at The Parish Centre, Desford Road, Narborough

Those present:
 Vice-Chairman:       Mr T J Richardson

 Councillors:       Mr N Bates, Mr G Cole, Mrs S Human, Mr F G H Jackson, Mr G W Marsh,
                    Mr T Matthews, Mrs E A Osgood, Mrs L B Ratcliffe, Mr K M Richardson,
                    Mr R N Smith, Mrs P M Thomas, Mr J M Williamson, Mr S J Woodcock

 Officers:          Mrs C Heggs, Clerk to the Council

Also present:       District Cllr: Mr E Webster-Williams, LBO PC 1194 Ady Lloyd and colleague and 4 members of the public

10392 Apologies for Absence

Apologies for non-attendance were accepted from Cllrs: Mrs A Clark, Mrs P Harrison, Mr D Ovington-Creighton and Mrs C Teague

10393 Chairman’s Time - none

10394 Code of Conduct - Members’ Disclosure of Interests

The following Members declared personal interests in the item: Garden Allotments, minute 10402(c):
Cllr T Matthews, as an allotment tenant and member of the Narborough & Littlethorpe Leisure Gardeners’ Association.
Cllr J M Williamson, as an allotment tenant and member of the Narborough & Littlethorpe Leisure Gardeners’ Association.

Cllr. F G H Jackson, due to his holding elected office at the Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils, declared a
personal interest in the subject raised concerning that body, at minute 10406(b).

10395 Public Forum, including as required:

(i) Matters referred from the Members’ Surgery - none.

(ii) Questions or comments on any matters relating to the work of the Council

(a) Mr West, representing the residents opposed to development of the Woodlands Site, wished to ensure the continued support of
the Parish Council in view of the planning appeal just received. Taylor Wimpey Ltd has made an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate
to overturn Blaby District Council’s decision to refuse the application. It was NOTED that any representations already received by
the District Council will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate. District Councillor Webster-Williams said that he would be
representing the people at the public hearing. It was AGREED that the Parish Council’s stance on the issue was as previously
stated and that the Clerk would write to advise that a member of the Parish Council would also like to speak on behalf of the
residents when a date has been decided for the hearing.

(b) It was AGREED that the item at minute 10399(c) be brought forward to Public Forum. The communication received concerning
the extension of the conservation area to include the Woodlands Site was discussed and the Parish Council AGREED to support the
initiative should the members of the Save the Woodlands Action Group decide to take the matter up with Blaby District Council.
Cllr Matthews said that there was an item on the Parish Council’s website guestbook containing some suggestions as to alternative
uses of the Woodlands Site for the benefit of the community; this was NOTED.

(c) A member of the public asked what the situation was with a previous request from the Local Beat Officer for funding for a Police
Mountain Bike. The Council had asked for further information from the LBO and this was still being compiled, on receipt the item
would be placed on the agenda for consideration and as always members of the public were welcome to attend the meeting. PC
Lloyd said he would visit the resident to address other issues he wished to raise.

10396 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Approve the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 15 th June 2010

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 15th June 2010, previously circulated, be taken as a true record,
confirmed and signed

10397 Matters Arising, not included elsewhere on the Agenda - none

10398 Co option of a Councillor

To fill a vacancy in Narborough & Littlethorpe Ward, declared on 20th May

The Clerk said that no expressions of interest had been received and the matter would remain on the Agenda for the time being.

10399 Planning & Environment
(All consultations, notices, etc. are available for Members’ inspection in ‘Planning Folder’)

RESOLVED that the responses to consultations on planning applications, made by the Planning & Environment Working Group and
the Council since the previous meeting, as follows, be approved

(a) Planning application consultations received since the previous meeting

       Application - number, details, location, applicant                      Observations made by Planning Applications Working
              (including amended applications)                                              Group or to be made by Council
100409 Erection of 1 detached dwelling and associated parking                Narborough Parish Council objects to this proposal for the
and access, 32 Desford Road, Narborough                                      following reasons:
                                                                                    The building as shown is too close to the
                                                                                        building/property line of 2 Langham Drive and the
                                                                                        outline layout of the proposed development will
                                                                                        interfere with the privacy of 2 Langham Drive.
                                                                                    The proposed roof height is out of keeping with
                                                                                        adjacent properties.
                                                                                    The proposal includes the removal of a large
                                                                                        number of established trees.
100421 Permission to extend time limit on PP 050155 for pitched              No objection
roof over existing two storey flat roof, single storey front, first floor
and single storey side extensions to extend shop and living
accommodation, 110 Forest Road, Narborough
100451 Works to various trees, Stewart House, The Rise, Stewart              No objection
Avenue, Narborough. Leics. Partnership NHS Trust
100494 First floor side extension and conservatory to rear, 4                No objection
Hampstead Close, Narborough
100497 Retention of two externally illuminated fascia signs,                 No objection
Spice 45, Leicester Road, Narborough,

