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Yakima Valley Canal Progress Update


									Yakima Valley Canal Company
City of Yakima - Water/Irrigation Division
                  Irrigation Operations

News Release
Subject:     Repair of Yakima Valley Canal Progress Update
Contact:     Dave Brown, Water/Irrigation Division Manager 575-6204
             Robert Smoot, Manager Yakima Valley Canal Company 966-2300
Release Date: May 27, 2010

              Water To Be Shut Off During Canal Repairs
The Yakima Valley Canal shut down May 23, 2010 so crews could repair a
section of the canal that was damaged by runoff earlier this spring. These repairs
required a complete shut down of water delivery so the damaged section can be
removed. A new canal section will be manufactured on site.

Repairs are progressing on schedule. The damaged canal section has been
removed and the new section has been formed up. Concrete for the new canal
section was poured today. Once the new concrete has had some cure time the
forms will be removed and the canal will be backfilled.

Water should be back to normal delivery by June 5, 2010.

Part of the City of Yakima’s irrigation system is fed by water from the Yakima
Valley Canal. That portion of the system, which is primarily located in west, will
be shut down while the repairs to the canal are underway. These systems are
395- West Yakima, 534- West Chestnut, 567- Glenn Drive, 621- North Hillcrest,
658- West Walnut, 666- Arlington, 692- Lincoln Heights, 712- Jefferson, 715-
South Glenn Drive, 799- North 37th Avenue, 822- Glenview, 842- Chestnut
Park, 851- Rolling Green, 852- South 36th Avenue, 996- Richey Road.

The shutdown will affect all Yakima Valley Canal Company customers, including
those who rely on the canal for irrigated agricultural uses.

Map attached

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