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8 Greatest Fears to Achieving Transformation Success

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Stephen Adele reveals his surefire techniques for how to instantly turn
any obstacle into a strategy for achieving success to finally build the
body you deserve.
By Stephen Adele, Editor-in-Chief

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Have you ever had difficulty keeping a simple commitment to yourself?
Sure. Nearly everyone I know has, sometime or another, found him or
herself "trapped"—wanting to do something yet not acting on their

So why don't we do some of the things we want to or know we should—like
improving our health and building a better body?

Let's say you keep putting off that new fitness program. You can even
imagine what it might mean to you: having a firm, strong, healthy body;
feeling an abundance of energy; newfound confidence and sex appeal...
Still, you don't do it. So why do you keep putting it off? What's
preventing you from taking those first steps?

Consider this...

My observation is that our minds tend to see the obstacles first—those
barriers that lie between where we are now and where we want to be or who
we want to become. Just as fast as you conceive of achieving your new
body, your mind begins to spout out every excuse it can come up with why
you can't attain your goal. So even before we can initiate any action, we
literally paralyze ourselves.

And once your head begins to fill with all the obstacles that could
potentially keep you from achieving your newfound goal, suddenly your
desire to even try is crushed.

But what if all the obstacles were removed?

Think about it for a moment: if whatever deterred you from attempting to
build your very best body suddenly vanished, you'd have no fear to stop
you, right?

What if I showed you how to take those obstacles and instantly transform
them into strategies for achieving success... Would you consider
starting, or sticking to, your new (or current) fitness plan then?
"... we can choose to transform those circumstances that oppose us into
specific decisions and actions that can lead us to our goals."The truth
is, we can choose to transform those circumstances that oppose us into
specific decisions and actions that can lead us to our goals. True
empowerment you can use to your advantage!

Let me explain...

The Breakthrough Technique
So how can we break through our fears, smash those barriers, and
transform those obstacles into strategies for achieving our fitness
goals? It's really quite simple—allow me to introduce you to the
Breakthrough Technique. Here I've taken the eight most feared obstacles
that potentially stand in the way of your success, followed by a very
specific success strategy to blast through them and help you reach your
fitness and physique development goals.

Are you ready? Great... let's get started!

Believe or not, individuals who achieve extraordinary levels of success
have days just as hectic as ours. They've got obligations: commitments to
work, friends, and family. And let's face it, we're all confined to an
equal amount of time—the same 24 hours. Yet some people find the time to
continually make exercise a part of their daily routine.

So how do they do it? Simple—they create it. You can instantly create
time if you begin to plan, plan, and plan some more. That means planning
your days ahead, at least a day in advance, sometimes even a week in
advance. One of the best time-creating techniques is to make a list of
your daily "to-dos" and schedule when you're going to exercise. (This is
a common challenge—we forget how important it is to schedule an
appointment with ourselves to exercise.)

Then divide your "to-dos" into things you must do and things you would
like to do, so you're less likely to confuse urgency with importance. You
see, getting to the gym is important, whereas getting your haircut may
seem urgent when you're running late but can certainly be rescheduled.
And before you do anything, always ask yourself what you could be doing
that would be more productive.

Success Strategy #1: PLAN AHEAD. Creating the time you need to exercise
is easy! Plan your days in advance by creating action lists of the most
important things to accomplish each day.

Obstacle #2: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.
Don't know what exercises to do to help you get the most out of your
workouts? Not sure what to eat, when, to help you put on muscle and shed
that unwanted bodyfat? And supplements, well, these can be downright

That's all understandable: there are just so many techniques, recommended
by so many "fitness experts." So, whose advice can you trust? It can
become paralyzing. So instead of trying to sort through all the
(mis)information, stop right now: keep yourself from chasing every
exercise theory or latest diet craze. But this doesn't sound like it will
do us any good, does it?

So how do you find the answers? It's simple—model the success of others.
For example, try our free programs like Maximum Growth, the Lean System
Success Plan, or the 21-Day Energy Plan.

The greatest thing about success is that it leaves clues, and if we pay
close attention, we can pick up those clues and model the actions and
behaviors to produce similar results. Find people, whether in person or
in a magazine, who have achieved the type of extraordinary success you
wish to achieve, and find out what they did. It's really as easy as that.

