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					                        Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                             No. 163
        Dec 2008 to Feb 2009

Would you like to see your photograph or artwork on the cover of the next (Mar-Apr) Around
Pattishall? It should be something with a local & seasonal flavour. If so, please send it to
me (see below for email & address).
                                                                       Andy Stewart, Editor

Final copy date for the March - April newsletter is 10th February. Copy should be sent to Andy
                                                                                                   Photo Mark Jones

Stewart, The Old Farmhouse, 13 High Street, Astcote (email, tel:
830042), or given to Janet Taylor, Dalscote. (Please use email if possible.)
Pattishall Parish Council undertakes the production of the newsletter, it does not take
responsibility for the accuracy of all the articles, any views or opinions expressed in articles
are those of the author in each case.
                       Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
My thanks as always on behalf of the appeal to all those who have contributed
this year both by making donations and by sparing time to help collect. I do not
yet have the total collected but will update next edition.
Anyone interested in getting more involved next year feel free to ring on 01327
                                                                          Paula Stratton

Christmas Post
The local delivery of Christmas Post will be organised by Holy Cross Church
again this year. This service is free to over 60’s living in the parish and others
are asked to make a donation. There will be a collecting box at the Senior
Citizen’s party on Sat Dec 13th. Post can also be delivered to 59 Leys Rd
Pattishall, 10 Hodge Close Astcote, 28 Gayton Rd, Eastcote and Corner
House, Grimscote. The last posting date will be Saturday Dec 13th and the
post will be delivered in the week commencing Sunday Dec 14th.
If you have any further queries please contact Wendy Watts on 830583.

                “Give a little, gain a lot!”
                for the latest volunteering opportunities near you and more
                information about volunteering
                ….go to

Life in a Northamptonshire
A new book by Clara Howe, Price £6
All profits towards Holy Cross Restoration Fund
Book available from:
    Richard Moss        830512
    Iris Illingworth    830829
    Mike Bayley         830853

                    Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Bekind Charity
We have again sent a very large consignment of goods to the Bekind Charity
which aims to provide material resources to charities and individuals who
are working with street children and abandoned babies in Eastern European
countries. Mrs Kershaw of Cropredy was overwhelmed by the amount we
had collected. People have been most generous in donating baby clothes,
toiletries, pens, pencils, games, exercise books, bedding, plus knitted
blankets, jumpers, woolly hats, gloves, mittens, scarves etc. A friend of
Yvonne has passed on to us a large quantity of knitting wool and this is being
passed on to our knitters.
It has been a pleasure to meet Dot of Watford, Lily of Flore and Mary of
Duston - three of our gang of knitters. It is nice to put a face to the voice on
the telephone! I also met one of Gillian`s Weedon Ladies at a quilt show.
The ladies from Weedon donate a large amount of toiletries. I should like to
thank James for taking the last load to Banbury and also Yvonne and Brian
for their help with previous transport. We are hoping that all the items will
get to the needy children in time for Christmas and winter.
If you would like any further information please contact Margaret 830548 or
Rachel 830477.

Garden Club
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. We have
excellent and informative speakers. On January 7th, in Pattishall Parish
Hall, at 7.30pm, we have Caroline Tate from Coton Manor, the nationally
acclaimed garden in Northants. She was involved in the construction of a
gold winning garden at Chelsea Flower Show.
                                                                       John Woollett

For Sale
Phone Pattishall 830555:
 · 2 folding bicycles, as new, £50 each.
 · 3 Adler wooden recorders: descant, treble & alto, and folding music
   stand (offers).
 · A dozen plastic shuttlecocks, £1 each.

