investment.
    careful with our dollars. These improvements are also possible
    because there are so many resident volunteers who assist them.         Renters may wish to consider becoming owners in light of this
    Our striving to continuously improve, within our means, is what        reality. You will have to pay more at the beginning; however,
    keeps us competitive and supports our individual home values.          Sun City Roseville may just be the best real estate investment
                                                                           around. (I’m not a real estate agent!)
    So – it’s NOT just a house!
                                                                           As I now leave the Board of Directors after four years, I thank
    It’s a lifestyle loaded with services, attractive common grounds       you most sincerely for giving me the opportunity to serve. I
    and facilities, clubs, amenities, special interests, activities, and   have enjoyed it immensely. And, it has been a special honor to
    so on. Some of us participate in a wide range of activities and        serve as your President during this past year.
12 Village Courier • August 2010   sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                            SU N Sh I N e
                                                                  Citizens Patrol / Neighborhood Watch
                                                                  Dick Geistert, Director of Citizens Patrol / Neighborhood Watch
                                                                  continued from page 13...

                                                                  leave your TV on while you're out of town, you can buy a $35
                     Services & Resources                         device that works on a timer and simulates the flickering glow
                                                                  of a real television. (Find it at _faketv.com_ )
                     by Carol Hoskins
                                                                  15. Sometimes, I carry a clipboard. Sometimes, I dress like a
NO MEETING IN AUGUST                                              lawn guy and carry a rake. I do my best to never, ever look like
                                                                  a crook.
Next Meeting: Since no one has agreed to be nominated
for the position of Board President, formal meetings are          16. The two things I hate most: loud dogs and nosy neighbors.
suspended until further notice. The annual luncheon is
                                                                  17. It takes less than two minutes for the average burglar to get
scheduled for noon, Thursday, September 2 at Sierra Pines.        into your home.
Bring your own lunch or purchase one from Sierra Pines.
Questions can be referred to Jean Hedin, 771-4870; Carol          18. Just the risk of being seen or heard will deter most burglars.
Hoskins, 771-2731 or Don Chaney, 773-0839.
                                                                  19. I'll break a window to get in, even if it makes a little noise. If
                                                                  your neighbor hears one loud sound, he'll stop what he's doing
Volunteer Drivers Desperately Needed! Imagine not being
                                                                  and wait to hear it again. If he doesn't hear it again, he'll just go
able to drive anymore!                                            back to what he was doing. It's human nature.
“Door to Door Rides” volunteers drive homebound seniors           20. Most burglars will not enter an occupied home.
to and from medical appointments, pharmacy, banking,
shopping, etc. For many of our seniors, this is the only          21. I'm not complaining, but why would you pay all that money
                                                                  for a fancy alarm system and leave your house without setting
transportation they are able to use. You choose the day           it?
and amount of time you are able to contribute. Please call
“Seniors First”, Nancy Cremarosa, 1-800-878-9222, option 2,       22. I love looking in your windows. I'm looking for signs that
then 1. Mileage reimbursable – gratitude immeasurable!            you're home, and for flat screen TVs or gaming systems I'd like.
                                                                  I'll drive or walk through your neighborhood at night, before
Macular Degeneration will be the topic presented by a             you close the blinds, just to pick my targets.
knowledgeable speaker at Merrill Gardens, Retirement &            23. Avoid announcing your vacation on your Face book page.
Assisted Living, 7418 Stock Ranch Road, Citrus Heights, at        It's easier than you think to look up your address.
the monthly luncheon on Friday, August 20, 12-2:00 PM.
Cost is $11. RSVP by August 15 to 491-5885. This program is       24. To you, leaving that window open just a crack during the
                                                                  day is a way to let in a little fresh air. To me, it's an invitation.
presented every third Friday. If you have questions or need
transportation, call Cathy Reuter, 725-7418.                      25. If you don't answer when I knock, I try the door. Occasionally,
                                                                  I hit the jackpot and walk right in.
Dial-a-Ride curb-to-curb bus service tickets are on sale in the
Lodge, Thursday, August 5 and September 2, 8:30-10:30 AM.         26. A cooperative program such as Neighborhood Watch is a
                                                                  strong deterrent to crime.
A book of 10 tickets is $10. Thank you to the Foundation for
subsidizing the regular ticket price. Call 774-5757 to schedule   Protection for you and your home! If you don't have a gun,
a ride with 24 hour advance notice.                               here's a more humane way to wreck someone's evil plans for
Our yellow flyer, “We’re Here to Help”, in the Lodge kiosk is
a list of available services, such as medical equipment loans,    Wasp spray: When asked by a concerned person about using
                                                                  pepper spray, the local police department recommended that
care giver relief, emergency care, errands, friendly visitor,     she get a can of wasp spray instead.
rides, support groups, peer counseling and more. If you’re
unable to go to the Lodge, call Carol, 771-2731, to have one      The wasp spray, they told her, can shoot up to twenty feet away
sent to you or download a copy from the Sun City website:         and is more accurate. With the pepper spray, they have to get
                                                                  too close and could overpower you. The wasp spray temporarily
www.scres.org.; Clubs & Groups; Service Groups.
                                                                  blinds an attacker until they get to the hospital for an antidote.

                                                                  "That's going to give you a chance to call the police; or run
                                                                  away." Maybe even save your life.
Thought for the Day: Why is it that people who have an hour to
waste usually try to spend it with someone who does not?          The Director is always available to speak at your Neighborhood
                                                                  Watch meetings or Club meetings.

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                   2010 August • Village Courier     13
bU l l e t I N b oA r d
                                                  Bulletin Board / Classifieds
                              Box tops for Education                                              For more information contact Ticket Chairpersons, Ellie
                                                                                                  Papineau @ 771-5457 or Sue Birilli @771-5797.
                            What do PILLSBURY Toaster Strudel Pastries, Sweet Rolls,
                            Grands, Crescent Dinner Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls all have in
                            common? They all have a BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION coupon
                                                                                                     FrEE sEminar
                           on them!                                                               TIME TO TRANSFER TO A TAX-FREE RETIREMENT BEFORE 2011
                                                                                                  TAXES. - Investment Advisor Representative, Jeff B. Mitchell,
                           Each coupon is worth 10 cents for our local schools. Clip them
                                                                                                  local IRA expert, trained by Ed Slott for IRA to Roth IRA
                           take them to the Administration Office and put them in the
                                                                                                  conversions. Bring a friend and come hear Jeff discuss the
                                                                                                  rules regarding conversion of IRA’s to Roth IRA’s. Learn the
                           SHORS (Seniors Helping Our Roseville Schools) - Dian Thomas            advantages of converting, such as:
                                                                                                    • Tax-free growth!

                              calling all sun city crafters                                         • No required minimum distribution!

                           The Holiday Boutique Committee of Sun City Roseville is                  • Income tax-free money to you and your heirs!
                           looking for new, quality, hand-made items for the annual
                           Holiday Boutique which will be held on Saturday, November 6,           THURSDAY, AUGUST 12TH, 10:15 AM in the ASPEN ROOM.
                           2010 at the Lodge. If you are interested in selling at this event,     Seating limited, register today – (800)530-2051
                           contact Marie Ah Fong at 784-1941.
                                                                                                  Licensed CA Insurance Agent #0777322 * Insurance Agents/
                                                                                                  Brokers $500 educational fee to attend.
                              French & spanish
                           FRENCH - 3rd Tuesday, 2-4:00 PM. SPANISH - 3rd Wednesday,                 WantEd
                           2-4:00 PM. Have fun retaining or improving your language skills
                                                                                                  BUYING GOLD & SILVER COINS - Don’t get ripped off!! I always
                           with videos, games and other activities. All levels welcome.
                                                                                                  pay lots more for gold coins, silver coins, old silver dollars, old
                           Fluency not required, but some knowledge of the language is
                                                                                                  paper money. Some dates are worth more! Call me for examples.
                           helpful. No dues. Sandy Haley, 792-2881.
                                                                                                  Call Sun City Resident, Jerry @ 916-772-4268.

                              Got Books?
                                                                                                     Macular degeneration/Low vision Support Group
                           Do you have extra books you would like to unload?? The Friends
                           of the Roseville Library would love to have them for their Used        Anyone with macular degeneration or other vision impairment
                           Book Sale at the Martha Riley Library in October. Give me a call ,     and their families are encouraged to attend the monthly
                           I'll be happy to come by and pick them up -Virginia @ 771-5846.        meetings and luncheon held the 4th Wednesday of each
                                                                                                  month. The meetings are held at the Eskaton Village Lodge
                                                                                                  Learning Center from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Dues are $12.00
                              scr Foundation Bingo                                                each year ($6.00 for the remainder of 2010). For information
                           August 8th - Doors open at 12:30 PM. Games begin at 1:00 PM.           about this new group call Bette DeCuir at 771-4987.
                           Presale tickets in lobby on Aug. 1 and 2nd from 8:00 AM - 12:00
                                                                                                  For reservations call the Eskaton receptionist at 789-783l. The
                           PM. Questions: Call Helen Bisenius, 773-8182.
                                                                                                  menu is available from the receptionist. Lunch is $11.00 per
                              sun city Foundation
                                                                                                  If transportation is needed from Sun City Roseville, contact Irma
                           ANNUAL BALL AND SILENT AUCTION, NOVEMBER 13, 2010                      Eberly at 771-5813.
                           The 14th Annual Foundation Ball “Music of the Night” will be
                           held Saturday November 13, 2010. The black tie optional event             "one hundred (100) all stars
                           includes a no host bar, a silent auction, and special gourmet
                           dinner. The popular John Skinner Band will be playing for your         "One Hundred (100) All Stars expert, Ellen Zagory, from the
                           dancing and listening pleasure.                                        UC Davis Arboretum will be speaking at Sierra Pines, Tuesday,
                                                                                                  September 7 at 7:00 P.M. The 100 All Stars are water wise plants
                           Table registration forms and fliers will be available in the           that have proven to thrive in this area. This presentation is
                           lobby kiosk. Tickets will be available for purchase on Saturday,
                           September 4th from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the Lodge.                   sponsored by the Sun City Garden Club. Admission is free."

                              “Sun City Roseville Community Association, Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any work, product, information or claims made by
                              advertisers and/or seminar presentations held at Sun City Roseville.”

                          14 Village Courier • August 2010                                                            sun city roseville community association, inc.
                  Canine Companions
                              Trained to Help Others
                                      by Tom McClelland

r  aising a dog and keeping it as a friendly, loving pet is a most
   common thing to do. It seems half the people in Sun City
Roseville have a dog as a pet.
                                                                     pups in training are a magnet.
                                                                     There are lots of questions to be
                                                                     asked and answered each time
                                                                     a caped pup in training is out
When the raising of the canine has a greater purpose than            in public. As puppy raisers we
just being a household companion, the duty takes on new              learn to allow a bit more time for
responsibilities. Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) has       everything we do when taking
been providing assistance dogs since 1975. The organization          our dog out in public.”
gets volunteers to raise dogs in their homes, to train them to
grow up to be intelligent animals that can help disabled citizens    Dogs in training go everywhere
and others.                                                          with their trainers. That includes
                                                                     the work place, shopping trips
CCI provides puppies to qualified volunteers at no cost. However,    and family visits. Dogs also
the expenses of raising the dog are covered by the volunteer.        attend various events such as
Dogs used in the program are Golden Retrievers, Labrador             fairs, parades and organized
Retrievers or a mix of the two breeds. Chosen puppy raisers          events highlighting disability
will take their dog to puppy classes and will teach them house       awareness.                           Cammie and Carolyn Glogoski
manners and public etiquette. Once they are old enough, they                                                 graduated as a team
will enter CCI’s formal training program at a regional training      Each assistance dog starts as              in Santa Rosa.
center in Santa Rosa.                                                a puppy that needs a loving
                                                                     home. Raising one of these special animals can change a life.
Candidates must complete a two-week educational course. The          Volunteer puppy raising is an incredible way to help those with
program is designed to match person and dog to prepare them          disabilities live more independent lives.
to work together. Dogs are trained for specific duties. Some will
become helpers for people with physical handicaps. Others will       Volunteer puppy raisers provide specially bred puppies a safe
learn to alert the deaf and hard of hearing to important sounds.     home, take them to obedience classes, serve them a healthy
Still others will enhance independence for children and adults       diet, provide socialization opportunities and give lots of love.
with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities. Some
will even work with a professional in a visitation, education or     Each hour spent caring for a CCI puppy is vital to its development
healthcare setting.                                                  as a future assistance dog. The puppy-raising program provides
                                                                     a unique opportunity for volunteers to assist CCI with its
Raising one of these specially bred canines takes about 18           important mission.
months, long enough to get lovingly attached to the animal.
                                                                     Gerard’s first puppy would become a service dog. Cammie was
Cris Gerard, a local banker, knows the routine. She has              her name. After graduating as a facility dog, she became the
trained four dogs successfully. She became aware of Canine           first such dog on campus at San Jose State University. Professor
                             Companions 10 years ago. A              Carolyn Glososki was matched with Cammie.
                             volunteer in a wheelchair from
                             CCI demonstrated what her               Glogoski reported on the dog’s doings: “Cammie has been busy
                             dog did for her. “It was the little     in her new role. She participated along with the CCI South Bay
                             things like picking up dropped          group in the Los Gatos City holiday parade. She was the main
                             objects and placing them in her         attraction at the Mental Health Association’s annual Christmas
                             lap, turning lights on and off.         lunch. We met with under-served middle school students
                             and pulling open the refrigerator       sponsored by the American Association of University Women
                             door that were the helpful              (AAUW) who came to the university with the students to expose
                             things,” says Gerard.                   them to health careers and talked about pet-assisted therapy.”
                                                                     Glogoski was awarded a one-year sabbatical to do some special
                                 Gerard      was     immediately     pet therapy projects with Cammie in the university’s sponsored
                                 impressed. “What I saw was          clinics. She also did some research. It seems Cammie is a
                                 most amazing,” she says. These      success, as are so many of these specially trained canines.
                                 furry four-legged ambassadors
                                 help connect those holding the      Anyone interested in raising one of these clever canines
     Canine Joan Buntin
                               leash to others they may not have     can phone 916/722-4243, or check out the Website: www.
   These dogs are smart and
                               contacted with previously. Even       caninecompanions.org

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                   2010 August • Village Courier   15
                                                                                                                                  l I b r A ry N e wS
 Library News
 by Sherry Prisk • Library 774-3824
                                                                                  New booKS
                                                                 The following new books were added to the
                                                                              library for JuLy:
 The last Library Monitor’s meeting was held June 28, 2010.
 This past month there were 12 hard back books donated
 and shelved and16 purchased books shelved. The soft            Coulter, Catherine          Whiplash
 cover carousels are full. There were 15 older audio cassette
 tapes discarded.                                               Cussler, Clive              The Spy

 The Annual Book Sale was held June 12th. As always, this       Deaver, Jeffery             The Burning Wire
 is very popular with both residents and the general public
                                                                DeMille, Nelson The Lion
 who attend the Parking Lot Sale and the book sale. The
 library made $917 at the sale. Books that do not sell are      Griffin, Emily              Heart Of The Matter
 donated to different groups and organizations and they are
 always happy to receive them. Thank you to all who visited     Koontz, Dean                Frankenstein, Lost Souls
 our booth and proceeds from the sale will be used to make
 your library an even better place.                             Larsson, Stieg              The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s
 Notice to Library Monitors - please do not turn the
 computer off. As we were finding it hard sometimes to get      Patterson, James            Private
 the computer up and running, it was decided to just leave
                                                                Robb, J.D.                  Fantasy in Death
 it on all the time.

