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					St Katharine's Wheel
                                     Issue 63
                               September 2009

        fr                  “But what Operation
                               Christmas Child
                                boils down to
                                 is one gift,
                             from one individual
                                 to another”

News, Views and a Warm Welcome
from your Church and Village of Ickleford
Dates for your Diary
                                                           Thursday mornings in Church
                                                          9.10 am said Holy Communion

          6th                             8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       Family sung Eucharist
          13th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          13th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          14th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          20th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          15th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          27th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          16th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          4th                             8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       Harvest Thanksgiving & Family sung Eucharist
          17th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          11th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          18th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          18th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
          Luke the Evangelist             9.30am       sung Eucharist
          19th Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          25                              8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          Last Sunday after Trinity       6.00pm       Evensong
          1st                             8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       Family sung Eucharist
          ALL SAINTS DAY                  6.00pm       Evensong
          8th                             8.00am       said Holy Communion
          REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY              9.30am       sung Eucharist
          3rd Sunday before Advent        6.00pm       Service of Remembrance for personal memories
          15th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          2nd Sunday before Advent        6.00pm       Evensong
          St Katharine of Alexandria      8.00am       said Holy Communion
          CHRIST THE KING                 9.30am       sung Eucharist
          Sunday next before Advent       6.00pm       Evensong
          29th                            8.00am       said Holy Communion
                                          9.30am       sung Eucharist
          ADVENT SUNDAY                   6.00pm       Evensong

                   HARVEST SUPPER
                                with entertainment
                                       A date for your diary!

                                 Saturday 3rd October
                                                              From the Clergy
When is an owl not an owl?
                         When it
                          is a
                                   Many observant people in Ickleford have noticed
                                   one, if not two new residents in the churchyard
                                   trees over the past two months. For some this has
                                   caused excitement thinking we have a previously
                                   unknown species roosting in our cedar trees, for
                                   others, puzzlement and still others imaginative
                                   thoughts of clever tree surgeons who can also carve
                                   beautiful objects.

                                   For so many years the churchyard, and therefore
                                   the church, has been plagued by heavy collections
                                   of pigeon droppings on the paths, which have been
                                   difficult to avoid, and which have been regularly
                                   cleared over many years by a kind member of our

Many suggestions have been made to rid us of this problem – the main ones involving
'someone with an air gun.' Then, a short while ago, another member of our
congregation came up with the brilliant idea of placing a Great American Owl in the
trees. This owl is the most effective decoy, warding off unwanted birds, and the mere
sight of it should be enough to scare them into another roosting position, we were told.

It has certainly worked! The paths are now much more pleasant and the seat around
one of the trees near the Garden of Remembrance is a much safer place on which to sit.

Incidentally, the story of a vicar who asked how to get rid of unwanted birds in the
churchyard hasn't worked in St Katharine's. This vicar's problem got so bad he actually
contacted the Bishop to ask for advice. 'Oh, that old problem' said the Bishop, 'That's
easy – I'll deal with it whilst you are away on holiday'.

When the vicar came home again, there were no more nuisance birds in sight. Very
pleased but amazed, the vicar asked him how he did it. ‘Well', was the answer, 'First I
Baptised them, and then I Confirmed them. It often works quite well!'

I am very pleased to say these Bishop's duties have had the reverse effect in our church
as our congregation continues to grow with many visitors and new members coming on
Sundays. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in such a happy, lively and
thriving community.

May God Bless you all.
                                                      Reverend Margaret
                     w w w. i ck l e f o r d p c. c o m
                  16 Walnut Way, Ick le ford , He rtfo rdsh ire . SG5 3XT
                               Email: m ail@ick lef ordpc .c om
                                  Te lep hone : 014 62 62 4885

  As some of you may have read in the Comet recently Ickleford Parish Council has achieved Quality
  Status and will receive the certificate at the September Parish Council meeting. Ickleford is the only
  parish in North Herts to receive this accolade and the award reflects the enthusiasm and commitment of
  all the Parish Councillors to maintain and improve the quality of life for the community, and as we have
  seen over the last few years as a result of the Parish Plan, progress has been made with the forthcoming
  traffic calming, a new Burial Ground and hopefully allotments behind Turnpike Lane.
  The award was also a personal triumph for our Parish Clerk Katrina Henshaw who has seen through the
  many introductions into more structured agendas and minutes as required by National Council
  guidelines. Katrina also achieved her CiLCA qualification as a part of the award, and was ultimately
  responsible for putting together the completed package of projects undertaken by the Council that
  enabled us to qualify for the reward. It is to be hoped that this will now open a few more doors in terms
  of grants available to progress with our on going commitments.
  As always separate reports are included detailing the current position with the Burial Ground and Little
  Park situation. The latter particularly continues to move very slowly, but at least we have now
  established a firm dialogue with individuals from both North Hertfordshire Homes and North Herts
  District Council, so we do have named contacts – which is progress!
  Many residents have commented on the removal of some 50 trees from the sportsfield over the last
  month. These were in fact Black Poplars planted some 30 years ago when the Club was established, but
  at the time we were unaware of the problems they would cause with protruding roots. Anyone using the
  sportsfield will have noticed the recent problems with roots, and the inherent danger to players, walkers
  and mowing equipment. With the authority of the County Council, the landowners, the trees and roots
  have now been removed and killed off, and where appropriate will be replaced in the coming months
  with established trees to retain the pleasant surroundings of the area.
  Finally, please don't forget the monthly surgeries being held at VJ Jennings, Arlesey Road by our Police
  Constable Katie Hull and PCSO Pam Hope. The next one is on Thursday 10th September between 1.30
  and 2.30 pm and they will be delighted to see you with any problems.
                                                                  Philip J. Crowe
                                             Chairman of Ickleford Parish Council

                                                              Holme Farm
                                                         traditional farm fresh turkeys
                order your bird
                                                           all birds are home reared using
                 for Christmas
                                                         traditional methods and prepared
                from your local                                       for the oven
                                                   Holme Farm, Bedford Road, Ickleford
                                                              01462 712229
Update on the 'Environment' action plan by Dr Michael Willoughby

Litter Collection Day – Saturday 13th June 2009

Volunteers to collect litter on Saturday 13th June were fewer than in either of the previous
years, but with participation by the organisers the entire parish was covered and inevitably
much rubbish found. Some residents accosted volunteers and without exception praised
them for their efforts. It is to be hoped that this sort of encounter will in time bring more
people out on the day, though there is already some evidence that the initiative has made all
in the village more aware of the litter around them and so more likely to pick it up at any time.
We are grateful to the District Council for providing us with bags and litter pickers on the day,
showing that they appreciate what the village will do for itself in keeping its streets as clean
as possible.