"If you follow a proven approach to exercise, nutrition, and
supplementation, you will achieve similar success."Success Strategy #2:
STUDY A SUCCESSFUL FORMULA—AND FOLLOW IT. Seek someone who has achieved
the "extraordinary" results you desire and learn from his or her
"winning" actions. If you follow a proven approach to exercise,
nutrition, and supplementation, you will achieve similar success.

Do you wake up every morning feeling energized, powerful, and   ready to
take on the day? Or do you rise feeling as tired as the night   before,
resenting that a new day has presented itself so soon? Do you   fear your
current energy levels would never allow you to participate in   a fitness

This is a great example of the perceived problem—your lack of energy to
exercise—being the ultimate solution. We might believe we're too
exhausted to exercise, but in reality, we lack energy simply because we
don't exercise!

It's been scientifically proven that incorporating exercise into our
lives actually gives us more energy. Moderate levels of exercise can even
help us sleep better at night, so we wake up renewed.

How else can you bolster energy levels?

As long as we feed ourselves with properly balanced protein- and
carbohydrate-rich meals, we feel an immediate impact on our energy
levels. The more closely we keep to our preferred eating strategy, the
better we feel, period. Feeding our bodies every two to three hours
throughout the day provides us with a stable, constant supply of
nutrients required to be more energetic.

Success Strategy #3: GIVE YOUR ENERGY A BOOST. Exercise and proper
nutrition play a vital role in our energy levels and allow us to perform
at peak levels daily.

Goals come from having a clear vision of what you want. Knowing you want
to build your very best body is great start, but you need something more
than that—a statement so compelling it literally pulls you, like a
magnet, in the direction of its achievement.

So, maybe you're not certain how to set effective goals? If that's you,
then don't worry, everyone starts off this way... To really set effective
fitness goals and ensure you'll reach them, you're going to have to learn
what I call the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting technique. Not only will this
technique enable you to set the most effective goals, it will help focus
your efforts on exactly what you want to achieve.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

Specific—you must be specific about what you want to achieve, creating
your goal in the present tense. That means using "I am in the process
of..." to start your goal statement.
Measurable—how do you measure "better shape" or "slimmer waist"? You
can't. So scale your goal to a specific number (e.g., 10% bodyfat, a 33-
inch waist, or a size six).
Action-oriented—you must be able to create an action list of things you
must do to achieve success.
Realistic—make certain your goal is realistic yet stretches you, given
your expectations and timeframe.
Time-conscience—a date forces us to give it priority and puts positive
pressure on you to achieve it.
Success Strategy #4: TRANSFORM YOUR FITNESS GOALS. Using the S.M.A.R.T.
technique will ensure you've set an effective and commanding goal and
will not only clarify your path to success but will compel you to achieve
The physical transformation that takes place on your outside (your body)
is really a metaphor for the mental (inner) transformation that takes
place on the inside. You see, not only should your chosen program change
the way you look, it is just as important that it change the way you feel
about yourself.

"...not only should your chosen program change the way you look, it is
just as important that it change the way you feel about yourself."Every
time we purchase the latest miracle pill, workout gadget, or eight-minute
solution, we're just avoiding the process of a true transformation and
trying to find a quick fix. This is nothing more than treating the
symptoms and not the causes. It does nothing to improve our self-esteem,
confidence, or personal power.

Let me share a little secret with you and save you time, money, and
frustration: this approach never works. And you'll never feel a true
sense of fulfillment when you try this type of "magic bullet" approach.
Unless you start from the inside, you're sure to find yourself right back
where you started, only more disappointed.

We must challenge ourselves to find a solution that involves total
balance—a complete solution that integrates some very essential elements,
such as proper nutrition and supplementation, cardiovascular and weight-
training exercise, and most importantly, strengthening our inner self,
our minds.
Your chosen program should help you set commanding goals, transform your
old, self-defeating beliefs into new, empowering beliefs, and transform
your patterns so you're continually producing results that take you
closer to your goals.

Remember, you can't transform a lifetime of poor habits in matter of
days. It takes time—a couple of months at best. Rest assured, following a
solution that allows you to first transform your inside and then your
outside is sure plan for long-term success.