 The August meeting will be held August 23, 2010 at 10:00
 AM. All monitors are invited to attend. We hope to see you     non-Fiction
                                                                Alter, Jonathan             The Promise

                                                                Bourdain, Anthony           Medium Raw

                                                                Madden, Bill                Steinbrenner

           In Memoriam                                          Schweikart, Larry

                                                                Sears, David
                                                                                            Seven Events that Made America

                                                                                            Such Men as These; Story of the
                                                                                            Navy Pilots’ over Korea

       Eva Schlaegel                   5/7/10   Village 11      Wittman, Robert K.          Priceless: How I Went Under
                                                                                            Cover to Rescue The Worlds
       Ormi Joy Gebhardt               5/29/10 Village 5                                    Stolen Treasures
       Alice Baker                     6/1/10   Village 9
                                                                LarGE print
       Shirley Buonocore               6/16/10 Village 10
                                                                Cabor, Amanda               Paper Roses
       Charles “Chuck” Crownover       6/17/10 Village 10
                                                                Deveraux, Jude              Forever and Always
       Dorothy Bauer                   7/12/10 Village 8
                                                                Evans, Richard Paul         The Last Promise
       If you would like Memoriam information shared            Lacy, Joanna                So Little Time
                in the Courier, please contact:
                     christine pedersen                         Patterson, Richard North The Race
                      ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT
                                                                Woods, Stuart               Mounting Fears
             pedersenc@scrca.org •    774-3871

16 Village Courier • August 2010                                                 sun city roseville community association, inc.
w e b SI t e

               Your Resident Website www.scres.org
               by Charlyn Ross, website committee

               EXTRA! EXTRA!                                                      • To review your website profile, click on “My Profile” in the main
               read All About The eCourier Special editon!                        menu bar of the resident website. From the tabs at the top of
                                                                                  the "My Profile" page, choose "User Profile."
               The words "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" are meant to be an
               alert that some important information is being communicated,       • The minimum information that should appear in your profile
               usually in a special edition. Our Association is using these       is your name, address, phone number and email address.
               words for exactly that reason to announce the eCourier Special
                                                                                  • Take note of the boxes next to the fields for your phone
               Edition email feature.
                                                                                  number and email address. These boxes offer the option to
               This new notification process has been developed to further        check “Hide from Address Book.” Having your email address
               improve communication in our community. Its objective is to        on the "My Profile" page, even if it is hidden from viewing in
               permit staff to send out brief e-mail messages of immediate        the Address Book permits you to receive, via your email, the
               importance to residents in a timely manner.                        informative mid-month eCourier and any eCourier Special
                                                                                  Edition messages.
               This eCourier Special Edition will use the basic template of the
               eCourier, the email message sent to residents on the 15th of       • After you have added or altered anything to your "My Profile"
               each month. However, the eCourier Special Edition will convey      page, you need to scroll to the bottom of that page and click
               information that due to time constraints could not be included     on "Save Changes."
               in the printed Courier magazine or the emailed mid-month
                                                                                  • Returning to the tabs at the top of the "My Profile" page, click
                                                                                  on "Subscriptions," which accesses the list of emailed bulletins
               Most important, the subject line of the eCourier Special Edition   that may be sent by various clubs, groups, and departments
               email will contain the name of the department issuing the          that use this feature.
               notice. By looking at the subject line you can decide whether
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               the message would be of relevance to you. For instance, if you
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               are not a golfer, you may not bother reading a message with
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               the subject line eCourier Special Edition—Golf.
                                                                                  bulletins on the list that might be of interest to you.
               Examples of topics, which might warrant issuing an eCourier
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               Special Edition, are a closure of a parking lot entrance, a need
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               to publicize last minute openings for an Activities event, or a
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               notice concerning the restaurant's availability. The eCourier
               Special Edition is meant to reach the most residents in the        The Association has developed this email format, the eCourier
               shortest possible time.                                            Special Edition, recognizing the need for a procedure to alert
                                                                                  residents to timely important notices. Yet another great step in
               To assure that you receive the eCourier Special Edition, you
                                                                                  improving community communication!
               need to confirm that your email address is contained in the
               Association's database. If you are currently receiving the
               eCourier on the 15th of the month, then your email address
               is contained in the Association database. In fact, you may be                        Website Committee Meeting
               receiving more than one eCourier. This would occur if you                           First Wednesday of the month
               and your spouse are listed separately but use the same email                            10:00 AM, Aspen Room
                                                                                                 Residents are welcome to attend.
               If you are not yet receiving the mid-month eCourier, you need
               to add your email address to your profile on the resident
               website, www.scres.org.

                 sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                  2010 August • Village Courier    17
                        Photo SIG GalleryJuNE 2010
Contrasts(such as light and dark, old and new, large and small) or patterns/shapes

       FIrSt PlACe                       SeCoNd PlACe                     thIrd PlACe
            Old & New                    Native Shadow Dancer                         Aglow
          by Nancy Carman                   by Mary Selfridge                 by Barbara Sargent

           hoNorAble meNtIoN                                    hoNorAble meNtIoN
         Approach of the Cool Blue Blazers                           Bridging it
                     by Quentin Miller                                 by Mary Selfridge

                               View more photos at www.scradmin.org/gallery
18 Village Courier • August 2010                                sun city roseville community association, inc.
           Sierra Pines Expansion • story by Barbara Woolman / photos by Barbara Woolman, Lisa Ravel and Dennis Studer

                                     GreatPines Reopens
At last --the long-awaited expansion
of Sierra Pines is complete! Residents,
relatives, and friends gathered for a gala
celebration on Saturday, July 3rd. It was a
great party!! After opening remarks and
ribbon cutting, the crowd poured into the
beautiful new facility. Out back on the
patio, a lengthy line formed to partake in
the buffet breakfast. Over five hundred
people attended. (And the granola was
                                                 Dodie gives Board Chairman George          John Pennington shows residents the
                                                 Porter tiny ribbon cutting scissors.       locations of additional golf cart spaces
                                                                                            and the future croquet field.

The number of “second cars” attending is
amazing! Additional golf cart spaces are
forthcoming.                                                                                The crowd stands in the breakfast buffet
                                                                                            line. Will there be enough?
                                                 George cuts with real scissors

The crowd jockeys for position as they
await the festivities.                           Wow! It’s gorgeous!
                                                                                            The crowd sits under covered patio

                            Earl Wiklund
                            opens the

                                                 Kent Walton and Marilyn          Lobsitz
                                                                                            ...and the band played on, while folks
                                                 Crownover—two hard workers.
                                                                                            line-danced and jitterbugged.

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                 2010 August • Village Courier   19
     Is There life out There?
     story by Barbara Woolman
     photos credits: NASA, ESA, and
     The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

                                                                                          Plumes of glowing hydrogen blast from the
                                                                                          central nucleus of M82. The pale, star-like
                                                                                          objects are clusters of tens to hundreds of
                                                                                          thousands of stars.

   Are we alone? This age-old question has been pondered for centuries. Over the years, scholars have speculated that other
   worlds exist that could contain some form of life. In our time, recent advances in science and technology have brought us to
   the threshold of finding an answer to this timeless question.

   Recent discoveries of numerous planets which travel round stars other than our own sun confirm the fact that our solar system
   is not unique. These exoplanets or extrasolar planets are planets that orbit stars different from our sun—the prefix ‘exo’ means
   “outside” in Greek.

   Many scientists hypothesize that the heavens are full of exoplanets that might have moons spinning around them. The moon
   Pandora from the movie “Avatar” and the Star Wars forest moon of Endor are mythical examples of such moons. The moons are
   earth-like worlds in solar systems besides our own, and they spin around giant gas planets. So far, astrophysicists have found
   over four hundred exoplanets outside our solar system. Could their moons support life as we know it?

   With very sophisticated telescopes, planet hunters study the atmosphere of these heavenly bodies with their moons and detect
   key gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapor. There is speculation that a rocky moon orbiting a gas planet could be
   life-friendly if that planet orbited within the star’s habitable zone—the region warm enough for liquid water to exist.

   The difficulties of observing exoplanets stem from three basic facts:

   ®Planets don’t produce any light of their own.

20 Village Courier • August 2010                                                      sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                        Thousands of stars are forming in the
                                                                        cloud of gas and dust known as the Orion
                                                                        nebula. More than 3,000 stars of various
                                                                        sizes appear in this image. Some of them
®They are an enormous distance from us.                                 have never been seen in visible light.

®They are lost in the blinding glare of their parent stars.

Since planets do not give off their own light, observing them
directly is a formidable challenge. Also, overcoming the
incredible distances of galaxies is daunting. For example, if
there were a planet orbiting the nearest star, Proxima Centauri,
it would be 7,000 times more distant than Pluto. That would be
like standing in Boston and looking for a moth near a spotlight
in San Diego. The light of the parent star can be as much as ten
million times brighter than the reflected light of the exoplanet
itself. Astronomers are developing advanced technologies that
will extend our vision by making the parent star dimmer.

Over the next fifteen years, NASA is embarking on a bold
series of missions to find and characterize new worlds. These
will be the most sensitive instruments ever built, capable of
reaching far beyond the bounds of our own solar system. The
Keck Interferometer uses a technique where two beams of
light interfere with one another in such a way that they either
reinforce or neutralize each other, thus allowing measurement
of planets. NASA’s Kepler Mission is surveying our region of the
Milky Way galaxy to detect hundreds of Earth-sized planets.
PlanetQuest will measure distances and positions of stars with
unprecedented accuracy. Eventually the Terrestrial Planet
                                                                       Could we communicate with possible inhabitants? This
Finder, with an imaging power one hundred times greater than
                                                                       depends on two things: Have they developed enough
the Hubble Space Telescope, will provide the first photographs
                                                                       intelligence and technology for such a feat? And do
of nearby planetary systems.
                                                                       they want to communicate with us? Extraterrestrial
Will we ever be able to visit an exoplanet? There are many             communication, if even possible, would require a huge
complexities which pose limitations on such a mission. First,          amount of time, perhaps longer than the duration of a
these bodies are incredibly far away. It would take forty years        human life.
traveling at a speed one-tenth of the speed of light just to
                                                                       None of these new worlds has actually been seen. The
reach the closest star. Second, interstellar space is not empty. It
                                                                       majority of exoplanets are massive, Jupiter-class in size,
contains matter that is a mixture of gas and small sand grains—
                                                                       and unlikely to harbor life as we know it. Nonetheless, the
interstellar dust. If a spaceship collides with a tiny grain of sand
                                                                       dream of other worlds waiting to be explored is moving
at such great speeds, the impact would be disastrous.
                                                                       from the realm of science fiction into reality. The new tools
                                                                       and visionary technologies currently under development
                                                                       will enable us to learn much more about nearby planetary

                                                                       Scientists will analyze the atmospheres of these distant
                                                                       worlds, looking for carbon dioxide, water, and ozone.
                                                                       Substantial presence of all three gasses would suggest
                                                                       that life is present. Such a discovery would at last provide
                                                                       convincing evidence that we are not alone.
                     Arp 274 is a trio of galaxies. They appear to
                     be partially overlapping in this image, but       Will we find another Earth?
                     may be located at different distances.

      sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                 2010 August • Village Courier   21
Hubble                                           story by Darleen Hegerle
                                                                            o      ne of humankind’s more dramatic creations has
                                                                                   been the development, launch and maintenance
                                                                            of the Hubble Telescope. This marvelous satellite has
                                                                            literally shown us millions of worlds that were previously
                                                                            unknown – and it’s been reporting back to it’s homeland
                                                                            for twenty years!

                                                                            According to Hubblesite.org, the construction of the
                                                                            Hubble Space Telescope was completed in 1985 but
                                                                            finally deployed April 25, 1990 from the space shuttle
                                                                            Discovery. Since then there have been several trips to
                                                                            repair, add and maintain Hubble. For those who like
                                                                            “just the facts, m’am”, here are a few that may surprise
                                                                            you about the Hubble: The cost at launch was $1.5
                                                                            billion; length is 43.5 feet; weight is 24,500 pounds; the
                                                                            diameter is 14 feet; altitude is 353 miles; orbit time is
                                                                            97 minutes; orbital speed is 17,500 miles per hour and
                                                                            Hubble is fueled by two 25-foot solar panels. There
                                                                            are two mirrors: primary at 94.5 inches weighing
                                                                            1,825 pounds, and secondary at 12 inches weighing
                                                                            27.4 pounds. Hubble transmits about 120 gigabytes of
                                                                            science data every week; equal to about 3,600 feet of
                                                                            books on a shelf, which is stored on magneto-optical

                                                                                                   These two spiral galaxies, drawn
                                                                                                   together by gravity, started to
                                                                                                   interact a few hundred million years
                                                                                                   ago. The Antennae Galaxies are the
                                                                                                   nearest and youngest examples of a
                                                                                                   pair of colliding galaxies.

                                                                            In order to take images of distant, faint objects, Hubble
                                                                            must be extremely steady and accurate. The telescope is
                                                                            able to lock onto a target without deviating more than
                                                                            7/1000th of an arcsecond, or about the width of a human
                                                                            hair seen at a distance of 1 mile.

                                                                            Hubble owes much of its development to early pioneers
 A billowing tower of gas and dust rises
                                                                            in this field such as German scientist Hermann Oberth,
 from the stellar nursery known as the Eagle
                                                                            one of the founders of rocketry and Lyman Spitzer
 Nebula. This small piece of the Eagle Nebula
                                                                            Jr., an American astrophysicist. In 1975, the European
 is 57 trillion miles long (91.7 trillion km).
                                                                            Space Agency began to work together with NASA on a
                                                                            plan that would eventually become the Hubble Space
                                                                            Telescope. In 1977, Congress approved funding for the
                                                                            telescope. The telescope was named after astronomer

22 Village Courier • August 2010                                                        sun city roseville community association, inc.
Edwin Powell Hubble (1889–1953), who made some of the
most important discoveries in modern astronomy at that time.        Clouds of dust and gas in the Orion Nebula churn
Before discovering his passion for the stars, Dr. Hubble earned a   out stars in this tiny section of the huge Orion
law degree and served in World War I. However, after practicing     Nebula. The gas is illuminated and heated by
law for one year, he decided that for him, astronomy mattered       ultraviolet light from four hot, massive stars.

The Hubble accelerated humanity to one of its greatest
advances in space discovery. Its position above the atmosphere
gives it a view of the universe that typically far surpasses that
of ground-based telescopes. Its gaze has helped determine
the age of the universe, the identity of quasars, the existence
of dark energy, and has revealed the age of the universe to be
about 13 to 14 billion years, much more accurate than the old
range of anywhere from 10 to 20 billion years.

 The Hubble Telescope has shown galaxies in all stages of
evolution, including baby galaxies that were around when
the universe was still young. It found clumps of gas and dust
around young stars that likely function as birthing grounds for
new planets and discovered that gamma-ray bursts — strange,
incredibly powerful explosions of energy — occur in far-distant
galaxies when massive stars collapse. And these are only a
handful of its many contributions to astronomy.

So, how does Hubble work? Basically, light hits the primary
mirror which bounces off to the secondary mirror which focuses
the light through a hole back in the primary mirror that then
goes to instruments.

Generally speaking, telescopes work by collecting more light
than the human eye can capture on its own. The larger the
telescope mirror, the more light it can collect, thus better
images. Hubble's primary mirror is small compared with those
of current ground-based telescopes, which can be 400 inches
and up, but Hubble's location beyond the atmosphere gives it
remarkable clarity.

All of Hubble's functions are powered by sunlight which is
converted into electricity. Some of that electricity is stored in
batteries that keep the telescope running when it's in Earth's
shadow, blocked from the Sun's rays.

Hundreds of engineers and computer scientists at Goddard
Space Flight Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute
are responsible for keeping Hubble operating smoothly by
monitoring its health and performance. Astronomers from
around the world compete for time to use Hubble but there are
more scientists than time to use it, so a review committee of
astronomy experts chooses the best proposals from the bunch.
The winning proposals are those that make the best use of the
telescope’s capabilities while addressing vital astronomical
questions. Each year around 1,000 proposals are reviewed and
approximately 200 are selected.

We owe much of what we’ve learned via the Hubble Telescope
to Dr. Edwin Hubble and others who pressed forward to realize
the dream of space exploration. While we have learned much
about the cosmos during the last 20 years, it is only a speck of
what’s really “out there”.