Little Park, behind Turnpike Lane

The Parish Council and Parish Plan Committee are glad to be able to report increasing
interest on the part of the District Council in the problems posed by Little Park. Two helpful
meetings, organised by Gary Gover to bring together all parties involved, have already
taken place and a third is scheduled for 5 October. There is now some indication that a
limited residential development may be combined with setting aside part of the site for

                            Shillington Services
                                                                                            NEWWORLD PHILIPS ELECTRA WHIRLPOOL
               SERVICE                                                          BELLING

                                               Established 1959

                   Your Local Authorised Hoover Dealer

                         Repairs       Sales           Spares

                               Repairs to most makes
                            of washing machines, driers,
                         vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens

                                 and cookers.
                           Many reconditioned machines of all makes for sale.

                                   Telephone: 01462 711636
                                      24 hour answer phone service
                                      Mobile: 07850 876280
                                    65, Church Street, Shillington,
                                       Hitchin, Herts. SG5 3LJ

  DYSON             HOTPOINT        HOOVER            ARISTON         CREDA   INDESIT     AEG
Since my report in the June edition of the St Katharine's Wheel, I am delighted to inform you that
the development of the burial ground is totally on schedule with the planned programme.

By the time this edition has arrived through your letter boxes, a walk to the site will see the car park
upgraded with the adjoining link road completed, all perimeter fencing along with two pedestrian
gates in position and (maybe) the double wooden gate hung on oak posts at the main entrance.

At our meeting on 3rd August, the Trustees unanimously accepted a design proposal prepared by
Cemetery Development Services.

In keeping with our very rural approach, the design includes, within the lower 25% of the site, a
large circular Garden of Rest with Silver Birch trees and a centre piece of an Acacia baileyana,
wandering paths lined with Acer rubrunis and set in the burial areas will be Copper Beach and
Blue Douglas fir trees surrounded by a grass lawned surface.

The remaining 75% will be seeded with a cornfield mix through which will meander cut grass
paths. In the summer months the walk through cornflowers, poppies etc should be very attractive
and will return via a woodland walk.

The woodland area will be for green burials and will be planted with a mixture of Beech, Ash, Oak
and Silver Birch trees.

The above landscaping is scheduled for September / October this year. The Trustees are very
optimistic that the burial ground will be completed and ready for use during the first half of 2010.

To answer some of the questions raised to date, memorials benches will be permitted and plots
will be available for purchase early in 2010.

Should you require any additional information or have any queries, then please contact myself,
one of the Trustees or Katrina Henshaw.

                                                                    Colin Thurstance
                                             Chairman – Ickleford Burial Ground Trust
                                                                               Telephone 451059

       Music lessons                                                     Garden
                     Violin, viola, theory
                     Adults and children
               Friendly, enthusiastic teaching
               In your own home if preferred
                           Contact:                                                    Tony
                        Clifford Rowe                                              Anscomb
                       10, Upper Green,
                           Ickleford                                       01462 642522
                       01462 433102                             Ickleford Hitchin Herts
                                                                  A Simple Mistake
        Chenery Funeral Services
                Hitchin                               A young monk arrived at the monastery. He
                                                      was assigned to helping other monks in
Providing the service your loved ones deserve, this   copying, by hand, the old canons and laws of
 Independent Family Owned Business, has been          the church. Before long he noticed that
       serving the community since 1935.              everyone was copying from copies and not from
            44 Bedford Road, Hitchin.                 original manuscripts. So, the new monk went
                                                      to the abbot to question this, pointing out that if
        Tel. 01462 434375 (Day or Night)              someone had made even a small error in the
              Private Rest Chapel.                    first copy, it would never be picked up and would
       Personal Service Available 24hours.            be continued in all subsequent copies. “Good
                                                      point, my son,” said the abbot. “We have been
Funerals arranged for all areas and Denominations.    doing it this way for centuries but you are right in
               Distance No Object.                    what you say. I must look into this.”

                                                      The abbot went down into the caves beneath
                                                      the monastery and unlocked a vault that had not
                                                      been opened for centuries. Hours went by and
                                                      the old abbot did not reappear. The young
                                                      monk became worried and went down to look
                                                      for him. He found him sitting against a wall
                                                      sobbing, with his head in his hands. “We
                                                      missed the 'R', we missed the 'R',” he wailed.

                                                      “What's wrong, father?” asked the young monk.
                                                      In a choking voice, the old abbot replied, “The
                                                      word was CELEBRATE.”

                                                                I'm on a Committee
                                                      Oh, give me pity, I'm on a committee
                                                      Which means that from morning to night,
                                                      We attend and amend and contend and defend,
                                                      Without a conclusion in sight.

                                                      We confer and concur; we elect and demur

                                                      And re-iterate all of our thoughts.
                                                      We revise the agenda with frequent addenda
        Do you want more from your garden?            And consider a load of reports.
                   Let me design you an
               inspiring new space outdoors           We compose and propose; we support and
                               contact Karen          And the points of procedure are fun!
                             01462 457878             But though various notions are brought up as
                                   or at              motions,
                                                      There's terribly little gets done.

                                                      We resolve and absolve but never dissolve,
                                                      Since it's out of the question for us.
                                                      What a shattering pity if we end our committee;
                                                      Where else could we make such a fuss?
             NEW CROSS                                 Prayer of Dedication
            over the porch                                    for the new cross
The new cross has very generously been               the following prayer of dedication was
given to the Church by Mr and Mrs Pitts.             said by Reverend Margaret outside the
                                                      church with the congregation at the
We are not only very grateful for this, but            beginning of the 9.30am service on
also feel it looks so right placed in the                       Sunday 19th July
niche above the Porch door.
                                                     Let us give thanks, as we dedicate this
                                                     new cross placed above our porch to
                                                     St Katharines, for all the many people
                                                     who have cared for the church over the

                                                     But let us chiefly give thanks to Ray and
                                                     Helmia Pitts, who commissioned this
                                                     cross in recognition and thanksgiving for
                                                     66 years of marriage on the 9th January
                                                     this year. It was 66 years ago that they
                                                     were married in this church, and they
                                                     have been strong supporters ever since.

                                                     As they remember all these years
                                                     together, we receive with gratitude their
                                                     gift of remembrance to be held in honour
                                                     and respected with care, in the name of
                                                     the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
                                                     one God, who lives and reigns for ever
                                                     and ever.

     Car Boot Sale               Mon: Darts Night
                                 Tues: Darts Night
                                                     Westbourne Residential
      every Saturday
      12 noon to 5 pm
                                  Wed: Pool Night
                            Thu: Nintendowii Night
                                                     Care Home
     from 29th August                                   9 Bedford Road
                               Sun: Football Team
      in our car park                                   Hitchin
                                 Sun: Poker Night
                                                        SG5 2TP
             GREEN MAN                 Sky TV           Tel: 01462 459954
                                                     • Small friendly home providing 24 hour personal
             01462 432358                               care for its 27 residents
                                                     • On going staff training to ensure that excellent
                                                        standards are maintained
           Chinese Restaurant                        • Residents are able to pursue individual hobbies
     open six evenings per week(not Tuesday)            and interests and also enjoy the opportunities for
                 5 pm to 11 pm                          social events
      also 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm for lunch             For further information and visit contact the manager
         on Friday, Saturday & Sunday                Angela Bowes on 01462 459954
                                                 Ickleford Village Hall
                                        82, Arlesey Road, Ickleford. SG5 3TG.

