Centennial School PAC Meeting Minutes by pengxuezhi


									                      Centennial School PAC Meeting Minutes
                           Monday, September 21, 2009
In Attendance: Jacquie Hutchins, Sheryl Pasmans (Treasurer), Randy Castle (Chairperson), Pam
Kirby, Diana Ratcliffe, Anna DeAngelis (Co-secretary), Lorene Chung (Co-secretary), Rose
Strain, Susan Lagendyk, Sharon Perry, Mitra Salimi, Bruce Dent (Vice-chairperson), Coleen
Bohlen, Audrey Woosmann, Rosemary McColl, Richard Hew, Wi-Jen Hew, Barbara Cowl, Jane
Yaschuk, Rob Zambrano (Principal), and Janine Close (Vice Principal).

Welcome: Everyone was welcomed to the meeting by Chairperson Randy Castle. Each person
introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes dated May 4, 2009: Approved by Bruce Dent, seconded by Coleen

Administrator’s Report: Rob Zambrano
   Approximately 300 students attended summer school, councillors had to scramble to
      rearrange courses but everything has settled down now.
   School population is just under 1600 students, including 90 international students, approx
      450 grads (318 for next year).
   Friday assembly on social responsibility and grade assemblies throughout the week.
   Parent orientation evening went well. A similar evening for February is not yet
   Terry Fox Run will take place on Thursday, the theme being Toonies for Terry with a
      goal of $5000.
   Teachers will spend the Pro-D day on Sept 25th at Westwood Plateau regarding the book
      “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and
      Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don't Trust Anyone Under 30)” by Mark Bauerlein.
   Grade 11 & 12 post secondary day is scheduled for Sep 30. Students are expected to
      attend 3 info sessions.
   UBC/SFU info evening for students and parents will take place Oct 1 @ 7pm in the
      school theatre.
   English cross-grades are set for the week of the 6th for all grades.
   Dare to Care is scheduled Oct 8 & 9 for the grade 11’s and 12’s, topic being Truth about
      Drugs and Alcohol.
   11am Oct 14th – college and BCIT workshop
   Students requiring support have been spread out more evenly in classrooms this year.
   SPC deadline is Tuesday. A meeting is scheduled for Monday.

Treasurer’s Report – Sheryl Pasmans
    We need to schedule another meeting as we can’t vote on funds we don’t have yet.
    Reviewed the three financial accounts; The Gaming Account is comprised of casino
       funds, the Operating account is the one time grant, Parent donations make up the third
    Gaming funds must be applied this month.
    A parent donation letter will be sent home with the report cards.
New Business:

Gaming grant – Bruce Dent
There is an impact to the school and PAC’s ability to satisfy monetary requests. It is $16,000 less
than last year. Parental donations greater than $25 are tax deductible.
After grad committee members should attend the next PAC meeting in regards to the budget.

Grad Pens – Coleen Bohlen
Coleen ordered the grad pens using the same company as previously, however found both the
product and service to be poor quality. She is researching some new samples which are a little
more expensive but better quality. We can carry forward $242.41 from last year’s budget.

SPC Nominations – Barb Cowell & Jane Yaschuk
The first meeting will be next Monday but one more parent is required. They will review the
action plan, class size and composition as well as budget priorities for the school. The group
meets 2 or 3 times per year at Centennial.
Mitra Salimi volunteered to join the SPC. Thank you, Mitra.

Cineplex Dry Grad Option – Randy Castle
Commencement is scheduled for Friday, dance and after-grad following on Saturday. Some
students choose to turn this into a long weekend. However, final exams for courses such as
Commerce 12 and English 12 fall on Tuesday. We are looking at possibly changing the date of
the dinner/dance and after-grad to a weekend before or afterwards. Also, in the past Centennial’s
after-grad has been at Club Aviva which is a lot of work for parents. Randy is looking into the
possibility of switching the venue to the new bowling alley and Cineplex complex on
Schoolhouse St.

Financial Allotment Requests from Centennial Staff – Rob Zambrano
Rob will discuss this with teachers on Monday and bring their lists of requests back to the PAC.

Schedule of meetings
PAC meetings were agreed upon for the following dates: Oct 19 including budget meeting, end of
Nov or early Dec for PAC social, Jan 18, Mar 15, May 17 AGM, June social TBA.
Sheryl and Jane will bring refreshments for the next meeting.
Joe’s Atlantic Grill has a possible fund raiser – Coleen will look into more information.

DPAC orientation is Oct 1st(?) and Centennial is still looking for a volunteer parent. Mitra Salimi
agreed to represent Centennial and Coleen Bohlen will post the information on the website.

Door prize – Coleen Bohlen
Lorene Chung won an oil candle in a draw for the door prize.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35.

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