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                            2010 August • Village Courier       23
                                                                                         your own backyard • by Shirley Sampson

                    Summer Shooting Stars
 Throughout the year one can see what appear to be lights           night of watching. Others set their alarm clock around 1:30
 streaming across the dark night sky depending upon clouds,         or 2 am in the morning to look at the northeast sky.
 moon glow and street lights. Popularly called “falling stars”
 or “shooting stars” they are not “stars” but tiny dust particles   Sun City resident Eric Sauer, known for sharing his knowledge
 from comets called meteroids which are burning up as               of astronomy was contacted about the best place to view
 they enter the earth’s atmosphere. This August shower can          this late summer event. This was his reply:
 sometimes be one of the best meteor showers of the year.           “Best Location: For people, who don't want to go places
 Some years 60 meteors an hour on peak nights have been             after midnight,.....the best place is probably a dark area
 observed. The viewing period for this shower is from July 23       in their own BACKYARD and looking north-east-locate
 to August 22 with the peak night of August 12 and morning          the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia. For the more
 of August 13 between midnight and dawn.                            adventurous people, the north-east area of Roseville (SCR
 In early times it was thought that the lights were the souls       Golf course area or Placer County Fairgrounds) would offer
 of dead persons who were on their way to heaven. Science           areas with a wider open horizon”.
 tells us that comets are the source of these lights as they
 stream through space shedding tons of debris. This goes on
 every night, but several times a year there is more activity.      Good luck to all who attempt to see this common but often
 Occasionally there are meteor storms when thousands                unseen summer event.
 of falling stars can be seen. An historic storm occurred
 along North America’s East coast near Niagara Falls in
 November 1833. Hundreds of meteors per minute, falling
                                                                                                           w w w. seask y.org
 like snowflakes or heavy rain were seen by observers who
 estimated that 50,000 to 200,000 meteors were seen per                                        w w w.jpl.nasa.gov/nr ws
 hour during the viewing period. The quantity of the burning
 space grit or dust that can be seen on any night depends
 upon the weather, clouds, city lights and moon glow that
 can obscure the light from the burning meteors. This late
 summer shower appears in the Constellation Perseus which
 rises in the northeast about 11pm in mid-August. The comet
 Swift-Tuttle is responsible for the meteors in this shower         Wikipedia
 known as the Perseids in the constellation. The crescent           Burnham, Robert, et al.
 moon on the 12th will be out of the way early so viewing in a      Advanced Skywatching c.1997
 suitable place could be good.

 A lawn chair or chaise lounge so you can hold your head
 back comfortably is the best way to view the night sky for
 meteors. Binoculars or telescopes are not necessary but
 binoculars could be handy. It takes about 20 minutes for
 eyes to adjust to the darkness. A flashlight with a red light
 when needed will help retain your night vision. Some take
 blankets, pillows and refreshments throughout the long

24 Village Courier • August 2010                                                         sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                  C lU b S
                                                   Club Contacts
BILLIARDS                                  Meetings as needed                        Bill Marcum            771-4758

                                           M-F (Oct to Mar) 1:30 pm (Sign-in) –      Brenda Spencer        773-5975
                                           2:00 pm (Play)
BOCCE                                      M-F (Apr to Sept) 6:00 pm (Sign-in) –
                                           6:30 pm (Play)
                                           Lessons:                                  Gil Lugo              774-1615

BRIDGE                                     Officers Mtg – 4th Mon. 9:30 am           Sy Karfiol             771-8384

COMPUTER                                   4th Mon. 10:00 am                         Carver Sears           771-2672

CREATIVE ARTS                              4th Thurs. (Mar-June-Sept-Dec) 10:00 am   Lois Habein            772-2484

DANCE                                      Tues. & Thurs. 12:00 pm                   Jane McNally           772-9537

FINE ARTS                                  2nd Thurs. 1:00 pm                        Dennis Carr            771-9897

GARDEN                                     1st Tues. 7:00 pm                         Jim Gruebele           773-1867

GOLDEN NINERS                              3rd Wed. (Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) 12:00 pm       J.R. Moors             772-4913

HE & SHE GOLF                              1st & 3rd Mon. 7:30 am (Play)             Bill & Bobbi Dunk      771-5655

INVESTORS                                  1st Sat. 8:00 am                          Jack Ellison           771-5590

NEEDLE ARTS                                1st Wed. 2:00 pm                          Barbara Aaberg         773-1897

                                           2nd Thurs. (Jan-July-Nov) 10:00 am
RV                                         1st Sat. (Mar-May) 4:00 pm                Janet Jacob            780-2080
                                           2nd Sat. (Sept) 4:00 pm
SIERRA PINES                               Wednesdays (Play)
                                                                                     Maddi Robison          765-4675
LADIES GOLF                                Mtg. 3rd Wed. 2:00 pm

SINGERS                                    Thurs. 2:30 pm                            Kathleen Roach         772-0917

SINGLES                                    1st Wed. 6:00 pm                          Jean Hedin             771-4870

SOFTBALL                                   1st Wed. 1:30 pm                          Don Walter             771-7954

                                           Tues. & Wed. 9:00 am (Play)
TENNIS                                     Sat. 8:00 am & 9:30 am (Play)             Barbara O’Malley       774-2768
                                           Mtg. 1st Wed (Odd Months) 5:00 pm
                                           Tues. 7:30 am (Play)
TIMBER CREEK MEN’S GOLF                                                              Paul Wilmoth           771-0958
                                           Mtg. 1st Wed. 8:30 am

TIMBER CREEK WOMEN’S GOLF                  Mtg. 3rd Wed. 1:30 pm                     Karen Bell             797-2355

TRAVEL                                     4th Mon. 3:00 pm                          Bill Ah Fong           784-1941

VETERANS                                   1st Wed. 10:30 am                         Manny Hirschel         771-9918

                                           See Club Bulletin Board
WATER FITNESS                                                                        Joe Steele             773-1920
                                           outside locker room

sun city roseville community association, inc.                                               2010 August • Village Courier   25
C lU b U P dAt e S                                                      support your courier advertisers

                         Billiards                                                               Bridge

                      C    heck out the Billiards Club website for the latest Club
                           information.                                                       N     ew Game section, 0-99: Starting Monday August 9th,
                                                                                                    12:30 PM. The Club is making a special offer to Duplicate
                                                                                              players who have not tried the Monday ACBL Game. Play free
                      notice of next meeting and annual Bbq: The Billiards Club               for 3 times in the 0-99er game. You do not have to belong to
                      will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on August 7, 2010,            ACBL to play. You are welcome to join; just ask Arlene Coakley
                      at 5:00 PM at Sierra Pines. The annual BBQ will immediately             for a membership application.
                      follow the meeting. There is no charge to members for the BBQ
                      and $12.00 for guests. Additional information is posted in the          Bridge Game schedule: Social bridge games are Mon. 6:30
                      Billiards Room.                                                         PM, Wed. Workshop 8:30 AM, Wed. Evening 6:30 PM and Fun
                                                                                              and Friendly Duplicate workshop, Thursdays 8:30 AM in the
                      new officers Elected: At the June 24, 2010 meeting, the                 Card Room at the Lodge. Duplicate ACBL games: Mon. 12:45
                      following members were elected officers for July 1, 2010 to             PM at Sierra Pines and Thursday 6:00 PM in the Card room at
                      June 30, 2011 term:                                                     the Lodge.
                      President, Bill Marcum; Vice President, Gary Evans; Secretary,          Beginning Bridge class: Learn to play bridge with Willi
                      Kathleen Codon; and Treasurer, Marie Levens.                            Williams starting Tuesday September 21st at 9:00 AM in the
                                                                                              Card Room. Class fee of $25 payable by check to SCR Bridge
                      Wednesday night mixed couples Weekly tournaments:
                                                                                              Club and due on the first day of class. Sign up sheet is on the
                      Becky and Gary Evans captured the first tournament of the
                                                                                              bulletin board in the Card Room.
                      month. They were followed by long-time teammates Marlene
                      and Bill Force, who won five out of six games to take first place       party time: Friday, August 13th is our next bridge luncheon.
                      the following week. The month ended with the team of Betty              11:00 AM in the Timber Creek Ballroom. Social and Duplicate
                      Johnson and Paul Vitton taking the weekly tournament title.             games, soup and salad buffet for $16. Checks accepted for Social
                                                                                              by Joan Donlon, 773-3458 and Duplicate by Joan Oakley 772-
                      monthly tournaments: The team of Ken Arena and Paul
                                                                                              0188. Deadline for sign ups is August 4th. The menu includes
                      Garcia won the Men’s Team Monthly 8 Ball Tournament.
                                                                                              gazpacho or minestrone soup, Caesar salad with chicken on
                      Players are needed for the monthly Men’s 8 Ball and Men’s 9
                                                                                              the side, fresh fruit platter, roasted vegetable platter, cookies
                      Ball Tournaments. The sign-up sheets for these tournaments
                                                                                              and brownies , coffee and tea.
                      can be located on the wall near the sign-in sheet entrance in
                      the Billiards Room.                                                     new Life master: Congratulations to Lorraine Lazowick who
                                                                                              became a Life Master at the Sacramento Regional Tournament
                      note: club and Locker Fees due For July 1 thru June 30 :
                                                                                              in June.
                      Your annual club dues of $15 are payable now for the period
                      July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. If you have a locker, those         new officers: Barbara Ohman is the 2010-2011 Membership
                      fees of $15 a year are also due. There is a lock box in the Billiards   Chair. Her name was inadvertently omitted in the July issue.
                                                      Room for depositing your check
                                                      for your dues or fees. If you have      club dues 2010-2011: Bridge Club Dues are now due!! Check
                                                      any questions, please contact           the list of unpaid members in the Card Room. Checks in the
                                                      Treasurer Marie Levens, 773-            amount of $5.00 payable to SCR Bridge Club should be sent to
                                                      2188.                                   Barbara Ohman at 7048 Hayride Lane, Roseville, CA 95747. No
                                                                                              cash payments accepted.
                                                         Couples Tournament Winners
                                                         Bill and Marlene Force

                             Men's 8 Ball Tournament
                              Winners Ken Arena and
                                                                                              G    EnEraL mEEtinG – August 23rd - 4th MONDAY, 10:00
                                                                                                   AM, Ballroom. The Photo SIG will talk about their activities
                                                                                              including critiquing each photo submission and going on
                                           Paul Garcia                                        photo shooting outings.

                                                                                              counciL mEEtinG – August 16th – 3rd MONDAY, 3:00 PM,
                                                                                              Computer Room. All members are welcome.

                                                         July 2010 Men's 9 Ball               spEciaL intErEst Groups (siG):
                                                         Tournament Winners
                                                         Jimmy Baker and Ken Arena            GENEALOGY SIG –August 4th - 1st Wednesday, 2:00 PM at
                                                                                              Sierra Pines. Please be aware our time changed from 1 to 2:00
                                                                                              PM and we will no longer meet at the Lodge, but at Sierra Pines.

                     26 Village Courier • August 2010                                                            sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                                C lU b U P dAt e S
                                                      support your courier advertisers

Our guest speaker for August will be Dr. Donald MacRae from             In keeping with the other clubs that sell raffle tickets, it was
the University of Edinburough, Scotland. He is a fascinating            suggested and agreed that each club member will get a packet of
speaker on the Science of Names. For more information you               six tickets which must be sold for $1 each or all six for $5. Darleen
may contact Pat Shook at 772-2698 or Gwen Myers at 773-7074.            Hegerle is the Raffle Chairperson and will mail raffle tickets to
                                                                        the membership as well as post sign-up lists for selling tickets in
PC FORUM – August 5th - 1st Thursday, 2:45 PM, Computer                 the lobby during the first two days of September, October and
Room. For the more advanced computer users, but all are                 November.
welcome. For more information call Carver Sears at 771-2672.

PC SUPPORT GROUP – August 9th - 2nd Monday, 3:00 – 5:00                    dance
PM, Computer Room. A free support group for beginner to
intermediate for the purpose of sharing knowledge and helping
each other.                                                             o    ur Dance Club extends a warm welcome to new residents
                                                                             of Sun City Roseville. We offer a variety of classes that have
                                                                        professional instructors and require a minimal fee.
MAC@NIGHT – August 10th - 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Aspen
Room. For all levels of Macintosh operating system experience.          The Summer/Fall schedule may be found in the kiosk or on our
                                                                        website. You are invited to drop in on any or all of our classes to
PHOTO SIG – August 20th – 3rd Friday, 10:00 AM, Computer                sample them as our guest. When you decide to join the Dance
Room. August subject: landscapes, seascapes, park or garden             Club, the dues of $10.00 are due on July first of each year.
scenes (but not individual plants or flowers). Members email up
to three photos to PhotoSIG916@yahoo.com by August 16th.                Let’s hear from you if you are interested in a specific genre of
For information: Dennis Studer 787-1968, pompy@surewest.net             dance that is not offered. It may be possible to start a class to
or Roger Davis 780-0273.                                                meet that interest. And - we do have some open time in our
                                                                        schedule to implement a new class or two, so call Dance Club
DIGITAL IMAGING AND EDITING SIG – August 2nd - 1st Monday,              President, Jane McNally at 772-9537 to make your requests. All
7:00 PM, Computer Room. Watch demonstrations on attributes              dance classes are for Sun City Roseville residents only.
of Photoshop Elements. Learn more about cameras and how to
take better pictures. Call Ed Abbott, 771-2307. August presenters       This fall we have planned two parties for club members,
will be Cheryl Buller and Richard Paine.                                residents, and their non-resident guests. On September 15th
                                                                        we will have an exciting ballroom dance with ballroom teacher
                                                                        and DJ, Wesley Horn. Then, on October 20th we’ll continue our
   creative arts                                                        festive fall theme with a line dance party. Plan to join the boot
                                                                        scootin’ fun with our DJ, Jim Keener.
t    he Creative Arts Club members in attendance at the last
     General Membership Meeting voted to accept Lois Habein,
President; Carl Hentschke, Vice President; Martoo Beerman,
                                                                        On December 16th, our Holiday Party will be an all club dinner/
                                                                        dance. If we have tickets remaining after selling to members, we
Secretary; and Inge Montich, Treasurer. Many thanks go to these         will open this event for guests. This is always a festive affair with
generous members for offering their time to lead our club for           lots of holiday spirit including entertainment.
the next fiscal year as well as to those who have offered to give
them their support.                                                     The Dance Club Council meets the third Wednesday of each
                                                                        month in the Poker Room at 1:00 PM. This meeting is open to all
Membership fees are now past due. Any delinquent member                 members, and we enjoy hearing your suggestions and creative
may reapply at any time; however, non-payment of membership             ideas.
fees for the 2010-2011 year will result in locker content removal (if
not already done so) by two current members, a request that the         Reminder to members: Membership renewal forms are in the
locker key be returned, and removal from the Membership List.           kiosk and with class reps.
An updated Membership List will be provided to the Monitor’s
Desk by the Membership Chairperson.
                                                                           Fine arts
It was agreed at the last meeting that the cost, time and effort
to staff a ballroom table for the November 6th Holiday Boutique
did not produce adequate revenue; therefore, our sale items             t     he General Meeting will be August 12 at 1:00 PM in the Fine
                                                                              Arts Room - speaker/demo will be Rosanne Kaufmann who
                                                                        will present “How to take an inspiration to a finished painting”.
will be sold in the club room only. Jill Henricks has agreed to
co-chair the boutique sale, but asks for a volunteer to co-chair        As always, raffle tickets will be sold and the ticket holder will win
with her. Jill’s expertise with this event will be invaluable to the    a drawing by Rosanne.
volunteer who helps her. There will be a sign-up sheet on the
front table for volunteers. This event, as a fundraising activity       You are invited to attend our August 21st 3rd Saturday art event
has always been successful. Start getting your creative art             from 5:30 to 7:30 PM where we will ask you to participate in
items ready. We anticipate another excellent sale, and hope all         “peoples’ choice awards”. The art studio gallery show for the
members can participate.                                                month of August is a membership show titled: ‘Hot! Hot! Hot!”
                                                                        The winners from the peoples’ choice awards will appear in the

     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                     2010 August • Village Courier     27
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                     courier on a monthly basis similar to the photography club page.      Bell, Mike Cepress and John Duffie to be the at-large members.