                                              07733 178879 (Term Time only)

We would like to welcome all the children back after the Summer Break and give a special welcome
to all the new children starting this term.

As ever, the Autumn term looks set to be very busy. The children will be starting the term with an
'All About Me' topic, so we're looking forward to hearing all about their families, friends and pets!!

We will be holding two fundraisers this term. The first will be on Sunday, 27th September when we
are holding a 'Round the World' party at the Village Hall which will include a Flag Treasure Hunt and
food from around the world.

We will be holding our Christmas Disco on 5th December at the Village Hall and as usual we are
hoping that Father Christmas will be able to find time in his busy schedule to pop in and see us.

Finally, if you are interested in a place for your child at Ickleford Pre-School and would like to
come for a visit or if you would like an application form please contact Stephanie Woodhead on
07951 801574.

                                                                           Naomi Smith
                                                  Chair, Ickleford Pre-School Committee

Registered by Ofsted                                                    A member of the

                                   Registered Charity No.1035315

  SHAWPRINT – QUITE SIMPLY                                               Anita Shaw
  PRINTING AT ITS BEST                                           mob: 07791 268385
  Whether your needs are personal, small business
  or larger business, let us design & print your      uk
  personalised stationery needs.
     Letterheads, Compliment slips, Business cards
     All Wedding needs from Invitations to Table Menus           mob: 07866 942613
     Order of Service sheets/booklets, Labels, Flyers              Brian Concannon
     Brochures, Posters, Newsletters, Proposals
     Annual Reports, Booklets, Documents, Manuals
     Price Lists, Product sheets, Catalogues, Tickets
     Invitations (special birthdays etc), Reply cards
     Mail Merge, Enveloping & Posting, Binding etc.

  So for printing you can be SHAW of, and more,
  give us a call on 07791 268385,
  email us – – or log on to
      Let me be your                              St Katharine’s Events in 2009
        handyman!                                 Saturday 11 September 12 - 5 pm
                                                  Craft Fair and Demonstrations in St Katharine’s
                                                  Calling all crafty people - or should that be crafters?
                                  Shelf to fit?   This was a new event last year as part of Heritage
                       Extra power sockets?       weekend and brought many hidden talents to the
                             Picture to hang?     fore. We had lace-making, floral art, needlepoint,
                                 Outside tap?     jewellery, mosaics, patchwork, crochet, spinners
                       Light switch to move?      and weavers to skate dresses...
                                Dripping tap?
                           Heated towel rail?     If you took part last year we would be delighted if
                               Plaster repairs    you can demonstrate your skill again.
                             Gutter sagging?
                                                  If you have a craft that you would like to share this
                           Glossing to finish?    time round please let Linda or Fiona (441 577)
                          Exterior paintwork?     know (knitting, cake decorating... ?)
                            Broken window?
                           New light fittings?    You are welcome to sell your wares, all we ask is a
                          Floor or wall tiling?   percentage donation in return (10%). Or do you
                         Underfloor heating?      know someone who might like to take part?
                               Security light?
           Aerial fitted or Freeview setup?
             Garden fences, walls, patio?         Sunday 12 September 10 - 6 pm
                             Bathroom to fit?     Bike and Hike 2009
                                                  Walkers and cyclists are welcome to get
                                                  sponsorship and take a tour round churches in
Whatever the size or type of job, free quote      Beds and Herts. Monies raised are divided
and work done the same day wherever               between St Katharine's and the Historic Churches
possible                                          Trust. Previous participants have said it is a fun
                                                  and energetic day out. It's a chance to enjoy
Call Adrian on 07902 92 82 94                     viewing other churches or you can make it a
Ickleford, Hertfordshire                          challenge to see how many can be notched up in
                                                  the time available!     Details/sponsorship forms
                                                  available from Fiona, Tel 441 577.

                                                  Saturday 3 October
                                                  Harvest Supper with entertainment
                                                  Please look out for the posters in due course.
                                                  Detailed information will appear in the weekly
  Are you a lexophile?          A few more
                                                  church newsletters nearer the time.
1. When she saw her first strands of
gray hair, she thought she'd dye.                 Saturday 28 November
                                                  Christmas Fayre
2. Bakers trade bread recipes on a                Please look out for the posters in due course.
knead to know basis.                              Detailed information will appear in the weekly
                                                  church newsletters nearer the time.
3. The roundest knight at King Arthur's
round table was Sir Cumference.
He acquired his size from too much pi.                          KATS KOOL KIDS
                                                       We are hoping to start Kats Kool Kids
4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated                again in the Autumn in a new format on
from algebra class because it was a                    Sunday afternoons.
weapon of math disruption.
                                                       Please look out for further information in
5. No matter how much you push the                     the weekly church newsletters for final
envelope, it'll still be stationery.                   details.
                                                                                       10. dnesd
                                                                                          00     ay
                                                                                   Con  11. am t
                                                                                      t    30a o
                                                                                  014 act J m
                                                                                      62    u
                                                                                         647 lie on

   Ickleford Baby and Toddler Group
Ickleford Baby and Toddler Group meets at the Ickleford Sports & Recreation Club. It is
a chance for parents from Ickleford and surrounding areas to meet and chat to other
parents, in a friendly and relaxing environment, while their children play with the many toys.

                              Wednesdays 10.00am to 11.30am
                              Contact Julie on 01462 647 997
                           Children welcome from birth to pre-school age
                                 There is a small charge of £1.00
                                 to cover the cost of refreshments
                                     and new toys for the group

   Ickleford Baby and Toddler Group, Ickleford Sports and Recreational Club, Chambers Lane, SG5 3XX

   The Hitchin School of Russian Ballet
   Classes for:
                           Ickleford Village Hall
                                                         JG's TAXIS                   NHDC
                           Priory School dance studio                                               e   d
    Children                                             Hitchin Based
     age 3 upwards                                       07739 296703
    Amateur adults,                                      07940 719626
     who wish to retrain                                                      kney Ca
                                                             e   ate rs - Hac
                                                        6&4S                                 Local &
    Adult beginners                                                                       Long Distance
   Please call Sally
              on 07855 502735 for more information                       Advance Bookings Welcome
         A Man's World (1)                                UPDATE ON
                                                 KEEPING OUR CHURCH LOCKED
It's terribly one-sided
In this family of mine                          We are so sorry that we are going to have to keep
With three great strapping menfolk              St Katharine’s locked during the day, possibly for
To try to keep in line …                               the duration of the school holidays.

I don't know how they do it
But they seem to get their way
And hardly ever listen
to anything I say!

And when it's sport they're watching
On the jolly old TV
They never think there might be
Something else I'd like to see.