For Sale
 · Round pine drop leaf table and 4 chairs. VGC. £80. Tel. 830351
                    Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Pattishall Women’s Institute
Wet and windy. The weather that is! Did you see the snow we had one day
in October? I do like a few snow flakes but preferably on Christmas Eve and
gone by Boxing Day.
Our Annual Meeting in October went very well. The financial report was
given by my good self (I am the Treasurer for my sins) and every penny was
accounted for. We move forward in a healthy financial position despite the
credit crunch going on around us all. Our Secretary, Janice Rogers, gave
the annual report of our activities for the last 12 months. As she talked us
through the year it was amazing just how much we had packed in! We
moved on to elections and our existing committee was re-elected, with one
more joining our number, so “welcome to the committee Ursula Phillips“.
Coming up this winter - on Wednesday 10 December in Astcote Chapel
we have a talk about creating the magic of Punch and Judy with, I believe,
a show to follow. Neil Canham is giving the talk and demonstration and he
is a member of Puppeteers UK. Sounds like a really fun and entertaining
event for our Christmas meeting.
On Wednesday 14 January in the Parish Hall we have a talk from Dawn
Houghton about permaculture pathways. Dawn is co-ordinator of the
PermOrganics Organic Food & Sustainability Centre in Hackleton,
Northampton. Permaculture pathways looks at how we can reach a
sustainable relationship with our planet, environment, each other and our
communities by looking at how Nature creates perfectly sustainable habitats
for all living beings.
In February we have a talk from Jane Barnes, farmer’s wife from Melton
Mowbray. Her talk is called “tales from the flower barn”. Jane will be talking
about her interesting and varied life on the farm and how she has diversified
into manipulating artificial flowers and arrangements, which I can say, are
stunning. She will be making these while she talks to us, and they will be for
sale at the end of her demonstration. This will be in the Parish Hall on
Wednesday 11 February.
At the January meeting annual subscriptions become due. Membership for
2009 costs £29. This includes 12 monthly meetings, 10 with speakers giving
talks on a wide variety of topics, a summer walk or similar, a national monthly
magazine (WI Life), a monthly local newsletter (Northamptonshire News) full
of subsidised trips and activities, other outings and events organised by
Pattishall WI, and a craft/sewing group, and a lot more! If you would like to
try before you buy, so to speak, or you are interested in a particular talk, you
are very welcome to come as a visitor, for £3 (includes refreshments). All

                  Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

our monthly meetings begin at 7.30 pm and we meet on the second
Wednesday of each month. The WI is a lovely way to meet local people and
become part of the community, particularly if you are new to the area. So
come and see what you are missing. For more information ring Suzanne on
01327 830279.

For Sale
 · Puma Football Boots - black (V-KON 08 SG), mens Size 9 - worn once.
   £20 (£34.99 new). Contact Ben Atkin on 830907

Need a Local Babysitter?
Responsible local teenager - please ring Lucy Stratton on 01327 830334 to
discuss your requirements.

                   It was lovely to see the Trick or Treaters going around
                   Pattishall again this year, it was a really good humoured
                   event in Pool Close and hopefully everywhere else.
                   The children were all well behaved and good
                   mannered, and looked as though they were enjoying
                   themselves! Well done, and see you all next year!
                                      Jackie, Brian, Chris & Jenny, Pool Close

Mobile Library Service (Fridays, every 3 weeks)
Stop                                                  Time
Grimscote         Village                             10.10am – 10.25am
Cold Higham       Old School House                    10.30am – 10.50am
Fosters Booth     8 Pool Close                        10.55am – 11.10am
Pattishall        Leys/Festival Rd                    11.15am – 11.35am
Astcote           The Green                           11.45am – 12.05pm
Eastcote          The Elms, Gayton Rd                 12.15pm – 12.30pm
    19 December       9 January          30 January          20 February
                    Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Good Neighbours
The talk at our meeting in September which was given by Richard Dyke, was
based on a soldiers history of his experiences in the European campaign
from the D-Day landings, through Holland to the final end in Germany. All of
us had lived through those days and with the contemporary material which
Richard brought with him, it was a very sobering reminder of some very
perilous days and the thought that - given our age at the time - a lot of us
almost certainly did not fully appreciate what our Forces were facing.
In October, Sister Francis Domenica gave us a talk concerning the two
Hospices which she has founded and runs in Oxford. Although her work
concerns children and young people with long term and terminal illnesses,
she has the knack of being able to tell her stories in such a matter of fact way
(and at times with such a sense of humour) that the sadness of it all almost
faded away.
This afternoon gave us one of our biggest (on second thoughts, almost
certainly, the biggest) audiences we have ever had and there can be no
doubt that this was due to the well deserved reputation Sister Francis has,
both for her work and her talks. One of the pleasures of the afternoon was
seeing Janet Amos give Sister Francis an appreciable donation which
resulted from the coffee mornings which she and a small group of friends
periodically run in Eastcote.
By the time you are reading this article, I think that we shall almost certainly
have had our November meeting which will be a seasonal offering in the
sense that we have Jennie Sarton talking about "A Tudor Christmas" - I
imagine that our present menus are going to look rather humble in
After our Christmas Lunch at the Queen Eleanor on Thursday December
11th, we shall be looking forward to next year. I not sure of what we have
coming, but I am told that the programme is well in hand and if it is as varied
as this past year then I shall think we shall do quite well.
Finally, on behalf of the Good Neighbours, may I wish you all a Happy
Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
                                                       P. Gilkes, Hon. Sec. 830805