                     As always, future art classes are posted in the glass case next       With only three days for games in May, Mike Cepress was the
                     to the Fine Arts Room. We invite you to stop by and see the           biggest individual winner, followed closely by Jack Medina and
                     wonderful work of our teachers and sign up for one of these           Bill Fass. There were five game days in June when the Golden
                     great classes.                                                        Niners doled out almost $700 in winnings. Charles Leslie, Don
                                                                                           Wilcox and Bill Vaughn were the main leaders.

                         Garden                                                            Annual dues of $35 were due July 1, and Treasurer Bob Hurst will
                                                                                           be a happy camper when everyone is paid up.

                     t    he Garden Club is on vacation until Tuesday, September 7 at
                          7:00 PM at The New Sierra Pines.                                 The Niners play different team games every Tuesday morning
                                                                                           with a pair of shot gun starts, one at 7:30 and the other at 10:00
                     There is one event you will not want to miss for our first meeting    AM. The golfers play their nine holes at Sierra Pines most weeks,
                     in September. We are very pleased to present Ellen Zagory of UC       but on the third Tuesday, they play at
                     Davis speaking on “100 All-Stars as Grown by UCD Arboretum            Timber Creek’s Oaks or Lakes. Players
                     All Year!” These All Stars require low water, minimum pruning         ante $2 to the kitty, plus green fees,
                     and look good practically all year. They are grown in four specific   and prizes are awarded to the top team
                     gardens of the Arboretum at UCD.                                      players. Winnings are maintained in a
                                                                                           Sun City Association account. Players can
                     Check the bulletin board section of the Courier for an                use their prize dough for purchases in the
                     announcement on these 100 All Stars and the visit of Ellen            Pro Shop or the Timbers Restaurant.
                     Zagory. These plants are for the garden owner who would like to
                     reduce on expense, time and effort.                                         Joe Campagna is new Vice-President
                                                                                                             for the Golden Niners.
                     Dorothy’s Corner:

                     Continue mulching this month to conserve moisture and control
                     weeds. Fertilize camellias, azaleas and gardenias with chelated
                                                                                              he & she Golf

                     iron if the leaves turn yellow between the leaf veins. Give citrus        inally ! The great weather for golf has arrived! Be looking
                     the last feeding of the year. Continue feeding begonias, fuchsias         for more Merriment Sept 20 as we will have a fun Mixer
                     and container plants. Fertilize indoor plants.                        with the Niners and the 18‘ers. Dinner with be a delicious B-B-Q
                                                                                           served in our beautiful newly remodeled Sierra Pines.
                     Flowers: Seed winter annuals this month. Sow seeds of
                     perennials in pots or flats for transplanting in October. Try         On June 7 the 9’ers came out for a 1-2-3 Best Net game with 80
                     columbine, lupine, and foxglove.                                      players enjoying the day. First place winners were Jerry Bice,
                                                                                           Arlene Lizotte, Mike & Rhonda Bubbico, Gail & Leon Raglen,
                     Vegetables: In a cool location indoors start seeds of cabbage,
                                                                                           Dick & Jean Kay with scores of 52. Second place winners were
                     broccoli, cauliflower, and kale.
                                                                                           Donna & Ernie Biagi, Darlene Reber, Art Favsits, Ellen Thomas,
                     The Garden Club normally meets the first Tuesday of the month         Brad Owens, Dean and Bev Trapp with scores of 54. Third place
                     at 7:00 PM at Sierra Pines.                                           winners were Bob & Pat Horning, Lee & Rose-Marie Schaefer,
                                                                                           Ken Mack and Susan Moore with scores of 55. Fourth place
                     "To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form      winners were Bea Davis, Larry Lovato, Leroy Gratz, Ana Reid, Joe
                     of defeat." Beverly Nichols                                           Harnsberger, Betty and Duane Smith with scores of 56. Closest
                                                                                           to the Pin were: Maddi Robison, Gail Raglen, Greg Rhine and Lee
                     Questions: Rayann Golda, 772-2928                                     Schaefer.

                                                                                           Forty seven 9-ers came out for the June 21 HI - LO Tournament.
                         Golden niners                                                     Winning first place were Joann Gasquoine, Gerry Lane, Tom and
                                                                                           Joan Statti. Second place winners were Anne Chiles, Jack Nold,
                     J  oe Campagna became the Golden Niners new Vice-President
                        after elections at the quarterly meeting on June 15. The other
                     three officers were incumbents, running unopposed. Back again
                                                                                           Linda Good & Duane Kruen. Third place winners were Lee and
                                                                                           Rose-Marie Schaefer, Larry Lovato & Bill Opsahl. Fourth place
                                                                                           was Dale & Marian Applegate, Greg Rhine & Judy Sayers. Fifth
                     as President is J.R. Moors, now serving a third term. Bob Hurst,      place was Ken Mack, Susan Moore, Mike & Rhonda Bubbico.
                     Treasurer, and Doug Peck, Secretary are other repeat officers.        Closest to the pin was Bob Horning and no others were able to
                     They have both served at least four times. The former Vice-           hit the green.
                     President, John Ferraris moved out of the area.
                                                                                           The 18’ers played a One Man – One Woman Best Ball Tournament
                     At the Bar-B-Q meeting, President Moors told the members that         on June 7 and the June 21 was a Par Points Tournament for the
                     the club was being re-chartered and the club would be required        18-ers. Results from these tournaments have been posted on
                     to have seven voting members on the council. Moors chose Jerry        email as space does not permit here.

                     28 Village Courier • August 2010                                                          sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                             C lU b U P dAt e S
                                                     support your courier advertisers

   needle arts                                                        Barbara Woolman, 771-8830 or Shirley Calton, 774-9971 if you’d
                                                                      like to join us.

N     eedle Arts welcomes Doris Easley, fabric expert to our
      August 4th meeting. Plan to attend this most informative
program, as Doris shares her knowledge and experience in the
                                                                      Pete and Darlene Hegerle are Wagon Masters for the Clio trip
                                                                      Aug. 8-13. If you find you can go on that trip, call them, 771-5823.
field of dry cleaning and fabric restoration.                         They might be able to tuck you in at the last minute.

If you are planning ahead, mark your calendar for the                 Keep on truckin’!
September 1st meeting when the Pixie Ladies, fiber artists and
designers, share their expertise on narrative quilts. During their        sierra pines Ladies Golf
presentation they will demonstrate how to create a quilt that is
not only vibrant and visually stunning, but also rich in narrative.

Although there was no General Meeting in July, we were still a
                                                                      r     un; do not walk to the putting green, chipping green and/or
                                                                            the driving range, because it is Club Championship month!!
                                                                      Start now, or you may be trampled to death by ladies less
busy club as many of our Friendship Groups met and created a          athletic than you, trying to brand your forehead with a capital L,
variety of items. If you passed the sewing room on July 2nd and/      and we know what that means. You must play all three games,
or July 16th you might have witnessed 20 grandchildren busily         but if not, you may lunch with the sweating bunch of us who
involved at our Grandchildren’s Summer Camp. Young people,            dare to presume to golf. This monumental tournament begins
ages 4-14 came together and engaged in an assortment of arts          on August 6 with 7:30 AM tee times progressing to August 9,
and crafts activities.                                                7:30 AM. The final round is on the 11th with a 7:30 AM tee time,
                                                                      culminating in a y’all come luncheon and awards at the Lodge
The Opportunity Quilt and Treasures are now complete. Raffle          at 11:30 AM. Try to keep the noise down when you win, as our
tickets can be purchased for these items in the lobby on the first    reputation has preceded us, so be discreet.
and second of each month, beginning in September.
                                                                      Be sure to sign up at the Pines for the Invitationals at Lake
It’s not too early to be thinking about the holidays and our annual   Wildwood on August 17th and Lake of the Pines on August
Holiday Boutique. We are currently looking for handmade items         31st. These are so much fun with prizes along with great new
to be sold at the November 6th event. If you are interested in        friendships to be won. Start your list of fun gals as guests for
selling at the Boutique, please call Marie Ah Fong at 784-1941 for    future Guest Days. Those who played Northridge made us very
information or to reserve a space.                                    proud to be SPLG nine hole golfers (AND you all looked so great)!

Membership dues of $12.00 are now due. You may put your               The nominating committee will meet this month and those ladies
money in the membership envelope in the sewing room or mail           who step forward to lead, will be announced at our September
it to our membership chairman.                                        meeting. Hope you are one of them, we expect you!!

                                                                      Alas! There is no Putt for Points in August, because of the
upcoming classes:                                                     Championship games, but practice ‘til you hurt; it will be raising
                                                                      its competitive head once more in September.
• August 18 - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - No Sew Purse Class by Triad - no
fee                                                                   No Council meeting this month, but our General Meeting will be
• September 15 - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Cameo Egg Class by Virgi         held on August 18th at 2:00 PM in Room B at the Pines. Isn’t it
Bond - fee, $20.00                                                    NICE??? See you there!

For further information about these classes, you may check the
sign-up sheets in the Needle Arts Room.                                   singers

   rv                                                                 I t’s August and the key word is ARF! You got it. The Dog days are
                                                                        upon us. You should be out of town visiting cooler climes or
                                                                      comfortable comrades. If you stayed home, instead of hot cocoa

e     veryone enjoyed the coffee and donuts preceding our July        by the fireplace---think iced anything by the Jigsaw puzzle!
      9 General Meeting at the newly reopened Sierra Pines. We
                                                                      We may not be singing for awhile but we had time in July to
will hold our meetings there now on the 2nd Friday of the month.
                                                                      listen to Jim Keener’s great selection of music under the July 3rd
We have three General Meetings per year without parties and
                                                                      Fireworks on the patio. The way the streets were lined with sitters,
three with parties. The next meeting will be October 2nd at the
                                                                      you’d never guess that this was a “free” celebration! We also had
Bocce Court.
                                                                      time to hear fantastic country music by the Chris Gardner Band
The new officers have taken over, and we thank last year’s officers   at the opening of Sierra Pines. We should be proud of the super
for all their hard work. Wagon Master Coordinator Norm Cadmus         job that was done on that building and on the gala affair that
gave a brief description of upcoming trips. The Crescent City         was arranged by so many. Guess we’re the Lucky Dogs just to
trip is from September 9-l6 and it should be lots of fun. Contact     live here! ARF!

    sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                    2010 August • Village Courier    29
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                     But don’t bark out of boredom. It’s almost time to start singing         softball
                     again. Prepare to open wide and say aaah on Thursday August
                     12th, 2:30 PM in the Aspen/Birch rooms. The yowling will all
                     be about Christmas music. Wear a sweater; the temperature
                                                                                           A    t the time of this writing on July 8th our league standings
                                                                                                were pretty close between the top two teams with 7 games
                                                                                           to go. Jim Bisenius’ Squier Properties team is in 1st place at 11-2
                                                                                           but is followed closely by Mike Worsham’s Eskaton Village squad
                     Don’t be a lazy dog! While you’re waiting, think up Themes for        at 10-4. Danny Pitifer has the Green Energy group fighting to
                     our Spring Concert. How about “My Coloring Book” (Black Magic,        hang on to 3rd at 8-6 with John Raniseski’s Dr McCurry dentists,
                     White Christmas Red Sails) “What’s Your Sign?” (Songs for each        two games behind at 6-7. Bob McBride’s Associated Glass
                     month of the year.) You’ve got ideas---bark ‘em out. Put some         installers are creeping up slowly at 4-9 and Charlie Eveland’s
                     pizzazz in your membership! Join a committee! Bring in new            Perron Chiropractic interns are holding down the cellar, with a
                     members!                                                              1-12 record.
                     And don’t forget on August 12th there are only three commands:        Because this article has to be in for printing so early in the month
                     Sit---Sing---and Stay!                                                we will bring you up to date on our championship play in the
                                                                                           September article. Major dates to remember would be August
                     ARF!                                                                  25th when the league playoffs will be held. This should be good
                                                                                           softball action to come out and watch. There will also be rain
                        singles                                                            makeup games on Monday, August 16th.

                     M       ake sure you come to the meeting on August 4th to hear        Our club is planning to switch from bats to golf clubs on August
                             about all the new and exciting events being planned           18th as Ed Day has scheduled a Golf/BBQ, for Sierra Pines on
                     for your enjoyment this summer. Ruth Ricciuti and Audrey              that day. We usually wait until after our softball season is over
                     Elliott have agreed to continue with Dinner on the Town. They         for such things, so we’re hoping the change won’t affect our
                     have done such a wonderful job of selecting such delightful           softball bat swings.
                     restaurants for our dining pleasure. Now we can all look forward      Following the playoffs on August 25th the Softball Club will
                     to the 3rd Saturday of each month since the Saturday Night            end the season with our annual banquet at the Timber Lodge.
                     Social is back on the calendar. Bente Frydendahl is in charge and     Awards will be presented and we all will enjoy a wonderful
                     always makes sure that our hostesses for the evening provide          buffet, followed by dancing.
                     a fun and interesting theme. This month we are going to play
                     bingo and cards will only be $1.00. And of course the pot-            Our action photo this month
                     luck dinners always showcase the delicious food our members           shows Ken Biehle of Associated
                     prepare. Joyce Wade of Arts and Music is always on the lookout        Glass ready to run from 1st
                     for any outing or event that she feels we would enjoy. We are         base after getting his signals
                     very fortunate to have such a creative and hard working person        from base coach Dick Bolcerek.
                     willing to provide entertainment for our pleasure.                    Eskaton Village 1st baseman Jim
                                                                                           Smith is positioned for action
                     We play bingo in the Lodge Card Room from 2:00 to 4:00 PM             while umpire Bob Venturi
                     every second and fourth Sunday. Anyone is welcome. From               stands ready to make a call.
                     our membership groups are formed (instruction is given when
                     needed) to play Bridge, Canasta, Hand and Foot and Mexican            We always have room for new players and umpires, so if you’re
                     Train Dominos. We are always looking to add more groups to            interested please call Bob Venturi, 789-7711 (players) or Tom
                     the different games as members show an interest.                      Watwood, 797-1281 (umpires).
                     More information is available on the website or at the General
                     Meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM in the          tennis
                     ballroom. Anyone living single in Sun City Roseville is eligible to
                     join the club. Dues are $8.00 per year, renewing July 1st. Our
                     purpose is to offer fun and interesting things for single people
                     to do with others.
                                                                                           o    ur active club continues having "fun in the sun" in spite of
                                                                                                the summer sizzles.

                                                                                           Participants in the "Cruise Around the Islands" tournament sailed
                     For information contact the Membership Chairperson, Bobby             through their matches with the highest score docked by Team
                     Cassidy-Riker 771-5612 or any club officer: Pres. Jean Hedin, 771-    Oahu: Ken Evans, Kathy Hagiwara, Cindy Murphy, Ron Perkins,
                     4870; V.P. Joanne DeSantis, 773-1210; Sec. Dorothy Woodbury,          and Bob Stahl. Following in their wake were Team Molokai in
                     773-9653; Treas., Janet Vogelgesang 772-2116.                         2nd place and Team Kauai in 3rd. Captain and First Mate Al and
                                                                                           Sharyn Bowen were assisted by crew members Mary Aichroth,
                                                                                           Audi Gould, Vince Pratillo, and Emory Sammut. Prizes included
                                                                                           fresh pineapples which also served as table decorations.