Of all the programmes on it
They love cricket most of all
(I simply cannot fathom
All this fuss about a ball).                 Sadly we have discovered things are missing and the
                                             sound system has been broken into and used, upsetting the
They mutter things like “googlies”           level of sound for the microphones and the CD system.
And strain to read the score,
They never even notice                       We have spoken with our neighbourhood watch officers
When I've gone and slammed the door.         and they are aware of the situation and we have said we
                                             will let them know when we re-open the Church in the
If I keep them fed and watered               daytime, which will be after the sound system has been
They are quietly content                     made more secure. They will then make a point of
I live in hope they'll wait on me            patrolling the area more often.
(Oh what a rare event!)
                                             Estimates are being received for a secure locking for the
But sometimes in the bathroom                case of the sound system and we hope we will soon be
If they hear me scream and shout             able to reopen the church during the day time.
It's good to have three chaps around
When spiders are about …                     The PCC have also agreed that we should paint all
                                             valuables with ‘Smart Water’, a substance which can be
Or if I've done the shopping                 easily traced if we should lose anything of value. The
And it's all a bit too much                  sound system will also get this treatment.
I smile and sweetly tell them:
“That lot needs a strong man's touch”.

So if I'm really honest -
Though at times it drives me mad –
I've come to the conclusion
Being outnumbered's .. not so bad.

             Prize Crossword.
         Solve it and win £20,000
      plus a holiday for two in Paris.

For those playing for fun, the answers are
               on page 14.
                                                                    CREATING WINTER INTEREST IN YOUR GARDEN
Gardens are outdoor spaces that should look good all year round   It's easy to achieve a colourful display in summer but as autumn approaches
                                                                  our gardens often get overlooked and appear dreary. As the days get shorter
                                                                  we don't spend as much time outside but that shouldn't stop us from wanting an
                                                                  exciting view from our window.

                                                                  You can add extra colour into your garden easily by using plants that have good
                                                                  autumn foliage or bear brightly coloured berries. Plants such as Pyracanthas
                                                                  and Cotoneasters provide good evergreen cover and the blackbirds will feast
                                                                  on them. Fruiting crab apple trees also make attractive additions to the smaller
                                                                  garden for their fruit as well. In the spring they produce beautiful blossom that
                                                                  turns to a mass of yellow or orange fruits that persist long after the leaves have

                                                                  I love Dogwoods for their ornamental stems that come in a range of colours
                                                                  from yellow to red to purple. My favourite is Cornus alba 'Elegantissima' which
                                                                  has attractive grey green leaves with a white margin in spring and summer and
                                                                  vivid red stems in the winter after the leaves have dropped.

                                                                  Flowering shrubs add another dimension to our gardens in winter providing
                                                                  structure, colour and scent at a time when most other plants become dormant.
                                                                  Choose deciduous Viburnum Bodnantense for its pink flowers that appear from
                                                                  November to March or evergreen Sarcococcas that have tiny highly scented
                                                                  flowers from December to March.

                                                                  No winter garden would be quite complete without the addition of Hellebores.
                                                                  They are perfect plants for providing ground cover under trees with their dark
                                                                  green leathery leaves and beautiful pendant flowers. Take your pick from white
                                                                  to pink to stunning dark purple varieties that flower from February through to

                                                                  Gardening doesn't need to stop once the lawnmower gets put away for the
                                                                  winter, in fact many plants, especially trees and shrubs prefer to be planted at
                                                                  this time of year. From November to the end of February you can buy plants
                                                                  that are bare-rooted or root-wrapped. These are much cheaper than their
                                                                  container-grown counterparts. This means you can save money or buy bigger.

                                                                  Whether you have a small courtyard garden, a newly built house with a rubble
                                                                  garden or a large garden that needs a bigger personality, I can create
                                                                  something that will inspire you.

                                                                  If you'd like me to help you add some winter interest to your garden call

                                                                                                                        01462 457878

                                                                                                                         or visit my website

                              THANK YOU EVERYONE
                       We have completed our fourth set of ‘100’ mobile phones!!
                               and have received another cheque for £300
                            and will soon receive another £100 Argos voucher

                              But please keep looking for more old mobiles
‘                                     as we are already a little way
                              towards our fifth set of ‘100’ mobile phones!

       Bring your old mobiles to Ickleford Stores. Nick & Jean have very generously agreed to
                    continue to accept your mobiles for us over the shop counter.

Every new mobile means another old mobile to be recycled via the village shop!
                                 DO YOU HAVE AN OLD MOBILE PHONE?
     it doesn't matter if they are:  OLD * DO NOT WORK * HAVE CRACKED SCREENS
     We will receive £3 for every one PLUS an extra £100 of vouchers for every 100 mobiles collected.

                all proceeds will go to the St Katharine's Restoration & New Building Fund

                      All the mobiles will be recycled for use in 3rd world countries.

                                             How Cruel!
     A husband and wife were shopping in Tesco's when the man picked up a crate of beer and put it
     in the trolley. “What do you think you are doing?” asked the wife. “They're on offer. Only £10 for
     twelve cans,” explained the husband. “Put them back. We can't afford it,” insisted the wife.

     They continued shopping and, a few aisles later, the wife picked up a £20 jar of face cream and
     put it in the trolley. “What do you think you're doing?” asked the man indignantly. “It's my
     regular face cream. It makes me look beautiful,” she replied.

     Her husband thought for a moment then said, “So do twelve cans of beer and they're only half
     the price!”

      Ickleford Stores                                           DAVID J. BINKS
                                                                       Funeral Directors

                                                                Family owned and Independent

                                                                    Private Chapels of Rest
                                                                  Flower & Memorial Service

                                                                      01462 444910
                                                              24 hour personal emergency service

                                                             96 Walsworth Road, Hitchin SG4 9SU
                  Nick and Jean Jones
                       A bit of a challenge...


On September 22nd I fly out to Tanzania and on Friday 25th I begin a personal challenge to climb Mount
Kilimanjaro. The route I am following will take five days to climb up and two days to come back down.
Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895m/19,340ft high is the highest free standing mountain in the world.

One of the main reasons for doing this is to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
(GOSH). I believe that GOSH as an organisation and everyone involved in its operation, management,
support and fundraising are absolutely fantastic. Not only is the medical care world class but the support
and care given to parents, often during distressing and extended timescales, is something special too.

My son Jamie had surgery at GOSH when he was only eight months old and even though the operation
went perfectly the act of taking Jamie down into the operating theatre and holding him while he was
anaesthetised has to be the worst experience of my life. I don't have the words to describe that feeling.
However, this is where the doctors and nurses stepped in as they must know what parents feel like in that
situation and from that moment until we walked out of the hospital three days later I think there was as
much care and support went into looking after me and my wife Michelle as there was expended on Jamie.

As a result I've always wanted to give something back to GOSH and
this is my way of doing it now. I'll do everything I can to complete
my challenge and climb Kilimanjaro.

Please help me to help GOSH to meet theirs.

                    Visit my fundraising page at
             to read more and sponsor me if you can.