Success Strategy #5: FOLLOW AN INSIDE-OUT APPROACH. To successfully
transform your physique and achieve your fitness goals, follow an
approach that focuses first on increasing your self-esteem and building
confidence, before you concentrate on your physique, and you'll more
likely be able to create extraordinary results that will last a lifetime.

There's a huge difference between intentions and action. And the
difference is commitment.

Our commitment to our goals leads us to achievement, even during the
toughest times. There is a direct relationship between motivation and
commitment. And if you're really committed to making a change now, the
only way to make it happen is to create a sense of immediate importance.

You can do this by attaching reasons that are so compelling and so
intense you must follow through. So right now, ask yourself the following
questions and come up with at least three intensely compelling reasons
you must commit to your transformation goals.

What will this cost me if I don't change right now?
What has this cost me so far, concerning my health, physical condition,
self-confidence, and energy levels?
If I do change now, how will I feel about myself?
How will this impact my life?
What will I gain as a result?"
Your answers to these questions will help you gain an immediate
understanding of what you're committed to and why!

Success Strategy #6: IDENTIFY YOUR REASONS. Clearly state your reasons
for wanting to change and make them so compelling you become truly
committed to achieving your fitness goals.

Sometimes the accomplishment of our goals might seem so overwhelming, the
immediate temptation is to give up before we even start—which diminishes
our self-confidence even further. It's true. We can't gain confidence
until we take action. Yet, we don't want to take action until our
confidence levels are raised sufficiently. See the "catch"?

Take, for example, the intimidating obstacle of your entire fitness goal
needing to be achieved in a giant, single step. Now that's paralyzing,
isn't it?
"... to gain confidence, you must break your fitness goal down into
measurable steps."That's why, to gain confidence, you must break your
fitness goal down into measurable steps. For example, if you wanted to
lose 12% bodyfat within 12 weeks, then you could realistically set your
increments for one percent of bodyfat reduction per week. This way, you
don't have to focus on the whole goal at any given time, nor do you
notice all that you have not yet accomplished; instead you can focus
entirely on the smaller, manageable steps ahead. This gives you a
tremendous sense of control and achievement. Building your confidence,
each step of the way.

By the time you are nearing the end of your first couple of weeks of your
fitness program, despite the ups and downs in progress, you will begin to
feel more confident. You will be determined to advance one more step and
make the effort to complete your fitness program and build your very best

Suddenly, as the fear dissipates, you will discover newfound confidence.
And best of all, you will have achieved what you once thought was
impossible—one increment at a time.

Success Strategy #7: MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS. Success is accomplished only
through measuring your progress, always from where you're coming from
(backwards). This way, you will never lack a sense of accomplishment, and
you'll build your confidence with each and every step.

So you need a source of motivation in your life—something to get you out
of bed in the morning and carry you through the day?

One way is to continually "see" what you want to become by finding a
picture of someone's physique you would most like to emulate (probably in
your favorite fitness magazine), cut it out, and hang it someplace you're
likely to see it over and over again throughout the day. You might even
write down your reasons for wanting to achieve this goal with the photo.

By seeing the body you want to achieve in front of you all the time,
you'll be pointing your subconscious toward the realization of these
results. This constant source of inspiration is a reminder of where you
are going. It's called bringing focus to the center of your awareness.

Success Strategy #8: FIND AN INSPIRATION. Discover your inspiration,
someone who has turned his or her body and life from ordinary to
extraordinary, and use that as your source of daily fuel. Look for
inspiration in our Success Stories, such as David Silbaugh, Marina
Popelka, and Mark Harden, who have each reached their goals and are now
helping others do the same.

Final thoughts
Remember, building a better body does not follow an absolute straight
line. Life doesn't work that way. But now that you've found the principle
of turning literally any obstacle into a stepping stone for your success,
you can create the fitness and physique results you so desire.
By committing to turning these once fearful obstacles into powerful
success strategies, you will begin to create extraordinary results in
your physique and ultimately achieve your fitness goals.

If there are any other obstacles I overlooked, please email me (at
Stephen@realsolutionsmag.com, and I will gladly help you create a success
strategy to blast through it.

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