                                                                                           Thirty members recently enjoyed a tennis clinic and
                     30 Village Courier • August 2010                                                          sun city roseville community association, inc.
                                                                                                                                           C lU b U P dAt e S
                                                      support your courier advertisers

demonstration in skills                                               might try to set up a FedEx Trophy to run for the entire year.
conducted by Wayne                                                    The initial discussion was for a onetime annual fee of $10.00,
Bryan, coach of the                                                   all tournament players would be entered for a set number of
Sacramento          Capitals                                          events during the year, a winner for each flight (blue and gold)
Tennis Team.         Several                                          announced at the end of the year, and the possibility of getting a
participants       received                                           sponsor to kick in some prize money. This concept will be talked
T-shirts and tickets to a                                             about again at the August meeting.
Capitals match, but all
                                  Bar tenders and friends             We are not too far away from the Eighth Annual First Tee Junior
were winners by learning
skills to improve their game and having fun doing it!                 Regional Championship on Saturday, September 11th, one of the
                                                                      most successful and fun times at our golf course. Please contact
                                       Kudos to Joann LaPorte and     Phil Hart or Rodger Page and get your name on the volunteer’s
                                       the Social Committee for       list, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself and be absolutely amazed
                                       treating us to a delicious     at the talent of these young golfers.
                                       picnic-style supper of fried
                                       chicken, potato salad and      See you on the 4th, bring a friend.
                                       coleslaw, following our
                                       General Meeting on July 7th.
                                       An added treat was being          timber creek Womens Golf
"Picnic"Supper Social Committee

                                       back at the newly renovated          any fun and challenging activities have occurred in our
                                       Pines Recreation Center.             golf club!
Upcoming activities this month include a tournament/play-day          June 16 was Guest Day - we invited our friends from other
on Friday the 20th, organized by Bob Buckman and Ray and              courses and Sierra Pines to play with us followed by a Mexican
Diane Barnett. Watch for                                              Fiesta themed lunch. Closest to the pin on #4 were member
details and sign-up sheets on                                         Betty Hepburn and guest Milligan/and on #16 member Colleen
the bulletin board.                                                   Tovey and a guest Eckardt. Team winners were: Flight 1: 1st place
Wanting to escape the heat?                                           – Townsend, Prichard, Gibson, Manville; 2nd place – Shroyer,
There's still time to get in on                                       Blanchard, Lehnhoff, Mahoney. Flight 2 – 1st place – Shull, Clark,
the fun at Northstar on the                                           Pahl, E Johnson; 2nd place – Haaland, Downing, Fujii, Winn. Flight
24th and 25th. There will be                                          3 – 1st place – Barrett, Dungan, Casten, Varrelman; 2nd place – T
some planned activities plus                                          Johnson, Cook, Higgins, Milligan. Flight 4 – 1st place - Widnes,
                                "Cruise Around the Islands" Crew      Swallender, Hood, Cruz; 2nd place – Vandiver, Zeitman, Myers,
plenty of time for leisure.
Joan Chabrier has information.                                        Wilson. Member/member winners were 1st place – Myhre,
                                                                      O’Hern, J Smith, J Smith; 2nd place – Barr, Dennis, McHugh,
See you at our General Meeting in September when we will be           Nicholson. ¡Felicidades! and gracias to chairs Pat Greenwood and
treated to an Oktoberfest hosted by Linda Gordon and the Social       Pat O’Hern!
                                                                      The Better Ball Partners Tournament was held June 28 and 30
                                                                      after being rescheduled from earlier in the year. Congratulations
    timber creek men’s Golf                                           to the 2010 BB champions-Pat Higgins and Susie Williams.Closest
                                                                      to the pin on Hole 4 – JoAnn Smith, and Hole 6 –Cindy Murphy.

I   ’m not sure if these articles are being read! The next meeting
    is August 4th, doors open at 8:00 PM and the meeting starts
at 8:30, so where are all the attendees? 61 out of ~325 members
                                                                      Flight 1 winners were Higgins/S Williams, Greenwood/O’Hern,
                                                                      Meyers/Jardine, Dunk/Maxham, Wahlstrom/Haskins; Flight 2
                                                                      winners – Defenbaugh/Shroyer, Shull/Pahl, Gibson/Townsend,
is pretty pathetic, we have to do better! At least give some of the   Sargent/Gray, Fish/Sampson. Flight 3 winners – J Smith/JSmith,
pastries a try, the apple fritters are really good.                   Barr/C Brown, G Myers/Chittick, Derner/Haaland, Tovey/Jackson.
                                                                      Flight 4 – Manning/Tom; L smith/Armbrust, T Johnson/Irwin,
Our next tournament is the very popular North vs. South on            Kimura/Fujii, Myhre/Nakao. Flight 5 – Brockhoff/Lee, Hepburn/
August 10th. Generals Jackson and Cabazas are already taking          Daley, Habein/Ingram, Roach/Dennis, Holt/Hood. Many thanks
sign-ups so get in the fun and reenlist and support your army.        to Barbara Gibson and Doe Townsend for chairing this event!
On August 20th the Hot August Mixer will be held; at this time
the format is not available, but as the name indicates this will be   Remember to sign up for the Hot August Couples Mixer on
ladies and gentlemen. Watch the bulletin board for details. Ernie     August 20.
will be holding his monthly Net tournament on the 31st, try it
one time; it’s a very relaxed way to get in on some action.           Membership is open at any time to residents interested in
                                                                      joining our club. For further information, contact Jahna Holmes,
It was suggested at the July meeting by John Rowley that in an        Membership Chair, at 773-8455. Or check our website at
effort to boost participation in the monthly tournaments, we          timbercreekwgc.com

     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                  2010 August • Village Courier   31
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                                                            Doe Townsend and group              veterans
                                                            - Guest Day winners Doe

                                                            Townsend, Barb Gibson              im Viele has been one of Sun City's guiding lights for over 13
                                                            and their guests
                                                                                               years. This week he reverted to his wartime years and gave us
                                                                                            a guided tour of the use of Huey helicopters in Viet Nam where
                                                                                            Jim was a Huey pilot during the war.

                                                                                            We continue our series on August 4th with a presentation by
                                                                                            another Sun City member, Ray Ille. Ray was a pilot of a very
                             Niners - Judy Bickel and                                       different type of plane, the C124 Globemaster. The contrast
                          Elsie Ingram hosted guests
                            Nancy Cafferty and Evon                                         between helicopter and cargo carrier will be dramatic.
                                 Steele of Sierra Pines
                                                                                            A little further into the future we will hear from Ted Robinson
                                                                                            who participated in the rescue effort and eventual safe return
                        travel                                                              of J F Kennedy after his PT Boat was rammed by a Japanese

                     M     ark August 23rd on your calendar so you’ll be sure to
                           attend the Travel Club meeting at 3:00 PM in the ballroom.
                     A trip to Branson, Missouri will be presented to members for
                                                                                            Be on the lookout for the flyers for the Swing Band Dance on
                                                                                            Friday, August 27 and for the trip to Beale AFB on Friday, October
                     approval. Many of you have been requesting a trip to Branson,          8th. Signup in advance is required for both of these events and
                     so be sure to be at the meeting where signups will be taken after      available seating sometimes fills up rapidly.
                     approval by the members.

                     Also, another good reason to be at the August 23rd meeting is              Water Fitness
                     that Jay Fehan of Collette Travel will be our guest speaker and
                     will be presenting a slide presentation of the March 22 – April 5,
                     2011 fifteen day trip to South America. It will be very interesting!
                                                                                            I  t’s a party and you are invited –
                                                                                               • When – Friday, September 24
                                                                                            • Time – 4:00 – 6:00 PM
                     Our upcoming trips include:
                                                                                            • Where – Sierra Pines
                     • Mt. Angel Oktoberfest – September 14-18. Medford, Silverton,         • Purpose – Social
                     Salem, Lassen Volcanic National Park. Contact Peggy, 771-4946          • Cost - $3
                     • New England Back Roads – October 4-11.       Boston,                 Tickets will be available for purchase in the Fitness Center Lobby
                     Southern Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Kennebunkport,                 on September 8, 9, 13 and 14. Checks or cash accepted. This
                     Massachusetts. Contact Rudy, 774-9729                                  event is open to anyone interested in Water Fitness. Mark your
                                                                                            calendar now for a fun afternoon and enjoy cook drinks, great
                     • The MYSTERY TRIP – October 26-28, 2010. You’ll be looking for
                                                                                            appetizers, and many door prizes. A $3 ticket will reserve your
                     “Doc” as well as “Richard,” so lots of mystery is involved during
                                                                                            spot so be sure to get your ticket on the above dates.
                     the trip. Also, a “BEAST” will play a significant role! Needless to
                     say, there’s LOTS going on during this trip! The bus leaves the        Some other dates our members should keep in mind and mark
                     lodge at 7:15 a.m. Remember to bring a wrap, casual attire and         on your calendars –
                     your sense of adventure! Waited Listed only. Contact Bill Ah
                     Fong, 784-1941                                                         • August 18, Class Reps meet at the Lodge in the Cedar room
                                                                                            from 1 to 3:00 PM
                     • South America – March 22 to April 5, 2011. Santiago, Puerto
                     Montt, Puero Varas, (Chile), Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls     • September 20 – October 3, the pool is closed for annual
                     (Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Contact Marie Ah Fong, 784-      cleaning. Fees will be adjusted.
                                                                                            • September 20 – Last date to pay 2nd quarter fees without
                     All members are invited to attend and participate in the Trip          penalty
                     Planning Committee meetings held each month on the 3rd
                     Thursday at 3:00 PM in the Card Room. The next meeting
                     is August 19th. Feel free to attend, offer suggestions, and                       Meet the 2010-11
                     participate in the planning of your Travel Club destinations.                  Water Fitness Council

                                                                                            Want to try out water
                                                                                            fitness? Pick up a flyer in
                                                                                            Fitness Center lobby for
                                                                                            details. You get 3 free
                                                                                            classes for non members.
                     32 Village Courier • August 2010                                                           sun city roseville community association, inc.
G roU P U P dAt e S
                                                                       Group Contacts
                      ASIAN AMERICANS                   3rd Fri. (Odd Months) 5:00 pm                    Sharyn Bowen           771-5970
                      BANJO                             Mon. 6:00 pm                                     Dale Applegate         773-2098
                      BASKETBALL                        Mtg. Annually                                    Jim Bisenius           773-8182
                      BRITISH ISLES                     4th Wed. (Odd Months) 7:00 pm                    Cynthia Sindrey        773-5151
                      BULLS & BEARS                     4th Tues. 7:00 pm                                Bryan Deason           771-8357
                      BUNCO                             2nd & 4th Mon. 8:30 am (Play)                    Carol Delsarto         774-1564
                                                                                                         Nancy Gibson           783-6651
                      CAN DO                            3rd Tues. 1:30 pm                                Karen Schwab           772-1970
                      CINEMA                            3rd Fri. 1:30 pm                                 Charlee Swartz         771-4860
                      CRIBBAGE                          Fri. 1:00 pm, 1st Friday - Tournaments           Don Phillips           771-4877
                      CROQUET                           Mon. – Sat. 8:00 am & Thurs. 4:15 pm             Jim Miller             771-3125
                      CYCLING                           3rd Mon. 8:00 am                                 Bill Burger            771-7920
                      HARMONICOOTS                      Tues. 12:00 pm                                   Bud Gardner            781-2830
                      HEARTLAND                         Sat. 6:00 pm (Jan-Apr-July-Oct)                  Joe & Pat Flores       580-3787
                      HUMANISTS                         1st Sun. 1:00 pm                                 Cleo or Hank Kocol     771-5231
                      JEWISH FELLOWSHIP                 1st Fri. 7:30 pm, 3rd Sun. 6:00 pm               Manny Hirschel         771-9918
                      LADIES POKER                      Tues. 12:30 pm & Thurs. 6:30 pm                  Terry Halstead         771-4166
                      LIVE STOCK                        3rd Tues. 7:00 pm                                Dorothy Maurer         771-8260
                      MAH JONGG                         Mon. 12:30 pm (Play), Fri. 9:00 am (Play)        Dolores Kavrell        772-2706
                      MASONIC BREAKFAST                 1st Monday 9:00 am                               Jack Ellison           771-5590
                      MEN’S POKER                       Mon. 12:00 pm, Tues. 6:00 pm, Wed. 4:00 pm,      Danny Pitifer          788-0253
                                                        Thurs. 11:45 am
                      MINN/DAKOTA/WISC                                                                   Dan &                  771-6981
                                                                                                         Norma Dougherty
                      MUSIC                             Guitar: Wed. & Thurs. 10:00 am                   Don Sinn               771-8115
                                                        Keyboard: 4th Fri. 3:00 pm (Jan-Mar-June-Sept)   JoAnn Gasquoine        771-0461
                                                        Ukulele: Tues. 9:00 am                           Ethel Nihei            774-0389
                      MUSIC AND LAUGHTER                2nd Wed. 7:00 pm                                 Jane Bohn              771-8101
                      PICKLE-BALL                       Tues., Thurs., Sat. 8:30 am                      Clifford Gee           773-3829
                      PINOCHLE                          Tues. 5:30 pm (Warmup), 6:00 pm (Play)           Kathy Lehman           782-1980
                      POSTAGE STAMP                     2nd & 4th Thurs. 7:00 pm                         Al Capparelli          771-8288
                      PEGS AND JOKERS                   2nd Thurs. 6:30 pm                               Frankie Saumure        771-5614
                      REGISTERED NURSES                 2nd Mon. 12:00 pm Solarium                       Terry Halstead         771-4166
                                                                                                         Lil Howington          771-4362
                      ROD & REEL                        1st Fri. 1:00 pm                                 John Sanchez           771-3489
                      SCR BOOSTERS                      3rd Wed. (Odd Months) 4:00 pm                    Ginny Taylor           771-8642
                      SCR DEMOCRATS                     4th Tues. 9:00 am                                Hank Kocol             771-5231
                      SCR REPUBLICANS                   2nd Mon. 6:30 pm                                 Carole Vaillancourt    781-2468
                      SHORS (Seniors Helping            2nd Tues. 3:00 pm (Feb-May-Aug-Nov)              Herb Kristal           771-5853
                      Our Roseville Schools)
                      SUNSHIP MARINERS                  2nd Tues. 7:15 pm                                Fred Barrie            771-7522
                      TAI-JI                            Mon. & Wed. 2:00 pm                              Setsuko Lugauer        771-5409
                      TABLE TENNIS                      Play - Tues. & Thurs. 2:30 pm, Sat. 9:00 am      Sandy Horvath          772-8135
                      TEA PARTY PATRIOTS –              2nd Sun. 1:00 pm                                 Bob & Gwen Myers       773-7074
                      SOUTH PLACER
                      TRAILS                            2nd Mon. 6:00 pm (Jan-Mar-June-Sept)             Lee Schaefer           774-6820
                      VOLLEYBALL                        2nd Fri. 5:00 pm (Mar-June-Sept)                 Audrey Gardetto        771-7403
                      WEBBERS                           4th Thurs. 7:00 pm                               Jack Ellison           771-5590
                      WIZARDS                           2nd Tues. 10:00 am                               Dottie Ferguson        773-1298

                      sun city roseville community association, inc.                                           2010 August • Village Courier   33
                                                                                                                                            G roU P S
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  Banjo                                                               We are back to our original time to start play at 9:00 AM on the
                                                                      2nd and 4th Monday each month. We will check in at 8:30 AM
now, in previous articles, the Back Bay Banjo Band has invited        at the Lodge card room. Please bring 4 one dollar bills and be
both former banjo players and also folks who have never               sure your dues for the year are paid please. Hope to see you
played the banjo to attend our get to-gether each Thursday            soon.
afternoon. In order to show the "newbies" how simple it is
to play the banjo and make beautiful music, we thought we
would explain a few things in a little more detail.                     can do
First, sit the banjo on your lap with the neck towards your left      it was picnic time! for the Can Do Group in July. The Hewitts
shoulder. The banjo has either four or five strings as there are      hosted a fun filled “American Apple Pie” theme picnic with
two types of banjos. Someone in the banjo group will help you         terrific food that we all enjoyed! Bill and Imogean are new
tune the strings to D, B, and G. That is a "G" chord when you run     members of our group and we truly appreciate their hospitality.
your right hand fingers across the strings. See, you are already      Our thanks go to them for all their hard work and for showing
making music and the left hand hasn't done a darn thing. Now,         us such a terrific time!
with the left hand, we will teach you how to place two fingers
for a "D7" chord and then a "C" chord. Now you know three             As always, we are “Dark” in August – no meeting.
chords on the banjo, and there are hundreds of three-chord
                                                                      We have no plans for our September 21st meeting. Everyone
songs ready for you to play and sing for your next gig.
                                                                      will be notified by phone or flyer.
If you really want to play "blue grass" banjo music like Steve
                                                                      Fur further information regarding the Can Do Group, please
Martin, you will have to learn one more simple thing. You'll have
                                                                      contact Karen Schwab, 772-1970.
to learn to do the "rolls" with your right hand fingers. First, you
put some metal picks on your fingers that hurt like the dickens.
You then place your little finger (we, in the business, call it our     cinema
"pinkie") on the drumhead as a steady anchor. You pluck the
first string with your middle finger, the fourth and fifth string     in the good old summer time the Cinema Group takes an
with your thumb and you pluck the second and third string             August intermission.
with your index finger. Then, you pick as fast as you can.
                                                                      Instead of the silver screen we're putting on sunscreen;
Wasn't that easy? So, come on by the banjo group playing on           meanwhile, planning a special program for SEPTEMBER 17 to
Thursday afternoons, 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM at the new Sierra          be announced in the next issue of the Courier.
Pines. For further information on the class, or banjos, phone
73-2098, or e-mail: dfapplegate@yahoo.com                             See you then!

