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					Business Travel Show 2012 will be carried out in the seventh to eighth in February 2012 at the court of
Count London. Sobytie where many manufacturers around the world get together and not only provide
the latest news and products but also services and business solutions for business travelers and business

There are also a number of educational seminars and sessions with keynote speakers will provide
information and education to help those in the industry remains current and is at the top of the game,
and on a competitive basis. There are over two hundred exhibitors at the show and he is considered the
largest to be held on the promotion of industry buyers. Moreover, potential buyers can even make an
appointment in advance, using the latest online journal. There are also classes for private clients and
seminars for those interested.

Enterprise technology methods of travel function area, as well as tips to ensure that business travelers
to stay connected wherever they travel the world and provides technology solutions for all needs
related to travel . Services are also offered for tasting to find the airlines that serve the best drinks in the
pavilion of the airlines, policy-related air - a special area for travel and related meetings ended with
obektov. Meropriyatie after the show, and parts network that will provide more opportunities for
participants are mixed with each other and build their networks.

For participants who attend the event in London in packets United Kingdom from the hotel to gain a
number of British hotels.

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