                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Cold Higham Parish Council
Earlier this year the Parish Council helped the local police to circulate
questionnaires about residents’ priorities for crime prevention. The police
have reported back that crime prevention and speeding on local roads were
among the most significant concerns. The police propose to organise some
speed camera sessions in the villages over the next few months as part of
their response. Keep your eyes peeled!
The Parish Council is planning an event to promote the use of the Smart
Water marking system in conjunction with the our local Neighbourhood
Watch organiser but no firm date has yet been fixed. We will post further
information in the next newsletter and on village noticeboards.
Many local residents have raised concerns about neighbours’ dogs fouling
gardens and the cemetery in Cold Higham. This is unpleasant and
unnecessary and we would request that residents keep their dogs under
control at all times and clean up after them if they mess in such areas. It is
also unacceptable for dogs to be allowed to roam freely unattended by their
We have been in contact with the new contractor responsible for maintaining
Northamptonshire’s highways to discuss our concerns over two long
standing problems in the villages: the blocked drains and frequent flooding
in Grimscote and the poor road surface at the junction of the A5 and Mill
Lane and on the lane itself. The contractor has already been to see the
drains and is planning a visit to the junction in November and we are hopeful
that some progress will be made soon.
Following our previous report the Parish Council has decided to proceed
with the replacement of the street light “Lamp No 10” in Grimscote. The work
should be completed over the next couple of months.
For up to date news and information about Cold Higham visit our new
website at

Club/Group Dates on Diary Page
There are now a number of village clubs/groups, and I try to include their
meeting/event dates in the Diary page (back cover). Please let me know if
It’s missing your event(s) - if nobody tells me about something, then I can’t
include it!
                                                               Andy Stewart (Editor)

                    Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Pattishall Bonfire & Fireworks
Thanks to all who helped organise the recent successful
bonfire and fireworks, especially John Woollet & Roger Clarke.
Unfortunately a few people put inappropriate items (tyres,
concrete, glass etc) on the bonfire. This nearly led to the
bonfire being cancelled, and, if Pattishall Playing Fields
Association has to pay to dispose of the rubbish, will reduce the
funds available for other activities (including the Senior Citizens
Christmas Party).

Below is the official report from the fixed speed camera that was in position
prior to our own volunteer efforts. This records the number of vehicles and
their speed, really to support the need for greater long-term speed control.
Site: Butchers Lane, Pattishall, outside play ground
Date:      10th July 08 to 6th August 08
Number of vehicles: 14478 !!!!!!!!
     9596 Exceeding 30mph (66.28%)
     5953 Exceeding 35mph (41.12%)
     Maximum speed recorded 68mph
     Maximum speed          63mph
     85% did not exceed 40mph (“this being a figure defined as that which
     drivers/riders consider is comfortable for the given road conditions”)
     Maximum speed            65mph
     85% did not exceed       39mph
     Maximum speed            68mph
     85% did not exceed       41mph
     Maximum speed 44mph
     85% did not exceed 35mph

                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

This same exercise has been repeated more recently at the same spot:

Date:    27th October 08 to 4th November 08
Number of vehicles: 16676
    10719 vehicles exceeding 30mph             (64.28%)
    6133 vehicles exceeding 35mph              (36.78%)
    Maximum speed recorded                     66mph
    maximum speed 55mph
    85% did not exceed 41mph
    maximum speed 57mph
    85% did not exceed 38mph
    maximum speed 66mph
    85% did not exceed 40mph
    maximum speed 44mph
    85% did not exceed 35mph

I had no idea of the volume of traffic along this route, it does show how busy
it is and how vulnerable pedestrians are.
There is a minor reduction in average speeds but that may be because the
weather conditions were so appalling at the time of the second reading.
                                                                      Roger Clarke

Cooker for Parish Hall?
Pattishall Parish Hall is considering replacing its existing (gas) oven with an
electric one. If anyone happens to have one they no longer require, then
please contact Allan Jackson 830312.