  Bunco                                                                 cribbage
                                 June 14:                             it was a small group of
                                                                      players who turned out
                                 • Most Bunco’s - Jeanette
                                                                      for the monthly Cribbage
                                 Amendola and Mary Sweeney
                                                                      tournament on July 2, 2010
                                 • Most Game’s- Terry Tarantino       but there was no shortage
                                 and Terry Halstead                   of winners. “Money Dawg”
                                 • Booby - Yvonne Hanson and          and top prize money went
                                 Vivian Shadoian                      home with winner Betty Will.
                                                                      Second place went to Yvonne Hanson, third place to Dick
On June 28, Sonia Lillo, Katy Naegle, and Jeanette Amendola           Gibson and booby prize (along with Skunk mascot) to Shirley
had quite a tie going on all morning with 5 or 6 buncos apiece.       Immerman.
Normally that is enough to win, but Sonia was just not to be
stopped and ended up with 9 buncos and a fist full of dollars!        The Cribbage Group meets each Friday from 1:00 PM to 3:00
Nice rolling gals!                                                    PM in the Fine Arts room. The first Friday of the month is
                                                                      “tournament day” and the rest are open to anyone interested
June 28:                                                              in learning the game or brushing up on forgotten skills. Come
• Most Bunco’s - Sonia Lillo                                          see what fun it is to add up to fifteen without a calculator!
• Most Games - Terry Halstead and
Dolores Kavrell                                                       “Come on down, cut the cards, low card deals.”
• Booby - Jo Avalos

34 Village Courier • August 2010                                                           sun city roseville community association, inc.
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                        croquet                                                              AUGUST EVENTS:

                      it was great to see at the Grand Opening of Sierra Pines the           • August 5 (Thursday) – Koffee Klatch with Bill & Lois Lott - 5090
                      artist's rendering for the new croquet court. It really looks "top     Dragon Fly Lane, 9:00 AM following the morning ride.
                      drawer" and all the croquet members are looking forward to its
                      start and completion.                                                  • August 13 (Friday) - Big Friday Ride to, in, and around Auburn.
                                                                                             Nick Ford & Jim Viele in charge. Ride 1 - 16 miles, will begin and
                      Pictured are our "champs" at the club's recent trip to                 end in Auburn with lunch in the middle. Meet in lodge parking
                      Meadowwood. Jean Tollis and Alice Burggrabe cleared the field          lot at 8:45 AM. Ride 2 - 52 miles, will start at TC at 8:00 AM and
                      with two perfect games of golf croquet. They even showed               go through Rocklin, Loomis and Newcastle. Lunch is at the
                      off their talent with a jump shot - - must have been luck!! The        Weiner Works on Hwy. 49.
                      rest of us are still working on that shot and probably will be for     • August 16 (Monday) – Monthly Club Meeting, 8:00 AM, Sierra
                      some time.                                                             Pines
                      Information is not available at the time this article must be sent     • August 27 (Friday) – San Francisco Ride. Dave Axthelm in
                      in for the August publication of the Courier. However, Jean            charge. Annual ferry ride/bike ride to San Francisco.
                      Cotter and her committee are planning the meeting and social
                      being held at the Pines on Sunday, August 22, noon to 4:00 PM.         AS ALWAYS, RIDE SAFELY & HAVE FUN!!
                      Be sure to mark you calendars
                      and watch the e-mail for more
                      information. Jean can be reach                                                                                 Gang riding to
                      at 771-8047.                                                                                                   Verdi in Reno
                                           Jean Tollis and
                                          Alice Burggrabe

                                                             Pro Mike with                        Pam Phillips, Dee Franz,
                                                                                               Ginny Taylor & Judy Ellison
                                                             S.C.R. members
                                                                                                             on the town

                                                                                               Jewish Fellowship
                                                                                             the shabbat service this month will be at 7:30 PM on Friday,
                      reno held an exciting three days for 46 club members. There            August 6 at Sierra Pines. Sy Karfiol will lead the services and
                      was the enjoyable ride around Donner Lake with lunch at                the Belotz’s will be the hosts of the Oneg Shabbat. Following
                      Donner Lake Kitchen. Then off to Reno where a fantastic pasta          the Oneg Shabbat there will be a stimulating discussion group.
                      dinner and an Aces Baseball game awaited the group. The Aces           Please join us.
                      won! On Tuesday there were two rides to Verdi, and two along
                      the Truckee River. After a wonderful buffet at the El Dorado,          Please join us on August 15 at 3:00 PM for our Pizza and Game
                      the group enjoyed a superb rendition of Shake Rattle and Roll          Event. Games will be the Gin Rummy Tournament run by our
                      music of the 50s’and 60s. Another two rides along the Truckee          own Mel Belotz, Scrabble, possibly Bingo, and if you have a
                      on Wednesday finished off the event. Thanks go to Pete and             special game you wish to play, let Marge Cowan know. Pizza will
                      Dee Franz and John and Gail Maloney for putting it together.           be served as the finale to our afternoon. For further information
                                                                                             please contact Marge Cowan, our Program Chairperson .
                      JULY EVENTS:
                                                                                             We are working on a trip to "Pirates of Penzance" by Gilbert
                      Past deadline events will be reported in September issue.              & Sullivan at the Lincoln Theater in Napa, on Sunday, August
                                                                                             8th. We will leave the clubhouse at 11:00 AM arriving around
                      • July 16 - Ice Lake Lodge Ride. Ed Lenning in charge. Choice of       12:30 PM. You will have about two hours for a non hosted lunch
                      three rides—10 mi., 20 mi. and 20 + miles. Lunch at the Lodge          at the Marketplace and shops and art to visit. The matinee
                      overlooking Serene Lake.                                               performance begins at 3:00 PM. We expect to be back in Sun
                      • July 20 - Le Tour de Mystery. Dan Dougherty                          City by 6:30 PM. Price will be $55.00 to $60.00 for the bus trip
                                                                                             and the Musical. This sounds like a fun excursion.
                      • July 23 - Breakfast @ Raley’s led by John Maloney
                      • July 24 - BBQ @ Sierra Pines & Club Meeting                          The Tiburon Trip that was scheduled for July was cancelled
                                                                                             because there was no direct Ferry Service to Tiburon from Vallejo.

                        sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                       2010 August • Village Courier   35
                                                                                                                                           G roU P U P dAt e S
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 The next Jewish Theme Speakers program will be on Monday,            “The Constitutions of the Free-Masons” he himself sought
 Aug. 9. at 1:30 to 3:30 PM in the Birch & Cedar room. The speaker,   membership in the fraternity and not long after, was provincial
 Daniel Khazzoom who presented THE FORGOTTEN REFUGEES                 grand master of Pennsylvania. The book was widely available to
 DVD at our May Meeting will give us additional insight into          Freemasons in North America, and it is likely that another young
 Jewish Life in Iraq, which goes back several centuries and           Mason, George Washington, was familiar with the contents of
 photos and descriptions of his life in Iraq. He will also read       this important work after he became an Entered Apprentice
 excerpts from his new book: NO WAY BACK - THE JOURNEY OF             Mason in Fredericksburg Lodge, Virginia, in November 1752. It
 A JEW FROM BAGHDAD. Please RSVP to Herb Kristal at 771-5853          is very likely that he had heard “The Charges of a Free-Mason”
 or HerbKristal@Gmail.com                                             from this book read many times, because in those days it was
                                                                      customary to read these charges at the making of a Mason.
                                                                      Today few Masons have read these charges because they are
    Ladies poker                                                      no longer a part of our ritual. But in 1752 Masons were very
                                                                      familiar with these words* from the second charge, entitled “Of
 still looking for new players – know the game? Come join us          the Civil Magistrate Supreme and Subordinate”:
 on Tuesdays at 12:30 PM or Thursdays at 6:30 PM. Give us a try.

 Information: Terry Halstead, 771-4166
                                                                        music - Guitar
                                                                      the 8 week summer recess for Guitar cLass ended July 28.
    mah Jongg                                                         The weekly Beginner Class (Wednesday, 10:00 AM to 12 noon)
 i had a dream that i was playing mah Jongg. I was east               and Advance Class Thursday ( 10:00 AM to noon ) in Room B
 and after the last Charleston, I arranged my fourteen tiles and      (closest to parking lot) Sierra Pines, resume this week. Beginners
 realized I had no discard. WOW! MAH JONGG! Then I woke               & members are welcome: call 771-8115.
 up. But wait, my dream really happened. Not for me, but Shelby       The Grand Re-opening of renovated Sierra Pines Saturday, July
 Rosen had a Mah Jongg after the Charleston last month at             3, gave opportunity to check out the new rooms A & B. Each
 Friday Mah Jongg play. Congratulations!                              has a capacity of 100 persons and combined rooms for 200 e.g.
 Mark your calendar on August 13th for the annual “paid up            Guitar CLASS Funfest & Sing-Along …. Friday, November 12 at
 luncheon” for Mah Jongg club members. Lunch will be at 11:30         7:00 PM..
 AM at the newly remodeled Sierra Pines with Mah Jongg play           Our experimental 8 Week Summer Sessions Plan each
 from 12:30 to 3:00 PM. Lunch is being catered by Hannibal’s.         Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM was deemed a success.
 A signup sheet will be available during Monday or Friday Mah         We rotated Advance Class Coordinators in charge of each weekly
 Jongg play, or call Gerraldine Evans at 774-1180 by August 1st.      Session. Several Sessions featured such guest performers
 New members wanted! Come join the Mah Jongg group for                as Jimmy Chandler, talented Rhythm & Blues Guitarist and
 fellowship, luncheons and lots of fun Mah Jongg.                     Vocalist. When Jimmy ended a 2 hour Session calls for return
                                                                      performances was unanimous.
 Remember: All Mah Jongg functions are fragrance free!
                                                                      Coordinators for the final 4 weeks included Bill Kimura, Terry
                                                                      Airlie & Sandy Chandler, Ginny Thompson & Gary Sloan and
    masonic Breakfast                                                 Joan Thomas. Joan is anxious to play the newly located Timbers
                                                                      Ballroom piano when moved to Sierra Pines. Having a keyboard
 our next two breakfasts will be on august 2 and September            available will aid in teaching music theory as well as both vocal
 6 at 9:00 AM in the Solarium. The July breakfast was very            and instrumental music performing.
 successful and well attended. Great food and service along with
 conversation related to the history of our great and honorable       At the Guitar CLASS Board meeting July 1 it was voted to retain
 fraternity.                                                          the $5.00 ticket price for the 4th Annual Funfest at Sierra Pines
                                                                      Nov. 12.
 Supreme Subordinate: When George Washington was only two
 years old, the first Masonic book published in America came off      Final plans for the annual Potluck (not held due to Sierra Pines
 the press of a young printer in Philadelphia named Benjamin          renovation) were postponed pending available room, with
 Franklin, himself just 26 years old at the time. The book he         Sandy Chandler, Chairperson.
 printed was “The Constitutions of the Free-Masons,” a book that
                                                                      Funfest Committee appointments were announced, most
 had originally been published in 1723, only 11 years earlier,
                                                                      important ....Funfest Music Program Directors Carolyn Winter
 by the Grand Lodge of England One of the most important
                                                                      and Gene Ballard.
 documents in the history of Freemasonry, these “Constitutions”
 was the foundation of modern Speculative Freemasonry.                Board policy regarding accepting “gigs”, i.e., entertaining for
                                                                      Sun City Clubs and organization was briefly discussed but
 Charged with loyalty: A year after Benjamin Franklin printed

36 Village Courier • August 2010                                                         sun city roseville community association, inc.
G roU P U P dAt e S                                                         support your courier advertisers

                      tabled for full Board.                                                  an unexpected turn in 2000 when he was disillusioned by the
                                                                                              corruption, political favoritism and other corporate misconduct
                      A reminder: Some members have not paid their $10 annual                 regarding election procedures. Since then he has devoted his
                      dues. Contact Jim Lovell, Treasurer, 771-7874.                          efforts to fighting election fraud.

                                                                                              A Roseville resident, he is now working on a law degree. Come
                        registered nurses                                                     to Sierra Pines at 9:00 AM on August 24 and hear his message.
                      Lunch meeting at noon on Aug. 9 in the Solarium. Our speaker
                      will be Judy Arnston, R.N. Her topic will be Wellness Naturally.          scr republicans
                      Remember, to cancel contact Barbara Driggs at 872-4272.
                                                                                              our July movie night, “Rediscovering God in America”
                      Information: Lil Howington, 771-4362                                    produced by Newt and Callista Gingrich was well attended.
                                                                                              The movie reflected the role of faith in our Nation’s history and
                                                                                              its future with emphasis on our Founders’ beliefs.
                        rod & reel
                                                                                              There will be no August Republican Club Meeting.
                      By the time you read this, some of you are anticipating that
                      you’ll be stuffing yourself silly at the Steak or Chicken BBQ           We plan an informative fall schedule beginning with our
                      on August 6th. Yeah, I know that it cost you all of $7, but that        September 13th meeting to be held at the Timbers Ballroom.
                      will include all you can drink (beer, wine and soda) as well as         A Candidate for Statewide Office has been invited and will
                      the steak or chicken, green salad and dessert. Of course our            confirm shortly.
                      organization has two very strict conditions to get a ticket. First,
                      you have to be one of our breathing members, which could                In October we will be hosting the candidates for our local
                      disqualify a couple of guys I know. The second condition                Roseville City Council seats. This forum will give our Members
                      relates to memory and, well come to think of it, I’ve forgotten         the opportunity to ask questions regarding the fastest-growing
                      the second condition.                                                   city in Northern California.

                      I understand that Dick Johnson, Dave Okasaki and David Hess             For further information call Carole at 781-2468.
                      went after some big salmon in Alaska in July. Knowing what
                      cheapskates they are, I doubt that any of them will share any of
                      their salmon, halibut or rockfish. But then again, I’m not sure           shors (seniors helping our roseville schools)
                      that they can repeat what they’ve been doing for the past few
                                                                                              the next shors meeting will be tuesday, August 10 at 3:00
                      years. They usually end up bragging about how each of them
                                                                                              PM, Aspen Room. The featured speaker, Linda Marchus, is an
                      brings back 100 pounds of cleaned and frozen fish each year.
                                                                                              author/illustrator of children’s books. The meeting is open to
                      I don’t know if their past record will hold up, but one thing I
                                                                                              all residents.
                      do know: If they do well, I’m sure that we’ll hear about their
                      adventures, both real and imaginary, otherwise, they’ll be very         Training, Orientation for Current/Prospective Volunteers
                                                                                              Unsure about volunteering? Currently a volunteer? An
                      By the way, the guy in charge of vice (that’s Dan Kygar) told me        orientation for prospective/ongoing volunteers is scheduled
                      that Izzy is absolutely the ugliest person that he’s ever seen.         on August 17 at 3:00 PM, Cedar Room.
                      But then, a couple of days later he met Izzy’s brother and now
                      he wants to withdraw his previous statement.                            Portrait of a Volunteer Couple
                                                                                              Bob Stierwalt
                      One last thing, I hope that you people know that our next feed
                      is on October 1st. It’s our annual Oktoberfest and this will be as      Bob Stierwalt and his wife Shirley
                      good as it gets for you guys - unless you’re willing to join those      have lived in Sun City since 1996.
                      fishermen on their next trip to Alaska.                                 Bob heard a SHORs presentation at a
                                                                                              Golf Club meeting and volunteered.
                                                                                              Bob taught electronics in the Air
                        scr democrats                                                         Force but had no other teaching
                                                                                              experience. He began volunteering
                      the program for our august meeting will be presented
                                                                                              in 2008 at Sierra Gardens Elementary
                      by Clint Curtis, candidate for Congress from California's 4th
                                                                                              School. He worked in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades one
                      District. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend and
                                                                                              entire school day a week for six hours. He did whatever the
                      learn the remarkable chain of events that led to his candidacy.
                                                                                              teachers needed—collated papers, math, reading, etc. He
                      A computer programmer who has become an election                        worked some afternoons after school, helping 6th graders with
                      integrity activist, Curtis is originally from Illinois. His life took   homework.