(b) Planning decisions notified by planning authorities since the previous meeting:

100216 Residential development 70 dwellings etc. Woodlands Site, Narborough. Taylor Wimpey Ltd. REFUSAL OF PERMISSION
100343 Removal of one Cupressus Cyparis Leylandii tree, Markyate House, 36 Leicester Road, Narborough. PERMISSION
100324 Single storey front & side extension to form Granny Annexe (revised scheme), 2 Hillberry Close, Narborough. PERMISSION
100414 LCC Demolition & replacement of modular bldg for use by Pre-School, The Pastures School, Narborough. PERMISSION
100369 Variation of Condition 4 to allow premises to be used between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday, Factory Premises, Cutting
Knives International, Regent Street, Narborough. PERMISSION
100276 Single storey rear extension, 34 Copt Oak Road, Narborough. REFUSAL OF PERMISSION
100336 Two storey rear extension and re-siting of conservatory, 124 Forest Road, Narborough. PERMISSION
100370 Two storey side and front and single storey front extensions, 82 Meadow Court, Narborough. PERMISSION
100431 Removal of 3 Cypress trees, 19 Coventry Road, Narborough. PERMISSION


(c) Save the Woodlands Action Group request for support in extending the conservation area to cover the Woodlands Site (email
copied to all members and filed with these minutes). See Public Forum minute 10395(b)

(d) Planning Appeals notified by planning authorities since the previous meeting:

102131863 Appeal against BDC’s decision to refuse planning permission for the erection of building for agricultural storage,
Littlethorpe Farm, off Oak Road, Littlethorpe. Members wished to reiterate the Parish Council’s previous comments. The Clerk is
directed to send this information to the Planning Inspectorate.

(e) Enforcement Appeals notified by planning authorities since the previous meeting:

102131878 Enforcement issued against a change of use of land and erection of building for agricultural storage. The Parish Council
wishes the building to remain for agricultural storage only and for the land to remain as agricultural use. The Clerk is directed to send
this information to the Planning Inspectorate.

10400 Property

It was NOTED that the room divider had been removed and the new cupboards installed at the Parish Centre.

10401 Civics (Routine reports available for Members’ inspection in ‘Additional Correspondence’ folder)

PC Lloyd reported that the next 3 months’ priorities had been set for the parish; these were speeding on Hardwicke Road and anti-
social behaviour on Narborough Park and surrounding streets and at the Cemetery.
Cllr Jackson raised concerns that the original priorities as set under the Speedwatch Scheme, some years ago, were not continuing:
he wished to see documentary evidence for the basis of setting new priorities. PC Lloyd explained that under the Policing Pledge
priorities were set on a three month basis according to evidence obtained from various sources including information received from
the priority setting survey forms that are completed by members of the public and from residents’ complaints to the police. Further
information would need to be requested at the JAG meetings.
Cllr Matthews had also attended the last JAG meeting and asked that information concerning the POCA grants scheme be passed to
the Parks and Open Spaces Working Group for consideration. He also reported that there was a team to tackle burglary reduction;
particularly in unsecured garages and that an ASB priority had been set in Blaby district as a whole.

10402 Policy & Finance

(a) Financial position at 30th June 2010

RESOLVED that the monthly Finance Report (copied to all members and filed with these minutes) which incorporates the Paid
Expenditure Transactions Report be RECEIVED and APPROVED

(b) Recreation Ground, Sports Association

(i) Cllr T Richardson reported on the meeting of the Policy and Finance Working Group and Sports Association Representatives on
Tuesday 13th July with officials from Narborough and Littlethorpe Football Club and Enderby Foxes Football Club to discuss the use
of the football pitches and facilities. The result of the meeting was a far better understanding of the position regarding NLFC and
EFFC, and a realisation that NLFC is now heading in the right direction under its new management team. With this in mind the
following recommendations were made to Council and AGREED:

         to provide Enderby Foxes Football Club with a Letter of Intent to utilise the main football pitch one day per week on match
          day and the training pitches on two evenings per week for training (subject to a maximum use of three evenings per week
          between the two Clubs EFFC and NLFC).
         the Letter of Intent to be held until formulation of a suitable agreement between the parties.
         the Parish Council enters into an agreement with Enderby Foxes Football Club to allow them to utilise the facilities as
          detailed in the Letter of Intent.

All sides having learnt lessons from this exercise, the new agreement will present a clearer definition of the use by each Club, will be
checked by a legal representative and will come back to full council for approval.
It was also NOTED that EFFC apologised for the erection of their sign without permission and that it has since been removed.