        Alternatively please call me on   01462 431272

                            Many thanks

                       Steve Ramsey

What is Operation                                           Whilst the ‘credit crunch’ is
                                                            affecting us all, we hope you are
Christmas Child?                                            able to give the same wonderful
                                                            support as in previous years.
Operation Christmas Child is the world’s
                                                            Remember the children are still
largest Christmas project - devoted to
                                                            there - many have never received
spreading love, joy and smiles to children in
                                                            a present before. Let us all try to
parts of the world who really need them.
                                                            bring a small light to their lives
                                                            once more.      So please never
In the UK alone last year over 1.2 million
                                                            doubt that your shoeboxes are
shoeboxes packed full of gifts and goodies
                                                            very much appreciated and bring
were wrapped, packed and sent to children in
                                                            real joy to the children who
disadvantaged situations by children and
                                                            receive them. The people who
adults in the UK.
                                                            drive the vans over to deliver
                                                            these boxes say to see the joy on
But what Operation Christmas Child boils
                                                            the faces of the children is a very
down to is one gift, from one individual to
                                                            humbling and moving
So this Christmas, share in the power of a                  Leaflets will be available in
simple gift - reminding a child in need that God            Church during September and
loves them and that they have not been                      October.
forgotten.                                                  Please take one and help put a
                                  Two little sisters        smile on the face of a child.
                                                            Thank you.
                                  Pella, six and Shulan,
                                  four are sisters - they   Shirley Williams
                                  live in a refugee camp    Tel: 01462 624925
                                  in Kosova.        Their
                                  family live on just 65
                                  Euros a month.
                                  Their faces are
                                  covered in smiles as
                                  they open their
                                  shoeboxes bursting
                                  with surprises
  Previously -

  from St Katharine’s, Ickleford & beyond

  In   2000   you   gave    93 boxes
  In   2001   you   gave   122 boxes
  In   2002   you   gave   183 boxes
  In   2003   you   gave   224 boxes
  In   2004   you   gave   247 boxes
  In   2005   you   gave   272 boxes
  In   2006   you   gave   268 boxes
  In   2007   you   gave   256 boxes
  In   2008   you   gave   294 boxes

  Total over 9 years:       1,959       boxes
  Thank you to you all for this fantastic response.
I should like to make a donation of £…………….. to Saint Katharine's Church Building Appeal and enclose cash / my
cheque made payable to Ickleford Parochial Church Council for this sum;

I should like to pay £……… per month / annum (please delete as appropriate) for…..…years and have completed
the Bankers Order form below.
Full Name …………………………………………………………………………………….
....................................................................................................................Post Code

I want the Church to reclaim tax on my donation(s) to the Saint Katharine's Church Building Appeal. I note that I
must have paid an amount of tax that at least equals the tax deducted from this (these) donation(s).


To the Manager…………………………………………………………….(name of bank)

Please pay to the account of Ickleford Parochial Church Council
                           at Barclays Bank, Hitchin Branch, The North Herts Group
                                     5/6 High Street, Hitchin Herts SG5 1BJ
Sort Code: 20-41-12                                     Account Number: 20518778
the sum of £………….. (……………………………………………………..words)
commencing on the………….day of ………………..20…. and a like sum every month/year for ……..years or
until further notice (please delete as appropriate)
and debit my account with each payment made.
Account Name………………………………………Account Number……………………..
                                    Please return this form when completed to Michael Holford,
                                 Icknield House, Westmill Lane, Ickleford, Hitchin, Herts SG5 3RN

                                                               PLEASE BE AWARE!
                        We have been advised that some children are walking round the village
                       with some of our collecting boxes and postcards – knocking on doors and
                               attempting to collect money in the name of the church.
                      St Katharine’s Church never goes from door to door asking for donations
                                      for the upkeep or restoration of the Church.
                      In particular, no children are ever allowed to use collecting boxes in the
                      Church’s name – for such a purpose or for any other charitable cause.
                                         Restoration & New Building Update
                                  Necessary works on the fabric of St Katharine’s have been
                                  completed at a total cost of £130,000 and thanks to much
                                  generosity by many and much hard work also by many, this has
                                  been fully paid for.
                                  This means that the historic structure of our church has been
                                  safeguarded once again for the foreseeable future.
                                  We continue to raise funds in preparation for the time when we
                                  can hopefully add more space and much needed facilities to

£44,000                           St Katharine’s.

                                  To date, between us all, we have reached a tremendous running
RAISED TO DATE                    total of £44,000.

         St Katharine’s Singers                                Are you a lexophile?
            Do you enjoy singing?                     1. Local Area Network in Australia:
                                                                        The LAN down under.
Would you like to join a friendly choir to sing at
           some church services?                      2. A calendar's days are numbered.

The St Katharine Singers are looking for new          3. A lot of money is tainted:
 members, especially men but also women.                            'Taint yours, and 'taint mine.

We practise for an hour each Monday evening           4. A boiled egg is hard to beat.
 and sing in Ickleford church once or twice a
              month on average.                       5. He had a photographic memory which
                                                      was never developed.
Enthusiasm and interest are more important
        than previous experience!                     6. A plateau is a high form of flattery.

        If you're interested, please ring             7. The short fortune teller who escaped
                                                      from prison: a small medium at large.
      Clifford Rowe on 01462 433102
                                                      8. If you jump off a Paris bridge,
                                                                                you are in Seine.

                      Book of Remembrance
                  A few years ago a
         Book of Remembrance was given so
        that the names of departed ones may                     If you would like
                     be inscribed.                       the name of your loved one(s)
                                                                 to be included,
                The book is encased                     please add the details requested
              and stands in the Church.                     against the relevant date
        The pages are turned and the departed                     on the form at
         are remembered in the prayers of the                the back of the Church,
       services at the time of their anniversary.
Message from the Safer Neighbourhoods
Due to a reshuffle at Hitchin Police Station, all the PCSOs are being allocated to new areas as from
1st September 2009. Therefore PCSO Nikki Lane (formerly Williams) and PCSO Sarah Jeffery will no
longer be covering Ickleford. PCSO Heather Burrows will be replacing Nikki and PCSO Pam Hope will
be replacing Sarah.
Nikki says “I would like to thank you all for your help over the last 5 years, and wish both you and PCSO
Burrows good luck in the future” and Sarah says “I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for
their support as this was my first posting as a PCSO, everyone made me feel very welcome. I have
really enjoyed the past 10 months and will miss many of the villagers”.

                                                                       PC Katie Hull 1375
     Monthly Police Surgeries
       VR Jennings, Ickleford                                          01707 354192

           1.30pm - 2.30 pm
                                                                       PCSO Heather Burrows 1375

 The next 3 dates are:-
                                                                       07847 364955
    Thursday 10th September
      Thursday 22nd October                                            PCSO Pam Hope 6659

      Tuesday 3rd November                                             07796 527891

                               Useful telephone numbers

                          999                   For all emergencies

                          0845 33 00 222 Non-emergency number.