                          sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                       2010 August • Village Courier      37
                                                                                                                                             G ro U P U P dAt e S
                                                support your courier advertisers

 Bob increased his volunteering to two days a week his                 an election and functions of County Recorder. We were also
 second year because he loved volunteering. “It is extremely           treated to a presentation by one of our members, Jim Scherer
 rewarding work. The teachers and staff are very supportive and        on the philosophy of a great American economist, Milton
 appreciative and the kids are honest and appreciate your help,”       Friedman.
 Bob stated. Bob took a break from volunteering due to a family
 medical emergency. The school staff even sent get-well cards          On July 1st some of our members attended an inspiring
 to his home. Bob plans to return in the future. “I really miss it,”   presentation in Auburn by Mark Meckler, co-founder of the
 he stated. Bob’s advice to volunteers - “Check your ego at the        Nationwide Tea Party Patriots. He is a dynamic speaker and it
 door so you are prepared to do whatever is needed to help the         was a pleasure to see and meet him!
                                                                       We invite all interested Sun City Residents and their guests to
 WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!                                                  attend our next regular meeting scheduled for Sunday, August
                                                                       8th from 1:00-3:00 PM at the new Sierra Pines. This gathering
 When school resumes, can you spare an hour (or more if you            will also include a distinctive guest speaker as well as informing
 wish) a week? Then join SHORs—it will truly be a rewarding            guest of upcoming calendar events.
                                                                       For information on how to join this group please contact Bob
 For further information, please contact Herb Kristal, President,      and Gwen Myers at 773-7074. Visit our website at http://www.
 771-5853, email herbkristal@gmail.com                                 suncityroseville.org/ (click on resident login to access clubs)
                                                                       for more information regarding the SCR TPP Club and to view
                                                                       calendar of upcoming meetings and events. Official TPP
    table tennis                                                       Merchandise will be available at this meeting as well as via our
 When you read this, it will be a month since the Table Tennis
 club has returned to play at the Sierra Pines. For the last several   We are not affiliated with any political party but rather seek
 months during the Sierra Pines construction, the club was             to promote fiscal responsibility at all levels of government;
 assigned to 2 to 3 different places to play. It was sometimes         support limited government by strict adherence of the law in
 challenging to get to the right place which unfortunately             accordance with the Constitution; advance the free-market
 may have inhibited some members from showing up to play.              system; and promote individual liberty. We will defend these
 However, our club is now back at the Sierra Pines and looking         principles by seeking the truth, educating ourselves and
 forward to having the members return.                                 enlightening others.
 The schedule is as follows:
 • Tuesday and Thursday: 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
                                                                       We have a new hike for the strong of heart this month.
 • Saturdays - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM ( exception -August 7, 8:00
                                                                       Showers Lake is 8 miles and has a difficulty of 6.5. Contact
 AM - 11: 00 AM)
                                                                       leader Don Stoye for more information. On the 5th we go to
 We do invite residents to watch our play at any of the scheduled      Lake Winnemucca. Should be some flowers yet. The Little Bald
 times. However, if they want to play they must wear non-              Mountain loop has a great view at the lookout station on the
 marking shoes.                                                        12th. The 19th has two hikes, same parking lot. Mount Judah for
                                                                       more adventurous and Castle Valley, a lovely hike in the shade
 The winter Holiday party is scheduled for Dec 10th. The actual        for the less adventurous. Last but far from least is Long Valley
 time, place and cost has not yet been finalized.                      Reservoir (Mears Meadow), always a nice hike on the 26th.

 As a reminder, it’s important to remember that while Table            August 2010 Hikes: Rated from 1 (easiest) to 10 (very difficult)
 Tennis is a game of sport, it is also an excellent way to keep fit
 and trim. As indicated before, most people also do not realize        • 8/2/10 - Showers Lake, Monday Hike, Difficulty 6.5, Mileage 8.
 that Table Tennis has the benefit of being one of the best cardio-    Leader: Don Stoye
 vascular exercises.                                                   • 8/5/10 - Lake Winnemucca, Carson Pass Station, Hwy
                                                                       88. Difficulty 5, Moderate, 5.5 Miles, Elevation gain 650 ft.
                                                                       Single track with flowers. Parking fee $3.00. Lunch at Lake
    tea party patriots
                                                                       Winnemucca. Leader: Jim Baker.
 tEa party patriots - South Placer County SCR Chapter had
                                                                       • 8/12/10 - Little Bald Mtn Loop at Robertson Flat. Difficulty 4.5,
 another successful meeting in June with a record turnout!
                                                                       Moderate. 5.5 miles. Elevation gain 800 ft. Shade meadow loop.
 Thanks to our guest speakers for the invaluable information
                                                                       Great view at lookout station. Lunch at Fire Lookout Station
 they provided. Jim McCauley, Recorder for Placer County gave
                                                                       Tower top of Mountain Leader: Ray Moore;
 an in-depth overview of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of

38 Village Courier • August 2010                                                          sun city roseville community association, inc.
G roU P U P dAt e S                                                        support your courier advertisers

                      • 8/19/09 - Mount Judah/Castle Valley. 2 separate hikes at Donner         volleyball
                                                                                              Well summer finally arrived last month and we are approaching
                        1. Mount Judah Difficulty 6, Difficult. 6 miles. Elevation gain:      the halfway point of the summer season. We should continue
                        1340 ft. Single track, partial shade. Lunch at Donner Peak            to have some consistently good weather to play on the outdoor
                        overlook. Leader Jim Baker.                                           courts. We are currently playing on Fridays from 8:30 AM to 10:00
                                                                                              AM. We would like to play on Mondays and Wednesdays at the
                        2. Castle Valley Loop, Boreal Ridge I-80, Difficulty 3.5, Easy/       same time if we could get some more players to try our sport.
                        Moderate, 6 miles. Elevation gain 300 ft. Single track, generally     Toward the end of the month we should be back playing on at
                        shady. Lunch along the trail. Leader: AnnWahlenmeier                  least Wednesdays every week. Come on out and join us. We also
                      • 8/26/10 - Long Valley Reservoir (aka Mears Meadow) Yuba Gap           play in the pool on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 11:30
                      I-80, Difficulty: 5.5, Moderate/Difficult, 6.5 miles. Elevation gain:   AM to 1:00 PM. For further information, feel free to call Audrey at
                      900 ft. Road and Single Track, mostly shade. Lunch at Overlook          771-7403 or e-mail her at audned@surewest.net.
                      or Mears Meadow. Leader: Ray Moore                                      Our monthly breakfast will be on August 27th at 7:30 AM at The
                      Bring lunch and plenty of water. Carpooling: $6 to $10 depending        Timbers. Please notify Audrey by August 25th if you plan to attend.
                      on length of drive. Hiking boots strongly recommended.                  This is a great way to start the day with a wonderful breakfast and
                                                                                              good company.
                      As always, check our website at: www.scres.org

                      Happy Trails!

                                                         GREEN HELP - References
                                                                                 by Janet Zeitman
                         Currently GREEN seems to be the buzz word touting the                use specialists to come to your home and analyze your
                         environment and conservation. People are being asked to              indoor and outdoor water use. Our trained specialist will:"
                         conserve water, electricity, and gas for our planet for our
                         pocket books. Sun City residents are doing their part. We            • Check toilets and other plumbing fixtures for leaks.
                         have put in low water low maintenance yards, turned out
                         unused lights and are buying energy efficient cars and               • Help develop proper and efficient water irrigation
                         appliances. Here are some Association and City resources to          schedules.
                         help with your conservation efforts.
                                                                                              • Provide free water-saving devices, brochures and any
                         LANDSCAPE PLANTS                                                     current rebate information to help reduce   water use.

                         There is a page, "Landscape Plants", on the Properties               • Assess irrigation sprinkler uniformity and water runoff
                         Committee Web page that gives you:                                   characteristics.

                         A RECOMMENDED PLANT LIST of plants that grow well in this            • Analyze irrigation and drainage systems and provide
                         area. They are the ones that have been used in landscaping           maintenance, repair or replacement recommendations.
                         our property, and are known to do well with regular irrigation       • Check meter reading and water pressure (if relevant).
                         and maintenance.
                                                                                              • Pressure check exterior plumbing for leaks.
                         A WEB SITE where you can view the 100 ALL STARS from
                         Davis. These are plants that do well in this area with a             House Calls are free and available weekdays to suit your
                         minimum of water and maintenance. They have been tested              schedule. Call 774-5761 to schedule your appointment today.
                         for several years at the Davis arboretum and proven to grow
                         and maintain their appearance. The planting needs and a              Their Water Utility web page gives many tips on how to
                         picture of the plant are on the web site.                            conserve water indoors and out. The Utility web page also
                                                                                              has a "Water Wasters Hot Line" that allows you to call or email
                         WATER                                                                them about people who let their water run down the street.
                                                                                              Phone 774-5761 the email is on the city web site under Water
                         For those who want to conserve water. The city of Roseville
                                                                                              Utilities-Conservation-report water waste.
                         Water Utility has:
                                                                                              The SCR Association Properties Committee and it's sub
                         Water-Wise House Calls (from Roseville's City web page)
                                                                                              committees are also working hard to make our community
                         "Call us to schedule a weekday appointment for our water-            GREEN. If you have any questions or other ideas for
                                                                                              conservation, please let us know.

                      39 Village Courier • August 2010
                         sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                        2010 August • Village Courier
                                                                                                                  sun city roseville community association, inc. 39
                                   Important InformatIon

      rEsErvations: Reservations for all events listed must be made at the Activities Monitor Desk,
      using the 3-part registration form. Refunds are given only if an activity is cancelled.

      rsvp datEs: Each event indicates an RSVP date and in some cases may be as much as three
      weeks prior to the actual event, should tickets need to be purchased. The popularity of any trip
      means it may fill long before the RSVP date, so please plan accordingly. no refunds will be given
      after an rsvp date.

      dEparturE timEs: We load the bus for day trips 10 minutes prior to departure times stated in
      each trip description. We do leave on time, so please plan your arrival time at the Lodge accordingly.
      Overnight trip departure times are stated on individual trip flyers.

      BoardinG ordEr: We load buses in order of purchase. If you purchase from being on the wait
      list, you go to the bottom of the list, not in the place of residents from whom you purchased. This
      is the procedure which has been followed from our very first bus trip.

      scEnts: Many residents have allergies which are exacerbated by strong scents, so we ask that
      you refrain from wearing perfume, cologne and scented bath & body products when attending
      concerts or participating in day or overnight trips. Your consideration to this request is appreciated.

40 Village Courier • August 2010
   sun city roseville community association, inc.                                        2010 August • Village Courier
                                                                            sun city roseville community association, inc. 40
AC t I v I t I e S
               Activities                                        august / september 2010             •    774-3888

                                                                                           The wonderfully opulent yet intimate story of Fanny Brice,
                            AUgUSt AC tiVitiES                                             a goofy comic singer, who rises from ugly duckling to
                                                                                           Ziegfeld headliner. A celebrated musical comedy filled with
                                       “dirty rotten Scoundrels” - Music Circus            extravagant production numbers and show-stopping songs,
                                                      WEDNESDAy, AuGuST 4                  including “People” and “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” Cost is $63
                                                                                           per person and includes show ticket, transportation and driver
                                      Escape to the beautiful French Riviera where         gratuity. Leave the Lodge at 7:00 PM for the 8:00 PM show (we
                                      you’ll find sunshine, cool breezes, swanky           will be making a quick stop at The Club to pick up additional
                                      villas, roulette tables, the idle rich…and two       passengers.) Wait List only.
                                      charming con men ready to swindle you. In
                     this outrageous musical comedy, sophisticated Lawrence and
                     small-time Freddy square off to see who can pick clean the
                     vacationing Christine Colgate. The men set themselves up for                                                                     reno
                     love, intrigue and a surprise. This recent Broadway hit will be                                       THuRSDAy, AuGuST 12
                     performed in the round for the first time anywhere. Cost is $63
                     per person and includes show ticket, transportation and driver                                 Leave the Lodge at 8:00 AM and enjoy
                     gratuity. Leave the Lodge at 7:00 PM for the 8:00 PM show (we                                  coffee, juice, pastries, bloody marys
                     will be making a quick stop at The Club to pick up additional         and screwdrivers on an eye-pleasing ride to Reno. There
                     passengers.) Wait List only.                                          is always time to play bingo on board as well. At the Silver
                                                                                           Legacy you will receive a $10 cash bonus plus a $5 food credit.
                                                                                           Spend six hours as you wish before reboarding the bus and
                                                                          aloha Festival   returning to Sun City at approximately 6:30 PM. Cost of $33
                                                              SuNDAy, AuGuST 8             per person includes transportation, driver/hostess gratuities
                                                                                           on onboard refreshments. RSVP by 8/3.
                                             Leave the Lodge at 8:00 AM and enjoy
                                             coffee, juice and pastries on your ride
                                             into San Francisco. The free admission
                     festival is held at the Presidio Main Post/Parade Grounds and                                                      tomato Festival
                     includes Pacific Islander music as well as Polynesian dance.                                          SATuRDAy, AuGuST 14
                     The festival also features arts and crafts vendors, island cuisine,
                     educational exhibits and workshops. This is an alcohol-free                                 The Tomato Festival in downtown
                     event. Reboard the bus around 2:00 PM, returning to Sun City                                Fairfield draws over 45,000 people
                     at approximately 4:30 PM. No onboard refreshments on the              of all ages. This celebration of Solano County's agricultural
                     return trip. Cost is $32 per person and includes transportation,      heritage features Tomato Alley where more than 50 varieties
                     driver/escort gratuities and (one-way) onboard refreshments.          of heirloom tomatoes and gourmet tomato products can be
                     RSVP by 8/3.                                                          sampled and purchased. (Please note there is a small additional
                                                                                           charge if you decide to go through Tomato Alley.)Nearly 200
                                                                                           craft and commercial vendors attend, and live music fills two
                                                                      hearing Screening    stages. Leave the Lodge at 9:00 AM and enjoy the Festival on
                                                            MONDAy, AuGuST 9               your own until about 2:00 PM when you will reboard the bus
                                                                                           and return to Sun City about 3:15 PM. Cost is $21 per person
                                      Whisper Hearing Center will check your ears          and includes transportation and driver/escort gratuities. No
                                      for wax or other problems and a licensed             onboard refreshments. RSVP by 8/9.
                                      audiologist will determine if you have a
                                      hearing loss or have a need for additional
                     testing or treatment. 8:30-11:00 AM in the Poker Room. Free of
                     charge, but sign up for an “appointment” time at the Monitor’s                                          “Birth of impressionism”
                     Desk. RSVP by 8/4.                                                                                                 at the deyoung
                                                                                                                             TuESDAy, AuGuST 17