                  Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

 Clearances Yoga
Waste disposal specialists                    with Amelia Faye MAR

 Domestic, Commercial & Industrial
Household & Garden Waste Removal.
                                              9.15am -10.30am
 v We clear & load rubbish for you            At Cold Higham Village Hall
 v Fast efficient service
 v Cheaper than skip hire
                                              Private Yoga classes also available
 v We recycle whenever possible
                                              For further enquiries contact
   Licensed Waste Carrier
                                              Amelia on:    01327 830854
    Tel:   01327 830706

                                              J.E. TOWNSEND
                                                    & SON
                                               Fencing Contractors
                                               All types of Fencing
                                                     & Gates
                                                 Supplied and/or Erected
                                                 Including Agricultural,
                                                 Domestic & Industrial.

                                                For expert advice and free
                                                 Quotation please phone

                                              Pattishall 830093 or 830212
                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                                               Great Photos at Great Prices
                                                Also Wedding Car Hire Locally

     For beautiful, hand sewn,
    lined & interlined curtains
             & Blinds
      I can offer a full fitting
                                               Buy your Wedding photos
     service and have a good                   on CD, Also Reportage &
    range of fabrics & poles if                Traditional Albums available.
                                               Portrait, Passport, Old Photos
          you need them                        copied, Playgroup, Industrial
                                               & Commercial.
        Visit my web site:
                                               ALSO Aerial Photos, when                   selling your Home or you
     to see some of my work                    want an Event photographing

                                               Paul Howard Photography L.S.W.P.P.
   Or call me: 01604 862177
                                               Towcester (Fosters Booth) 01327
     2 Park Road, Hartwell,               
           Northants                                  Mob: 07977558067

                    Harefield Farm Shop
 Harefield Farm, Gayton Road, Eastcote, Towcester NN12 8LY
                        01327 830 735

Harefield Farm produce “freedom food approved”, free range eggs,
and have 16,000 hens which all have the right to roam across acres of
 grassy fields. The farm shop simply sells good quality produce from
 the farm and other local producers and our own home grown “purple
       sprouting broccoli” has been a great success this season.

                         Opening times
              Monday – Saturday: 9.30am to 6.30 pm.

                        Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                  Independent Financial Advisers
                       Investing For Income or Growth
                       Retirement Planning
                     · Protecting Your Family
                       Inheritance Tax Planning
                       Specialist Pensions Advice
                    Contact:     Nick Barker Cert PFS
                            Telephone: 01327 831 404
  LighthouseTemple Limited(Trading as LighthouseTemple) is an appointed representative of
LighthouseXpress Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial services Authority

                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

DOG TRAINING                                                    Situated on the grounds
                                                                            of Pattishall
    IN COLD HIGHAM                                                       Primary School

 COURSES FOR DOGS &                             Little Dragons is a small 28 place
OWNERS WITH OR WITHOUT                          nursery, ensuring individual care and
                                               We are mature, experienced staff with
    SMALL CLASSES FOR                          teachers and nursery nurses, mothers
Puppies, teenage, adult & deaf dogs                         ourselves!
                                                We provide activities such as cooking,
ALL IN A FUN & FRIENDLY WAY                    gardening, sewing, music, drama, dance,
                                                  yoga, singing, and soon French too!
FOR DETAILS Tel 07762 712901                   We also provide a healthy, home cooked
        New Agility courses                    menu, mostly organic with no unhealthy
                                                 Open 8am-6pm 51 weeks a year for
                                                    children 6 weeks to 5 years
                                                       School Road, Pattishall
                                                            01327 830202
        1 to 1 also available           

  Radmore Cattery                              Radmore Farm Shop
          Luxury & modern                                Home reared meats
     boarding chalets operating to                      Home made sausages
       Feline Advisory Bureau                             Free range eggs
           (FAB) standards

    Located on a family run farm
      overlooking a picturesque
            fruit orchard.
                                                      Home produced potatoes
           All chalets with                            & seasonal vegetables
      indoor heated sleeping area
                  and                                  Locally produced fruits
     outside covered exercise run.                       Home made cakes
                                                        Real dairy ice cream
                                                            Hay & straw

Radmore Farm, Northampton Road, Litchborough, Towcester, Northants. NN12 8HR
               Tel: 01327 830825 Mobile 07732274252

                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Neighbourhood Watch – 1 year on!