                          01438 757604          Safer Neighbourhoods Team
                                                              ICKLEFORD W.I.
                          M. R. T                    After a very busy summer (despite the
                          Interior & Exterior        weather) we are now looking forward to the
                         Specialist Decorator        last quarter of the year with our Harvest
                                   &                 Supper and Birthday/Christmas Party high
                        Property Maintenance         on the agenda, along with our regular Book,
                            No Job Too Small         Craft & Walking Groups! We also have a
                                                     visit to the House of Commons planned for
Plumbing, Tiling, Coving, Guttering, Fascias,        October - we hope to see some M.P.`s in
 Fencing, Door Fitting, Laminated Flooring           attendance!
               & Wall Papering
        Insurance Work Undertaken                    We have an excellent programme planned
                                                     for next year and although we have been
               Mark Talbot                           delighted to welcome 9 new members this
 T: 01582 717635 M: 07843 092734                     year so far, we still have room for more and
                                                     it would be nice to see more Ickleford
                                                     Ladies join us.

                                                     We meet in the Village Hall on the 3rd
            Maths Tuition                            Thursday each month starting at 7.30pm.
 Friendly, experienced maths tutor                   There are notices on the Village Boards
         based in Ickleford                          each month so "Why not give us a try"!

Individually focused help for children of all ages   For further information contact:
     and abilities, and preparation for SATs and
  10                               GCSE exams.          Wendy Crowe (President) 454310

 x 5

                       Home Office CRB disclosure

                 9          and parent references

                +7                                                 *****************

                                    are available.
50%              Please phone Sally for a chat
4*7 = ?              about your requirements                  “WHAT’S COOKING”
if a<12 and b>15
                             01462 436673
£10.00 - £5.76 =
                                      or email
¾ x ½ =
                                  Our New Recipe Book

                                                               Many, many thanks to Kathy
                                                             Goldie for collating all the various
                                                       recipes received and making our new
                                                     recipe book available for sale at the Open
                 Paul Reid                                           Gardens.
                 MSSCh MBChA
                                                     It has been very well received and many a
                Chiropodist                                good comment has been made.
                    Local Surgery &                   The recipe book will be on sale again at
                      Home Visits                              our Christmas Fayre.
                 Tel: 01462 456031
                Mobile: 07748 225951                              “What’s Cooking”
                 13 Bearton Green,                         will make an excellent present!
                   Hitchin, Herts
                      SG5 1UN                        But if anyone can’t wait and would like to
                                                             purchase one (or more) now
                                                            then please contact Kathy on
                                                                   01462 434779
                      The Kids will like this one
A piece of string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The barman
says, “I'm sorry but we don't serve bits of string here.” The piece of string tries
exactly the same thing a few moments later but the barman just looks exasperated
and gives the same reply. The string returns to his table, downcast.

Then he gets a great idea. He ties himself into a loop, messes up the top of his hair,
walks back to the bar and orders a beer.       The barman peers at him and says,
“Hey! Aren't you that piece of string?”   The string replies, “Nope. Frayed knot!”

                DISTRICT COUNCIL


               THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER 2009
                        Come along and meet
          your local North Herts District Councillors in an
            informal and relaxed setting to talk about
         community issues such as environment, planning
               and financial support to local groups.
                     It is your views that count.

     Venue: Knebworth Village Hall, Park Lane,
     Knebworth, SG3 6PD

     Time: 6.45pm to 7.30pm (Refreshments will be
     served from 6.30pm).

     Should you require any further information please
     contact Garry Gover - Southern Rural Community
     Development Officer:
     or telephone 01462 474674, or your District Councillor.
                       St Catherine (Katharine) of Alexandria
                                  November 25th

St. Catherine is one of those saints of whom we know nothing for certain, though a number of stories
and legends have grown up around her name.

The story is that she was a native of Alexandria, young, beautiful, very rich and very learned, and
attracted the admiration of the Emperor Maximian. When she refused his advances he confronted
her with an assembly of the most learned heathen philosophers, in order to overcome her scruples.
She vindicated the truths of Christianity, and defeated them completely in argument; so Maximian,
in a rage, ordered her to be broken on a wheel studded with spikes. She survived this torture and
was then scourged and beheaded. Her body was said to have been taken by angels and buried on
Mount Sinai.

She was for centuries the most popular saint in the calendar. Her fame was brought to England by
the Crusaders, and she was as much venerated in England as on the Continent. Her festival
became a popular holiday, and no less than eighty churches were dedicated in her honour, in this
country, besides many chapels and wayside shrines.

The Parish Church

St Katharine’s, Ickleford
The Exterior

The Church which is dedicated to St Katharine of Alexandria, is situated on rising ground in the
centre of the village at the junction of Arlesey Road and Turnpike Lane. It lies back from the main
road, screened by trees of yew and cedar, and is approached either by the double lych gate beside
the Old George Inn or the small lych gate at the corner of the Upper Green.

The square tower, with stone quoins and heavy buttresses, was built in the 13th century. The walls
consist of stone, flint and cobble, with plaster rendering which was added mostly, if not entirely, in the
10th century. A major restoration was undertaken in 1991.

The Church walls were constructed with very thick blocks of stone which were later covered with
plaster. On the north wall is the blocked 12th century doorway which, though decayed and repaired
with cement, has a well preserved chevron or zig-zag moulding. Also on the north side is the
Priest’s Door with direct access from the site of the former Rectory to the Vestry and Chancel.

During restoration work in 2007, pargetting depicting the instruments of Christ’s torture and
crucifixion was exposed on the gable end of the east wall. It was decided to leave this uncovered
and so can be seen above the apex of the East Window.

On the east wall are three gargoyles. The common belief in the Middle Ages was that dragons and
demons always infested the Church. Carved forms of these were used for gargoyles so that they
were thus serving to protect the Church they wished to destroy.
                                                                                           to be continued                         ICKLEFORD VILLAGE HALL
 This is a community website, covering the
      whole country and is free to use!
                                                 SATURDAY 10TH OCTOBER 2009
 Open the website with your postcode at the
end and it comes up with events taking place
    in your area. Go on line and try it!               AN UNMISSABLE EVENT
 Emma Sangster, who is helping to run the
site, is looking for any groups, societies etc    A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO SEE A
who would like to advertise their events on      HILARIOUS ONE MAN COMEDY AND MAGIC
                 the website.                        SHOW WITH WORLD TRAVELLED
          contact Emma by email at                     PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINER                                  IAN KEABLE

                   or call
                                                 Show starts 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) -
              01462 456434                                      Bar available                          Tickets £7.50 each (age restricted 12+)

                                                            AND FOR THE FAMILY
         REMINDER                                there's a specific one hour magic show in
               to all                                      the afternoon 4-5 pm
   6 Form, College and University                     (soft drinks & refreshments only)
            Students                              Tickets £3 each or £10 for a group of four

        Have you applied for your
     RAND'S EDUCATION                                Tickets from Sue - tel:   624 926
         GRANT?                                              or the Village Shop.