                                                         “Funny girl” - Music Circus                                 Leave the Lodge at 7:30 AM and enjoy
                                                     WEDNESDAy, AuGuST 11                  coffee, juice and pastries on your ride to the deYoung Museum
                                                                                           in San Francisco. We have a scheduled tour time of 10:00 AM
                                       By popular demand, “Funny Girl” returns             and you will be provided with your own audio equipment. The
                                       to the tent for the first time in 18 years.         exhibition presents the diversity of artistic styles prevalent in

                     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                   2010 August • Village Courier    41
                                                                                                                                               AC t I v I t I e S
                                        august / september 2010                •    774-3888      Activities
Paris around 1874, the date the Impressionists first exhibited           completes the menu. A no-host bar will be available. We will
as a group. These beautiful but conservative paintings formed            return to Sun City around 5:30 PM. Cost is $91 per person and
the historical backdrop for the creativity of the Parisian avant-        includes transportation, lunch cruise, driver/escort gratuities
garde. Among the young iconoclasts was American expatriate               and onboard (one-way) refreshments. Wait List only.
James McNeill Whistler, whose “Arrangement in Gray and Black
No. l”, better known as “Whistler’s Mother”, will be one of the
exhibition highlights. Other artists featured in the exhibit
include Degas, Monet and van Gogh. Lunch on your own at
                                                                                                                 Sacramento delta
the museum before reboarding the bus at 2:30 PM, returning
                                                                                                           Champagne Brunch & Jazz
home around 5:30 PM. Cost is $61 per person and includes
                                                                                                              SuNDAy, AuGuST 22
transportation, museum admission, driver/escort gratuities
and onboard refreshments (both ways). RSVP by 7/15. (Tickets                                      Board the bus at 9:00 AM for the short
must be ordered 30 days prior and there will be no refunds.)             ride to the new Port Stockton Waterfront where we will board
                                                                         Delta Discovery Cruises “Island Girl” for our two-hour delta
                                                                         cruise. Brunch items onboard include eggs, bacon, sausage,
                                                                         croissants, fruit, desserts, potatoes, unlimited coffee, juices,
                              “the Marvelous Wonderettes”                teas and champagne. Relax and enjoy the jazz music. Captain
                                              Music Circus               Steve Ingram will also include information about the bay area,
                               WEDNESDAy, AuGuST 18                      its ecosystem and its protection. Return to Sun City around
                                                                         3:00 PM. No onboard refreshments. Cost is $75 per person
                  Travel to the 1958 Springfield High School
                                                                         and includes transportation, brunch cruise and driver/escort
                  prom where we meet the Wonderettes:
                                                                         gratuities. RSVP by 8/13.
                  Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy and Suzy, four
girls with hopes and dreams as big as their crinoline skirts
and voices to match. This cotton-candy colored pop musical
blast from the past features the classic songs from the ‘50s                                                  aarP Safe driving Class
and ‘60s including “Lollipop,” “It’s My Party” and “It’s in His Kiss.”                                       MONDAy & TuESDAy
With the original New York director, choreographer, musical                                                     AuGuST 23 & 24
director and members of the off-Broadway cast. Cost is $63
per person and includes show ticket, transportation and driver                                  Class refines existing driving skills,
gratuity. Leave the Lodge at 7:00 PM for the 8:00 PM show (we                                   develops safe, defensive techniques.
will be making a quick stop at The Club to pick up additional                                   Attendance is required at both sessions
passengers.) RSVP by 8/13.                                               to receive a three-year certificate necessary to reduce your
                                                                         auto insurance. 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the Lodge. Please note
                                                                         fee changes: $12 for AARP members; $14 for non-members.
                                                                         Make check payable to AARP. If you are an AARP member, you
                                     Mothball Fleet historical           will be asked to show your ID card at class start. RSVP by 8/21.
                                                 Lunch Cruise
                                  THuRSDAy, AuGuST 19
                          Leave the Lodge at 8:15 AM….we will
                                                                                                         “42nd Street” - Music Circus
                                                                                                       WEDNESDAy, AuGuST 25
serve you coffee, juice and pastries on our ride to Pittsburg
where we will board the “Island Serenade“ for our 4-hour tour                               A young chorus girl from Allentown is given
of the mothball fleet “housed” in Suisun Bay. We will cruise                                a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a
by several smaller islands that typically have many migrating                               star in a musical that recalls both the classic
birds on theirs shores. Once to the fleet, we cruise slowly past                            days of Broadway and the golden age of
(no closer than 500 feet by law) while listening to interesting                             movie musicals. From one sensational foot-
stories about the ships, particularly the USS Iowa. The “Island          tapping, finger-snapping showstopper to another, it will be
Serenade” is a beautiful vessel with large wrap-around                   hard to pick your favorite: “We’re in the Money,” “Shuffle Off
windows in the climate controlled main deck. The upper deck              to Buffalo,” “Lullaby of Broadway” or “42nd Street.” Cost is $63
is open air with a canvas cover over the forward half. The vessel        per person and includes show ticket, transportation and driver
is very stable and quiet running. Our tour will also include             gratuity. Leave the Lodge at 7:00 PM for the 8:00 PM show (we
lunch with your choice of Lemon Herb Chicken or Marinated                will be making a quick stop at The Club to pick up additional
Beef, each served with red potatoes and vegetable. Salad,                passengers.) Wait List only.
rolls/butter, cheesecake and unlimited coffee, ice tea or water

42 Village Courier • August 2010                                                              sun city roseville community association, inc.
AC t I v I t I e S

               Activities                                        august / september 2010           •    774-3888

                                                                                          Silver Legacy, then spend six hours as you wish. Please note
                                                                                          price increase. A minimum of 35 participants.
                                                                        river Cats game
                                                           SuNDAy, AuGuST 29              depart: 8:00 AM / return: 6:30 PM / RSVP: 9/4 / cost: $35 per
                                                                                          person which includes transportation, driver/escort gratuities
                                       It’s time to spend an enjoyable afternoon at       & onboard refreshments.
                                       Raley Field in Sacramento. The Rivers Cats
                                       take on the Fresno Grizzlies. (Affiliate of the
                                       San Francisco Giants.) Seats are in the shade
                     and an easy walk from the bus and to the concourse. Leave                                                 document Shredding
                     the Lodge at 12:00 PM for the 1:05 PM game. Cost is $45 per                                     THuRSDAy, SEPTEMBER 9
                     person and includes transportation, game ticket and driver
                                                                                                                   From 8:30 – 10:00 AM, Confidential
                     gratuity. RSVP by 8/24.
                                                                                                                   Document Control Company will
                                                                                                                   be in the lower (west) parking lot to
                       SEPTEMBER ACTIVITIES                                               shred those boxes of documents you may have at your home
                                                                                          or in your office. The cost is a minimal $10 for a “bankers”
                                                                                          box, (25 to 30 pounds) and you can watch as they shred your
                                                                         greek Festival   documents. Look for the big white truck as you enter the
                                                         FRIDAy, SEPTEMBER 3              parking lot. FYI…..Confidential Document Control Company
                                                                                          has a facility at 710 Vernon Street, open Monday thru Friday,
                                                   The    47th     Greek      Festival,   10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, for those of you who may need shredding
                                                   sponsored by the Annunciation          services prior to the scheduled times here at Sun City which
                                                   Greek Orthodox Church of               is every other month, 2nd Thursday, 8:30 – 10:00 AM. Please
                     Sacramento, features authentic Greek cuisine, live music,            note that costs may vary at their location.
                     choral presentations, dancing performances, an awe-inspiring
                     cultural display, a Greek Marketplace and a Taverna. (Be sure
                     to try the Ouzo!) Held at the Sacramento Convention Center,
                     this year’s festival themed “The Antiquities” also will have                                               Columbia State Park
                     the addition of a new band, a world renowned artist signing                                                       SATuRDAy
                     posters, and for you young-at-heart, a children’s play area. Join                                              SEPTEMBER 11
                     us and sample some of the delicious food offerings (mousaka,
                                                                                                                      The Gold Rush to Columbia began
                     loukaniko, spanakopita, tiropita, fasolakia andhoriatiki salata
                                                                                                                      on March 27, 1850 by a small party
                     to name a few) while enjoying the lively Greek music. Dinner is
                                                                                          of prospectors. News of the discovery spread and they were
                     included and you may choose to eat upon arrival in a reserved
                                                                                          soon joined by a flood of miners. Unlike many settlements that
                     seating area or eat later with open seating.
                                                                                          have changed with the times, Columbia seems to be frozen
                     depart: 3:30 PM from the Lodge / return: 8:30 PM                     in the 1800’s. Today, Columbia State Historic Park is the best
                     rsvp: 8/30 / cost: $32 per person which include                      preserved of California’s gold rush towns, offering a unique
                     transportation, driver gratuity, admission and dinner.               blend of museums, displays, town tours, shops, restaurants and
                                                                                          attractions. September 11th the town will celebrate California
                     Entrée selections (please include on your registration form):        joining the Union (actual date 9/9/1850) with special events,
                     1) Lamb, fasolakia and rice; 2) Shrimp Santorini with rice and       more towns folk in period costume and plenty of flag waving.
                     beans, and one dolma; or 3) Chicken, rice and beans and one          Join the fun as you wander through town, meet the residents,
                     dolma.                                                               have lunch on your own, enjoy a beer at the local saloon and
                                                                                          soak up the history of Columbia. We will serve coffee, juice
                                                                                          and pastries on the way out of town. Please note Highway
                                                                                          49 is a winding road, so if you are prone to motion sickness,
                                                                                  reno    please plan accordingly. Lots of walking involved, but plenty
                                                      TuESDAy, SEPTEMBER 7                of places to sit and relax. Comfortable, casual clothing and
                                                 Enjoy a pleasant ride through the        footwear. A minimum of 35 participants.
                                                 Sierras on your way to Reno, while
                                                                                          depart: 7:00 AM / return: 5:00 PM / rsvp: 9/7 / cost: $35 per
                                                 having a cup of coffee, pastry and
                                                                                          person which includes transportation, driver/escort gratuities
                                                 juice. Hostess Trudi Fury will also
                                                                                          & onboard refreshments.
                     serve bloody marys and screw drivers and play a few games of
                     bingo. You will receive $10 cash and a $5 food credit from the

                       sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                 2010 August • Village Courier   43
                                                                                                                                           AC t I v I t I e S
                                 august / september 2010               •    774-3888      Activities
                                          hearing Screening                                               radio disney Presents a
                              MONDAy, SEPTEMBER 13                                                        day with the grandkids
                                                                                                 SATuRDAy, SEPTEMBER 25
                 Whisper Hearing Center will check your ears
                 for wax or other problems and a licensed            It’s a “Grand” time to make memories with your grandchildren
                 audiologist will determine if you have a            as you spend a magical morning together. Radio Disney AM
                 hearing loss or have a need for additional          1470 is the host for this fun event with cool music, fun games
testing or treatment. 8:30-11:00 AM in the Poker Room. Free of       and prizes galore! Each child will receive a “passport” to travel
charge, but sign up for an “appointment” time at the Monitor’s       to the many fun, interactive stations with their grandparents,
Desk. rsvp by 9/8.                                                   offering crafts and fun activities. For the “grown ups”, Ships and
                                                                     Trips Travel and Disney Destinations will be onsite to showcase
                                                                     memory-making Disney vacations that families can share. Each
                                                                     child will receive a special goodie bag, cookies and lemonade
                                             day at the races        will be available and grandparents are admitted FREE!
                           THuRSDAy, SEPTEMBER 16
                                                                     time: 9:00 – 11:00 AM / place: Timber Creek Ballroom /
                      Step into the Turf Club and step into the
                                                                     rsvp: 9/20 / cost: $10 per child and includes all activities,
                      history and excitement of Thoroughbred
                                                                     light refreshments, a goodie bag and a morning filled with fun,
                      Horse Racing. Designed theater style with
                                                                     laughter and Disney magic.
                      a wall of glass facing the race course and
                      lake turf course, the Turf Club is situated
                      at the highest point at Golden Gate Fields,
affording a completely unobstructed, panoramic view of the                                                aarP Safe driving Class
action as well as the Berkeley hills. Along with private viewing                                        MONDAy & TuESDAy
screens at every table, the Turf Club boasts over 80 flat screen,                                        SEPTEMBER 27 & 28
jumbo screen, and regular monitors broadcasting simulcast
racing from around the world, as well as a close up view of                                     Class refines existing driving skills,
the live action as it happens. Enjoy a buffet lunch with salads,                                develops safe, defensive techniques.
pastas, a carving station and yummy desserts. Track staff            Attendance is required at both sessions to receive a three-year
members will take your no-host drink orders. Spend the day           certificate necessary to reduce your auto insurance. 8:30 AM
with us in the action packed, fun environment of Golden Gates        – 12:30 PM at the Lodge. Please note fee changes: $12 for
Fields. All guests are requested to dress in a smart, casual style   AARP members; $14 for non-members. Make check payable
(including tennis shoes); however no sweat suits, t-shirts,          to AARP. If you are an AARP member, you will be asked to
baseball hats, thong style shoes, shorts or sleeveless tops.         show your ID card at class start. rsvp by 9/22.

depart: 9:30 AM / return: 6:30 PM (approx.) / rsvp: 9/10
cost: $59 per person which includes transportation, driver
gratuity, track admission and buffet lunch. (No onboard
                                                                                                                “Burn the Floor”
                                                                                                           Broadway Sacramento
                                                                                              WEDNESDAy, SEPTEMBER 29
                                                                                        With the international dance sensation
                               Play your Keyboard in a day                              “Burn the Floor”, you will feel, live on stage,
                                                THuRSDAy                                all the passion, the drama and sizzling
                                             SEPTEMBER 23                               excitement of 20 gorgeous champion
                                                                                        dancers in a performance with a grace and
                             Presented by Music Exchange             athleticism that the New York Times calls “Dazzling!” “Burn the
                             (Newcastle), this is an innovative,     Floor” takes audiences on a journey through the passionate
time-tested method that they guarantee. They will teach you          drama of dance. The elegance of the Viennese Waltz, the
what you need to know to play your keyboard instrument               exuberance of the Jive, the intensity of the Paso Doble – as
(piano, organ, digital piano, etc.)……..learn to read notes, play     well as the Tango, Samba, Mambo, Quickstep and Swing. The
chords and play music in two hours! You will be sitting at a         8:00 PM show is at the Sacramento Community Center.
keyboard instrument provided by Music Exchange. The class
is limited to 8 people, so sign up early. Cost is $40 per person     depart: 7:00 PM / return: 11:00 PM (approx.) / rsvp: 9/24
and includes all materials. 9:00 – 11:00 AM in the Aspen Room        cost: $86 per person for ticket, transportation and driver
at the Lodge. rsvp by 9/18.                                          gratuity.

44 Village Courier • August 2010                                                          sun city roseville community association, inc.
AC t I v I t I e S

                     Activities                                       august / september 2010           •     774-3888

                                                                  aCtivities overnight trips
                     Details for overnight trips are available on flyers located in the kiosk, from the Activities Monitor or on the resident website
                     (www.scres.org). Please note first date to sign up, as they are different for each trip. Also, last date to sign up is typically 30 to
                     45 days prior to trip departure. No refunds after last date to sign up.

                       triP naME                               datES                LEd By        FirSt day to Sign UP         LaSt day to Sign UP

                       MYSTERY TRIP                             SEPT. 27-30, ’10   TRUDI & DODIE            5/20/10              8/13/10

                       FILM FESTIVAL & FALL COLORS             OCT. 7-11, ’10      DOBAR                    6/18/10              8/30/10

                       LAUGHLIN                                JAN. 10-14, 11      TRUDI & DODIE                  PENDING

                     Go Platinum
                               Introducing the Platinum Pass
                      WHAT YOU GET:

                      • Unlimited Green Fees
                      • Annual Trail Pass
                      • Unlimited Practice Balls
                      • 15% off entire inventory in Timber Creek Golf Shop
                      • Quarterly Golf Lesson with a Timber Creek
                        Golf Professional.
                      • Four Guest Passes

                               $3200+ Value

                      Only $2500

                     sun city roseville community association, inc.                                                     2010 August • Village Courier    45

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