Recent Crime in the Area
    During our first year we have experienced
    · 6 burglaries (of which 4 were for car keys). 5 were in Pattishall and
      1 in Eastcote.
    · 3 attempted burglaries
    · 4 van break-ins in Astcote
    · 1 caravan stolen in Astcote
    · 1 arson attack in Fosters Booth
    · Theft - especially of lead.
    · A few instances of Vandalism and Antisocial behaviour
    · Quite a number of peddlars/door to door salesmen and ‘suspicious’

Car Theft
    We should all be concerned about the continuing car theft. In October
    over 16 prestige cars were stolen from the Northampton area and the
    police ringmaster have alerted us that this is a particular problem in this
    area. Please be aware of the advice regarding car protection.
    · If you have a prestige car you must take serious steps to protect it.
    · Make sure that there is a loud and very audible alarm on it.
    · Make sure that it is locked securely (preferably in a garage).
    · Keep all keys well out of sight – hidden from an intruder.
    · Make sure all patio doors (specially sliding ones are secure) - place
      a block of wood in the runners to help prevent them from being forced
    · Check all down stair windows are closed – however small.
    · Fit an alarm on all outside doors... even if they're only battery
      operated vibration alarms (it might at least give you some warning
      that someone is trying to get in)...

Household Security
    Have you considered ‘anti-bump’ locks? Our NHW co-ordinator, Linda,
    has had anti-bump’ locks fitted to her doors! They prevent illegal entry
    using a technique called lock-bumping. They can be fitted locally,
    contact or ring 831111.
                 Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Peddlars and Suspicious People
   There has been some lack of clarity about whether peddlars can legally
   trade in Northants. NHW has contacted Trading Standards and they
   assure us that Northamptonshire does not issue Pedlar licenses.
   However, other counties around us do and it is only a criminal offence
   if the Pedlar becomes aggressive (there has been one incident
   recently). The only way to stop them calling is to display ‘No cold
   calling’ signs. These can be obtained from NHW – we will have some
   at our next meeting. Please be aware of suspicious callers and if you
   are at all alarmed by some one you see in the village please contact the
   police on the number below.

Tell NHW What Is Happening around You.
   Even if it seems trivial to you it really helps your local NHW to be
   informed of ANY suspicious, illegal or untoward activity locally. If it is
   happening to you it could be happening to someone else. Please
   report anything that concerns you to the Neighbourhood Watch
   Police No – 01604 432436

Be in the Loop!
   In our 1st year we have a StreetWarden for almost every road, street
   and crescent! Most Wardens have been able to share information from
   the police and our NHW coordinator by email. We would like to increase
   the number of households that we can alert about incidences that might
   affect your community safety. If you have an email address please
   consider giving it to your Street warden (it can be secure using blind
   copying) so you will also immediately know about any issues affecting
   our village or surrounding villages. By forwarding your email to you will become part of the loop!

Smartwater (Again!)
   You will have seen the Smartwater signs around the
   villages. We now have 107 households protected
   using Smartwater. The signs are a deterrent, but the
   most effective way is to have your own Smartwater
   protection. If you want a Smartwater kit we need a
   minimum order of 10 (£18.63 a kit).

Next NHW Meeting is Thurs 15th Jan 2009 at 7.30.
If you want to know more please do come! ALL WELCOME!!
                     Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