         If not – it's not too late.
                                                         funds raised towards
 For an application form please contact
  Brian Frederick on 01767 600881 or                    kitchen refurbishment

     Always had an interest in acting            OLD GEORGE INN
        but never acted on it???                 Arlesey Road, Ickleford

                                                 16th Century
                                                 Traditional Olde
                                                 English Pub

Come to the                                      629538
           Ickle Drama Club                      Pub Food served
            Ickleford Village Hall               all day (Mon to Sat) until 8.30pm
Whatever your age – under 5’s to over 80’s       Sunday Specials - 12noon to 4.00pm
    - there is a drama class for you!
                                                         Beer Garden         Patio Area
       Call Valerie 01462 422691                          All occasions catered for
  to find out the times of your class!
                                                    Pool      Darts        Music    Bands
      Open Gardens 28th June                                          Soup Lunches
                                                       For a few years now, villagers have enjoyed
A big thank you to all those who contributed in        delicious soups in delightful surroundings and
any way, shape or form to this year's Open Garden      with congenial company on a regular monthly
Success.                                               basis.
The weather was kind to us, the gardens looked         The lunches are well looked forward to but, like so
beautiful and the 'Photographic & Memories of          many other things that seem to ‘just happen’ in our
old Ickleford' display in Church, brought back         village, they require a lot of preparation and
lots of memories for many people.                      planning.
A grand total of over £2600 was made for               So, many thanks to Linda and Fiona for offering
St. Katharine's Church with a donation going to        us the chance to to enjoy this hospitality. Thank
Mencap for providing us with their mini-bus and        you both, together with any others who have
driver for the day.                                    contributed soups or other help.

                                                       Our Soup Lunches
                                                       have, to date,
                     Treasure Hunt                     raised
                        12th July                      over
                                                       for various
                All who took part have said how        Charities
                much they enjoyed this event.          and
They included Mums with tot in prams,                  St Katharine’s.
teenagers, and a few more mature adults! We
even had some visitors from Weston which was a               and whilst we are talking about food!
challenge for them not living in the village.
                                                         “I'll have fish and chips twice,” said Murphy.
The weather was perfect which helped make the             “Very well,” said the shopkeeper. “The fish
occasion very pleasant.                                                   won't be long.”
                                                           “Then they'd better be fat”, said Murphy.
The winner was Imogen Canell (with help from
her parents).
                                                        “I'll have a pair of kippers,” said Murphy to the
Many thanks to all who participated to make this a                          fishmonger.
pleasurable event.                                       “I'm sorry, we haven't got a pair left,” he said.
                                                         “That's all right,” said Murphy, “give me two
                                                           odd ones, she won't know the difference!”

         DESIGNS OF

 •   Handmade to measure Curtains / Blinds & so - on                     Noreen Davey
 •   Room Planning
 •   Colour Co-ordination
 •   Lots of up-to-date Fabrics
 •   Customised Furnishings                                       Professional Interior Designer
 •   Design Service & Complementary Solutions
 •   Wedding Vouchers                                                            t: 01462 438357
 •   Competitive Prices                                                         m: 07877 186882
 •   Property Presentation (Dress to Sell)                            e:
 •   Full Upholstery Service (Traditional & Modern)                    w:
                       Testimonials available: Austin Funeral Services & R.A.K. Builders
                         Ickleford Cricket Club
                     Honorary HALL
              THE VILLAGE Secretary: Roy Izzard, 2 Bedford Road, Ickleford, Herts. SG5 3XH
                         Telephone: 01462 433171 (home); 01462 454545 (work);
                         Mobile: 07803 202498;

Ickleford are having a very successful season. The first team are in a comfortable mid table
position in division 3 of the Saracens league. There have been some good victories with unlucky
defeats against some of the top teams. The second team seem well set for a 3rd successive
promotion as they are 3rd in division 8 with a big lead over the teams below them. The third team
are also in with a fighting chance of promotion as they are currently 5th in division 13 with 4 teams
due to go up and we are only just behind the team in 4th place.

Therefore all the Saturday sides can feel well pleased with their performances while on Sunday the
first team are just below halfway in the North Herts league. It is pleasing to report that due to good
availability a second team has played half a dozen Sunday games – the first time this has happened
for many years.

The very talented under 14 colts team had an excellent season and they have provided a good
number of players for the Saturday 3rd team and Sunday 2nd team.

The Ickleford wicket has again played excellently well and is now widely regarded as among the
best in the area and Moe Welch continues to do a wonderful job as groundsman.

It is very pleasing to see Geoff Robinson out of hospital and back watching games again. He has
had a very rough time and it is good to see him looking so much better.
                                                                                    Roy Izzard
                                                                            Honorary Secretary

                    For anyone who is too fond of housework!
     Dust if you must but the world's out there
     With the sun in your eyes and the wind in your hair       Dust if you must but bear in mind
     And a flutter of snow or a shower of rain.                Old age will come and it is not kind
     This day will not come round again.                       And when you go – as go you must
                                                               You, yourself will turn to dust.

               C JONES                                                    the
          Domestic & Commercial
            Interior & Exterior
           Painting & Decorating
              Ceramic Tiling
                                                           The Cricketers Golf Society
              Coving, Skirting
          Plastering & Skimming                                   all welcome
          General Refurbishments                              enjoy the warmth of
                                                                  our open fire
                Fully Insured                                   and our welcome
      Email:                           Excellent Real Ales
                                                          Bed & Breakfast Available
   Tel: 01462 811554 Mob: 07880 703193
                                                        107 Arlesey Road, Ickleford 01462 422766
                          How not to overheat in Summer
When sizzling hot weather is forecast, how can you store that early morning cool?   Try these tips:

Move into the shade
Use blinds (or sheets) on south facing windows to reflect the sun
Draw south facing curtains to keep the sun's heat out and cooler air in
? loft and cavity walls to slow the passage of heat from outside
Make less heat
Check the hot water tank is insulated. If not, it will leak heat into the room.
Turn off
? appliances you're not using (even adaptors generate heat)
Reschedule physical work, avoid direct sunlight and drink cold water

Open windows on opposite sides of the house, but only if this creates a cooling through-draft
      and is not a security risk.
Use a rotating desk fan. Portable air conditioners use up to 100 times more energy.

    If you need to insulate,

               call Cocoon on 0800   8048 777

                  This comparison service is
                 Energy Saving Trust approved
                     and can help over 70’s
                   to get the work done free.
                                                           The cool box principle:
                                                           If your house starts off cool inside,
                                                           insulation can help it stay that way.

                                   Mondays 2 - 3.15 p.m. PILATES
                                  Mondays 7.45 - 9.00 p.m. PILATES
                      Fridays 9.30 – 10.30   OVER 50s and SENIORS FITNESS

                                             Nesta Shephard
                                please phone or e-mail to check availability
                            Telephone: 01462 732769 Mobile: 07738 277788
                                    Register of Exercise Professionals
            Activities and Opportunities
                 offered from St. Katharine's to the community.

SUNDAYS     Three Services to choose from
            8.00am EUCHARIST              (the word Eucharist means Thanksgiving)

            9.30am FAMILY SUNG EUCHARIST, generally the first Sunday in the month.

            9.30am SUNG EUCHARIST (with time for children to take part in a suitable
            learning activity in the sound proofed room) on the other Sundays.
            Coffee is served on the fourth Sunday of the month after the service.

            6.00pm EVENSONG at St. Katharine's on the other Sundays in the month.