(ii) To discuss details and conditions for NLSA to loan £5000 to NLFC for the purpose of upgrading their facilities as indicated in the
recent plans approved by this Council and subsequent planning permission granted by Blaby District Council. It was AGREED that
the loan could now go ahead, as the Club had the rest of the funding in place and that it would be repaid over an 18 month period.

(iii) The arrangements for disposal of the current NLFC porta cabin were discussed and it was AGREED that the Club officials could
store it on the sports ground for the next month whilst arrangements were put in place and also that the process for disposal could be
authorised by the Clerk, who would then report to the next meeting.

(c) Garden Allotments, Gardeners’ Association

Final Arrangements for the Best Kept Allotment Competition on 25th July 2010 were made. Cllr T Richardson and Mrs Richardson
and Cllr Mrs Thomas would be the judges. Mr and Mrs Heggs would be organising the buffet.

10403 Parks & Open Spaces

(a) The report of Parks and Playgrounds Working Group meeting on 23rd June 2010 (copied to all members and filed with these
minutes) was NOTED.

(b) The Clerk reported that the repair of the safety surfacing at Littlethorpe Park had been re-done by the contractor. Cllr K
Richardson and Cllr Bates would check to see if this was adequate to allow release of the cheque.

(c) The picnic benches on Littlethorpe Park had been sited by Littlethorpe Community Association; staff had queried the positioning
as the present placement caused problems for mowing. Members proposed that the LCA Chairman liaise with the staff to resolve
any problems. An amended motion was proposed to leave the benches in situ. Members voted against the amendment and
RESOLVED that Cllr Bates, in his capacity as LCA Chairman, would liaise with staff to ensure a satisfactory conclusion.

(d) Request from BDC Youth Team to bring BB19 bus to Littlethorpe Park on 18 th August and Narborough Park on 4th August
(copied to all members). It was AGREED to proceed with the scheduled visits.

(e) Report from Cllr Mrs Harrison on attendance at Stepping Stones event on 30 th June - Woodlands in My Backyard Workshop
(copied to all members). It was NOTED that Cllr Mrs Harrison had requested further information and the matter was referred to the
Parks and Open Spaces Working Group.

10404 Council Review - None

10405 Youth Initiatives

The Chairman’s report on the current position and funding for Narborough Youth Club (copied to all members and filed with these
minutes) was NOTED. In view of the fact that Leicestershire Youth Service has secured funding for equipment the recommendation
for funding of £1000 for the current financial year, to ensure an assistant youth leader could be engaged to help run the Club, was

10406 Correspondence

(a) Letter from the recipient of Council Financial Assistance for a Scout Trip in 2011 (copied to all members) Recipient has now
returned the funding as he is unable to go on the trip for personal reasons. NOTED

(b) LRALC Items
      Newsletter for June 2010 (copied to all members) NOTED
      Notice of dissolution of LRALC Larger Council’s Forum (Copied to all members) NOTED
(c) BDC Items
      Sale of vehicles at Desford Road (Copied to all members) Members expressed disappointment at the content of the letter
          which was NOTED.
      Standards Committee minutes for 22nd April 2010 and Agenda for meeting on 28th June 2010 for information NOTED and
          also the fact that the new government was in the process of scrapping the Standards Committee.
      Scrutiny Review into BDC engagement with local councils (letter copied to all members) NOTED
      Cllr K Richardson reported that he had attended the briefing at the District Council concerning the revoking of all Regional
          Strategies. Currently no legislation had been put in place to allow the planning authority to adjust housing requirements,
          therefore Blaby District Council would monitor the situation and use the existing strategy until further information was
          received and new plans put in place. NOTED
(d) LCC Items
      Letter re Whetstone Waste Management Facility (copied to all members) NOTED
      Minutes of Sence and Soar Green Wedge Forum on 29th October 2009 Cllr Marsh said that during the wildlife survey
          carried out on Thorpe Meadows and the banks of the Soar some unusual wild plants had been discovered, he was
          attempting to grow further plants from seed but was having problems with germination. NOTED

(e) Rural Community Council – Applying to be a Trustee of the RCC (Copied to all members) NOTED

10407 Information Received
 (available for Members’ inspection in ‘Information’ Folder)

RCC Village Voice Magazine Summer 2010
Local Council Review Magazine Summer 2010
CPRE Branch News Spring 2010
ESPO Energy Matters June 2010
VAL News June/July 2010
J Parker Bulbs Catalogue Autumn 2010
Clerks and Councils Direct July 2010
Dura-Sport Surfacing Leaflet
Leics. Fire and Rescue Service Call Out Magazine June 2010                                 ALL NOTED

The meeting closed at 8.55pm

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