Another Street Corner
As I have written previously, there was very little to do in our leisure time
when we were young. Mrs Beardwood at the village shop tried a sewing and
embroidery class at her home, but we were taught all that at school and
there was very little interest after the first few weeks.
It was worse for the young men because no-one under the age of 18 was
allowed in a public house and this rule was strictly enforced and gambling
was frowned upon. So most evenings would find a number of ‘boy-chaps’
(my grandfather’s epithet) in Scoots’s. Now Tommy Webster, always known
as Scoots, was quite a character. He was a little fat man, about as tall as he
was broad and he lived alone in the end one of three cottages which stood
at right-angles to the rear of Johnny Webster the shoemaker’s premises on
Bumble’s Corner, now the site of four garages. Scoots’s cottage was the
rendez-vous for a number of young men who went there to play cards. We
youngsters knew where we could collect a ‘penny for the guy!’
There was a time in the early 1900s when Astcote had a brass band. I can
remember when we lived in a cottage beyond the Green, hearing the tale of
when a member of Astcote Band won a medal for playing a cornet solo at
Crystal Palace in London.* I’m not sure if that was the occasion when
Scoots was bringing up the rear with his drum, and being so short and
unable to see over the top of it, unfortunately kept straight on when the rest
of the players had turned into another street. These old stories get passed
down through the generations and my old granny was full of them. They
may contain a grain of truth but who knows?
*Verification: page 69 of Pattishall – a Parish Patchwork, produced for the Millennium
                                                                        Clara Howe

Use the Pattishall Village Website for ...
Did you know that you can find a list of local retail and delivery services on
the Pattishall Village website Just click on
“Village Directories” and then “Retail and Services”, on the left hand side.
The following 3 pages are copied directly from the website.
If there is something that you would like to see added into the website that
would make it more useful to local people, please contact Bob Illingworth

                       Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                        Services within the Parish
Name                        Services offered                              Telephone
                            Waste disposal specialist
Adams Clearances            Domestic, commercial and industrial           830706
                            Household and Garden waste removal
Dalscote Sprayguns          Paint and body repair specialists             830283

Dog Training in Cold        Courses for dogs and owners with or           07762
Higham                      without experience                            712901
                            Property Maintenance
                            Painting and Decorating
G& J Services               Patios, paving and hard landscaping
                            Kitchens and Bathrooms installed
                            Wall and floor tiling
                            Fencing Contractors                           830093
J E Townsend
                            All types of fencing and gates, supplied      or
and Son
                            and erected                                   830212

Janet Ellison               Custom made curtains and blinds
                            Property improvements and repairs
LC2 Finishes                Plaster repairs and dry lining
                            Wall and floor tiling
LighthouseTemple            Independent Financial Advisers                831404

Little Dragons Day          Small 28 place nursery in the grounds of
Nursery                     Pattishall School
                                                                          830659 or
Paul Howard                 Great photos at great prices , also
Photography                 wedding car hire locally
                                                                          830825 or
                            Luxury and modern boarding chalets to
Radmore Cattery                                                           07732
                            Feline Advisory Board standards

                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                  Retail services within the Parish

Produce/service        Name                   Address                  Tel.
Farm shop                                     Gayton Rd, Eastcote      830735
Radmore Farm           Radmore                Northampton Rd,
shop                   Farm                   Litchborough
Eggs and seasonal                             Manor Farm, Church St,
                       Helen Burt
vegetables                                    Pattishall
Eggs and seasonal      Margaret
                                              High St, Astcote         830548
vegetables             Stretton
Eggs and seasonal
                       Pam Bird               Dalscote                 830595
Cakes and pastries
to order
Outside Catering
Buffets and sit down
Local jams,            Barry and
                                              Astcote                  830523
Half Lamb freezer      Chris
Order your Turkey
for Christmas
                                              Meadow House, School
Apples                 Roger Clarke                                    830509
                                              Rd, Pattishall
Takeaway and                                  Butchers Lane,
                       Palash Bari                                     830391
delivered curry                               Pattishall
Takeaway pizzas                     Gayton Rd, Eastcote                830731
Postage stamps,        Eastcote
                                    Gayton Rd, Eastcote                830731
stationery             Arms
                             Coming soon ...
Limited provisions -
bread, milk, bacon,                           Gayton Rd, Eastcote      830731

                     Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                   Deliveries within the Parish
Service                   Name                  Day                          Telephone
                                                Tuesday with meat
                                                from van
Butcher                   Roy Hunt                                           350243
                                                Friday with orders
                                                from shop
Fishmonger                Keith’s Fish          Wednesday

Fruit and                                       Wednesday -                  01604
greengrocery,                                   Eastcote and                 845830
Tinned products,          Martyn Blunt          Pattishall                   or
cereals,                                        Friday - Whole               07979
preserves etc                                   parish                       995851

Milk, bread,
potatoes, pop, juices     Les,                  Tuesday, Thursday            01908
,dairy products and       Dairy Crest           and Saturday                 312121

