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Your computer viruses often enter ...? There are many ways to prevent it, the first way is to
use anti-virus. There are many anti-virus that you can use like avira, avg, pcmav, and others.
Anti-virus is actually powerful enough to ward off viruses that try to infiltrate your computer
when you open certain websites, but not after entering and damaging your operating
system from a particular installer that runs with rootkit / more sophisticated ways. Anti
viruspun will not be used if the virus off your computer automatically every time you run
certain applications suspected of virus and remove all processes that run automatically at
start up and boot from the anti-virus registry.Tapi unfortunately often adds to the problem.
Some common problems caused by anti-virus include:

1. Certain software and windows to be slow.
2. Only the autorun.inf is deleted virus is not deleted.
3. The bigger the hard drive the longer the scanning process.
4. Too slow when checking your computer for opening compressed files (zip, tar, 7zip, jar,
5. File compression is removed entirely when only one application in which a suspected
6. Considered a specific program files deleted by virus and anti-virus that causes the
can not be used and you have to install it again (and PCMAV Ansav
remove dll files contained on the real players and some game from PopCap).
7. Considers desktop.ini file as a virus.
8. Anti-virus can not be closed after the virus entered
9. Viruses are not visible and are certain applications that are downloaded from the
internet. For example boot.exe and other viruses that use rootkits and make the application
/ installer particular as an intermediary spread.
10. Should always be updated and increased the size of the database to overcome the new
virus or who have not
be recognized.
11. Can not file an amended return showing attributnya by the virus when the file is still

To fix this, look for a better anti-virus or do not use anti-virus at all and find other more
effective ways.
If you use anti virus consider the following:
1. Use minimal Ram more than a written specification.
2. Turn off automatic updates, better check for updates manually every month.
3. Reduce the processes running in the background.
4. Just use one of the most anti-virus you believe in and use another application to complete
5. Make sure no viruses and remove the portable device from the computer, then disable
while anti-virus when running certain applications that are categorized as severe.

Facility window

Besides anti-virus, you can use the system restore window belongs. System restore to save
the last condition after you install the program and restore the operating sytem and
partition (local disk) that you specify by eliminating programs that do not exist before you
install the program and return all application files (. Exe) as before, files and folders that
have been removed will not reappear.

Ways To enable system restore:
1. click start => all programs => accessories => system tools => system restore
2. click system restore settings to view and change system restore settings
3. Turn off system restore on all drives to disable system retore on all drives
How to use system restore proper, namely:
1. Install the application.
2. Check the flash disk to ensure no viruses
3. Disable system restore
4. Turn it back on system restore
In addition you can use the backup facility on a window located in the same position with
the system recovery on the start menu.

Other applications

You can use Deepfreeze to prevent loss of data / application programs and restore all files in
the partition that you're protecting your computer to its original state after death and

When using Deepfreeze there are a few things to note:
1. Make sure the system partition unprotected
2. Partitions are commonly used to store data does not need to be protected.
3. Memory blank hard drive more than half the size of a protected memory partition.
4. We will install a new program to ensure that no viruses and non-Deepfreze activate,
reactivate upon completion.
5. Make sure the ram memory is left is enough to run all processes other than the usual run
automatically at start-up.
6. Create a folder named autorun.inf in the partition that is not protected and content with
one or more files (not blank)
7. We recommend using UPS and do not let the computer turns off other than by way of
turn-off If you want, use a special program that protects your flash drive. If you already
know a pseudonym
virus and the name of the virus is not the same as one of the window you can use a program
that can prevent certain processes so that the virus does not run automatically

Another way

After using the above methods you can add the following ways:
1. Turn off autorun with group policy or other programs, such as TweakUI.
2. Create an autorun.inf folder in the contents of the file, in your flash drive.
3. If you are using a desktop.ini file to change the background appearance of the flash for a
copy. If the background is gone there may be a virus in your flash drive and the contents of
desktop.ini file has been changed
4. Use the program to change the icon like icon packager and change your folder icon shape
to distinguish folders with a virus disguised as a folder, so you can distinguish it because of a
virus masquerading as a folder icon the original folder is usually in the form of the window.
5. Open each folder and see if there is an application (application) that icon as a folder or
other files that are used to disguise the virus by altering the appearance (view) into the
detail and see the type.
6. To want to see the extensions, hidden files and system files open explorer => click tools
=> folder options => view => show hidden files and folders => remove the check from hide
protected operating system and hide extensions from known files. If there is no Folder
option, and not because the particular application you are using, there may be a virus in
your computer.
7. If there are applications that delete files have names similar to the folder or file if it
previously did not exist.
8. Do not place the application files, screen savers, or other files that extensinya. Cpl,. Exe,.
Dll, and. Scr outside of the folder.
9. Put all the applications into a compressed file like zip / rar. if you do not feel inconvenient
replace extensinya.
10. To mengahapus virus outside of the folder in flash disk and restore files and folders that
changed attributnya by the virus, create a text file and change extensinya be. Bat (batch
files), then fill with the following text:
@ Attrib-s-h-r E: \ *.* / s / d
@ Del e: \ autorun.inf
@ Attrib + s + h + r e: \ autorun.inf
@ Del e: \ recycler
@ Del e: \ *. com
@ Del e: \ *. exe
@ Del e: \ *. scr
@ Del e: \ *. dll
@ Del e: \ *. cpl
Save on your computer (local disk (c:)) double-clicking the file before opening flash disk
anda.ganti E: \ with the position of the flash disk drive in your computer.
11. After opening the flash disk or after viral entry must not click on any file in particular
that of the whole folder. Better to go to use the applications you normally use to open that
file type.
12. Do not just download the application from any site.
13. Do not try to make a virus by using a script / application that you get from people / sites
if you are unsure of certain risks.
14. Do not program any way that you do not have the installer / backup it once you know
your computer is exposed to the virus. The program will be infected after the run when
there is a virus.
15. Do not store the data in the operating system partition, create another partition for
storage of data, create a folder autorun.inf in each partition and the data should be grouped
into folders by type. You do not need to delete data in addition to the application when
16. Reinstall your operating system if the virus can not be eliminated and another partition
does not need to re-format if you are sure you've done all the steps above. Simply remove
the application that you have ever run after virus entry if you want.
1. Extension is the last letter which is behind the last point is usually used to differentiate
the format and specify the program used to open it by double-clicking the window after it.
2. If you do use a group policy is as follows:
3. Viruses can be ascertained if there is no recycle bin / text file autorun.inf in your flash
4. Viruses usually disguised by using the folder icon, mp3, microsoft word document, 3gp,
and other file icon and change the original file attributes so it does not appear.
5. Particular new virus appears after you use safe mode (example boot.exe). You also can
view it using GMER or other programs that are used to seeing rootkits
Click run on the start menu or click file => New Task (Run ...)
Type gpedit.msc => ok
Click Computer Configuration => administrative template => System
Double-click turn off auto play => click enabled => ok

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