MONDAYS     2.30pm – 3.30pm MUMS AND TOTS. A time for young Mothers/Fathers,
            churchgoers or non churchgoers, to meet in St. Katharine's, bringing their small
            children for a sociable hour.

            4.45pm – 5.45pm CHOIR. Currently we have fifteen children in the choir aged 7 to
            16. Choir practices tend to be fun with the occasional piece of hard work – and the
            results are quite amazing because children nowadays are so musically talented. The
            results of these talents can be heard on Sunday mornings.
            There is only one strict rule and that is that no child may be unkind to another child in
            any way.

            8.00pm ST. KATHARINE'S SINGERS. A time for musically inclined friends to
            meet and rehearse anthems and carols and generally enjoy singing in a group. The
            'Singers' please us on Festivals, which would not be the same without them, and at
            other times when they have rehearsed suitable anthems – and also of course at
            Christmas at the 'Carols by Candlelight' and before Midnight Mass.

THURSDAYS   9.10am. On Thursday morning we have a said Eucharist which provides about 30
            minutes of time for quiet prayer and reflection as well as a celebration of Holy
            Communion. All are very welcome to attend.

FRIDAYS     SOCIABLE SOUP LUNCHES 12 noon – 1.30pm held in the Church on the last
            Friday of the month. This has proved to be a time when newcomers to our village
            have discovered the Church and have been made to feel welcome, as well as
            regular friends who enjoy a really good soup, roll, drink and a chat.
                      Activities and Opportunities
                           offered from St. Katharine's to the community.


      Every week the brass in the Church is polished, the Church is tided and cleaned and beautiful
  arrangements of flowers appear. One could say, 'as if by magic'! However, how wrong one would be
   because we have extremely dedicated and generous friends who work to rotas on the upkeep of the
interior. The churchyard is mown and the paths are swept and the gutters cleared of pine needles – again
by people who are willing to give of their time and energies. If you feel you would like to join in, in any
way, with the activities on offer, please feel free to do so. If you don't know who to approach, please ask
                               Reverend Margaret: Telephone 01462 432794
                    Did you know that there is a weekly Newsletter in St. Katharine's
               which you are welcome to take, giving information of Services and Events?
        Did you know that there are beautiful cards and sometimes crafts for sale after the Service
                       on the 4th Sunday in the month all at very reasonable prices?
                        Did you know that we are the only Church in Hertfordshire
                                which has bells that are unable to be rung?

                                        Women’s Brunch

                              Brunches are planned for a
                                  Thursday Morning
                                  on a monthly basis

               Please see weekly church newsletters for final details

Monthly Soup Lunch 12 – 1.30pm
Lunch dates for your diaries are

Friday 25 September in Church
Friday 30 October in Church
Friday 27 November in Church

We look forward to greeting all our
regulars and to welcoming
new faces as well!
Cards etc will also be on sale in aid of the

St Katharine’s Building and Restoration Fund
         Jean and Georgina would like to welcome everyone to Pixies in Ickleford
                          Flowers and Gifts for every occasion!
                  From Bouquets to Wedding and Funeral arrangements.
We also supply Marquees, furniture, catering equipment and bars for all celebratory events!

                                Tel: 01462 437751
                        Ickleford Parish Council website


                                        Parish clerk

      Mrs Katrina Henshaw            624885

                                      Parish Council
   Cllr Philip Crowe (Chairman)             454310
   Cllr Miles Maxwell (Vice Chairman)       434538
   Cllr James Carlyle                       712454
   Cllr David Chapallaz                     452475
   Cllr Kathy Goldie                        434779
   Cllr Glenys Palmer                       454571
   Cllr Tim Stephenson                      420297
   Cllr Colin Thurstance                    451059

  North Herts District Councillor

  Cllr Patricia Gibbs                       711962

  County Councillor

  Cllr Nigel Brook                          450223

A man with a gun went into a bank and                A young boy was excited that he had got a part in
demanded all the money. Once he had the cash,        his school play after auditioning.
he turned to a customer and growled, “Did you
see me rob this bank?” The man replied, “Yes, I      His father was very proud of him and asked,
certainly did.” Whereupon, the robber shot him       “What part did you get?” The lad replied, “I got
dead.                                                the part of a man who’s been married for twenty
                                                     five years.”
He then turned to a couple standing nearby.
“Did you see me rob this bank?” he asked the         His father congratulated him and said, “That’s
man. The man replied, “Oh no! I didn't notice a      good son. Maybe next time you will get a
thing but my wife did.”                              speaking part.”

                is a public nuisance
     Do YOU know of any in the village?

If you see the offence and the offenders, record the details and dial 01462 474373
(NHDC Licensing and Enforcement team). This will be dealt with in the strictest
   The      Parish Church
                 of St Katharine's

Priest in Charge                           Canon John Payne Cook        Tel 712230
                                           The Vicarage, Pirton SG5 3QE
Clergy                                Revd. Margaret Holford             Tel 432794
                                      Icknield House, Ickleford SG5 3RN
For initial enquiries regarding the arranging of baptisms, weddings etc. please contact Reverend
Margaret Holford in the first instance as she holds the main Parish Diary for St Katharine's
Church Wardens                                              John Thompson                     Tel 625017
                                                            Anna Carter                       Tel 629889
P.C.C. Secretary                                            Mrs Nicky Carlyle                 Tel 712454
Service Times
Sundays                                            please note:
8.00 am          Eucharist (said)                  our Family Service Sundays continue to
9.30 am          Sung Eucharist                    be held on the first Sunday of the month
6.00 pm          Evening Prayer

9.10 am   Eucharist (said) followed by Home Communions
Church Organisations                                          Other Contacts
Mums & Tots              Mondays 2.30-3.30pm                         Village School
    Contact:             Revd. M Holford Tel 432794                         Mrs P Salmon        Tel 459150
                                                                     Village Hall Letting Secretary
                                                                            Mrs Sue Firm        Tel 456635
Choir Practice Mondays 4.45pm                                        Parish Council Clerk
      Contact:       Revd. M Holford Tel 432794                             Mrs K Henshaw       Tel 624885
F.O.G. (4's to 8's) During Church Service                            Ickle Drama Club
      Contact:       Mrs M Hopper Tel 453974                                 Miss V Smith       Tel 422691
St Katharine's Singers                                               Police
      Practice       Monday 8pm                                      Non-emergency 24 hr number
      Contact:       Mr C Rowe       Tel 433102                                            0845 33 00 222
St Katharine's Wheel                                                 Safer neighbourhoods Team
              Mr B Concannon Tel 01204 852806                                            Tel 01438 757604
Open Gardens 2010                                                    PC Katie Hull      Tel 01707 354192
                     Mrs A Carter   Tel 629889                       PCSO Pam Hope Tel 07796 527891
The Comet – 'Town & Around’                                          PCSO Heather Burrows
                     Mrs J Coles    Tel 625047                                           Tel 07847 364955

DISCLAIMER: Neither the Editor nor the Church PCC has the resources to verify the quality or bonafides of any services
referred to in the Wheel, which are brought to the notice of readers in good faith but without responsibility.

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