                          Smiths                                             01295
Newspapers                                      Daily
                          Newsagents                                         268499
Internet order and        Waitrose                            

Wines and spirits,
Internet order and        Majestic                        

                          Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009
          1          2            3           4               5         6          7

          8                                   9

          10         11                                                 12

          13                                            14    15


          17                      18                                               19

          20                                                  21        22


Across                                                  Down
1. O, a trolley pain after surgeon has                  1. In the bog reside the ugly monsters. (5)
    worked thus (13)                                    2. Within the range a time period may be
8. At the Astor restaurant you might order                  discerned. (3)
    this changed (5)                                    3. The Territorial Army saint gains. (7)
9. Rays rep may become a watering can                   4. Is sued when a writ is sent. (6)
    (7)                                                 5. Runs East for a sick tender. (5)
10. I care about legs. How irreligious. (9)             6. Noel prays for one outside the ministry.
12. In here before said poets (3)                           (3,6)
13. A wild party in Northern Ireland might              7. Bowlers in Surrey and Kerry so twisted
    exile one. (6)                                          used them against batsmen. (7)
14. Sis sat still. (6)                                  11. Abolished a docked sign and added
17. Inside, employ a menu. See what's on.                   two learners Ed. (9)
    (3)                                                 13. 7's never did this before the stumps. (7)
18. Ted in a cap ran the show on the pitch.             15. Ripping gin rate. Get shredding. (7)
    (9)                                                 16. The sun god was subject to a poll over
20. A military nut we hear. (7)                             in Greece. (6)
21. To accustom, ie run about. (5)                      18. Some American sweets can dye your
23. Eggs land oddly on the crane fly.                       teeth. (5)
    (5,4,4)                                             19. Training a horse when age is gone can
                                                            adorn a lady. (5)
Set by Aquarius. Answers on p22                         22. It is in, thus every one will employ it.
                   Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                    MINISTER Rev. Glayne Worgan
   116 Wrenbury Road, Northampton. NN5 6XZ, Telephone 01604 758637

Sunday Services
    10.30am      All age worship – children and adults meet together, but also
    in their own age groups. Services are generally informal.
    6.00pm       Evening worship - Eastcote Baptist Chapel.

Youth Groups SUNDAY NITE LIVE 6.30-7.30pm for 7-12 yr olds, 7.30pm
    onwards for 12+. A fluid interactive evening - more info John Atkin 830907

United Family Services Relaxed Family Service and a chance to meet
    new friends:
       January 18th at 11am in Pattishall School
       February 15th at 11am in Astcote Methodist Church

The Well Group An ecumenical women's group who meet for a simple
    lunch followed by an informal talk with a Christian thread. 12-2pm, please
    ring Ann Atkin on 830907 to book your lunch!

Flowers can be placed in the Chapel on Sundays to celebrate an anniversary
    or in memory of a loved one.

Hire of the Church Rooms, which include kitchen area and toilets. Please
    contact Kate Stretton on 830115 to organize flowers or book the rooms.
    Contact the Minister for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

Fairtrade Sale & Coffee Morning Saturday 6th December 10-1pm

Music for Christmas - Carols & Entertainment Friday 19th December
    7.30pm - Adults £5, Children £3 on the door (includes refreshments)

                    Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009


Start at 3pm unless otherwise stated, everyone welcome

    December      7th       Mrs. M Tansley
                  14th      Mr. M Mabbutt
                  21st      Mr. D Essam
                  28th      Mr. J Hutcherson

    January &
    February                see noticeborad

Relaxed Family Service and a chance to meet new friends

Join with us to celebrate Christ’s birth!
     December 22nd Candle-lit Service
                       Led by Rev. S Litchfield

Coffee Mornings will recommence in March.

   11.Cancelled 13.Bounced 15.Tearing 16.Apollo 18.Candy 19.Dress 22. Use
   Down: 1.Ogres 2. Era 3.Attains 4.Issued 5.Nurse 6.Lay Person 7.Yorkers
   17.Use 18.Captained 20.Colonel 21. Inure 23.Daddy Long Legs
   Across: 1.Operationally 8.Roast 9.Sprayer 10.Sacrilege 12.Ere 13.Banish 14.Stasis
                                                                 Crossword Answers

                              Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

                       THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND
                                           in the parishes of
       PATTISHALL                              and                               COLD HIGHAM

  Rector: Fr Paul Broadbent SSC, Obl.OSB )_Telephone (01327) 830043
  Readers: Nigel Strang and Peter Stiling ) e- mail: pjbroadbent

Church w ardens: Janet Taylor                     01327 830996
            M ichael Marketis                     01604 830729             Pauline P earson 830287

                    SUNDAY SERVICE S (all m orning unless indicated)
     (M odern Langu age - C ommon Worship Ord er One unless show n - Traditional Language)

07   8.00 Holy Comm union (BCP)                                                 NO SERVICE
14   9.30 P arish Eucharist                                           9.30      Parish Worship
21   8.00 Holy Comm union (BCP)                                       9.30      Parish Com m union
                                                                      6. 00     Nine Lessons and Carols
24       11. 30pm M idnight Mass at Gayton
25       10. 00 Christm as E ucharist &                               9. 00     Christm as Com m union
                 B lessing Of the Crib
28        9.30 B enefice Eucharist

04   8.00 Holy Comm union (BCP)                      NO SERVICE
11   9.30 P arish Eucharist                   9.30 Parish Worship
18   8.00 Holy Comm union (BCP)               9.30 Parish Com m union
    11.00 All-age Worship – see local notice for venue
25        9.30      Parish E uc har ist                               9.30      Mo rning Prayer

01        8.00 Holy Comm union (BCP)                                             NO SERVICE
08        9.30 P arish Eucharist                                      9.30 Parish Worship
15        8.00 Holy Comm union (BCP)                                  9.30 Parish Com m union
22        9.30 P arish Eucharist                                      9.30 Parish Worship
----- --------- -------- -------- -------- --------- ------- ---------- ------- --------- -------- -------- -------
                       R ED LET TER DAYS AND SP ECIAL E VENTS
Dec 16 7.30pm Carols and Read ings for Christmas at Holy Cross with the Watling Singers
    26 10. 00 Euch arist of St Stephen the first Martyr
    27   8. 00 Morning Prayer & Eucharist of St John the Evangelist
Jan 06 7. 30pm Sung Eu charist of the Epiphany
Feb 25 8.00    Euch arist of Ash Wednesday with Imposition of Ashes
       7.30pm Sung Eucharist of Ash Wednesday with Imposition of A shes

Please tell Fr Paul of anyone in need of a pa storal visit - don’t assume that he know s!
Arr angem ents for ce lebrating the sacram ents of B aptism and Mar riage ma y first be
m ade by telephoning him for an appointm ent.
                       Around Pattishall December 2008 to February 2009

1st      Local History workshop: House and Home Astcote Chapel 7.30-9.30pm
4th      Pattishall Hall & Playing Fields Com. meeting, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.30pm
6th      Fairtrade Sale & Coffee Morning, Astcote Chapel, 10-1pm
10th     WI: Punch and Judy, creating the magic, Astcote Chapel, 7.30pm
11th     Parish Council meeting, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.45pm
12th     Towcester Farmers’ Market
13th     Senior Citizens Lunch, Pattishall Pattishall Parish Hall, 1.45pm
19th     Music for Christmas - Carols & Entertainment Astcote Chapel, 7.30pm
         End of Pattishall School term 2
         Mobile Library

6th      Start of Pattishall School term 3
7th      Garden Club: Caroline Tate (Coton Manor) Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.30pm
8th      Good Neighbours, Pattishall Pattishall Parish Hall, 1.45pm
         Parish Council meeting, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.45pm
9th      Towcester Farmers’ Market
         Mobile Library
14th     WI: Permaculture Pathways, sustainable environment, Parish Hall, 7.30pm
28th     Photographic Group, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.30 pm

5th      Pattishall Hall & Playing Fields Com. meeting, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.30pm
11th     WI: Tales from the Flower Barn, artificial flowers and more, Parish Hall, 7.30pm
12th     Good Neighbours, Pattishall Pattishall Parish Hall, 1.45pm
         Parish Council meeting, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.45pm
13th     End of Pattishall School term 3
         Towcester Farmers’ Market
20th     Mobile Library
23rd     Start of Pattishall School term 4
25th     Photographic Group, Pattishall Parish Hall, 7.30 pm

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